Very cute teen getting facialized

Very cute teen getting facialized
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As an old Army Sergeant once said, "There are no bad looking women; just some better than others." And then there's Goddess BAR. Beverly Ann Rakoski, aka Goddess BAR, is a California goddess principally associated with love, passion and sexual arousal. The name Rakoski is of Polish origin meaning whip or lash, but when combined as whiplash the word aptly describes most men's condition after a passing of Goddess BAR. Beverly Finds a Keeper "Well, as the old saying goes, if the mountain won't come to Mohamed." There, in his cube, in front of his desk stood the hottest T&A in the entire 20 story building.

At 5'4" and 120 pounds she had everything going for her, and she knew it. Nothing was overlooked. She obviously maintained the advantages of a youthful appearance yet possessed the mature look of a woman. Everything on her perfectly accented the package contained within. This was a woman, as his old Army sergeant used to say, worth crawling through twenty miles of barbed wire just to hear her fart in a canteen cup.

Jack had been staring at her for a week and looked away every time she looked back. "Mohamed will come to the mountain." Jack fought off the temptation to focus his attention solely on the taut nipples so evident beneath the shear blouse and obviously flimsy bra.

Instead, he looked for the first time into the most hypnotic blue eyes he had ever seen and, as was his fear, found himself speechless. Beverly just recently returned from Seattle, WA had been back on her job with the company for just over a week. Not much had changed in her absence with one big exception. This guy, tall, athletically built and to date aloof to his fellow co-workers, was driving her crazy. She had caught him on several occasions eyeballing her as if interested but when she'd attempt to make return eye contact he'd bury his head back in his papers.

Though not a rejection, Beverly did feel challenged. "Hi, I'm Beverly Rakoski," she smiled extending her hand before sitting down and making herself comfortable. "You don't mind if I interrupt you for a few minutes, do you?" "I'm Jack McGill and, please, be my guest," he somehow managed to say. "Can I help you with something?" "For one thing, you could stop making the rest of us look bad," she warmly smiled while crossing her seemingly long legs in a teasing fashion. Not satisfied she had achieved the desired effect she then uncrossed her legs giving Jack a clear shot of the neatly bound prize between her legs.

The fit of her slacks were not so tight as to reveal the crevice within but taut enough to capture the sinew of the surrounding muscles. "And take a break once in a while." "I take breaks." "I mean other than to ogle the poor, na? innocent women around you," she joking said pointing her head towards her desk in clear view across the way. "I've caught you looking." "Guilty as charged," Jack admitted while turning a crimson red and knowing better than try to lie.

"The landscape has definitely improved around here this week." "Well, I for one am glad you think so," she now seemed to somewhat blush. "I'd hate to think I went to all this trouble for nothing." "I doubt you need to go to any trouble," Jack spoke now taking his time to completely survey the living doll seated just across from him.

"But I do appreciate the effort." "Flattery, my man, will get you everywhere," she winked before changing the subject. "I just started back and you're most definitely a new face around here." "Nothing permanent," Jack revealed. "I'm on loan from Amarillo to help with the proposal effort." "Not with an accent like that, you're not." "Well, throw in seven years in Tennessee before that." "I'll buy that," she acknowledged while uncrossing and re-crossing her legs.

"This your first time to LA?" "I've been back and forth over the past six weeks." "So, what d'ya think?" "I work. I run. I eat," Jack shrugged being forced to disclose his non-existent life. "And sleep. What can I say?" "You mean to tell me you've been here in LA for six weeks and haven't done a thing?" she mocked and then stood up as if to go. "I don't believe you." "I'm sorry to disappoint you," Jack shrugged realizing at the same time his newly found fantasy was about to walk away.

"What can I say?" "You need to get out and have a drink or something," she again winked and then disappeared around the wall of Jack's cubicle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Well, I'm ready for that drink." Jack surprised himself having worked up the courage to approach the beauty that had so ruined his afternoon's concentration.

"That is if you're buying." "I guess you're outa luck," she frowned looking up into his eyes. "I'm broke and my ride leaves in ten minutes." "Then, I'm here on the company's money anyways. We'll just let them pay for it." Jack had to think fast before she got away again.

"And I can take you home afterwards." "You don't even know where I live." "What better way to find out," he quickly countered and gave Beverly his best grin. "That way I'll know where to pick you up tomorrow." "Slow down, Cowboy," she said gathering her purse and then standing.

"We haven't even had that drink yet." So the best night of Jack's life had begun. Traveling with his boss, Jack had no car but the Avis rental just across the street from the hotel solved the only problem to present itself.

Beverly then directed him to one drinking hole after another, both of them drinking like there was no tomorrow. Neither, however, felt drunk. "Excuse me," Beverly rose from the booth nodding her head towards the restrooms. "I'll be back shortly." Jack had surprised himself to this point having stepped out of character as he managed to hold his own in conversation with the woman to him was a fantasy come true.

He applauded himself while staring at her ass as she sashayed away from the table. They knew nothing really about the other but Jack was positive he was in love. She had it all; looks, a knock out body and a personality that wouldn't quit. What had pathetic, plain old Jack done to deserve such attention from the gods? "You looked like you needed that," Beverly whispered in his ear as she withdrew from the deep, soul searching kiss meant to disrupt Jack's obvious trance like state.

"I didn't know it was so obvious," Jack responded not knowing whether to be embarrassed or flattered, or both. "But anytime you think I need it, feel free to deliver." "I'm beginning to think you're too easy," she smiled and grabbed her purse at the same time.

"Come on. I gotta eat or I'll end up passing out on you. And I don't think you want that, do you?" She mentioned some favorite spot in South Bay and directed him there. Beverly feasted on a steak and baked potato while Jack ate what he could not recall thirty seconds after his plates were removed. An after dinner drink and they were back bar hopping what he soon learned were her teenage stomping grounds.

Still not finding himself drunk, Jack further surprised himself by agreeing to dance to the local house bands. Something he'd never done. All good things must come to an end and, to Jack's chagrin, closing time came far too soon.

"You know, we really shouldn't be doing this," Beverly lightly stated positioning herself under his arm once inside the car and then pulling his hand down to tit level so he could touch the most wonderful boobs he'd ever seen. "The company frowns on co-workers dating. You know that, don't you?" "Not to worry," Jack answered without thinking, fully distracted by the opportunity in his hand.

"I'm not going to be around long enough for the company to find out." "Did you just fall off some turnip truck, or what?" "What d'ya mean?" "You're an idiot." Idiot or not, she remained in place and did nothing to stop Jack's groping of her tit as they drove along.

Still ignorant of what he'd said or done Jack did his best to concentrate on his driving while wondering at the same time if Beverly would get offended if he moved his hand beneath her clothing. "I wish someone knew," she mused nibbling on Jack's earlobe while at the same time rubbing the inside of his thigh with her long sculptured fingers.

"Of some quaint little bar where we could finish the night off." "This is your town, not mine." "And all the places I know are closed." "Well, I do know of one place," Jack offered after a long silence. "If you're game." "I'll try anything once." Jack was at a crossroads, literally. He could continue on Pacific Coast Highway to his hotel room or turn in the direction of the I-5 to take his fantasy home. The decision, if left to him, was simple, but how far could he go before he would cross some invisible line and ruin the whole night.

After all, a tit in hand is better than a slap in the face. Still, she'd left the door open. Jack kept the car heading north and pulled into an all night grocery.

"What kinda bar is this?" "It's not," Jack admitted unable to think of anything cute to say and got out of the car. "The bar I have in mind needs to be stocked. You coming?" Beverly, not knowing what else to do, slid across the front seat and exited the car from the driver's seat.

Without further words Jack took her hand, led her into the store and to the wine aisle. At some point in the evening past Beverly had shifted from gin and tonic to Chablis and, knowing absolutely nothing about wine, Jack picked out the most expensive whose name he couldn't say in the cooler.

"Hey, Cowboy." Beverly remained standing, hands on hips when Jack began to walk off. Having gotten his attention she then pulled a cork screw from another display near the cooler and tossed it to him.

"I'll bet your quaint little bar is gonna need one of these." "How would you know that?" Jack mumbled with embarrassment while almost muffing the catch of the cork screw. Two o'clock in the morning.

He didn't know what he was doing. How could she? They paid for the wine and returned to the car. Beverly slid into the front seat the way she had exited, from the driver's side, and stopped in the middle. Jack followed but unlike last time she did not take his arm around her shoulder let alone pull his hand down to her tit.

They silently drove to the hotel, parked the car and entered through the side, guest only door at the bottom of the tower. "Hold on a second," Beverly challenged more than said as they stood waiting for an elevator. "I've never been to a man's hotel room before." "Trust me, everything's on the up and up," Jack innocently stated with all honesty.

"This is just the quaint little bar you wanted." "Maybe a touch more quaint than I intended," she smiled in a trusting fashion taking Jack by the hand to enter the elevator. "What floor, Cowboy?" "Five." This magical night was definitely a first for Jack and his intentions, while maybe not purely honorable, did not include any cause for his date, his fantasy, any concern.

They had just met. The elevator door opened and, this time, Jack took the lead. "Your table awaits, Madame." Jack clumsily tried to imitate a waiter while opening the door to his room.

"May I suggest the cozy little spot over there by the window?" Beverly took claim of the indicated sofa while Jack disappeared into the bathroom to open the wine. After struggling with the cork screw for what seemed forever he finally joined her with two hotel glasses three quarters full of wine. "What," Beverly questioned her host while nodding towards the room radio. "No music?" "The band was on break." Jack caught himself halfway between standing and sitting next to his dream.

"Any requests, ma'am?" "Yeah," she sternly stated leaning towards the radio to position the dial. "Don't call me ma'am." Jack sat down next to her and without waiting placed his arm around her shoulders. As if her reflexes were being tested Beverly automatically reached up with her free arm to pull Jack's hand down toward her boob. Somewhere in the background the music was playing but Jack's mind was at the end of his fingertips.

If nothing else was to happen he determined then and there that he would get beneath the blouse and the bra to touch the real thing before the night was over. "You know," she whispered breaking his grasp while turning around on the sofa to look into his face. "You're not tuning a TV there." "You know they're perfect, don't you?" Jack stumbled to say not realizing the dim light from outside did nothing to reveal how red his face had turned.

"And now I know what I want to be in my next life." "And what's that got to do with the price of rice in China?" "I want to come back as your bra." "Idiot." The idiot pulled her face to his, their mouths met momentarily in a pucker and then opened to the others tongue darting in, out and around each others oral cavity. This kiss was even better than at the restaurant as this time Jack, not caught off guard, fully participated.

Jack found enough coordination to rub Beverly's back with one hand while supporting her weight with his other arm. No need for prompting now, Jack's hand went of its own accord in search of those magnificent boobs. Her kiss seemed to intensify as Jack's hand found its target, then slid to feel the soft cleavage revealed by the center of her blouse, then down across her midriff to sneak up inside the blouse to the bra, and finally moved again to her back in search of the release.

"It's in the front," Beverly pulled away and to Jack's anguish stood up. "I'll take care of it." "You ass hole," Jack muttered to himself as she then disappeared into the bathroom. "That's the closest you'll ever get to perfection and you blew it." "Shut the drapes," Beverly ordered minutes later after cracking open the bathroom door. Jack did as told and turned to see the answer to all his prayers, and more.

"I know cowboys wanna die with their boots on," she teased sliding in under the sheets and blanket of his hotel bed. "But you're not getting in bed with me like that." Jack, embarrassed again, did as she indicated. He discarded his clothes and slid in under the covers beside his newfound goddess. No woman had ever been so bold and he knew he was way out of his league.

He had hoped to cop a feel of her tit before the night was over and now the whole package was being presented without any provocation on his part. In all likelihood, this was a one time opportunity for the fuck of his life and he better start acting like he'd been there before. Beverly snuggled in towards Jack's body and he naturally put his arms around her and pulled her against both him and his now rock hard cock.

He felt as if his balls would explode at her slightest movement but hungrily accepted her mouth on his without accident. Her skin wherever touched was like satin and taut to the delicate frame it housed except where he could tell without benefit of his hands the part that bore against his chest. He took his time wanting this moment to last a lifetime. Her ass cheeks felt even firmer than they looked in skin tight jeans. Finally, his hand cradled a boob and he was rewarded by a soft murmur from Beverly's throat.

She broke off the kiss now really needing to restore her breath while Jack wasted little time in diving his head beneath the sheets to begin manipulating those teasing nipples with his tongue. Again, the thought occurred to Jack that this dream or whatever was happening was probably a one night happening.

In uncharted water for him, his right hand traced south across her stomach and while lapping away at her tits his fingers searched for the watering hole he so desperately hoped to find. Though he'd noted some degree of pubic hair none challenged his attempt to probe within the depths of her pussy. Her body grew rigid and pushed back against his prying hand. His mind was in a daze just barely keeping up with his tongue and his fingers at the same time.

He now gently sucked an entire nipple into his mouth while his finger slid from her now dripping hole up her slit to her clit. He then added a second finger to assist the effort skidding both from hole to clit over and over. Her body buckled, moans poured forth from her mouth and then her body uncontrollably spasmed pushing her pussy harder and harder against Jack's hand.

For the first time since she walked into his cubicle the afternoon before Jack knew he was in control. He could fuck her now and be done or go where no Jack had ever gone before. His tongue found itself tracing down the same path as his hand had before while at the same time he tried to continue gently massaging all areas between her legs.

At a certain point the hand had to be repositioned to support his weight. He licked the borders of her cunt hair and down along the insides of her thigh. Returning to the pussy area he now dared let his tongue dart inside her love canal.

For someone who'd never tasted pussy before and had a weak stomach to boot, he was more than pleasantly surprised to discover he liked eating pussy. His tongue could only go so far inside so, just like his fingers, it went in search of her clit. He could feel her body tensing again when he repositioned himself between her legs, cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and dove in against her clit sucking it into his mouth the same as he had done with her nipples before.

Beverly's hands clasped Jack from behind his head and simultaneously held him in place while driving her muff into his face. Her body shivered all over as he sucked and lapped away as best he could under the constraints. "Oh, my God. Do me now!" Her arms dropped and Jack rose from beneath the sheets up on his knees ready to position himself to dive into heaven. Her eyes were shut and head slowing shaking back and forth while quiet little murmurs escaped from her mouth.

He ever so carefully leaned into her body and placed the head of his cock against the awaiting target hodling himself above her chest so as to continue watching her facial reaction to the onslaught of her body.

Though more than sufficiently lubed by her own juices, her opening still resisted the first attempts at penetration by Jack's dick. As he continued the pressure her pussy lips little by little parted and finally the head was in.

Then, all of a sudden, her pussy seemed to grasp him and pulled his dick deep within her most sacred area. Unable to control his own reactions any longer Jack only hesitated to ease himself down on her chest and began to pulse his manhood into her wanting hole.

He began slowly but found himself increasing both the speed and depth of his penetration with every stroke. Amazingly, he could feel the head of his dick striking against some internal organ or something at the height of each stroke that made holding back his own orgasm next to impossible.

He jammed his cock in as far as he could then held firm as his own jism now flooded the fathoms of her cunt. Beverly's body continued twitching as her mouth sought his while Jack waited for the inevitable to happen. She then arched her back and pushed her hips towards his and to his utter amazement his cock was still more than ready to respond on a continued basis.

Further experimentation and exploration ended when their hips joined as one but missionary position or not, they fucked each others brains out for well over the next hour. "Enough already," Beverly exclaimed and gently, but firmly pushed Jack off her body. "I gotta be able to walk outa here." Jack positioned himself on his side, head supported above her on his extended arm and elbow.

Her hair was matted, her eye liner streaked and the skin around her mouth red from repeated kissing but she still looked as beautiful and sexy as when they walked into the room. Knowing he had just fucked her, even more so. "Didn't you like it?" she mumbled and looked him in the eyes. "Don't I turn you on?" "What are you talking about?" Jack exclaimed. "You're still hard as a rock and ready for more," she stated as if insulted and embarrassed at the same time. "How come you haven't done it yet?" "Are you kidding?" Jack laughed and pulled her tight against him to emphasize the hard on he still had.

"I must have done it six or seven times. You had to have felt it." "But you never lost it." "I amazed myself in that regard," Jack admitted realizing for the first time since his first explosion that night that his dick never once let him down.

"That's never happened before. Must be you." "Now, that," she smiled, confidence restored, and slid her hand down to claim her trophy. "I can handle." "It's yours for as long as you want." Exhausted, they clung to each other for some time before she turned her back and inched her ass back towards and against his dick. Seconds before Jack had been one grain of sand away from being asleep but the moment her ass flesh meet his dick he was wide awake and ready to go again. Reflexively, he began hunching her ass crack and before long his lunges were met with a reciprocal push backwards from her hips.

His hand again slid down across her stomach and between her legs back to the honey pot just recently vacated. When the murmurs started up again he removed his hand so as to guide his all too eager dick only this time from behind. "Watch where you put that thing!" she ordered as the head of his cock innocently slid first across her asshole with his only thought that of driving it hard back into her delicious pussy.

"I don't do that." Jack, following his initial instinct, didn't bother to respond and instead rammed his dick like a pile driver with one quick move back into the depths of her cunt.

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He held her firmly by the tits and furiously pistoned in and out of her hole until finally they both collapsed in one final, mutual orgasm; and then fell asleep his dick still buried between her legs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jack was first to awake late the next morning and was instantly gratified to confirm that last night had not been a dream.

Beverly, alive and in the flesh, still lay sound asleep next to him with a child like innocence masking her face. It was as if an angel had decided to grace his bed and Jack stared in silence admiring the beauty before him. She then moved ever so slightly dislodging the sheet to reveal the left boob. Last night had mostly been in the dark leaving Jack to imagine the true lines and curves of her body.

Now with the sun filtering through the curtain and only a flimsy sheet covering this Goddess not much imagination was needed. Staring in quiet admiration of her face had been one thing. Seeing in all its glory her amply endowed tit and hard nipple was another. "Hey," she softly protested lazily opening her eyes and then looking to the attacker of her boob. "Can't a girl get some sleep around here?" "Not when I wake up to this," Jack responded and gently pinched her nipple.

"Too much of a temptation." "Temptation or not," she stretched and yawned. "Get whatever out of your head. I'm too raw from last night to do anything." Before Jack could respond Beverly rolled off the side of the bed, briefly appeared to think about grabbing the sheet as cover, then gracefully and entirely in the nude made her way towards the bathroom. Again Jack's imagination was rewarded with the confirmation that the body that had lain next to him throughout the night was even better when seen in the light of day.

Jack was even more pleased when she returned and slid back into the bed in the same condition. "You know," she seemed to scoff as she curled back up against him. "Sometimes you act as if you've never been with a woman before." "No woman the likes of you anyhow." "As I said before, flattery, my man," she smiled and pecked him on the lips.

"Will get you anything?" "I thought you were too raw." "Do you wanna talk about it," she challenged with a wicked grin. "Or do something about it." Jack needed no further encouragement and slipped his hand down to her crotch, slid his finger into her surprisingly wet crack and finger fucked away.

Their lips met as she ground her hips against his finger and hand. Remembering the sweet nectar of her pussy juice from the night before Jack, even though that juice now had to be commingled with his, began slipping his tongue out of her mouth, across her ears and neck, briefly nibbled on first the left, then the right boob, and then started down across her stomach to the awaiting prize between her legs.

"Not now, Cowboy," she gently grabbed his head and pulled him back to her face. "I'd need a bath first." "I don't care." "But I do," she purred in his ear. "And I'm ready for you now." Jack again climbed between her legs, positioned his cock all the while admiring the trimmed hair surrounding the target, and gently pushed the head just barely into and between her cunt lips.

(Even better than when she was asleep he could now inventory the whole works) Beverly rocked her hips forward to accept more but Jack pulled out. She frowned at first but her eyes lit up as again Jack barely broke ground between her legs immediately withdrawing at the first sign she wanted more. "Give me what I want." "What's that?" "You know." "Say it." "I can't." "I could go on like this," Jack evilly grinned not even bothering this time to penetrate even in the slightest way.

"All day." "Fuck me," she nearly screamed. "Will you!" At the word fuck Jack's prick drove through her lips banging his entire length into her tight hole. Simultaneously, he fell upon her chest and began pounding away as if there were no tomorrow. "Who's that?" Beverly yelped just as once again the head of Jack's dick rammed hard against whatever body part deep within her womb.

"Who's at the door?" "How the hell should I know?" Jack responded not caring one way or another. "Housekeeping." They both heard the voice as the door opened and an unknowing Mexican maid entered the room to see them both butt naked and fucking away oblivious, at first, to her presence. "'Cuse me." The maid then retreated as fast as her chunky little legs could go. "Oh, my God!" Beverly coughed triggering her own orgasm while her pussy muscles clutched Jack's dick in a death grip forcing his.

"I guess she got her thrill for the day," Jack remarked rolling off to Beverly's side. The moment was gone and for the first time with Beverly so was his hard on. "Mind if I use your tooth brush?" Beverly again rolled off the bed and without waiting for an answer disappeared into the bathroom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Conception of Goddess BAR The Los Angeles TimesOctober 27, 2000 !!EXTRA!!

!!EXTRA!! !!EXTRA!! El Segundo, CA Having lost the opportunity earlier in the week, Jack McGill, aka Cowboy, capitalized on an innocent comment made by Ms. Beverly Ann Rakoski that will hold prisoner his heart for the rest of his life. Ms. Rakoski, aka Goddess BAR and recently of Seattle, WA, had within the past 2 weeks resumed employment with a well known military aircraft producer and was assigned as a Cost Analyst in the Material Division.

McGill, also, a Cost Analyst, was on loan to the El Segundo site from the Amarillo, TX plant to assist the home division prepare proposals for production Lots III, IV and V.

McGill, a native of Waldo, OH had previously lived in Washington, DC and Clarksville, TN. A decorated Special Operations Command Gulf War veteran, McGill graduated from Austin Peay State University in 1995 and began employment with the company in the spring of 1996 in Amarillo, TX. This fall he was assigned loan status to the El Segundo division. Today, Friday, October 27, 2000, after her first full week back on a job Goddess BAR commented to nobody in particular that she was ready for a drink.

McGill, not one to back away from fate (if fate it was), then turned those innocent words against his guiltless victim, Ms. Rakoski. For Goddess BAR he was willing to step out of character and risk rejection in the pursuit of perfection. Timing, though, had to be perfect. If he approached Goddess BAR and she did say the expected no, McGill did not want to stand there embarrassed without having a quick escape plan thought out in advance.

As quitting time approached, McGill casually made his way over to Ms.

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Rakoski's desk but before he could speak became mesmerized by the vision before him. As is fashionable for today, Goddess BAR was attired in a sheer beige blouse complimented by an equally sheer bra. McGill's eyes traced her beautiful, just barely visible aureoles both perfectly accented by the two most perk and taut nipples he had ever seen. He knew she was going to say no. "I think I'm ready for that drink now, myself.

Wanna join me.?" McGill somehow managed to say. She coyly looked up at McGill and said she was in a carpool and had no ride home should she accept. She didn't say no. "I've got a car available to me and I'll see you get home if you want to come along." "Let me call my carpool and let them know what's going on." Was this actually happening?

Before he knew it the two were actually leaving work together and headed for the Hacienda Hotel across the street where he was staying. There, or so he led Ms. Rakoski to believe, they could wait in the bar until one of the guys with a car could be found. Once in the bar McGill occasionally excused himself to use the house phone in a supposed attempt to call someone who could lend him a car. He called his room instead knowing there would be no answer. The rouse, however, was not without merit.

While on the phone McGill noticed a flier for Avis located just across the street from the hotel. The rest of the night went by too fast.

The couple got the car, had dinner at a casual restaurant in the Manhattan Beach Mall, journeyed from there to Redondo Beach where walking the pier for the first time they held hands and pecked a kiss. From the pier they went to the Red Onion, continued drinking and danced for the first time. Here, McGill found Goddess BAR's only flaw.

She likes to lead when dancing. Though neither knew for sure at the time, they were each others for the having, and so would be for the rest of their lives. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "At least now I know where Waldo's at." Beverly looked up from the pretend newspaper Jack had created.

"My God," she thought to herself. "He even does things like this." Jack was seated across from Beverly in the booth and she would have taken him in her arms had they not been so separated.

Though a good sized man he'd always been gentle with her. Underneath that gentleness, though, was a man who knew where he was going and what he wanted, and he wanted her.

She loved being embraced by his strong arms and being held firmly against his chest. His smile was contagious and his eyes spellbinding. He liked his auburn hair longer than the corporate convention but was still viewed as an up and comer. Best of all, Beverly was sure he loved her.

"I'm glad you appreciated the effort," Jack sighed disappointed the love of his live didn't grasp the mood he was trying to create. "I just wanted to document our first date as a special occasion." "Then let's get it right.

I'd say it was more like I saved your life," she warmly smiled recognizing the hurt in his eyes. "Not this life sentence stuff." They were seated in what now had become their favorite restaurant, Tony's On the Pier, to celebrate Valentine's Day. Months had passed and the two had become nearly inseparable working together during the day and then retiring to his hotel room at night.

Even so, Jack remained insecure not understanding what this living doll could see in some backwoods yokel like him. "I love you." "I know that, now what do you want to order?" "Would it hurt you if just once in a while you could respond you love me, too," Jack gently admonished.

"Not some 'Me, too,' like the first time or 'I know that?'" "You know I love you." "No I don't." Only God knew how much she loved this man. Like his hero, John Wayne, Jack McGill was very much like one of her favorite Duke movies, the Quiet Man, full of confidence and ready to take on the world. Why he was so insecure when it came to her feelings for him she would never understand. Beverly did not want to get into this discussion again.

Jack was, as well, the most open and caring man she had ever met. In contrast, Beverly had learned the hard way not to assume anything and innately kept her feelings close to the chest. Hopefully her seemingly aloof character would not eventually drive him away.

"Jack," she said taking him by the hand and looking directly in his eyes. "I love you, and only you." "Beverly," Jack swung out of his chair and dropped to one knee. "Will you marry me?" "What?" "I said." Jack then pulled out a ring case from behind his back and opened it. "Will you marry me?" "You want me to marry you? "Yes," Jack shook his head. "Your Cowboy wants you to marry him. What d'ya say, ma'am?" "Is there any doubt?" she smiled as only she could as the tears seeped down her cheek.

"Yes, of course, I'll marry you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Jack, why can't I just wait here in the car?" "Because I don't want to let you out of my sight," Jack explained opening the passenger door and offering Beverly his hand as she got out. "And make sure you're wearing your own badge." Just that morning they had left work for an unscheduled brunch and upon returning wore the others badge intentionally just to test security.

As Jack predicted, they walked into the building without challenge. Now with the building empty Jack was sure they would be more vigilant. They just needed to go in, retrieve the flowers from a Secret Admirer Jack had sent Beverly that day and depart without any hassle. Again, they made their way to the second floor unimpeded. "Okay, we got the flowers," Beverly said with a purpose. Work had been a necessary evil in her life and she didn't want to spend any more of her free time there than required.

Jack, on the other hand, she had already learned from experience enjoyed his work and could easily find some excuse to check his email or something just to hang around that much longer.

"Let's get out of here." "Come here a second," Jack pulled her away from her desk and into his cubicle. "I got something for you." "I want to get out of here." "And I've been fantasizing about this," Jack kissed her briefly on the lips as he backed her against his desk and began unbuttoning her dress. "Since before the day you ever walked in here." "What do you think you're doing?" Beverly protested but made no move to stop her new fianc? "We could get fired for this." "It'd be worth it," Jack evilly grinned now that he had the dress fully opened.

"Besides, all I'd have to do is give Old Man Zimmerman a call and I'd be on his payroll the next day with no questions asked." He then ran his hand down inside her panty hose and was pleasantly surprised to find his wife to be ready, willing and able.

"Off with these." "The hotel is just across the street," Beverly muttered the words without conviction. One side of her head was telling her they were both crazy and the other was equally as steadfast open to Jack's insane idea. She couldn't help but wonder how she would ever be able to come back here the next day and work.

Unconsciously, she helped Jack remove her panty hose, unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and then his zipper. Once Jack's shorts were down she spread her legs and again leaned back on the desk. "I'm yours, Cowboy." Jack, though more than ready, was less than certain about just going at it.

They had never made love without some degree of foreplay and he was proud of the fact that to date they had never made love without being mutually fulfilled. Nevertheless, Beverly's body was begging for his and her sensuous open legged position could not be denied. Jack successfully guided his anxious and ready to explode missile to its target where he watched it without difficulty disappear into the clutches of the most remarkable woman he had ever known. As he began thrusting Beverly pulled him in deeper wrapping her legs around his and taking his torso in her arms.

Rather than impaling her further against the desk her Cowboy then stood up letting the full weight of her body drive his dick deeper into her womb than ever before. Using Jack's shoulders for leverage Beverly began pumping away, up and down on his throbbing member as she, too, felt his rocket achieve maximum penetration slamming her cervix upon its head.

Too soon, she felt her body go rigid as her muscles contracted around his weapon that even in her fervor she could tell was expanding in preparation for the explosion to come. She wanted to scream as both orgasmacally erupted but the sensible side of her head, still operating, she bit her lip instead to control the urge. "This time once is enough," she breathlessly whispered in his ear. "We gotta get out of here before we get caught." "Was that as good for you," Jack, too, out of breath whispered as he gently returned Beverly to the edge of the desk.

"As it was for me?" "Do you even have to ask?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What's with Sku Baby," Jack attempted a casual query once back in the hotel room as he changed into a t-shirt and shorts.

Truth be told, he had about enough of the boss and pal trying to make time with his girl even if Skubiel overlooked corporate rules against fraternization. "That he's always hitting on you?" "Skubiel's harmless," Beverly cautiously answered not wanting Jack to get ahead of her at the moment.

She sipped her wine and continued. "We dated once but, as God is my witness, there was nothing ever between us. He's just a shameless flirt." "Well, I don't necessarily see it that way." "Jack, enough about him," Beverly after much mental consternation over dinner and now back in the privacy of the hotel spoke in a serious tone.

"We've gotta talk." "I was hoping we could celebrate." "What do you think we were doing back there in your cubicle?" Beverly responded and snuggled under his arm as they sat on the sofa. "Now I need to talk." "So, talk." "God knows you treat me like one," Beverly began, leaned back into the comfort of his chest and stared at her newly acquired ring.

"But enough of this Goddess stuff. Simply put, I ain't no Goddess." "You are to me." "That's nice to hear and all." She knew this conversation would be difficult. "But you hardly know anything about me." "I know you're Polish and you're Catholic and you worry too much," Jack attempted to lighten her tone and squeezed her tight.

"Worse yet, you're stubborn and have just a tint of red hair." Jack paused as one other thought occurred to him. "Oh, yeah, and you made me buy rubbers for the first time in my life. None of that has scared me off. So, what else is there to know?" "I don't have red hair." "I said a tint." "Never mind, then, look at this," Beverly pulled away and retrieved his newspaper article from her purse. "Sometimes you make it sound like I dress like a slut. I think I dress fashionably." "I don't know much about fashion," Jack laughed and blew her a kiss as she stood above him waving the paper.

"But you certainly know how to dress to gain a guy's attention. I will say that." "And you don't like that?" "I love that," Jack shook his head and offered his hand to her hoping she'd take a seat. "And I love the way other men look at you and I can smugly look them back in the eye knowing they know you're all mine." "I'm still not a Goddess." "This should be one of the happiest nights of your life," Jack looked to his fianc?not comprehending her present mood.

"What's this all about?" "Let's just say, from what you've told me," Beverly sighed. "I've got a more colorful past than you." "I wouldn't know. I remember you saying two things on that subject," Jack now stood and collected her in his arms. "You'd prefer to be a mystery woman, and that you are, and, two, not to expect you to be as honest as I was." He paused then added a standing complaint.

He would never be the first to ask about a woman's past but once she asked about his he figured the woman owed him the return favor. "You asked first, and that wasn't fair." "So," she rested her head on his chest.

"Maybe I should have been a little more open than I was." "So tonight's the night you want to play confession?" "I just want you to be sure," she now raised her head to look him in the eyes. "You consider me worthy of this ring you gave me." "Okay, sweetheart," Jack smiled, picked her up and sat down holding her like a baby.

"Say whatever you want in that regard and nothing's going to change my mind." "What if I told you," Beverly hesitated but now that she had started she was going to see this through. "I've had a couple one niters." "I could've guessed you weren't a virgin," Jack hugged her tightly.

