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Amanda Blow Sucks And Fucks
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Amber was very depressed it was hard for her to get out of bed when she answered and for a lottery where one drawing each week to be publicly executed.


There would be one chance in 50 of ending her life for the enjoyment of others. Amber called the number and was told a car would be sent to pick her up. Amber had lost her job and her husband left her.

She was now 30 years old and felt totally tied of living. Her husband left her for younger woman and he was her support and she had little money to pay rent or even to buy groceries. Amber really hoped to die and called her landlord to say she would be moving out next week.

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There was no money to pay the rent. The chances were only one out of 50 but she would be executed if not selected and want to entertain others with her nudity and death but thought a lot about and would need to privately hang from a tree in the back yard hoping someone would find her and have fun removing her body.

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Being homeless was not fun but she would risk it. She called her ex husband and said "Roger I want to know if you would like to kill me if I am not selected to die." "I will dig the grave and all you need to do is put me in it and fill it with dirt." Roger said, "Amber suicide is permanent solution for short-time problem." "You are beautiful woman who I am sure you will find another husband and be happy again." "Because you are unable to get pregnant you will not need birth control" " You should see a professional for dealing with this problem and with your skills you can find another job." Amber said.


"I have only one chance in 50 of entertaining others with my death and I have told the landlord to give my stuff away and I would move out." "I hate to burden people needing to remove my body but I will if necessary." "I have not worked in years and nobody would hire me." Roger said, "Your negative attitude about everything is why I left you and I will not kill you as you want because I do not want to go to prison for it." "Please deal with your problems and not want to die because you cannot deal with it." "Goodbye Amber." Amber went out to eat using some of her money that she did not want to make anything tonight.

It was an opportunity to dress up sexy and attract a man. She wore her red miniskirt and seductively unbuttoned her blouse to show between her breasts. She wearing no underwear and kept her legs together because of that. She sat down at table alone and looked at the menu. At the bottom of the menu there was choice of items under the heading of G meat. After waiting Amber asked the waitress what that was.

The waitress said, "It is a popular item that everyone likes here." Amber said, "I will try a G meat steak with one glass of red wine." A man sat opposite her at her table and asked if this was all right. Amber said, please stay. "I am Amber " "My name is Brian." I would like to know if you would accompany me at the female execution at the theater. Amber said, "Brian I will have seat up front because I will be one of the 50 wanting to executed there for the audience." Brian said, "Could you give me your number if you are not selected.

Amber gave him her home number because she disconnected the cell phone. The G meat steak tasted very good Amber ate all of it with the potato and vegetables. The waitress asked, "How did you like the G meat?" Amber said, "It was excellent" "I highly recommend it. Amber still did not hear of G meat but she liked it. Amber drove home and was tuned on the TV There was not much on so Amber went into her room and masturbated.

It was not as good as real sex but it satisfied her for now She was disappointed she did not get Brain's number. Amber had only 8 days left before she would leave this apartment She was still very depressed and wanted to end her life and wished she could entertain and audience with her death. She had no gun but she had knifes that she could use end her life if she need to but she did not want place anyone in the uncomfortable position of dealing with her body.

It was bloody and someone would need to clean it up. Amber entertained the thought she could jump from a bridge and be carried away with the river to the ocean and be fish food when she reached the ocean. Amber looked on Google earth and drove there. This was perfect because the river was running high from the recent rain. All she had to do was leave the keys in the car and somebody would steal it. This would be plan B.

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Amber could leave note somehow so they would not spend taxpayer money looking for her. She could put something in the mail to keep them from looking for her. She would hope her number would come up and deal with it with plan B. Plan C would be become a prostitute and make enough money to find a place to live.

Amber never thought of becoming a prostitute but that would be if she would be chicken to jump off a bridge.

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In five days she had to be out of this apartment. In 2 days she hope her name would be called to be executed and not worry about plan B or C. Amber had very little money left Plan D would be to rob a bank and take chance of going to prison. Amber did not trust that Brian would call her back even though she wanted him to call.

Amber had some eggs left and but no bacon and that would be breakfast. There would be no lunch and nothing to eat until dinner and one frozen TV dinner left for the microwave. There was nothing to do but walk around the block Amber hoped to be kidnapped and murdered but there were no bad guys so Amber made it home with nobody taking her to rape and murder. Amber put the last TV dinner in the microwave for dinner with only water to drink.

