Nacho Vidal fucks a horny blonde Charlyse Angel

Nacho Vidal fucks a horny blonde Charlyse Angel
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Chapter 13 Case Study 301: Mr. Bowen let a stream of pee right into my mouth. Welcome back for another installment of Case Study 301. If this happens to be your first foray with this storyline I would encourage you to read some of the previous chapters so everything makes sense. But for those of you that need some cliff notes here you go.

This is a story of young girl that witnessed a quadruple homicide. It sent her into a catatonic state which is to say she's in a coma even though she appears to be awake. The only way to communicate with her now is thru her therapist that needs to hypnotize her. Unfortunately she has not been able to recall anything that had happened that evening. She has been regaling her therapist with the things that have happened to her in the past. Also that night her friend Farah Johansson invited her out to the night club and then later to the hotel where the murders took place that night.

She then mysteriously disappeared the night of the assassinations and in this chapter the FBI has finally caught up with her. Okay just so you all know this is your warning!!!!!!!! This story has heavy incest themes of young girls with their fathers. If this is delicate to your disposition please leave now. There are well over 100 new stories that come out each day on this site.

You can find something else to your liking. For the rest of you that have enjoyed the story thus far I hope that you enjoy this next installment. With no further adieu&hellip. Meanwhile in Taos, New Mexico the capture of Farah Johansson: Patrolman Ken Gordon was taking his usual afternoon break and eating a baloney sandwich with Beth Reynolds the young semi-attractive dispatcher of the Taos Police Department.


Ken didn't care that she wasn't the prettiest girl in town. She had that special something that he liked. He definitely had a huge crush on her it was quite obvious since they had lunch together almost every day.

As they sat there making idle chit chat the fax machine went off. After he finished his sandwich he went over to notice sitting in the tray was a fax. It was a Federal Warrant for the apprehension of a one Farah Johansson to be put in protective custody and the local address as to where she could be found. The instructions were to pick her up and detain her until either the US Marshal's or FBI Agents arrive to take her into custody.

Beth noticed Ken's awkward face and asked, "So, whatcha you got there buddy, buddy, buuuuuudddddy?" Ken sashayed back to her desk and said, "Looks like we've got a winner ~ seem like we've got a fugitive hiding just outside of town." (Ken read more of the arrest warrant) "Looks like we've got a scary co-ed from Cali ~ Ooh so scary.

I guess I need Barry to come get me so we can go out and pick her up ~ (he scanned the arrest warrant) Ooh she's and exotic one ~ a Swede ~ named ~ Farah Johansson and bring her back until the FBI shows up. I've never arrested a Swede before ~ looks like you got babysitting duties tonight Beth." Beth giggled at Ken and said, "Oh ~ haaaiilll no ~ lock that co-ed ass up in one of the cells until those FBI guys show up.

I'm going out dancing tonight!" She then got on the radio and called Barry Peters, Ken's partner and told him to come in and pick up Ken. Once Barry made it back to the station the two of them went out to the Johansson residence. When they arrived they sat out in front of the house and noticed a young attractive girl in the oversized bay window as she was dancing to loud music in her thong and bra. Barry sitting in the driver's seat watched her jumping up and down flailing her arms around and her long blonde was going ever where and he said, "Looks like we've got one of those music video girls up there.

This is going to be fun partner. Just keep her in her underwear for a while if you can. It's been a while since I've gotten a girl to drop her drawers for me." They both started laughing together and Ken said, "I'll see what I can do for ya." They sat there for a few more minutes wondering why there's a federal arrest warrant for this girl she seemed completely harmless. They wrapped on the front door several times and waited several minutes until the music was turned down.

Ken wrapped on the door again and she finally came to the door. When she opened the door Ken said, "Hello, Miss. Are you Farah Johansson?" She looked at the two older patrolmen and said, "Yeah, this is my parents place, why? What can I do for you officers?" Barry then held up the fax and said, "Ms. Johansson we have a Federal Warrant here for you ~ you need to come with us down to the Police Station and be placed into protective custody." Farah looked at them, "What the fuck are you guys talking about?

Arrest warrant? ~ For what? ~ Protective what? I haven't done anything wrong this is my parents place. You've got the wrong person!" Ken stepped into the residence and said, "Ms. Johansson we are not sure of the reason why you are being detained but you need to come down to the station with us.

We are under orders to put you into protective custody until the FBI or the US Marshal's shows up." Farah didn't know what was going on but she was definitely sure that they were taking her down to the station by their overpowering demeanor, "Can I at least change and put on some clothes?" Ken said, "Sure." Farah was making her way up the steps and Barry took the lead and was hot on her heals.

She turned on the steps and said, "Ya ~ know ~ I am old enough to get changed by myself ~ officer." Barry said, "Young lady you will have privacy but I need to be in the same room with you.

I'm not going to let you slip away ~ that's for sure." Once they were inside of her bedroom Farah was no longer interested in privacy. In her mind she thought if she could possibly seduce the older officer that perhaps he would let her go and she could continue to run away from her myriad of problems.

Farah slowly and seductively let her smelly and sweaty bra and thong fall to the floor. Standing in the middle of her bedroom she was now completely naked. Barry who was in his early 50's hadn't seen a tight co-ed's body in the flesh in like over several decades.

He stood there ogling her near perfect body then of course the blood rushed into his penis making him hard as a rock as he gulped loud enough that Farah noticed it. He put his patrolman's cap over his crotch to hide his embarrassment and looked up to the ceiling and thought to his 'that you lord for this wonderful gift'.

She stood there with her perky breasts and pink nipples erect. He noticed a line that started between her cleavage that ran down her firm tight belly and ended over her little fur patch and clean shaven snatch.

Farah turned her head realizing what she was doing was working. She's seen this very thing happen to all sorts of men when she's been naked and said in her sexiest voice, "So, do you like what you see ~ Officer?

Offffficcccccer ~ aaah?" She held out her hand waiting for him to finally tell her his name. He stood there not knowing what to say, "I'm sorry it has a mind of its own Miss. Johansson. If you really think about it, it's a compliment in around about way. Oh yeah I'm Sergeant Barry Peters by the way. " Farah dropped it and as she was slipping on a clean thong she bent forwards in a ninety degree angle directly in front of Barry.

Then her pink hairless cooch and her balloon knot came into plane view for Barry to stare at. She was hoping that the move of putting her goodies on display would be enough for Barry to make some sort of concession and she asked, "So, can you tell me the reason why I am being put into protective custody? I mean you can put me in cuffs on my bed here to restrain me? I guess if you did that you could do anything you wanted to me." She winked at him giving him a playful look. Barry was actually shocked by her brazen offer and said, "That is such an enticing offer Miss and under different circumstances I would probably be naked by now.

Trust me. I am sorry but it is a Federal Arrest warrant and it doesn't say what the exact reason is but it does say that we are to detain you. I see what you're trying to do me young lady. I think that if I were to take you up on your offer I think you'd give me a heart attack." Farah giggled as it was refreshing to have a man speak what was truly on his mind. She sat on the edge of the bed and had slipped on thigh high black stockings.

She slipped them on one at a time with her legs spread nice and wide creating a nice camel toe for Ken to view, "Are you absolutely 100% sure that you need to take me in?" Ken looked at her half naked body, "Ms.

Johansson thank you for the show. Trust me it's been a long time that I've seen a woman in her skivvy's. Thank you for giving me a nice little gift during this very boring day so far ~ but ~ no matter how much you flash your breasts and your vagina at me I still need to take you in." Farah stood knowing her plan came to an end and said, "Then if you don't like what you see then wait outside." With that Barry stepped out but kept the door open to watch her from afar.

Several minutes later Farah came out of her room. She slipped on a very short plaid skirt and a white dress shirt. She matched her black stockings with a pair of black heels. Just as she was walking past Berry she winked at him and with her forefinger playfully touched his chin then licked her lips seductively.