"The way you look you could've had anybody you wanted, but I'd be willing to bet you're no war torn veteran of the bedroom." "Rest assured, there weren't that many," she now felt comfortable enough to relax. Jack accepted that bomb without flinching. "And not to sound too conceited, there could have been a lot more." "So, that said, are we done?" "There's one other thing you've got to know," Beverly again grew fearful of his reaction but rushed on before losing her nerve.

"I got pregnant when I was eighteen and never married." "So, what became of the baby?" Jack asked after taking several seconds to absorb this latest tidbit. "I assume you had it." "Yes," Beverly answered now unable to read Jack's face. "We didn't want to give him up so my Mom adopted him as her own, and for all intents and purposes threw me out." "I love you," he cooed and kissed her forehead. "And you're mine for at least the next one hundred years.

Maybe then I'll let you off the hook." "So you still want to marry me?" "Tonight if you're willing," Jack replied now inspired by a new thought. "We could drive up to Vegas." "No way, Cowboy," she could now relax and gave him a big kiss. "When I get married I'm doing it up the way I've always dreamed." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Wow!" Jack shrieked as he rolled off to Beverly's side and cracked the knuckles of his hands.

"Now that was a double thumb buster." "And just what is a double thumb buster?" "It's just my way of celebrating," Jack pulled her tight to him under the sheets. "What's it's like for Mr. Lucky making love to that beautiful and sexy body of yours." "Idiot." "Well, it's better than calling you a ball buster." "Oh no, don't tell me," Beverly reached down and stroked his still rock hard dick.

"This is Mr. Lucky, I take it." "No one here but the three of us." "Do all men name their things?" "I don't know about all men," Jack responded not really wanting to hear about someone else's cock at this particular moment. "I just thought it appropriate. He's Mr. Lucky cause he's found you." "And how many other women have you used that line on?

"Just you, my love. Just you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sto Lat "Come on, Beverly. You've got to be kidding me. It's our last night of freedom," Jack continued to complain at Beverly insistence they not spend this night together. "Don't you want to sow some wild oats or something together one final time?" "We sowed enough oats last night and I hate to be the one to tell you this, Cowboy, but you lost your freedom the moment you met me," Beverly stated holding up her left pinky finger to remind him of the initial ring with his J engraved upon it he had given her since their engagement.

"You're wrapped around my little finger, remember?" "And just what are you, Julie and Nikki doing tonight?" "I, for one, am going to go out and enjoy my last night of freedom," she teased as she pushed him out the door of the townhouse. "And I'm telling you now I better not hear about Sku Baby leading you astray tonight. You behave yourself with him." "Like there's anything he and I could do to get in trouble." "Just the same," Beverly firmly stated. "No titty bars, no porn, no strippers at his place and no booze.

I don't want you complaining afterwards that you were mentally incapacitated when we got married." "Why don't you just lock me up in the closet then?" "Trust me. I've considered that option." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Come on, Jack, we could still get a bunch of the guys together," Jack Skubiel again hounded his friend.

"And throw you a bachelor party for the ages." "No can do. I promised Beverly," Jack saluted his boss and best man for the upcoming occasion with the Glenfiddich single malt scotch whiskey Skubiel had bought for the occasion.

"In fact, I'm not even supposed to be drinking this." "God, I never thought I'd see the day Jack McGill would become so pussy whipped," Skubiel taunted returning the gesture. "Not even for a woman as fine as Beverly Rakoski." "You can call me what you want but I love her," Jack ignored the insult taking it in the manner it was given. "She seldom asks for anything and this one time I'm going along with what she wants." He sipped his scotch and grinned. "To a degree." "Seriously, you've got yourself one hell of a woman," Skubiel enviously toasted Jack in Beverly's honor.

"I don't blame you in the least. I'd trade places with you any day." "She's mine, Boss," Jack clinked the other's glass. "Now and forever." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Since when does the Beverly Rakoski I know," Nikki shook her head standing at the bar that same night at Jack and Beverly's townhouse refreshing her margarita. "Turn down a night out on the town with her friends?" "Since the day she met Jack McGill." "Well, I'll give you this, Beverly," Nikki gave up the idea and held her glass aloft in a toast.

"You always set your standards high and never settled for second best. You finally found the man of your dreams, and my dreams, too." "To the man of Beverly's dreams," Julie joined the toast at the same time sneering at Nikki.

"He was a long time coming." "So, Bev, speaking of cumming, at least tell me this," Nikki started anew as she sat down next to Beverly on the sofa.

"What's that hunk like in bed?" "How do I answer a question like that," Beverly seemed to muse as if trying to find the proper words. "Except to say you'll never know." "That's no fair. Every chickie pooh at work has at one time or another hit on him and come away empty handed," Nikki protested as she downed a significant portion of her drink.

"Then you come back from Seattle and just like the old days Jack suddenly comes alive and only has eyes for you. Thank God you're going off the market." "Hell, Nikki," Julie couldn't help but laugh. "You would've scared Jack off even had he had eyes for you. Lucky for him he didn't." "I'd have knocked some of the swagger out of him that's for sure," Nikki said with conviction even if she was the only one to think so.

"God, even the way he walks turns me on." "That swagger, as you call it, is self confidence," Beverly shared with a quiet confidence of her own.

"He's a man who knows where he's going and what he wants." She sipped her drink and smiled. "I'm just glad that what he wants includes me." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You do know, don't you, that I did everything I could to keep Jack from asking you to be his best man," Beverly coldly stated in the car to her chauffeur of the day Jack Skubiel on the way to the wedding chapel.

"And I usually get my way. Obviously not this time. But I'm warning you now…" "First of all, I consider your Jack my friend," Skubiel cut her off without taking his eyes off the road. "And as his mentor I intend to see he goes far with the company. Face the facts, Beverly, I'm going to be around. Why can't we just forget the past and be friends, too?" "Because I don't trust you." "Give me time.

I'll grow on you." "Don't count on it." They drove silently for the next few miles each lost in their own thoughts. Skubiel wanted to say that had he wanted he'd had ample opportunity to try and wreck their relationship but that thought never entered his head.

Whether Beverly believed it or not, he truly considered Jack McGill a friend and the two of them a lucky couple to have found each other. He mentally kicked himself in the ass for having to once again face the repercussions of his past actions. Having made her point, Beverly's attention returned to this day she had dreamed of since a little girl.

There had been points in her life she honestly believed the day would never come. Now that day was here and, Skubiel or not, she was going to live it to its fullest. That is if Skubiel ever got her to the chapel in time. Now they were delayed by a train. "Relax," Skubiel broke the silence and took her hand to give it a gentle squeeze. "Ain't nothing going to happen until you get there.

It's your show." "I guess you got a point," Beverly warmly smiled at her driver. "It is my day, isn't it?" "And you do make a beautiful bride," Skubiel complimented and gave her hand another squeeze. "In fact, I'd say you look like a goddess descended down from her heavenly perch." "It's funny you should say that," Beverly acknowledged and clasped his hand momentarily.

"Jack calls me his Goddess BAR, the BAR being my initials." She stopped to laugh before continuing. "And in another hour I'll be his Goddess BAM." "Goddess BAR or Goddess BAM, you are beautiful." "Thank you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "It's not often the groom writes the toast to be given the newlyweds by the best man but I must give credit where credit is due," Jack Skubiel stood in the center of the smallish reception and spoke loud enough for all to quiet down and join him in his salute to Jack and Beverly McGill.

The wedding had gone perfect and the reception longer than anticipated. The couple were now anxious to get going on their honeymoon. "Jack told me something last night that inspired me to scrap my prepared remarks and use this." He paused momentarily to raise his champagne glass.

"Sto Lat, which literally means 100 years, is a Polish toast that signifies 100 years of good health for the bride and groom.

To Mr. and Mrs. Jack McGill, Sto Lat my friends." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I hate this fog," Beverly observed for at least the third time in the last half hour. "Maybe we should pull off and wait it out." "And that would be sometime tomorrow," Jack countered his wife for the first time. "For what we've already paid the Madonna we're spending tonight in our room." Jack was none too fond of the fog they encountered either but part of Beverly's dream had been a honeymoon starting at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and ending in Morro Bay.

From past experience they should have known they'd encounter fog this late in the day along the central coast of California but had been too determined to start the honeymoon on the day of the wedding to think of the consequences. The first two nights at the Madonna had been reserved and paid for from almost the moment of their engagement and there was no hope now of slipping that forward one night.

They still had the better part of an hour to go before reaching their destination. Beverly was tired, fidgety and uneasy, but they continued. Jack in an effort to calm her placed his hand on her leg and gently began massaging her thigh. While his touch seemed to relax his wife her leg only served to excite him. He worked his fingers to the hem of the white party type dress Beverly had bought for the occasion and met no objection when he slid the fabric up and began working the insides of her exposed thigh.

Little by little Jack inched his fingers upwards still marveling at the smoothness of her skin and the firm tone of her muscles. He briefly thought about going in for the kill right then but repeated the process first on her other leg.

He could tell without a doubt where his wife's mind was and he was surprised she wasn't already begging. "Now's one hell of a time to find you in panties." "You shouldn't be doing that," Beverly feigned a protest as Jack worked his digits in under the crotch of her panties. "You'll get too distracted." "Just warming you up for later." Though not the most coordinated way to play with your new wife's pussy Jack's fingers easily found the expected results of his latest endeavor.

She was wet without doubt and eagerly accepted his middle finger rubbing up against her clit. She closed her eyes and her head lay back against the seat. The fog no longer existed and her sole world at that moment was centered on what Jack was doing between her legs and underneath her panties. Jack felt her arch her back as her entire body went rigid and then seconds later began convulsing in orgasmic pleasure.

Jack was so turned on just knowing what he had done for his wife that he was ready to cum in his pants. "I was saving this for later as my wedding present to you," Beverly cooed in his ear after giving herself time to recover. She leaned across the seat while working undone the button and zipper to his shorts.

"But after that I think you deserve it now." She found Mr. Lucky in the anticipated state of arousal and worked both him and his southerly friends out from Jack's briefs to begin slowly massaging his balls. She somehow managed to position herself to use the other hand to stroke Mr. Lucky's shaft. Just when Jack thought he was about to lose control Beverly stopped her handiwork but before his disappointment could fully register Beverly's head disappeared down to his lap and for the first time he felt her lips and then tongue make contact with his dick.

Not once until now had she ever given the slightest indication that she was willing to give him oral sex. His right hand went to the nape of her neck to softly play with her hair as he received his latest thrill of a lifetime. When next he felt her sucking his head into her mouth his natural reaction was to hold her head in place and drive Mr.

Lucky into heaven. Jack, true to his nature, though overcame his natural instinct. "Unless you want a surprise," Jack a little bit reluctantly pulled Beverly's head from his lap while he could still barely manage to control himself. "You need to quit." "Thank you for thinking of me," Beverly sincerely commented after slipping Mr.

Lucky back under Jack's underwear and composing herself on the passenger side of the seat. "But I was willing to let it happen had you not stopped me." "Oh God, believe me I wanted you to," Jack admitted still struggling to concentrate on his driving.

"But in the back of my head I kept hearing what an old army sergeant of mine once said." "And what's that?" "He said, and I quote," Jack answered as he pulled Beverly back under his arm.

"You don't cum in a woman's mouth without first letting her know what to expect. If you don't you're liable to suffer the consequences later." "And I take it you've always been such a gentleman?" "Never had the opportunity to find out," Jack confessed as Beverly somehow knowing that would be the answer maneuvered his hand down to boob level.

"Until just a few minutes ago." "Well, thank you again," Beverly said as she reached over to his still aching crotch. "I don't really know what I'd have done had you did it. Truth be known, I've got the worst gag reflex in the world." "You were great going as far as you did. I could live with that and not have to wonder about your gag reflex," Jack offered thinking of how even toothpaste could trigger a similar response from his throat.

Before he could compare notes on the subject the Madonna was upon them. "Finally, we're here." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Will you look at this room?" Beverly marveled as Jack carried her across the threshold. "I can't believe it." "Christ," Jack exclaimed as he gently put Beverly back on her feet.

"It looks like some French whorehouse." "And how, sir, would you know what a French whorehouse looks like?" "What I picture a French whorehouse would look like then," Jack amended his statement turning and then pulling his wife into his arms. "Mrs. McGill." "Now that sounds nice," Beverly returned her husband's kiss and looked deep into his eyes.

"We really did it. It's official and I've got the document to prove it. I'm Mrs. Jack McGill." "Now and forever more." "Okay, enough of that," Beverly broke free and began wandering around her honeymoon surroundings. "Now that's a nice touch, Mr. McGill." She stopped when she spotted the flowers on the table across the room. "You think of everything. My favorite, peach colored roses.

Thank you." "So, where's this world famous bathtub?" The Madonna Inn is a legendary theme hotel and a favorite for honeymooners from all over. Some of the more notorious rooms, such as the Caveman room, need to be booked as far as two years in advance. Not wanting to wait two years Beverly and Jack picked what seemed to be the most appropriately themed room available, the Americana with what the Madonna claimed was the longest bathtub in the world.

Beverly had to admit, the predominance of red in the design of the velvet wallpaper and the room throughout definitely lent itself to Jack's perception of a whorehouse. Little did he know she had unwittingly come prepared to play the part of the madam with the pink negligee and mules she had bought at Frederick's of Hollywood. That would have to wait until tomorrow night. This night was to be the lacey white lingerie of a bride. "In the bathroom, dummy," Beverly informed taking Jack by the hand and leading him towards what had to be the bathroom facilities.

"Where else do you think?" "We're not even married a day and already you're calling me a dummy." "Would you rather it be idiot?" "Well, it's long alright," Jack observed upon seeing the bathtub for the first time. "But tell me this, how we both going to fit in that thing? Call me Dummy or idiot, that thing's no wider than any other tub." "We just gotta use a little imagination, my dear husband," Beverly smiled and blew him a kiss.

"We'll just sit facing each other." "Yeah, but how do we…" "Never mind. You'll find out soon enough." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Oh, my God, Nikki was right," Beverly exclaimed marveling at her husband's build as he prepared to join her in the bath.

Though uninhibited in many ways Beverly herself, once disrobed, was extremely self-conscious about her body. Resultantly, though Jack was just the opposite, she had never closely studied his anatomy when given the chance.

"You are one hell of a hunk." "Gee, thanks, I guess." "I only meant it in the most flattering way," Beverly smiled watching first his leg and then arm muscles ripple as he lowered himself to the opposite end of the bathtub.

"I've always known you're firm and strong and, though you're no Arnold, thank God," she laughed. "What is it you men say? You're built like a brick shithouse." "Just trying to keep pace with my wife." "Like I can compete with that," she crooked her arm as if to show off her in comparison non-existent biceps. "I just never realized what a stud I got." "Studs aren't necessarily known for their arm strength," Jack reached forward and easily pulled Beverly forward legs straddling his and her torso in towards his groin.

He then lowered her hand into the water where she gladly took possession of her Mr. Lucky. "Back in Texas, ma'am, studs are more known for what they pack here between their legs." "And this truly is one amazing muscle. That I do know for a fact," Beverly smiled devilishly as she began stroking his member. "And he's mine. All mine." "Why do you say it like that?" Jack now exercised his own mischievous grin. "There any other takers out there I'm not aware of?" He winked and threw out the name he knew would cause a reaction.

"Your cousin Nikki, for instance?" "For that, Mr. McGill," Beverly struggled to stand up and then carefully lay down upon him as his body slid under hers and then eased her anxious pussy back upon his eager dick.

"Mrs. McGill just may see fit to drown you and become the widow McGill even if it is her wedding night." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Okay, Mr.

McGill, now that we're married and you're officially stuck with me," Beverly whispered in his ear a short while later as they lay holding one another in front of the warmly lit fireplace. "Any regrets?" "None whatsoever, Mrs. McGill." "You're not sorry you didn't get a virgin out of this deal?" "Well, in an ideal world, yes it would have been nice had we both been virgins and been able to give ourselves to the other for the first time tonight," Jack eased back and took a long sip of his champagne before answering her question.

"But it's not an ideal world and, had we been, we probably wouldn't be here where we are today." "Nicely done, Mr. McGill. You pass your first test as a husband." "And," Jack raised his glass to his wife.

"I thank you, Mrs. McGill." "I don't know that you'll appreciate this," Beverly returned Jack's toast and turned back to retrieve her prayer book she had secreted by the fireplace foundation earlier. She opened the book and pulled out a dried rose of indistinguishable color that she then handed to Jack. "But I put this aside a long time ago to give to my husband on our wedding night. It represents my virginity." "At least," Jack accepted the gift seemingly without recognizing the sincerity in which it was given.

"I gave you fresh flowers." "I should have known better," Beverly's eyes instantly misted at the rebuke. "I thought you'd value the thought if not the flower." "Hey, I was joking," Jack pulled her tight against his chest and held the rose between their faces as if they could both smell its fragrance.

"It's sweet, and I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings." "Well, so much," she sniffled and returned his hug taking him at his word. "For passing your second test as a husband." Jack then put the rose aside and for the first time without sexual implications took extreme pleasure from the simple act of just holding the woman of his dreams who had that day given him the honor of becoming his wife.

Man that he was, however, even as good as holding her may feel he could embrace his Goddess BAR only so long before more sensual thoughts entered his head and his loins. At the precise moment his thoughts migrated from the platonic to the carnal he sensed her body go limp and realized his exhausted Angel had fallen asleep. He leaned back and studied the still radiant features of her face. He knew how much the day had meant to her and quietly chastised himself for having made fun of the obviously heartfelt and planned gesture of giving him her dried rose.

"Kocham cię, my darling," he whispered and blew her a kiss. "I most certainly do love you and will love you for the rest of my life." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [b[Secrets of the Mystery Woman Innocence Lost[/b] "Damn it, Beverly, this is my last night!" Sean vented his frustration aloud for a change.

Once again he attempted to feel her tit and was instantly rejected. Though they were parked in the dark he could easily visualize the smirk on her face whenever he tried to talk to her about sex. "We don't know when, if ever, we'll see each other again." "Don't talk like that." "You know it's the truth," he responded not caring about the reality of his situation come tomorrow.

He just wanted a fuck before leaving. "I could get killed over there." Again, as usual, if she didn't want to talk about something she just clammed up. Now he could imagine the pouting look that followed the smirk.

Normally at this point he'd give up and settle for what little kissy facing she would do, but not tonight. "You're seventeen, the prime of your life," he tried to rationalize his thoughts.

"Don't you ever think about sex?" "Of course I do," Beverly admitted thinking of the many times she had masturbated in her bed thinking of Sean. God if he only knew how much she really wanted to give in. "That's not the point." "Then what is the point?" "Let me ask you this," she responded hoping to avoid a fight on his last night before going off to war. "One, have you ever thought about marriage, and, two, wouldn't you want your bride to be a virgin?" "Yes, I've thought about marriage." he pulled her back under his arm.

"And no, my bride wouldn't have to be a virgin if I'm the only guy she's ever been with." Sean paused mentally looking for what to say next. "What I don't want is to wait and then find out that she's frigid." "You think I'm frigid?" "How the hell would I know?" "Have you ever thought about marrying me?" Beverly, not getting the answer she wanted in the first place, bluntly asked after several moments of silence.

"What kind of question is that?" he quickly answered hopefully now seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. "I love you. I want to grow old with you." "Then what's your hurry?" she joked and jabbed him in the ribs with her finger.

"We got the rest of our lives." "You know what the hurry is," He answered in a serious tone and returned to his trump card. "I'm going to war tomorrow." "So, you think saying one time I love you and that you want to grow old with me is reason enough for me to have sex with you?" she countered not satisfied with the way the conversation had gone to this point.

"You didn't say you wanted to marry me." "Will you marry me?" he pulled her tight and ever so gently kissed her check. "Yes." Assuming he won the argument he turned her back into him and smothered her with a long kiss. She returned his kiss with equal passion and again pushed his hand away when he went to feel her tits.

"I'm not doing it for the first time in the back seat of some car parked out in some bankrupt building project in PV," she stated with determination. "Our luck we'd get caught." "We could go to my brother's." "Yeah, now that's the answer," she mocked. "We just walk in there and tell Charlie we need to use his bed for a while." "He's covering for Steve at the dive shop tonight." "Okay," she surrendered.

"Let's go before I change my mind." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The drive to Charlie's apartment passed in silence.

Sean's thoughts were buried in his ever hardening cock and the virgin pussy he was about to claim. Even should this be their one time together he already knew Beverly would be one of the best looking, if not the best looking fucks of his life.

Beverly, a devout Catholic, was already feeling guilty. She would be damned. How would she ever be able to confess what she was about to do. She wouldn't have to. Her mother probably already knew her daughter was about to sin and too far away for Mommy to do anything about it. Sean, though horny to the gills, could not, however, help but notice how jittery his virgin girlfriend had become. While unsure about marriage, love and the like he did care very much for Beverly. They had dated exclusively for several months prior to his enlistment into the Army.

He enjoyed having her by his side so much he usually overlooked the sexual frustration he encountered every time they had a chance to be alone. Until just recently that had been easy.

Nikki was always available to cure his blue balls. Now that his patience with the girl was about to be rewarded he could not forget what her decision must be doing to her. "What are you doing?" "I'll be right back," Sean answered, parked and exited the car to go into a local grocery store. "Don't run off." "As if I could go anywhere." Especially with Sean out of sight Beverly began to second guess her decision. Brought up in strict Polish Catholic schools there was no doubt in her head that should they do this it was wrong.

Just as strongly, she was having a hard time letting go of her dream of giving herself to her husband for the first time on their wedding night. She even had already started buying her trousseau for the occasion. Playing with herself was one thing. The actual act another. Still, she loved Sean and he did say he wanted to marry her. There was some logic about his statement that whether they did it now or then it did not matter so long as he was the only one.

And what if he did get killed in Iraq? That possibility pulled at her both ways. She could send her man off to war with a smile on his face or be cheated out of both her dream and the man she loved.

Why hadn't he ever brought marriage up before tonight? She could very well picture her mother's displeasure at being married at such a young age but at least there would be no sin in what they were about to do. "One delicate flower," Sean leaned in through the open passenger window and startled her with a light kiss on her pouting lips. "In exchange for another." He then handed her a single peach colored rose, kissed her again and walked around to enter from the driver's side of the car.

Beverly's eyes began to mist as Sean put the car in gear and they continued their silent journey to Charlie's apartment and her appointment with destiny. "Are you as nervous as I am?" Beverly meekly asked as they passed through the door into Charlie's apartment. "Or have you done this before?" "I'm as virgin as you," Sean lied as he shut and locked the door. Evidently Beverly was the only one at the dive shop who didn't know that all the guys had fucked her cousin and best friend Nikki at one time or another.

"And the thought of you is driving me crazy." Sean then disappeared into the bedroom carrying a bag he evidently had gotten at the grocery store. He strategically placed and lit candles on the two nightstands on either side of the twin bed he intended for their pleasure.

Once satisfied with their placement and proper incandescence he moved onto the kitchen. There, he pulled out two drinking glasses and filled them with whatever cheap white wine his brother had available. "Here," Sean handed the drink to Beverly who had claimed the only chair in the small living room completely ignoring the couch in the process. "See if this helps calm you down a little bit." "Thanks." "So," Sean settled into the couch with his wine and looked to the empty spot beside him hoping Beverly would take the hint.

"I know you're a virgin and all, but what's the closest you've come to this before?" "Only you would know," she whispered in reply. "You?" "I've gotten as far as third base before." he again fell short of the truth. Beverly would probably have a fit if she knew he had fucked Nikki. "But that's as far as I've gone." "Third base," Beverly puzzled over his use of the term. "What's that?" "I've felt between a girl's legs before." "Anybody I know?" "What kind of guy do you think I am?" Sean answered hoping to change the conversation.

"I was brought up never to kiss and tell." "So I do know her." "It was long before we ever met." "So, now what?" "We go in the bedroom, get undressed," Sean answered as he stood, pulled her to her feet and lead them towards the about to be scene of the crime. "And the rest just comes natural I guess." "Hold on there a minute, buddy. I'll go first," Beverly halted his progress at the door. "You're not watching me undress." "Bev…" Sean started to protest to no avail as she disappeared into the room and shut the door.

He gave her a few minutes and then quietly opened the door and made his way in. Without a word from either he removed his clothes and then slipped into the bed beside his girl. "What the hell is this?" Sean strained not to sound too disapproving. "You still have your panties and bra on." "Do you really love me?" "I said so, didn't I?" "Tell me again." "I love you." "And I love you." His last night was wasting away and, her first time or not, he had other things he wanted to do.

He had promised the guys one last drunk together in his honor which was almost as important as this one last fuck. His dick was ready to explode and she was still in her underwear and still talking. Though Beverly had on more than one occasion either visually noticed or felt the bulge in his jeans against her, the upright hardness of his now uninhibited penis now pressed against her belly made her afraid. Just how in the world was that seemingly monster sized prong ever going to fit inside her tiny little opening supposedly by nature's design meant to accept such a thing?

"I love you," Sean repeated again. "But these gotta go." Without waiting for any response Sean peeled away the panties, then expertly undid and removed her bra. Though the light was dim and they were covered by the bedding he could now fully appreciate the soft, yet firm and finally totally naked body lying beside him.

"You are a prize," he whispered and kissed her quivering lips. "You cold, or what?" "I'm nervous." "Relax, baby, old Sean will take care of his girl." He kissed her again and this time Beverly eagerly received his tongue in her mouth. For the first time in their history his hand then ventured to her magnificent tits to fondle without a single protest. While continuing to toy with her tits he broke off the kiss and began nibbling at her neck.

"Sean, please don't," Beverly sounded the familiar words he had heard once too often though she did nothing to stop his roving hand. "Now what?" "Don't bite me." "I want people to know you're mine." "And that's the first thing my mother will hone in on." "Then, how about here?" Not waiting for an answer, Sean zeroed in on her collar bone and began sucking the blood from her skin.

Though the pressure hurt to a degree Beverly could feel the rest of her body responding in ways never before felt. Their hips began hunching each other and before she realized what was happening his hand was now down between her legs and his fingers probing her most private area. She could sense her wetness as one finger began to poke in and out of her vaginal opening driving her crazy with desire.

Sean then laid her on her back and positioned himself on his knees between her legs. The covers were now off and she could see the shadow of his erect shaft as portrayed against the wall by the dim candlelight. Her fears returned as he ever so gently moved down and against her directing the head of his cock to the longed for target. She felt her vagina begin to spread apart and clinched her teeth in anticipation of the pain to come.

Sean knew not to just ram his rod into her passage though at this point the temptation had crossed his mind. He tenderly nudged his dick forward ever so slowly and then all of a sudden the resistance faded and he was inside. Beverly, shocked at how easily she had accommodated the invasion, instantly drove her hips forward to fully devour his now pulsing dick. Sean, lacking any other comparison, was amazed at how tightly Beverly's pussy gripped his manhood versus the loose and sloppy Black Hole of Calcutta belonging to Nikki.

The joke was around the dive shop a guy had to be careful not to fall in there and be lost forever. Unable to fully control himself, he increased the intensity of his plunges deep inside the most amazing girl he had ever known.

Likewise, Beverly responded to each and every thrust with equal fervor and both could feel her muscles clutch his cock in a death grip manner at the deepest point of his stroke. "Oh, my God, I'm coming!" Beverly, though repulsed by the phrase, was consumed by the explosion she felt happen within her womb. He ground his dick in to the hilt and held it in place as his juices shot out like Fourth of July fireworks.

Beverly wanted this moment to last forever. She lurched against his body hoping to mate them together for life. "Oh shit!" Sean exclaimed as he felt the momentum of their bodies drift over the side of the bed and crashing onto the floor.

"You okay?" "Well, I could think of better endings," she laughed. "But our first time will definitely be memorable." "And are you okay there?" Even in the dim light she could see him point towards her crotch. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" "I was afraid at first," she admitted at the same time realizing she was sitting on the floor, disentangled from Sean, naked and Sean was staring at her like he'd never seen a naked woman before.

She could feel her whole body turn red. She pulled the sheet from the bed and covered herself as best she could. "Other than that, it was okay." "Gee, thanks." "I didn't mean it that way," she laughed and poked him in the ribs.

"What else can I say? It was good, I guess." Ten minutes ago Beverly and her pussy consumed Sean's entire world. Now finished with the deed he was desperate to move on. He stood up, saw Beverly's panties next to the night stand, claimed them and went to the other side of the bed to retrieve his clothes.

Beverly, on the other hand, bowed her head so as not to watch and embarrass him as he had her in the process. Finally, she too stood, grabbed her clothes and quickly made her way into the bathroom. "Sean, what did you do with my panties?" "I got 'em," Sean shouted back.

"I need them for good luck." "I don't think so," Beverly cracked open the bathroom door and extended her hand. "Please give them to me." "Wait a minute," Sean answered while rifling through a dresser in the room. Finding a drawer containing trophies of feminine articles from Charlie's past conquests he pulled out a pair of women's underwear. "Here, take these, they're clean.

They're Charlie's fianc?s." "I really want mine back." "And I really need yours for good luck," Sean responded firmly tucking her panties into his back pocket. "Now, please, get dressed and let's get outa here." "What's your hurry?" "Charlie could be back any second now," Sean again lied and exited to the living room.

"You want him to see you like this?" Beverly was confused. First Charlie was subbing for Steve and now he's not? And as far as she knew Charlie didn't have a fianc? Something didn't make sense. Hesitantly she pulled some other strange woman's panties up and over her long legs and, though big, decided they would do for the moment. The jeans slid on, the bra and blouse replaced, she left the bathroom only to note Sean had left Charlie's bed unmade.

Of course, Beverly was not about to leave behind an unmade bed. "Crap!" Beverly caught herself before she could say shit. "Hey, Sean, where does Charlie keep his clean sheets?" "How the hell would I know?" Sean poked his head back in through the bedroom door.

"What's the problem now?" "This," she answered holding up the fitted bed sheet. "There's blood on it." "Christ, Beverly, do you really think Charlie will ever know the difference?" "Maybe not, but what about his fianc?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly, despite Sean's protests, insisted on replacing the sheets. Sean, anxious to get to the dive shop, then rushed her home, rather unceremoniously, or so she thought, quickly kissed her goodnight and good-bye, and was gone.

Her eyes misted up again as she watched the taillights of the car disappear down the street wondering if and when she would ever see him again. Her rose in hand, she then quietly entered the house praying her all knowing mother was not sitting in the living room waiting to harangue her daughter for abandoning her faith and committing the ultimate sin of sex before marriage.

Prayers answered, she went immediately to her room. Once safely ensconced within the protective walls of her bedroom she pulled out her prayer book and neatly pressed the rose within its holy pages in an attempt to preserve the memory of her first sexual experience. "I'll surprise Sean," she promised herself. "And give this back to him on our honeymoon." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Let the celebration begin," Sean announced as he strutted into the dive shop waving Beverly's bikini briefs above his head.

Each and every guy there had at one time or another tried to get in Beverly's pants. All had failed. Until now. "There's one less virgin in the world. I made Beverly tonight!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hell Hath No Fury… "Damn, the bitch even makes me horny," Nikki thought to herself as she unclasped the front of Beverly's bra and then covered her now naked friend with a sheet for the night.

"A lot of good you did me tonight." Nikki plopped down into a chair across the room and studied her dead drunk best friend and cousin. Beverly, throughout high school and since, according to all the guys was the hottest looking piece of ass in Torrance but was known as the ultimate tease. Nikki, not nearly as pretty nor built like a brick shithouse like her cousin, compensated by being her most accommodating self to the guys licking their wounds after unsuccessfully hitting on Beverly.

Even her latest boyfriend, Greg, only had eyes for Beverly that night when they first met at Grunion's and to this day encouraged Beverly's presence to the point of aggravation. And just like that first night Nikki often fucked him just to shut him up about how hot Beverly was without once ever mentioning what Nikki did for him. "Why he teases her about looking like skull and crossbones I'll never understand," she muttered. "I'm the skinny one, or was." That's what tonight had been all about.

She had fucked Greg once too often and now found herself pregnant. She didn't know what she was going to do. She was afraid to tell Greg. Not knowing what else to do she took a big bottle of Jose Cuervo from Greg's, got some margarita mix and invited her best friend over to help work things out.

Beverly, with Sean now in Kuwait and tired of nights out consisting of hanging out at the dive shop, gladly accepted. Since Greg had been around she had seen less and less of Nikki and she missed their occasional night out passing as 21 year olds into Grunion's with their fake IDs and then getting smashed.

Why she enjoyed that so much she often wondered. Nikki, more often than not, would end up going home with some guy and Beverly, even if only occasionally, would end up passed out alone in the car in the parking lot.

