Getting hardy for hot mom

Getting hardy for hot mom
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This is the next submission in an ongoing story. For author's notes and disclaimers and to be fully up to speed, please read the previous first. Readers be aware that this material contains lifestyles and sexual acts that may be a turn on for some may also be offensive others. I am my own editor so please forgive me for any typos. ******************************************************************* Part 11 Wow, it had been nearly 11 months since I first pulled into the trailer park that late Labor Day evening.

I looked back upon that time with fondness and great sadness as well leaving Becca without even saying goodbye. It all began the next day after my arrival. We were sitting in the yard after work when Roxanne, or Roxy, walked up to us and had Al and the trailer owner Billy introduce me to her.

Being polite, I said my hellos and sat back down quietly, Roxy was late 30s looking with a tight body and attractive but rough face and she appeared to have been around. She told me her and Dave had the trailer two lots down. As she went back home, Billy commented, "yep, watch out for her". Al kind of nodded and sipped a beer. Al then told me he was meeting his wife midway over the weekend and would be back late Sunday.

He then said "they're coming up next weekend so I will need you out" as he wanted to use my room for the kids. I said "no problem, I'll have something by then". I wanted out anyway. Billy was an annoying guy who seemed to know everything. Actually, he was kind of slow and worked on a road crew. I got home Wednesday to an empty house so I sat in the yard resting a bit reflecting on my past and where I am now.

I nodded off thinking of how my infatuation with Edie changed my life. I could have went to an east coast school, maybe even MIT. Not that I had done all that bad for myself but still. I started thinking about Jen when I was suddenly awakened. Roxy came by and was standing over me. She asked if I could help her hang a shelf as Dave was gone. I followed her over and she invited me into the home where three shelves needed hanging on their rails.

I grabbed the first one and held it in place above my head. Roxy reached up aligning it on its rails. In doing so, she stretched out her arms fully exposing her braless left nipple. On the other side, the reverse happened fully exposing her right.

After she locked it in place, she asked "did you like what you saw?". I replied "sure, you are very attractive and have beautiful breasts". She pulled up her top and said "yeah, not bad for 38 with three kids". We placed the remaining shelves which were lower and easier to place and she offered me a beer.

We sat a bit and she began rubbing my crotch saying "I wish Dave was here, I am horny and he likes to clean up". As my boner grew, I asked "so where is he?". She replied "probably out looking to get his ass reamed or eating a load, he's bi you know, he especially likes eating a strange load from my pussy".

I asked "so you are good with all that?". She replied "we swing so anything goes". With that, she unzipped my pants, pulled them off, and began sucking my cock. I relaxed trying to make it last when she stopped, looked at me, and said "give it to me now". She then dived back on me and within seconds I shot a load.


She licked and sucked me until I was clean. She then sat up and leaned beside me and said "you are cute, shaved cock and all, I should introduce you to my daughter Becca". I was sitting there naked from the waist down and she got up and grabbed some pictures of her daughter.

She was cute but kind of tom boy looking. Roxy went on "these are old pictures, she's got twins now". She then showed me pictures of her and her two babies. All I could see was her face which was very pretty. I started to ask why she was telling me this when she grabbed my cock and began rubbing it again. Soon I had another boner and she went down on it. This time, she sucked it for nearly 15 minutes. Finally, she asked "getting close?" and I assumed she wanted me to pop soon so I pulled her top up and began rubbing and squeezing her tits.

She resumed sucking and soon I shot another load into her mouth. She sat back up beside me.

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She was nearly topless and I was bottomless. We kissed and I said I needed to go. She said "Becca's coming by Friday evening. Stop by and I will introduce you to her. She's your age and you two should get along fine". I went home a little puzzled about the whole thing and crashed, feeling a bit confused and disgusted with myself.

I awoke the next morning with a boner thinking about Roxy and somehow I was no longer disgusted and now instead wanting more of it. Thursday I again came come to an empty trailer. Al took some vacation time and had left to meet his wife and Billy was working overtime. The phone rang and it was Roxy asking me to come over. I walked over seeing that Dave was there as well. Roxy answered the door and invited me in where Dave was sitting on the sofa. He spoke saying "sorry I missed you two last night" and told Roxy to get me a beer.

She then sat me on their loveseat and began kissing and undressing me. As she continued, Dave got up and began undressing her. She was wearing only a top and shorts and soon Dave was diving into her naked pussy.

She began sucking my cock as he continued eating her. As she brought me to full erection, Dave stopped and said "okay, you're both ready now".

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He laid her down spread on the floor and told me to fuck her. I jumped on her as he began undressing while encouraging me "fuck her good, I want a full load". The fact that he was behind me naked was a little unsettling so I decided to shoot my load as quickly as possible.

