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Main character: John/son. Age 18. Race Caucasian. Height 5'11. Build fit. Eye color brown. Hair brown trimmed. Size 10 inches and thick. Pubic hair fluffy soft. Character Summary: John high school graduate and son of vice chairman Alexander. His mother died at childbirth and it has been him and his father for sixteen years until he met Beth. John hated her immediately.

John is smart and manipulative when he wants to be. He is clever and lucky as well as handsome. Main character: name Beth/degrading names. Age 35. Height 5'5. Build physically fit.

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Hair blonde. Eyes blue. Skin Caucasian. Bust DD. Public hair bushy for now. Character Summary: masochistic cunt that needs to be shown her purpose in life is to serve John's father. She also loves Alex with all her heart and does her best to be a good wife.

Secondary character: Alexander/dad/father/ husband. Age 47.


Height 5'11. Skin Caucasian. Build average. Hair short black with some gray. Size 8 inches. Pubic hair shaven. Character Summary: loving father of one loves his second wife Beth and treats her kindly and with respect. Shows John compassion and understanding and thinks he should find his own way.

John's pov three months earlier. I hugged my dad goodbye at the door. "Be safe dad and don't let them get to you ok." My dad nodded before turning to my stepmom Beth. He hugged her and him a kiss. "Be safe sweety I couldn't stand to loose you." They parted and my father left on his week long business trip. "Ok Beth I'm heading out to hang with friends." "John it's been over a year why won't you just call me mom? I have been so kind to you yet you scorn me." I looked at her with eyes full of malice.

"No reason," I said before walking out the door. A few hours later.

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I pulled up in my Mustang GT that I earned with the money from my own job. I'm not a spoiled rich kid. I found another car in the driveway. I smirked with ideas of what this could mean. I silently got out of the car and made my way to the door.

I turned the handle and found it unlocked.

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I slowly pushed it open and my smirk became a grin. Pants and a shirt on the floor followed by a line of clothes going upstairs. I pulled out my phone and turned the camera to record. I showed the clothes. "Looks like someone has been naughty," I said. I followed the line up stairs finding my stepmom's bra and panties. Then I heard it. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me Andrew fuck me!" My heart raced and my face could have split open with the smile I had. The best part the fucking bedroom door was open. I crept closer and peeked inside with my phone.

Beth was fucking some black guy on my father's bed and I had all the evidence I needed to get her thrown out and. my thoughts stopped as I imagined how my dad would react. My smile faded as I saw him in a deep depression in my head.

I can't ruin his marriage and do that to him. I continued to watch thinking of what I could do with this. "Fuck I'm gonna cum, Beth!" Growled the man. Suddenly he grabbed her throat and started choking her. My eyes widened as I watched.


My cock became erect at the site. "Fuck yes yes!" He pulled out and shot his load on her stomach before letting go of her. With silence and speed. I went back downstairs and outside into my car.

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I back up and drove around the corner. I knew what to do now. I would make Beth into an obedient wife for my father. My smile returned as my mind went into overdrive. I was making the perfect plan to get her to behave. I saved the recording and sent a copy to my computer. I also duplicated the recording by sending it to my private email addresses. I watched the recording again but this time I got aroused and start jerking off in my car. My plans for her changed in a flash as I came when he choked her.

I returned home after waiting one hour and found the other car gone. When I walked inside Beth was dressed and watching tv in the living room.

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"Hey, honey how was your day?" She asked so casually. "Fine how was yours?" I asked holding my lust and rage back.

If I didn't have such self-restraint I would have hit her right then. "Boring lonely. I miss Alex." If looks could kill she would be dead. My eyes ran over her body stopping at her cleavage. I looked away and ran upstairs to my room. I pulled out my debit card cause credit is stupid and started ordering everything I would need online. I did the quickest shipping I could. In total it cost me over a thousand dollars.

That is why I don't use credit. The next day. I stayed home all day today instead of going out with friends. I was on the couch waiting for my first package when Beth walked in.