At least tonight she'd be in the safety of Nikki's apartment. By the time Nikki got around to telling Beverly she was pregnant both were well beyond three sheets to the wind. Beverly had always been holier than thou when it came to Nikki's sex life and tonight proved no exception. While Beverly preached Nikki just kept drinking and tried her best not to lash back at little Miss Goody Two Shoes as she liked to call her. How would Beverly know what it was like living in her shadow and how dare she belittle the means Nikki used to get men.

Her virgin little cunt would learn one of these days. When Nikki mentioned abortion Beverly really began to crank up the lectures. Enough had been enough and rather than explode Nikki disappeared into the bathroom to smoke a joint without being ragged on about that, as well.

By the time Nikki returned Beverly was passed out, mouth wide open and head leaning back upon the sofa. If only the guys could see her now. Years of similar experiences had taught Nikki that her friend was out for the night.

Nikki had the choice of either leaving her in that position or trying somewhat to make her cousin comfortable. Drunk and now stoned, Nikki, like a big sister, felt pity for her friend.

She first peeled off the jeans and couldn't help but think to herself the guys were right. She was a tease. Minus the jeans there was nothing but a beautifully manicured twat. "Why the hell bother if you're not going to give it up?" Nikki sneered while additionally noting the perfectly toned, tanned, and now exposed legs.

"That asshole Sean certainly isn't worthy of this." Nikki had seen her friend in a bikini many a time before but, still, undressing her best friend for the first time was like a revelation. What she wouldn't give for that body, that face, the smile, the hair and on and on and on. And to top everything off the stupid shit acted like a nun. If she were Beverly she knew without a doubt she could have any man she wanted.

Yet Beverly wasted her time sitting arrogantly around waiting for her precious Sean. Greg was twice the man and Nikki was going to do everything she could to keep him. She knew she wasn't the first Greg had ever impregnated but she was damn determined to be the last, but not this time. She was as positive as not he'd show her the door just the same as he had the other bimbo. Regardless what Beverly thought, she'd just go ahead and have the abortion and then continue spinning the web she hoped Greg could never escape.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "We shouldn't be doing this." Even in her sleep Beverly knew these recurring dreams she'd had over the last several weeks about Nikki's boyfriend Greg were wrong.

Still, she couldn't control her dreams and they wouldn't stop. Not that she was that loyal to Nikki. Nikki had stolen guys from her many a time. What was wrong was she was engaged to Sean and should be dreaming of him, if anybody. Still, here Greg was again and she, again, was like putty in his arms. Greg seemed so real she could even smell the cologne that only he wore and she loved so much.

The original bad boy, Greg and his tall, scruffy looks only made him more attractive to her. He had surprised her by coming up from behind and pulling her back into his hard body. She thrilled at the feel of the ever present bulge in his groin area pressed against her ass and could feel the moistness of her own crotch begin in anticipation of what was to come.

Greg's hands ever so slowly eased up towards her tits until both hands were full of the object of his momentary desire. Next he turned Beverly around and savagely attacked her mouth burying his tongue deep inside her delicate oral cavity. While so doing he pulled the buttons apart of her blouse and easily found the frontal clasp of her bra.

Before she could even protest the bra, too, was undone and its precious cargo fully exposed and manipulated. Just when she felt as if she was going to pass out Greg swept her off her feet and gently laid her on the bed. He next undid and removed her jeans For a moment he stood in awe of the prize he was about to claim. Beverly speechlessly watched as Greg then took off his own clothing and stood playing with his balls all the while nearly salivating over the sight spread before him.

Though she had been with Sean the one time, Beverly had actually never seen a man's penis in the raw flesh before. She grew anxious with fear of the damage Greg's seemingly huge dick would do entering her vagina. He then got on the bed, spread her legs apart and positioned himself and his dick for entry. Beverly held her breath when the head of his prick pressed against the lips of her pussy demanding passage deep into her womb.


To her surprise, his tool slid gently in and began stroking in and out as Greg laid his chest upon hers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Are you okay?" Nikki awoke startled by the moans and groans she heard coming from the sofa. Not receiving a reply, she stood up from the chair and walked over to offer aid to her cousin on the couch. "Oh, my God. She'll die when I tell her about this." Though it took several seconds for Nikki to digest the sight and activity going on in front of her, Beverly's actions soon needed no explanation.

Her hand was obviously buried in her crotch furiously rubbing away within the crevices of her pussy. Miss Goody Two Shoes was masturbating in her sleep. "Call me a lesbo but I gotta get me some of this." Nikki knelt down upon the floor while at the same time gently slipping the sheet from Beverly's body. Sure enough, Beverly was unfazed by the exposure and continued rubbing away, "Let me do this for you, sweetie," Nikki lovingly whispered as she pulled Beverly's hand away and replaced it with her own.

The pussy was soaked with cunt juice and eagerly accepted the new trespassing fingers belonging to Nikki's hand. "Thatta girl. Nikki will take care of you just right." Nikki very seldom had the need to play with herself and was surprised by the velvety texture of Beverly's wet pussy. She simultaneously rubbed the clit with her thumb and buried first one long finger and then two into her friend's vaginal canal.

She thought briefly of burying her mouth next into Beverly's love canal but mentally was not ready to take that next step towards lesbianism. Nikki looked towards Beverly's face and couldn't help but be struck with admiration of the boobs the guys all loved so much. As if spurred by nature Nikki began kissing her way up Beverly's stomach to the attraction so many men wanted to experience.

Once at the Twin Mountains she licked around the tight circle of the aureoles and then began sucking one taut nipple at a time like a hungry baby. "Oh, Greg," Beverly groaned. "Please don't." "You fucking little bitch! How dare you?" Though Beverly's words were muffled into the pillow Nikki realized after a few seconds just who Beverly was dreaming of fucking. "I'll show you." Nikki immediately broke all contact and marched into her bedroom.

Beverly's body seemed to convulse at the interruption but remained dead to the world in terms of being awake. She lay spent as if she had actually made love to Greg. Nikki was incensed and determined to seek some form of revenge even if Beverly's only sin was to have dreamed of fucking Nikki's boyfriend. Greg had early on in their relationship grown tired of straight sex and had bought a huge black dildo and a vibrator to get his rocks off with Nikki.

Until now Nikki detested his toys, as he called them, but was now more than willing to share them with her so called best friend and cousin. "So much for the guy who thinks he's going to claim your virginity," Nikki announced as if someone conscious were there to here.

"I'm gonna teach that better than thou virgin cunt of yours something." Nikki again knelt down by the couch and pulled Beverly's legs apart enough to accomplish her purpose. Beverly's pussy was still soaked by her own cum into which Nikki dug her fingers for lubrication to apply to the dildo. Once the black prong was lathered up Nikki without further ado inserted it into Beverly's pussy without caring whether or not it met resistance.

Beverly's body arched at the invasion and Nikki heard a yelp once the dildo was as fully inserted. Still, Beverly remained dead to the world. Nikki then began plunging the device in and out giving her cousin what she imagined to be was the fuck of her life.

The more she watched the more Nikki became hypnotized as the mammoth dick imitator first divided the pussy lips what seemed an ungodly distance apart and then stretched the lips out on the back stroke. Even so, Beverly's non-responsiveness soon grew boring. Leaving the dildo buried inside Beverly's frontal passage Nikki then nudged Beverly's body on its side facing the back of the couch.

"Jesus Christ!" Nikki exclaimed as she examined Beverly's backside. "She's even got a perky little asshole." Nikki extracted some more lube from in and around the bludgeoned dildo and spread more of Beverly's juices on the vibrator. Before inserting Greg's toy, however, Nikki could not resist fingering the little rosette staring back at her from Beverly's ass.

Her little asshole put up far more resistance than her pussy, but Nikki was dedicated to the task. Finally, her finger slipped through the opening and she was amazed at how the sphincter embraced and seemingly choked her extended digit. She was even more amazed being able to feel the bulky dildo from the anal passage through Beverly's vaginal walls.

She finger fucked Beverly in this manner for a minute or two, withdrew and then savagely plunged in the vibrator. Again, Beverly yelped but once invaded resumed her comatose state.

Growing tired herself Nikki withdrew the toys, retuned them to the bedroom and returned with a black magic marker. "We'll just label you for what you are," she evilly grinned. "Bitch." Then across Beverly's buttocks Nikki wrote out in bold capital letters the word whore, covered her with the sheet and went to bed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "God, what did you do to me last night?" Beverly muttered coming out of the bathroom the next morning. "I've never been so hung over or felt so beat up in my life." "What do you mean what did I do to you?" Nikki replied as she sat in the breakfast nook sipping a cup of coffee.

There was no way Beverly could remember what actually happened. "You got yourself snookered all on your own, sweetie." "Don't talk so loud." "Sorry," Nikki grinned as she vividly recalled the events from the night before.

"I didn't mean to disturb you." "Who undressed me?" Beverly spoke just above a whisper as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "You?" "Do I look like some sort of lesbian, or something?" "That, I know better," Beverly forced a smile at the thought as she joined her best friend in the nook. "Not my Nikki." "You gotta work today?" "I called in sick," Beverly answered unable to hold her head fully upright.

"I figured we still needed to talk.' "False alarm. My friend showed up this morning. " Nikki shrugged. "So don't get started with your shit again. I heard enough last night." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [b[Kismet I[/b] "Come on, Bev, baby, it's Mardi Gras time," David shouted above the music looking for the support of the other guys in the Dive Shop that night. "Show us your boobs." This was a first.

Beverly, as usual, sat perched upon the Dive Shop's counter like a queen surrounded and entertained by her loyal court. They knew she was hot and now, more importantly, she knew she was hot. Still this night was different. Sean was due home any day from the Gulf War and evidently the fortune spent on a new wardrobe had, if not the desired effect, made an impact.

"This isn't New Orleans and I don't see any beads." "It's still Mardi Gras time," Steve, owner of the shop, chimed in. "Be it New Orleans or Torrance, CA." "I can't," Beverly scoffed and finished off her third 16 ounce can of Olympia beer. "I'm engaged to Sean, remember." "Hell, we'll even take pictures," Sean's twin brother, Charlie, said grabbing a Kodak camera from one of the shelves.

"And send them to Sean." "That's all I need," Beverly still resisted and headed for the ice chest for another beer. "Not tonight, boys." "Listen, Sweetie," Steve joined her at the ice chest, put his arm around her and whispered in her ear. "Hell, with those stretch pants, sheer blouse and flimsy ass bra, what's the difference?

You wanna become known as the Torrance Tease?" Steve, an ex-Green Beret who had been like a big brother to Beverly especially since Sean's departure for Gulf War, had long been her best friend and protector. Never once had he made a move on her. They had just that day returned from the canyons where he taught her to shoot a service type M-15 he had somehow obtained while in the service. Additionally, the Dive Shop had long been a safe haven and normally she felt like just one of the guys.

"You promise nothing else is gonna happen." "You're in my hands, Baby. Don't worry." Beverly brought up in a strict Polish, Catholic environment had, at age 18, only once revealed herself to a man.

That man was Sean on the night before he shipped out to the war and the night she lost her virginity. Though not officially engaged, she had remained true since. There had been temptations, especially with Nikki's boyfriend Greg hanging around all the time, but she had been true. Instead of back on the counter Beverly stepped behind it when she returned to the group.

"If I do this, no pictures," she seriously stated looking directly in Charlie's direction. "Understand?" "At least not with that cheap ass camera," Steve broke in pulling out from a drawer an expensive 35 mm single lens reflex camera.

"That wouldn't do you justice." "Steve, I said no camera." "Not to worry, Baby," Steve ignored her while readying his camera for action. "It's me." Beverly turned her back to the guys and tentatively began undoing the buttons to her near see though blouse. "Hell, I've seen most of them take a piss at one point or another," she thought to herself. "What's the big deal if they see my tits?" Thinking so and doing so, however, were two different matters.

Her grandmother would turn over in her grave if she knew what her granddaughter was about to do. "What the hell," Beverly said more to herself than her adoring public once she turned to face them. "I'll try anything once." "Take it off. Take it off. Take it all off." David started the chant and soon all were in chorus with each other.

"Take it off. Take it off. Take it all off." Though feeling her face turn red Beverly took pride in the fact she had already caused an obvious physical reaction among most of her male friends. Even she had to admit, her boobs were good. She undid her sleeves and with a wriggle let the blouse fall to the floor. "Take it off. Take it off. Take it all off." Shyly, she bowed her head as she undid the clasp positioned in the front of her bra.

The bra fell open and she pinched her arms in against her boobs to get the best effect. "What the hell's going on here?" Beverly, blinded by the constant flash of Steve's camera, could not see who had entered the shop but was familiar with the voice.

She immediately ducked behind the counter and nervously re-clasped her bra and struggled in that position to restore her blouse. "You guys are supposed to be my friends," Sean bellowed strolling into the center of the room.

"I go off to war and come back to what. My friends in a circle jerk with my girl." "There's nothing going on, Sean," Beverly meekly stated while rising back above the counter. "We were just having some fun." "And you, you fucking cunt!" Sean turned to face Beverly with scorn etched all over his face. "I saved myself for you for what. You've probably been banging every Tom, Dick and Harry in town." "Sean!" Beverly screamed as he turned his back and strode out of the shop. "Wait." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You didn't tell me you were getting in tonight," Beverly tried to explain.

"How was I to know?" "What the hell does that have to do with the price of rice in China?" Sean exclaimed not believing his ears. "You were posing for nude pictures!" "Topless." "Whatever." Beverly hysterically ran out of the Dive Shop and had caught Sean just as he got to his car.

After an eternity of pleading he'd agreed to go to Grunions' and try to talk things through over a beer. Her seemingly casual, flippant answers about finding her half naked in a roomful of men, however, were only aggravating his already bruised ego. "I bought this outfit for you and just wanted to test it out on the guys before you got home," Beverly again tried to explain.

"One thing led to another, and then you walked in." "And what would have happened had I not walked in?" "You can't really mean what I think you mean," Beverly now took offense.

"I thought you loved me." "Not after what I saw tonight." "So," Beverly, on the verge of tears, asked. "We're done, then?" "Much better the Bo Derek look than skull and crossbones," an older, tall, scruffy male leaned into Beverly's face to say. "The added weight looks good." "And who the hell is that?" Sean angrily shot out as he slid back his chair and watched the stranger walk away.

"Another one of your fucking johns?" "Sean!" Beverly was too late this time as she sat frozen watching him stalk out the door. "And who was that?" Greg asked with an all knowing smile while sliding into the vacant chair next to Beverly. "Just my life," Beverly mumbled. "Or so I thought." "Bartender!" Greg shouted across the way. "Two shooters, please" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly awoke the next morning and did not recognize the surroundings.

Where was she and who was lying in the bed next to her? Though still hazy, ever so slowly the main events of the night before unfolded in her head and it had been no dream this time that she had made it with someone other than Sean. Sean had been ever so kind and gentle taking her for that first time. The most memorable thing about losing her virginity had been when the two of them in their so called passion fell off the twin bed and toppled to the floor in the middle of the event.

Afterwards, had it not been for some blood she'd never have known anything happened. Greg, on the other hand, took her like a man. She normally hated the word but this time she knew without a doubt she had been fucked.

That was it. Sean was some boy. Greg was a man. Her ideal man. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "My friend hasn't been to see me in over two months." Beverly took advantage of one of the few moments she had to be alone with Greg since the night at Grunions.

"What are you talking about?" Greg replied paying more attention to the football game on the TV. "I'm pregnant." "So?" "So, you're the father." "You sure?" "I'm sure, asshole." "And you expect what out of me." "I just thought…" "Well, you better think again." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Near Prom "Uh, oh," Lu, the complex busy body moaned.

She and Beverly were lying out by the pool. "Here comes trouble." Glad to have the last year and a half behind her Beverly was finally feeling as if she could return to a normal life. Once word had gotten out that she was pregnant her entire world as it previously existed shattered apart. When Beverly refused to name the father her Dad, thinking he knew everything, logically figured Sean to be the bastard who ruined his innocent and na? little baby girl.

Hell bent on preserving his daughter's reputation he drunkenly attacked Sean in some bar, made an ass of himself and had it not been for Sean's feelings for his ex-wayward girlfriend would have been arrested. Sean, nice guy that he really was, did offer to marry her as they originally planned and make things look legitimate.

Beverly, out of respect for Sean, refused hoping beyond hope Greg would eventually come around. An abortion was out of the question both in Beverly's eyes and even more so her mother's eyes. Giving the baby up for adoption to an outsider was equally repulsive. Still, Beverly was only eighteen, soon to be nineteen, and everybody but Beverly thought her too young to throw her life away to become a single mother.

Mom and Dad, acting as if they were the sacrificial lambs given the situation, eventually made the decision for Beverly. They would adopt the baby as their own and raise the child on the money they saved for Beverly's college education. The funds for the two quarters already spent at UCLA were to be paid back in support of her love child. Beverly weighed her options and hopelessly gave in knowing that without her parents' support she was between a rock and a hard place.

The rest of the family while maybe not as judgmental was less than understanding. If she heard her live in dolt of an uncle ask his old and tired Polish joke "Are you sure the baby's yours?" once she heard it a million times. As her stomach became more and more pronounced she became a freak show attraction to her younger brother and his friends.

Suzie, her sister, though she would never admit it, took obvious satisfaction from Beverly's fall from being the favored daughter to being the tarnished black sheep of the family. Her father far and away was the greatest disappointment. She had known what to expect from her holier than thou mother but her Dad, long branded as the family drunk and loser, she expected better. Beverly had been his only advocate and friend for as long as she could remember.

While his initial actions were not much different than everybody else treating her like dirt, his abandonment hurt the worst. Unlike everybody else, when drunk, he did not hesitate to use words like slut and whore when referring to his once beloved daughter.

The hopelessness of her situation, and the final straw, manifested itself two months after the baby Justin was born. Once more refused access to the baby by her mother Beverly again confined herself to her room where she'd cry herself to sleep. In the wee hours her father crept into her room, disrobed and got into bed with his daughter.

He had always been secretly fascinated with her perky tits and tight ass and this night he intended to enjoy the fruit of his loins. She awoke feeling his naked cock against her leg and his fingers on her tits.

Beverly, too groggy and too slow to react, lay silently as he then covered her mouth with his hand before she could scream. The last words she heard her father slur before she kicked him in the balls was, "If you're going to give it away it's time you learned that charity begins at home." Once he stumbled out of her room she packed her meager belongings and left the house for good.

Not knowing where else to go she walked three miles to one of her best friends in high school Lu's apartment.

Lu, aware but not fully aware of Beverly's family situation, without question welcomed her to share her apartment for as long as Beverly needed. Not a single soul ever came looking for her. That was seven months ago. Beverly now had a job and her own sparsely furnished apartment in the same complex as Lu's.

No longer under her mother's watchful eye, and finally absent the baby fat from her pregnancy, Beverly was laying out by the pool with Lu unashamedly clad in a bikini that she could now afford and better yet own and wear. Lu, on the other hand, looked like a beached whale but she had long ago given up the pretense that she would ever be anything other than fat and accepted her body as her fate. She was one of the few other females Beverly could be around and not worry how bad Beverly might make them look in comparison.

"What," Beverly opened her eyes and looked to Lu. "Are you talking about?" "Rex, and he's on the prowl," Lu answered with a nod to the other side of the pool. "And it's not my fat ass he's interested in, I'll guarantee you." "Who's Rex?" "You're about to find out.

Here he comes," Lu whispered, got up and waved to the oncoming Rex before leaving. "Adios." "Well, so much for the introduction I was hoping for," Rex comfortably stated as he occupied Lu's vacated lounge chair and then carefully eyeballed the entire package of the vixen laying there before him.

"Hi, I'm Rex Gilmore." "Beverly Rakoski," Beverly shyly said and sat up suddenly feeling as if he had caught her naked. "I was hoping you'd do me a favor," Rex continued when she failed to say anything else.

"That is if you don't mind." "And," Beverly, taking heed of Lu's tone, suspiciously asked. "That is?" "Well, I got this really hot neighbor I've been wanting to ask out," Rex began his preplanned spill. His date for the office party the next week had just backed out and he needed a suitable replacement lined up as soon as possible. "But I haven't the foggiest idea on how to approach her." "You know I may be young and dumb, but I didn't just fall off the turnip truck," Beverly grinned in appreciation of his effort.

"Nor some ditzy blonde. You trying to ask me out?" "Guilty, your honor." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "God," Rex could only think as he watched Beverly delicately eat her frankfurter.

"Screw the hot dog. That should be my dick she's nibbling on." The conversation at the pool had advanced to cooking hot dogs on Rex's patio. Beverly's bikini was now supposedly hidden by the wrap she put on upon leaving the pool but the sheerness of the fabric did nothing to hide her beautifully tanned and trim waist let alone her strikingly trim legs.

It did, however, hide from view her one feature that instantly drove him crazy at the pool, the inside of her thighs where they connected to the pelvis. The muscle, tendon, sinewy ligament, whatever, architecture was unlike any woman he had seen before and like an open map leading to the invasion of her pussy. And, of course, the boobs were obvious no matter what she had on. Beverly was enjoying the attention so long absent in her life. Though Rex was somewhat older, he wasn't ancient and was definitely worthy of consideration for a date.

She still puzzled over Lu's tone and quick disappearance when Rex showed up at the pool. He seemed like a nice guy. She knew Lu was cynical by nature and concluded that no warning had been intended and Lu, if anything, was just was just clearing the way for Rex to introduce himself.

"So, tell me about this party," Beverly returned to the subject at hand as she placed her half eaten hot dog back on her plate. "Is the dress casual, or what?" "I'd say semi-formal," Rex informed and immediately draped a cloud over what had started out as a promising return to a social life for Beverly. "It's the biggest party of the year at the firm." Beverly reacted as if she had just unexpectedly stepped into an ice cold shower.

An invitation to a semi-formal party at any other point in the future would be a no-brainer. With Sean in the Middle East she had passed on her senior prom and ever since imagined she would one day have the opportunity to attend such an event. The trouble today was she was living from paycheck to paycheck and could not afford to buy a suitable dress. "Well, I guess that decides that," Beverly reluctantly replied.

"I'm sorry, but I'll have to pass this time." "What's the problem?" Rex stammered shaken by this sudden change of heart. "I can guarantee you that with you on my arm we'll be the best looking couple there." "It's not you," Beverly tried to console.

"But if you gotta know the truth, I can't afford it. I have nothing to wear." "Screw that!" Rex countered relieved the solution was so easy. "I'll buy you a dress." "I can't let you do that." "Why not?" He smiled and took her hand in his. "Besides, it'll be worth it just to see you all gussied up and driving my associates at the office wild with envy." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "If I get pinched one more time," Beverly spoke loud enough to be heard over the music while dancing with Rex.

"I'm going to scream." "Don't lie to me. I've been watching you," Rex chuckled and pulled her slightly closer to grab a pinch himself. "You've been having the time of your life." Truth be told Beverly was having the time of her life. Though with a new and much older crowd she somehow managed to find herself in an old accustomed place, the center of everyone's attention.

The expensive, clingy, and somewhat sleazy dress from an exclusive shop on Rodeo Drive only enhanced her natural attributes. She was never without a dance partner and though the hands were forever discretely trying to cop a feel all had been gentlemen for the most part. As usual, the other women looked on with disdain as the men gleefully catered to her every whim. Beverly behaved herself with maybe one exception. To the other women's shock and even Rex's refrained disapproval Beverly did not hesitate a second when asked to join the other men in the corner reserved for smoking cigars.

"Excuse me, Rex," his boss said tapping him on the shoulder. "May I cut in?" Other than the smoking incident, Rex, too, was more than pleased.

He had once again brought the belle of the ball and maintained his stature as the most coveted bachelor amongst his coworkers and their spouses. He was more than willing to share his prize catch knowing all the men's imaginations vicariously would go with him when he and Beverly made their exit from the party. Then all would anxiously await Monday so they could hear about the after party favors that Rex would disclose bit by bit throughout the day.

"You ready to go?" "Do we have to?" Beverly asked taken aback that he'd want to make an early exit. "Your boss was talking about everyone getting together for drinks over by the airport." "He's in enough trouble with his wife now over you," Rex explained taking her by the arm and heading towards his boss's table to announce their departure. "Besides, there will be other parties." They purposely made the rounds of all the tables so Rex could rub his knock out date in the men's noses one last time and then leave them wanting for more.

Though hesitant at first, Beverly, as well, enjoyed the effect of making a grand exit and threw a little added emphasis to her backside sway as they moved from one group to another. "Do you have to do," Rex frowned when Beverly pulled out a cigarette once out in the parking lot.

"That?" "Yep," Beverly laughed as she lit up. "Unless you're going to change the rules and let me smoke in your car." "Not in my Porsche you're not," he quickly answered and stood looking to the sky. "Your mouth's going to taste like an ashtray." "How would you know?" Beverly grinned devilishly while forcing him to look her in the eyes.

"You haven't even tried to kiss me yet. What's the matter, you chicken?" "I'm no chicken," Rex responded taking her cigarette from her hand, throwing it down on the pavement and then grinding it out with his shoe. "Try this." Beverly instantly began to melt as Rex claimed her in his arms and covered her mouth with his. He pushed her back against another car and ground his hips against her. Like several other men that night there was no hiding the fact that she had him aroused as she felt the lump in his pants touch against her for the first time.

Beverly surprised herself when she equally pushed back with her own hips. "Someone's going," she breathlessly said when he broke off the kiss. "To see us." "I don't care," Rex replied with mounting passion in his voice. "I've been watching you flaunt that ass all night," he paused and leaned back to rub his crotch. "And Tyrannosaurus Rex here can't take much more." "How fast can you make that Porsche go?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No sooner had the door closed to Rex's apartment than both began clawing and kissing the other leaving a trail of clothing that led to his bedroom.

The high speed twenty minute drive only served to heighten their mutual anticipation and there was no question what both wanted once out of the public eye. They fell into his bed as one and the race was on. With very little preamble Rex soon found his meat buried in her delicious twat and, unable to contain himself, blew his load in a matter of seconds.

"I'll grant you you're hot," Rex said as he got out of bed and retrieved a nearby robe. "But I'm sure you got a lot more out of that than I did." "What do you mean," Beverly sat up covering her chest with a sheet.

"By that?" "If I didn't know better," he continued his strangely timed diatribe. "I'd say you were a virgin." "What!" "You've had a kid," he now spoke in a matter of fact tone. "You've been around the block a time or two, I'd guess." "How would you know that?" "Word gets around." "Well, if it wouldn't put you out too much," Beverly managed to say not knowing whether to cry or scream.

"Would you get my clothing so I can get out of here?" "You saying that wasn't good for you?" "Hell, you didn't last long enough," she spit out the words climbing out of the bed now draping the sheet around her to gather up her belongings. "For me to find out." "You served your purpose," he shot back as he held the door open not caring now one way or another about his latest conquest.

"Get out, bitch." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Coed Days "Come on, Bevie," Eric pleaded. "Please, I gotta see you this weekend." "Don't call me Bevie." "Okay, then, Bev, Beverly, whatever," he continued into the phone. "That doesn't change the fact I gotta see you this weekend." "Listen, Eric. Last weekend was one of the best I've had in a long, long time," Beverly repeatedly tried to explain.

"I just don't feel up to it this weekend. Trust me." "Would crying help?" "Real men," she shook her head at the phone in frustration. "Don't cry." "Beg?" "You are begging," she snapped in exasperation. "And I don't like it." "You could bring your VCR over," he continued unfazed by her attitude.

"And we could just watch movies like we did last weekend." "I especially don't wanna watch porn again," she was now on the verge of creating an excuse to get off the phone. "Once was more than enough, believe me." "Bevie…" "Hold on," she cut him off clasping her free hand over the mouth piece of the phone as if talking to someone else.

After a few seconds she came back on the line. "I've gotta go. Lu needs my help. Call me tomorrow." Without waiting for a reply Beverly hung up. Eric had just recently graduated from USC and his first job out of school landed him in a desk right next to hers. Eric, for his part, was instantly smitten with the so called "office tease" and immediately from day one began a well thought out campaign to change that image. She was definitely a tease but over and beyond that he found her the most intriguing woman he had ever met.

Beverly was not one of those airheads from college just there looking to capture their Mrs. Degree. Though short in stature, Beverly liked Eric, and even more so appreciated and envied his background. Eric represented to her everything that could have been. Her high school valedictorian, Beverly dreamed from early on of going to a college like USC, had even briefly gone to UCLA, get a degree in something, and eventually meet her future husband.

Greg and Justin had changed all that, and without her parent's help, even with the scholarships that had been offered, that dream became nothing more than another unfulfilled fantasy among her growing collection of unfulfilled fantasies. After weeks of being invited to lunches with the guys and an occasional group drink after work, she had agreed to go out with him. The first date, though unremarkable, was still nothing more than a good date. He played the perfect gentleman taking her to a dinner at an exquisite place in Hollywood and later a play at the Pantages Theater.

Afterwards once they got to the door of her apartment, she figured ala Rex he'd be expecting something in return. He surprised her with a soft kiss to the lips, a whispered good night, turned his back, walked to the car and was gone.

Next came last weekend. Eric was so genuine in his embarrassment asking if she'd like to go to a frat party the night before the USC-UCLA football game and then explaining he'd probably end up so drunk he couldn't take her home afterwards. To keep everything on the up and up, however, he guaranteed arrangements for her to stay at one of the little sisters' apartment if she wanted to go.

If she did go, the next day they'd all go to the football game and dinner. To Eric's surprise, Beverly said yes without even a hesitation of breath. Both got drunk that first night, she danced with all the brothers, had the time of her life and, true to his word, Beverly ended up in some dormitory with some twit who talked her to sleep.

Had Eric only known he could have had her that night, in the frat house and everyone knowing for all she cared. The game was close the next day and, though surrounded by USC supporters, she took her life in hand, by showing her allegiance for what it was to UCLA.

She figured it was her punishment when in the middle of the third quarter with UCLA winning by thirteen the group of Trojans decided it was time to leave the game. Win or lose, the fraternity had reserved a fancy Chinese restaurant to continue their weekend long hedonistic celebration where, as she was becoming accustomed in life, Beverly reigned over center stage with all the guys, with dates or not, eating out of her hand.

Similarly, as in other circumstances, she alienated the other women in so doing. Against her will, she was introduced to Peking duck giving in to the majority stating once again, "I'll try anything once." After their pagan meal a large group of them marched on to a strip club favored by the frat house that featured amateur night.

Try as they might, none of the guys, to Eric's seemingly relief, and Beverly's self proclaimed philosophy, could get Beverly to participate.

Exiting the strip club the two perused the adjoining adult toy store where Eric finally took advantage of her innocent curiosity over the porn movies on the shelf. He said he had a collection of his own and if she could supply a VCR, his was broken; they could go and watch in the privacy of his apartment. Beverly recognized the ploy for what it was. In fact, she was glad to see Eric finally taking a move in that direction.

For the first time in her life, she felt as if she was in the mood. They watched several movies, her making fun of the over sized penises and phony acting of the women, got even drunker and ended up not surprisingly in bed. Eric, however, was no more experienced than her and, in the mood or not, she was once again left unsatisfied by the man she slept with that night.

"Maybe," she thought as she fell asleep against her already passed out lover. "We could learn together. That might be fun." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What in the name of God," Beverly growled answering the door that next morning.

"Are you doing here?" "Your phone's been ringing busy all morning," Eric attempted to explain realizing by the robe she wore he had probably gotten her out of bed. "I thought something might be wrong." "Eric, go home," she stated with finality and started to close the door.

"Bevie," Eric stopped the door with his hand. "Please?" "Call me later," she tried to smile even if she didn't feel like it. "When I put the phone back on the hook." She disappeared behind the now shut door and Eric somberly walked back to his car and did as told.

He was relieved that all appeared well with the woman he now viewed as the love of his life but at the same time anxious over what she wasn't telling him. Thrilled that he had finally scored with her he was still somewhat taken aback that she had without qualm gone to the strip show (at least she didn't bare her chest), the toy store and without criticizing him for having them watched his porn movies as if all were everyday occurrences for her.

Without doubt either at the frat party, the restaurant or the strip club she more than flirted with his so called brothers each of whom would have stuck a knife in his back for the opportunity to lay the latest sweetheart of Sigma Chi. What if she was in bed right now with one of them?

