Danielle delaunay titfucks his hard cock tittyfucking and cocksucking

Danielle delaunay titfucks his hard cock tittyfucking and cocksucking
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Fbailey story number 190 Friends With Benefits Tammy is not your typical girl next door. She is fourteen years old, just a little bit heavy, and she wears glasses and braces. Her face is okay but nothing to write home about. Even her hair sucks since her mother messed with it.

I am also fourteen but unlike Tammy I am fairly good looking from what I've been told. Tammy and I have been friends since the day we were born. Our mothers were in the hospital at the same time but I am two days older than Tammy is. A few days ago I told Tammy that I wanted to loose my virginity, after all she is my best friend. She admitted that she wanted to loose her virginity too but that she didn't think any boy wanted her bad enough to take it.

That's when I told her that I did. That sparked two days worth of discussion on whether or not sex would spoil our friendship. We were in her living room watching television when we both overheard her mother talking to a girlfriend about 'friends with benefits.' It seemed that her girlfriend had a fuck-buddy and Tammy's mother wanted one too.

Apparently 'friends with benefits' is just sex between friends with no strings attached. You are both free to date and have sex with other people but you are always there for the other one as far as sex is concerned. You never had to tell them that you love them either. Besides it sounds better than saying fuck-buddy when other people are around.

So right then and there Tammy and I decided to become 'friends with benefits' and then we went up to her bedroom. We used to take baths together but that hadn't happened in years. At Tammy's request I got undressed first and she got to look at my hard cock.

She said that she liked it. She wanted to touch it so I let her do that too.


Hell I touch it all of the time so why shouldn't she? She couldn't believe how hard it could get. She told me that the girls at school had told her about sucking boy's cocks and that the stuff that came out wasn't as nasty as some of the other girls had said. So she knelt down, took in a breath, and started to suck my cock.

Wow my very first blowjob. I warned her that I was way too excited for her to be doing that but she said 'benefits' and kept on sucking. I shot a whole bunch of cum into her mouth. Some dripped out but other than that she managed to swallow most of it. When she stopped she looked up at me and smiled, then she told me that she sort of liked the taste. She couldn't wait to tell her girlfriends that she had swallowed instead of spit. Then Tammy checked out my balls and my butt.

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Then it was her turn to undress. Tammy just sort of took her time, not quit stalling, but not in a hurry to get naked either. She hadn't let any boy see her naked before, even her doctor was a lady.

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As Tammy stood there in her old bra and panties she apologized for not wearing her new ones for me. Her bra had slightly yellow stains under her armpits and her panties had seen better days too. Her bra was a dingy grayish color. My mother would have bleached the hell out of it and her panties too. When Tammy took off her bra I asked her to just stand there and let me look at her for a while. Her tits were bigger than I had expected and she said that her new bras were 32-B.

The old bra that she had on was a 32-A. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant but apparently the higher up in the alphabet you go the better. My mother wears a 36-C because I checked one of her bras once in the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. As I looked at Tammy's tits I liked them, I really liked them, and I wanted to touch them. She protested but I reminded her that she was my friend and that I now had benefits. She smiled and said okay so I reached out to feel of them.

They were pretty firm yet soft. She said that during her periods that they got very sensitive and that they sometimes hurt. When I pinched her nipples she liked it until I pinched one of them too hard. Tammy's tits were nice and round, kind of like half of a big orange.

My mother's tits were more like half of a big grapefruit. Tammy confirmed that my mother's tits really were about that size and that her mother's tits were even bigger. Her mother's bra size was 38-DD. Tammy's areola and nipples were a pale pink but she said that both of our mothers's areolas and nipples were a much darker brownish red.

She said that it might have something to do with either childbirth or just getting older. Her areolas were about the size of a quarter but she said that my mother's areolas were much bigger and that her mother's areolas were bigger than the palm of her hand and covered the whole end of her breasts.

Wow! Apparently they come in different sizes just like tits do. Her nipples were about the size of a pencil eraser but again Tammy said that my mother's nipples were bigger and stood out nicely while her mother's nipples were usually flat to her breasts.

She also told me that our mothers liked Tammy breasts because they are still young and firm while theirs had gotten too big and droopy from age and gravity. Next I watched as Tammy removed her old ragged panties. She blushed and said that she had only worn them because she was just getting over her period and that she didn't want bloodstains on her new ones. I took them from her and looked them over. The elastic was shot, they had some holes in them, and they needed to be thrown out real badly.

I knew that my mother wouldn't keep anything like that around but Tammy said that my mother did. She just didn't put those in the clothes hamper for me to find, they went right into the washing machine.