"Hey, son what you watching?" She asked trying to start a conversation. "I'm not your son and I'm watching Rick and Morty." She sighed and got up just as the doorbell rang. I jumped up and made it to the door before her. I opened it and smiled as the mailman stood with three boxes in his arms.

"Packages for a John Henderson." He said. "That's me." I signed for them and took them inside. "Wow, what did you order?" Asked Beth. She would find out soon enough.

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"Just some stuff for a new hobby it's private." Beth smiled and made a jerking motion with her hand. "I was a teenager once I know how it is." I rolled my eyes and the doorbell rang again. This time I wasn't fast enough. Beth opened the door and the mailman had a really big box almost as tall as her. "I found another package." I shoved her put of the way and took the big box. "Thanks," I said shutting the door. "Ok, what is all this for?" She asked.

"Ok if you must know I'm making my own ant farm." Beth hated bugs of any kind and quickly covered her ears. This would keep her out of my room. It also gave me an idea. I quickly got the boxes to my room and started to unpack them.

Gags, ropes, leather straps, paddles, whips, butt plugs, a Chastity belt, cuffs, bed straps, and much more. Then I opened the big box and found the good shit. A cattle prod, chains, shock wands, dildos from bad dragon, rods for canning, and electric pads. Now I just had to wait and finish school. Three months later. I managed to keep everything hidden when dad got back and now it was time for another business trip.

This one was on the other side of the country and was gonna be longer then a week. He hugged me and Beth giving her a kiss and saying goodbye. Now it was just me and her. "So I was hoping we could do an activity together maybe play some video games or something?" She asked. Lately, she has been trying to have some mother-son time with me hoping to build a bond. "No I have plans actually with some friends and I have a date after that so I'm gonna be gone all day have fun," I said leaving her alone.

Two weeks ago I bugged her phone so every call she made was recorded and every text copied to my phone. She was inviting Andrew over again if I left.

I got in my car and drove to the corner parking on the side of the road. I pulled out my phone and turned on the camera I placed in her room. A few hours later. I had dozed off after a while when suddenly I jerked awake at Beth's voice. "Yes eat my pussy sucked my clit hard! Harder much harder!" I smiled and turned on my car.

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I drove home and this time I didn't hide. I slammed my car door and the front door. I watched on my phone as Beth scrambled to hide Andrew in her closet. As I got upstairs she jumped under her blanket and tried to fix her hair. I turned the camera off and knocked on the door.

"Hey, Beth I was wondering if we could talk?" I asked hiding my excitement. "Yea sure John just give me a minute." Instead, I opened the door and walked in. "John I said give me a minute." "Shut the fuck up you slut." She was stunned by my words.

"I want all the cash from your wallet and then you will never come back, Andrew." The closet door slowly opened and a half dressed Andrew came out. "Hey man look I'm just." "fuck off!" I roared. He sprinted out of the room leaving me and Beth alone. "So you think you can just cheat on my dad and never get caught?" I asked. "John son please." "I'm not your son! You are a worthless whore fucking other men and trying to get my dad's money." She threw the covers away and ran up to me forgetting she was naked.

"I love your dad!" She yelled my reply a hard smack to the face sending her to the ground. She put her hand on her cheek and looked up at me. "Please don't tell him, John, please." I smiled and reached down picking her up by the hair.

"I'm not telling him anything so long as you behave. I'm gonna train you to be a good slut for my dad." Her eyes widened in fear. "I'll be good I s.aah!" I slapped her again. "did I say you can talk?" "N.no." her lower lip was quivering. I smacked her again. "No, what you can't be that fucking stupid?" She had tears running down her cheeks.

Her left one was red while the other was untouched. "N.no.sir?" I nodded with a sadistic smile. "That's right until dad gets back your mine you will obey everything I say if you don't well let me show you." I started smacking her other cheek.

She cried out in pain with each hit. I did it until it matched the other. "And trust me it gets worse." I let her go and she fell onto her back. I unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor with my boxers. "I'm gonna give you the first lesson." She gawked at my cock in awe and shock.

