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Brandon Myers naked Bubble Butt
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A/N This turned out a little more dramatic and angsty than I thought it would. The sun was already up, though it was still early when Gia left Jordan's room that morning. Jordan was so raw, dirty and rough. Gia bite her thumbnail smiling as she walked up the hall. Jordan's room being on the same floor as Reece's.Jordan was very energetic to say the least, very giving but equally demanding.

She did miss the loving knowing hands of Reece though. Gia had let herself thoroughly enjoy it all, she didn't hold back; screaming and wailing, to her hearts content. However, a part of her was hoping that Reece would hear her. But, she had done what she set out to do. It was what it was. It was a revenge fuck, that's all. It wasn't meant to be the best thing in the world though it was very, very good.

She grabbed her breast and squeezed it as she neared the room, she was still horny. She wouldn't let Jordan come inside at all, much to his frustration. But her pussy was still aching to be filled, se didn't realize how much she really loved the feeling of hot cum bursting in her. She slid the code key across the lock and walked into her room slowly.

She half way expected and hoped Reece would be waiting, angry, shouting, wondering where she was. Gia stopped short though, the wind knocked out of her, seeing Reece naked on the couch of the suite with Tasha naked, draped across him.

An empty tequila bottle on it side lay on the coffee table in front of them. She stood there for what seemed like hours watching them, unable to think. Anger didn't come, though her tears flowed uncontrollably now.

What does he see in her? Why can't he stay away from her? Gia looked at the empty bottle, her jaw tightening thinking of the further uses of it.

Neither one of them were worth that. It didn't matter anymore, anyway. Somewhere inside, she gave up. Gia had seen too much, felt too much.

Her body, her mind shut down. She was numb, and so tired. Tired of caring, he certainly didn't. It was all over. Her shoulders slumped as she stared at the two in each other's arms.

Gia walked to the bedroom and slowly undressed. She headed into the shower where her tears still streamed though she didn't cry. She shook her head in sad disgust as Reece still lay asleep on the sofa some 30 minutes later, Tasha still with him. She quietly packed up her things. As she was leaving the room, she left a small parting gift for Reece on the coffee table. Reece still lay snoring softly as the door clicked shut. Jordan rolled over in the bed looking at his phone it was just after 10.

He looked over seeing his bed empty. An unexpected wave of unhappiness rolled over him. He sat up taking the pillow Gia had fallen asleep on and breathed in deeply. He smiled, but it quickly faded. He threw the pillow back on the bed and rubbed his hands over his head and stood heading to the restroom when he heard a knock on the door. Hurrying to the door, he looked out the peephole.

His face and his heart brightened as he pulled open the door. "Hi." He said excitedly. "Hi," Gia said sheepishly. She wasn't planning to come back to Jordan, that was until she saw Reece with Tasha again. Jordan looked down and saw that Gia had her bags with her. His smile broadened. "Come in, come in." Gia dropped her belongings and threw her arms around Jordan's neck pulling him into a deep lusty kiss.

At the same time, Jordan picked her up carrying her back to his bedroom and laid her on the bed as they both rushed to undressed her. Reece slowly stirred. His back hurt. Fuck, his neck hurt. He sat up slowly, bizarrely angled, where he lay. He heard the low murmur of what sounded like voices. He had heard it while he was dreaming, but now that he was awake, he could still hear them.

He looked down to see a dark haired head on his chest. G-Gia. "Mmm." His eyes widened in horror as he realized it was Tasha nestled against him. NO! NO! NO! What the fuck happened? He said to himself sitting up sharply, and then grabbing his head as it ached with a pounding dull thud.

His clouded thoughts started to come into focus. The night before, he had gone looking for Gia, but already past drunk and being angry he was not up to the task. He wandered around the resort getting louder and more disorderly until someone on staff 'suggested' he go sleep it off.

Tasha had helped him to his room, she was trying to get him back to the bedroom but they had never made it past the sofa. As Reece had mumbled angrily, wondering what had happened to change everything so drastically between he and his wife, Tasha agreed vehemently as she undressed him.

Soon she was sucking him off and fingering herself while drinking down his cum before climbing on top of him and riding him slowly until his head cleared enough to let his libido take over and he fucked her on the sofa until they fell asleep. FUCK! He checked his watch; it was almost 12pm.