He'd never know. He knew Beverly wasn't like that but still worried. He took consolation in the fact that last weekend she did go home with the guy who brung her to the dance and she did, in fact, go to bed with him, and oh what a night that was. And he was ready for another one. The hours slowly passed and his mood grew more melancholy. He was in love with a woman who on a whim could have any man she wanted. He loved everything about her, the way she talked, the way she walked, her hair, her face, her eyes, her ears, her boobs, her ass, her legs, her feet, and most especially the way she made love.

She was perfect in every way. What wasn't there to love about her? Why would she ever want him? Monday at work she acted as if nothing had taken place over the weekend while he wanted to announce to the world the two of them were now a thing.

Tuesday she to everyone's surprise accepted an invitation to go to lunch with the girls. Wednesday Skubiel took them all to lunch to celebrate her birthday and just like at the frat house he felt the odd man out while she got all the attention. Thursday he was tied up in a meeting across town and she was gone for the day when he arrived back at the office. Yesterday she wasn't at work and was distant when he called her that night. Last weekend was probably just a lark for her.

"Hello." "Finally, you answer." Eric felt his member grow hard at the sound of her voice. "Is everything okay?" "Yes, everything's okay," Beverly tried to show more patience than she had that morning. "How are you?" "A lot better now that I hear your voice." Eric's improved mood was obvious even over the phone.

"And will be even better when I see you." "Eric, nothing's changed since last night," Beverly sighed. "I'm not in the mood for a night out." "But I've got to see you." Beverly could not comprehend the urgency in his voice and slowly began to reconsider her options. She could sit home and be miserable all by herself or she could spend a quiet evening with Eric and maybe forget about her misery for a few hours. Eric evidently was not being easily put off.

"So, what do you have in mind?" "Whatever you want," Eric answered in all honesty. "All I care about is that we're together." "I'm tired, I'm grouchy, but I guess you know that already," she replied running several alternatives, none of which sounded appealing, through her head.

Fuck Ein Mädchen Freund

"Trust me, I really don't want to go out in public tonight." "How about I rent a movie, a chick flick if you want, and I'll cook you a dinner," he seized the opportunity before she could change her mind. "All you have to do is be here, and bring your VCR." "What can you cook?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The meatloaf was dry, the mashed potatoes lumpy and the gravy too thin but Beverly appreciated the effort especially since it was homemade and cooked by someone other than herself.

Besides, whatever his meal lacked was more than made up for in Eric's choice of wine. Though he had served beef he knew from past outings with the guys Beverly preferred white wines and had purchased several bottles of an expensive white burgundy for the occasion. Beverly sat yoga style on the couch sipping her wine while Eric cleaned the kitchen. She'd briefly thought of offering to help but decided this one night she could let herself be spoiled.

This was her first real opportunity to appraise his apartment and, though not done to her taste, it wasn't all that bad and, more importantly, it was clean. Even the toilet seat was down, unusual for most men she had known even if women were around. Eric took his time in the kitchen now anxious at over how quiet Beverly had been since he picked her up late that afternoon.

She didn't say much, and she didn't eat much. He had fixed the only meal he knew, one his mother taught him when he first moved into the apartment, and she had seemed unimpressed. Hopefully she'd enjoy a good leftover meatloaf sandwich as a midnight snack after a good romp in the bed. "Here," Eric interrupted her solitude and took her wine glass to fill. "Let me touch that up." "Thank you." "Anything," Eric replied as he then filled his own glass and sat down next to her. "For you." "Before I forget to do it." Beverly stretched out her slender legs and eased herself into Eric's shoulder.

"Thanks for tonight. Though I may not have deserved it, I really needed this." "I was afraid I'd done something wrong." "Maybe a little," she warmly smiled and kissed his cheek. "A little too persistent, but no harm, no foul." "Beverly, I was worried sick about you this week," he confessed and went into his rehearsed dialogue. "We had a great weekend then come Monday we hardly spoke and I haven't seen you since Wednesday at the end of work.

I didn't even know it was your birthday." "You know as well as I do we can't let anybody at work know about last weekend or now," she gently admonished and snuggled further into his shoulder.

When he wrapped his arm around her she naturally took his hand in hers and pulled it towards her chest. "And I didn't want you to go to any fuss for my birthday. Thursday it wasn't my fault you had a meeting across town and Friday I had a doctor's appointment and decided to take the day off." "Is something wrong?" "You worry too much," she stated and let go of his hand. "I'm fine." What Beverly didn't say was as with any other time after having had sex in her past she was worried herself a good part of the week praying she wasn't pregnant again.

Relief came with her period's arrival on Friday and she used an already scheduled appointment to finally get birth control. "I wanna." Though rehearsed throughout the afternoon the words came out wrong. "I wanna get married." "I want to get married," she laughed at his clumsiness not sure if this was a proposal or an attempt at conversation.

"Someday, too." "No, I mean," he started again and turned her around to face him. "I want to marry you. I love you. Will you marry me?" "I don't know what to say," Beverly could see how serious he was by the look in his eyes but was not prepared to answer that question at this moment.

"I really like you but I don't know that we've known each other long enough to say I love you." "So, you're not saying no?" "Neither am I saying yes." "Well, so much for the birthday present I got you." He repositioned her body away from his lap and then led her hand to his crotch.

Beverly's heart skipped a beat as she literally touched a man's hard penis with her hand for the first time. Though she turned him down, just seconds ago had been one of the truly romantic moments of her young life. In a flash, the romance was gone and she, too, was aroused. "Well, I hate to disappoint you in this, too, but like I've been trying to tell you, I'm not up to it tonight," she coyly smiled and gave his member a squeeze through his jeans.

"I'm sorry, believe me." "I don't understand." "God, if I gotta come out and say it," Beverly shook her head not believing he could be so dense. "It's that time of the month. Understand now?" "So?" "It'd be messy," she was getting embarrassed at having to prolong this aspect of the conversation.

The only reason she'd agreed to see Eric tonight was hoping to get how miserable she felt off her mind. Even so, she had to admit at least to herself, her juices, not just her period, were flowing at this moment. "I've never even thought about doing it on my period." "Neither have I," Eric said sensing the change in her body language and moved her into a prone position, laid down beside her and started rubbing the crotch of her jeans. "What's that you said repeatedly last weekend? 'I'll try anything once.'" "Eric," she attempted to protest as his mouth met hers.

"No." "Besides, I've heard," he whispered between kisses. "Women like it better at this time of the month." "I said," she pushed him off and returned to a sitting position. "No." "That's great," Eric snarled and stood his rod obviously snaking down the left side of his thigh. "You get Oscar all worked up and now I've got blue balls." "Who's Oscar," she asked looking at him as if he was speaking a foreign language.

"And what's blue balls? "Oscar's my buddy here," Eric explained tapping the still visible obtrusion still entrapped against his thigh.

"As in Oscar Meyer. Get it, Oscar Meyer wiener?" "Oh," she chuckled. "That's cute. I didn't know men named their things." "And blue balls," he continued not knowing if she was making fun of him or not.

"Is what it feels like when a man gets kicked between the legs." "I'm sorry I hurt Oscar's feelings," she successfully kept from laughing and patted the sofa for him to sit down. "And I guess I'll never know what it's like to be kicked between the legs." "I tell you I love you," Eric repeated as he sat back down beside her. "And I feel as if you're making fun of me." "Are you a fool or what?" Beverly silently asked herself. "You have for the first time a decent guy who says he loves you, not just to get in your pants, and you end up kicking him in the balls." "I'm not making fun of you." She turned into his face and stretched out on his lap willing to concede the moment if he still wanted her.

"I'm no nurse but maybe I can provide a cure for blue balls." Eric needed no coaxing and immediately laid claim to his hard fought reward before Beverly could change her mind. He firmly buried his tongue in her mouth and their two tongues started lashing at the other. The blouse and bra were soon on the floor and he momentarily contented his desires playing with the tits he knew the whole world desired.

Once he went to undo her jeans, Beverly still worried about any potential mess, got them both to their feet and led him into his own bedroom. She slipped out of the remainder of her clothing, went into the bathroom to remove her tampon and came back to the bed to find both Eric and Oscar ready, willing and able in the bed awaiting her charms.

"Oscar," she held open the sheet and looked down at his erect dick before climbing in beside Eric. "I know how frustrated you must feel but please be gentle with a woman in my condition." "And what condition's that?" Eric, now the puzzled one, asked.

"Well, see if this doesn't make tonight special for you," she whispered with a kiss to his ear. "I have never been so horny in all my life. Take me now." Eric needed no further encouragement and as she fell upon her back he quickly climbed between her legs and urged Oscar forward to his destiny. Beverly could feel her orgasm build the minute Oscar found his way inside and began pumping away for dear life.

Her pussy clutching Oscar let go fireworks neither of them had ever imagined before. "I'm," Eric was the first to screech. "Cumming." "Oh, God," Beverly squealed in equal passion and their hips ground together to a halt Oscar buried to the hilt in her vagina. "I'm cumming, too." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What's this shit?" Eric screamed as he climbed out of bed to discover his groin covered in blood.

"You're bleeding like some sort of stuck pig." "I told you I was on my period." "God damn it. Look at my sheets," he continued to yell pointing like a madman to the bed. "Those are $600 sheets. How'm I going to explain that?" "Explain to who?" "My mother. She does my laundry." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kismet II (Miss I'll Try Anything Once) "What, pray tell, are you doing here?" Beverly asked upon opening her door to discover Greg standing there in the rain.

"And where's Nikki?" "The bitch threw me out," Greg answered with a look to the sky as if to further say are you going to let me in or not? "And you just naturally come to me?" "She said that I talk so much about you that I should go live with you," Greg sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "So, here I am." "You've got your nerve, man," Beverly shook her head and started to close the door.

"I suggest you go back to Nikki and patch things up." "I can't. That bitch is crazy," Greg quickly said while slipping his hand between the door and the frame. "She came after me with a knife." "You can't stay here." "Just for the night," he pleaded refusing to move his hand. "Please?" "Nikki's my best friend," Beverly reminded herself more than Nikki's husband.

"You can't stay here." "Some best friend," Greg seized the straw tossed to him. "If you only knew the half of it." "What are you talking about?" "Let me in and I'll tell you," he replied sensing Beverly was about to give in.

"Just this one night." One night became two and, before Beverly knew it, two nights became two weeks. Beverly was aghast at his story how after the margaritas that one night long ago Nikki abused Beverly's body because she thought Beverly was dreaming about Greg. Though Beverly could not remember that night's dreams she never admitted to Greg having those recurring dreams both before and after the incident he revealed to her.

Thinking back to that next morning and how bad she felt Beverly realized now that she should have known then it was more than a hangover. On that Beverly was convinced Greg was telling the truth. Both thanked God for caller ID whenever the phone rang those first couple weeks so neither had to talk to the bitch. A two bedroom apartment with only one furnished bedroom just left the couch for Greg at night. Though it was all she could do to play ignorant to his innuendos that they were now free to be the couple they were meant to be she was determined not to let him abandon her yet another time when he was done using her for whatever purpose he had in mind.

Still, she never insisted he leave and Greg knew it would only be a matter of time before they'd be sharing her bed. Two weeks became two months and Beverly, once that door opened, did all she could to demonstrate to Greg what a bad decision he had made two plus years earlier choosing Nikki over her.

She cooked, a benefit unknown to Greg since leaving home, not necessarily her preferred diet but made sure meat and potatoes were on the table every night. She experimented and found he most enjoyed her Grandmother's family recipe for Golumki, Polish stuffed cabbage rolls. Still, he slept on the couch and had made no move on Beverly other than to engage her in conversation a fact that now was becoming a little more than unsettling to her.

She had learned, though, arrogant ass that he was, that he thought he had taken her virginity and she had been chaste ever since. While in her head at least, the chaste part was more true than not, she had dated and had the Sean, Rex and Eric experiences under her belt. If he wanted to think otherwise she wasn't going to correct his false assumptions.

She was more than irritated that he never once asked about her pregnancy or Justin. He would talk all day, unless stopped, about what a wild woman Nikki had been in bed something Beverly didn't care to know one way or another.

"You can't go out there in that thing." "I can go anyplace I want in this thing," Beverly countered making sure Greg got the benefit of every angle and just how little her one bikini covered up her tantalizing body.

"Besides, it's not like you've shown an interest one way or another." "I'm a married man," it was Greg's turn to taunt. "Remember?" "My guess is not for long you're not," Beverly teased in return in her best I know something you don't know voice and turned back to give him a frontal assault in the bikini.

"Nikki sent you a present today courtesy of the LA County Courthouse." "If you don't come here this instant," Greg stood and opened his arms.

"Then I'll just have to take that thing off you myself." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "We're going to have to get you edumacated," Greg said offhandedly as they lay in the bed he toying with the hair on the back of Beverly's neck.

"You're great in bed as it is but guys like something a little more than whip it in, whip it out, wipe it off and worry, you know." "I'm on the pill." "Well, I guess that takes care of the worry part," he smiled at the na?t?f her remark and looked forward to teaching his latest pupil her first lesson. Then out of the blue he laughed for no apparent reason. "I was just going to ask you if you've ever been down on a guy before. Now that's a joke." "You don't necessarily know that I haven't." "Well, have you?" "No," she turned to face him so he could see the smirk.

"That doesn't mean you know everything." "I do about you," he confidently replied now stroking her head. "My pet." One month had passed since Greg received his separation papers from Nikki and the last thirty days had been the best of Beverly's life.

Not that Greg was even close to perfect from the outside world's perception but he was finally hers. He hardly worked, was gone far too often but when he came home he did come home to her. The wait had been a living hell at times for Beverly but her time had finally come. Maybe somewhat still green around the gills Beverly nevertheless knew where Greg's conversation was going.

The act didn't do anything for her when having to watch it in the porn movies with Eric but neither had it been the most repulsive thing she had ever seen or imagined. "Why not?" she thought. "I'll try anything once." "So, tell me," Greg continued again rubbing the hair on the back of her neck. "Would you know what to do if I asked you to go down on the Tin Man.?" "Well, I can understand not calling him the Cowardly Lion," Beverly chuckled reaching further down under the sheets to give Greg's prick a quick playful pull.

"But why the Tin Man?" "Here watch," Greg answered, pulled the sheet down to expose the semi-erect Tin Man himself, guided her hand back and waited for her to take hold. This was the first time Beverly had actually had to examine a man's penis close up and personal and she was surprised by the amount of loose flesh still surrounding Greg's cock head. "Now work your hand up and down.

See how the head pops in and out. Just like the Tin Man, when he gets excited he blows his top." "I never even knew." "So," Greg now began applying some pressure to the back of her neck. "How about it?" Sucking dick was never a subject covered in the sex education classes in school and, lacking any instruction other than a porn video, Beverly, assisted by Greg's pressure from behind her head, began reversing her body to position her head and resultantly her mouth down near his awaiting member.

She began licking the shaft much like an ice cream cone and then the head marveling how she could maneuver the Tin Man in and out of his coat of fleshy cocoon by the stroke of her hand. Knowing the moment of truth had arrived; she then opened her mouth and little by little accepted the thick shaft in between her parted lips.

Unable to just continue licking at this point she then closed her lips around the head and began sucking as if giving Greg a hickey. Greg slowly began stroking his dick back and forth at the same time increasing the pressure on the back of her head with each forward thrust. Before she could react, Beverly then felt his body grow tense as he made one final gagging plunge to the back of her oral cavity and, using the strength of his hand to hold Beverly's head in place, let loose an explosion to the back of her throat.

"You son of a bitch!" Beverly screamed her head now free to back away from his rigid cock and gasping for air. "You didn't say not to," Greg laughed as she jumped from the bed and rushed to the bathroom. "That's the rules, you know?" "Why did you," Beverly asked in a hoarse, gravelly voice when returning a few minutes later now covered up by a long terry robe and crawling into the far side of the bed.

"Do that to me?" "I'm sorry, Bev, really," Greg tried his best to sound sincere. "It's just you were so good at it I lost all control." "Was it better than Nikki, at least?" "Nikki couldn't hold a candle to you," Greg offered withholding the fact that Nikki had never let him cum in her mouth.

"I don't suppose you're in the mood for lesson number two now, are you?" "I just puked my guts out," she tartly answered and turned her back to go to sleep. "What do you think?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly arose the next morning to get ready for work and was surprised to find Greg gone.

The fact that he was gone was of no shock but the fact that he was out of bed long before noon was. As was par for the course, however, he left around enough reminders that Greg Gibson had indeed slept there. His dirty underwear and socks were in the usual place under the window by the bed and his dirty jeans and t-shirts from the last three days were piled in the corner. "He's gotta learn," Beverly thought to herself as she made her way to the bathroom.

"I'm not his mother and I'm not going to spend my life cleaning up after him." She was astonished when finally dressed and in the kitchen to find a pot of coffee evidently prepared for her and a note standing against the cup that read: Thanks for the best head a guy's ever had!

"It's good you liked it cause that'll be the only head," she spoke aloud in a definitive tone. "You're ever going to get from me." Beverly didn't even want to think about the experience from the night before. She knew before hand that Greg, as he often put it, was quick to pull the trigger and maybe she should have established the rules first as he said but maybe he didn't have to force her the way he did with the constant pressure to the back of her head, either.

Besides, though she never questioned his hygiene, his dick and balls smelled rather musky and even before he shot his load the pre-cum was salty and bitter tasting. She was already determined at that point that the act was not going to be repeated on any regular basis.

Fortunately he had let go of her head in time or he'd have had one fine mess in his lap. "This is starting to become too much," Beverly came to an unsettling conclusion as she rummaged through her purse looking for gas money.

"Of a coincidence. I know I got money out the bank yesterday." She didn't mind loaning him an occasional twenty when asked but more and more over the last couple weeks money was disappearing without even a word.

With him alone in the apartment nearly everyday all her rainy day funds, to include a hundred dollar bill given her by her favorite uncle and only family member who treated her with any dignity at all, hidden away in various places had just as mysteriously vanished. Greg, when confronted, took insult that she would even think he would go through her things let alone steal her money. Still, what other explanation was there?

Though the negatives were piling up Beverly dismissed each and every one when she considered the alternative. He made no secret that he was a" take me as I am or leave it" kind of guy and she had no doubt that he would leave her if she started wanting to change his ways. She knew her friends, though they never said anything directly, hated him but that didn't matter. Overall, she had, or so she thought, everything she had always wanted in Greg and she could overlook things like the occasional rough sex, the dirty laundry every place and even the money that apparently could grow legs and walk away.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Come on, Bev, I'm just doing these things for you," Greg argued against Beverly's resistance to try anything new.

"You need to know these things." "Why, so I could become some little whore," she shot back. "With you my pimp?" "You know damn well," Greg answered as he briefly considered the merits of her suggestion. "That's not what I'm talking about." "So, tell me then," Beverly was determined not to give in again to something she truly did not want to do. "What happened to enjoying just some plain, good old fashioned sex?" "Nikki liked it." "I don't give a shit what Nikki liked," Beverly now growing angry responded with pure venom.

"In fact, if she liked it so much go do it with Nikki." "Okay, if that's the way you want it," Greg threw the sheets off, sat up and spun his legs off the bed.

"Maybe I will." "Wait just a minute," Beverly quickly retreated from her seemingly firm position not believing she had even opened the door to this aspect of the conversation. "I didn't mean that and you know that." "So," Greg smiled as only he could especially when he knew he was about to get his way once again.

Orgy in restaurant with customers before CFNM party between nurses in hospital

"You going to do it or not?" "I'll try, just this once," Beverly against her will once again gave in. "And if I say stop, you stop. Understand?" "Would I do anything to hurt you?" Greg didn't wait for an answer as he disappeared into the bathroom and returned seconds later already lathering his swollen dick with an ample amount of petroleum jelly with one hand and carrying the open jar of Vaseline in the other.

"What's that for?" "This will help, trust me," Greg answered as he crawled back into the bed and pulled the sheets down off Beverly's body. "Now just roll to your side and let Greg see that pretty little arse of yours." Wanting to get things over with Beverly withheld further protest and did as instructed as Greg now began applying the jelly around her anal opening. Greg felt as if his cock was swelling to even greater dimensions when he inserted his index finger into the rosebud aperture of her ass and meet instant resistance from her sphincter muscle.

"Baby, you've got the finest looking ass in the world," he purred as finally the finger slipped into her crack. "And the Tin Man's going to fuck your pretty little eyes out and turn those pretty baby blues brown." "Gee," Beverly grimaced as she felt his finger glide into an area where she never in her wildest imagination could picture a man's dick wanting to go. "I can hardly take the romance." "Try this then," Greg teased as he slipped yet another finger up her ass. "For size." Beverly now feeling discomfort was just on the verge of saying stop when both fingers withdrew with an audible pop.

He then rolled her onto her stomach and positioned himself straddled across the back of her thighs. As he leaned into her body Beverly could more than sense that the pressure against her asshole was no longer a finger or two and definitely the bulbous head of Greg's prick. She told herself to stay relaxed but her body failed to cooperate. Her anal gate remained involuntarily locked refusing passage to the unwelcome invader. Greg remained unfazed by the resistance and became even more determined to rip her ass apart if necessary to gain entry.

The head finally poked through and was now being strangled by her sphincter. "Stop!" Beverly screamed in agony. "You're hurting me!" There was no stopping Greg at this point. Beverly's body was pinned down by his body and his cock just barely in her tight ass. In fact, her screams just added to his pleasure and determination. No longer caring to be gentle he hesitated long enough to guarantee his mark and then just rammed his cock through the tiny little opening picturing in his mind how stretched that rosebud now had to be.

He savagely pumped away urged further by Beverly's continued protests. Unlike her pussy, though tight, nothing compared to the sensation of his cock being firmly sheathed within the confines of the hottest ass he was ever going to know. When he jammed forward one last time and rigidly held himself in place Beverly, with the end now finally in sight, felt her rectum expand even more as his dick began to pulse and then explode deep within her intestinal walls.

"You can get off now," she barely managed to say as she felt his limp dick slip from out of her ass. "Asshole." "Is that any way to talk," Greg laughed as he fell to her side. "To the man who just got the best fuck of his young life?" "Well, I'm glad you got something out of it." "It'll be better next time," Greg tried to soothe Beverly pulling her into his arm.

"You'll see." "Greg, listen to me. There ain't going to be no next time," Beverly snarled as she wriggled free and got out of bed. "And no more private lessons from your sordid imagination, either.

Got that?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Damn it, Greg," Beverly muttered as she entered what she thought to be an empty apartment smelling the distinctive odor of an illegal nature. "I've told you I don't want you smoking that shit in here." She went in the kitchen, immediately noted the pile of dirty dishes Greg had promised to do, poured an ice tea and sat down at the table intending to read that day's mail.

"What was that?" There had been some sort of noise that seemed to have originated from the bedroom. Beverly froze with her first thought that maybe someone was trying to break in her place but then heard what distinctively was a woman's giggle. Not knowing what she'd find she rushed to the bedroom and threw open the door. "What the fuck," Beverly shouted having found Greg in bed with one of the neighbors.

"Is going on here?" "Bev," Greg stammered as he fell off his new play mate and unabashedly looked to Beverly. "It's not what you think." "What I think," Beverly continued to yell and stepped to the side of the doorway to make room for clear passage. "Is I want that bitch out of my bed, now!" The women in fear of her life quickly slipped out of bed and back into her swim suit.

She looked at Beverly once, briefly hesitated, then ran more than walked out of the room and the apartment. "You, too, asshole." "You don't understand," Greg attempted to explain from the bed. "We were just getting a buzz on and things just happened." "Just get out." "Give me ten minutes," Greg calmly stated as he rolled out of bed with the realization his latest gig was up.

"To get my things together." "Fuck your things!" Beverly screamed pointing to the door. "Get out!" "What about my things?" "I'll send them to you." Greg shrugged, pulled on his shirt and left without another word. Before he made the parking lot he found he didn't have to worry about his "things". Beverly kept her word. What little he had was being thrown piece by piece over and out the balcony from the second floor apartment that had been his latest abode.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rhett Butler "This is incredible," he said aloud though no one was in the room to hear him.

Few women in his life, let alone some babe he had met just the one time, had been impressionable enough to recognize while taking a quick glimpse from the window of his condo to the parking lot below at least a football field away. This woman, for sure, was Rex's date. "That's the chick from the office party." He rushed out the door into the hallway and down the stairs in time to appear to be waiting at the elevator when she entered the lobby.

Gentleman that he wasn't, he held the elevator door as if this meeting was a coincidence. "Nice get up," he smiled taking in the French maid's outfit she was wearing while at the same time noting what floor button she pressed. "Halloween party tonight?" "Let's just say it's not my work outfit," she smirked with indifference to the randy way he was eyeballing her.

It was like he could look right through the skimpy outfit she had on. "Have a nice evening." The elevator door opened and closed as he watched the sexy sway of her backside depart on the fifth floor. She may consider him dirt this moment but unknown to her she would be his before this night was over. He hurried back to his condo and grabbed the phone. "Doris, this is ." "I know who it is," Doris shot back. "The question is where the hell are you?" "Something's come up, baby," he replied rubbing his crotch and smiling at his double entendre.

"I can't make it." "But this party was your idea!" "I know, and I'm sorry but 'the' client called and I have to get them answers tonight." Doris, his once upon a time admin and now future wife, well understood who "the" client was and how demanding they could be.

Many a night and occasion had been disrupted by this particular "client." "Well, at least try to get here later on." "I'll do my best, and luv ya." He hung up before she could utter another word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Finally, you're here!" "I don't know for how long," Beverly mused from behind the bar while sipping a freshly made gin and tonic.

"I should never have let you talk me into this." "Listen, sweetie, the way you look you won't be alone for long," Julie joined her friend at the bar and began mixing a drink of her own.

"Besides, hasn't anybody ever told you it's not polite to upstage the hostess of a party?" "Yeah, like that's gonna happen anytime soon," Beverly countered with true appreciation that her good looking friend could possibly think Beverly looked better than her.

"My luck I'll end up with some creep like I just ran into in the elevator." "It's Halloween," Julie laughed and sat down on a barstool. "And all the freaks are out. But they're on the outside looking in. I'll guarantee you there'll be someone here on the inside for you tonight." "That guy still gave me the willies," Beverly ignored the portent of a good night still lingering over how dirty the creep made her feel from just the way he looked at her. "It was like he could see right through me." "You gotta admit that outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination," Julie, albeit secretly, jealously pointed out.

"Dress you of all people like that and you can't complain about men looking at you." "I do look good, don't I?" Beverly pirouetted from behind the bar and purposely fell onto the sofa. "And all for nothing thanks to that asshole." "Answer me this, miss down on her luck," Julie challenged growing tired of this repeated conversation.

"Would you rather be here with creepy, freaky asshole Greg or would you rather be here by yourself with an opportunity to meet the man of your dreams? "That's a laugh. I thought Greg was the man of my dreams." "I love you dearly, Beverly." Julie decided to go where none of Beverly's friends had gone before.

"You know yourself that you can have any man you want without even trying and you pick an asshole like that. It's your own damn fault." "That's easy for you to say," Beverly grew defensive. "You got Steve, this condo and everything a woman could want." "And the same is out there waiting for you if you'll just wake up." "Yep, I can see it now. Prince Charming's just gonna ride in here and just sweep me off my feet." "You need a mood change," Julie stated as if she could wave a wand and Beverly's spirits would pick right up.

"Have you ever done any weed?" "You mean marijuana?" "Yes, I mean marijuana." "No, though I've had ample opportunity." "Come on, let's go to my room." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Several hours later and two more trips to Julie's bedroom had bolstered Beverly's mood but did nothing for the lack of available males at the party.

Beverly opted to enjoy the high and not worry about not having a date even though in her mind's eye she was most definitely the hottest looking female at the party. "Miss Scarlet." A very masculine voice whispered in her ear as two strong hands from behind covered her eyes.

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people all the time, but you don't fool me. Though beneath you, I must say you do that outfit justice." "Well, fiddly dee," Beverly turned around and recognized her fantasy immediately.

Long a devotee of Gone With the Wind and in love with Clark Gable since the first time seeing the movie, she easily fell into the part. "It's Rhett Butler." "At your service, my dear." This guy looked the part.

He had the moustache, the voice and the Panama suit and hat just as if he just stepped off the set to the movie. Maybe it was the weed, he wasn't real and she was imaging this whole thing. "And just what would Mammy say," he spoke with a devilish grin as Beverly stood there lost for words.

"If she caught you smoking cigarettes?" "She'd bum one off me," Beverly managed to say. "She's the one who got me started by stealing Aunt Pittipat's cigarettes." "Is it me," Rhett began to ask with the realization this pretty fuck was going to be far easier than he thought. "Or is it hot in here?" "It feels like Georgia in August." "What do you say," he next said claiming her arm and starting for the door.

"We go out by the marina, get some fresh air and get to know one another better." "Why Rhett!" she feigned protest. "What will all these fine people say seeing me leave here without a chaperone with a scoundrel like you?" "The men will think there goes the luckiest guy here," he responded with a wink continuing to escort her into the hallway.

"And all the women will hate you and you'll be the talk of the lady's room the rest of the night." "So, you admit my reputation will be tarnished." "Maybe just this one night, my dear," he said and squeezed her hand as they entered the elevator. "But they'll be so hung over tomorrow no one will remember me, or even you for that matter." The two exited the building and headed directly towards the marina as he had stated and planned.

If he was lucky, The Booty, a sailboat made available to him many times in the past by a satisfied client, would be moored in its usual spot. The bar, as if he needed it in this instance, was always fully stocked and the onboard sleeping accommodations were more than comfortable enough for yet another sexual liaison. Beverly, though stoned, was amazed at how turned on as she was with this perfect stranger who looked and acted like Rhett Butler whom she had just met within the last half hour.

He could take her right here on the pier if he wanted and she'd gladly reciprocate. He seemed familiar with surroundings as he led her directly to a magnificent sailboat anchored in the middle of the marina. "And I assume," she looked from the name of the boat back to her companion. "The Booty is yours." "The booty you're thinking about is on your backside," he answered as if lecturing a child. "The Booty before you derives its name from what pirates would sometimes call their treasure." "And my backside's not a treasure?" "Now that I didn't say," he smiled, gave her a long kiss and at the same time let his hands explore the spoils of her ass.

"This is one fine treasure and I intend to make it mine." That said, he swept her off her feet and boarded the boat. As in past endeavors, nothing was locked and he easily made his way down into the living quarters. He thought about offering his prize catch of the night another drink but could sense this babe was already a bitch in heat and needed no more priming. The only question was just how far this slut would go. He most definitely would like to literally claim that booty of hers with a dick buried in that fine looking ass.

"And what, sir, would Mammy say," Beverly looked into his eyes as if hypnotized. "About that lurid look in your eyes?" "At this point, Scarlet," he grinned and placed her down on the deck. "I don't give a damn." Rhett was still realizing a power over this woman unlike any he had in previous experiences. Doris, even as a suck up admin, had never been so easy. And neither Doris, nor any of the others was like the vixen standing before him now.

He reached behind her waist and in an instant the maid's apron fell to the floor. Next, starting at the cleavage of her chest he unzipped the costume and it, too, found its way to the floor. The front clasping bra proved to be no challenge and before Beverly knew it she was sitting on the bunk, her pantyhose and shoes, as well, gone in the flick of an eye.

She then watched in spellbound fascination as he disrobed. "Miss Scarlet, you are the most incredibly beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen or met," Rhett's eyes sparkled as he laid her on her back calves still hanging off the bunk. "Your body was meant to be fucked, and fucked often by a man who knows how to fuck it." "Then just do it," Beverly unknowingly said aloud. "Will ya?" He then straddled her chest and without missing a beat Beverly as if knowing what he wanted to do assisted her boobs in capturing his manhood between their mounds of flesh.

He stroked his shaft back and forth each time letting its head touch against her chin. While Beverly found tit fucking amusing it did nothing for her and to Rhett's chagrin she wasn't taking the hint when his cock approached her mouth. "Well, if I have to come out and say it," Rhett said backing himself to a standing position on the deck and pulling Beverly back into a sitting position at the same time. "Rhett Jr.

needs some personalized attention." "Surely, sir, a fine gentleman of the South like you," Beverly responded first looking at the one eyed monster staring her in the face and then up to her lover's eyes and back. "Doesn't expect me to put that thing in my mouth, do you?" "I most certainly do, my dear," he answered clasping the back of her head in his hands and pulling her forward.

"I can't think of mouth I'd rather see Rhett Jr. in." "Just please don't do it in my mouth," Beverly thought to herself taking his balls in hand and accepting the head of his dick in her mouth.