She made to get on her knees but I kicked her onto her back. "I don't want your filthy mouth." I spit on her face before dropping to my knees and putting my hands on her throat. "I'm gonna fuck you Beth." "No please John I can't take that plea.gawk" I squeezed down on her throat silencing her. "I didn't say you could talk whore!" I rubbed my cock between the lips of her cunt. It she would tense up when I rubbed against her clit. Her face was beginning to change colors.

I let go and she took in a breath. That's all I was gonna give her. I squeezed back down and thrust my cock into her already wet cunt. Her eyes widened and I felt her cunt tighten and become hot. "Did you fucking cum!" I punched her hard in the stomach making her eyes bulge as she cries. I let go of her throat and continue pounding her cunt. "P.please stop, please! Its too big!" She said. "I asked you a question bitch! Did you cum?" I yelled.

"Yes, I came please stop?" Beth's pov "Yes, I came please stop!" I don't want him to. Alexander has been the best husband I could ask for, but he's too nice and gentle with me. While he takes care of my needs and makes me feel loved I haven't come from him once cause he doesn't do it right.

John does it right. John's pov "I didn't give you permission to cum." I brought my palm against her face leaving a bright red handprint on her face. "you better fucking apologize!" "Please your to big John it hurts you going to deep!" She screamed. Suddenly I got an idea on how to really break her. I stopped my thrusting and leaned over her with a smirk. I put my right hand on her throat and leaned into her ear. "Do you enjoy getting hurt, mommy?" I whispered in a young voice.

The reaction was immediate.

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Beth's pov Suddenly he stopped thrusting and I wanted to scream I was so closer to another orgasm. I looked up at him as his mouth smirked. Like he had some new darker idea. He leaned down grabbing my throat and whispered. "Do you enjoy getting hurt, mommy?" I gasped and my eyes widened.

How could he be so cruel and heartless? Ever since I married his Alexander all I wanted to be loved like a mother. Now he was using it to degrade me. Suddenly her started thrusting harder than before. My cunt was being stretched by his monster cock. "Do you like my dick mommy do you?" He continued to torture me with his words. "Tell me mommy do like when I rape you does it make you tight and wet mommy?" I felt new tears fall down the sides of my face.

Tears of joy I finally got him to say it. If this is what it takes to hear him then I'll suffer his touch and rape. "Yes.son mommy likes being raped." I was broken with those words. "Then take it!" He shouted. He grabbed my throat with both hands and squeezed cutting off my air again. "Take it mommy take my fucking cock you piece of shit!" I couldn't even take all of him my cervix was getting pounded and bruised. I started to see spots as he showed no signs of letting me breath. My survival instinct kicked in and I struggled to get his hands off so I could breathe.

"Bad mommy don't fight me or its gonna get worse." John's pov As I looked down at her face watching her cry and jerk from my pounding I realized just how much I was enjoying this. My plans changed yet again. I would give her to my dad but when he left for work or on business trips she was fucking mine. "Bad mommy don't fight me or its gonna get worse," I said as she started to struggle and fight back.

"Mommy I'm gonna cum!" I started fucking her like an animal. My hips lost rhythm and just started pounding. Beth's pov He let go of my throat after he said this and started pounding me without reason. As I breathed in the air and my sense returned I felt his jerk and then give one thrust. I'm not ashamed to say I came harder than I ever have as he shot his cum right against my sore cervix.

My body jerked as he filled my womb with sperm I could get pregnant but it only excited me more. He pulled out and shot two hot ropes of cum on my tits and stomach. "John's pov I stood up breathing hard. I never came so hard in my life. I spit on her face before grabbing my pants and boxers and putting them on. "No, listen up you worthless pile of filth I want you to go downstairs and make me dinner then bring it to my room. I'll explain how this is gonna work when you do understand?" She slowly nodded and I walked away.

I went to my room and sat on my bed.