White with asian gay twink first time He gives Marco a spank on his

White with asian gay twink first time He gives Marco a spank on his
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Mary Kay Facial Leighann answered the door, and smiled as she let Whitney into her home. Leighann had invited Whitney over for a free facial using Mary Kay products, not that Whitney needed help. She was a beautiful, young, fit 5' 8'' tall brunette with a gorgeous smile.

Leighann was 5' 10", slim, a little older with strong sexy legs and a firm ass. Leighann wanted help improving her delivery on selling her beauty products, and she also had liked Whitney from the first time she met her; there was always an attraction between the two women.

As the two women came into the house, Leighann's husband, Dwayne, said hello to Whitney. Dwayne was the same age as Leighann and worked out regularly. He still had a six pack from college and a strong physique. He grabbed a drink from the kitchen and proceeded to the family room to watch TV.

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The ladies went to the kitchen and Leighann began applying makeup to Whitney. Leighann asked Whitney how everything was going. Whitney was frustrated with her boyfriend because he was always out of town, he was a long-distance truck driver, or fishing with his buddies.

Whitney said, "You're lucky, Dwayne stays home and is able to take care of the house and your needs." Leighann looked at Whitney and said, "And he does take care of my house and my needs." Leighann was always flirting with people she knew, men and women, and even strangers she just met.

It turned her on, and she knew it turned her husband on too. As she was applying Whitney's foundation, Leighann asked her to tell her more about what was troubling her. Whitney explained that she was just frustrated that she did not have anyone to talk to because her boyfriend was always gone, and she wasn't a nympho, but it had been way too long since the last time she had had sex.


Leighann sympathized with her friend and began thinking of how beautiful her friend's lips were, how silky smooth her skin was. Leighann smiled and said, "You need to get a friend for when your husband is not available." "Yeah, maybe I should find some girlfriends to hang out with," Whitney said.


"No," Leighann said, "I mean you need to find something to take care of your needs, some toys." Whitney had never used sex toys, but her friends had told her how awesome they could be.

"Whitney, I have had the most powerful orgasms using my toys. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they will blow your mind." Whitney looked interested but wasn't convinced.

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Leighann asked her, "Do you want to see some of them?" Whitney smiled as she slowly nodded. Leighann grabbed Whitney's hand and led here to the bedroom.

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After closing the door, Leighann went to a beautiful wooded box on the side of her bed and unlocked it; she looked at Whitney and said, "I want to introduce you to my girls." First she pulled out a small pink object that looked like a tube of lipstick. Leighann said, "Don't be fooled.

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This little thing will make your toes curl, it is powerful." Leighann turned it on and the lipstick buzzing made her nipples hard and made her wet. She was thinking about the orgasms that erupted from her when she used her toys.

Whitney's eyes widened when she heard the noise and felt the power of the little vibrator. Leighann told Whitney to hold it to her shirt where her nipple was, and even through her shirt she could feel a strong buzz.

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Whitney's nipples hardened, and she felt a jolt of excitement; she looked at Leighann with a desire she was not fully aware of until then. Leighann wanted to see how far Whitney was willing to go, so Leighann told her that she should feel the vibrator on her pearl (clit). Whitney looked unsure, so Leighann said, "I'll show you," and placed the vibrator over Whitney's jeans where her clit would be. Whitney jumped from the electricity that flowed through her clit, but she could not push Leighann's hand away.

Whitney was smiling and had a longing look in her eye. Leighann leaned in and kissed Whitney softly on her partially open lips. Whitney was shocked but did not pull away. Leighann told her how delicious her lips tasted. Leighann instructed Whitney to take off her shirt and bra. Whitney's body was tingling all over, and she obeyed blindly. After her naked breasts were revealed, Leighann softly touched Whitney's stomach and began kissing and licking her nipples.

Leighann could feel herself getting wet, and she could feel Whitney shudder as her nipples were caressed and kissed. They exchanged soft, sensual kisses as they both slowly undressed each other. They both had watched women make out before, but neither had ever been with a woman. Leighann and her husband had fantasized about a bisexual encounter, but never thought it would ever happen.

As Whitney lay on the bed, Leighann was kissing one of her nipples, and Leighann slowly slid her hand underneath Whitney's panties. Whitney was full of fire as Leighann touched her pearl and kissed her. Whitney exclaimed, "OH MY GOD!" Leighann continued massaging Whitney's clit and kissing her nipples.


Then, Leighann looked into Whitney's wanting eyes and smiled as she placed the vibrator to Whitney's clit. Leighann sucked Whitney's nipple hard as an explosive orgasm spread throughout Whitney's body.

Whitney could no longer hold it in, as her orgasm erupted she grabbed Leighann's head and held it on her nipple and begged her, "PLEASE DON'T STOP, PLEASE DON'T STOP!" Slowly, Whitney's body stopped jerking and convulsing, and she relaxed. She looked up to see Leighann's beautiful smiling face, and she could feel a warm sensation throughout her body.

Then, something out behind Leighann caught her eye, it was Dwayne. He was standing at the door with a shocked look on his face. Leighann asked him, "Did you enjoy the show?"

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