Teen Head 114 willst Du Mir Das Halo Spiel Holen )

Teen Head 114 willst Du Mir Das Halo Spiel Holen )
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THE VILLAGE PEOPLE As the group moved along twisting jungle trails, Mindy realized that they weren't headed toward the village. The heat, humidity and the trek caused Mindy to sweat but she realized she had a chill under her skin as her mind raced with thoughts of what would happen to her next.

Finally, after several hours, they reached a small village. As their fellow natives approached, about 10 males and an equal number of females emerged from huts or from the surrounding jungle.

It seemed like all the natives were talking at once as they gathered and gazed at the stranger in their midst. Then three females approached Mindy, took her by her wrists and led her to the largest hut.

The females were all of similar height. They wore loin clothes but their breasts were bare. The tallest woman had small breasts with prominent nipples and a flat stomach. The other two were a bit shorter and chubbier with fuller breasts. Once inside, they had Mindy sit on a crude stool. Two of the women supported Mindy as she was forced to lean back. The third woman started pouring water over Mindy's head and hair.

There was a faint flowery smell to the water. The woman massaged Mindy's scalp and hair, smoothing it and combing it with her fingers.

Mindy had to admit that it felt good to have her hair clean. The two women supporting Mindy then pulled her to a sitting position, her wet hair shining and dripping water.

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One of the women knelt at Mindy's feet and removed her shoes and socks. The women then pulled Mindy to her feet. The trio surrounded Mindy. The only sound was the faint plops of water from her hair landing on the packed dirt floor. One of the native women reached out and started to stroke the smooth skin of Mindy's arm.

Another moved her hand to Mindy's face, her index finger tracing along her jaw line, her cheek and then across her full lips.

Mindy realized her heart rate was picking up, as was her breathing. She wasn't sure what was going to happen but after her orgy in the jungle with the 10 native men, she realized a deep, dark part of her brain was telling her that even though she was with three females that there was sexual tension filling the hut.

It was late afternoon and the hut was semi-dark, adding to the atmosphere. The woman in front of Mindy reached for the knot holding her blouse together just above her stomach. Mindy's hands reached for the woman's hands to try and prevent her from loosening the knot.

While that tussle went on, a second woman loosened the cord holding her ripped skirt. She pulled it away and the skirt fell to the ground. Mindy gave a slight gasp. The woman tugging at the knot finally got it free and the women pulled her blouse off. Mindy stood naked in front of the three women.

Her breasts were rising and falling as the pace of her breathing picked up. The native women's eyes roamed over Mindy's body and their breathing also was becoming more rapid. One of the women walked away and then returned with a log about 18 inches long and six inches wide. It had been hollowed out and Mindy could see it was filled with some sort of liquid. Another woman dipped her index finger into the liquid and then rubbed it across Mindy's lips before forcing the finger in her mouth.

The substance smelled of coconut, a bit more pungent and with a faint hint of flowery or juice-like sweetness. After a few seconds, Mindy's lips and tongue started to feel warm and tingly.

It was if the nerve endings had been exposed and were being stimulated in a pleasant way. The third woman took a handful of the liquid; Mindy could see that it had a viscous quality, gooey and drippy. The woman started rubbing the stuff on Mindy's hair, slicking it down and straight back. The warm, tingly sensation started across her scalp. Both women then started rubbing the liquid over Mindy's body, massaging it in.

It was more slippery than sticky and as the women's hands glided over Mindy's skin, it became more liquid and slick. And where the stuff was applied, her skin started to hum a delectable tune. Her skin felt warm, soothed and hyper sensitive to the women's hands.

The woman who had been working on her hair soon joined her companions. Three sets of hands were working the concoction on and over Mindy's body. They were paying particular attention to Mindy's breasts. As their hands slipped and slid over those bumps, they pushed and flicked the erect nipples, which were being pushed over into Mindy's tit flesh before returning to their upright position once a hand or finger passed over.