His mind and body sobered instantly. "Get up, Tasha! Get up!" Reece snapped sitting up quickly. He could still hear that dull droning murmur. Where was that coming from? He began shaking the sleeping girl frantically. "Hmm, what is it?" "You gotta get outta here!" "Why?" "Why?! Because you shouldn't have been in here in the first place. Why did you even stay last night?" "You didn't seem to want me to leave." "Well I want you to leave now." Reece said hurrying and pulling on his boxers and gathering up Tasha's scattered clothes.

"I need to see if I can find Gia." He continued tossing Tasha her dress in a wad. He lifted his arm and smelled under it, wrinkling up his nose in disapproval. "What are you waiting for? Get dressed and get out." Politeness was out the window. He ran back into the bathroom and brushed his teeth while he quickly showered. When he found Gia, he couldn't look and smell like he had been with someone else.

Where was she anyway? Maybe she forgot her key? Maybe she was hurt and she needed him? Fresh panic swept through him. He was hurrying back into the living room area of the suite when he saw Tasha still sitting there. She looked as though she hadn't moved though she was dressed now. "What? !Why are you still here?! Fuck, Tasha it was great.

It really was but I'm not gonna lose my marriage over this. It was just sex." Tasha turned and looked at him with a tense and disheartened look. "What?!" He shouted throwing up his hands. She didn't seem like the kind to want to have strings attached so what was the problem.

He paused looking at her distressed expression then he followed her eyes as they looked down at the coffee table. "I'm sorry, Reece." On the table next to the standing empty tequila bottle was Gia's flickering phone and on top of it was her wedding ring.

Reece rushed to the table and picked up the ring, then on the phone. It was the murmuring that he had been hearing; a video clip was playing on her phone. He looked at the clip, his heart stopping.

"FUCK TASHA, YOUR FUCKING HOT ASS IS SO GOOD!" The walls seemed to be closing in on him, his throat was closing up as his heart ached painfully while he watched, open mouthed, the video of him fucking Tasha. His mind went blank for a few moments, as all life seemed to drain from him.

It was all over now. "I'm sorry Ree-" "Get out. GET OUT!" Tasha wanted to do something to comfort him, but she knew he was beyond that now.

She quickly slipped out, leaving Reece and the repeating clip playing.

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Humiliation mingling with despondency over taking him, Reece stopped the clip and stood motionless. Jordan squeezed Gia's ass, she giggled lightly looking up at him. She was wearing a beautiful canary yellow sundress over her red bikini, her hair was down and blowing around her face as the winds had picked up a bit. Jordan was in a tank top, his sexy muscled arms on display and black board shorts. Jordan had fucked Gia hard and deep making her cry out several times, and cumming on her back, before she made her unusual request.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yeah," she nodded. "Don't you?" "I'll do whatever you want to do." She just wanted to feel good.

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She wanted to forget and one of the best ways to forget was to feel good, really good. "Which one?" Gia looked through the crowd inundating the afternoon streets of the shopping area a mile or so away from the resort. If she was going to take the next step then she was going to go all out as well. She looked over the faces the physiques of the men that were passing by. Some were too old, too young, too short, or too 'healthy'. "Him." Jordan looked at her pick.

A tall, muscled guy with a shaved head in a tank top and cargo shorts. Jordan didn't like the looks of him. "How about him?" Gia looked at Jordan's pick. He was a guy of average height; he had dark short hair and features and a stubbly face that was wide but not fat and rather handsome.

He was staring at his cell. He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, but he looked clean and well kept. Gia looked at him for several minutes. He was kinda of cute. "You can ask him." She said finally. "OK, wait here." Jordan said before he jogged across the street and approached the man. Gia watched Jordan talk to the guy, who looked surprised at first.

He looked Jordan over, and then looked across the street at Gia who felt on display. Her cheeks were warm as the man stared at her with an approving sexy smirk. She smiled at him and gave a slight wave. The man motioned to another man standing not too far away from him who was his phone.

He was taller than his dark haired friend was and thick like a football player, his hair was short and wavy and light brown almost blonde. He was wearing a sports jersey. In the face, he looked like he couldn't be more than 19 or 20. The two friends talked and looked at Gia again both smiling broadly and bumping fists as they went to Jordan and agreed.

