Intimate teen couple Excited youthful tourists Felicity Feline and

Intimate teen couple Excited youthful tourists Felicity Feline and
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I found a much better rewritten version of this story once online, and regretted erasing it from my computer. Here's the origanal written by someone else.I take no credit it for this, but thought many of you might like it.

I only which I could get my hands on the rewritten copy so if anyone has it or knows where to get it, much apreasiated.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story below relates a tremendous change in life styles for involving a sudden jump into the wild, wonderful world of juvenile sex and incest.

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It all started one bright sunny Monday morning in July. I was home from work taking a couple of comps and enjoying just being lazy. My thoughts were very much on the events of yesterday. My wife, Sue, had astounded me some weeks earlier when she announced that she wanted us all to visit a nudist resort near here. She claimed that she'd heard a lot of good things about it from her friends and felt that at least it would give us all a chance to develop great all-over tans.

Hardly a prude, I still had to give it a bit of thought before agreeing. The idea of being naked among a bunch of adults was not too my wife and I had often been part of a swing group in college and we had attended a few dandy naked orgies in the woods.

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It was the prospect of being naked with my kids. We ran a pretty loose household and I'd often enough caught glimpses of them naked, but Mindy was now eleven and just starting to develop sexually. What would she think of such a visit?

Nine year old Polly and four year old Suzy wouldn't give it a thought, I suspected. Sue brought it up over breakfast and much to my surprise, the girls all agreed to give it a try. That was on a Friday and the following morning we were all in the car and driving under a warm, cloudless sky to the resort.

When we got there the gate was opened by a tall, statuesque naked woman with a bushy brown pussy mat and large well-shaped breasts. She welcomed us, signed us in, and told us where to find our campsite. As we parked and unloaded the camping gear, a party of twenty or so naked girls and boys ran down the road.

The girls old enough to have tits wiggled them wildly as they ran and the effect gave me an immediate erection which I tried vainly to hide as I unwrapped the tent. "Dirty old man," Sue whispered to me as she helped me, "I saw that boner. What are you going to do when you're naked?" "Damned if I know," I muttered, "maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all." "Nonsense.the magazines at Adele's house say that men's erections hardly ever happen once the man is naked.and the hidden aspect is gone," she laughed.

"Let's test it.come on girls.let's get naked." Hardly had she said that when little Suzy peeled off her shorts and panties.and stood there naked below the waist struggling with her shirt.

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I have to admit that I felt a twinge in the old prick as I watched her slender, sleek body emerge from beneath her clothing. On the verge of puberty at nine, her body displayed emerging hips, a smooth chest and a more defined pussy mound.the latter showing the edge of her prepuce wedge between the protruding hairless lips.

She turned and half squatted to pick up her clothing, revealing the entirety of her naked pussy lips between the slender thighs. As she bent over, her lips parted to give me just the merest glimpse of the brighter pinkness of her inner slit. 'Get a grip, boy,' I told myself as I stood beside Sue and pulled off my shirt.

Sue already was topless and was in the process of unzipping her jeans. A few paces away from us Mindy had stripped to her panties. I glanced her way as I dropped my shorts and gasped to see her slip her panties to her ankles and stand erect. She was innocently lovely as she stood there in the bright sunlight. Naked, Mindy stretched, arching her body and further accenting her long slender legs, her narrow hips, her flat belly with that full swell of a pussy mound.

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Her graceful motions flattened her belly even more and drew attention to her deep cunt slit with the slightly protruding cunt lips and prepuce, and her body's sleekly flat child's nudity. 'Shit!' I said to myself as I peeled off my undershorts and fought my cock's need to erect. I turned away from Mindy and found myself looking at my naked wife. With a powerful inner struggle, I managed to defeat the demon in my loins and regained control.

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At Sue's suggestion, the girls ran off to investigate the swimming pool and the two of us were alone with the unruly tent. "Well.what do you think?" she said with a wicked grin.

"Think.about what?" "Your pretty little the nude?" she replied with a giggle. "They're growing up fast." "They certainly are.and it's pretty evident, but right now I think we'd better get this tent up." The remainder of the day went by without incident, except for the abundance of fine pussy of all ages around me and my continuing urge to rise to all my rampant glory.

