My stepmom loves deep anal fist

My stepmom loves deep anal fist
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Public toilet blowjobs This is the second story I have written about my wife stacy.she is 21 years old a natural blonde with shoulder lenth hair. A size 12 figure and is 5ft 7 in height.


Stacy is a total nympho{hence the story headine}and will suck any cock she can get her lovely hands on she has blown roughly 500 different men of all ages,shapes,sizes and well as about 10 dogs and 2 horses.she doesn't have sex with everybody she blows and I would say she has slept with about 300 of the guys she has sucked off.

Sucking cock and drinking cum is her real passion I am steve a 45 year old truck driver who as you can imagine isn't jealous of my wifes amazing sex life infact I encourage stacy to enjoy herself as I have always been into slutty girls and have a hugh collection of gangbang,bukkake and exhibishionist of my hobbys is photography and I met stacy through this when she answered an ad I placed for girls to flash in public as I took there picture.we quickly feel in lust and realised we shared the same passions sex wise and our relationship is as strong as ever.

This story begins one afternoon when I was at work and had to take one of my scheduled work breaks i pulled over into a layby and had my usual sandwiches for lunch and after about 20mins had to go to the toilet.

The toilets were not the cleanest and as I sat down I read the graffiti on the walls and back of the toilet door. It was all the usual stuff football slogans and vulgar jokes but I noticed a few were invitations to meet people for all sorts of sexual adventures with phone numbers to call. This got me thinking and as I returned to the truck I called stacy to see what she thought about me putting my mobile number on the toilet wall inviting guys to be there at a certain time and date to get a blowjob from her.

She was thrilled and told me to go straight back and do it I went right back and wrote this. "21 yo blonde slut wants to suck your cock She will suck any cock be here at 13.30 on 7 /8 /08 and she will make you cum in her Mouth and swallow your jizz" 07********* After about an hour my mobile rang and a guy at the other end asked my name and if this was a wind up. I told him about stacy and he said he would be there. By the time I finished work I had taken 5 calls all eager to be there.that evening I let stacy answer the phone and watched as she got all excited at the number off people who said they were gonna turn up.

The day arrived and as I woke up I noticed stacy wasn't beside me in bed. When I went downstairs stacy was watching 1 of my american bukkake dvds.she often watches my porn films. In this particular film a blonde girl drinks about 75 guys cum from a large beer glass and stacy told me she was going to take a glass with her and do the same thing.

As we got dressed stacy told me she was really wet and couldn't wait for some cock so she sucked me off but wouldn't let me cum telling me that I was to be the last to come and that I was to cum into her mouth after she had drank all the other guys cum from the glass. Stacy picked a red blouse and a knee lenth black skirt with black high heels and hold up stockings but no bra or panties to put on for the day.

Instead she took a tiny black thong in her handbag to cover in her pussy juice when she had orgasmed. This was to give to the oldest guy who turned up just a little thing she likes to do.

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She also took a dildo to masturbate with as she sucked on cock. And I took my camera!!!! As we arrived at the public toilet there was already a few guys walking about and about 10 or 12 cars parked up.

I got out and left stacy in the car and went into the toilets. There was already 6 men in there and 1 of them asked me if I was here for the blonde girl. I explained who I was and that stacy was my wife and told them the rules.

1,stacy was there to give blowjobs only no intercourse 2,touching her pussy and breasts only aloud on her say so 3,only 2 guys in cubicle at a time 4,no cuming in her mouth only in glass Of course all the guys in the toilet at that time agreed but there was still more outside and in there cars so I wrote the rules down and pinned them to the cubicle door.

I went out to the car to get stacy and a crowd of guys had gathered around my car s I got closer I could see stacys high heels on the dash board as I looked in the car she had lifted her skirt up around her waist and was spreading her legs and pussy lips open for all the guys to look at. I let her do this for about 10 mins and a couple of the men already had there cocks out stroking them.stacys eyes fixed on the swollen members.

I told the crowd of about a dozen guys that stacy was going to suck off anybody who wanted it in the gents toilet starting about 1.30 looking around there was about 20 guys waiting to be sucked off and a few were on mobile phones telling friends what was going to happen. As we walked to the toilets stacy flashed her stockings and pulled her skirt up so that I could take some photos. She also sat on a bench and spread her legs wide exposing her hairy pussy as I took pictures and the other men looked on.