She put her arms around his shoulders and pulled is body close and tight to hers and whispered in her ear, "Last chance stud. You get me outta here you can play with me as long as you want." Barry's cock was still standing at attention and he said, "Well, Barry Jr. thinks it's a good idea but I still have a job to do young lady." Farah asked, "Barry Jr.?" Barry looked down at his crotch and said, "Yeah Barry Jr." Farah looked down and with the palm of her hand ran the entirety of his shaft and kissed him on the cheek and whispered as sexy as she could said, "Oh ~ yeah Barry Jr.

~ Can Barry Jr. come out and play?" Barry realized that his flirtation with this sex co-ed was going way too far and he was right on the edge of getting in trouble and said, "Sorry but Barry Jr. needs to stay right where he is." He then removed her arms from around her neck.

Then she was escorted to the Taos Police station where she waited for the federal agents to arrive. Several long grueling hours later Agent Erik Walker and Danny Lambert showed up and took custody of Farah. They immediately left Taos and made their way back to Santa Fe to the FBI offices and made her comfortable in one of the interrogation rooms. Meanwhile back at Camelot Clinic in New Mexico: We return to Miles and Kristen in the middle of her session. She was describing how she was attempting to seduce both of her girlfriend's fathers.

She knew if her plan was to work then she needed to seduce her father with one of her girlfriend's. We pick up where Kristen and her girlfriend Nicole who are dressed in their Midget cheerleading outfits with no bottoms.

Their hope was if Kristen's father saw their pre-teen cooch's that that would be enough for him to try and have sex with both of them. Miles asked, "So, what was your father's reaction to your plan of trying to seduce him?" Kristen said, "My daddy just like kinda stared at Nicole and me just like sitting naked in our chairs.

I was just like sitting on the other chair and pushed Nicole's face away from his and he said, 'so what is your angle here little girl?' I told him that I want my friends to become special families like ours ~ so like ~ we all can have fun together all the time. I told my daddy that, 'we have fun with them all the time when they come over here for like barbeques or we go there for like birthday parties.

The only difference is they don't come over when you and mommy have you sex parties. Wouldn't it be neat if we could share that too with them?

I came up with a plan so that can happen. So far daddy it is like working out so much like way better than I had ever thought.' We stayed in his office like all night and my daddy had sex with both of us a few more times each. Then we like talked about how to make a plan to try to get Nicole's father to do the same things with us. Then when we were too tired to have anymore sex we all took a shower together then we all went to bed together in my father's room." Miles looked at the young girl that just once again fucked his brains out and made him finish in less than five minutes and said, "So, that was your plan all along?" Kristen said, "Well, my plan was to like make Nicole and all ~ help me ~ with having sex with her father.

If daddy didn't like quietly help me with my plan it would have been like all over. But ~ like ~ my father came up a whole better idea. You see ~ like ~ the next day my father took Kevin over to my Pap-pap's house. When he came back and all he called Nicole's father and asked him to come over for a little while so they could talk about something important. He told me to like saddle a couple of horses and take Nicole out horseback riding and that he would catch up with us with Nicole's father.

Of course Nicole liked that idea because each time we go out with the horses we spend some special alone time together with my vibrator. Nicole and I took the horses and my vibrator and made a nice picnic lunch and headed off by ourselves first. We went to our favorite spot on our land ~ we had just like over 25 acres Doctor Spencer. We were by ourselves for I guess maybe an hour playing with each other with my vibrator when we heard noises coming through the brush.

When we looked up we were surprised as two more horses pushed thru the brush. On the horses were my father and Nicole's father Mike Galloway. They got off of their horses as we were still naked on our backs on the blanket. We had our young legs spread wide open like this (Kristen spread her legs open revealing her pink pussy) and our pussy's were like breathing in the fresh outdoor air just like my daddy told us to do.

My father lightly smacked Nicole's father Mike on the shoulder with the back of his hand and said, 'See I told you. They've been out here for hours playing with that damn vibrator my wife gave to my daughter.'" Miles said, "Well, Nicole, your father and you were all in on this?

What was going on ~ what did Mike Galloway, Nicole's father, have to say about what he saw?" Kristen said, "He said, 'Jim you're right.

Oh my god my baby girl. Nicole what are you doing? Put your clothes on this very instant and let's get you home right NOW!!' he turned to my father and said, 'Jim I am so sorry about all this, I really am.' And Nicole looked at her father and just said, 'daddy don't you want to join us for some lunch?

Please, daddy, don't be so mean.' Mike just stood there staring at our pussies and he turned to my father and said, 'Jim what are we supposed to do here?' And my father said, 'well they brought a picnic basket I guess we should eat and discuss what kind of punishments to hand out our little girls?'" Miles looked at Kristen and wrote on his pad, 'seductress from the time she was a little child learned from her family how to manipulate, cajole and blackmail to get whatever she wants because she knows that men wanted her pussy.' "So did you eat lunch and what if any punishments were handed out to the two of you?" Kristen said, "Well lunch was a little a different than normal.

Nicole and I were still nude and she stood and went to her father and offered her hand to help him off of the horse and she said, 'daddy today is going to be a special day for you and me.

Come and sit here and eat lunch with us.' Mr. Galloway was unsure of what to say or to do he looked so nervous. I stood and then helped my father down from his horse but my daddy picked me up and I wrapped my naked body around his and we began to French kiss right in front of the Galloway's.

Mr. Galloway looked at the two us with his mouth wide open. My father put me down and he sat down next to me. Nicole watched us and she jumped up on her father and then wrapped her naked body around her father's and kissed him just like I did and said, 'Daddy please, don't embarrass me, please! Just sit down with us and eat.' She pulled her father down on the blanket and then put her father's arm around her. Finally Mr. Galloway said, 'Nicole I really don't approve of you using that toy and I especially don't approve of you being naked with another girl outside where anyone can just see what you're doing.

Women in a crazy pissing act

And I certainly don't approve the way you just kissed me.' Then my dad said, 'Mike you don't have to worry. This is all our property here. I can assure you no one is going to see what happens here. Look this isn't as bad as you think. They are two young girls who are just exploring their sexuality. Now, would you want Nicole exploring it with some high school boy who doesn't have a clue as what to do?' Mr.

Galloway looked at my body and stared at my privates and then at his daughter's privates, 'Aren't you a little uncomfortable seeing your daughter this way and the way she kissed you?' My dad looked at Mike and said, 'well, I have caught my daughter plenty of times doing this in the house and apparently your daughter Nicole here is doing the same thing. Why don't you give your daughter a kiss and just see if you like it or not.'" Miles said, "So your dad was all the way in with the plan?

He really wanted this to happen?" Kristen said, "Well, he really didn't have a choice now did he? I mean he fucked Nicole and me the night before. Then Mr. Galloway said, 'this is ridiculous I can't do this. Nicole put your clothes on right this instant we are leaving and going home.' Nicole began pout and said, 'NO DADDY!!!

SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!' She put her head into her hands and began to cry and said in a crying voice, "I ~ I ~ I ~ I went through a lot of trouble to set this all up just for you. And, and, and now you're just ruining EVERYTHING!!!' Then she pointed her finger in her father's face and said 'If you don't stay here and play with me and the rest of us ~ I'll tell mommy ~ yeah that's right ~ I'll tell mommy you touched me and I'll call the police on you.'" Miles said, "That was extreme.

What was Mr. Galloway's reaction to his daughter's threat?" Kristen said, "It was a twist that no one expected, not even me. We all sat there silent and waited for Mr. Galloway to say something. He stood up and walked over to the cooler and looked at my father and said, 'is there any beer in here?' My dad said, 'yeah I told the girls that we may need some after all the sex we are going to have.' Mr. Galloway shook his head and looked for help from my father and said, 'this is so wrong on so many levels Jim.