Mindy looked down at her body and her skin seemed to be glowing as it was oiled. Her nipples had become thimble-sized, the areolas were puckered and pushing out, creating hard, puffy points at the end of her breasts. She watched as the women's hands pushed and pulled at her boobs, teasing the tit tips, rolling and twirling the hard nubs of her nipples. That stimulation would have been pleasing enough but the substance was activating nerve ends that Mindy didn't know existed.

Her breasts were throbbing with pleasure as they heaved with her heavy breathing. The hands were everywhere her butt, her legs, the insides of her thighs. One of the women knelt at Mindy's feet, grabbed her ankles and made her stand with her feet more than shoulder width apart.

Her slit was thus exposed and the other two women were soon rubbing and massaging her cunt mound with the stimulating goo. One of the women's fingernails raked over Mindy's clit causing her to gasp at the suddenness of her orgasm. "AAAGGGHH … GAAAHHHHHHHHHAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Mindy's knees shaking and weak.

With her feet spread, she felt like she was about to collapse. The woman who had been at her feet was now behind Mindy. She put her arms around the girl, just below her breasts, and pulled her close. Mindy could feel two hard nipples pressing against her back and the woman's profuse curly bush pushing against her full, firm ass cheeks. "When did they get naked?" she wondered. The other two women were now sucking on Mindy's breasts. Each woman had the hard nub of a nipple between their teeth and their strong and agile tongues were whipping over the smooth-skinned tips of the pleasure buds.

Normally, Mindy would have been shocked and would have tried to push the women away. But after the orgasm she felt as though she was on a cloud or having an out-of-body experience. Her mind didn't seem to give a damn what went on as long as the sexual stimulus continued.

The two women finally pulled away from Mindy's breasts. The woman holding her moved her hands up and covered the tits, massaging and mashing them in a delightful fashion. The woman was also rubbing her crotch against Mindy's ass and her front against her back. Mindy's slickened skin made the contact highly erotic.

Mindy noticed the other two women had busied themselves by rubbing the mixture on each other; their ebony skin started talking on a glow. Finished with each other, they moved to their partner and prepped her with the rubdown oil.

Now all four women had skin that was stimulated, warm and slippery to the touch. The three native women encircled Mindy and executed what could best be described as a three-person stripper slide. The natives were sliding their bodies over Mindy, their hands on her breasts, her firm ass and slipping between her swollen and slippery pussy lips.

Mindy's eyes were closed and she moaned at the stimulation overload that her body was feeling. She'd never had any thoughts of "being with a woman" but now here were three native women in the middle of Africa making her feel as never before. One of the women picked up the board with the mixture while the other two led Mindy over to a pile of animal skins. "This looks familiar," she thought to herself, recalling her sexual marathon near the jungle pool earlier in the day.

The women pulled Mindy down and two took up a position on each side of her while the other knelt between her legs. More of the delightful mixture was being spread by three pairs of hands, slicking Mindy's skin with light touches where needed but other touches were more demanding and caused her to writhe as the pleasure was building.

The women flanking Mindy leaned in and each took a nipple in their mouths. She gasped and arched her back at the sensuous feel of two feminine mouths and tongues teasing her erect nubs. The woman between her legs rubbed her hands slowly up the inside of Mindy's thighs until they reached her slit. Then her thumbs, starting at the top of her pussy, slipped inside her vaginal lips and slowly moved downward, peeling her labia apart to reveal her coral colored walls of her pussy.

That sensation caused her hips to thrust upward. The woman at her left side moved her mouth from Mindy's breast, kissing and licking its way up her chest and neck until she arrived at Mindy's mouth.

Her hand grasped Mindy's chin and turned it toward her full, soft lips for a kiss. The native tongue quickly invaded the warm, wet cave of their playmate's mouth and it flicked back and forth against Mindy's tongue. The woman between her legs admired the splayed open pussy with its glistening pink lips. Her right index finger, starting at the bottom of Mindy's slit, traced a full circle around the rim of her vagina before slowing inserting it into Mindy's tight tunnel.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAHHHHH." Mindy had to break away from the kiss, her head rolling back and forth at the sensation of the woman's strong finger sawing in and out and side to side to expand the hole it was penetrating.