Jordan came back across the street to Gia. "You still wanna do this?" "Yeah." Her voice cracked as she spoke. Jordan rubbed her shoulders to try and relax her. "Ok, that dark haired dude is named James; he works around here. His friend's name is Carter. I told him he could only watch unless you say its ok .I thought we could go hang in my room and just see how it goes. OK?" Gia nodded nervously. Jordan smiled taking her chin in his hand and lifting her face to him.

"We don't have to do this. If you changed your mind that's ok." Jordan said, his voice was strangely sweet and sincere. He looked at her for a long moment and stroked her hair out of her face. She had asked for this, she wasn't going to back out now. She didn't want to have sex with all three, though she knew that it may spiral into that and she was somewhat prepared.

She just wanted to be doted on, worship and watched that's all. Jordan took Gia's hand as he nodded to the two men that it was on. Gia's smaller warm hand fidgeted in his until he let it go. She had done that every time so far. She still wasn't ready any new real affection. He understood, though he wouldn't admit it annoyed him a bit.

But he was happy to see her at his room that morning. After they had fucked, she had told him how she had found Tasha and Reece together again. How sorry she was for bothering him, using him, but she just needed someone. "I'm here for you; you have to know that now. For whatever you want. Even if you don't want to have sex anymore and you just want to talk. I'm up for that too, ok?" She nodded. "But I do love having sex with you." He said grinning and tickling her until she laughed, really laughed.

"There is something I would like to do." "What?" "Can we have someone watch us?" He had been surprised by the request but already he couldn't deny the girl anything.

He wasn't fooling himself into thinking she loved him, but chemistry didn't lie and they had it. He knew it was going to take some time for her to get over Reece, but he was willing to wait.

And Reece had made it so easy. The walk back to the resort seemed long, and the four of them talked pleasantly as they walked; feeling each other out.

No one broached the subject yet of what was about to happen. The hotel lobby was swarming with guests, signing in and checking out; so for the most part the four went unnoticed as they entered the elevator and went up to Jordan's room.

Gia glanced back at Reece's room for a moment as they exited the elevator. Once in the room, James and Carter made themselves comfortable sitting on the sofa and raiding the mini bar. Gia wasted no time, walking to the bedroom and laying down on the bed on top Jordan as the two began to kiss. The two men quickly stood and stepped into the bedroom standing at the edge of the bed watching. Gia loved having their eyes on her, devouring her as Jordan kissed her roughly, his large strong hands palming her ass.

She began to moan and undulate her body seductively for the onlookers, giving them a show and turning herself on even more. Carter was drinking and rubbing his crotch roughly now, as he took in the sight of Gia small yet bulbous ass. James sat on the edge of the bed and began stroking Gia's leg as she moaned into the deep kisses as Jordan's hand became more insistent between her legs. Jordan's fingers slipped under her bikini bottoms to the already wet hot flesh there.

Gia spread her legs across him as he started sinking his fingers into her hot cunt. "Hey take that dress off." Carter whispered to James. James put down his drink and took off his shirt and shoes and crawled up higher on the bed next to the two kissing. He watched a moment more before he lifted up the bottom of her dress and started pulling it up. Gia rose up off of Jordan just long enough for James to pull the dress over her head and lay it to the side.

Gia went back to kissing Jordan as James gave her pecking kisses along her shoulder and back. Carter was getting hot and anxious. He took off his shoes and shirt as well, unbuttoning his pants and taking out his dick and stroking it. James took a cue from him and he did the same, still stroking Gia and trailing kisses over her as his stroked his pulsing horny dick. Jordan reached up and pulled Gia's bikini open letting her breasts bounce out, kneading and groping her breasts while he kissed her.

Gia stretched her neck while Jordan nipped and sucked at it. James was getting more insistent behind her rubbing and squeezing her ass, letting his fingers slip between her cheeks rubbing against the sensitive button of her ass. Gia mewled in sensual delight, arching her back. Gia's head was happily in an erotic daze, wonderful salacious sensations growing in her, as she slid down the bed and lifted up Jordan's shirt which he quickly pulled off.

Then she pulled down his shorts and his long erect cock sprung into view. James immediately crawled behind Gia, hooking his finger in her bikini bottoms and pulling the fabric to teh side to reveal her glistening swollen slit.