So then I looked at Tammy's pussy. I wondered what all of the fuss was about. It didn't look so special. All she had was a thin patch of hair in the shape of a triangle with sort of a slit under that. I had Tammy turn around so that I could check out her ass. Now that looked nice, maybe I was an ass man like my friend Billy. Tammy's ass was smooth and she had a really nice butt crack too.

When I asked her to bend over she asked me why so I told her that I just wanted to see it better. Tammy bent over and that opened up her butt cheeks and let me see her asshole but it also let me see the bottom of her pussy too and it was wet. I touched it with my finger and she jumped so I reminded her about the benefits and she let me touch it again. She said that she touches it all the time when she goes to bed and I told that I do the same thing to my cock at night.

As I was exploring her pussy I managed to slip one of my fingers up inside her. She said that it was okay and that I was supposed to put my cock in there when we fucked.

I didn't know that but I let on that I did so she wouldn't know how stupid I really was. Since there wasn't any more to look at I suggested that we get on the bed. Tammy however had more things that I was supposed to do first. Apparently my mother had told Tammy that she shouldn't let any boy fuck her that wouldn't eat her pussy first. So Tammy lay back opened her legs and then told me to eat her. That time I need instructions because I didn't think that I was supposed to bite her and chew before swallowing.

Apparently my mother had eaten Tammy out a few times so she knew just what I was supposed to do to her. My mother ate Tammy's pussy! Why? Was my mother gay? Anyway I managed to stick my tongue into Tammy's vagina without gagging and throwing up. If my mother could do it then so could I. Tammy said that my mother was better at it but only because she had more practice. My mother and Tammy's mother get together about once a week in her mother's bedroom.

Once in a while they invite Tammy to join them. Tammy says that my mother is better at giving her orgasms that her own mother is. I didn't give her an orgasm but Tammy told me that I could fuck her anyway. So I got up on my knees between her legs.

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Tammy picked her legs up a little with her knees bent so that they were touching my hips. She helped me aim my cock at her hole and then she told me to push it in. I expected Tammy to cry when I did that but she just laughed at me. She said that our mothers had put bigger things in her cunt than my cock.

Wow bigger things like what. Then Tammy told me about dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. My mother was the one to break Tammy's hymen on her thirteenth birthday. The girls had a very special birthday party to welcome the newest teenager into their midst. She told me to fuck her just like I fuck my right hand at night, slowly at first then faster at the end. So I did and I was so glad for that blowjob earlier. I fucked Tammy good and hard for a couple of minutes then I cum in her.

She said that she liked it but that she didn't cum like she was supposed too. I asked her if I could do it again in a few minutes and she just smiled and said, "That's what friends are for." Sure enough in a few minutes I was hard again and I slipped it back into her waiting pussy.

It took me longer that time and that gave Tammy more feeling. She had her orgasm when I cum. She liked sex a lot better that time. I watched as Tammy put her panties and bra back on. She even let me hook her bra in the back. As she finished getting dressed I got dressed too and then we went downstairs together. Tammy's mother asked, "So what were you two up to?" Tammy smiled at me and said, "Friends with benefits." Tammy's mother choked and asked, "What?" Tammy smiled at her mother and said, "You know.

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Fuck-buddies." Her mother composed herself and said, "You mean to tell me that you two were upstairs in your bedroom fucking?" Tammy said, "Yes! We heard you on the phone talking about your girlfriends fuck-buddy and how you wanted one so we figured that it was okay." Her mother sat down and just looked at us for a minute then asked, "So you are okay with him fucking other girls and just coming over here when he can't get it someplace else." Tammy said, "Well yeah, isn't that what friends with benefits is all about.

We are best friends and now we can have sex too." Her mother asked, "You're really okay with him fucking other girls then?" Tammy replied, "Yes, I think I am." Then her mother said to me, "Well I need a fuck-buddy too.

Come with me." Then she took my hand and led me up to her bedroom. She didn't even close the door. Then she told me that if I was going to fuck her that I could call her Jill. Next she asked me how many times I had cum so far and I told her three times, once in Tammy's mouth and twice in her pussy.

That made her smile. Again I was told to undress first. Jill got on her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. She sat back and said, "Tammy didn't wash you off afterwards, did she?" I replied, "No." Then Jill started to undress after making me sit back on her bed. She unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, she undid her pants and removed them, and then she stood there in her underwear for me to admire.

Jill had on a black bra and red panties but not for very long. Tammy had been right her mother had huge boobs and huge areolas. Then she shoved those monsters in my face and told me to start sucking. It took me a little while but I finally got her nipples swelled up and they were considerably larger than her daughter's nipples were. Then Jill pushed me back flat and started to sit on my cock when I told her that I was supposed to eat it before I fucked it. That brought a smile to her face.