Roxy expertly squeezed my cock with her pussy until I shot a load deep inside her. As I pulled out, cum ran down her ass and onto the sheet covering the carpet.

I got up and Dave immediately dived into her well fucked hole. He licked, sucked, and cleaned her pussy and ass until Roxy screamed in orgasm. Watching this was both disgusting and exciting at the same time and I felt my cock harden.

Dave got up, semi erect, and said "fuck her again". I jumped back on her this time fucking her slow and deep. I wasn't as worried about Dave with his soft cock trying to fuck me so I enjoyed the ride. Roxy asked "how close are you?". I replied "I got a ways to go". She rolled me over and climbed on top of me, riding me hard. She rode me for several minutes when Dave said "don't let him shoot like that, I want it deep inside you". She rolled onto her back and told me to fuck her deep.

I began pumping her as she again began squeezing her pussy muscles until I felt another load building. She said "come deep in me" while pulling me in by my ass cheeks.

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I began shooting my second load into her. As my balls emptied, I pulled out with cum again running down her ass. Dave was hard by then and stuck his cock into her creamy hole. Roxy started talking dirty as he rode her "come in me, give me a third load so you can enjoy your dinner".

Soon he shot inside her. He pulled out and dived back into her crotch, licking and sucking her until she came again, this time screaming even louder. I cleaned up a bit and got dressed.

I finished my now warm beer as Dave went to the bathroom. Roxy still laying on the floor naked said "come back tomorrow, Becca should be here". I assumed that was her saying goodbye to me for the evening, so I saw myself out and went home. I arrived home Friday and saw that a car was at Roxy's house. I saw her leave with a girl I assumed was Becca.

I went about my business, laundry and such, and got back a couple of hours later. I saw the car pass and Roxy waved. As they stopped, she got out and said "come by in a minute". After a bit, I walked over and knocked. Roxy let me in and I saw the face of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her hair was light brown and she wore cutoff shorts that were a bit tight for her but looked quite hot on her.

She got up and introduced herself. As she walked towards me, her slightly plump thighs filled the jean cutoffs she was wearing. She wore a loose white blouse that exposed her now full breasts but hid her tummy.

I had a loss for words finally muttering "hi". She smiled and said "pleased to meet you Ron". I replied "same here Becca". We continued to chat until Becca said "I gotta go now".

I asked her "would you like to get together this evening?". She said "sure, I'll be back in about an hour" and left. Roxy smiled saying they were having a little party later.

I wondered what kind of party and left. I heard a couple of cars stop at their place and thought "I hope Becca isn't like her mom". As evening approached, I decided to watch some TV and turn in early. About then, Roxy called saying "Becca's back, come on over". I walked over hearing music and chattering that sounded like drinking was in full force. I knocked and Roxy answered. I walked in to two other guys being there along with Becca. They were older and I was assuming were Roxy and maybe Dave's late night lovers and probably his late dinner load.

Then I wondered where Becca fit into all of this. My questions about Becca were soon answered. Roxy went over to Dave and the other guys laughing and flirting with them as they flirted back. Becca grabbed two beers and led me outside saying "mom's been wanting me to meet you so here I am".

I took a beer and kissed her softly saying "so you're not a part of that?" pointing to the partying inside. She replied "hell no, that's disgusting, how could you think that". I apologized saying "this is only my fifth night here and." when she stopped me, kissed me, and said "sorry, mom and Dave do some fucked up shit, but you already know that".

I smiled while pondering what she knew about me and Roxy. Becca grabbed some more beers and we continued to talk, mainly about her being nothing like her mom and what was going on inside. The inside party noise seemed to have quieted some as we realized it had moved into their bedroom from the living room. Becca got up, grabbed a small cooler and went inside. She returned with it full of beer and ice. We sat and drank there until I invited her and her cooler over to my, or Billy's, trailer.

We sat and talked some on the sofa when I invited her back to my room which was next to the living room. We had a buzz going and our kissing was getting deep and intimate. I kissed her deeply and told her "you are very beautiful". She pulled back and said "still trying to lose this baby fat". I said "you're hot just like you are" and reached behind her and released her bra from under her blouse. It popped off her full breasts. I began licking and sucking them feeling moisture leak from her nipples.

I pulled her top off fully exposing her slightly sagging breasts. Her belly slightly rolled over her waistband and I rubbed and kissed her soft tummy. She said "you like what you see, not too fat?". I said "perfect". We kissed and she began rubbing my crotch as I rubbed hers. Soon, I undid her cutoff jeans and rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties. She undid my pants and pulled them off and I removed my shirt.

She went down on my cock as I pulled her cutoffs and panties down. She stopped sucking me and pulled them off. She then gently sucked my cock for a bit then stopped and asked "when I do this, am I kissing my mom or eating her pussy, or both?".