She then added her middle finger and her thumb expertly moved to the top of Mindy's cunt to rub and tease her pearl-like clit. Mindy body arched off the ground, only her shoulders and her feet supporting her body.

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"OOOOOOOHHHHHH FFFUCCCCCCCCCKKKKK." Mindy growled deep in her throat as she reacted to yet another, even stronger orgasm. When she finally crested, her body quivering and her muscles straining, she collapsed to the ground. Her three companions softly stroked her skin. The woman between her legs cupped her still-throbbing mound, the woman still at her side softly stroked her thrusting breasts.

The woman who had been kissing her softly kissed her check and then moved to her ear where she nipped the earlobe. She whispered a few sentences in her native language that Mindy, of course, had no clue as to the meaning. She was about to find out. ORGY NIGHT It was nearing evening and the women led Mindy to the entrance but before they stepped outside they stopped.

The women fastened two leather straps around her ankles, two around her wrists and two on her upper arms just below her shoulders.

Each strap had a loop. "Gawd, are they gonna string me up again?" Mindy thought as she was led out into the gathering darkness. A huge bonfire was blazing in the middle of the village. Mindy was led to where all the other natives were gathered.

She could see that the men and the women all had oiled, glowing skin. Mindy was not surprised to see that the men all were sporting erections. She felt her skin goose bumping and her breathing increase as her mind started to race with what her role would be. She soon found out. Two men grabbed the loops at her shoulders, two others grabbed the ones at her wrists and two others did the same at her ankles. "AAAHHH, oooohhhh," Mindy cried as suddenly she was lifted by all six and she found herself looking up at the night sky.

Her legs were being pulled apart and a native was moving between her legs. His erect cock easily slipped into Mindy's cunt, eliciting a deep groan/growl from her throat. As the man's rock hard cock began to slip and slide in her pussy, the people holding Mandy by the straps started to gently rock her back and forth as the man's strong hips thrusted in his fuck motion.

Mindy closed her eyes and felt like she was floating; the only thing keeping her tethered to terra firma were the straps and her partner's throbbing phallus. As many natives as could fit gathered around Mindy. She felt hands all over her body, it felt like her every inch of her skin was being touched, fondled, massaged. Her thrusting breasts got the most attention.

With the oily mixture's help, the hands were sliding across her skin like skates on ice. Mindy's head lolled back; the two men holding the shoulder straps started rubbing their cocks against her greased-down hair, then moved their rods to her lips. Mindy could feel the business end of the two pricks, could taste the "love potion" mixture the natives had applied.

Her tongue snaked out and she licked the two swollen cock heads that rested on her lips. The native who was fucking her was quickly stimulated to the point of orgasm and Mindy could feel his hot semen jetting inside. The feeling was pleasant but she felt nowhere near coming.

When he pulled out his cock, Mindy felt herself being carried to the other side of the fire. There was a contraption with four posts. The men carrying her reached up and attached the loops to hooks. Another strap was slipped under her back just above her ass and also connected. She was suspended on her back and there was enough support that she didn't feel discomfort. One of the natives whose cock had been on her mouth stepped close to her face and grabbed her head between his hands.

He bent her head back so he could slip his cock inside her mouth. This upside down blow job was distinctly different for Mindy but she had no problem servicing his cock. Another native stepped between her legs and slipped his cock into her slippery pussy. He began humping with strong thrusts, anchored by the fact his feet were on the ground and he had plenty of leverage. He grasped Mindy's hips and pounded back and forth as she swayed in the "sex swing." The villagers, men and women, still surrounded her, their hands exploring every inch of her body.

Two mouths fastened to her breasts, sucking, licking and nipping her rock-hard nipples. As she was given an inverted blowjob, she couldn't see who was suckling her tits but it felt like a soft mouth of a female and a more demanding mouth of a male. As the native fucking her rocked his cock in and out of her hot channel, one of the native women used her finger to tease and stimulate Mindy's pleasure bud at the top of her filled slit.