He hungrily began lapping and licking at her pussy. She looked back at him startled at first, then mewled happily rolling her hips into his tongue. "Is it ok?' he asked lustily. "Yes." Gia moaned Soon the three was panting and moaning excitedly. James was finger fucking Gia now, his thumb wiggling in her ass as she gobbled and slurped at Jordan's cock.

Gia stopped suddenly as James rapidly thrust his fingers into her as a huge orgasm hit and she cried out in intense orgasmic release, her hair flying, eyes wide yet unfocused.

Then she collapsed on Jordan still stroking his cock, panting happily. "C'mere." He said pulling her up with him higher in the bed. "Sit on my lap, no with your back to me." Gia stood on the bed and straddled him, now facing Carter and James who were looking at her in awe.

She grabbed her breasts, licking her lips watching their eyes rake over her lewdly. Carter stroked himself feverishly. She sat down expecting to sink onto Jordan's cock, but as she sat down, he said. "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass ok?" She just nodded, as he palmed her breast. "You." Jordan pointed to Carter. "Play with her tits. You, James eat her pussy." Both men scrambled on the bed to their respective positions as Gia lay back on Jordan, her legs wide ,and in the air as he held her up by the back of her thighs.

Jordan took a hold of his cock and maneuvered it to her tight puckered anal entrance. She stiffened as he found it. It was already slick and juicy with her nectar and James' saliva. Gravity helped as Jordan let the girl slowly sink on to him. Gia's face contorted in tormented pleasure as she sunk further and further, on the hot slick shaft. James started lapping at her dripping pussy and Carter was already groping and sucking her breasts, biting and pulling on her nipples.

"That's good huh?" Jordan growled in her ear. All she could do was moan in delight as she abandoned herself to depraved pleasure. All Gia's things were gone. Reece couldn't get himself to move. Even if he were to find her, what could he say. He was sitting in the darkened suite, staring into space, her ring in one hand her phone in the other. His mind was replaying how he had hurt Gia. How he had killed their marriage. How hurt she must have been to see him laying there with Tasha. How hurt she must have been to see him that morning having sex with another woman.

He felt nauseas thinking how he had lied and she knew he was lying. Humiliation and profound embarrassment hit him in wave after wave. Jordan would just love this. Reece remembered that smug look on his face in the restroom the night before.

He sunk further into the sofa. Reece played the clip again as he had done a dozen or more times so far. Playing it was another way to further torture himself, punish himself. Right as the clip was ending, he heard shuffling sounds. No, it was a voice. "I know this must be hard." "Wait. What?" He rewound it and played the last 5 seconds again.

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"I know this must be hard." It was a man's voice. How hadn't he heard it before. Reece sat on the edge of the sofa, he put phone right by his ear, straining to hear.

His eyes widened in realization as he played it again. JORDAN! Reece went through the phone and looked at the file of the video. It was a message sent from Jordan's phone to Gia. "THAT SON OF A BITCH!!" He knew it!

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He was there. He had been so fucking smug and cocky the whole day before and this was why. He knew, and he told Gia. Fuck, for all Reece knew Jordan and Tasha were in on this together, just trying to break he and Gia up.

Reece stuffed Gia's ring in his pocket and picked up the hotel phone. "Yes, hello is Jordan Wells still a registered guest&hellip. Oh, ok. I see. Thank you." He's still registered, so that fucker's still around here some place. "Yeah.yeah… oh yeah… yeah." Jordan groaned in Gia's ear, his hand firmly around her throat holding her head steady as his hips bucked into her, his balls covered in Gia's nectar and saliva.

She was grinding her hips in small circles as Jordan pumped into her ass. James had already come on Gia's tits, as did Carter, who was stroking himself furiously as James was finger fucking Gia again. "Ooohhh… yeah… fuck yeah. yeah. I'm cumming Gia, baby! I'm cumming in your ass, baby! FUUUCCKKK!" Gia rubbed her clit furiously as she felt Jordan's cock throbbing and stretching her ass pumping thick loads of cum into her.

"Haaannnnghhhh." Gia moaned coming again, her pussy convulsing as James bent over and sucked her clit. Jordan was riding out his orgasm still pumping into Gia before he rolled her to the side and lay her down pulling out of her.

He leaned over to kiss her when suddenly there was banging at the door. All three men sat up looking at each other, Gia was slower to respond. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It came again.