Once inside the cubicle stacy sat on the dirty toilet and took a piss this got a loud cheer from the crowd of guys which by now was about 30 strong. She got up from the toilet and sat between the 2 dirty sinks. She asked the guys if they were all horny and would they like to see her cunt and arsehole.she lifted her legs up so that her feet were in the sinks at either side of her and let her legs fall wide open and began to rub her pussy that was still a bit wet from her piss.

With her pinky on 1 hand in her mouth and her middle finger from the other in her hairy pussy stacy let out a little giggle as she finger fucked herself in front of all the strangers.

She reached into her hand bag and took out her dildo.

She began to suck on it as she frantically fingered her by now soaking cunt moaning loudly as she eased her pinky in to it beside her 3 fingers. By now nearly all the men had there dicks out and were wanking off.

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And I had closed the door of the toilets so that we wouldn't get caught.I looked round to see stacy on her knees between the sinks her lovely arse in the air and her face on the cold dirty worktop.

Plunging her dildo into her arsehole as her other hand worked on her clit her slim fingers occasionally darting in and out of her fanny hole.she asked a young guy at the front of the group to put his dick in her mouth as she stayed in the position she was in. then she asked another guy if he would fuck her with the dildo and told another to "fist her cunt" Here I was takeing pictures of my wife in a gents public toilet with her arse in the air a strangers cock in her mouth another stranger fucking her arse with a dildo and another stranger fisting her as 30 strange men we have never met before had there cocks out wanking over the sight of this.

I was in fucking heaven!!!!! After about 10 minutes stacy decided she wanted to suck cock so she got down from the worktop and sat down on the dirty toilet seat again. With her legs open she put her hand down the gap between the seat and her pussy and began to rub her pussy again as the men queued up eager to get there cock licked and sucked by this horny slut they had only met about 20 mins I handed stacy the glass that the guys were to come in she gave me a big smile and told me she was a dirty slut and was going to enjoy this experience.

I only caught a couple of the guys names and there was to many guys to remember anyway but first to go was alan a guy in his fourtys. Stacy licked the precum from the tip of his cock before licking the full 6 inchs of his cock before taking the lenth easily down her throat.

Having sucked so much cock stacy can tell when a man is about to cum and it wasn't long before she took his cock from her mouth and wanked him off into the glass. He came really hard his sticky cum running down the inside of the glass .stacy smiled and thanked him as another guy took his place.

A young asian guy around his mid twentys with quite a large cock only had it in stacys mouth for about a minute before shooting his load in the glass. Two older guys in there fiftys were next to go they went in to the cubicle together and stacy took turns sucking there old cocks and wanking them off. It was takeing them a while to cum so stacy let them finger her cunt at the same time. this seemed to work as the 2 dirty oldmen came into the glass that stacy was holding between them in both hands at the same time.

A little drop of spunk missed and went onto stacys thumb which she licked off and began to play with spitting it out onto her chin and then sucking it back up into her mouth and blowing bubbles with it. This was to much for the next 3 guys who wanked off straight into the glass.

After they had came stacy sucked the remainder of their cum from there limp cocks. She wont waste a drop.

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Or the opportunity to suck 3 more cocks. Stacys glass was now starting to get quite full as she told the guys she needed to orgasm.


Lifting her legs up she sat back on the toilet and began to rub her clit with one hand as she fucked her cunt with the dildo. Moaning really loudly stacy came really hard squirting cunt juice over the toilet floor now I know she only ever squirts when she is feelin really really horny. Sitting back up stacy gestured with her finger to one of the four black guys who were there to come into the cubicle. His cock was massive about 11 inchs and thicker than my wrist.

Stacy went to work on his cock like a porn star bobbing her head up and down on it spitting on it licking his balls sucking his balls and wanking it with both hands as the glass of cum sat on the floor between her his face contorted stacy quickly picked the glass up and guided his swollen cock end into the top of the glass making him come more than I have ever seen in my life.

There was as much cum from his big black balls as four of the other guys put together . Stacy put his cock back in her mouth and began to gag as she forced it down her throat. Making sure she got every drop of his black seed.