That sent the captive sex toy over the top. Mindy's body tensed from her toes to her head as much as she could move her head with a cock buried deep in her oral cavern. She gurgled and moaned around the turgid, throbbing cock as her orgasm spasmed through her body.

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Her vaginal walls closed and gripped the cock that had helped bring her off and the native felt the velvety grip of her slick, hot glove. He thrust as deep as he could, his balls slapping against Mindy's ass as his load of jizz spurted deep inside her vagina. The woman teasing her clit continued to abuse it with hard rubs that kept Mindy's lower body shivering as if she was in a deep freeze. The man in her mouth started to cum and after a deep spurt he yanked his cock out and laid it across Mindy's chin.

It continued to fire off semen strings that landed on her breasts and upper chests. Mindy lifted her head and saw two women lapping up the cum off her breasts and skin.

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More of the stimulating oil was being dribbled on her torso, crotch and upper thighs and what felt like dozens of hands were massaging the fragrant liquid into her skin. A native gripped her left breast and gently squeezed it so the tip and its protruding bud was easily accessed. With his other hand, he gripped his cock and rubbed the swollen head over the slickened and hard nipple.


He continued to tease and prod Mindy's breast and nipple with his cock head, causing her to moan at the sensation. "AAAHHHHGGGAAA … GAAAAWWDDD." The man was jacking his foreskin and hearing the captive's yelp of pleasure fired his orgasm. He released her breast and spurted his load of love juice over that mound, covering it like syrup on a scoop of ice cream.

Yet another cock was slipping inside her cunt and as best as she could she thrust her lower body toward the man's crotch. She felt a strong hand turning her head to her right and her mouth was presented with yet another cock that needed attention. As she handled what was becoming a familiar and pleasurable assault at both ends of her writhing body, she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart.

A native, his finger coated with the oil, started pushing against her tight little sphincter. Mindy's body tensed and she tried to wriggle away from the unfamiliar and unwelcome intrusion but there was no escape. The native slowly sawed his finger in and out, twisting it back and forth as he sought to stretch her anal canal. The stimulation and lubrication of the oil helped him gain ground and with one aggressive thrust his thick finger popped in to the second knuckle.


With the cock in her mouth effectively gagging her, Mindy could only protest with a deep throated groan and gurgling noise. The native who was fucking her could feel her vaginal canal slightly contract as the finger in her ass crowded the space between the two channels.

His cock thrust forward and let out an animal growl as he added his load of sperm to Mindy's sloppy slit. Cum was dripping down from her vagina to her ass crack and the native used his free hand to spread it over her ass and around her asshole, adding to the lubrication.

And yet another man's cock slipped in and started pounding away at the white woman's cunt. Mindy was surprised that the finger sawing away in her ass had become pleasurable and another cock in her pussy was helping her climb to another orgasm. The cock in her mouth soon started to ejaculate; this native preferred his cum be swallowed and he kept his cock in Mindy's mouth, his hands holding her head so she couldn't pull away.

The salty jizz poured deep across her mouth and into her throat as she gulped to keep from choking. After the cock withdrew from her mouth, Mindy again lifted her head and saw two women sucking and licking her breasts, their agile tongues teasing and flicking her sensitive and erect nipples.

Another woman was again rubbing her clit; she was using her thumb and index finger to lightly twist it and stimulate it in a manner Mindy had not experienced. Again, the overwhelming sensations sent Mindy to the edge of another orgasm.

And when the cock in her cunt again slammed against her crotch and unloaded another hot load of cum, the objective was achieved. This time there was no cock in her mouth. "CUUUUMMMMMING … MYYYY GAAAAWDDDDD … SOOOOO GOOD.

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? … CUMMMMINGGGGG." Mindy never lost consciousness but she faded into a sensual fog where all that mattered was how her body felt like it was composed of tingling nerve endings. Hard cocks kept plowing into her swampy pussy, a finger was constantly diddling her ass hole and her mouth serviced cock after cock.