Jill then rolled onto her back and opened her legs up for me. The bottom half of her pussy was shaved clean and I could see her pussy lips much better. They were fuller than Tammy's had been. As I opened her pussy lips up I could see that she was a lot more mature than her daughter was.

I could see her inner lips and then little finger like things further down inside her opening. Everything was pretty and pink in there. I saw her clit and it was bigger than Tammy's had been too. Jill's pussy would make a great playground for any boy so I started to play.

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As I was testing things out I accidentally gave Jill an orgasm. She made me do it again. Then she said that I could fuck her so I slipped my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her.

It took me longer and I liked it better but I sure wasn't going to stop fucking Tammy, that's for sure. Besides I now had two fuck-buddies, well Tammy is my friend with benefits while Jill is my fuck-buddy. Basically because I never thought of Jill as a friend before. After I finished she made me stay right where I was then she went to the bathroom and I could hear her pee. Then she came out with a nice warm washcloth and washed my cock clean for me before telling me to get dressed again.

Jill only put on one of her ex-husband's dress shirts with only one button in the middle connected. When we went downstairs together Tammy was waiting for us and asked, "How was it?" Before I could answer her Jill said, "Wonderful honey. Thanks for sharing your fuck-buddy with me but wash him off afterwards. Some of your combined juices were crusted onto his cock when I sucked it." Then Jill picked up the phone, dialed a number, and waited for someone to answer before saying, "Hi there.

Remember earlier when you told me that you had a fuck-buddy…well I do too. My daughter loaned me her fuck-buddy and you'll never guess who it is. Your son." What!

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She was talking to my mother! She had just told my mother that I had fucked her and her daughter. Wait a minute…my mother was the lady earlier and she has a fuck-buddy too. Who! It wasn't a minute later and mom was standing in the living room with us. She looked right at me and said, "So you finally lost your virginity, good for you young man." Then she turned to Tammy and said, "Then you must have lost your virginity too.

Congratulations. Will you share your fuck-buddy with me too?" Tammy looked mom right in the eye and asked, "Will you share your fuck-buddy with us?" Mom blushed and said, "I can't do that sweetie. He is someone that I work with and he's married. We just do it during work." Then she turned to me and said, "Don't say anything to your father about that." I figured that it was just a threat and that it didn't need an answer so I didn't say anything.

Jill said, "You've really got to let him fuck you though." Mom said, "Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind lately but it's incest." Jill said, "It's not any different than me fucking Tammy now is it." Mom said, "Yes. You don't put your cock in her." Jill smiled and said, "Yes I did and you put my cock in her too. In fact you brought your own cock over and tried to put that in her too except that it wouldn't fit." Tammy looked at me and said, "It was huge.

It was as big as my arm and she got it in her pussy and in my mother's pussy too. I'm telling you it was huge." After a slight pause Tammy said, "You really should fuck your mother if you get the chance.

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She is better than my mother is in bed. I should know, I've had them both." I knew better than to tell Tammy that her mother was a better fuck than she was. After all our friendship was still our main thing. The sex was just sex between friends and I didn't want to blow any of that right now. Then mom grabbed my hand, said okay, and took me back up to Jill's bedroom. This time, both Tammy and Jill followed us up to the bedroom. Once again I was required to undress first.

Mom gave my cock a little suck and then she undressed. Her tits were nice. They were bigger than Tammy's tits and nicer to look at than Jill's tits were. Her nipples were fully erect before she took her bra off.

Her areolas did cover the entire end of her breasts and they were as large as the palm of my hand. When mom removed her panties her pussy was bald. Jill said, "That's new." Mom said, "Yes my fuck-buddy likes it freshly shaved each morning so that I look like a little girl down there.

The pervert." Then they both laughed. Mom got up on the bed expecting me to fuck her when I put my face in her crotch.


Her fuck-buddy was right she did look like a little girl done there. I licked around the outside and kissed it before opening it up and looking inside. Each of the tree women had a different look to their pussies but yet they all looked similar. I knew from Jill that I should attack mom's clit mostly and that I could use a couple of fingers to finger fuck her too. I made sure to give mom two orgasms before going on. She loved it and she shouted out that love too so that Tammy and Jill could hear it.

Before I even got my cock in her mom said that I was better than her other fuck-buddy and that he might be out of a job. I crawled up her body kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples, and slipping my cock into her pussy. I was finally fucking my own mother. It was my forth pussy fuck of the day, my third girl, and I had just lost my virginity about two hours before. Fucking my mother was the best yet and poor Tammy was still the worst fuck but I knew that she could easily become the best with more practice and I was sure going to see to it that she got all the practice that she needed.

After all we were best friends with benefits. The End Friends With Benefits 190