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He introduced himself to me as Benjamin and he had a proposition for me which I will tell you about at the end of the story. As I looked around another guy was cumin in the glass as stacy sucked on another mans cock .by now about 12 of the men had came and the glass was about a third full. Stacy was really enjoying it now and occasionally she would let a guy finger her cunt or arsehole as she sucked off another. The majority of men there were over 40 but stacy didn't mind as she loves to suck off the more "mature men " anyway.

It was quite a sight as the 3 other black guys stood around stacys face with there impressive cocks shining with the mixture of there pre cum and stacys saliva.

I had seen this picture a thousand times on my dvds but here was my sexy young slut wife doin it for real right in front of my eyes. One after the other stacy sucked there cock and balls at one point she managed to fit the 3 big black cocks in her hungry mouth at the same time. Until eventually they all came in the glass which by now was in danger of overflowing.

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With only a hand full of guys left to come stacy was still smiling at each man who came and politely thanking them for cumming. As stacy struggled to stop the cum spilling from the glass the last few guys came on her face and in her mouth.

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One of them an old gent of about 70 who stacy really had to work on to make him come. She let him lick her pussy and arsehole and even teased him by rubbing the tip of his cock along her pussy lips and rubbing his grey haired ballbag onto her cunt until eventually he came in her hand which of course she licked from her fingers and swallowed.but not before she had stuffed the black thong up her cunt covering it in lady cum and giving them to him.

A total of 28 guys had came in the glass. there must have been about three quarters of a pint of cum in the glass and five guys had came in stacys mouth before the time had come for stacy to drink the cum from the glass. Getting down on her kness in the middle of the toilet floor stacy prepared to drink the glass off cum.

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but before she could lift the glass from the floor one of the guys dogs that had been sitting patiently in the corner jumped on stacys back its big k9 cock bright red and angry. Stacy looked up at me then looked back at the dog its big eyes shining pleading with stacy to let it fuck her. Stacy got on her knees as all the guys cheered for her to let the dog fuck her pussy.

she has never let a dog fuck her but she has sucked some k9 cocks before .as the dogs big red cock eased its way into her pussy stacy told Benjamin she wanted his cock in her mouth or she would stop the brown Labrador from banging her. He got his hugh cock out again and started to fuck her mouth as the dog fucked her furiously stacy was in total ecstasy as the black man and the brown dog fucked her from both ends on the gents public toilet floor.with all the men watching.stacy screamed as the dogs bulbus knot disappeared into her swollen cunt.

Benjamins nutsack was nom banging on stacys chin as she gagged on his meat he told stacy that he was gonna cum as he shot his second load into her mouth there was so much of it again that it began to leak from either side of stacys mouth.

And down her chin. The dog was really fucking stacy hard now as she screamed in pain. The dog started to jerk violently as it shoot its cum into her cunt. It jumped down from stacys back its knot still stuck in her cunt after about a minute it pulled away as what seemed like a gallon of dog cum cascaded from stacys cunthole.

Stacy put her hand round to her pussy and put 3 fingers in her cunt coating them in the dog cum then licked them clean .picking up the glass of cum stacy put it to her lips and took 2 good mouthfuls from it. She then crouched down and put the glass underneath her cunt and started to use her cunt mussles to push out the last of the dog cum.

What was left of the dogs cum easily filled the glass again as she swallowed the cum that was in her mouth. Again she put the glass to her mouth and began to drink the sticky mixture from the glass pausing now and again to take a breath and show the men and the dog the cum in her took her about 5 mins to drink it all and even then she used her fingers to get the last drops out.

Stacy looked at me and told me it was my turn crouching in front of me she took my cock deep in her mouth sucking like a pro. I looked down to see the dog licking stacys pussy clean. This made me cum instantly and I shoot in stacys mouth.stacy then lay back on the floor as the dog licked her cunt and arsehole she fingered her clit to orgasm again as the guys got ready to leave.

As we were leaving the toilet Benjamin came over to speak to us about the possibility of stacy doing something like this again but more professionally. He was interested in making a porn film that involved a white girl doin a bukkake with only black guys to be filmed in america.

He told us he could get up to 100 guys to do it.


I think stacy had another orgasm when he said it. We fly out soon I will post story if your interested. Stacy also took the number of the guy who owned the dog The end