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With sunset and the cool of the night, the naked flesh around us gradually disappeared under clothing again. Night fell and at last the girls showed signs of wanting to go to sleep, so we all turned in. There was just one tent for us to share.

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Sue and I were on one side in a double sleeping bag, while Suzy slept next to us. On the other side, perhaps five feet away, Mindy and Polly shared another double sleeping bag. The thick canvas filtered the light till there was just the merest illumination when the flaps were dropped. There were yawns all around as I watched the girls strip to nakedness again and slip into their sleeping bags.


Sue and I did the same moments later. "Goodnight, girls," Sue said, snuggling up tight against me, her hands dropping to my soft cock. Startled by her sudden boldness, I felt my prick leap to the hardness that had been denied it all day long! "Watch it, " I whispered, my hands rising to cup her small breasts, "little eyes might be watching." "Too dark," she responded hoarsely, stroking me to rock hardness, "and anyway I'm too horny to care.fuck me!" I didn't reply, but my hands answered for me as they roved over the smoothness of her nude body, caressing her breasts, strolling her belly.and accepting the invitation to probe the open wet valley between her widespread legs.

My fingers slipped into the wet heat of her genitals, rubbed and kneaded her hard clit, stabbed deep inside he tunnel of her clasping vagina and stroked the raised doughnut shaped ring of her anus. "Yessssss!" she urgently whispered in my ear, "dear god, yesssss!

Fuck!" Forgetting the girls so close beside us, I moved above Sue's sweaty body and settled in between her slender legs. My heavy cock dropped down to the precise angle needed to penetrate her, and pressed between her pussy lips in search of that hot hole.

'God, she's so wet,' I remember telling myself as my cock tip nestled into the mouth of her vagina. " me," Sue whispered hoarsely into my ear and hunched her pelvis at me. My cock slipped inside her belly perhaps an inch.and I forgot the girls.

Thrusting hard between her cunt lips, my prick sank all the way and I thrilled to the warmth of her clasping tunnel and the soft caress of her pussy hair as I bottomed out.

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I began fucking her with long powerful strokes.savoring the familiar pleasures of her cunt sucking and clasping at my cock, plus the thrill of doing it outside in unfamiliar surroundings. As I pounded Sue harder and harder the cover of the sleeping bag slipped down till it dropped off my naked ass. The light was very dim, but I my eyes had adjusted so that I could see Sue's nude form under me.

Her nipples were hard and erect .her eyes closed in ecstasy. A movement off to the side caught my attention and I half glanced over to see Mindy resting on her elbow.watching intently. Her sleeping bag was partly open, too, and I could see her slim bare body exposed nearly to her waist.


Startled, I stopped fucking Sue and just lay there with my prick buried in her to the hilt, wondering what I was going to do. "Don't stop now, you bastard," Sue whispered, "I was almost there." "Mindy's awake.and watching us," I whispered back. "Who cares. It's time she knew about screwing," a giggling Sue answered, startling me with her reply, "fuck me now.I mean it!" Unsure of what to do, yet wanting to finish this episode of lovemaking, I slowly renewed my thrusting.

I could see Mindy quite clearly out of the corner of my eye. Her free arm was moving rhythmically and I could see that it was thrust under the sleeping bag cover. There could be little doubt that her hand was in her crotch.and that she was masturbating, her hand moving in time to the pistoning of my cock into her mother's cunt. That thought was oddly exciting and I felt my prick swell to even harder readiness as I plunged it in and out of that dark wet hole.

On and on we rutted.for by then it had gotten beyond lovemaking and had become pure animal sex. Finally I felt Sue shuddering and moaning under me. Her vaginal sheath gripped my penis tightly.began pulsing about it like a soft warm hand as she orgasmed.and I lost it, too.

Spurt after spurt of liquid heat jetted from me to fill Sue's tunnel to overflowing and I collapsed onto her sweaty body. My face was turned toward the spot where Mindy had been watching and I could see her lying now on her back, her knees up making a tent of the sleeping bag. Both her arms were under the bag and there was movement near her belly.


I watched as her hips lifted from the floor of the tent.heard a small soft cry.and realized that she, too, had just experienced an orgasm. We all fell asleep soon after, me still atop Sue. In the morning when we rose with first light nothing was said of the watching event.and the day proceeded in apparent normalcy.