Teen gays fuck vids Garage Smoke Orgy

Teen gays fuck vids Garage Smoke Orgy
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It was a friday night and we were both free for the evening. I knew that some thing was going to happen tonight I just didn't what. I showed up at her house about 9pm and let myself in.

The lights were dim and and there were candles lit all over the room. She hollered down that sh ewas still getting dressed and to just make myself comfortable.

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I waited a short while then decided to get something to drink, So I went over to the fridge and was kinda crouched down looking in when I felt a sharp slap on my ass. I swung myself around and was left speechless. There she stood the woman that I loved but she looked like I have never seen her before. She wore her hair down over her face, her breasts and waist pulled tight in a leather corset with shiny metal buckles, long black gloves that stopped right below her elbow, she wore black lace stocking and knee high leather boots with heels so long she looked 6ft tall.

In one hand she held a leather whip and in the other a collar connected to a chain. I just stood there with my mouth gaped open in absolute amazment of what stood before me.

She commanded me to get down on my knees and to my surprise, I did it without hesitation.

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She told me to turn around and when I did I felt the cold leather collar wrap around my neck. Once it was latched closed she gave it a hard yank.


I reached around to grab the chain and that is when I felt the cold metal handcuffs slap aound my wrists. My first thought was to fight this off but I suddenly became aware of the large bulge now growing in my pants. A mix of fear and sheer pleasure washed over me so I decided to see where this would go.

She ordered me to my feet and led me down the hall by my leash. The walk down the long dark hallway seemed to take forever. She opened the door and pushed me face down onto the bed and ordered me to roll over. I tried to speak but was met with a slap across the face and then she said "You do not speak unless your mistress tells you to." I tried to respond but received yet another slap across the face "You will refer to me as Mistress, do you understand".


"Yes mistress" I muttered. She had a look in her eyes that I have never seen before, it made me so excited that I felt the need to obey her every command. She reached down and put a ready made lasso around each ankle and pulled them tight. Suddenly I realized that I was stuck, I couldn't get out even if I wanted to.

My first reaction was to panic but I was just so turned on that I couldn't, I wanted her to control me. She climbed up on top of my chest and told me that I was in for a night of pleasure and pain, at which point she grabbed each nipple and pinched hard. My body shudder in pain and the bulge in my pants grew harder.It hurt so good. I let out a yelp and was met with another slap in the face.

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"You will remain quiet until I tell you otherwise" she said. She continued to pinch and twisted my nipples and lay there not uttering a word. She stood up, still starddling me and started to sway her hips back and forth.

She slowly unclasp her corset and exposed her breast to me. This was torture, I wanted her so badly but was unable to do anything about it.

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She turned her back to me and bent over at the waist and started to unbuckle my pants. She worked them down to my ankles and now my raging hard on was exposed. She moved back and slowly owered her pussy towards my face.

Wanting a taste so badly I stretched out my tounge but she stayed just far enough away that I couldn't reach. She looked back at me over her shoulder and told me to beg for it. "Mistress, please let me lick you pussy" I said. She just smile and said "No" and then grabbed my nipples and placed a clamp hard on each one. The pain was borderline excruciating and pleasure was undescribable. She slowly began to stroke my cock and without her realizing she brought her pussy just close enough to my face that I streached out and had a lick.

She squeezed my cock stood up and put her foot on the side of my head. "You didn't have my permission" She growled and tightend her grip on my cock. This went on what seemed like forever. She would stroke me to the point of explosion and then stop, she would bring her pussy just close enough to my face so as where I could not reach it.

She was turned on by this because I could see her juices almost dripping out of her. she would rub her pussy on my chest and nipples as she tortured me with pleasure. Then all at once she planted her sweet snatch on my mouth and ordered me to lick. "Yes, mistress" I mumbled.

I licked her sweet honey pot with all I had, I wanted to run my hands all over her body but I was still restrained. So I continued to lick while she just moved her body around as she saw fit.

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I felt her juices explode all over my face. She stood up, turned around and looked down at me. Still wearing her boots and crotchless stockings she placed her foot on my chest and told me to beg to be fucked. I said "Please Mistress, I need to be in you.

Don't make me suffer anymore" With that she dropped herself down on my cock and rode me hard and fast. She told me that I couldn't come without her permission.

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I begged and pleaded I didn't know how much longer I could last. When she finally ordered me to come. "Come now, come in your mistress,Fill me dammit do it now" She screamed as she writhed in orgasm.

I obeyed her and pump load after load of cum deep inside her and both our bodies went limp. A short while later she released me from my restraints and we washed up and headed out for the evening.That is how I met my Mistress Maria and I hope our paths cross again soon.