I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I can do this to my little girl.' Then my father put his arm around his shoulder and said, 'would it be easier if you watched me and my daughter? Or how about if you watch Nicole and me having sex?' Mr.

Galloway said, 'you want to have sex with my young daughter?' My father said, 'why not! Wouldn't you? Look at her ~ don't look at her as your daughter look at her as a girl that is about to open her flower into womanhood and you can be a part of that special time.

Look, how beautiful she is. She's practically a teenager now. Look at how her body is almost ready to become a woman. Can you see her perky and teeny breasts trying to push upwards?

See her hips are starting to take shape and look at that tiny wet slit. It's just waiting for you to push your cock deep inside of her.

She wants you to pleasure her Mike. Plus she's far more experienced than you think.'" Then Nicole came over to her father and fell to her knees and looked up at her father and said, 'can I put your penis in my mouth and suck on you, daddy? I think I can put at least half of it in my mouth. Please!'" Miles was sitting on the edge of his seat. This girl is just providing all kinds of data for his theory of children being a seductress, being manipulative, able to cajole and to blackmail their way to anything they want.

"I take it that Mr. Galloway really didn't have a choice then?" Kristen said, "No, he really didn't. Nicole unzipped his jeans and then I came over and said, 'Nicole will you share you daddy's penis with me too?' Nicole looked like she was like a boss at work or something.

She wasn't a shy little girl anymore. It was ~ like ~ she was all like ~ confident and all then she said, 'As long as I get the chance to be with your daddy today.' Then my dad looked at Mr.

Galloway and said, 'Mike I don't think we have a choice here ~ it seems our little connivers here have made up our minds for us. Besides look they're already naked and willing.' Nicole helped her father to get naked and for a daddy who wasn't sure if he could be with his daughter he sure was ~ so ~ like hard and big and all ~ when his underwear hit his ankles. Just looking at Mr. Galloway's rock-hard-body turned me on so much Doctor Spencer.

It was everything and more than what I expected Doctor Spencer. Nicole put her father's cock into her mouth and after a couple of tries she tried to let it go down her throat. She was practicing all morning sucking on my vibrator so that when she tried it with her daddy she could show him that she was a big girl now. I told her that the men in like all the porno's love it when a girl can put a man's penis all the way inside of their mouths.

Nicole got used to having something deep inside of her mouth because of the vibrator. She gagged and choked on it a lot but she didn't give up until it went all the way down her throat. I couldn't help myself ~ my privates were all tingly and I wanted to like touch and rub Mr.

Galloway's body all over the place. I couldn't wait anymore so as Nicole kept sucking on her father's love stick I knelt behind Mr. Galloway. I opened his smooth butt cheeks and I put the tip of my tongue and tasted his butt hole. All I could say is, thank god it was clean. Mr. Galloway turned his head and surprised me as he pushed my face really hard between the crack of his bum and he said, 'oh my lord no one has ever done that to me before.

Don't stop Kristen and Nicole go a little deeper honey! Is this what you had in mind Jim? Can you believe that these are our precious little girls?'" Miles said, "You never mentioned that you did that before where you tossed a man's salad before?" Kristen said, "What do you mean tossed a salad?" Miles said, "That's what you did to Mr. Galloway when you licked his butt hole with your tongue." Kristen said, "Yes, that was the first time I ever did something like that.

I don't know why I did it but it just seemed right thing to do at that time. I saw a couple of girls do it in a porno before and the men seemed to really like it a whole bunch. Mr. Galloway became a little concerned that my father was doing the one thing that he loved most and that was video-taping everything.

Nicole couldn't wait too much longer and she went to the blanket and rolled over on her back and spread her legs and said, 'daddy would you make me a woman today? Please!' Mr. Galloway had no idea that my father did that the night before but who cares.

Mr. Galloway fell to his knees and looked down at Nicole, 'oh honey please you're too young for this.' Nicole smiled and said, 'Kristen and her daddy have been doing this for a very long time now.

Please daddy I want you because I know you love me and you won't hurt me.' Mr. Galloway moved between her legs and just before he put his self inside of her he said, 'Honey you're so young you're not even a teenager yet. Are you really sure you want me to do this with you?' Nicole smiled at her dad and said, 'I want you to be the one to take my virginity daddy. I trust you so much and I know you could never hurt me. I've seen the way you look at me and my girlfriends ~ today you don't have to think anymore what it would be like to have sex with us.

You can actually do all the things you ever dreamed of doing with us ~ you know ~ to Kristen and me. Come on daddy I want to be your new girlfriend.

I want to do this with all the time from now on. I love you~ so much ~ daddy.' Then Mr. Galloway spit on the tip of his love torpedo and then he spit on Nicole's privates and rubbed it in then he pushed just the tip of his six inches inside of her. Nicole's eyes went wide with excitement, 'oh daddy would you look at that. Your penis is pushing my privates so wide open. Don't worry daddy you're not going to hurt me. You and push it all the way up past my belly button if you want to.

I want to feel every bit of your penis inside of me. You feel so good inside of me ~ so much better than that stupid vibrator.' I was so hot for Mr.


Galloway that I couldn't wait so I lay next to Nicole and told my daddy to, 'fuck my brains out too.' Both of our father's were on top of us and they were moving in and out of us. All I could do was watch Mr. Galloway fuck Nicole's pussy soft, slow and deep. He was taking his time and he looked so hot doing it. Every time he would breathe his six-pack abs would show. God I wanted him so bad.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I told my father to switch with me and for him to get on his back. I sat down on his dick like in reverse like a cowgirl would on a horse. I was practically face to face with Mr. Galloway. I took advantage of the situation and I reached over and pulled his face to mine and kissed him full on the lips.

He looked down at my father and asked, 'Jim is it alright if I kiss your daughter?' My dad looked up and said, 'As long as I get to kiss your precious little princess.' It took a minute or so as our tongues touched each other. It felt like an electrical shock went down my whole body. Then our tongues began to like ~ sorta dance ~ inside of our mouths.

I was pretending that it was Mr. Galloway's big and thick penis that was inside of me while I was riding my own father's cock and it made my whole body shake over and over and over.

It was like I stuck my finger inside of a light socket or something. My father reached over and started to kiss Nicole and you could see their tongues going between each other's lips. With my father pushing his dick deep up inside of me and Mr.

Galloway's magical tongue I felt like I was get shock wave aver shock wave of electricity all over my body. Then I fell off of my father I curled up in a little ball as I continued to feel those electrical charges going thru my body. After a couple of minutes my body felt normal again and then I looked at Nicole and asked, 'will you let your daddy fuck me too? I will let my father fuck you.' Nicole smiled as that was the plan the whole time and we switched. It was a few minutes later when Mr.

Galloway was bringing me back to feel like I had to pee again and I saw my dad and Mr. Galloway high five each other and Mr. Galloway said to my father, 'I can't believe this ~ your daughter feels so amazing ~ thanks for sharing your daughter with me.' My father kissed Nicole full on the mouth and said, 'thank you for sharing your precious little gem with me Mike. We are going to have to do this more often…&hellip.' Meanwhile at the FBI offices in Albuquerque: The interview of Farah Johansson (aka Debbie Reynolds) As Farah sat patiently still not knowing why she was taken into custody the door to the interrogation room opened and in walked a handsome 6'2" slender man.

His hair was cut tight like a Marine. She noticed his piercing blue eyes. He looked like he was in his late thirties but was still attractive for a man his age she thought. As he sat down across from her she seemed to be hypnotized by his piercing blue eyes and tight little smile. He reached out his hand to hers and they shook hands and he said, "Nice to finally meet you Ms.