Surprisingly, the pre-cum taste wasn't nearly as disgusting as she recalled with Greg. Rhett, not satisfied with just the head, began gently working the shaft into her mouth, balls bouncing off her beautifully chiseled chin, all the time ensuring cooperation with applied pressure to the back of her head.

She nearly gagged each time as nearly two-thirds of his cock disappeared towards her throat but maintained her composure enough to keep sucking his anxious dick.

She could feel the flesh captured inside her oral cavity begin to expand and, not wanting to disappoint, prepared for the worst. She just hoped she wouldn't vomit again. "There's only one place for this delivery to go," Rhett announced as he backed away from her mouth he thinking of her delicious ass and she thinking of her pussy. "Scarlet, prepare yourself for the fuck of your life." Without further comment Beverly laid back on the bunk spreading her legs as Rhett positioned himself to penetrate the most magnificent cunt he had ever seen.

His dong met some slight resistance at her vaginal opening but with some patience her hole expanded to gladly receive this latest intruder. He lightly pressed himself against her body and could not help but wonder how tight and secure was the attention being given his cock as he stroked in and out of what was becoming the best fuck of his life.

No matter how great her pussy was Rhett still had in mind his original target of the night. To Beverly's disappointment he withdrew entirely from her body, prodded her over on her stomach legs now fully dangling off the bed and her ass positioned for a pirate's plundering. Rhett spied the little rosette and decided to lube himself some more within the confines of her tight twat.

Beverly yelped as he re-entered and began crunching hard back upon his dick. Lost in the moment Rhett, instead of his dick, plunged his index finger up her ass and began stroking in rhythm with his cock.

Penetrated from both ends Beverly lost all control. Her pussy muscles contracted hard around his rod as he, too, then lost all control. She felt his load explode deep inside her and grasped for all she was worth to make this moment last forever. Rhett stood there first enjoying the moment for what it was worth and then feeling his pride and joy slowly return to the flaccid state.

Though still craving her ass he now realized if he got this slut back he still had time to join Doris at his own party and later on mix this bitch's juices with hers. Besides, he could fuck Doris in the ass and fantasize about this moment and Doris would never know the difference.

"I think to save your reputation," he stated as he backed away and gathered his clothing. "I'd best get you back to your party." "Like you cared about my rep an hour ago," Beverly joked not realizing she was about to be dumped for the night and forever. "When we left the party." "Get dressed, will ya?" The walk back to Julie's was more silent, and increasingly more uncomfortable than the walk to the boat. The mood was most definitely gone and Beverly had no clue as to why. Even more uncomfortable, she could feel his juices oozing from her crotch and couldn't wait to get to her purse, go to the bathroom and place a panty liner between her legs.

"I'll just be a minute," Beverly said immediately grabbing her purse and starting off to the bathroom once back inside the party. "Be a dear and get me a drink, please?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Julie," Beverly anxiously pulled her friend away from her husband after having frantically searched the apartment for her lost idol.

"Do you know who the guy is dressed like Rhett Butler?" "Must be a friend of Steve's," Julie answered looking Beverly over after her rather long absence from the party. "I've never seen him before tonight." "Well, do you know where he is?" "Steve," Julie grabbed her husband's hand and led him over to Beverly. "Who's the Rhett Butler character?" "I thought he was a friend of yours," Steve answered and turned to rejoin his interrupted conversation.

"Bev, sweetie," Julie first touched Beverly on her shoulder and then pointed to her left leg. "Where's your garter?" "So much for being swept off my feet," Beverly whimpered, forced herself to hold back any tears and, purse in hand, headed for the door.

"By the man of my dreams." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jake "Here's the keys," Nikki discretely slipped her car keys into Beverly's hand and nodded her head towards the bar.

"I think I found me a chauffer for the night." "You haven't even met him yet." Beverly stared in disbelief as her cousin made her way to the bar and went directly for her target. In one sense Beverly envied Nikki's confidence and her ability to go after what she wants but, in another, she loathed the way Nikki threw herself at men and at the same time making it obvious to the world she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted.

In earlier days Beverly was too na? to see that shadier side of Nikki but her eyes had been open for quite awhile by now. "Hey, everybody, this is Jake. He won't dance with me," Nikki announced to the group dragging her new found toy with her.

"But he will drink with us." "Hi," Beverly smiled and noticed the look of acute irritation on Nikki's face when Jake claimed the chair next to Beverly and sat down. "I'm Beverly." "And this is Lu," Nikki sat down on Jake's opposite side pointing first to the heavyset female on her left and then to the couple across the table.

"That's Julie and Steve. Welcome to the Saturday Night Cheesesteak at Grunions' Club." "Nice to meet you all." "Now Lu, and especially you Beverly. I saw him first," Nikki openly laid claim to her innocent victim. "Hands off." As the evening wore on Beverly could not only sense but see this was not to be Nikki's night.

Jake had been on an extended business trip, missed his Friday flight and could not get another booked until Sunday morning. He, unlike most of Nikki's conquests, noticeably did not care for all the touchy feely and hands on thigh treatment she was giving him.

Worse yet for Nikki, Jake, whenever given the chance, only had eyes for Beverly. Of course Nikki was too wrapped up in herself to see either his discomfort or disinterest. "I've had enough of this," Jake whispered into Beverly's ear taking advantage of Nikki and Lu's latest trip to the restroom.

"You hungry?" "I just can't leave here with you," Beverly responded even though she was tempted. "Nikki's one of my best friends." "Jake, I'll tell you what," Julie butted into the conversation to come to a friend's rescue.

"You leave, then give us ten minutes and we'll deliver your date." "Now that's an offer I can't refuse." "How 'bout another round," Nikki loudly spoke reclaiming her seat and Jake's arm upon her return. "Before we order?" "Here, that ought to pay the tab and tip for the night," Jake disengaged himself from Nikki, threw a hundred dollar bill on the table and rose to leave. "I've got an early flight. Nice meeting you all." "He didn't even hang around long enough for the cheesesteak," Nikki pouted not believing any guy could have the nerve to just walk away from her like that.

"He must be gay." "We got to be going, too," Julie declared as she and Steve rose in unison. "Beverly, you coming or not?" "Here's your keys, Nikki," Beverly passed over the keys and then looked to Julie not knowing what to say next. "I'll be right with you." "You're baling out on me, too?" "My niece is spending the weekend with us and she just loves Beverly to death," Julie suddenly inspired again came to Beverly's rescue.

"I promised I'd try to get Beverly to come home with us and have her read Tricia a bedtime story." "Well, I got better things to do on a Saturday night," Nikki shook her head and glanced in Lu's direction. "You game or not?" "Have a good night," Beverly spoke over her shoulder as she rushed to catch Julie and Steve. "See ya Monday." "Jake's right over there," Julie said pointing to a brand new black Nissan Maxima just out of sight of the entrance. "Hurry before Nikki figures this whole thing out and catches us all." "This is crazy," Beverly chuckled as she climbed into the passenger seat.

"I feel like some kid sneaking out after curfew." "There ought to be a curfew there on your friend." "You don't know what you may be passing up," Beverly wanted to set the ground rules up before anything got started. "I can guarantee you I'm no Nikki." "Take this for what it's worth, but I grew out of wanting sex for sex's sake as a teenager," Jake said in all sincerity as he put the car in gear and started out of the parking lot. "And I'm especially not going to settle for sex with your, excuse my French, whore like little friend there when I can have some quality time with a woman like you." "So," Beverly bit her lip but decided she could take this guy at his word.

"When was the last time you had a home cooked meal?" "Seems like forever." "Well, I make a mean spaghetti even if I do say so myself," Beverly offered unable to see Jake's smile in the dark. "It could be ready before we could go someplace else and order." "You're on." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "It's getting late," Jake finished the last of his wine, stood and walked into the kitchen to place the glass by the sink.

"I really should go." "Don't you want to stay for dessert, a night cap," Beverly asked as she followed him and backed him up against the refrigerator. She never intended anything to become of this night but her mood had definitely changed. Maybe it was the fact she had taken a guy from Nikki or just his unassuming manner. She didn't know and didn't care. "Or something?" "Miss Rakoski, do you want the truth?" "Wouldn't have it any other way." "I'd say, other than some obvious ogling, you are rather good looking you know, that in the face of temptation I've been a fairly good boy so far," he smiled a boyish smile and laid his last trap of the evening.

"But I'm only human, and can only take so much before I might turn into a not so good boy." "I'm not your mother," Beverly coyly grinned back. "You don't have to be a good boy for me. In the sense you're referring to, at least." "God," Jake took Beverly in his arms and pulled her mouth to his.

"I've been dying to do this all night." "I need some air," Beverly broke away a few minutes later. "You knocked my socks off with that one." "You're not wearing any socks." "Just the same," Beverly said, took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. "I won't be but a minute." Jake shed his disappointment in not being granted the privilege of undressing her himself as she disappeared into the bathroom and quickly worked out of his own clothing.

He cursed the fact that only hours remained before his flight and was determined to make the most of what little time remained. He never looked forward to having a woman so much in his life as he did at that moment. She was perfection in every way, and soon to be his. He pulled down the bedding and slipped under the sheets awaiting the prize of a lifetime.

He looked down towards the foot of the bed and took pride at the tent like protrusion stemming from his groin and the thought of where soon that tent pole would be planting itself. Beverly doused the bathroom light as she cracked open the door but Jake was more than able to see well enough to tell that the body now unburdened lived up to the billing he'd had in his head the whole night long.

She slid in beside him and both naturally embraced the other without another word being said. The kiss started in the kitchen resumed only this time he could feel her magnificent body in the flesh against his. She was soft to the touch, yet firm in tone with a fragrance seemingly unique. Her boobs gave way no more than his anxious cock.

He slid first one finger in her love canal, found her clit and gently began to massage. Though she did not respond in kind he greatly enjoyed the way she constantly and ever so gently stroked his back. As her breathing quickened he slipped a second finger into her crack and began manipulating her now swollen clit between his two digits.

Just when Beverly thought she was about to lose it all he eased her on her back. She spread her legs in anticipation as he positioned himself over her and let the homing device in his dick zero in on its desired objective. He expected this young filly to be tight but was surprised at the resistance her pussy placed against his invader.

"She can't possibly be a virgin, can she?" he wondered and just then her passage yielded and his cock was deep within her velvety cunt. Again she surprised him. Most women at this point wrapped their legs around his. Not this one. Beverly laid there splayed open legged driving her pussy equally hard against his initial thrusts.

Her muscles clutched his dick as very few ever had and, after a long night of hope, he lost control and exploded almost immediately. Beverly felt the spasm erupt inside her and was determined not to let the night end so fast. She worked her legs back under his body with his legs now to the outside and his half limp, half hard dick still within her pussy walls.

She then inserted her hand between their bodies, found his balls and began to maneuver them with her fingers. To Jake's utter amazement, he was back alive and humping away like there in no time. She then, without warning, forced him off her to her side and mounted him from the top.

He laid there more than happy to watch her tits bounce and her face lit up with a wide grin as she impaled herself over and over again on his more than obliging dick. He could feel her muscles tighten in an intense orgasm just as she jammed his rod one final time as deep as it would go into her pussy and then collapsed exhausted and out of breathe against his chest.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bev, I hate to leave you like this but I couldn't sleep and I do have to catch that plane.

Some people may call what we had a one niter, but not in my eyes. I want you to know that last night was the most incredible and most memorable experience of my entire life. You were wonderful and I just wish it could have lasted forever. You are the most warm, personable, beautiful and sexy woman I have ever met and I thank you for sharing yourself with me if for only the one night. I should have let it end there and kept that memory intact, but you were so soft and warm in my arms afterwards how could I even have thought of leaving?

In case you don't know it, you talk in your sleep. Not that it's any of my business, but who is Craig, Greg or whoever? Other guys maybe different, I don't know, but I'd rather be told I was less than perfectly endowed than be called another man's name when in bed with a woman.

Sorry, that's just the way I am. I wish you luck. Jake "Damn!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sku Baby "Damn she's hot tonight," Jack Skubiel thought aloud to his drinking mates. "What I wouldn't give to get into that little Bevie's panties just this once." "If you wanna settle for my sloppy seconds," Eric Todd spoke without prompting.

"Be my guest, Sku." "Like you have any more of a chance of snagging that fine piece of ass than I do." "Amen to that," chortled someone in the background. "Don't let that aloof, untouchable bitch fa?e of hers fool ya," Eric countered as if offended. He then surveyed the crowd around him to make sure all were paying attention. "She's history. I had her already." "Then what's she doing over there and you sitting here, hot shit." "Man, I had to dump her.

She started talking marriage crap on me," Eric turned the truth more than somewhat. "And if that wasn't bad enough she's got a kid hidden away somewhere, and never been married." He paused to let his version of the facts sink in before continuing.

"She's history as far as I'm concerned. So much for your little Barbie Doll." Skubiel, through the office grapevine, had often heard enough about the kid. He didn't care. Unlike most other women in the office, Beverly hung in there like one of the guys. Still, if for nothing other than the way she dressed, she was considered the office tease, hated by the other women and seemingly untouchable to anyone of the guys.

Eric's revelations only served to make her all that more desirable in Skubiel's mind. If indeed she fucked Eric, as he claimed, then the door was open for him.

Skubiel, however, wasn't the only one turned on by Eric's declaration. Every guy within earshot, married or single, now believed he had a chance of screwing the one woman they'd ever know good looking enough to instantly invoke whatever fantasies of whatever women occupied their dreams. Before Skubiel could make a move the others surrounding Eric moved like a wolf pack in Beverly's direction.

Not since the days in the dive shop had Beverly felt so appreciated. She was done paying for drinks for the night and had ample choice of dance partners when she wanted to dance. "Excuse me, Porter," Skubiel cut in between his two employees to take advantage of one of the few slow songs of the night. "I believe the lady promised me this dance." "That was kinda rude, wasn't it?" "Well, I wasn't going to stand in line," Skubiel arrogantly stated while taking her in his arms to dance.

"After all, I am the boss." "Not here your not," Beverly countered but accepted his lead. "Maybe not to you," Skubiel effected his inherently devilish grin. "You didn't see Porter protest, did you?" "That's still not fair." "And I don't see you protesting, either." "Just watch the hands," Beverly protested when his left hand casually slipped down to her backside.

Skubiel did as told but at the same time nonchalantly inched his hips into hers making the growing bulge in his pants obvious to his dance partner. Though initially repulsed by the intruder, Beverly secretly reacted as Skubiel would have wanted as she felt her own juices begin to flow at the unspoken compliment. "I thought men grew out of that stage at some point," Beverly whispered in Skubiel's ear just as the song was ending.

"How are you going to walk back to the table like that?" "You just manage to stay in front of me," Skubiel, unfazed by the remark, answered as they now separated. "And no one will ever notice that, or me for that matter." Forgetting for the moment her purse and the others she had been sitting with Beverly, still holding Skubiel's hand, lead him through the crowded dance floor back towards his table.

As they approached the table the vice-president of the division secured an empty chair from another table and stood ready to seat the advancing vixen between him and the hero of the moment, Skubiel. Though hardly knowing anyone at the new table Beverly, as usual, soon was everyone's best friend.

She danced on and off with a number of the men, remembered to retrieve her purse but returned to Skubiel's side each time. "Beverly, I'm sorry to interrupt you but we're leaving," Beverly's sister, fellow employee and ride for the night said loud enough for all to hear. "You coming, or not?" "If you need a ride," Skubiel instantly seized upon the opportunity.

"I'll take you home." Beverly looked to her sister, to Skubiel and then around the table all the while feeling her sister's cold disapproving stare. "Go on," she finally stated. "I'll manage." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You want me to drive?" Beverly asked as they approached Skubiel's car several hours later.

"You've had quite a bit to drink." "And you haven't?" Skubiel backed her against the nearest car, wrapped his arms around her and buried his tongue in her mouth.

"I'll be fine, thank you." He then finished leading her to his car where he opened the driver's door and stood back for Beverly to enter.

She slid into the center of the bench seat and Skubiel eased himself in beside her. After starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot he then slid his arm around her shoulders.

Beverly reached up with her right hand to hold his. Not one to miss any opportunity whatsoever Skubiel let seem like the additional weight of their hands together pulled his hand down to tit level where he let go of her hand and gently began fondling her boob.

"Where we going now?" "At this time of night," Skubiel, getting more and more sure of himself with every passing second, replied. "I thought we'd just go on to my place." "Just like that," Beverly tried to sound perturbed. "Without asking me first." "To be honest," Skubiel answered now fully sure of himself. "I figured since we danced the first time tonight we both wanted the same thing." "Still, a girl likes to be asked." "Well, then I apologize," he feigned an un-needed apology. "Do you wanna go to my place?" "Yes," Beverly answered after a prolonged pause.

"Well, I guess it's time I formally introduced you then," Skubiel continued while slowing to a stop for a red light. He then claimed her left hand and placed it squarely on his crotch and his bulging member. "Meet Big Jack." "Oh," Beverly said. Surprised at her own actions, she then kissed Skubiel on the cheek and gently stroked his obvious pride and joy. "I think I met Big Jack earlier." "I said formally introduce," He corrected her and shot forward when the light turned green.

"He was acting like some sort of unruly teenager if I recall." "Doesn't that get uncomfortable when you're dressed and get like that?" "Why, you gonna do something about that?" "Definitely not here," she whispered in his ear. "And definitely not now." "Tease." "PV, now this is nice," Beverly stated in awe and removed her hand from Skubiel's groin. "What's a scoundrel like you doing living in Palos Verdes?" "Anything for you, my dear," Skubiel appreciated the fact she recognized PV for what it was.

"And wait 'til you see my view. You'll never wanna leave." "We used to go parking right over there," Beverly said pointing to a pull off overlooking the ocean. "Those were the days." "You from around here?" "Torrance." "Well, I think you'll find this a bit classier than parking along the roadside," he smiled with pride as he pulled into an expensive condo complex overlooking the cliffs back towards Redondo Beach and Torrance. "This is nice even if I do say so myself.

Come on in." Beverly hesitated ever so briefly getting out of the car. What had she now gotten herself into? They were here for an obvious reason but just then it hit her that she was with her boss and that obvious reason was probably not the smartest thing to do. Skubiel patiently held the door open until she eventually got out of the car and followed him into his condo.

"You hungry?" "No," Beverly replied as she was naturally drawn to the balcony with the view. "Are you?" "Not for food." "Then you can fix me a gin and tonic, if you got it," Beverly ordered while stepping outside. "While I check this out." "Here you go," Skubiel gently intoned several minutes later as he placed her drink on the banister. He then slipped behind her, wrapped his arms around and cupped her boobs.

"Quite a view, isn't it?" "Yes," she sighed and leaned her head back against his shoulder. "But you do know we really shouldn't be doing this." "If you're talking about work," he moaned and nibbled on her ear. Skubiel could not remember wanting a woman this bad and Big Jack was not about to take no for an answer at this point. "I don't wanna hear about it." "But…" "No buts," He cut her off before she could finish and pulled her around to face him.

"If you gotta bring work into this just think of tonight as a little Christmas present for the boss." "It's July." "An early Christmas present then." That said he pinned her against the banister, leaned back and began unbuttoning her blouse. "And just what are you doing now?" "I've waited a lifetime for this moment," he smiled as he continued.

"And Big Jack and I are going to enjoy you to the fullest extend possible." "Someone might see us." "It'd be their lucky night." The blouse came off and dropped to the deck.

Skubiel then expertly unclipped the front clasp of Beverly's bra and let it fall as well. "Ah, these are nice. Grade A US prime," Skubiel said in admiration as he cupped the tits that just fell free from her bra in his hands. He backed further away then leaned forward to first kiss and then suck on her nipples. "More than a mouthful, but not too much." "And they're cold." "I can tell," Skubiel tweaked one of the tautening nipples.

"Shall we head inside?" Beverly quietly accepted his hand as he led her back into the condo and then into the bedroom. Though anticipating the moment to a large degree herself Beverly couldn't help but notice the tasteful manner in which the residence was decorated. She would have never guessed Sku Baby possessing such sophistication. "I can handle the rest myself," Beverly said attempting to break away toward the master bathroom.

"If you don't mind." "Well, I do mind," Skubiel held firmly to her hand. "If you need to use the facilities, that's one thing. But if you think you're going to deny me the pleasure of seeing your clothes come off, forget it." "I'm telling you right now," Beverly countered without hesitation.

"I'm not doing any striptease for you." "That's fine," Skubiel responded as he let go of her hand. "You're one baby doll I won't mind undressing at all." "I don't know about that." "Please?" Not waiting for an answer Skubiel moved in on his prey, undid her belt, unsnapped her jeans and worked them down over her hips. "I knew it! I knew it!" He proclaimed dancing a little jig around Beverly. "You don't wear any panties." "I don't want the lines." "As if anybody's gonna pay attention to panty lines when looking at that ass." He then inched the panty hose down pausing for a moment to marvel at the now exposed precisely trimmed muff.

This was far more than just the usual bikini wax. He then sat her on the bed, slipped her heels off and quickly finished removing the jeans and the panty hose.

"Lacking panties, I do get to keep these," Skubiel held aloft the panty hose. "Don't I?" "Only if you go out and buy me another pair," she smirked at the suggestion.

"I'm not leaving here without either panty hose or panties I'll tell you that." Without replying Skubiel opened a drawer to the nearest night stand and packed away his intended trophy.

Awesome dude pounded brunette hottie

Beverly sat, as if mesmerized, as Skubiel now quickly disrobed and presented himself in all his glory right in her face as if she were to do something. She knew what he wanted but never again, if ever would she stick a dick in her mouth without first discussing the ground rules.

Besides, this was their first date. More alarming than his dick, what little there was, standing at attention in front of her face was the massive amount of hair on his chest. Lacking the sought after response from Beverly, he then straddled her legs and naturally placed his rod in the cleavage of her tits. "Squeeze those marvelous boobs around Big Jack." Firm and showing no signs of slack Beverly's boobs were big enough to obscure his dick and though she found his actions odd she accommodated his request without complaint.

Skubiel then started pumping away as if he were actually doing her in the traditional sense. Beverly, for her part, was more than amused watching his one eyed monster pop in and out between her boobs.

"Oh, God," Skubiel moaned suddenly backing away. "I can't take much more of that. Lie down." Again, Beverly did as ordered, and lay in shocked silence when he, without another word or bit of attention to her needs, mounted her, separated her legs and entered her already wet pussy.

Fortunately for her, as well, Sku Baby and most especially Big Jack were not overly endowed thus making the penetration barely noticeable. Worse, Skubiel's hairy chest felt like a scouring pad against her soft boobs and the whole experience was becoming less and less pleasant as the act went on.

He rocked in and out, literally falling out at least twice, maybe a dozen times before Beverly felt his body grow tense and did feel a twitch within her pussy indicating he had cum. No sooner than he shot his load Sku Baby fell asleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly was first to awake the next afternoon and quickly slid out of bed, retrieved her panty hose, her purse and laid claim to Skubiel's discarded shirt from the night before.

Once in the bathroom she was pleasantly surprised to find a new tooth brush she assumed he placed out for her and immediately put it to use. The nasty taste gone from her mouth she then took care of necessary bodily functions only to note his cum still leaking from her vagina. Skubiel, for such a small rod, apparently packed quite a load. Digging in her purse she found a panty liner to prevent cum running down her leg all day. His shirt smelled of expensive cologne and obviously by its feel against her skin was worth probably more than her entire outfit lying in on the bedroom floor.

Again digging in her purse for a hair brush she came across the oval container that stored her birth control pills and so started her usual post coitus mental reprimands. What was the point of having birth control if she didn't take the pills? Sex had always been a series of unplanned and infrequent events, and she hated the thought of taking pills for no reason. Last night had most definitely been unplanned. "Better after the fact than not at all," she thought to herself hoping either that the pill would work, she was not ovulating or Sku Baby had shot blanks as she toasted herself in the mirror and swallowed.

"Wow!" Skubiel exclaimed as Beverly exited the bedroom and came into the kitchen. "That shirt never looked that good on me I'll tell ya." "A girl," Beverly responded as she pirouetted around once for his benefit. "Could get used to this." "Here, sit down," he stood, pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and headed for the counter. "I'll pour you some coffee. You take anything in it?" "Cream." Her response provoked an instant thought in his head but he refrained from even implying she'd meant for him to cum in her coffee.

She sat there hair, though brushed, still a mess, yet so cute and innocent looking with his shirt draped around her that he decided to lay aside his normal character in this situation and try to make this more than the one night stand it was.

"So," he began as he placed her coffee before her and sat back down. "How was last night?" "Horrible," Beverly answered after pondering her words for a few seconds. Hell, he'd never believe the truth anyways. "If you really gotta know." "I should've known you, especially, would cut me no slack," Skubiel replied not for a moment imagining she had answered him truthfully.

"At least tell me this. Why me over the others?" "Most of the others are married," she responded while sipping her coffee and staring back at him over her cup. "I do have my scruples, you know." "Then, why me last night after all this time?" "To be honest, I've never thought of you in that way until last night," she paused asking herself the same question. "Maybe it was Big Jack showing up when he did. I don't know, it just happened." "You most certainly know how to deflate a guy's ego," he pretended offense still believing she was putting him on so as not to inflate his ego.

"You were a dream cum true for me, if you get my drift." "Have you got an ashtray around this place?" she ignored his double entendre and pulled her cigarette case from her purse. "I haven't had a smoke since we left the bar." "If you gotta do that," he said with distaste even though distracted by the gap in his shirt now revealing her loose tit beneath. "Out on the balcony, please." Watching her derriere sway through the kitchen and living room and then out onto the balcony drove Big Jack straight up to attention.

He followed, his dick obviously extending his robe and parked himself behind her his cock positioned directly on the crack of her ass. "Why does a beautiful woman like you want to corrupt her body with those nasty things?" he asked while sneaking his arms around her to again cup her wonderful tits.

"I've got something back her that would look a hell of a lot better sticking out of your mouth?" "You might think so," she slyly responded and wrestled her way around to face him. "But I don't smoke short, fat and cheap stogies." "Oh, come on, Bev," he was growing tired of her word games and just wanted to head back to the bedroom and pummel his newly acquired baby doll.

"What d'ya say we head back in and have some more fun with Big Jack?" "I'm smoking," she responded and broke away from his grasp. "Besides, what's your hurry?" "We got all day, I guess," he answered with his mind on his cock and not his words.

"To be honest, we got 'til tomorrow night if you want." "And what happens tomorrow night?" "My wife gets home." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I'm not kidding you, I overheard Sku and Eric comparing notes," the first of two female voices could be heard entering the women's restroom at work the following week.

"Sku Baby fucked that little bitch's eyes out last Friday night after the party." "I always knew she was a whore." The conversation ended as both went on to attend to their business neither one realizing Beverly was herself ensconced in another stall.

Beverly had no doubt who the "little bitch" and "whore" was, and could barely contain herself. She now properly guessed how her good buddy Al knew about a birth mark on her leg, even if he pointed to the wrong leg and had never seen it before. Beverly bided her time waiting for the other two women to reappear at the sink to make her departure.

When satisfied they were out she marched straight out of the stall, into Skubiel's office and threw down her badge. "Beverly," Skubiel looked up with surprise. "What's this?" "Your office whore just quit!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [b[Dave[/b] "That was good," Beverly offered as she sat back from her half eaten meal and sipped her Chablis.

"Thanks." "You can't be finished," Dave protested the waste of his culinary efforts. "You've barely touched that." "Good old Davey boy," Beverly thought to herself. "Don't know what to do with him but there are times I can't do without him." The two had dated for months, the honorable Dave with romance on the mind and Beverly because she was between men for the moment. They were to have had dinner and then off to a play this evening but after her most horrible day in the office she was in no mood to go out.

Dave, instead, came over to fix her favorite meal, shrimp de Jonge. She sulked on the sofa mindlessly watching TV as he slaved away in the kitchen hoping to finally make that one big impression on her that he had so miserably failed to do thus far in their relationship, if a relationship it could be called.

"Come on, Beverly," he pleaded as if talking to a little child. "Just a little bit more." "I just don't feel like it," Beverly poutingly responded.

"Sorry." "Don't let this get you down," Dave spoke not knowing what else to say at this point. "It's not the end of the world." "You may not think so," Beverly shook her head at his naivet?

"You don't have to pay my rent, put food in my refrigerator and gas in my car." "We could always get married." "My God, man, I lose my job," Beverly spoke and then stood above him incredulously. "And you wanna talk about marriage?" "What's wrong with that?" Dave defended his very serious intentions. "You know I love you." "I like you, but I don't know about marriage," she surrendered unable to deflect this ongoing conversation yet again.

"We haven't even been to bed together yet." "Not for any lack of trying on my part." "You don't understand." "Yeah, I understand alright!" Dave spoke with rare emotion.

He briefly considered feigning as if to leave but was afraid Beverly would call his bluff. "I'm not good enough for you." "That's nonsense." "Then why haven't we been to bed yet?" The truth be known, he wasn't good enough for her in her minds eye. Beverly had often thought this whole process through on many an occasion. Dave was without doubt the nicest man she had ever dated and for her he offered nothing but the best but, still, he was not her knight in shining armor to be.

She knew that as fact and withheld sex for that reason. "Yet, look at who you just let fuck you royally, Sku baby," she mentally spat out the married bastard's name.

"What the hell. Why not fuck Dave?" "You wanna go to bed with me?" "What man wouldn't?" "Then hurry up before I change my mind." "But…" "Do you want to talk about it," Beverly challenged.

"Or do it?" Dave unsure of her motives but still a man with an active heart shut up and followed her into her inner sanctum, the bedroom. Beverly disappeared into the bathroom leaving him standing there not knowing what next to do.

Within minutes, she quickly exited the bathroom and before he could get a good look was buried under the sheets. "Are you joining me or not?" This wasn't the Beverly he knew or, at least, thought he knew. Even so, her divine body lay there presumably naked within his reach in place of what had only been left to his imagination and his hand until now. He quickly disrobed and edged his way into the bed beside the woman of his dreams. Their bodies embraced and his cock nearly exploded upon contact.

He backed his hips away from her concentrating instead on her face and his hands on her boobs. "Hey," she voiced obvious discomfort. "You're hurting me." "Sorry." Other than what she didn't like in his ministrations to her body Beverly laid there not caring one way or another who was beside her, what his needs were or what he got out of this encounter.

He could use her body but that didn't mean she had to enjoy it or do anything to enhance the experience for his or her sake. His fingers probed her pussy, his dick was inserted and within seconds his load shot.

"This definitely," she concluded to herself. "Is not my day." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Get that for me," Beverly asked before once again disappearing into the bathroom.

"Please?" "Shit," Dave thought to himself as much disappointed in his own performance as to whoever the hell was knocking at Beverly's door this time of night. "Who can that be?" Greg, not caring to wait used the apartment key he was supposed to have sent back to Beverly, was standing in the center of the living room when Dave entered clad in a bed sheet toga style. The two men stared at one another not really knowing what to do or say. "What are you doing here?" Dave somehow managed to ask.

"I must have the wrong apartment," Greg lied knowing damn well not a thing had changed in this room since the day he left. Beverly could not have possibly sunk this low on the totem pole. "I was looking for an old friend." "Greg!" Beverly nearly screamed as she entered the room fully clothed.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" "Well, I had this hankering for Golumki, one thought lead to another," he answered looking at his past lover with a renewed appreciation in spite of the loser he had caught her with. "And, so, here I am." "Get the hell outa here before I call the cops." "Your loss, baby," he chuckled as he headed for the door and then looked back first to Dave and then to her. "Catch you on the flip side." "Who the hell was that?" "Just some asshole from my past," Beverly revealed as little as she cared to disclose and slumped into a chair.

"Just some god damned asshole is all you need to know." "Can I fix you a drink," Dave still too shocked by what had just taken place forgot he was only dressed in a sheet. "Or something?" "No, thanks," she muttered. "I think I just want to be left alone right now, if you don't mind." Dave realized there was no point arguing the point and returned to the bedroom to get dressed. He then restored the sheet to its proper place, made the bed and silently wished he could have this night to do over again.

He had failed to sexually endear himself to his fantasy and even worse had the night stolen away by an "asshole" that he knew from at least one past drunken conversation to be Beverly's so called former ideal of a man. "I'll see myself out," he kissed Beverly's forehead before leaving for the night. "You need anything?" "No thanks." "I love you." "Please don't say that." Dave started to protest but looking at Beverly's deflated expression knew now was not the time.

She'd have to sort these demons, or demon, he knew not which, out for herself. He could only worsen his own position by staying right now.