She had no concept of time; all she knew that it was night, some 24 hours after her accident and being captured by the 10 natives. Finally, her playmates were sated. As the natives pulled away, Mindy hung in her bindings, breathing heavily. Her tongue licked around her lips which had a coating of sperm from the multiple blow jobs she had delivered.

Her full breasts, flattened because of her being on her back, were capped by her ever-erect nubs and her bosom heaved as she tried to get her breath and come down from her body being used as a sexual instrument. Several natives helped release her from the "sex swing" and she got to her feet. Her legs were rubbery and she took a stumbling step. She felt a strong arm encircle her waist. It was the leader of the group that had captured her. He looked down at her and smiled and started to lead her toward the hut where the women had bathed her before the outdoor orgy.

They entered the hut and the native offered Mindy a gourd filled with water. She gulped it down, not realizing how thirsty she was. The native was naked as he had partaken of the sex party and cum several times. He led Mindy to the back of the hut to an area of the floor covered with animal skins. He gestured for her to lay down.

She realized she was exhausted and quickly lay down on her side, facing the hut's wall. The man laid down next to her, draping his arm around her and spooning her in a tender manner. Mindy found it comforting and snuggled against her partner. She was soon asleep. Twice during the night, Mindy awoke to the native asserting his need for more sex. Each time, she found herself on her back with his mouth feasting on her breasts, his mouth and lips going back and forth between the hard nipples.

For their first coupling, he knelt between her legs and fucked her missionary style. Her mind made a silent joke about the irony of being taken in that position. The next time, he urged Mindy on her hands and knees and inserted his large, impatient cock from behind.

After he came in her a second time, they both collapsed back on to the animal skins and returned to sleep. ANOTHER DAY DAWNS Mindy slept the sleep of the dead but for the two times she had been awakened and fucked. She woke up and rolled over and noticed she was alone in the hut.

She stood up and started walking toward the door and sunlight. She almost forgot that she was naked; two days before the idea of walking around nude would have been dismissed as lunacy but her day of sex had changed her thoughts about her body. Still, she hesitated to venture out wearing nothing.

She looked around and noticed her tattered blouse hanging on a poll; her torn and ruined skirt was nowhere to be found. Mindy put on her blouse and again tied it in a not above her belly. "Better than nothing at all," she thought. She walked outside and noticed several of the women busying themselves at chores. One of her three companions during her lesbian encounter noticed she had emerged. The woman ducked into a nearby hut and came out with a loin cloth similar to the ones worn by the other women.

Mindy realized two things she was famished and her skin felt awful; after all, she had not only been rubbed down by the "magic" oil she had also received dozens of cum shots. She reached up and to touch her hair and it almost felt crusty. The woman seemed to read Mindy's mind. She took her hand and led her to a low table that had several kinds of fruit. She gobbled down a couple of bananas and some berries.

After the quick breakfast, the woman led Mindy down a path for a few hundred yards until they came to a small river. The woman sat down on a large, smooth boulder and gestured with her hand toward the water.

Mindy dropped her loin cloth and peeled off her blouse and waded in. The water was cool and delightful; Mindy flashed back to her dips in the pool where she had been thoroughly fucked by the raiding party.

When she was about waist deep, she knelt and dunked her head and torso under the surface. She ran her hands through hair and it felt clean again. Then she rubbed her hands over her body, scooping up water to help wash her skin of the orgy residue. When she felt clean, she glanced over at the native woman sitting on the rock.

She was smiling and then motioned for Mindy to leave the river. She was handed her blouse and loin cloth. Her skin was still wet and the shirt stuck and outlined her breasts as she again tied the knot what was left of the garment did what it could to conceal her firm mounds. The woman led Mindy back to the hut where she had spent the night.

When she entered, the native who had led the raiding party she had come to think of him as the head of the tribe was waiting with another native. As her eyes adjusted from the sunlight to the semi-darkness, Mindy could tell that this native was younger than the other men she had encountered.

