Sexy Teen Bubble Butt Showing How to Do Naked Squats

Sexy Teen Bubble Butt Showing How to Do Naked Squats
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(we shouldn't be doing this.) &hellip.I had a cool girlfriend. Her mom let us do what we wanted in her room. We didn't have to sneak around or fuck in secret. I was older than my girlfriend and her mom and I were close to the same age. She seemed to understand and told us both, what we did in Darnell's bedroom was our private affair. She liked me and I liked her. &hellip.Darnell was a younger version of her mom. Both had great bodies and nice full tits.

Dana, her mom, was a school teacher for 9th grade (14 yr olds). We began to talk a lot when Darnell wasn't around. &hellip.Week after week we talked. She began to slowly talk about how the boys stared at her tits and legs. She was a single mom with no boyfriend and these boys were arousing her at school. She was always able to handle them and keep them in line…but it was very hard at times.

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…The more she talked about how aroused she got by the end of the week, the more I wanted to fuck her, and solve her problem. We got really tense around each other as she and I looked in each others eyes. …I put my hand on her shoulder.

She was not use to being touched as students would get kicked out for touching a teacher. She immediately put her hand on mine and gasp…She whispered: ("we shouldn't be doing this.").

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She quick moved away and took a big breath&hellip. &hellip. I started wearing long shirts or left my shirts out to hide my boners I was getting around her. … As a typical teacher she said: "We have to have a talk". She said to come over after she left school and we would go in her den and talk about how to safely handle what was going on with us.

All very prim, proper and logical. &hellip.To me, she was just a hot woman I wanted to fuck. Darnell was spending that night at her girlfriends house. I got off work and went to Dana's house. She let me in and led me to the den. She had on her school teacher clothes all straight laced and proper.

She sat in a chair and had me sit on the couch. …She nervously started in: "A-hum…a…now Michael…(clears throat)…a…we need to talk about.a…Michael?" I was staring right between her beautiful legs. She shiftedbut I kept right on staring at those hot legs and up her dress&hellip."Michael…we have to keep control of our emotions in a situation like this. We've grown very fond of each other and&hellip.Michael?" Now I was staring right at her nice full tits.

"Michael, I need your full attention so we can&hellip.Michael, stop looking at my chest please, and listen to me." She was fanning her self with a book by now. I looked at her beautiful blue eyes and smiled. &hellip.She thought she was talking to a student and doing the right thing. With that body of hers, all I could think about was seeing her naked. &hellip.I started acting like a naughty boy. I told her I had some naughty thoughts about her and I felt bad.

I put my head down and looked sad. I expected her to say: "… Don't give the that shit Mike, you horny bastard! You just want to get in my pants and fuck me…right?"…but no&hellip.

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she had to come sit by me and put her arm around me and say: "Don't feel bad Michael, guys get those feeling and It's quite normal." …I thought&hellip. Is she really this naive? Maybe I can work up a tear and get her panties off to 'dry' my tears with them? I couldn't hold it anymore and chuckled like the devil I was&hellip. …and then she let loose on me.

&hellip. "Why you little shit! I ought to take you down on this couch right now and teach you a lesson! I started to laugh big. She started laughing too. "Mike, I'm warning you I'm hot for you so you better get use to it. Now give me a damn kiss." She lunged at me and with one quick motion kissed me and put me on my back with her on top of me. "Toying with the teachers emotions will cost you." She never gave me a chance to answer as another hot kiss got planted on me, only this time with a hot tongue trying to wrestle mine.

Dana thought&hellip.


&hellip.( I guess I shouldn't be doing this,…but, I'm through fucking around. I have to put up with boys trying to look up my dress all dayand then come home and have to listen to Darnell and him moan and fuck. Darnell baby, mom's going to fuck your boyfriend but good and right now.

I don't care if I rip his T-shirt or not. I'm getting him naked&hellip.come on Mike… start getting me naked. Mama is hot and horny and your gonna make me happy right now&hellip. that's a good boy, now unhook my bra and fest your eyes on these baby's. Suck'um Mike while you get my dress up and my panties off. Your mine now and I'm on top&hellip. Oooooo what a nice cock you have to put in me…but first I have to taste it&hellip.) Mike&hellip.

…Dana had become a little wildcat on top of me.

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Pushing my arms and legs where she wanted them. If this was male rape…I was loving it. Damn she has nice delicious tits…I loved her all hot like this, a side of her I'd never seen before&hellip.easy Dana with those beautiful finger nails, that's my cock your sucking and jacking on&hellip. …She said: "You've been teasing my pussy for months now Mike, and you knew it. Why did you torture me… you shit!" &hellip.I said: "Dana, what do you think I've been going thru.

You are Darnell's mom and untouchable.

All I could do was wish I could fuck you all night." …She guided my cock in her warm wet pussy. She was shaking and moaning slightly.


I felt 10 finger nails in my back as she started in fucking me in long deep strokes on top of me. I felt her legs lock around mine. Her tongue was going crazy in my mouth as she breathed hard. She was rough and I liked it. She moan talked. "Do you…know& …long I've wanted this&…Mike&hellip.oh yes baby…Oh yes&hellip.make mom happy…Oh god&hellip." …She started speeding up faster and then faster.

She broke with the kissing to get more air. "Oh god Mike&hellip." she moaned. Then she really started fucking fast.

She became like an out of control jack hammer, banging her pussy down on me…I felt her take a breath and hold it…then lock up and shake. I heard the most awesome long moan come out of her&hellip.

…I shot in her as I felt like an explosion went off in my cock. She started squirming and moaning and buried my cock deep in her. My cock was on automatic cum and flooded her pussy. She growled and dug her pussy on my cock.

I felt her sweet ass as it moved up and down on my cock. She just laid there and shook for a long time&hellip.

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&hellip.We eventually moved to her bed. All night long we made up for all the times we wished we could fuck and play. &hellip.By morning I thought…oh shit, Darnell will be coming home this morning some time. I said to Dana:" Can you call Darnell and see what time she'll be coming home?" She slowly un wrapped her self from around me and smiled. "I sure can". She reach down and got her cell phone.

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&hellip." Darnell, It's me baby, well, I got him!" I froze&hellip. "…You say you have 10 new boyfriends?&hellip.and they're with you right now!…oh wonderful. See you when you get here."&hellip.

…They had tricked me, and was not…complaining. … Darnell had felt sorry for her horny mom and set it up to share me with her. They weren't sure if I would go for it. -------- …That night I had Dana on one side of me and Darnell on the other, in Dana's big bed.

I felt both their tits and then they both played with my cock. I said: "So you two planned this all out, behind my back?" …They giggled as Dana turned out the light. …The sounds the two naked beautiful, mother and daughter women made&hellip. were awesome. The feeling of two tongues licking and sucking my cock was wonderful.

Four tits to play with, two pussy's to finger, and two hot bodies all over me. I loved hearing them pant and moan as I fucked them both,… over and over.&hellip. ----- …I live there now, but I don't get much rest.

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