India Summer Massage With Great Final

India Summer Massage With Great Final
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Introduction: There is not much sex in this story, mainly an introduction. Everything in this story is true apart from my age, because i was not yet 18 when this happend, and our names, which i have changed.

This guy and I are now in a long distance relashionship and this is what happened when we met, for the first time. English is not my native language and i apologize for any spelling mistakes. I hope you enjoy this first story if mine - and if there is any interesst, i will tell you all more about what happened that night, because believe me, our night was just getting started! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I stood in front of his door, breathing deeply trying to calm down.

This was bigger even than convincing my parents that we should go to Australia, even bigger than suggesting a city an hour from where he lived.

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This was huge. This was bigger than the first snapchat he ever sent me. Enormous. My parents knew about him, of course. When we'd talked for a week they started noticing I was constantly checking my phone, smiling at it. And they asked, so I told them.

"He's a youtuber I've been watching for almost a year, and he started talking to me after I gave him my snapchat in a live stream." This made them curious, and I told them he lives in Australia, and he's 24.

This didn't exactly make them suspicious, but they asked If there was anything romantic between us. That was a completely legit question, since I was at the time 16, soon turning 17, although I've always had my freedom and they've let me "do what you know is best". I answered honestly; that it was completely platonic and I didn't even find him attractive, he was just a "cool guy." And that he had a girlfriend. Although as time passed, some stuff changed in the chemistry between us. We kept talking and, well, flirtation happened.

Some risky pictures happend. And, well, suddenly, if my parents had asked me what my relationship with this guy was, I wouldn't quite have known what to answer. We were best friends, and knew everything about each other.

We had amazing chemistry. He lived on the other side of the globe, he was seven years older than me. A year passed and we kept talking every single day.

He'd broken up with his girlfriend, but they never hung out anyway. She didn't live near by and he was a bit of a loner, staying in and working a lot. Not enjoying the sun, while living in Australia? Pfft, what a waste. We started talking about meeting up, but he didn't have the money for it, and, well I could hardly just ask my parents to get to fly to Australia over the weekend- no, it seemed impossible. Until about a month or two ago, when mom had said that we should go abroad this summer.

We all agreed, but didn't know where to go. after a week or so of pointless discussion with no brilliant ideas I timidly suggested Australia, and the family seemed to like the idea, even though it would be pricy. I found a couple of cities, and I presented all of them to my parents, who seemed to be set on Melbourne, but, I couldn't have that!

I needed us to go to Adelaide, so I could be at least fairly close to him. They finally agreed half time in Melbourne and half in Adelaide, which would mean one week in each city. And now here I was, dressed in a tight, light purple tshirt that showed of my curves, my full D-cup breasts, and a pair of short, pale blue jeansshorts. My long, slender legs looked tan in them, although they really weren't, I never get tanned, just freckeld.

My short sidecut was almost white blonde and dipdyed purple, my eyes piercing blue and my eyes well makeuped. The two rings in my ear and the one in my bellybutton felt cool against my hot skin, as I gathered courage to knock. I finally raised my hand, and lightly tapped twice on the door.

I heard footsteps, and within seconds the door opened. And there he was, "I can't believe you're here." he said, first words out of his mouth. "Me neither." I answered, looking up at his face, slightly blinded by the sunlight.

I was tall myself, but he was taller. We stood there for a while, just looking at eachother, and then he invited me in. His hair was messy, as always. Deliberately messy, of course. His chin was prickled with stubble, a short beard, and his eyes as pale blue as mine where, and just as piercing.

His ears where stretched, and he had a tattoo of a character in a game tattooed on his inner upper arm- I knew this, although, I couldn't see it.

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He was wearing a long sleeved flannel shirt, as always rolled up over his lower arms. They were muscular, and well shaped. When we'd started talking he'd been a bit chubby, but in the last year he'd lost so much weight and somehow become so muscular; if i hadn't seen it I would have said it was impossible.

We went into his bedroom, and I looked around. I'd seen this room so many times before, in pictures, in youtube videos, on twitter… yet it was different being in it.