He was tall but lankier, not as muscular. She guessed he was a teenager and her curiosity was aroused.

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The man gestured for Mindy to come closer. Then he pointed at the younger native and said, "Dikembe." Then he pointed to Mindy. His index finger of his right hand moved in and out of the circle made by the index finger and thumb of the other. Then his right index finger pointed at the other man and wagged back and forth while shaking his head. Even with the crude sign language, Mindy figured out that the teenager was still a virgin.

The man could see the recognition and smiled. Then he pointed at Mindy and the other man before moving his fingers together until they touched.

He then turned and left the hut. The stories of the young white woman - her capture, the raiding party having its way with her, the orgy of the night before had quickly spread through the village.

Dikembe was excited and honored that the chief was allowing him to take this rare prize and lose his virginity is such an usual fashion. He was also glad for the privacy afforded him in the community hut. He slowly approached Mindy, who instinctively took a step or two back before his strong hand reached out and grabbed her wrist.

Then just inches separated them and he towered over her, a good half foot taller. Both his hands moved to her head he ran his fingers through her still damp hair, pulling through several tangles that forced Mindy's head back and caused her to make tiny yelps of pain. His hands moved down to her face, lightly rubbing over her skin, his thumbs rubbing her cheek bones and then moving to her full lips. An index fingers traced over her lips and then he tried to force it into her mouth.

She clenched her teeth, but his hand moved back to grab her hair and yank her head back. The finger returned and this time she complied, his digit moving inside her warm mouth, rubbing over her tongue.

Dikembe was inexperienced with a woman but he had been taught that men were to be obeyed. He took half a step back and his hands moved down to cover her breasts, rubbing them through her nearly ruined blouse. Mindy was starting to breath heavily. The idea of being a man's first woman had worked its way into her thoughts and the idea of that was exciting her. Plus, his hands molding and shaping her breasts did feel wonderful.

He was both possessive and tender as he kneaded her mounds, his thumbs flicking over her hardening nipples as they poked against the material. She shuddered as the breast play sent messages along her nerve endings to her crotch; she could feel her pussy was heating up and getting wet.

Dikembe walked behind her and cupped her breasts from behind and thrust his groin against Mindy's back; she could feel his hard cock through his loin cloth. His hands then slipped down over her torso and reached the knot that held up her loin cloth; he deftly loosened. He then moved his hands to the bottom part of her blouse where there was a slight tear in the hem.

Grabbing the material there, he yanked his hands in opposite directions. The blouse ripped halfway up Mindy's back and she gasped and moaned.

His hands moved higher and continued ripping and tearing the only part of her civilized existence she had still possessed. Soon her breasts were bare and there was just a pathetic strip of her collar hanging around her neck. He brushed that away and turned Mindy around to face him. He pulled is loin cloth down and his erect cock leapt out, pointing straight out like a spear. She noticed that it wasn't the biggest native cock she had encountered but it was far from insignificant.


Dikembe pulled her over to the animal skin bed where she had spent the previous night with the chief. He pushed her down on her back and then laid next to her. His mouth fastened on her right breast, his tongue eagerly flicking over the hard bud of her nipple. His other hand was toying with her other mound, his fingers pulling and twisting the nipple. His free hand reached for the knot holding her loin cloth and worked at it until it came free and he flipped the cloth open, exposing his partner's lower body.

Mindy moved her hand between their bodies to grasp his throbbing cock. He moaned with pleasure as her hand stroked the shaft and squeezed the bulbous cock head.

The sensation of a hand other than is own on his cock was too much for the youngster. Despite his efforts to hold back, his dick exploded with a large load of cum that was delivered in what seemed like never-ending spurts that covered most of Mindy's stomach and thighs.