Amber could not sleep knowing she had nothing to eat on what she hoped would be the next to the last day of her life.

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There was water to drink and she drank that. At the appointed time of 10:00am she stepped aboard a bus with 25 other women also ready to die for the enjoyment of others. They were taken to theater filled with people who came here to see a woman die. Amber was given at ticket with number she tore off and put in this box with her name on it and given seat up front to get a good view of the woman chose to hang.

She looked behind her to see if Brian was here but there were too many people to see him. Amber hoped to entertain the crowd with her death but she was among 50 other brought here for this drawing.

When it was time for the drawing a 32year old woman by the name of Ellen Thomas was selected to be executed tonight. She was 5'6" and 125 pounds with black hair. Ellen said, "I welcome this chance to entertain all of you with my nudity and my suffering and death." Ellen was stripped of her clothing and sat with her legs spread showing her shaved pubic hair. Ellen got up and walked to place where she stood next to the noose Her hands were tied behind her back and the lowered the noose around her neck.

The slack was taken up. Ellen said, "Soon I will entertain you with my suffering and death. "I want all of you to know I really want to die now." "I am doing this willingly." "I am told there will be another drawing for man to fuck my freshly dead body for your entertainment." "Goodbye everyone" Ellen took a deep breath and there as noise as her feet came from the ground and the noose tightened around neck.

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Ellen was still for moment before struggling and panic for air that would never come. A minute later Ellen lost consciousness became still and died. Two men came and removed her body from the noose. Her body was put on a carpet and her vagina was lubricated and masked man came up and began fucking her dead body. The crowd stood for better view" It took him 12 minutes before ejaculating and Ellen's body was removed and thrown in the back of pickup truck in the ally in he back.

Amber was disappointed she was not selected to die when she heard, "Ladies and Gentlemen we will have one more drawing for death tonight." "It is one time bonus." "The winner is Amber Brown." She will be executed by hanging for your enjoyment." Amber was escorted to the stage where her clothing was removed and she exhibited her nudity. Amber was 5'8" and 132 pounds with brown hair. She lifted one leg to show her shaved pubic area to the crowd.

She said, "I hope you all enjoy my nudity" "I will be proud to entertain you with my execution and death" "This is something I was wanting to do and willing to willing to entertain you with my suffering." "I have been told I have choice to be fucked alive or dead and chose to be alive by the lucky man selected for my final fucking." Amber was instructed to lie on the carpet and she lay on her back and was fucked by another masked man. Amber had her last orgasm before he ejaculated inside her fifteen minutes later.

Amber then had her hands secured behind her back and the noose was put over her head and tightened on her neck. Amber said, "I am told this will take only two or three minutes for me to die." "I am doing this because I want to die now." "Please enjoy my execution and my suffering and death." "So long everyone, I am certain nobody will miss me." Amber felt the noose tighten on her neck as she hanged with her feet one foot from the ground.

It was painful for her she could not help from struggling as she experienced panic for air. Amber was pleased to see the crowed standing to watch her die as she lost consciousness and finally died still smiling. Brian felt guilty being there and he wanted to call Amber but now she was dead. Amber's now dead body was tossed with Ellen's body in the back of pickup truck. They were taken to a restaurant where they were the two women bodies were taken out and put in back room where they were put on a large table Amber's body had her upright breasts made one cook take his penis out and fuck her.

The two bodies then were butchered and their intestines, lungs, stomachs, hands, feet and some bones were thrown away with their heads.

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But the meat on the arms was stripped off legs back muscles were filleted the thighs were cut be 1-inch steaks with the bone in the middle and the breasts and heart were cut up with the fat from the breasts adding taste. The butt cheeks were the taste of fatty ham and all of this were cooked and served to patrons as fresh G meat that was very popular with everyone here required two girls to volunteer to loose their lives to satisfy the increasing demand.

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Brian ordered a G meat steak and enjoyed it still wondering where it came from. He was sorry he tried to call her even though he was able to fuck her and get close up as he saw her suffer and hang and there was no answer when he tried to call her. She was Beautiful woman that he would miss not meeting her again. Brian did not know he just ate a slice of Amber's thigh.