"JORDAN I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! OPEN THE DOOR MUTHAFUCKER!" James and Carter looked at each other, then Jordan,instantly wondering what they had really gotten themselves into.

"Who the fuck is that, dude?" James asked looking around frantically as he stuffed his deflating cock in his pants. "My husband." Gia said in a worried tone, sitting up, quite alert now. "I thought you two were married." James said to Jordan. Gia looked at Jordan. "Hey, I'm not trying to get in the middle of this." Carter said grabbing his shirt and heading to the door. Reece was just about too pound on the door again when it swung open and Carter ran past him.

Reece flew into the room just as James ran past. Then out of the blue Reece was floored by Jordan punching him in the jaw. "You son of a bitch," Reece shouted adrenaline pumping so fast he wasn't even aware of the pain from the sucker punch. He jumped up ready to exchange blows when looking over Jordan's shoulder he saw Gia pulling on her sundress.

"Gia? Gia, baby I'm so-" His statement was met by another punch as Reece double over from the blow. "Stop Jordan!" Gia shouted. "YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM WIFE!" Reece shouted lunging at Jordan and catching him around the waist knocking him backwards.

Then swinging for him and catching him on the chin. "That's a joke asshole, while you've ben fucking Tasha all weekend." Jordan said getting his bearings and swinging again, just missing. Reece leapt on Jordan and the two stumbled to the floor in a violent scuffle.

"You made sure that Gia saw us too!" "Oh you mean the video. No, she was already there I just recorded it!" Jordan said with a laugh before the wind was knocked out of him. "So you could get your hands on her!" Reece growled as the two rolled around violently on the floor. "Whatever works! Gia's got the sweetest pussy you know! And a tight ass, I came in her hard, right before you interrupted!" Jordan snarled as he had his forearm to Reece's throat.

Gia was screaming in the back ground but all that Reece could think of was taking Jordan's head off. "MUTHAFUCKER!!"I'll fucking kill you." Reece snarled, shifting his weight quickly and rolling over on Jordan, then quickly pistoning punches into him. "I didn't make you cheat! That's was all you, Reece!!" Jordan shouted. Jordan was right. Reece sat back glowering at Jordan. Then he stood up wiping the blood from his mouth.

He looked down with disdain at an equally bloodied Jordan. This fight was a long time coming and it wasn't over, not by a long shot; but Reece looked over at Gia who was crying. Reece stalked angrily towards her digging in his pocket and grabbed her left hand and put her ring back on her finger. Then he picked up her bags and took her by the wrist pulling her behind him as he left.


. In their suite they stood in silence; neither looking at the other, only looking at the floor. "Everything's ruined, Barlow. Everything. We can't get it back. And I hate you for that." "We can fix it, Gia." "No we can't. It's all over. &hellip.I want a divorce." The words stabbed at his heart like a knife.

"I won't give you one." He said plainly trying to hold his temper. "Then I'm leaving you." "I won't let you go." "I don't want to be with you. I hate you, Barlow." "Don't say that Gia, I love you." "Did you love me when you were fucking her?

Did you love me when you were coming inside her?" He wanted to tell her the truth, that he did love her even though he had done all that. "What's so special about her anyway?" Gia pleaded looking at him with tears in her eyes." Why can't you stay away from her? Every time I came to see you at your office, she was in there.

Then here. She was always there when I turned around, right beside you. Then I was gone all night hoping you'd be worried about me and ." "I was worried!" "YOU WEREN'T! You were passed out naked on the sofa with that bitch on your lap!" "I got drunk." "Don't use that as an excuse." "I do love you." "I'm so tired of you lying to me." Suddenly Reece felt sharp stinging across his face.

Gia had slapped him. He winced but stood his ground. She raised her hand and slapped him again, then again. But still he stood there. "I hate you." "I love you, Gia." He pleaded. "I slept with Jordan." She seemed to spit the words at him. "I know." "And the boys that ran from the room, they wanted to fuck me.

I would have let them. I let one lick my pussy while they came on me." She was sobbing as she spoke now. Reece's jaw tightened as his eyes narrowed. He'd have to find those little shits too. "Do you still love me now?!" "Yes." "Liar." Reece leaned in and kissed Gia softly on her lips. They were salty from her tears.