Johansson. The last time we spoke I identified myself as an FBI Agent and you hung up your cell phone on me. It took me almost a month and a half to find you but I finally did. Let me introduce myself, I am Special Agent in charge Tom Murphy." Farah was still unclear as to why she was being detained said, "Well, Special Agent in charge Murphy or whoever you are; I would like to exercise my fifth amendment right to silence and the right to have an attorney present during any questioning." Tom looked at her and said, "That's just wonderful I guess you're a daughter of an attorney then?" Farah very proudly boasted, "Yeah an attorney ~ also an international entrepreneur and then some ~ who just happens to be well connected.

Once I get my phone call I'll be outta here lickety-split ~ special agent of whatever this is and whoever you are!" Tom thought to his self, 'the more arrogant they are the easier they are to break.' Then he giggled and said, "So, I guess you think you know the law inside and out don't you? Well, your father may be an attorney but you certainly aren't. You see there have been several laws that were passed after 911. Under the new laws of interrogation anyone who is considered to be a risk or a threat to the general public allows me to detain that person for up to 72 hours for each of their charges.

During that time I am allowed to interrogate you ~ but then again ~ you don't have anything to hide now do you? So, that means no phone calls, no attorney's or 5th amendment rights just the options of being cooperative with me or sitting in a dank cold cell. The choice is yours." Farah sat thinking about her options and said, "Well that depends on your questions now isn't it?" Tom pulled out a large manila folder and several papers and said, "Well, let me give you the lay of the land here young lady.

Here before you on the table are the nine different indictments against you that you're being charged with by the Federal Government. They range from drug trafficking to human trafficking as well as kidnapping there are also several counts that names you in four murders that took place over several weekends ago.

You know the weekend I called you on the telephone and you hung up on me? That is unless you can convince me otherwise that you weren't involved in any of this mess.

Oh, by the way on each account I am allowed to hold you up to three days for each. So that means I have you for almost a month here before you are allowed the right to a phone call or an attorney.

So, why don't you get comfortable because you are not leaving here until I am fully satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that you're either innocent or guilty of all your indictments?" Farah held fast and tight to her convictions, "I'm not saying anything to you Agent Murphy except I haven't done any of those things you are accusing me of." Tom said, "Well, I think that if you talk to me and that perhaps if you convince me of your innocence in the part you played several weekends ago that perhaps the FBI might be able to strike a deal with you.

If you convince me I might become a lenient man and allow you to enter the WIT-SEC program and allow you to reinvent yourself like you did before as Ms. Debbie Reynolds. But you see my way you won't break anymore laws." Farah liked the idea of reinventing herself again, "WIT-SEC? What the hell is WIT-SEC?" Tom said, "Witness Security that is the witness protection program that everyone hears about.

You get a new life courtesy of the United States Government for your role in putting away very important criminals." Farah said, "Okay I'm listening." Tom then pulled out several photo arrays, "Let's start with some very simple and basic things.

I'm going to show you some pictures and I want you to tell me if you recognize anyone. Oh yeah, listen Farah before you decide to lie to me ~ I think you should know that I know the answers to the questions that I am about to ask you. So, if you lie to me ~ I'll know about. So, take your time before you answer me. Also you can't get into any more trouble than you are already in ~ so ~ you might as well tell me the truth no matter how bad it is." Farah looked at all the photographs and said, "I recognize everyone in the pictures.

They were all part of the party that I was invited to several weekends ago." Tom was shocked as she even knew identity of who the assassin that killed Sal Palandolpho. He then thought that perhaps both of the girls that night were in on the killings at this point, "Why don't you enlighten me on who you think the players are in our little play here." Farah said, "Sure no problem." She picked up the first photo and said, "This is Karen Valentine.

I met her by answering her personal ad on Craigslist.

She was looking for friends in LA and her personal Ad looked kinda cool so I answered it. We twitted for a while and then became friends on Facebook then we went out clubbing together a few times. She's a pretty cool and when I got invited out that night I brought her along so we could have some fun together." Tom said, "Remember what I said Farah just like you are not Debbie Reynolds ~ that's right I know your alias ~ just like this isn't Karen Valentine either ~ that is her alias ~ so, what is her real name?" Farah thought for a moment, "We got so used to calling each other by our alias' but I think her first name began with a 'K' but her last name was definitely Foster that much I do know because when I first met her I gave her the nick name Foster Grant you know after the sunglasses." Tom handed her another photo, "Who is that?" Farah said, "That's Adam McCormick." She then started pointing to everyone.

"That is Tony and his bodyguard friend Kirby and that is that son-of-a-bitch Sal." Tom said, "You don't like this Sal person? Why is that?" Farah said, "What is there to like about him? If I had the opportunity I would take him out." Tom thought, I just told her that she has four indictments for murder ~ yet she thinks that he is still alive.

That puzzled him a little and asked, "You would take him out, why is that?" Farah folded her hands as she sat back on her chair. Her knee was bouncing up and her hands were shaking. She bit one of her fingernails and said, "Because that fucking jerk comes to LA every month ~ and each month he wants to be with me and no matter how many times I tell him that I don't want to have sex with him ~ he just goes ahead and rapes me anyway ~ that's why special agent whoever you are." Tom wanted to pursue this rabbit trail a little farther, "Why do you mean by you let him rape you?

I don't understand why you let him rape you? Why wouldn't you call the police on him?" Farah said, "I don't want him too!

Don't be stupid Agent Murphy ~ but I'm one of those persons that just doesn't have a choice. You see Agent Murphy ~ he's a made guy in the mob for god's sakes. If you already know all this stuff ~ then why do I need to tell you all of this? Plus he has his own ~ thing ~ going on ~ he's a pretty well connected and a extremely scary and important guy." Tom said, "So, Sal isn't just an acquaintance then is he? You know him pretty well?" Farah said, "Yeah I know him well enough.

I mean he's left enough of his sperm inside of me and on my body over the last several years ~ I would say that I know him biblically. It's just like ~ not only does he take advantage of me ~ but ~ he's also like a huge pedophile. He doesn't care how young the girls are he'll fuck 'em no matter what their ages." Tears began well up in Farah's eyes out of nowhere.

One minute she was cold and calculating and now she looked like she was an emotional wreck. She sat in the chair and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, "That bastard rapes me every month. Every month he comes in to LA and he fucks me and sometimes there are other very young girls in the room with us at the same time.

Sometimes they are like not even ten years old. He tells the hotel desk clerks that we are his daughters ~ that fucking cocksucker." Tom was shocked.

This wasn't something he was expecting. He actually started to feel sorry for her and said, "Tell me the real reason why you allow him to abuse you and other younger girls? Why can't you protect yourself and the younger girls?" Farah blurted out, "Because ~ IF I DON'T ~ (then she whispered as she was shaking her head back and forth) if I don't Sal told me that he would kill my parents in front of me before he off's me.

That's why." Tom responded quickly, "Why would he threaten to kill your parents?" Farah's voice was still almost a silent whisper and in a dejected voice said, "Because I fucked up. I fucked up really bad Agent Murphy." Tom said, "So, how did that happen?" Farah said, "It turns out that I ended up owing about six grand to this man Adam McCormick.

(She pointed to Adams picture with her finger) The problem is if you owe Adam money then you also owe Sal money. You see Sal is his secret partner or should I say Adam is Sal's little bitch." Tom asked, "How did you put yourself in that kinda hole?" Farah said, "It was a couple of years back ~ the exact date I couldn't tell ya ~ but Adam called my boss Alicia Fischer of Corporate Partners and requested my companionship for a weekend in Vegas.

You see Corporate Partners that's the place where I work ~ okay ~ so ~ if you like know everything ~ then I'll just say it ~ I work as a high class escort. Adam is a member there and requested me to be his escort for the weekend in Vegas. When I heard he was going to take me to Vegas I brought my own bank roll to have some fun gambling but after a day or so Vegas got me and I eventually lost everything.