I walked along the walls, looking at the posters of gaming related stuff, the figurines, the computer with three displays and the shelf full of all of his games. It was a room that shouted out his interests, his personality. I liked it, always had. My bedroom was for sure not this personal.


I stood by his computer, looking at the screen. It had an animation on it, he had clearly been working when I arrived. I felt him standing right behind me, looking at me. "I can't believe you're here." he said again, in an almost amazed voice. I turned around, facing him. We were mere centimeters apart. He reached out a hand and put it on my shoulder, and let it slide down my arm, finally taking my hand. "I can't believe I'm actually touching you." he almost whispered.

"Me neither." I repeated even lower, letting my eyes meet those piercing blue ones. His hand moved from my hand to the back of my neck, which he grabbed a hold of, before leaning in and kissing me softly, yet deliberately.

I kissed him back, without hesitation. My arms moved up around his neck, and I pushed myself against him, and he grabbed on to my slim waist and pulled me in even closer.

It was so intense, such an amazing sensation, I can't even describe it. Like love at first sight, except we waited for it a whole year. Once we stopped, he opened his eyes, looked at my face and said, slowly, "That was even better than what I imagined. No fantasy can be that amazing." he smiled. "You taste like fruits and honey." I laughed blissfully, and smiled, still standing in our embrace, I said; "I've waited for that a friggin year and let me tell you, it was worth the wait." he laughed and we let go of each other.

"Although, I wouldn't have minded being able to do that, all along." he said mischievously.

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"Oliive, you are amazing. I'm so happy you're here." "So are you, Mark. So are you." I said with an equally mischievous grin. We decided to go for a walk while it was light outside, and we walked around his neighbourhood of parks, beaches and a few shops and houses, talking about everything and anything, just enjoying hearing each others voices without the pause of a message being sent and replied too.

No one gave us weird looks, or seemed to think our company was odd, and since I looked older than I was people didn't judge us.

Occasionally we stopped to kiss, or just touch each other to make sure it was all real. That it wasn't a dream. "So, will you be staying over tonight?" Mark said, as we sat on a pair of swings in a deserted park, looking out over a gorgeous sunset and the turquoise waters, with large, foaming waves swelling up over the beach below us.

"I have to ask my parents. They might not appreciate it so much, but maybe… they'll let me." I said, scraping my bare toes against the soft grass under the swing. My shoes lay discarded a couple of meters away. "Where do they think you are?" he said curiously. It always shocked him to know what my parents allowed me to do, so he couldn't imagine that I'd told them the truth, much less that they might let me spend the night with a 25 year old guy they'd never met.

"Here, with you. They got it that I wanted to visit, and they accepted it, now that I was finally so close to you." I said and smiled at him. "They understand a connection like ours isn't always easy to come by." His facial expression made me giggle. "Stop looking so… confunded!" "Do they know… what's between us?" he asked once he'd gotten a straight face on again.

I thought about it for a second before answering. "Yes and no. They know we're really really close, and that I have really strong feelings for you, but not in what way, I'd say. We haven't put a label on it, so neither have they." "Do you think they'd let you stay? You can put them on the phone with me, I can play responsible adult!" he said and grinned at me.

"Yeah you sure would need to play, and I'm not sure you're a good enough actor. The character is so different from the real you, I mean." I said playfully and faked a look of concern. "Hey! Don't insult my acting!" We laughed happily, in some sort of bliss from finally meeting. "So, if you can't stay the night… can you come back tomorrow?" he asked after us joking around a bit more, slowly swinging back and forth looking out over the setting sun as the sky became more and more orange-pinkish.


A vale of sorrow suddenly fell down on me, and I sighed. "I'm not sure, actually. I'd love to, I really would, but apparently we're going to some sort of white sand beach tomorrow too snorkel, pfft, like its going to be much different from any other beach here." I said with an annoyed tone in my voice. "Oh, well, let's just use the time we know we have then. You want to head back to my place?" he said, stood up from the swing, and went and picked up my sneakers.

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I followed his lead and walked over to him, taking my shoes from his hand and kissing his cheek in the same movement. We walked back to his place hand in hand as the darkness set around us.


Even as it was pitch black outside it felt like we had our own little circle or bright light around us, purely generated from our beaming happiness. As we got back to his place, I took out my phone to call my mother, when I saw I'd received a text from her. As i read it my smile grew wider and wider, and Mark looked at me surprised.