"I hate you," she mumbled. He kissed her again and put his hands around her waist. He stood kissing her for several minutes. "I still hate you, Barlow." Reece closed his eyes, his jaw tightening. "That's it!"He said taking her by the arm and spinning her around and whacking her ass.

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She took a sharp breath, her skin stinging from the contact. "I told you if you called me Barlow again. You can be such a fucking brat sometimes. Fuck,I should have did this when you locked yourself in the bathroom 2 months ago." Reece dragged Gia back into the bedroom and sat down on the bed, pulling her down and across his lap.

He lifted her dress and yanked down her bikini bottoms exposing her quivering sore bottom. The skin was already warming and turning red. The he slapped her ass hard. Then again, and again and again until her bottom was stinging and hot. Reece's cock stiffened as he spanked her. Gia moaned under him wiggling her bottom as her nipples stiffened, and her cunt started to ooze honey.

His smacks gradually slowed, along with their severity, as each ended by taking a handful of her ass and squeezing it before slapping and squeezing it again, until he was kneading and palming her ass, panting heavily. Gia pulled away, and fell to the floor on her knees, the sweetest innocent pout on her face, as tears streamed.

A raw sensuous jolt passed between them. Intense intoxicating sensations filled Reece and he leaned into kiss her. The kiss tentative at first, turned hard, deep and pressing; their tongues lashing at each other. Suddenly, Reece stood and pulled Gia with him; he took her to the bathroom and started the water.

Kissing her, he took off her dress and bikini. Then he took of his own clothes and they stepped in the shower. They soaped each other up, kissing fervently, lovingly; caressing each other the whole time. Their hands and fingers not missing one crack or crevice of the only, only leaving after the shower after the water turned ice cold.

Reece led his wife back into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Gia's face contorted as she was struggling with all she had done, all she had put him through. "What is it, baby?" "I love you, Reece." She sobbed. "I know. I love you, too." He kissed her before she could say she was sorry, because he knew that too. And so was he. Suddenly her grabbed her by her wrists and held them over her head, taking her face in his free hand he kissed her roughly, his tongue probing and searching her mouth as she squirmed under him.

His hand trailed down her neck to her breasts squeezing and palming it crudely as he brought his mouth down to suck roughly on the other's nipple then nip it until Gia mewled in pain. He roughly pulled her legs apart, and moved between them. Reece slid his thick throbbing shaft over her already sopping wet slit, guiding it as he rubbed the head of his cock over her engorged clit.

He positioned his cock at her hungry entrance and shoved himself in forcefully, Gia cried out in blissful pain as he speared into her silky depths while he kissed her. Their bodies immediately began to move in rapid frenzied time with each other. This was no tender lovemaking this was angry wonderful makeup sex at its best.

This was what each of them needed and wanted the whole time. Reece rose up over Gia his hips rapidly jackhammering in and out of her slippery tight hot pussy, their skin slapping lewdly. Only burning mewls and panting filling the room. Gia left her hands over head surrendering to her husband, and his needs, his love, his salacious thrusts that were already sending her headway into the most powerful orgasm she had felt yet. Reece smiled at Gia's beautiful anguished face as he thrust harder and harder, sinking deeper into her.

The head of his cock hitting her inner walls, making her shudder and moan under him. Gia's moans grew louder and more urgent as her orgasm built. "Haannn&hellip.Reece…haannn… yesssss!! Haaaannnnn!!!" She cried out as her toes pointed, her body began to jerk and spasm wracked by blinding pulsing waves of euphoric explosions.

Reece's hips were moving faster and faster as his wife's cunt clamped down on him squeezing and stroking his throbbing cock. "FUCK!" Reece growled as he gave a powerful thrust and his body erupted in erotic blissful undulations,as ropes and ropes of thick hot cum filled his wife's wanton pussy, milking him fiercely until his hips gradually slowed.


. THAT NEXT MONTH Jordan was looking at a video on his phone. One he had secretly taken of him and Gia. He wasn't ready for their little affair to be over, though he hadn't seen or heard from her since the resort weekend. Tasha was sitting at her desk, looking out her office to Reece's empty one. "Where's Barlow?" Dean asked. "Oh, he took the week off. He and his wife are celebrating their anniversary?" Salvo said pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Good for them." . ~end