At least she had thrown the "asshole" out. At least he was departing on his own, and did so like a whipped dog with his tail dragging between his legs.

"Again, let me know if you need anything." "What I need," Beverly sighed as she watched the door close. "Is to get the hell out of this place." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seattle Slew "Excuse me, miss," the door man to Tini Biggs' Lounge in West Seattle slowed Beverly's entry to the bar.

"I'll need to see some ID, please." "Just a second," Beverly, who had been getting into bars on fake ID's since seventeen, amusedly replied and dug in her purse before pulling out her California driver's license. "Here you go." "Welcome," the guy took the opportunity to fully compare the picture handed him to the beauty before him. He double checked believing but not believing this fox was twenty-five. "To Tini Biggs." Beverly sashayed off purposely accenting her swing knowing full well that the door man would be watching.

She in fact glanced back to be sure her effort was being appreciated. More concerned about the impression she was leaving behind she blindly attempted to return her license to her purse and never noticed that instead of it falling into place it fell to the floor. The door man, likewise, fixated on the hot piece of ass that only seconds ago had been within reach failed to note the plastic card become detached from its owner.

A long time had passed since he had been so distracted by a passing broad. "I should know better by now," Beverly thought to herself as she settled into the bar. "Than to expect those two to be on time." Thursdays represented girls' night out for Beverly and her two newly acquired friends in Seattle, Nancy and Kathy.

The theory was they could get together that night, have some fun and hopefully score some guy for the weekend. Other than they were consistently late they did have fun together but none had yet to capture any guys. This was a new experience to Beverly and she was at a loss as to a reason why. Nancy and Kathy were not in her league, even Beverly knew, by any means but why was she being shut out as well.

In fact, Beverly had been in town for over six months and had yet to be asked out by a man. That was really unusual. Though very few men back home in Torrance meet her standards there was never a lack of a herd trying to gain her favors. Here, the guys at work didn't even seem to notice she was around. At first the sabbatical seemed to be just what she needed.

No family around to make life more difficult than it already was, no Eric and Skubiel to live down at work, no Dave pushing her to get married and, most especially, no Greg to haunt her every waking moment. She had meet Kathy as a teenager at some Catholic young women's weekend retreat held in Monterey. The two simpatico renegades, as they liked to think of themselves, had afterwards corresponded with the other enough that Kathy happily took Beverly in when she moved to Seattle.

Kathy as a roommate was nice but was never meant as a permanent solution. After six weeks Beverly moved out and then, absent her familiar surroundings, the idea of making a new start began to lose its appeal.

"Can I get you something?" "Gin and tonic, please." "People don't come to Tini Biggs for a gin and tonic." A rather tall, athletically built man with a somewhat, but good looking boyish face and reddish hair eased himself onto the stool next to Beverly.

"Get the lady the house special martini, and one for me, please, on my tab." "Thanks," Beverly was too startled to think of anything else to say. "I guess." "Just looking out for the best interests," he winked with a big grin. "Of an old friend." "Yeah, like we know each other," Beverly challenged now recovering her wits. "I just moved here in the last few months and hardly know anybody around here." "You name's Beverly, right?" "That's what my birth certificate says." "And from Torrance, California." "Yes, but…" "We met at the Red Onion one night," the stranger continued hoping to solve the mystery.

"I guess I can understand you not remembering me but I sure do remember you." "I'm sorry." Beverly still confused took a sip from the martini just then delivered by the bartender. Maybe it was one of those nights she ended up passed out in the parking lot. "I'm just not placing you at the moment." "Don't worry about it," he again smiled and raised his drink in a toast.

"To renewed acquaintances." "To renewed acquaintances," Beverly flashed a brilliant smile and returned the salute. Both sipped their drinks staring into each others eyes for the first time. "You do have me at a disadvantage." "Oh, sorry." He placed his drink back on the bar and extended his hand.

"Jack Mitchell at your service." "Are you sure we really met?" "Trust me." Jack again smiled at his new found friend who if all went to plan would be far much more by the end of the night. "A guy doesn't forget a woman who looks as good as you do." "Thank you." She blushed wondering at the same time how she could forget a guy as good looking as him. "So, Jack Mitchell, what do you do for a living?" "I'm in the Navy," he replied while looking up to the TV above the bar.

"And just some pilot looking to go where most men can only dream of going." "I've never been out with a pilot before," Beverly spoke in open admiration at the same time opening the door for more than just drinks hoping he meant that last past as a double entendre. "I'm impressed." "And you?" "Excuse me, I've gotta take this," Beverly said digging in her purse for her ringing cell phone and putting it to her ear.

"This is Beverly." "Change of plans, Bev," Kathy's voice hummed above the background noise wherever she and Nancy were. "We're gonna meet at the Zig Zag Caf? "I'm already here at Tini Biggs'," Beverly informed her friend attempting to sound as irritated as she had been not just fifteen minutes ago.

She then looked to her pilot. "And at the moment I'm not motivated to leave." "Listen, Bev, do what you want," Kathy continued unshaken in her resolve to stay where she was as well. "But rumor has it the Blue Angels are going to be here at the Zig Zag. You wanna miss out on that?" "I'll take my chances here," Beverly concluded taking in Jack's profile as he sat there beside her.

"Bye." "Your date?" Jack asked as if he hadn't been listening. "Just two friends I was supposed to meet here," Beverly explained and took more than just a sip of her martini.

"But they're off at some other bar because they heard they Blue Angels may end up there." "Well, I don't know about that," he slyly winked. "But the Blue Angel I know prefers Tini Biggs." "Any chance," Beverly asked and openly ogled the stranger who was not a stranger beside her. "I might know this Blue Angel?" "Yep," Jack softly laughed and remained with his opening story.

"You met him back in Torrance, California." They drank, he at a paced rate and she not really paying attention at how often the bartender filled her glass, and talked for the next couple hours both becoming increasingly more enamored with the other with every word said.

Neither could find any fault with the other and it was becoming more and more obvious how and where the night would end. "I'm hungry," Jack announced and motioned for the bartender to close his tab. "You wanna go eat?" "Sure," Beverly replied not really caring about eating at this point but knowing she needed food in her stomach if she was going to last the night. "Whatever you say." "I came by cab. Do I need to get us one," he asked while signing the bill. "Or did you drive?" "Well, it's no F-18," Beverly laughed as he took her hand leading her out of the bar.

"But you're more than welcome to drive my Nissan Sentra." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Well, I've got to be up by four in the morning," Jack stated after the waiter had taken his credit card. "I can either get a taxi here or make sure my girl gets safely home and get one there. It's up to you." "Here's my cell phone if you need it," Beverly challenged now completely sure of herself.

She had yet to meet the man who could turn down this offer if ever made. "But I was thinking maybe we could have dessert at my place. But, if you gotta get up," she continued the mutual sexual double entendre that had gone on throughout the evening. "You gotta get up, I guess." "Well, I just didn't want to make any rash assumptions." Jack backed away from the table and then assisted Beverly from her chair.

"I'm up now and I've got more than enough time for your dessert, believe me." He had taken her to a private, exclusive club at some downtown skyscraper that overlooked the city with an even better view than the Space Needle. Had Beverly any doubt as to his credentials the first class VIP status accorded him there solidified anything he had told her about who he was or what he did for a living. He introduced her to her first lobster though she declined selecting the live one to be served to her, a bottle of Dom Perignon and service that included waiters fighting each other to light her cigarette.

She learned he was a graduate of the Naval Academy, played quarterback for the football team, was a second team All American shortstop for the baseball team and wanted someday to go into politics.

He sat attentively as she selectively shared moments from her past and her future ambitions as if she were every bit as accomplished as he. The night was shaping up as one for the ages from both perspectives.

The only negative that could be found was Jack hated Beverly's car. He just could not find a position in the small confines of the Sentra in which to be comfortable. Driving to Beverly's apartment he discovered an even worse feature, the console. With the shift lever between them there was no way he could even suggest a pre-dessert activity let alone the blow job he'd always fantasized about while driving. Still, his mouth was watering, salivating even, at the thought of what lay ahead.

"So, what shall it be?" Beverly asked once inside the apartment. She had never thrown herself at a man before, not that she had to now, and didn't quite know how to begin. "Something spicy yet sweet?" she provocatively pushed out her chest and then turned around to tease him with her backside. "Or something tart and sassy?" She then positioned herself directly in front of him and looked up into his eyes. "Or just plain old vanilla?" "How about option D," he softly spoke and took her into his arms and kissed her long and hard.

"All of the above." "God, are you for real or what?" Beverly gasped once the kiss was broken. She looked down and rubbed her body against his hips. His manhood running down the left side of his leg felt huge. "And I see we have a visitor." "He's for real all right," he sheepishly grinned and ground his hips back against her.

"But Slew's never been anywhere near such perfection before and it's been all I can do to keep him under control since the moment I saw you at TBs." "And what kind of name," she didn't have to ask who or what Slew was.

"Is Slew?" "You'll see." As if on cue, both sought out the others mouth at the same time reaching for the buttons of the others clothes to begin unwrapping the present each could only imagine until now. Blouse and bra were first to fall with his shirt soon thereafter.

"Just looking at these," Jack leaned back to admire Beverly's boobs and then cupped them one in each hand. "Is worth a pirate's ransom." "You mean booty, don't you? "The only booty I care about," Jack said as he gently slapped her ass. "Is back here." "Damn," Beverly screeched when the electricity suddenly went out. "And I keep forgetting to buy candles." "I'm sure if you can somehow lead us to the bedroom we can figure what to do from there," Jack took her hand and urged her on.

"Though I most definitely wanted to see the rest of the most beautiful woman I've ever met." "You're not saying that," Beverly stated waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. "Just so you can take advantage of a poor, naive little girl like me, are you?" "I don't know about poor but, as a matter of fact, yes." Jack saw no need to further add to Beverly's already inflated ego.

"I want you. Take me to your boudoir, now!" "Yes, sir!" Beverly saluted with her unseen other hand in Gestapo fashion. "Anything you say, sir!" "Then move it," he now firmly pressed her ass forward. "Plebe." The next thing Beverly knew she was naked beside Jack in her bed. They were frantically kissing as he busied himself alternating between finger fucking her hole and toying with her clit.

Just when Beverly thought she'd explode, Jack removed his fingers, broke off the kiss, laid her on her back and straddled her chest. His actions, while not new to Beverly, were like an eye opener even in the dark.

With his fully and now freed penis totally erect and placed between her boobs Beverly felt as if she had been knocked over by a butcher who had flung an over sized salami at her. Normally her tits would swallow up a man's dick once she applied some pressure from the sides but this one she could tell by feel that she had met her match. Jack began stroking back and forth and with each thrust his member inched closer and closer to her mouth.

"Think maybe you could give Slew a kiss," Jack finally asked with the realization Beverly was not going to do so without being asked. "Please?" "I might not be able to see it," Beverly countered growing more and more anxious over how any part of her body, let alone her mouth was going to accommodate his length and girth.

"But I can tell you now that thing will never fit in my little mouth." "Be a good girl, then," Jack insisted wishing that the electricity would return as abruptly as it had left. The silhouette he could see from what star light there was coming through the window was in and of itself a lifetime memory.

Actually seeing her mouth and his cock near the other, however, would be something else. "And just lick Slew's head." What had started out to be a fairytale experience for Beverly was now on the verge of becoming a nightmare. Her body was filling with contradictions. She had madly wanted him before but now that she had him she was becoming increasingly afraid of his size. No way was she going to attempt actual oral sex on him but maybe, just maybe she could excite him enough by tonguing the head of the monster to satisfy Jack and save herself from having to do more.

Though no expert her tongue began flitting in and out from between her lips engaging the corona from just beneath the helmet to the tip of its head.

Unaware of Beverly's intentions, Jack felt himself rapidly losing control as she thoroughly worked this most sensitive area of his body. His balls ready to burst, Jack pulled back from her chest and eased himself into the cradle between Beverly's legs. "Oh, my God," Beverly groaned as his monster cock bore into her pussy and feeling as if it was splitting her body in two.

"Please!" Jack, not really caring one way or another at this point, misread her continued moans and groans as pleas for more and more. He could sense, then actually feel his meat encounter some obstruction when attempting a deep insertion.

Not knowing any better, he thought he had finally discovered a woman's G-Spot and that Beverly's ongoing verbal outpourings represented an intensely gratifying experience for both him and her.

He continued pounding away at her pussy until finally he could hold back no more. "I'm cumming!" He thrust his cock one last time as deep as he could bury it within Beverly's still amazingly tight cunt and let loose with months' worth of pent up passion. Beverly, impaled like a bug, involuntarily arched her back and thrust her hips forward at this last invasion and unwittingly assisted the final, deepest thrust of his invading cock. Finally, she felt the explosion cascade off her uterine walls and silently thanked God that she was still alive.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly, Sorry to have to leave you like this but I just didn't have the heart to wake you at 4 AM. You were sleeping so soundly and looked so cute, a true Angel in my eyes, I can only wish you were dreaming about me.

It was so appropriate we met here. Seattle Slew doesn't get all that much exercise these days and his ride with you last night was like winning the Triple Crown. Thank you. Here's your driver's license. I found it last night before we met on the floor at TBs.

Though I'd like to keep it as a souvenir I'm sure you'll be needing it more so than me. Also, here's 3 VIP passes to the show this weekend. Take your friends so they, too, can say they got to see the Blue Angels in action. Maybe not as up close and personal as you but, then, that's our little secret. At least I won't tell. Hope to see you next time I'm in town. Jack "That may have been a ride in the park for a jet jockey like you," Beverly thought to herself having read his note several hours later.

"But it was more like a bronc busting to me." Knowing Jack would be gone Beverly had every intention of going to work that day when she arose but the way her insides felt that morning she wasn't sure she could make it to the bathroom let alone the office.

The entrance to her vagina to the depths of her womb felt as if someone had taken a jack hammer to her and left her to die. She hurt so bad she was literally afraid she had been permanently damaged. Though she hated the thought if she didn't improve in the next few hours she determined she would have to call a doctor. "I should have known," she remembered the horror she felt as his cock entered her the night before.

"I finally meet someone I could really go for and he's more horse than man." She then reread his note and shook her head. "And he lied to me. He didn't know me from Eve. Red Onion my ass." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The pain, if anything only seemed to get worse, or so it seemed to Beverly. The more she thought about it the more worried she became.

Shortly after nine she called Kathy to get her doctors name. Beverly sounded so distressed; Kathy not only supplied a name but called the doctor herself and managed to get Beverly a mid-afternoon appointment. "Have you ever had any of the following?" Beverly continued filling out the same old familiar forms all doctors forced upon their patients. "Shit, just what I needed. Something else to worry about." She had come to the STD portion of the questionnaire and froze at the list of potential diseases she may have unwittingly exposed herself to.

For whatever reason, the possibility of gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV didn't worry her so much as the thought of having herpes. Surely, Jack, her Blue Angel, could not be in that position and have any of those diseases let alone herpes. "Miss Rakoski, the doctor will see you now." Beverly followed the nurse back into the examination area more troubled now about what the next thirty minutes would divulge than when she arrived. "Step up here, please." Beverly stepped onto the scale and with vain pride patted herself on the back when the nurse stopped the weight indicator at one seventeen.

"Have a seat here," the nurse continued her routine without any emotion. "And we'll take your blood pressure." "One thirty-five over ninety," the nurse announced peeling the wrap off Beverly's arm. "A little bit high for someone your age." "Not bad for someone who smokes." "This way." The nurse's smirk was generally more effective than a lecture but was wasted on Beverly.

Once in the exam room Beverly took a seat to wait for the doctor. "So," the nurse blandly resumed. "What brings us in today?" "No offense," Beverly answered unwilling to share that information and embarrassment with the nurse. "But I want to keep that between me and the doctor." "I assume by that," the nurse's attitude finally displayed some degree of emotion. "You'll require an examination?" "That's what I'm here for." "Then put this on." The nurse handed her a backless gown, put her file in a slot on the back of the door and turned back to Beverly before exiting.

"The doctor will be with you shortly." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You weren't raped, were you?" After what seemed like an eternity the doctor showed, the preliminary verbal exchange completed and finally Beverly was being examined.

"No, it was consentual." "Was this your first time with this gentleman?" "Yes." "Did you use protection?" "I took a birth control pill this morning." "What I meant, young lady, did you use a condom?" the doctor sat back on her stool and looked at Beverly incredulously.

"And I might add birth control was not designed to be taken the morning after sex." "No," Beverly muttered not wanting to look the doctor in the face and feeling her embarrassment deepen, not lesson during this examination. "We didn't use a condom." "Do you normally have any trouble lubricating?" "No." "Did you last night?" "Not at first." "Well, the good news is, you're going to be okay," the doctor concluded.

"I'd say your gentleman was probably well endowed and you just weren't ready. As a result, your vagina and cervix got beat up. You're bruised. Something like if you kicked your partner between the legs.

You should be feeling better over the next few days." "So, what should I do if it happens again?" "Well, you could either say no," the doctor answered not knowing her patient well enough to be more personal. "Ask your partner to slow down a little, or buy some form of lubricant." "I wasn't in a position to say no last night," Beverly responded and then stopped herself.

There was no need to go into details. "Is there a lubricant you would recommend?" "Any of the water soluble off the shelve products like K-Y Jelly will do," the doctor replied and then added.

"While you're there I'd recommend you also buy some protection. I don't want to see you back in here for what could be a far more serious problem." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kismet III (Lights, Cameras, Action) "Can I help you?" "Delivery for Ms. Beverly Rakoski," answered the old man standing outside Beverly's door to her apartment. "That's me," Beverly confirmed opening the door so as to accept her package.

"Have a good day, ma'am." Beverly carried the box into the kitchen and upon opening it was surprised and delighted to find a dozen long stem peach colored roses. "Who could be sending me flowers?" she wondered as she held a stem to her nose. "My Blue Angel Jack must be back in town." She placed the stem back with the others, retrieved the card, opened it and read the contents. "From a Secret Admirer" did nothing to solve the mystery.

Still, Jack logically was the only answer. That one night had been the only date she'd had in Seattle. No one else knew or cared enough about her to think of sending flowers. "How would he know peach is my favorite?" Beverly continued to question who the sender might be. "God, I hope it's not him. I don't think I could survive another ride with Seattle Slew." She transferred the roses from the box to a vase, poured herself a glass of chardonnay and sat enjoying the moment.

No one had sent her flowers, and those were red, since Eric tried to make up to her for the fit he threw because she soiled his precious sheets. Loser that he was, at least she had a life then. Other than Jack, Beverly's life in Seattle was not much more than getting up in the morning to go to work and coming home to an empty apartment at night. Whenever she had free time to explore her new surroundings the rainy weather was so miserable she'd get too depressed to do anything. Her social life had been that one date with Jack and what now had become the occasional Thursday night out with Nancy and Kathy.

"God, one date in thirteen months," she complained aloud. "I must be losing it." Well, if it was Jack Mitchell coming back into her life, her doctor would be proud to know Beverly had taken her advice and purchased both protection and a lubricant. She had not, however, resumed taking birth control pills on a daily basis. There was no need, but just in case Jack was to show up this time she took a pill in advance. Other than the sex, her one night with Jack had been special.

Maybe if they worked at it together sex with him could be special, too. Still, the memory of the monster dong ravaging her body made her hope deep down the Secret Admirer was not him.

"Well," she muttered to herself when she heard knocking at the door. "This must be the moment of truth." Looking out the peep hole she was relieved to note that the man standing with his back to the door could not possibly be Jack Mitchell.

There was something, however, familiar about the stature of the individual which was confirmed when he turned around to face the door. "Greg," Beverly said once she decided to open the door. "What are you doing here?" "Long time," he smiled the smile that always melted her down. "No see." "How'd you find me?" "Your sister gave me your phone number and address," Greg answered and leaned against the door frame. "I've picked up the phone a million times and started a thousand letters but what I need to do I need to do face to face." "You're taking an awful lot for granted showing up like this." "You've never been able to say no to me," Greg thought to himself before addressing Beverly.

"May I come in?" "You can come in," Beverly said backing away from the door to give him entrance. "Just don't make yourself too comfortable." "I like the doo," Greg sincerely complimented as he passed closely by Beverly but refused the urge to touch. "Not much else to do around here," Beverly answered evenly still trying to understand what this was all about. "And I just thought maybe it was time for a change." "I see you got the flowers." "Yes, thank you," Beverly softened her tone somewhat.

"That was nice." "That's probably dinner," Greg stated when yet another knock was heard upon the door. "I ordered out." Beverly again answered the door and just as Greg had predicted there stood three waiters from the Cascadia Restaurant. When he had said he ordered out Beverly assumed pizza or Chinese, not the gourmet feast then set before them as Greg and Beverly sat comfortably at her kitchen table being served by one of Seattle's finest restaurants.

The meal consisted of a Caesar Salad, lobster spring rolls, pan seared scallops and, for dessert, a raspberry chocolate cheesecake. The food was complimented by a good chardonnay and an exquisitely delicious tasting coffee with dessert. Then, like magic, the table was cleared and Beverly and Greg left alone to their own devices. "That must have cost a fortune," Beverly still groping to understand why Greg was there commented and then asked. "Where'd you get the money for that?" "That's part of the reason I'm here," Greg replied happy to finally be alone to talk.

"I'm finally on my feet if you can believe that." "That would take a lot of believing," Beverly did nothing to hide her doubt having been down this road before. "To start with, how'd you get here?" "I know this guy who's a trucker," Greg immediately answered.

"And when I heard him say he had a load to deliver in Seattle he was more than happy to have me along for company." "Oh, yeah," Beverly shook her head and, in spite of herself, grinned. "That tells me how much you're back on your feet alright." "Gotta learn to walk before you run." "So, I can't wait any longer." Beverly poured herself another glass of wine.

"Why are you here?" "First of all to say I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong to you," Greg spoke as he arose from his chair and kneeled down on his knees at Beverly's feet. "I miss you and want you back. If you'll take me I want to be the man in your life." "I'm just supposed to pick up and follow you back to Torrance," Beverly quipped refusing to believe such a turnaround in Greg.

"Is that it?" "Just think about it," Greg answered, stood and collected his jacket. "I've got a ride to catch." "Greg, hold on a second," Beverly collected herself enough to say something before Greg walked out the door. "Yes." "I'll be home for Justin's birthday next month. You do remember who Justin is, don't you?" Though she wanted to believe she could not help but remember when he left her at the point she most needed him.

"I'll give you a call." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Nikki, I'm sorry, but I just can't. I've got a plane to catch this afternoon," Beverly repeated for the fifth time. "And I'm tied up all morning." "But I haven't even seen you." Nor had anyone else for all practical purposes. Beverly attended Justin's birthday on the first day of her vacation back in Torrance as planned, made her call to Greg and had been with him ever since.

All indications were he was finally on his feet. He had a decent apartment, a reliable car and, most importantly, he had a job. She acquiesced on the phone to at least come visit the apartment to finish the conversation started in Seattle, ended up talking all night and her sleeping all day while he was at work. Day two was a repeat of day one and by the next sunrise Beverly was convinced Greg was real and finally they were meant to be together.

Throughout the seven years since Justin's birth Beverly had convinced herself this day would eventually come. From their first night together, regardless what he ever did, Greg had been the ideal Beverly thought she wanted for life. Even when she caught him in her bed with another woman and kicked him out deep down she still thought she loved him. She dated, and even been asked to marry three times but no one could ever fill the void in her heart when absent Greg.

Now, after years of waiting, she appeared to have the upper hand. He was, unlike the Greg of the past, lavishing her with attention and seemed dedicated to her happiness. They had decided she was to go back to Seattle, turn in her notice, tie up any other loose ends and then move back to Torrance to live with Greg.

If all went well, maybe her mother if told Greg was Justin's father may relinquish her adopted son back to his mother. Even better, maybe they could have another kid. "Is that Nikki," Greg, just out of bed and still naked, snuck up behind Beverly and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Again?" Beverly nodded in the affirmative and placed a finger to her lips indicating he was to keep quiet. Nikki would have to eventually know about Beverly and Greg, but now was not the time.

Greg kept quiet as instructed but moved one hand under her teddy to fondle her boobs and the other down inside her panties to toy with her clit. "I've always wanted to do this," he whispered in Beverly's free ear. "Especially with Nikki on the other end." "Greg," Beverly covered the mouth piece and half heartedly attempted to struggle free.

"Don't." Too late, Greg's finger already had her aroused and ready to go. Still from behind, he let go of her boobs and worked her panties off her ass with the one hand while continuing to manipulate her clit with the other. Beverly was losing control and offered no resistance when he leaned her over the kitchen table and entered her pussy from behind.

His finger returned to its previous mission and he began, slowly at first and then faster, stroking his dick in and out of her wet pussy. Her butt convulsively pushed back in rhythmic fashion until the resultant orgasm milked the cream out of Greg's balls.

"Beverly," somewhere in the distance Beverly could hear Nikki still jabbering away. "Are you even listening to me?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Oh shit!" Greg exclaimed while looking at the check and reaching for his back pocket to pay for lunch.

"I forgot my wallet. Bev, can you pick this one up?" "Damn it, Greg, I thought the dine and dash days were over," Beverly said in quiet disgust but reaching for her purse just the same. "What is it now, eat and run?" "I simply forgot my wallet," he sincerely tried to sound improperly accused.

"I'll pay you back when we get to the apartment." "Yeah, sure, just like the car payment you asked me to make for you," Beverly would not back off having been through similar instances too many times in her relationship with Greg. "The groceries for the past couple of weeks and the gas money for work which by the way you only go two times a week." "You know my back's been acting up," Greg defended himself.

"And I'm on partial disability. What can I say?" "Nothing," Beverly spat out. "Just realize the well's going to run dry if this keeps up. You're driving me broke" "Now that's vintage Beverly. Whatever happened to us?" Greg now went on the attack.

"What's this what's mine is ours and what's yours is yours bullshit? I love it." "Go to hell." The reunion with Greg had taken longer than expected. Beverly could not immediately get out of her lease and ended up staying in Seattle two months longer than planned. But, just as planned, Greg showed up on the weekend the lease expired and helped her move out and back to Torrance.

Their first few weeks together, though not blissful, had been very much like the week spent with him on her vacation. He doted on her as if wanting to satisfy her every need, except maybe in the bedroom. Like the Greg of the past he did not seem to spend his every waking moment wanting to make mad passionate love to her.

When they did, more often than not, he was done and out of the bed before Beverly ever had a chance to get started. Still, Beverly enjoyed being a kept woman for a change and though she knew that couldn't last forever she wanted to make the most of it while it lasted. Then came the recurring back injury that he, supposedly, originally incurred in his brief stint in the service. Supposedly because one, Beverly had never seen his paperwork documenting a medical discharge and, two, rumor was his exit from the Army was via a less than honorable discharge.

He, however, had convinced a doctor to instruct his employer to put him on a limited and restrictive work schedule that now only had him working two days a week. The other days of the week he spent absent the apartment looking for more suitable employment, or so Beverly was told, and not showing up until the wee hours with Beverly sound asleep in front of the television.

"Here," Greg softened his tone and reached inside a shopping bag to retrieve a wrapped box. "I got this for you." Beverly accepted the gift without a response, stared at it for several seconds, forgot her anger and opened it.

Inside was a flimsy bright red dress that when she held it aloft she wondered what few women, and Beverly was unsure if she was one, could wear and look like anything other than a cheap tramp. "Thanks," Beverly looked up and gave him a smile. This was a new one. Greg had never given her a gift of any type before. "But isn't this a little risqu? "Wait 'til you see it on," Greg assured with a wink. "You'll look marvelous." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Did you give her the dress?" "Yeah," Greg answered into the phone obviously beginning to have second thoughts.

"But she wasn't that thrilled with it." "And we're still on for tonight, right?" "What if she doesn't want to go along with this?" "Just slip that powder I gave you in her drink and I'll guarantee you she'll do anything we say." "Man, I just don't know about this anymore." "You got the money you owe us?" "No." "Then listen up and listen good, Gibson.

This is gonna happen with or without your cooperation, one way or another, and she better be as good as you say she is. If not, I'm personally going to cut off your balls and feed them to her afterwards.

Understand?" "Yeah, I understand alright." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Bev, I got some buds coming over later," Greg announced out of nowhere as he stuffed his mouth with one last bite of leftover Golumki. "And I want to show my baby off. How about putting on that new dress I got for you?" "Not tonight," Bev answered wanting to put off having to wear that dress in public for as long as possible.

"I don't even have a bra to wear with that thing." "That 'thing', as you call it, doesn't need a bra, especially with your body," he countered and pulled back from the table. "That's why I got it for you." "I don't know." "Listen, if you gotta know, these guys are coming over to discuss a deal that could be a golden opportunity for us," Greg reworked the truth as he walked towards her at the sink.

"A little eye candy wouldn't hurt." "I've got other clothes." "Bev, please," he lifted her chin and gave a quick peck to the lips. "You're the hottest thing in South Beach.

Let me show you off." "Do I have to?" "Please, for me?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Maybe not the hottest thing in South Beach," Beverly mused taking inventory of her naked body as reflected in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. "But damn close if not." Their company already arrived Beverly took her time exiting the bath and then admiring her naked body before donning the requested dress.

Now twenty-five years old even she had to admit she still had it all. Everything was tight, nothing sagged, yet at least, her hair looked great and, for the first time since she was a teen, she had the luxury of the time to be fully tanned.

"Even my feet look pretty," she continued the self appraisal as she pulled on a pair of panties. "Sorry to interrupt the princess," Greg slipped in through the bedroom door carrying what Beverly assumed to be a Seven and Seven. "But your audience awaits." "I'll be there in a minute," Beverly replied accepting the glass and then watching him depart as quickly as he arrived. "And then again, maybe I'm not so hot. He didn't even seem to notice I'm sitting here naked." She purposely sat there sipping half the contents of the glass before she reluctantly pulled on the dress and slipped on the Candies' heels that she loved and knew without doubt accented her legs and ass so well.

"Shit!" she exclaimed taking one last assessment in the mirror. "This thing is so tight around my butt I got panty lines. That will never do" She pulled off the panties, thought briefly about pantyhose but, looking at her bronzed legs, decided, "What the hell. No one will ever know the difference." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "My God," Greg sat thinking over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table the following morning.

"I even got off fucking her corpse like body after they left." Not since his first fuck had Greg been so turned on as he had witnessing Beverly's performance the night before for the cameras and taking on first one, then two and finally three male partners at the same time. Even as a spectator he could well imagine the two cocks rubbing together, one jammed deep in her pussy and the other buried in her ass.

Unable to participate himself, he sat shamelessly jacking off as his girl got plundered in every way imaginable. "What the hell am I going to do when she wakes up?" He decided, just like she so often does after an argument, to go about his business and act like nothing out of the ordinary happened and wait for her to bring the subject up.

Still, he couldn't help but think of the possibilities. Beverly often pictured herself in the movies, and last night proved if nothing else she had all the makings of an instant porn star. If she'd only go along with the idea he could even be her manager and they'd both be set for life. "Well, if nothing else," Greg announced as he rose from the table. "She's earned breakfast in bed." He collected three eggs and some grated cheese from the refrigerator and placed them on the counter.

He then cracked the eggs in a bowl and added a small amount of lukewarm water. He turned the burner on and collected a fork to froth the eggs when inspiration struck. His little porn star deserved more than just a plain ass cheese omelet. He placed the fork back down and carried the bowl with him into the bathroom where he again jacked off into the mixture in silent tribute to the woman asleep in his bed.

Once done, he confirmed Beverly was not in the kitchen before returning with bowl in hand and finished the job. "Rise and shine," Greg chirped as he carried Beverly's breakfast on a tray into the bedroom and was surprised to find her sitting up in bed. "Oh, you're awake." "That's just what the doctor ordered," Beverly smiled in appreciation of the effort now placed at her side.

"I feel as if I can eat a horse." "I just wanted to thank you for last night," Greg sat down beside her in a position where he could rub her back while she ate. "You were great. Thank you." "So, we millionaires yet?" Beverly jokingly inquired between bites. "Where's the maid?" "Not quite yet," he answered, kissed her on the neck and retrieved a folded cloth from the bedside table. "But our friends did leave you this." "Oh, I love this. A t-shirt with 'Put Something A Little Different Between Your Buns' printed on it," she laughed holding the shirt up to her chest.

"What kind of business are you trying to get us into, anyhow?" "We can talk about that later," Greg answered satisfied she had either been too drunk, too doped up or both last night to remember the details.

He put his arms around her and pulled her back into him. "Right now, I could use some pusse?s the say in France." "Not until I've had a chance to go to the bathroom," Beverly wriggled out of his hold surprised, but pleased at his request.