I knew that the Casino had given Adam a fifty thousand dollar marker. I used some of it but in the end I ended up losing another six grand on his marker.

Adam being the gentleman that he is ~ he paid the debt for me before we left but now my ass literally belonged to him." Tom said, "Six grand doesn't sound like a marker that you couldn't pay back especially when you are working at Corporate Partners. Why didn't you ask your parents for part of it or all of it?" Farah said, "I was too embarrassed to ask my parents. Besides working for Alicia doesn't mean that I have a date every night ~ sometimes I don't get a date for weeks. This is a specialized dating service with very important wealthy men ~ if you know what I mean?" Tom said, "So how much money did Adam have to pay to have you go to Vegas with him as his, eye candy let's say, it just sounds better than escort.

So, Farah how much money did he pay you?" Farah said, "For the whole weekend he got a reduced price of three thousand." Tom then pulled over a large bound transcript and went to a blue sticky that was on the end of one of the pages, "I have it on good authority that Adam knew your parents is that true?" Farah was shocked that he knew that little piece of information and said, "Yeah." Tom read a little more scanning with his finger and asked, "He and his wife are swingers just like your parents, isn't that correct?" Farah thought, 'holly fuck ~ how does this guy know about that ~ I mean not even some of my closest friends know that about my parents.' Then she looked up at Tom and said, "It's just another thing that I am not proud of in my life but the answer is yes to your question." Tom took a stab in the dark, "Have your parents and Adam and his wife ever ~ let's say ~ had a dinner party where they end up naked with you around?" Farah said, "Yes on more than one occasion.

Adam has been after me ever since I was a little girl." Tom said, "He was after you in what way?" Farah's bottom jaw began to shiver and tears once again welled up in her eyes, "He wanted me to do bad things with him ~ things that a grown man and an underage younger girl shouldn't be doing together ~ if you know what I mean?" Tom was shocked, "What are you talking about Farah?" Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic: Kristen was still enlightening her therapist Dr.

Spencer on how she and her girlfriend both seduced their fathers. We pick up her story as both fathers were in the middle of having sex with their underage daughters out in the woods after taking a break from horseback riding on the Foster's property. Kristen continued on with her story, "Then my father pulled out of Nicole's pussy and straddled her face and Nicole begged him, 'feed me your sperm Mr. Foster. That's so hot ~ it's so neat to see a man stroking his thing right over my face.

Stroke it and put it in my mouth and feed it all to me. I want to taste you so badly Mr.

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Foster.' My dad slipped just the tip of his penis in her mouth as he jerked his shaft and eventually erupted in her mouth. There was so much sperm that it began to escape around the sides of my father's penis that was stuck in her young mouth. Mr. Galloway watched what my daddy did to his daughter. He looked down into my eyes and said, 'can I do the same thing honey?' I just smiled like all my dreams were coming true and said, 'yes you can ~ I'm your little fuck toy Mike.' It was everything and more than I ever thought about, dreamt about and fantasized about Mr.

Galloway. But then like ~ Doctor Spencer when he pulled out of my penis sock I saw my stuff was like all over his long part of his cock ~ it just turned me on so much.

Then when he straddled my chest with his big muscle body and all ~ I was hooked. He could do anything he wanted to me. Then Mr. Galloway said, 'stick your tongue out honey I want to cum on your tongue.' Then he began to move his cock all over my face and then he moved his balls over my mouth and he said to me, 'come on fuck toy ~ suck my balls while I rub my cock all over your pre-teen face.' My father still had his video camera in his hand and he shot the whole thing.

It is by far one of the hottest things I ever did with a man so far. Then he moved his asshole over my tongue, 'Come on fuck toy ~ I want you to eat my man pussy.' I wasn't sure what he meant by that ~ but the tip of my tongue was going inside of his asshole and he was like ~ riding it ~ like I ride my daddy's dick. He kept jerking his cock and then he told me to open my mouth. He put the head deep in my mouth and he pumped my mouth fast and hard and he said, 'that's it fuck toy ~ let me fuck your mouth ~ I want to cum in your mouth honey.' Then without warning he filled my mouth up with his sperm.

Then Nicole came over to me and we kissed each other. We pushed our daddy's sperm back and forth between our mouths. Then my daddy told us to, 'swallow what we had in our mouths. Mr. Galloway then picked up Nicole and with the tip of his cock moved the sperm that was on her face into her mouth and told her, 'swallow every last drop. If you want to be a real woman you need to clean up your mess.' Then my dad sat over my face and pushed the collective cum inside of my mouth too, and said, 'this was by far the best time I've ever had with you ~ sweetie ~ thank you so much.' Once Nicole swallowed every last drop of the communal sperm she kissed her father on the mouth and said, 'you can do all of that and more with me from now on daddy.

I promise to be your fuck toy daddy.' Then Mr. Galloway stroked his cock and there was a small drop of sperm on the tip of his cock and Nicole made sure not one drop of her father's precious sperm was wasted. Nicole and I rolled on the blanket sharing both tastes of our father's sperm that was still on our tongues. My dad just kept the camera on us and said, 'isn't that the hottest thing you've ever seen Mike?' Then we got cleaned up and rode the horses back to the barn.

Nicole went home with her father the happiest little girl in the world and Mike was the happiest father in the world.

I was so proud of myself that I was able to create a new kinda love for them to share for the rest of their lives." Miles said, "How did it make you feel that you reconciled with your father after all that time?" Kristen said, "Well, like I told you earlier Doctor Spencer ~ I was just a stupid head to take it out on my dad. I should have told him why I was mad at him way long ago so that he could have apologized to me. Miles said, "Well, you got one of the father's that you wanted to have sex with.

Were you able to get Mr. Bowen to have sex with you too?" Kristen said, "Mr. Bowen was a lot simpler that I thought.


A few days after the experience with Nicole and Mr. Galloway my other friend Rebecca asked Nicole and me for a stay over at her house. It was like a few weeks before my birthday. When Nicole and I got to Rebecca's we immediately got up to her room. I noticed that it was just Rebecca and her father were the only ones home that night. Once we got settled in Rebecca told us that she went to the movies the night before with her boyfriend Austin and she let him finger her in the movie theatre.

Nicole was just like a balloon ready to pop and when Rebecca finished telling her story Nicole began to tell Rebecca about our little adventure in the woods with our father's and she didn't shut up for like an hour. Rebecca sat very still on her bed as Nicole went on and on about how her father and my father fucked her brains out. When Nicole finished her story Rebecca turned to me and said, 'She's joking right?' I just looked at her and said, 'Nicole remembered more stuff that I forgot about.' Rebecca looked at the both of us and said, 'why didn't you invite me?

I thought we were going to do all of this stuff together?' Nicole very sarcastically said, 'because you're all hung up on that little freshman boy of yours whose only in high school. We fuck real men.' Rebecca was really upset and said, 'well, how in the world am I gonna have fun with your daddies now huh? They aren't here now are they?' I sat next to Rebecca and said, 'Well, I think that we have my dad anytime we want him.

I think he's really hooked on this idea of fucking young girls like you Rebecca, and you Nicole and of course me too. Nicole's dad had so much fun that I think he's willing to play with us anytime we want him to. But if we can get your daddy Rebecca to play with us then we can do anything we want with any of our daddies ~ whenever ~ or where ever we want to. But we all have to agree that if we are able to get Rebecca's father to join in on our little fun then we can have sex with anybody's daddy anytime we want.

We all have to agree or we stop right here. We can't be jealous of one another okay?'" Miles said, "Okay, so you were the one who was laying down all the ground rules then? Well did the girls agree with you?" Kristen said, "Well, Nicole went first and she said, 'I like my daddy and me having sex together ~ but ~ it was ~ like way more cool ~ and way more like exciting ~ having Kristen's daddy's huge cock deep inside of my pussy. I really want to know what it's like to have your daddy's cock inside of me too Rebecca.' I agreed with everything that Nicole said and Rebecca looked at us like we were crazy.