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"What is it?" he asked, as I laughed out of relief. "Listen to this, uh okay I need to translate this in my mind, it basically says; Hun, if you can stay where you are tonight, that would be great. We don't want you to take the bus this late and both me and your dad has had too much to drink to pick you up. If you don't want to we can order you a cab, hope you're having lots of fun and say hi to Mark for me.

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Love, Mom." "Are you serious right now? You can stay?? And you don't even have to.? Wow. Wow." he said, dazed by the luck we'd had. "I didn't bring anything to sleep in. Or a toothbrush." I said, self conscious for just a second.

"You'll be fine in whatever you have under this, I think." Mark said and he came closer, pulling my shirt up over my head. Underneath the t-shirt I had on a black lace bra, which made my breasts look amazing. In my bellybutton sat a silver piercing, just healed, with a small heartshaped crystal in it, shimmering in the weak lighting of his bedroom. "I didn't know you had this." he said and touched it playfully. "It's pretty new, actually." I said, smiling at him, as i unbuttoned the first two buttons on his flannel shirt.

He threw my t--shirt on to the floor and started kissing me, his hands moving up and down my flat stomach and on to my luscious tits, as I moaned quietly into his mouth.

He undid the button on my shorts and pulled them down, then took a step back to look at me. My panties where skimpy little thongs, black and lace just like he bra. The way he looked at me was so arousing, like he wanted to eat me up.

"You are so stunningly beautiful. So gorgeous." he whispered, and then took me in his arms again, kissing me before hurriedly taking his own shirt off and throwing it beside mine on the floor.

His chest was beautifully sculpted, like that of a greek god. He laid me down on the bed, with him on top of me, and then easily took my bra off in a sweeping movement.

My tits were pale white with puffy, light pink sensitive nipples who got hard by his softest touch. "Such perfect tits…" he said in awe, and he massaged them, before placing his mouth of first the right, then the left, sucking them, circling the nipples with his tongue and nibbling them carefully.

I moaned loudly now, with my hands in his hair, almost whimpering of pleasure as his hand found my crotch and pulled my panties to the side, playing with my clit with his thumb while sucking ferociously on my tits. Just when I was about to have one of the most amazing orgasms of my life, he stopped. I opened my eyes, which I hadn't even noticed were closed, and looked up at him. He'd moved down to my crotch, and was not slowly inching my panties down my legs. Seeing how wet I was, he smiled.

"I can't let you come just yet, princess." he said wickedly, before going down on me. Now, I had never had oral before, but let me tell you, this guy was amazing. He circled my clit playfully with his tongue, teasing me and making me gasp when he came close, while inching a finger slowly into me. "Fuck, you're tight." he said as he pushed in further. He looked up at me. "Are you a virgin?" I blushed, but told him the truth.

"No, but I've only had sex once, and… it wasn't like this." he smiled at me, softly this time. "I didn't know. I'll take care of you good, Olive." He slowly pushed his finger in and out of me, moving his tongue down my slit and up again, over my clit and then softly sucking on it. I gasped again, and then moaned loudly as i took ahold of his hair once more, as his stubbe ticked my sensitive loins. Soon I was soaking wet and he stuck in a second finger, inching me open and relaxing my body.

Suddenly he took his fingers out and started licking all the way up and down my slit, his tongue lightly probing my hole and sucking briefly on my clit every time he reached the top. I thrashed and moaned over and over, whispering his name in agony and pleasure all at once.

I had never experienced anything like it, and finally, my whole body tensed and i couldn't breathe, I grabbed a hold of his hair and the sheets, and I was just amazed as wave after wave of immense pleasure fell over me like the waves we'd seen earlier on the beach. When I could breathe again Mark moved up to me, and kissed me softly, and I could taste something I didn't recognize on him- my taste, I realised. "That was amazing." I whispered into his mouth as he kissed me.

"Do you want some more? I can take you places you've never been, and this might be our only chance…" I nodded, stunned to know that there was such pleasure in the world, wondering why I had never felt it before. He kissed me softly, and we started over again.