Dikembe rolled to his back and groaned in frustration, cutting loose with some native phrases Mindy didn't understand. She felt bad that her wandering hand had led to his premature ejaculation. Despite his orgasm, his cock was still erect, though it was laying against his thigh instead of pointing straight up. Mindy got on her knees, grabbed his shaft and leaned forward to lick the head of his cock. Dikembe's body shuddered as he felt her soft, warm lips and tongue laving his cock head.

Her hand stroked up and down the shaft as she sucked and licked. He groaned and his hands tangled in her hair, holding her head steady as she attended to his stiffening member.

Satisfied with her reclamation project, Mindy let his prick plop free of her lips and laid back on the animal skins, her legs splayed open and her pink gash ready and inviting. Dikembe quickly scrambled between her legs. On his knees, he grabbed her hips and lifted her and Mindy helped by grabbing his cock and guiding it to her opening. With the head of his cock lodged just inside her pussy, he wasted no time. He thrust his groin forward while pulling Mindy's hips toward his.

His erect cock speared and split her. "MMMMMMMGAAAAHHHHAAAAA." Despite cumming just a few minutes before, Dikembe had the advantage of youthful recovery and enthusiasm. His hips were almost a blur as he pumped his cock in and out of the velvety and slippery glove that enveloped his cock. Mindy's back arched and her body was bridged between her shoulders and her partner's thrusting prick.

Dikembe's eyes were shut as he enjoyed the sensations of his first fuck. Mindy, though, was taking it all in she watched his thick, dark cock plunging in and out of her snatch. She reached up and cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples. "GAAAAWD YESSSSS. FUCK MEEEEEEE." Her guttural plea caused her partner to open his eyes.

He looked down at the alluring young woman, saw her hands molding her breasts, the satisfied mask of lust on her face, her eyes smoldering, her nostrils flaring as her body reacted to Dikembe's enthusiastic fucking. He was reaching climax and after a deep thrust where his pubic hair crushed into her crotch, he let loose a loud, triumphant yell as his sperm jetted deep inside her. While one hand remained on a breast, the other reached down and was able to slide an index finger on to her clit; in just a few rubs with that electrified nubbin, she also wailed as her orgasm shook her body.

Breathing like he had just finished a marathon, Dikembe collapsed on top of his partner. His cock was still throbbing, semi-hard and encased in Mindy's spasming cunt. There were several after-spurts of cum as he emptied his youthful supply of jizz. It was stifling in the hut and they were covered with sweat. The after glow was interrupted when Mindy heard voices in English.

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They were calling her name. She urged Dikembe to roll off and grabbed her loin cloth to head outside. A search party of half a dozen men were in the village.

The natives, including the chief, were milling about but a stand off or violence didn't seem to be imminent. "Mindy, are you OK? Are you hurt? We tracked you here after we found the Range Rover." The leader of the search party asked her as he appraised her sweaty torso and breasts. "What happened to your clothes?" "Yes, I'm fine. Just this little scrape on my shoulder," she answered, pointing to the healing wound.

"I was disoriented and wandered down the wrong road. The natives found me and brought me here. My clothes were a mess but when I tried to wash them they floated away down the river. It was easier to 'go native' than I would have thought." She grinned and covered her breasts with her arms.

One of the men shrugged off his shirt and gave it to her to cover herself. "Well, thank God we were able to find you," the leader said. "Are you sure you're OK? They didn't hurt you?" "No, not at all. They were wonderful; they probably saved my life. Who knows what would have happened to me, wandering away in the jungle at night." The rescue party left, with Mindy trailing behind.

She knew she was headed back to "civilization." At the edge of the village, she turned and waved, a smile on her face.

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EPILOGUE Mindy completed her contracted assignment teaching the young native children. When she returned home to the United States, her parents were happy and relieved that their daughter had returned.

When they asked her what her immediate plans were, she surprised them with her answer. "I really want to find a way to go back and do more work over there," Mindy said, her face beaming with joy.

"I felt like I was able to accomplish a lot teaching the children but there's so much more to do. And the adult natives … you'd be surprised how appreciative and loving they are having an outsider so deeply involved with their culture."