I asked Rebecca where her little sister and her mother went. Because ~ like ~ our plan won't work ~ you know ~ if there are like ~ three, eleven and twelve year-old girls ~ are like naked ~ fooling around on her mother's bed with her husband ~ if her mother were to ~ like ~ you know ~ walk in on the four of us.

Rebecca told us that her mother and her sister went to Buffalo to visit her Aunt because she just had a baby boy and she was going to help her for a week or so. Now, that we all knew that Rebecca and her daddy was the only other person's in the house we knew we should try our plan right away. We sat and agreed on a plan and that Rebecca insisted the she was going to be the first to have sex with her daddy that weekend.

I mean it is only fair it is her daddy and all." Miles said, "So, you and your girlfriends wanted to really try and seduce Rebecca's father?" Kristen asked, "Seduce? What does that mean Doctor Spencer?" Miles said, "It is like, when you really like someone and you want them to really like you so you kinda play tricks on them to get them to notice you ~ in this case to have sex with you and your girlfriends." Kristen said, "Then yeah we sure were trying to make Rebecca's father like us or seduce her father." Miles was quickly jotting down on his pad of paper, 'only by the innocence of her age she truly had no idea that she was using her body as a sexual weapon to gain whatever she wanted.' Then Miles asked, "So, can you tell me what the plan was?" Kristen said, "Well, I had this whole thing planned on just like wearing all kinds of tight clothes and trying to touch Rebecca's father and like tickle and wrestle around with him and then get Rebecca to like join in ~ but ~ out of nowhere Nicole surprised us all.

She ran over to her backpack and pulled out what looked like small balls of neon colored strings.

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She turned and smiled and said, 'hey guys I've got a surprise for all of us. I was rummaging through my mommy's drawers looking to see if she had any toys or vibrators we could use this weekend when I came across these three bathing suits.' Rebecca went over and took the small ball of stings from her hand and said, 'what are you talking about this is just neon colored strings ~ these aren't bathing suits.' Then Nicole pulled out one of the bright orange strings and then held it up for us to see.

'These are the bathing suits my mom used to wear when she did those calendar photo shoots before I was born.' You see Doctor Spencer Nicole's mother wasn't like a famous model but she was like a model for like catalogs and all. Anyway the bathing suits were just a very small triangles that just like barely ~ like covered your nipples ~ and then like a itty-bitty rectangle patch that didn't even really cover ~ you know your privates down here ~ then the string part it like didn't even cover your butt hole at all.'" Miles said, "Did you actually put them on?" Kristen said, "Yeah we sure did.

It seemed like after that day that Nicole and I spent together with our father's out in the woods ~ sorta like ~ made her come out of her eggshell." Miles said, "Did you mean she was coming out of her shell?" Kristen said, "Yeah ~ Yeah ~ Yeah that sounds right ~ I guess so.

As we were tying each other's bottoms and tops for each other Nicole noticed that Rebecca had some blonde peach fuzz around her pussy. Nicole didn't even hesitate she just put her hand right between Rebecca's legs and began to rub her and said, 'I've got it. I see my mom shaving her pussy so it looks nice and smooth like mine and like Kristen's. Rebecca what if we could get your father to help you to be just like us?'" Miles actually moved to the edge of the seat, "Now how exactly did you try to seduce Rebecca's father." Kristen said, "Well we talked for a couple of minutes about what we were going to do.

I was to start things off. So, I ran out of Rebecca's bedroom to the top of the stairs in my string bikini and yelled down for Rebecca's father. I began to yell, 'Mr. Bowen, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Bowen come quick Rebecca needs your help right away. She's in the bathroom and she crying ~ something is really, really wrong.' Mr.

Bowen was at the top of the stairs by the time I finished yelling for him. He stopped and looked at me in my bathing suit and he grabbed my hand, 'what's the matter Kristen?' I was being dragged into Rebecca's bedroom and said, "Rebecca's in the bathroom and she's scared.'" Miles asked, "So, your plan was to get him to Rebecca's bathroom for what reason?" Kristen said, "Nicole's plan ~ my plan probably wouldn't have worked but Nicole's plan was just like absolute pure genius.

When Mr. Bowen and I burst into Rebecca's bathroom she was sitting naked on the back of the bathtub. Rebecca had her legs spread wide open with shaving cream lightly dabbled around her pussy. Rebecca was holding her father's razor in her hand she was shaking it pretending that she was nervous or something. When Mr. Bowen saw his daughter sitting their completely naked he turned around and yelled, 'Rebecca, what the hell are you doing ~ honey ~ put that razor down right now.' Then he looked over at Nicole wearing a bright green g-string bikini and I was wearing the bright orange g-string and he said, 'what the hell are you girls doing up here anyway?' Nicole and I grabbed both of his hands and pulled them between each of our legs.

Then we closed our thighs really tight around his fingers and Nicole said, 'Mr. Bowen can you feel how smooth my pussy is?' Then I followed and grabbed his soft hand and said, 'yeah Mr. Bowen can you feel how smooth and wet my pussy is?' my fantasy was coming true.

Mr. Bowen is so handsome for a man that is in his mid thirties. Mr. Bowen was trying to pull his hands away from between our legs but he couldn't and said, 'come on girls this is not a joke. Now, let my hands go and Rebecca you get cleaned up and you two change out of those string things you've got on before I call your parents.' Then I took my hand and helped Mr. Bowen put his finger inside of my pussy and I said, 'You've never answered me Mr.

Bowen, can you feel how smooth I am too? Mr. Bowen I don't understand for some strange reason I am really wet in my naughty place, can you feel that?' He was acting all tough and mean on the outside like any parent ~I guess ~ would do.

But on the inside I think he really liked what he saw with his daughter. You see Doctor Spencer he was gently moving his finger in a circular motions inside of me. Mr. Bowen was really trying to get his hands free but couldn't and finally he just gave up and said, 'yes Kristen I can feel how wet your naughty place is, are you happy now?

And Nicole I can feel how smooth your vagina is and how wet you are too. Now, girls what is this all about? And why are you all of practically naked?' Rebecca pretended that she was all upset and nervous and said, 'daddy I really need help here!

Will you turn around and look at me please?' We didn't let his hands free because we really wanted to keep him inside the bathroom. It was really important for our plan to keep Rebecca's father inside the bathroom. Nicole and I just sorta shuffled our feet and turned him around so he could see his daughter Rebecca still sitting there with her legs wide open.

Rebecca was still holding the razor and her hand shaking it so it looked like she was nervous and all then she said, 'daddy will you help me shave my pussy please?

My pussy isn't smooth anymore like Nicole's and Kristen's. Daddy ~ I don't want to be a freak ~ daddy. I seen mommy shaving hers all the time ~ she told me you like her to shave it because it reminds you of when she was a young girl ~ just like me daddy. A very young girl ~ just like me daddy (she tilted her head to the side and put her forefinger into her mouth like this, Kristen mimicked what Rebecca did.) right daddy? Please daddy will you show me how to make sure I don't cut my pussy off.

I would ask mommy but she's in Buffalo right now and Nicole and Kristen don't know how because they don't have any peach fuzz like me.

Pleeeeeeaaaaassssssseee!' Mr. Bowen said, 'your girlfriends need to let go of my hands and I promise I will help you.'" Miles said, "So, were you able to keep Mr.

Bowen in the bathroom?" Kristen said, "Oh yeah ~ when he looked around at three naked young girls like us ~ he wasn't going anywhere ~ especially when Nicole allowed his hand slip out of her legs. She quickly fell down to her knees in front of Mr. Bowen and her hands pulled his sweat pants down around his ankles ~ then her right hand traced the outline of Mr.