Not once had he ever come on to her in such a fashion. "Just keep the Tin Man's motor running until I get back." "My God," Beverly returned a few moments later and screeched. "What happened to my hair?" "You drank too much," Greg carefully responded not wanting to volunteer anything he didn't have to. "And got sick all over yourself and the bed. Lucky me, I got to clean it all up." "No, I mean really, what happened last night?" Beverly asked with all her attention at looking in the mirror and attempting to get a brush through her tangled and matted hair.

"I hardly remember a thing after I joined you guys at the beginning of the night." "That doesn't surprise me," Greg chortled and lay back upon the bed. "You didn't eat, had too much to drink and stayed up way too late. I couldn't shut you up." "I need a shower." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I thought you didn't care for that t-shirt," Greg commented as Beverly crawled into bed with him that night.

"Though I must say it does look good on you." "What's gotten into to you today?" Beverly asked not used to all the attention he showered upon her since she awoke that morning as she snuggled into his arm. "Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it's just not like you." "Let's just say I've never been as turned on as you made me last night," Greg, for nearly the first time in twenty-fours, honestly replied.

"I can't begin to tell you what you did for me." "Well, I wish you'd tell me," Beverly sighed still somewhat disturbed over her loss of memory. "Cause I sure as hell don't know what I did." "Tell me," Greg hesitated before going forward with an idea he was sure to be rejected. "Think you'd ever consider a threesome?" "Like I'm going to share you with some other woman in bed," Beverly shook her head with the anticipated response.

"Don't go holding your breathe for that one, buddy." "No, I mean you, me," Greg continued hoping to ignite a spark. "And another guy." "You're sick." "It was just an idea." "Well, forget it." "Come on, be honest, Bev," Greg changed his approach. "Don't you have any fantasies?" "Nope." "I said be honest," Greg was getting annoyed by her lack of cooperation. "Do you mean to tell me you haven't even had the rape fantasy most women have?" "I don't have the foggiest notion what you're talking about." "Never mind," Greg's voice now sounded irritated.

"The Tin Man wants a blow job then." "What?" "I said give me a blow job," he harshly spoke, pulled away the sheets and physically tried to push her head down on his dick. "That's the least you can do." "Stop it, Greg!" "Suck it, you cunt," he screamed and with his free hand slapped her across the face.

"You did it for them you can do it for me!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Now I'm going to go find me a real woman," he snarled as he slid out of the bed and began to dress. "Not some two bit tramp like you." "Why," Beverly managed to mutter through the tears as she watched him dress and start out the door.

"Did you want to hurt me like that?" "Because," he calmly stated as he hesitated by the bedroom door. "That's what happens to filthy cheap ass whores like you." Not wanting to spend another minute in that godforsaken apartment Beverly, too, immediately got up and somehow managed to dress herself. One look in the mirror told her no amount of makeup was going to cover up her already blackening eye so she didn't even bother to try. She reached for her purse and started looking for her keys.

"Damn it!" She screeched. "That asshole must have taken my car." Then out of the chaos her memory started to click in. She had loaned her car to her sister a few days ago when her car broke down. "Suzie, please, you gotta come get me," Beverly's words rushed out and into the phone a few minutes later. "Before he kills me." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You can call me Sku, you can call me Sku Baby, you can call me Jack or, if you insist, you can call me Mr.

Skubiel," Jack Skubiel parodied one of his favorite comedy routines. "But you're not going to work for me and call me just plain Skubiel to my face." Suzie had rescued Beverly without any questions and let her move into her two bedroom apartment until Beverly could find a place of her own. Beverly, though she knew Suzie wanted her out as soon as possible, took refuge in the barely furnished bedroom lent her leaving only once that first week to return to Greg's apartment to collect her belongings.

Once healed and willing to be seen again, after umpteen reminders that her old job under Jack Skubiel was still open, did Beverly bow down and make the call to her old boss and one night lover. Sku Baby was more than willing to interview her the next day. "What do you expect out of me?" "Some respect," he answered each looking the other directly in the eye. "If you want to come back to work for me." "I could've had your balls," Beverly bit her lip and wondered how she'd sunk so low to be in this position.

"Mr. Skubiel." "That was then, this is now," he firmly stated and stood as if he had better things to do. "Do you want this job or not, baby cakes?" "I don't have any other choice," Beverly acquiesced. "Yes." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Excuse me." "Who," Beverly asked her nearest closest colleague as some stranger, at least to her, darted past her with briefcase in hand.

"Was that?" "Oh, that's Jack Mitchell. He's on loan from the Amarillo plant," her workmate replied noting the look in Beverly's eyes. "And you may as well not even get started thinking about him. Even your cousin Nikki's been down here trying to attract his attention." She informed remembering her own lack of success with the subject.

"It's like he's inhuman. He hasn't picked up on anyone of us. What a waste." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly and the Cowboy The Present (Miss South Beach) "For one last final time," Beverly snarled while putting on her robe. "I don't do that!" "You did it for Greg!" "And that just naturally means I should do it with you?" She spit out before turning her back to her husband and starting for the bedroom door.

"That doesn't give you the right to fuck me in the ass, you pervert." "Oh," Jack looked to the ceiling with amazement. "I'm the pervert, am I?" "Besides, that was different," she mumbled now standing at the door.

"What was different about it was you were Greg's fucking little whore," Jack, still naked and sitting on the bed's edge, quipped with heartfelt sarcasm and began to mock. "Greg Gibson wants a blow job. Little Beverly, without hesitation, drops to her knees, opens her mouth, and sucks him dry. Greg Fucker Gibson wants to fuck Beverly in the ass. Bevie drops her pants, bends over, and spreads her cheeks." Jack paused before finishing his venom.

"All Greg ever did for you was knock you up and then dump you." "I loved him." "You married me." "And you're just jealous." "Same old argument," Jack thought to himself as Beverly banged the door shut behind her.

"Same old result." And another night with Beverly's desirable ass planted in front of the TV while Jack tossed and turned the night away in bed envisioning his wife doing all the things for other men she'd never do for him. Beverly, a self-proclaimed daredevil who'd try anything once, prior to meeting Jack, had done just that. Most experimentation had, indeed, been with Greg, but there had been others. Jack was without doubt admittedly jealous, but of her, not the other men in her life.

Jack had never been so fortunate as to experience such a daredevil in his past. It wasn't that he wanted her ass because Greg had fucked her there. Jack wanted to fuck her there, too. "So why," he wondered over and over again.

"Had she ever even told him about such experiences?" Besides a body unlike, or unmatched in his dating experience, and a face belonging to a goddess, one of the aspects that most attracted Jack to Beverly was her seemingly inability to tell a lie. So, when Beverly asked about his sexual past Jack, uncharacteristically, decided to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. "Don't expect the same honesty out of me," Beverly interrupted Jack before he could begin the story of his third sexual relationship.

"You could've just given me the number." That's where his story ended and Beverly's eventually began. She being from the west coast and he being from the Midwest/South, Beverly had initially been concerned that Jack would be put off if he knew of all her sexual past.

Little by little, however, over the years and mostly over drinks, Beverly took off the shroud of being a mystery woman and revealed the intimate details of her life; her first love and the loss of her virginity, though a mother she had never been married, that she had a couple (meaning several) one-niters (one of whom was hung like a horse), posed for topless pictures and, finally, that Greg, the father of her child, had his way with her whenever he wanted over their sordid on and off again relationship of eight years.

Life would have been far simpler had Jack never known anything. Still, now he knew that Greg was her ideal, that her gag reflex kept her from performing oral sex and, though she doesn't do it, her sexy and pretty little asshole had been violated at least a couple times. The only reason ever given was that she loved Greg. Not one time had Jack ever been told he was an "ideal" nor did Beverly ever do anything with Jack beyond straight sex. She'd done it all, but not with him.

All the while Jack yearned for the one-niter, a complete blow job and an ass fuck from the hottest woman he had ever met. As Beverly shared more and more of her previous sex exploits, when spurned wanting like treatment, Jack came to think of his wife as a slut even though he wanted desperately to believe otherwise.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "God, you're a tease," Jack stated as if suffering, his arm around Beverly and her hand as usual pulling his hand down to her to luscious chest. "I'm sure guys you dated, especially someone like Jack Skubiel, really appreciated you pulling their hand down to your tit and then being shut down without anything else." "What are you talking about?" Beverly replied off-handedly.

"Skubiel and I went to bed." This was the last straw. Though she had no way of knowing, when she let slip ever so casually that a guy she'd many a time categorically stated that nothing was ever between them became the one fuck on her list of past partners that exceeded the number of fucks on Jack's list. To make matters worse, this so called last guy they both knew as their boss when they'd met.

"Well, I give you one thing. You said there was nothing between you two," Jack angrily reacted to this latest confession and threw the covers off. "I just never realized I was to have taken that literally." "It meant nothing, Jack," Beverly said as if fucking your boss, your married boss at that (now was not the time to tell that little secret) was an everyday occurrence. "We were at a work party and things just happened. Skubiel was nothing more than a one-niter." "One one-niter too many as far as I'm concerned." Jack, for the first time, looked upon his wife with disgust.

"Why you dropping this on me now?" "I just didn't see the harm in telling you." "Was there anybody," Jack had to ask. "You dated you didn't fuck? "No," Beverly answered in a manner that could be read as being the absolute truth or as mocking Jack and his stupid question.

"There weren't that many if you think about it." "Why didn't you tell me this and everything else before we got married?" he continued. "I might not have wanted to marry you had I known!" "I thought you loved me," Beverly softly responded recognizing the unfamiliar look of revulsion her husband's face. "I didn't think our pasts mattered." "I wasn't given the opportunity to make that call," Jack snarled and began to dress.

"Given what I know now…" "I told you there were one-niters." "And I quote, 'a couple one-niters'," Jack shouted back. "But a couple doesn't equate to five let alone someone we both knew. Christ, Skubiel was my best man at our wedding. He must have got a good laugh out of that." "Jack, that was all before you," Beverly now sobbed. "Come back to bed." "I don't fuck around with whores let alone sleep with 'em." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That night was Jack's turn on the couch, again tossing and turning to visions of his wife fucking one guy after another.

His head said it was time to leave but his heart was not yet willing to call it quits. Beverly, as after any other fight, arose in the morning fully refreshed, made a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table to read the morning paper. "Doesn't anything ever affect you?" Jack questioned in total disbelief upon entering the room. "I can't believe you." "I said I'm sorry," she calmly stated without breaking away from the paper.

"What more do you want?" "You said what!" Jack didn't even try to argue knowing from past experience he'd never win. How do you respond to a woman who isn't in touch with reality? Though one hell of a good looking woman he often questioned when confronted with such out right oblivion whether or not she was human.

He silently vowed he wasn't leaving the bitch until she became his little whore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then began the Mexican stand-off. Beverly thrived on men's attention, and most especially her husband's. Jack decided that if Beverly was going to hold out on him then he could play that game, too.

Let's see how long she could go without his constant attention. The idea, by far, was the easy part. Being married to Beverly was like being a child trapped in a candy shop. There was no feigning interest in what he wanted morning, noon and night.

While Beverly never made the first move, other than launching their first date, she welcomed his spontaneous and wanton advances and often surprised even him by rewarding his initiative with just what he wanted be it in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, great room, garage or basement.

One time, she even let Jack persuade her on a red eye flight from LA to Atlanta at 35,000 feet to join him in the lavatory of the plane. The key word there was she never made the first move. Then again, Jack had never given her a chance to make that first move. To kill time, Jack started searching the internet for information on what defines a slut. While nothing was conclusive, he did find a number of interesting facts. Two respectable news agencies, the BBC and MSNBC, had conducted surveys as to the number of sexual partners so called normal women have had.

These surveys both stated that the average woman had six different partners in her lifetime with a median of three. Interpreting those statistics meant that 50% of all the women surveyed had less than four sexual partners in their life times and Beverly's total of ten were 67% than the average of those same women.

Hardly data points that merit a phrase such as "There weren't that many." Jack found little comfort in that surveys identified the extreme as being 100 different men except to note Beverly was right about one thing; "There could have been a lot more." Of Beverly's ten sexual, including Jack, five were one niters.

Not surprisingly, he wasn't even her first Jack. There were two others. Then there was another survey of what both men and women considered slutty behavior. Beverly, no surprise to Jack, had more than a niche within this survey, as well, most remarkably that she had posed for nude pictures, her wardrobe was at times on the edge vampy, she wears no under panties, dated guys either older or younger, and has had a number of short term sexual relationships without any emotional attachment.

She tried to tell him herself but he wouldn't listen. Miss Uninhibited I'll Try Anything Once, his Goddess BAR whom he worshiped, was no Goddess, but a slut, and not even his slut at that. Yet, she was still his Goddess BAR and whatever she had been before he still loved her and knew deep down she was no slut. Truth be known, even if she was, she was no more a slut than he was. In fact, their own relationship could be viewed as starting as a one night stand.

She could have had any man she wanted, but she chose him. Seven years together, six married, and to the outside world they remained the perfect couple. Beverly, as well, continued to be the standard by which Jack measured other women and even most men.

Most importantly, Beverly was Jack's best and most trusted friend. Three days of pretending he no longer wanted her, or loved her was enough. Jack decided it was time to apologize and get on with life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Jack," Beverly's voice quivered when Jack answered his office phone.

"Please come home." "What's wrong?" "Just come home, will you?" Jack had not known what to expect but his wife's pleading voice caught him totally off guard. Bev was normally unflappable. Something was definitely wrong. Jack didn't hesitate and rushed home as requested.

"Bev!" Jack shouted as he entered the house. "I'm home." He put his briefcase down, threw his jacket over it and, not hearing a response, rushed up the stairs to the bedroom looking for his wife. Beverly wasn't on the bed but upon surveying the master bathroom Jack deduced that the closed door probably indicated her whereabouts.

"Jack, you're home!" Beverly soon appeared in a now open door frame. She stood frozen in place looking woefully beaten down as she stared at her husband. Mascara streaked her cheeks. "Oh, my God, thank you." Jack quickly moved towards his wife and took her in his arms.

He was met by an embrace surprisingly strong as compared to the helpless way she continued standing in place. "What's wrong, Baby?" Jack whispered as she buried her head in his shoulder and began crying anew.

She further tightened her grip around his shoulders and shuddered. "What's wrong?" "Promise you won't leave me." "Sto Lat, remember? I said we'd be together at least 100 years," he reminded her of the long standing yet, in her eyes, sweet private joke between them.

Placing a finger under her chin he lifted her face to his and gently kissed her on the lips. "It's only been seven." "I'm not joking," she firmly responded in a voice more like her normal self before burying her head in his chest. "Just promise you won't leave me." "What, have you been having an affair?" "I love you and you know that." "Then what's the problem?" Jack's frustration sounded in his voice at her continued non-response.

"Just promise you won't leave me, please?" "Okay, I promise." They stood holding onto each other for what seemed like an eternity. Jack, in spite of himself, tingled all over as his dick began creeping down his left thigh. Beverly had to have noticed the normally welcome intruder between them but neither chided Jack nor encouraged the carnal thoughts racing through his head. "Fix me a drink, will you?" She broke off the embrace and moved to the mirror.

"I'll be down in a minute." Jack did as requested and hours later they still sat at the kitchen table sipping their drinks, hers by then a double-double vodka tonic and his scotch and water, and Jack still not having a clue as to what the problem was.

Beverly had been drinking her so-called doubles since the afternoon but still showed no sign of being drunk. She'd always been able to hold her liquor and could drink most guys under the table. Even so, tonight was an Olympian effort. "Touch me up, please," Beverly asked as Jack rose to touch up his drink.

"And make this one a double, will ya?" "So, you gonna talk or not?" "I don't know what to say," she murmured looking to Jack tears again welling in her steel blue eyes. "I don't believe it myself. The sonofabitch must have drugged me." "What sonofabitch?" "The asshole's back," she said turning away to avoid any look of scorn Jack might have. "And I'm scared shitless." "What are you talking about?" "I was such a good girl growing up and never did anything bad," she slurred, paused and sipped her drink.

"Hell, the worst thing I ever did was steal a street sign" Jack had heard this all before and prepared for the long litany to follow. He always found it odd that someone who got pregnant at eighteen, posed for however innocent topless pictures, fucked numerous strangers without any form of protection, fucked her boss and lied about it all could say the worst think she'd ever done was steal a street sign.

"I did smoke some grass occasionally." "I know, and I love my na?, Polish Catholic little girl," Jack soothed and took her hand from across the table. "And thank God you were there for me when I finally came around.

Now what's up?" "You promise not to leave me." "We've been through that." "Promise." "The Asshole must be back, was here," she rushed her words and stared down onto the table. "Greg was here and you saw him?" Jack quizzed still unable to fathom what had taken place that afternoon. "So what's he want now?" "Me, I guess. I really don't know." "So, what'd he say?" "I didn't say I'd seen him," she looked up from the table to face Jack. "Thank God." "Then what?" "Promise you won't leave me." "I promise." Beverly arose from the table, staggered over to her desk and picked up a package she had sequestered beneath the newspaper.

"Look at this," she said walking back towards him and handing him the open box. "So." Jack took a quick scan at the contents and shook his head. "What do these have to do with Greg?" "I found that just outside our door this afternoon." "So, the postman delivered to the wrong address again," Jack suggested still looking for an answer.

"What's Greg got to do with this?" "Can't you see?" "What's to see?" Jack scoffed as if the pictures in that box meant something he should worry about. "Some whore getting drilled by three guys. What of it?" "Read my lips, idiot, and look closely," she unintentionally contradicted herself. "That whore is your little pretty little na? little Polish Catholic little girl getting the shit fucked out of her, literally," she paused to catch her breath and then dropped to her knees in tears at Jack's feet.

"The Asshole must've drugged me." "Yeah, sure," Jack sighed as if she just dropped another bomb on him. "I never knowingly did that." "You're sure it's you?" "Who else could it be?" she sobbed and forced herself to look once more at the pictures. "That's me, and that's Greg. I even recognize the others." "And you know nothing about it?" "Of course not! What do you think I am?" "You don't want to know," Jack mumbled loud enough to be understood.

"You've lied to me before." "Not about something like this." "Like you said," Jack pointed to the subject matter at hand beginning to believe possibly it was her. "That is you, Miss Amateur South Beach Slut 2001's Pics and Vids." "You know me better than anyone else," she now went on the attack and stood. "Never in my wildest dreams would I do that." "You did everything else he asked," Jack venomously spat out.

"Why not this?" "Because," she hesitated long enough to collect her drink, taking the pictures from his hand and the box from the table and started for the stairs. "I don't do that." Jack thought about letting her stew but she'd been drinking since three and had very little to eat. He had yet to know where this was going but if he didn't stay with it his wife would soon be asleep. He entered the bedroom to find Beverly on the bed staring in disbelief as she again viewed the pictures now spread upon her lap.

"I'm sorry," Jack stated sitting down beside her and placing his arm around her. "You just caught me off guard." "Caught you off guard. How do you think I feel?" "If it's any consolation," Jack tried to present a bright side. "You won, and most certainly do make a good looking whore." "Gee, thanks.

That really makes me feel better." "Well, what am I supposed to say?" "That you still love me." "For better or worse," Jack said with sincerity. "And, I'll grant you, this is the worst." "Will you be serious?" "I am, and I love you." "I gotta go pee." Beverly announced struggling to get to her feet.

Jack waited and waited thinking maybe she fell asleep on the john. He closely examined first the pictures and then the sleeve to the video he just now noticed within the box. The more he looked the more certain he became that the star of this show most certainly had been his wife, and for the first time noticed that the pictures had interracial qualities, as well.

The pictures were enough. He had no desire to watch the video. Somehow, though, Jack believed this time Beverly to be an innocent victim.

"I do make a pretty little whore," Beverly announced from the threshold to the bedroom. She was dressed in what looked to be the same red dress as in the pictures. She also had on the three inch heels that accented not only her legs, but her tits and ass to their most extreme state of provocation. "Don't I?" "Now is not the time to tease," Jack stared in open astonishment at the woman who stood before him.

"You look too good to resist." "Cowboy, I'm not asking that you resist" she seductively approached. "I want you to fuck your Goddess BAR's eyes out!" Jack stood mesmerized as Beverly slid right up into his face, kissed him long and deep, undid his belt, opened his slacks, unzipped his zipper and then, without hesitation dropped to her knees and pulled down his boxers all seemingly in one effortless motion.

Jack had accepted shortly after they met that Beverly's gag reflex and blow jobs were not to be part of their agenda. Once in a great while Beverly would reward him with some tongue action to the head of his dick but never in her mouth and never long enough to provoke an unwanted reaction.

Now, on her knees, her eyes staring point blank at his hardened manhood, she began tracing the inner part of his thighs with her tongue while gently massaging his balls. Cupping his nuts, she then kissed each as if blessing a child and without warning sucked first his left, then his right and then finally both nuts together into her mouth.

"Ah!" Jack couldn't help himself from exclaiming. This new experience though painful to a degree still drove him ecstatically wanting for more. "Did Bevie hurt her Cowboy?" "You can do that all night," Jack could barely whisper. "Don't stop now." "Get on the bed." Jack did as told. Beverly slipped his loafers off, pulled both his trousers and boxers off together, undid his shirt and only just barely got it off without ripping the fabric.

She then pushed him back upon the bed and stared intently at his rigidness. "Um, grosse grande." "Gee thanks." "Big, you idiot," she grinned and lifted her head long enough to see his face. "Just the way I like 'em." She had positioned herself on the bed next to Jack and without further hesitation turned her concentration back to his dick.

As was usual she tongued the head but departed from the past expanding the tease along the length of his shaft. For the most part Jack could see her ministrations and felt like, though impossible at this point, his dick was growing with every lick. When she surprisingly parted her lips and took the head into her mouth and began sucking Jack could not help but begin stroking his cock to fuck his wife's mouth for the first time.

He could feel the explosion building and reflexively grabbed the back of her neck to keep Beverly in place. She offered no resistance. Instead, she began bobbing in rhythm with his movements. "Oh, my God!" Jack could hold back no longer and released his long frustrated load into her mouth. He heard a slight gagging sound but Beverly didn't miss a beat and continued accepting a spurting dick in her mouth without complaint. As in the old days, his dick maintained itself and Jack just lay back enjoying the moment as long as he could.

"I need a break. My mouth hurts," Beverly finally withdrew from his cock and moved up alongside Jack to be held. "You like?" "I like," Jack lifted her chin and took deep satisfaction in the drool coming from the corner of her mouth. "As I've always said, good things come to those who wait." "We're not done, Cowboy," she said in her most suggestive voice looking Jack directly in the eyes. "The good's about to get better." "Take me. I'm yours." "That's what this is all about," she stated with more coherence than Jack had given her credit.

Beverly fell back upon the bed. "What's it you call that fantasy of yours, Around the World?" "That's it," Jack replied not believing his ears. "Well, it's titty fuck time." Jack willingly got to his knees, straddled his wife's midriff and began the task of removing her dress all the while admiring the sexy beauty beneath him.

Seven years later Beverly was still a trophy any man would be proud to find in his bed. One by one the buttons gave way slowly revealing still the most perfect pair of boobs Jack had ever laid eyes on. Early on they had often titty fucked but Jack was always careful that if he came his jizz got nowhere near Beverly's face. Those days ended when Beverly reversed herself yet another time and admitted other men had fucked her boobs.

Tonight Jack neither cared about other men nor where he shot his load. In fact, he made his mind up to cream his wife's pretty face. "Well, you gonna sit there and stare like you've never seen a tit before or you gonna do something about it?" Jack immediately placed his throbbing member in the valley between Beverly's luscious boobs. She responded by cupping each boob in her hands and forcing them together and around Jack's dick.

Beverly had worked up just enough sweat so that when Jack began stroking his cock there was just the tiniest bit of friction. Each time his pole extended upwards through her clinched boobs the head was met by Beverly's kneading tongue.

So teased, Jack inched further and further upwards across her belly to the point only his balls remained between the tits. The sight of his wife and her constant swirling tongue against his most sensitive corona easily expedited the already foregone conclusion. "I'm cumming!" Jack screeched as if his wife needed to be told.

As if in slow motion Jack watched in fascination as his liquids spewed from his cock into the air and softly spattered all across his wife's face and hair. She let go of her boobs and took hold of Jack's dick to milk any last remaining gobs of his goo onto her awaiting tongue. "Um, um, um. Good to the last drop." Jack fell off to her side and Beverly instantly was up, over and upon him.

"Don't you dare lose that boner!" Beverly need not to have worried. Over the years Jack's endurance had seemed to fade. What she didn't know was that Jack, as sex crazed as he was, had grown bored with her lack of imagination as applied to her art. She was often a selfish, non-innovative lover who took far more than she ever gave.


As time went on Jack would get his rocks off and then lose interest. Tonight there was no losing interest and his dick was performing like never before. Beverly reached between her legs to again lay claim to Jack's rod. She expertly guided his tool to her now dripping hole and eased herself onto his shaft. "It never ceases to amaze me," she panted holding herself in place once fully gouged.

"How you so completely fill me up. I mean depth and width." "Well, even though it may not be the size of a horse," Jack smiled a silly grin feeling the head of his dick rest against what he now knew was her cervix.

"But I'm glad you like it." Jack's sarcasm about the horse fell on deaf ears as Beverly began impaling herself up and down on the flag pole between her legs. Then, as if reversing the role she always imposed on her husband, Beverly reached down between her legs as if grasping a saddle horn and simultaneously began flailing her other arm, swinging her boobs and rocking her head as if run through on some horse's dick.

"Ride 'em, Cowgirl." The bronc ride lasted far longer than a rodeo's customary eight seconds with Beverly slamming her pussy onto Jack's pride and joy for all she was worth. Their pelvis's rammed together so hard at times Jack winced in pain. Finally, he felt her cunt walls cave in around his cock as of choking it to death and then began a hyper speed spasm that literally throttled Jack into his own uncontrollable orgasm.

Out of breathe, Beverly fell upon his chest utterly exhausted. "Tell me, Cowboy," Beverly whispered and panted in his ear at the same time. "Do you know the difference between a Texas girl and a California girl?" "You got me there," Jack replied almost insane with the pleasure of her pussy muscles' on and off grasping of his cock.

"What's the difference between a Texas girl and a California girl?" "Well, a Texas girl says 'y'all may" while a California girl says 'you can'," Beverly rose above him, smiled provocatively, slid off his body and turned her back to him.

"Well, guess what you can do now?" "I haven't the foggiest," Jack moaned taking advantage of their separation to get off the bed and stretch for a minute. "Well, tell me," she continued in a teasing voice. "Just how does that "Around the World" fantasy of yours end?" "You'll do that?" Jack stared at his wife in disbelief. "Today's your day, Cowboy. You can now do me from behind," Beverly announced over her shoulder as she reached into the drawer of her night stand.

"That is if you're not going to hassle me about how and why I know about K-Y Jelly." There, right before his eyes, was the target of his desire for so many years in all its glory. He stared at her ass and as if naturally drawn to touch it began rubbing the baby soft orb of her left cheek.

His hand roamed between her thighs and up into her pussy hole which he began gently finger fucking. When Jack exchanged thumb for finger, and simultaneously thumb fucked her while his fingers played with her clit she moaned and squirmed in pleasure.

He took his now cum juiced fingers and began toying with the rim of her asshole. The rim was now well covered in Beverly's own juices and Jack, like a hawk approaching its prey, began zeroing in on the intended target. With one hand he preyed apart her ass cheeks and watched intently as his middle finger began its assault to the center of her ass hole. Though amply greased, Jack was surprised when he tried to initially poke his middle finger into the puckered opening. Her surrounding muscles clinched tight as if hoping to avoid an unwelcome visitor.

He switched to his index finger and began the invasion anew. The resistance was still there but more forgiving to the change in size. Jack slowly forced his finger in when all at once her sphincter gave way enough to allow entry.

Jack watched in fascination as his finger ever so slowly began to disappear into his wife's ass. The pressure from her sphincter never gave way at all and Jack could only imagine what that constant clutching would feel like around his dick. "Plop." He removed his finger to an actual audio sound as her ass gave up its intruder. Jack then remembered the K-Y Jelly and realized he needed something better than their co-mingled juices to lube her passageway and her ass was beckoning for more attention.

Jack squeezed out a generous gob of the goo that he immediately applied around his wife's ass hole. The sphincter still provided obvious resistance but his now well lubed middle finger disappeared with ease up into her previously forbidden zone. He pulled that finger out and went back at it with both his middle and index finger with the same result.

The thumb was next and the struggle more obvious, but the result was the same. Next he took her like a bowling ball with his thumb in her pussy and middle finger up her ass and almost creamed himself when his two digits pinched together within the depths of Beverly's body. Jack fully obsessed with his wife's ass now positioned himself so that his eyes and face were no more than six inches away from the action. He dabbled again with finger, fingers and duel pussy and asshole insertions now as seen from close in.

The excitement mounted and his cock could hold back no longer. His head in her ass, his dick buried almost in her ear his load erupted in and around her ear coating her hair with an organic cream rinse. Now it was time for the real thing.

He slid around the bed still to the backside of Beverly, pulled her backside into his crouch and positioned his cock for entry. Just as he had imagined her sphincter challenging his fingers, so too did she resist the head of his dick when first probed. Jack applied constant pressure to his attack and was rewarded with the feel of her muscle slowly expanding to accept his rod. "Oowee," Beverly moaned in a little girl's voice.

"That hurts." Jack reflexively stopped the penetration and looked down to see his dick separating her ass cheeks and could envision his cock head just inside the rosebud. "Greg, stop, please," the little girl's voice now pleaded. "You're hurting me." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "If I'm lucky, the bitch has gone back to her precious Greg," Jack thought to himself waking to find himself alone in the bed.

Though obviously hung over, Jack clearly recalled the events of the night before. "But I won't be that lucky, I'm sure." Jack pulled himself out of bed and spent the next few minutes investigating the scene of the crime. He had been that close but when called Greg he lost the want to finish off what he had been denied for so long.

He pulled his robe on, called in sick to work and headed for the bathroom. "What are you doing up so early?" Jack asked entering the kitchen a few minutes later to find Beverly in her customary place at the kitchen table reading the morning paper. "I woke up about eight,' she replied in her usual scornful morning demeanor. "And couldn't get back to sleep." Jack poured himself a cup of coffee and joined his wife at the table to peruse the sports page occasionally sneaking a look at his wife to see what kind of mood she may be in.

Other than her hair being a mess nothing appeared out of the ordinary. "You going to work?" "Naw, I thought I'd stay home with you today." "That's okay," Beverly surprisingly offered. "Thanks for being here for me yesterday but I'm fine today. Go to work if you want." "Are you sure?" "That was just somebody who looked pretty remarkably like me," she answered paying more attention to her paper than to what she was saying. "But it wasn't. I would have remembered." "And what about last night?" "What about it?" Beverly stood, collected her coffee cup and walked over to the counter for a refill.

"Any idea how my hair got so matted?" "As much as you drank last night," Jack replied not believing the conversation taking place. "You probably drooled." "I don't drool." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly's amnesia, selected memory, whatever the case, was like a cold shower to Jack. If she couldn't remember what had happened it was almost as if the night had never taken place. Until being called Greg, that night had been the second best night of sex in his life.

Their first night together would always be the best. Nothing, however, indicated she had a clue. As was usually the case Jack may have won the battle but not the war. The experience did, however, loosen the tension between them and their life was back to its normal day to day existence. Beverly, more often than not, gladly entertained his advances and even bought herself a red corset to surprise him for his birthday.

"I remember once upon a time you'd go the extra mile on my birthday?" "You're not happy with the corset?" "I love it. Even more now that it's off," Jack smiled in the darkness and gently squeezed her tit.

"That's not what I'm talking about." "Then what are you talking about?" "The fact that you've got to ask is one," Jack smirked even though he was sure she couldn't see his disappointment. "You know what I mean." "No, I don't" "Well, then," Jack tried not to get too sarcastic. "How 'bout giving Mr. Lucky a kiss like you used to?" "Isn't having sex with me good enough for you?" "You know it is, come on." "No." "Why not?" "One, I'm afraid you'll do it in my mouth," she carefully explained as if to a child.

"And two, I get nothing out of it." "That's bullshit!" Jack exclaimed trying not to lose his temper. "After seven years of my not doing it in your mouth you're afraid? And you know as well as I do you've gotten worked up every time you have seen fit to do it." "Well, I'm not doing it tonight," Beverly answered with an edged finality. "Then let me go down on you." "Do you want the birthday present I have for you or not?" Not wanting to sacrifice getting laid on his birthday Jack shut up and attacked her mouth remembering all the while the view of his cum dripping out of that same orifice just a short period ago.

