Annie Cruz and Teanna Kai are an interesting coupl

Annie Cruz and Teanna Kai are an interesting coupl
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If feedback is good, I will continue the story. Messages and comments are welcome. Thanks for reading. Sometimes everything changes and there is no clear explanation why it did so. You never know where or when it could happen, but nothing can stop it when all the stars are aligned.

I felt as though my life was pretty normal. I got married when it was 30. She was perfect for me. Her name was Dhalia. She was 10 years older than me and fucked like a wild woman. She had raven black hair and dark brown eyes. She was heavy set with large supple breasts that barely fit within her D cup bras.

Her stomach puffed out like a delightful pillow. It wasn't too big. It wasn't at the point that her tummy hung over her belt loops, but she still had a nice rounded large puff.

Her thighs and ass were works of art. She had a pear shape that made chubby chasers, milf hunters, and bbw lovers lose their concentration when she walked by.

As for me? I am just under six foot, pumpkin red hair, beard, barely overweight and average. I'm bi, but my wife didn't know that. It didn't matter. I was completely faithful.

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Until… We lived together for a year before we got married. It was bliss through the third year. But that's when it all changed.

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It was Friday. I looked forward to getting home to Dhali after a long week of bullshit.

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I arrived home when I noticed that the door was cracked open. I came in cautiously because there had been a string of break ins over the last few weeks. I crept around to all doors in our one bedroom house. I came to the bathroom and there she was sitting on the toilet smiling and happy to see me. She looked up and said, "HEY HONEY! I'm so glad to see you. Would you be a doll and grab me some toilet paper? It's in the other room." I did as she asked and then I asked her, "why was the door open, babygirl?" She shrugged and responded, "I guess I must have not pushed it hard enough." This relieved my anxieties.

I smiled and kissed her on the lips and asked her, "what would you like to do tonight?" She smiled with her mischievous smile that she reserved for when she was horny. I smiled and she told me to give her a few minutes to get a couple of small things done.

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I walked to the front and laid on the couch. I was starting to drift off when I heard a loud "Baby, come see." I walked into the bedroom and saw my voluptuous wife standing in front of me in a short skirt that stopped just right to where you couldn't see the bottom of her panties. A small bikini top struggled to contain her heaving tits.

All I could do was smile, ear to ear, and tell her how hot she was. As I walked towards her, I heard the front door close.


Before I could turn around, I was shoved to the floor. I was stunned and Dhali was screaming. When I regained my bearings, I saw five large men in our bedroom.

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One was a buff white male and the other four were ripped black men. The white male grabbed Dhali by the hair and slammed her on the bed. She wasn't strong enough to fend the men off. I was forced to kneel on the floor and watch the first large black male drop his pants and start stroking his cock while looking at my wife.

I began to start yelling, but could only get a half of a sound out before a knife was stuck to my through by the man holding me by my hair to face what was about to take place on the bed. I cringed as the black male climbed on the bed and then I saw his balls hanging down between his legs. He was on all fours mounting Dhali and all of a sudden I realized my mouth was watering and my cock was starting to grow. Was I really getting aroused by these men violating my wife?

I heard Dhali scream as the man thrusted his 10 inch member inside of her. I was getting harder and harder as I heard her scream more and more. Two of the men were to the right of me and I could see them out of the corner of my eye. They noticed my cock that was hard a rock. I looked over and they were smiling while looking at me.

The two men laughed a little and got the other to tie a blindfold around my wife's eyes. As soon as they did, they tied her to the bed so that she couldn't get away. The one that restrained me drug me into the front and three others followed. One of the black men signaled to the other to place ear plugs Dhali's ears, and he obliged.

The male restraining me stood me up.

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All four that were in the room with me stood in front of me. Black male one said, "you like seeing your wife fucked by force, don't you." I responded, "yes." It just spilled from my mouth.

I couldn't believe it. They all chuckled and then one of the black men walked over and took off all my clothes. They pointed and laughed at my four inches that I packed away in my pants. I was embarrassed, but my cock throbbed harder. Another black male said, "go pick out some of your wife's clothes and put them on.

You have a cock that's smaller than some women's clits, and now you will dress like you have a clit." I did as I was told and picked out a pink thong and black mini dress.

I walked out of the closet and then out of the bedroom to the group of men in the front. They did cat calls and inspected me by pulling the dress up to expose my panties. I then quietly said, "can she hear or see anything?" They responded with a headshake. One went to the left of her and screamed about 3 feet from her ear with no reaction.

She would have jumped. She was always skittish. I walked by the bed and said "So, may I watch from here and take in as many views as I want? I'm not ratting on you all as long as you keep going and don't kill us." They all smiled and the white male said, "knock yourself out, but you are going to get used too in whatever ways we want." This idea excited me.

I said I'm all of your's to use. The other four men stripped all their clothes off and walked into the bedroom. I watched as the first black male climbed on top of Dhali and forced his way back in as she screamed for anyone to listen. I walked towards the group of guys and began to move closer to the bed in front of them.

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I leaned over the bed and felt the dress slide up to where my thong clad ass was showing. The white male said, "damn you fine in your slut's clothes. You need to be wearing the panties in this family." His words got me even hornier than I was before. I could feel my asshole puckering for their massive cocks or even just their large fingers. I snapped out of my horny haze to say, "If you can't cum multiple times, I would suggest you take a break and let my eat that sexy black ass of yours." Black male one pulls out of Dhali and bends over the bed.

"Eat it loser." I got on my knees behind him and began to work my tongue around his asshole and then began to press inside. When I got his tiny black hole to spread a bit, I began to use my tongue like a cock.

I slid in and out of his hole.

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I could taste the remnants of his last bowel movement that still lingered just inside of his asshole. I was shaking because I had never been so turned on in my life.

I turned him around and slid the massive pole of black meat into my mouth and felt him getting hard again. I could taste my wife's pussy juices on his cock. I nearly came but he pulled out and climbed back onto my wife and made her scream more as he finished inside of her. Dhali was barely hanging on when the second black male climbed on top of her and rammed his cock in, which was even bigger than the first.

He rammed inside of her and became more violent with every stroke. He grunted and yelled like a wild beast as he tore her pussy wide open.


He came quickly, within a minute, but it was enough to make Dhali lose consciousness. I said, "I've always wanted to do certain things to her that she would never let me. Would you guys allow me to while she is unconscious or even drug her so she will stay out longer?" The white guy smiled a crooked smile and said yes.

He grabbed a vial from his bag and dripped the drug into Dhali's mouth and said, "This will keep her out for hours slut. We want to see what you have been deprived." I untied her and flipped her on her stomach. Grabbed a towel and started to spread her ass cheeks. I had always wanted to dig into and stretch her asshole out, but she was so scared of a mess.

That's one of the reasons I wanted to do it in the first place. I spread her ass and found entry to her hole. I put a big portion of lube on her hole and began to finger fuck her until one finger slid effortlessly and continued this until three. At three, I left my fingers inside of her and probed for anything that may be lingering around.

Every chunk I found I pulled out and placed on the towel. I heard the men telling me that I was a sexy sicko, but I didn't pay any attention. I finally got all five digits in and then slid my whole hand in. I was finally fisting my wife's ass. So long I had waited, and now I got to. I continued for a while until the white male told me that was enough and it was their turn again. They flipped her over, tied her up, and began to pound her again as each of the remaining three let their loads free inside of her.

As the last black male climbed off her, I watched as all of the cum ran out of her plump cunt and settled on the bed.


They then set their eyes on me.