Bowen's hard penis and Nicole, said, 'Oh my god would you look at this big thing is? Oh ~ my ~ gosh ~ guys ~ would you look at how hard your daddy's thing is? Oh my god Mr. Bowen you really like seeing us naked don't you ~ especially your own daughter don't you? Look at that tiny pink pussy between all that white shaving cream. Mr. Bowen your daughter looks hot doesn't she?' I was the one who was jealous I wanted him all to myself but the only way that was ever going to happen was to let Nicole's plan go forward……… Meanwhile back at FBI offices in Albuquerque: Special Agent Tom Murphy was questioning Farah Johansson about her involvement or lack of involvement in the Salvatore Palandolpho assassination.

She is currently speaking on her home life and her connection with Adam McCormick. Farah said, "One evening everyone was partying pretty hard at my home. Adam and his wife and a couple of other people were too drunk to go home that night so they all stayed over at my house. Sometime in the very wee hours of the morning Adam snuck into my bedroom" (Farah went silent and her head fell between her hands as she began to sob out loud.) Then she finally looked back up at Tom and said, "He made me do things to him ~ he made me touch his penis with my hands at first ~ then he made me put in my mouth until he finished." Tom said, "I am so sorry that he did that to you Farah, I really am.

No little girl should have to endure anything like that. I am also sorry that Sal arranged to have prepubescent girls in bed with you and you had to have sex with them. That must have been devastating to you ~ you being raped as a young girl with no options and then watching other younger girls being raped right in front of your eyes. You've seen and done things at such a young age I can only imagine how bad things were for you.

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Did you ever tell your parents about what happened?" Farah said, "No, Adam told me that he would hurt my mom and dad? Just like Sal did." Tom went on with this, "Did you ever have sexual intercourse with Adam before you turned eighteen?" Farah let out a small whimper, "Yes that's what I just told you. It was after we first moved from Sweden to America. I was just fifteen when we moved here permanently and this happened when I was sixteen." Tom began writing, "Well Farah we will be seeking justice for you because the statute of limitations is still in play here and he will be punished for his crimes, I promise you that." Farah said, "Will it matter that he had sex with me numerous times while my parents were in the same room taking pictures and video-taping it all?" Tom was still shocked by her new enlightenment, "You know that I would have to charge your parents with child endangerment charges and more than likely will have to go to jail.

How old were you Farah when this first happened? Where you still a virgin when Adam took you for the first time?" Farah said, "I was almost sixteen I was still in high school when this happened with Adam but he didn't take my virginity. A freshman boy in my high school had that honor. My father found out and got very upset with me. He told me that Adam having sex with me was my punishment for allowing that boy taking my virginity, he told me 'if I was going to be acting like a whore then I should be treated like a whore' and one night I was treated like whore." Tom said, "Farah these are serious accusations and will land your father in deep water plus Adam." Farah jumped back in and said, "Well what about the other three men that night?" Tom said, "What other three men?

Farah you need to be more specific." Farah said, "This happened on a Wednesday night it was my father's poker night and all the men including my father played a different game that night called poke ~ her ~ poke all of her holes until the men were all satisfied." Tom shook his head, "Farah I am so sorry that your father did this to you and I promise that I will personally see to it that you get justice for what happened to you. But we are going down the wrong path here and I will return to these questions later but for now, did Adam or Sal give you a chance to pay them back or work for them so you could pay back the money?" Farah was wiping the tears from her eyes and cheeks with the tissues that were brought in from one of the other Agents.

When Farah felt ready again she said, "Adam told me that I could work off my debt as one of his VIP girls at his club but I didn't feel like being groped by wannabe rappers and c-rated movie stars.

So, he made a deal with Alicia that part of the monies that I earned would come back to him. Alicia apparently told him that I had no bookings for several weeks so he was going to have to wait for money from me. Adam then came up with a different solution for me to pay back the money I owed him." Tom said, "So what was the solution to the money problem?" Farah said, "All I had to do was take a short trip to Bakersfield and drop off some merchandise and bring back the money several times and he would forgive the debt.

I had an idea after the first couple of times that I was transporting drugs. Each time it became easier but on my last trip back I had the money in a bag inside of a small lockbox under the passenger seat of my car.

I stopped off at one of the Flying 'J' rest stops on Interstate 5 to use the bathroom and got something to eat and when I came back out my car and obviously the money were gone." Tom said, "Did you report the car stolen and how much money was in the small lock box?" Farah said, "I called Adam first and told him that the car was stolen with the money inside and he told me to stay put and he would send someone out to me.

After I hung up the phone I realized that I was getting in way over my head plus the car was my mother's old 325 BMW convertible. So, I called the police and reported it stolen." Tom said, "What happened next?" Farah said, "The police came and took my statement.

They asked me if I needed a ride back to the police barracks so I could get a ride. I told them that I had someone on the way and should be here in an hour or so. To my surprise they found my car on the side of a road not too far from the rest stop a couple of hours later.

I was still waiting for my ride but the patrolman came back and got me and asked me to make sure nothing else was taken. I of course looked in and around the car but the lockbox was gone. Nothing else was taken so he told me that I was free to go but that I should expect a call from the Bakersfield detectives who would be handling the case." Tom said, "So what happened with Adam." Farah said, "Well, it wasn't his money it was Sal Palandolpho's money. Adam covered me again but now he really owned my ass now.

I was going to have to be his ~ I guess the best way to say it is ~ his slave from then on. The only problem was Sal found out about what happened and the next time he came out to LA he told me that I had to pay back the money to him not to Adam.

He told me that I was going to work it off in the bedroom with him and he was going to take 50% of my net from being an escort. In other words I was never going to be able to pay him back his money because I now belonged to him and I was going to have to do anything he wanted me to do." Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic: Kristen was describing how she and her two girlfriends Nicole and Rebecca were attempting to seduce Mr.

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Bowen Rebecca's father. We pick up her story in the bathroom with all three girls in the nude and Mr. Bowen being asked to shave his twelve-year-old vagina. Kristen said, "Mr. Bowen's cock wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be but I really didn't care. This was something that I fantasized about for such a long time.

Then Nicole looked back a Rebecca and she had a big smile on her face and she was bouncing up and down on her knees clapping her hands together like one of those monkey toys that have the cymbals clanging together and she said, 'can I suck your daddy's cock Rebecca?' then not waiting for an answer she looked up at Mr. Bowen and asked, 'Mr. Bowen I want to feel your cock inside my mouth.

Can I suck you for a little bit, please?' Rebecca said, 'you can suck him only if he comes over here and shaves my pussy.' Nicole didn't wait for anyone to tell her yes or no she just put it in her mouth.' Miles knew she was on a roll and interrupting her and changing her train of thought could make her miss some details but this whole scenario was orchestrated by her.

In her mind she thinks that she was eleven years old but for Miles this type of pathology is just unbelievable that three girls of this age would be willing to stage something like this.

Miles concern was that she is living in her own fantasy world and that perhaps that is why she is trapped in her catatonic state. He knew if he confronted her right now he might be able to snap her back to reality.

He knew that if she wasn't upset by the betrayal of Nicole or Rebecca that this could be a fantasy and he asked, "Sorry to interrupt you Kristen but wasn't your plan to get Mr. Bowen to have sex with Rebecca first? You said that Rebecca wanted to be the first with her father didn't that upset you or Rebecca?" Then uncharacteristically her eyes squinted and she pointed her finger at Miles her face contorted like she was upset and said, "That little BITCH Nicole.

I could have killed her. I worked my ass off to try and pull off fucking both of Rebecca's and Nicole's dads and everything was going to plan. All Nicole had to do was let Mr. Bowen touch his daughter then we all could have made him do anything we wanted with him to do for as long as we wanted him to." Miles sat back in his chair jotting down notes of her demeanor and asked, "So, why do you think Nicole would betray you like this?