Still, he couldn't help but wonder after all these years what spell Greg had woven for her where she'd do absolutely anything he wanted and not once in all their time together had she been so subservient to him. He couldn't force her to give him a blow job but he could just use her body for his pleasure and tonight forget about hers. Without breaking the kiss, Jack maneuvered atop her body and between her legs and, without foreplay, blindly guided his cock to her pussy whether it was ready or not.

Jack was semi-disappointed when his dick was warmly and wetly received and taken in with the normal resistance that her tight little twat always presented. As Beverly realized that her husband was stepping out of character she almost instantaneously went from repulsion towards his attack to a mounting sexual fever that once he was inside her she couldn't resist. Her hips bucked up against his and they both savagely pounded against each other until Jack felt her pussy grasp him in it's customary death grip and they both exploded in a mutual orgasm.

Once the eruption was over Jack remained on top of his wife enjoying to the max the thrill of the pulsing grip and release of his wife's pussy muscles around his cock.

"You like?" Beverly managed to whimper between gasps of breath. She then coughed causing her muscles to clamp even more snugly around the rod inside her. "You can't have that until I'm done using it." "What are you talking about now?" "Mr. Lucky stays with me until I'm on my death bed," Jack struggled to explain and drive at the same time even deeper into her womb.

"On my dying breath you can climb aboard and then claim your prize." "Okay, Cowboy, enough," she ordered. "Off." "I love you," Jack softly stated as he slid off his wife's body, pulled her frame in against his and then stared into her face. "Thank you." "That's a new one," Beverly chortled and blew him a kiss.

"I don't recall you ever thanking me for sex before." "I wasn't thanking you for sex," Jack corrected her assumption. "Per se." "Then what were you thanking me for?" "For being my wife and the mother of my child," Jack paused long enough to let his words sink in.

"Methinks we just made us a baby." "And just how do you know that?" "By the glow I see in your face," he answered unable to stop staring.

"I've never seen you look so radiant, even on our wedding day." "And I suppose," Beverly smiled and shook her head at Jack's latest attempt at the divination of their lives together.

"You want a boy." "Actually, it's a girl," Jack confidently answered. "And just what the doctor ordered. It's time you had some competition around here." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Interview (Skeletons from the Closet) "Bev," Jack's strangely animated voice played back from the answering machine at home.

"You won't believe who just called me. Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle, the biggest consulting firm in the business. I'm here at work so I can't go into details but I just had to tell someone." "Shit!" Beverly involuntarily reacted. "They want him again." Though she didn't know much she did know who Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle were if only for the fact she had once been to one of their office parties.

She also knew this day would come eventually, but it was too soon for her liking. Beverly knew when she met Jack his career was on the fast track and that someday sacrifices would have to be made. After they met he'd accepted a big promotion to stay in El Segundo for the company and two years ago had earned an even bigger promotion that brought him with his new wife back to Amarillo.

They had just purchased the house of her dreams and for the first time were seriously talking about having kids. Those plans right now meant more to her than another career boost for her husband.

"Damn it to hell!" Beverly swore aloud as she dialed Jack's work number. "If Rex is still there and Jack takes this job he'll absolutely flip if one of them ever puts two and two together." "Hello, this is Jack McGill. Can I help you?" "Just calling you back. What's up?" "Todd Donovan, from Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle, is in town and wants to take us out to dinner tonight," Jack's voice on the other end of the phone was still edged with excitement.

"He wants to talk to me about a job." "Jack, I'm happy they're interested," Beverly carefully tried not to burst Jack's bubble. "But aren't you happy where you're at?" "Bev, you don't understand," Jack replied somewhat disappointed that his wife didn't share his excitement. "This is Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle." "But haven't we been through this once before when we were trying to leave the West Coast?" she continued to tread lightly. "Didn't old man Zimmerman offer you a job years back?" "He was too much of a skin flint to pay me what I was worth," Jack recalled having already gone through the same thought process.

"Things supposedly have changed. They wanted me then. They need me now." "Well, I guess it won't hurt to talk to them," Beverly conceded. "Did I understand you right, he wants to take us both out to dinner?" "You got it, babe," Jack replied. "Limo and all. He's picking us up." "Gee, thanks for the warning," Beverly sighed not knowing how to tell her husband she really did not want to go.

"Why is it I have to go along?" "One, they have their wives with them," Jack explained. "And besides, a place like that and the position they're looking to put me in, they'll want to size you up as well." "Who's they?" "I didn't catch the other guy's name. What's it matter?" "Nothing," Beverly groaned. "What time they picking us up?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Well, ladies, if you'll excuse us," Rex Gilmore announced as he rose from the dinner table.

"I think we gentlemen are going to retire to the bar for a good cigar. You're welcome to join us if you want." "You so called gentlemen," Doris Donovan answered for the three women. "Just go and take care of that stupid oral fixation you men all have. We're fine right here where we are." "Sure you don't want to join us," Todd Donovan, seated next to Beverly, whispered and stealthily winked at his dinner companion as he too stood to join Rex and Jack. "Miss Scarlet?" "Oh my God," Beverly thought to herself.

"Todd's Rhett." Beverly thought her worst nightmare had come true when immediately upon entering the limousine she instantly recognized Rex. Though he pretended otherwise she was sure that he too recognized her.

He was now a junior partner with the firm. Todd Donovan, whom she thought looked somewhat familiar, had been his old boss and now a senior partner. Minus the moustache and now with some added weight it took Beverly until just that moment to realize he had been her Rhett Butler if for only the one night. This was no longer a nightmare, it was terrifying reality. Here she was out as part of a group of six, three women, and three men all of whom she had been to bed with.

Beverly was sure that should the wives ever become privy to that little secret Jack was sure not to get this job.

That was the bright side. Should Jack ever find out Beverly didn't even want to fathom his reaction. "I wonder," Doris, matronly, overdressed and over jeweled, began to fill the conversational void caused by the departure of the men. "What they talk about over those god awful cigars." "Probably," Linda Gilmore, overly thin, more than a little dowdy but the youngest daughter of the founding partner, spoke in an all knowing manner.

"Sports or something equally as boring if I know Rex." "If I know Jack," Beverly could only hope. "They're talking about work." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You know what," Rex speculated the next morning over Bloody Marys for breakfast with Todd.

"I doubt McGill's going to take this job." "He's got to. We don't have a choice," Todd disagreed with his junior partner. "He's who our client wants.

We just keep sweetening the deal until he accepts." "You don't understand, man," Rex continued in a gloom and doom manner. "I bagged his wife years back. I guarantee you that bitch will see to it he doesn't take this job." "Tell me you're joking," Todd began to laugh uncontrollably.

"I never thought of that." "No, I'm serious," Rex said in a thoroughly convincing fashion. "I even brought her to one of our office parties and I'm sure you met her even." "I met her alright," Todd's laughter began to subside.

"What you don't know is I bagged her, too. And get this, she didn't even know my name at the time. Easiest fuck I ever had. The slut thought I was Clark Gable or something." "So, what are we going to do?" "She's a woman," Todd answered as he finished off one drink and ordered another round.

"We toss enough money and prestige Jackie boy's way and she'll somehow manage to talk him into it." "We'll see." "She was a good fuck, though, wasn't she?" "You definitely won't find her on the 2 AM bar menu, I tell ya." "So, Rex old boy," Todd lifted his glass as if in a toast. "Aren't you glad you came along after all?" "Sure as hell beats sitting around the office all day getting a hard on watching your new admin." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Jack Skubiel's office.

Can I help you?" "Monica, this is Beverly McGill," Beverly forced herself to slow her speech first thing that next morning. "Is Jack around?" "Beverly, it's been so long since we've heard from you," Skubiel's secretary recognized Beverly's voice instantly. "How you been?" "Fine, Monica. Can I speak to Jack?" "I'm sorry, sweetie, but Jack's out of country for the next two weeks." "I've got to talk to him, is there anyway you can get hold of him and ask him to call me," Beverly tried to keep the panic from her voice.

"It's about my Jack. That will catch his attention." "I'll see what I can do." "Thanks." Beverly hung up before being trapped into any further conversation. Skubiel was now corporate vice president of contracts and her Jack's primary corporate advocate. She was sure, given the opportunity, Skubiel wouldn't let his prize prot? get away or so she prayed. Jack's ego had been so primed the night before there was no point in trying to sway his thoughts away from Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle.

Unbelievably, tempting him with sex couldn't detour his one track mind. That was not the time, without revealing the truth anyhow, to attempt the one leverage point she had, the new house and wanting to start a family. If, in combination with that argument, Skubiel could somehow sweeten their present situation she was nearly certain Jake would stay put. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I gotta go.

Someone's at the door," Beverly breathed one final sigh of relief. "And Sku Baby, thanks." "I can't believe it. You actually called me Sku Baby." "You deserved it this once," Beverly smiled glad he caught what this recent favor meant to her. "But don't go expecting it again. Catch you later." Once at the door she attempted to check through the peep hole to see who was there but the line of sight had been blocked by her own handiwork, hand made wreaths she made and changed out for every season.

"Todd, Rex," Beverly stood trying to compose herself in the frame upon opening the door. "This is a surprise. What are you doing here?" "Jack called," Todd explained with a broad grin and extended his hand. "Said he's made his decision and asked us to meet him here." "It's strange," Beverly thought to herself. "That Jack didn't let me know that." "If it's an inconvenience," Todd continued and dropped his hand. "We can wait in the car." Beverly stood there barefoot and outfitted in skin tight jeans and a peach blouse that perfectly outlined her chest all features more than appreciated by her two unexpected visitors.

"No, no, that's okay, I guess," Beverly, totally caught off guard, offered not knowing what else to say or do.

Mercy struggles to take that dick in her mouth

"Like I said, you surprised me is all. Come on in." "Thank you," both men said in unison and followed her into first the entryway and then the living room. "Can I get you coffee," Beverly still not on solid ground relied on instinctual behavior. "Or something." "Coffee would be great," Rex answered this time while Todd was taking in the surroundings. "Thanks." "Sit down. I'll just be a minute," Beverly continued trying to be the congenial hostess as she started for the kitchen. "Make yourself at home." "We most certainly will," Todd muttered as he appraised the painting of Beverly as a bride hung above the fireplace.

"We most certainly will." "She made a good looking bride," Todd surmised aloud. "Though I never pictured white as her color." "Are we really," Rex spoke softly joining Todd at the fireplace. "Going to go through with this?" "To tell the truth I didn't know until we got here," Todd nudged his partner with his elbow still staring at the portrait.

"But now that I've seen her, hell yes. It ought to be illegal for any woman to look that good this early in the day." Beverly, once in the kitchen, looked to the phone and thought about calling Jack and decided against it for the moment.

Throughout their relationship Jack had habitually placed her in similar predicaments and today she determined was no different. Besides, she just might forgive him this once. If Sku Baby was right, and he usually was, she'd at least be there when Jack told those dick heads in the living room what they could do with their job. "Never again, though," She thought to herself. "Just get here soon, will ya?" "Here," Rex spoke and moved towards Beverly upon her reappearance.

"Let me help you with that." "Your coffee," Beverly ignored Rex's offer of assistance and placed the tray on the coffee table. "Gentlemen." "And I'm sure," Todd said seating himself down upon the couch. "You use that term loosely." "You're gentlemen," Beverly cryptically hoped to deliver a message as she sat down in an opposite easy chair. "Until you prove otherwise." "I'm sure you know this but Rex and I have been around each other for quite some time. We've become close friends and share a number of interests and experiences," Todd began as if in casual conversation.

"But guess what uncommon experience we've both shared that until this morning neither of us knew about the other?" "I wouldn't have a clue," Beverly answered now becoming wary. "Tell me." "Sure you do," Todd continued with an all knowing grin. "Miss Scarlet." "That was a long time ago," Beverly replied as she got up. "And has nothing to do with now." "It most certainly has," Todd stood to intercept her. "Where are you going?" "I think it's time to call Jack," Beverly looked hard into Todd's eyes and started to walk around him.

"And see where he's at." "I don't think so," Todd stated as he extended his arm against the wall preventing Beverly's forward progress and once stopped he pinned her to the wall with his body. "Let's you just stay here with Rex and me and we'll discuss old times." "Todd, Rhett, whoever the hell you are," Beverly evenly stated matching his stare. "This isn't funny. Let me go." "First, answer me this," Todd unyielding slipped his hand up under her blouse and groped her left tit.

"How bad do you want this job for Jake?" "Not bad enough," she then spit in Todd's face and unsuccessfully tried to break away. "To do this." "I wonder if Jackie boy," Rex could be heard in the background as Todd pressed harder against her body now close enough Beverly could now smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Knows about us." "Listen, you guys just get out of here now," Beverly now attempted to negotiate her way out whatever ill they intended. "And we'll just pretend like it never happened." "You're not going to tell anybody anything," Todd said withdrawing his hand from beneath her bra and then using it to rip open her blouse. "And you know it." "Jack will kill you when he finds out." "Murder, my dear," Todd then began undoing her jeans.

"Is against the law." "And so is rape." "Our word against a slut ass whore's," Todd took her hand, backed away and jerked her towards the sofa. "Now get undressed." "Why are you doing this to me?" Beverly now quivered as she tried to cover her chest with her arms. "I said," Todd cruelly spoke as again he approached her.

"Get undressed." "No!" "When I tell you something, bitch, you better do it," he screamed before slapping her across the side of the head. "And I said strip." "Todd," Rex grabbed him and pulled him around. "What the hell are you doing?" "Just what we came here for," Todd pushed Rex away.

"What do you think, dumb shit?" At that instant Beverly regretted the many times she had refused Jack's insistence that he teach her some basic forms of self-defense. If she could she would've killed these two sonsofbitches then and there. Lacking that skill she had no other choice than to follow the one instruction he had given her should she ever be faced with this situation. She began to peel away her clothing and just let things happen without a fight.

The hard part in doing so would be keeping her mouth shut in the process. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beverly lay there on the floor naked in a comatose state for how long she didn't know. Fortunately she wasn't feeling a thing and, for the moment at least, her mind was blank.

Somewhere in the distance she had heard a door slam but knew not whether someone was coming or going. When finally she did wake it took several moments for her swollen eyes to focus. Seeing her ripped blouse in the corner and finding herself naked on the floor she realized without doubt that what had happened was a reality and not some bad dream. "What did I ever do to them," she hazily thought. "To deserve this?" Her first conscious reaction was to scrub her teeth and tongue and take a shower, but still she felt soiled.

Without even realizing her next move she then found herself in the local drug store staring at a product she thought she would never have occasion to use. She selected the douche, went home and crawled immediately into a warm bath. Once in the water Beverly went from a reactionary to passive mind set and the thinking began.

Though she still could not comprehend the why she was certain had she never slept with those two bastards they would not have been compelled to rape her now.

Because of that they were confident they could get away doing whatever they wanted with her. Slut, whore, it didn't matter, that's what she would end up being in everyone's eyes should she try to report the incident.

Not that she even could now. She had just flushed away the most damning evidence. The thought of telling Jack was even more ill-advised.

If she told him the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Jack would, she was sure, be sympathetic to the rape but at the same time damn her for having put herself and him in that position. Afterwards, how Jack would react was still scarier. Beverly did not consider him short tempered but when he did blow he was loose cannon on wheels. She knew very little of his experiences in the service but did know he was part of a very elite group capable of killing another man with his bare hands in a matter of seconds.

He didn't have to tell her about that. She'd seen him in action. A few years back the two of them had been at a Fourth of July celebration. Some jerk in the crowd took every opportunity to either elbow her in the tits or pat her on the ass acting as if his actions were caused by their close proximity.

When finally she had enough she asked the guy to back off and, though Jack didn't say a thing, the groper should have taken warning by the cold hard stare Jack had given him then. Seated on the lawn a short while later the same jerk tossed a string of firecrackers her way that nearly landed in her lap. In a flash, Jack was up, stomped out the firecrackers, caught the next string barehanded and stuffed it down the asshole's shorts as he tried to innocently walk away.

In the same movement Jack whipped him around to face him and before anybody knew what was going on had him on the ground with Jack's foot to his throat ready to stomp out his life. Had Beverly herself not reacted instantaneously Jack would have indeed killed the guy and who knows what would have happened then. No, she couldn't tell Jack. That would be a death warrant for Todd and Rex, even if they did deserve it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Bev," Jack shouted as he entered the house at his usual time late that afternoon.

"I'm home!" Not finding her in the kitchen, he next checked the great room and still not finding her started for the upstairs. There, at the top of the staircase, stood his wife and best friend, her hair pulled back and her body adorned in a long terry bathrobe.

Jake marveled how without trying in the least just the sight of her even dressed as she was brought on an on the spot visit from Mr. Lucky. He felt like one of the luckiest men in the world and tonight was a night to celebrate that fact. "Delivery," Jack smiled and produced a dozen peach roses from behind his back. "For a Mrs. Jack McGill." "Okay," Beverly began to ask as she ever so slowly made her way down to the landing.

"What's Mr. McGill done now that he's buying me flowers?" "Not much except that this morning he turned down the opportunity of a lifetime," Jack answered as he handed his wife the flowers. "That Mrs. McGill didn't want in the first place." "I never said that," Beverly looked to Jack with alarm. "You didn't do that just for me did you?" "You didn't have to say anything," Jack continued to smile, kissed her forehead and turned to go to the bar. "A little birdie did all your talking for you." "Jack, if you want that job," Beverly couldn't believe the words about to come out of her mouth.

"You should take it. Don't turn it down just for my benefit." "What you didn't know," Jack revealed as he made them both a drink. "I was going to turn them down anyhow. I didn't care for the whole bunch of them. The wives were full of themselves and those two overpaid partners in crime don't know shit." "I got to get these in water," Beverly stated as she purposely forced herself in the direction of the kitchen.

"Bring mine in there, please." "Actually, we're probably going to make out even better just by staying put," Jack informed Beverly as he entered the kitchen and placed her drink on the island countertop.

"Thanks to you." "How's that?" "Sku said he'd match or better any offer Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle makes me," Jack continued and sat down in the breakfast nook. "Get this terminology from our senior vice-president of contracts.

Said he'd have to noodle on it but would find a way." "I'd say Sku Baby came through for us this time," Beverly snipped the end of one final rose and placed it in a vase with the others. "Just so long as you're happy." "I got you," Jack saluted his wife with his drink.

"And I'm ready to celebrate. Finish your drink, get dressed and then I'll show you a night on the town like you've never had before." "I'm sorry, Jack, after last night I'm just not up to it," Beverly turned down his offer.

"How about we just order in or something. I could go for some good Chinese." "Whatever the lady says," Jack tried to hide his disappointment in his drink. "Chinese for you, dessert for me." "I'm afraid that's out, too," Beverly further added to his exasperation with her at that particular moment.

"I'm not feeling well." "Can I at least have pizza?" "Order me Chinese," she smiled and took his hand. "And order yourself whatever you want." "Oh, one last thing. Skubiel says we owe him," Jack divulged his parting conversation with his boss as he collected their glasses and started back to the bar in the great room. "He wants us to name our first born after him." "That'll be the day." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Payback Though she often found Jack's prognostications cute Beverly rarely had any faith, even when they came true, that they were for real.

Since the night, however, he predicted she was pregnant she'd been on pins and needles waiting for her next period not to show. In fact, it helped take her mind off the rape and the latest secret she was keeping from Jack. Three weeks had passed since Jack's birthday and her period was now due, even possibly a few days late. She could finally use the early pregnancy test she had bought the day after Jack's psychic announcement that she was in a family way.

Nervously she dug into the back of the bathroom vanity where she had hid the box. Once found she opened the package and stared at the simple device with a silent prayer that the desired results would be achieved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You're home early," Beverly looked up surprised to see her husband home in the middle of the afternoon.

"What's up?" "I saw Juanita right after lunch," Jack sighed and remained standing staring down at his wife sitting at the kitchen table. "And just didn't feel like going back to work." "I didn't know you had a doctor's appointment," Beverly casually stated, left her check writing and got up to pour Jack a cup of coffee. "Something wrong?" "You could say that," Jack replied trying to hide the contempt he felt.

"I felt there was something that needed attention right now and she fit me in." "You just going to stand there," Beverly placed his coffee on the table and for the first time noticed the hollow look in Jack's eyes. "Or what?" "And now she wants to see you," Jack continued not knowing how to proceed.

"You got something you wanna tell me?" "How could the two of you possibly know?" Beverly asked thinking that her news for Jack had somehow been compromised. "I just took the test this morning. How would Juanita know I want to see her?" "You've got the clap." "You bastard!" Beverly screamed and slapped Jack across the face with all her might.

"What god damned little whore you been fucking?" "You took the words right out of my mouth," Jack answered through clinched teeth.

"Just you, baby. Just you." He paused to let his words sink in. "I should have left you that night you called me Greg." "Oh God," Beverly murmured placing her hands over her mouth. "They were in my mouth and everything." "That's all I want to know and then I'm gone," Jack stated in a conclusive manner. "Who's they?" "Oh no," Beverly cried as she fell upon her knees and clutched her stomach. "The baby." "You're not making sense." Jack resisted the temptation to just start kicking his tramp of a wife.

"What baby?" "Your baby." "Yeah," Jack shook his head in hatred and turned to leave. "Like I'm going to believe that." "You can't leave me like this." "Watch me." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Here," Beverly found Jack in the bedroom packing his clothes and handed him a stuffed kangaroo with a baby joey in its pouch.

"I was going to give you this tonight when I told you about the baby." Jack accepted the stuffed animal and toyed with it in his hands as he watched Beverly start to leave the room. As much as he hated her at this moment he still loved her and wanted to reach out and take her in his arms. "Why, Bev," he asked aloud without really meaning to open his mouth. "What did I ever do to you to deserve this?" "You're the man of my dreams and I don't know what I'll do without you," Beverly froze in the doorway and turned around with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"You didn't do anything other than to open the door for a couple of bastards to come back in my life and rape me." "What bastards?" Jack queried thinking he knew the answer. "Greg's got to be involved, I'll bet." "No, this time it's not Greg," she answered still crying but thankful Jack was at least speaking to her. "It was Todd and Rex from your precious Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle." "They raped you!" Jack cried out as if suddenly a light came on.

"When?" "The day after we had dinner with them," Beverly informed wishing she could stop the tears and the quiver in her voice. "They came here saying you asked them to meet you here.

What was I to do?" Jack thought back to that night nearly ten days ago and how unusually beaten down Beverly had seemed when he got home. He should have known then something was wrong but was too consumed with his own success to care enough to pursue what was the problem may have been. "Why didn't you tell me?" "I was afraid you'd kill them," Beverly responded gradually regaining some control of her emotions. "And then where would I be?" "You could've called the police." "God, I hate this," she looked first to the floor and then back to her husband.

"You're not listening to me. I said they came back into my life." She paused long enough for that to register and then continued. "I had sex with each of them on separate occasions long before you and I ever met and, like they told me, they'd make me out a whore. Trust me." "And what pray tell have you decided," Jack began to ask while pulling the joey from the mother's pouch and holding it out for both to see.

Beverly may have withheld things from him in the past but to his knowledge she still had never outright lied. They had more important things right then and there to worry about. "To name our little girl?" "Oh, Jack!" Beverly stumbled into his open and waiting arms.

"I love you." "And I love you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That day became one of the most rewarding of their life as they celebrated Beverly's pregnancy and the anticipation of parenthood. The period afterwards became the most grueling.

First, there was the worry about how gonorrhea would affect the baby and its development. Along with that was the ordeal of Beverly once again having to recount what had happened to not only their doctor but good friend, as well, Juanita. Juanita assured them that the disease having been fortunately detected so soon in all likelihood would have no ill effect upon their child but also stated there were no guarantees.

Not until the baby was born would they know for sure. Though Jack was happy about the baby and more than supportive of Beverly, to Beverly's dismay he was also this one time determined to get the whole story behind what happened from his mystery woman. That evolved into an all night session of Truth or Dare where both lay bare all secrets of the past once and for all.

Though difficult at first Jack and Beverly ended up having a good laugh as much at themselves as the other, and then had to face the biggest problem of the night. Once done talking, both were horny as hell and for the first time in their relationship, they had to practice abstinence. Beverly was strong and, with his help, recovering far better than he expected, but the fact remained, she had been attacked.

Though he promised not to do anything outside the law he was resolute to extract her revenge. As he'd heard many a time in the service, "Payback is a motherfucker." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Todd, Jack Mitchell here," Jack intoned with a sigh of relief that this time the receptionist did not answer the phone.

"How are you doing?" "Jack, now this is a surprise," Todd Donovan answered not believing his ears. "I'm fine. How are you?" "Can't complain," Jack slowed himself so as to appear not to rush. Lying was definitely not one of his strong points. "Hey listen, I'm in town for the day and was wondering if that job's still open if maybe we could get together and discuss it some more." "The door's always open for you Jack," Todd responded with obvious enthusiasm.

The client was still being adamant about who they wanted to be their Program Manager. "You have a change of heart, or what?" "You could say that." "And you're wife's willing to move now?" Todd tried to extract as much information as possible.

"If I recall, she's the reason you turned us down in the first place." "Well, I guess you had no way of knowing," Jack replied with a self-deprecating awareness. Back then he wanted to just end all discussion of the possibility of accepting a job with Zimmerman, Crandle and Crandle. Instead of placing them in a bidding war against Skubiel he used his wife's reluctance about the job as his excuse for turning them down.

Had he not done so maybe, just maybe what happened would not have taken place. Even so, they did the deed and were about to pay. "We split up shortly after you were in Amarillo. Beverly's no longer a factor." "Sorry to hear that, I guess," Todd attempted commiseration but could have cared less.

"You two made such a nice couple." "History, water under the bridge," Jack scoffed wanting to move on with the conversation.

"Listen, I know it's after hours but I'll be free around six tonight before I have to catch a 9 o'clock flight. How about I come to your offices then?" "Six it is," Todd smiled and mentally patted himself on the back.

"See you then." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Jack, come on in," Todd spoke as both he and Rex stood to extend their hands to their visitor. "Good to see you." Jack had waited for Todd's admin to leave before approaching the office.

Now inside, he shut the door to Todd's office and purposely strode towards Todd's desk. He stopped short, intentionally refused to shake their hand and one at a time looked the two men in the eye. He had to remind himself he promised Beverly no violence. "Is there a problem?" Todd asked noting the cold look in Jack's eye. "She told you I'd kill you," Jack evenly said between clinched teeth. "I guess you two dumb bastards were just too stupid to listen." "What did she tell you?" "The same thing she's telling your wives right now over drinks," Jack answered still showing no signs of emotion.

"They exchanged phone numbers that night after dinner, remember?" "She's what?" "You heard me," Jack sternly stated as the desk phone started ringing. "That's probably Doris right now calling to tell you how much she loves you." "You bastard," Rex yelled as Todd answered the phone. "You want to wreck my marriage and my job?" "I implied I was going to kill you," Jack calmly stated as he carefully watched Todd's face grow ashen.

"I didn't say how. I figured I'd start with exactly that, and if talking with the wives doesn't cut your throat my next appointment will." "What do you mean?" Todd visibly shaken asked as he hung up the phone. "You've done enough damage already." "Oh, I haven't even started, pecker head," Jack spoke confidently and turned to head for the door. "I'm gonna kill you, sooner or later, and as God is my witness, Rhett, it won't be an easy death.

You just don't know when or how." "Where are you going?" Rex mumbled more than spoke. If Doris was already calling Todd, Linda was probably on the phone to "Daddy", as well. "Maybe we can still work this out somehow." "The man I'm going to see is a gentleman you don't keep waiting," Jack stopped halfway across the room and turned to look at the two cowards who raped his wife.

"I'm to see old man Zimmerman in ten minutes. You may not know it but we go back quite a long ways." Jack turned and started back towards the door. He choose to ignore the sound of footsteps approaching him from behind as once the door was opened he spotted a familiar face standing in the outside office. He gave her his best Bucky Beaver grin and braced himself. Rex's charge came to a sudden halt the second he touched Jack's shoulder. Instinctively, the instant Rex tried to grab him Jack spun around in a cross leg kick to Rex's left knee that sent Rex reeling to the floor.

Jack then looked to Todd but, coward that he was, he hadn't left his chair, now shivering, behind the desk and watched in horror as his partner and so called friend fell victim to Jack's savage blow. Jack then looked down to the writhing Rex and contemplated his next move.

"Jack," Beverly interrupted, stepped inside Todd's office and claimed her husband's hand. "You promised. No violence." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "To a successful," Beverly raised her ice water with a lemon wedge in a toast to her husband once back at the hotel bar. "Mission accomplished." "Mission accomplished," Jack, too, saluted. "Just like the old days we made a pretty good team today. And just like back in the old days we're back in our favorite hotel one last time." "You know, if you'd disappear for a while and come back here later to the bar," Beverly gave her husband a devilish wink.

"You might find that one night fluzzy you claim never to have had. Could be your last chance if you want a slim one." "I don't need that one niter. I've got my wife and my life. That's all that counts." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I feel and look like a pig," Beverly said out of the blue as she and Jack lay in bed eight plus months into her pregnancy.

"Why'd you do this to me?" "Well, I if you want my opinion," Jack smiled as he rolled to his side and began rubbing her swollen stomach. "I find you as sexy pregnant as the time I could almost get my hands around your waist." "Thanks for the reminder." "No, I'm serious," Jack continued and kissed her cheek.

He then pulled her hand down under the sheets to his groin. "Mr. Lucky thinks so, too, see." "He's blind," Beverly laughed and gave her husband a soft jerk.

"But he has been loyal. Doesn't he ever go away?" "Not when you're around," Jack said taking the opportunity to let his hand go searching her inner thighs. "And he needs some attention right now." "I'm too fat." "I'll be the judge of that," Jack responded now tugging at her panties.

"And, pregnant or not, I say you're still the best piece of ass East and West of the Mississippi." "Seriously, I'm getting too big," Beverly though getting hot herself opted for a change of habit.

"For you to be on me or me to be on you." She rolled to her side with her back to Jack. "Wanna try spoons?" Jack didn't need much of an invitation. He pulled the sheet down to expose her back and began rubbing it with one hand while the other went exploring between her thighs in search of Beverly's sweet spot. Once found he toyed momentarily with the entrance but not for long.

Beverly reached down, took his hand and moved his fingers to her clit. Jack obliged the unspoken request and gently manipulated her sensitive area marveling how in its own sense it became more and more erect when stimulated.

He could feel Beverly go rigid and hold her breath and began kneading her with two fingers one on each side of her momentary center of the universe.

"It's time," Beverly moaned as her body began convulsing with her orgasm. "For Mr. Lucky to do his job!" "This is one honey do," Jack stated as he withdrew his free hand and tried to position himself and Mr. Lucky to perform the task his wife wanted done.

"You won't hear me complaining about." "See, I told you I was too big," Beverly concluded after Jack tried several times unsuccessfully to find a comfortable way to engage his wife. She then pulled open the drawer to the nightstand and withdrew a bottle of K-Y that she handed back to her husband. "Here. Seems I recall you have some other unfinished business back there?" "Are you sure about this?" "No, so just take it easy, will ya?

Your Mr. Lucky packs quite a load there, Cowboy." "It's your Mr. Lucky." "Still, just watch it, please?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Come on, Jackie baby," Jack Skubiel cooed to the baby he held in his arms. "Say hi to your Uncle Jack." "First of all, I don't care what you may hear her father calling her, to you her name is Jacqueline," Beverly corrected with a smile to her husband seated on the hospital bed beside her.

Sku Baby was as proud and excited as if he was the proud father himself. "And who gave you the right to call yourself Uncle Jack?" "I just assumed," Skubiel looked at the baby's parents with hurt puppy dog eyes. "That if I'm to be little Jackie's godfather I'd be her Uncle Jack." He then broke into a broad grin. "Besides, you named her after me, didn't you?" "And just who said anything about you being her godfather?" Beverly now looked to her husband.

"Jackie's got to have some way of telling the good from the bad," Jack McGill winked to his friend and then kissed his wife on the cheek. "First you have the good Papa Jack, that's me. And then there's the bad Uncle Jack, that's him. Made sense to me." "Give me back my baby," Beverly tried to sound stern as she reached out to receive little Jacqueline.

"Before the two of you corrupt my little girl beyond the point of redemption." "You saying you want us to leave?" "No, I just wanted to hold my baby." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------