I mean you were the one that introduced her to having sex for the first time, sex with her own father and your father as well." Kristen chuckled at him, "That little bitch!

I had no idea that I created a sex monster. See, after her father and my father fucked her that out day in the woods ~ she turned into such a sex maniac. I mean she told me she spent the next week sucking and fucking her father's cock every chance she got.

It didn't help that Mr. Galloway wanted to do it as much as her. He kept calling my father asking if we all could go horseback riding together every day. I had no idea that Mr.

Galloway and Nicole had all these secret feelings about each other stuffed deep down inside of them just waiting to like explode out like that. But now my plan with Rebecca's father was really close to falling apart because Nicole was sucking his cock. Mr. Bowen could have just gotten really scared by it and walk out on us. He was supposed to touch and then fuck Rebecca first and then Nicole and then me. We were supposed to join in after he shaved her.

Then that's when Mr. Bowen said that he had to go pee. That it is when my brain just knew exactly what to do next to trap him once and for all." Miles kept jotting his notes down that here were three girls between eleven and twelve-years-old that all fantasized about not only being with older boys but took it a level that is well beyond a normal level by including their fathers.

Miles theory of a child being a seductress was building higher and higher now off of its foundation with this particular story. He just hoped it wasn't fantasy but truth. The only way for him to find out is to help her come out of her catatonic state and then confront each parent for validity.

Miles was real curious as to see if she could twist her fantasy or was this story a form of the truth or was she actually telling it from actual memory, "How did Mr. Bowen having to go pee save your fantasy so that you could trap him?" "Come with me Doctor Spencer and let me show you." A big smile crossed her face and she stood she reached her hand out for Miles' hand and pulled him from his large leather chair.

She began to lead him to his private bathroom in his office. As she gently guided her therapist across the room she looked back at Miles and said, "I remembered what my father and I did when we went to Disney World on the airplane." Miles knew what she was talking about but each regression is unique unto itself. She wouldn't have remembered anything that she would have told him in a previous regression over the past few months and he very innocently asked, "What happened on what airplane, Kristen?

And when did you go to Disney World with your parents?" Kristen seemed to be floating on air as she walked on the balls of her feet.

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Miles was generally getting aroused by her flirtyness and she turned with the cutest little smile and said, "Don't be upset with me Doc, just do as I ask you. I think that you will understand better if I can show you." When they got to the bathroom entrance she turned and took Miles pad of paper and pen from his other hand and put them on the floor, "You won't be needing those Doc I am sure you are going to remember this." She then bent forward and grabbed the hem of her dress and then pulled it up over her head.

Her smallish opal shaded breasts immediately came into view. Her tiny pink areolas and nipples were nice and erect. She then hooked her thumbs into the string part of her thong and then pushed her thong down around her ankles. Completely naked she pulled Miles into the bathroom with her and as he stood in the doorway she came up close to him and reached out for the door handle and pushed the door shut, "See just like on the airplane on the way to Disney World.

The only difference was I wasn't allowed to wear underwear a few years ago when we went to Disney World. You see my father wanted to start having sex with me but he couldn't at home for some reason, my mommy told me that.

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She told me that my daddy wanted me to feel special and he wanted me to always remember the first time he put his thing inside of me. I was already fooling around and having sex with other people in my family Doctor Spencer and I knew that one day my daddy was going to ask me. I just didn't know when that day was going to happen if you know what I mean? But sex with my daddy started on the airplane on the way to Disney World." She closed the lid to the toilet and stood on top of it.

"So, I remembered what my daddy did to me in that airplane bathroom and how that was when I started having sex with one of the hottest men I know. But now I had Mr. Bowen with his pants down around his ankles and I was practically naked.

I felt that if I could do the same thing with Mr. Bowen that I did with my daddy in the airplane bathroom then I could turn him to be just mine after that day." Miles asked, "So, how did you know that you would be able to keep Mr.

Bowen? I mean he had his own daughter naked in the bathroom with you how would know he would just be yours?" Kristen just smiled at her therapist as she undid Miles' pants and they just fell to the floor. She then looked down and saw that Mile's penis was hard and pressed hard against his body because of this tighty-whitey's. She began to caress his cock and she looked into his eyes, "You see Doc this is how I know you'll be mine anytime I want you.

You're looking at me the same way that my father looked at me on the airplane a few years ago and the same way that Mr. Bowen looked at me when I took the string bikini off and then sat on the toilet just like this and spread my legs for him." She leaned forward and pulled Miles' underwear down to his ankles that came to rest on his pants.

I leaned back just like this and when I was on the airplane my father told me that he was going to piss on my face and in my mouth and all over my body.

He even knelt between my legs and put the tip of his penis inside of my vagina and pissed deep inside of my fuck hole all the way up to my stomach. I knew how close that, that made me feel to my father and I wanted to make Mr. Bowen feel the same way." I moved forward just like this and took hold of his wet but warm cock because of Nicole sucking him in my hand and looked deep into his big brown eyes then I opened my mouth just like this and took all six inches of him into my mouth and then down my throat." Kristen had Mile's cock deep inside of her mouth he could feel her lips at the base of his cock.

This wasn't the first time she sucked him like this but he couldn't believe that she had the ability to swallow his cock, "So, Kristen did you make him piss on you or did you just give him a blowjob?" Kristen regurgitated his cock from her throat and looked up at him and said, "No blowjob, when his cock came out of my mouth Rebecca and Nicole moved over to either side of Mr. Bowen and watched as he looked at me and said, 'you really want me to pee on your face?' I looked up at Mr.

Bowen and then at Rebecca and said, 'Rebecca why don't you take your father's cock and aim it so his piss so it goes on my face and in my mouth.'" Miles stood in front of his patient with his pants down around his ankles as she lifted the toilet lid and sat on the toilet seat with her knees up around her shoulders exposing her privates to him as he stroked his hard member right in front of her, "So did it happen?

Did Mr. Bowen piss on you like your father did?" Kristen said, "Oh yeah he sure did. He let out a strong stream that splashed off of my face and hit Nicole on the face and Rebecca on the belly. I opened my mouth like this and stuck my tongue out just like I do when my Pap-pap wants to shoot his white-pee inside of my mouth.

Rebecca pointed her father's cock right at my mouth and he filled it up. When his first stream stopped I looked up at him and told him to put the tip of his penis inside of my pussy like my father does." Miles stroking actually brought on the sensation and he let out a stream of urine and he hit Kristen directly on the face. There was no reprisal from Kristen as she opened her mouth and let him piss inside of her mouth, "Holy shit Kristen that is so fucking hot." Kristen said, "Stop pissing and drop down to your knees and piss inside my pussy Doctor Spencer just like my daddy did and the same way Rebecca's father did that day." Miles didn't need any other encouragement from this tiny vixen he dropped to his knees and just like his two predecessors in this scenario he pushed his cock between her legs and let his urine flow.

He looked into her eyes and made some sort of connection that he had never made with any other woman before and said, "Whew the feeling is amazing. I can feel my piss all around my cock. It feels so hot and wet." Kristen smiled and looked into her therapist's eyes, "See now I have you too. I saw the way you looked at me you could feel what I wanted to say in my eyes didn't you?

That's how I knew how I had Mr. Bowen and Mr. Galloway they both looked at me the same way you just did." Miles then pulled out of her and his urine began to drip from her vagina into to the toilet.

Then when he backed away she pushed and then a large stream of his urine exited her, "That's the coolest part of doing it that way it makes me feel like I'm going to the bathroom……&hellip." End of Chapter 13 Thank you for taking the time to read the sick demented things that shoot thru my brain.

Come back for the conclusion of Kristen's therapy session with Miles. There is more that happens with Mr.

Bowen and the girls. There is a lot more in the upcoming chapters. The sexual escapades continue. Once again I am trying to become a better writer so if you like the story please leave a nice comment.