I without hesitation replied "both". She continued sucking me and I pulled her on top of me in a 69. We orally pleasured each other until I felt her pussy begin to fuck my face. I licked and tongued her until she came, squirting my face. She continued to suck me as I slid my tongue towards her taint and ass. She squirmed but continued sucking me until I shot my load into her mouth.

We sat up and she leaned against me and we kissed each other while sharing a beer. She said "thanks for telling the truth". I asked "about what?". She replied "mom" continuing "she told me what you two did and I wanted to see if you were truthful about it". I asked "does this happen often?". She replied "never, until now".

Becca told me that she doesn't do the swinger stuff and doesn't particularly like Dave saying "he's a cuck, he gets off pleasuring mom if the cock that was in her doesn't, or even if it does". She then said that if her and I hit it off, that me and Roxy's fling would not be mentioned ever again.

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I began kissing her and lying back, had her climb on top of me and ride me. She rode me until we both came and she collapsed on top of me and we dozed off. We both awoke the next morning to Billy banging around the living room. We got dressed and went towards the kitchen, still a bit buzzed from the previous night, to Billy's bantering "well looks like we are learning the neighborhood pretty quick round here". He then looked directly at Becca and more seriously saying "you Roxy's girl right?, I don't want her type of shit going on here".

Becca seemed hurt and I walked her outside and towards her car with Billy yelling towards us "this place isn't a hotel or cat house, you're paying rent for one here you know". I walked her to her car and asked her if she would like some breakfast. She briefly looked at Roxy's place and said "no, I'll just go home".

I asked "can we get together tonight, I'll make up for asshole?" nodding back towards Billy's. She smiled sheepishly asking "you really want to?". I nodded and she began writing and said "here is my address, how about 3:30". I walked back to Billy's ready to lay into him but he was in his room. I cleaned up, got dressed, and packed.

As I was leaving, Billy walked out "saying "you're paying weekly for one person not two". I looked at him, showed him my bags and said "I'm leaving NOW, you owe ME for one night" and walked out. I arrived at Becca's place slightly late as I looked at a couple of places to live before arriving. She answered the door wearing a similar outfit as yesterday, tight cutoffs and a loose blouse. She said, if I like, she would show me around town as I was new.

After some cruising, I asked her to show me some motels around. She asked why. I told her that I told off Billy and walked out. She laughed saying "let's look tomorrow, I owe you a place tonight". We took in a movie and went back to her place. The atmosphere was nice and she asked if I wanted a drink and I nodded yes. She asked me what and I said "surprise me, whatever it it, I want it off your lips". She sat me on her sofa, gave me a quick kiss, and headed for the fridge.

She brought back a bottle of Mad Dog. She took a sip then licked my lips and, when I french kissed her, we shared the wine. I asked "Mad Dog huh". She giggled and said "it's all I got". We continued sipping and sharing it and I felt a buzz coming on.

I kissed her and told her again "you ARE very beautiful". She pulled back giggling and again said "still trying to lose this baby fat". She really seemed conscious about that. In my eyes, she was quite beautiful as she was. I liked her bouncy tits and soft tummy, and her full thighs that filled out her cutoffs so very well. She was hot. I then reached behind her and released her bra exposing her milky breasts.

I dived into her breasts licking and sucking them like a newborn. As she saw that I was enjoying her lactation, she milked herself, shooting a stream into my mouth. We alternated breasts with her milking herself into my mouth with one and me squeezing the other. Soon, I had a good mouthful and we french kissed sharing it before continuing. As she milked her tit, she licked it along with my lips as she shot into my mouth.

We shared again and she giggled "I should have brought in a glass". She unzipped my pants and pulled them off and I removed hers.

She kissed my cock asking "all mine now?". I replied "yep, as long as you want it, it's yours". She began sucking me slowly and steadily.

I assumed she was getting me ready for her pussy when she began sucking me harder and faster. I laid back and relaxed enjoying her efforts. Soon I felt a load build and began bucking and my load shot into her mouth. She licked and cleaned me. I kissed her deeply, thanking her. We sat up together and she leaned against me and we kissed each other while sipping the wine.

I continued kissing her, and lying back, had her climb on top of me and ride me. She rode me until we both came and she collapsed on top of me. We nodded off a while and both awoke still on the sofa, then re-positioned and slept until morning.

The next morning I awoke somewhat stiff from our awkward position sleeping on the sofa and got up. The sofa was large but not large enough for two. I woke Becca up as I got up and she said "good morning". I replied "morning". She looked at the cum stains on the sofa drape and said "glad it was covered, I just got this". She got up fully displaying her naked and slightly chubby body in full view. She looked nothing like the thin tom boy pictures her mom had shown me earlier.

Her tits were full with a light sag and her tummy roll bounced a bit as she got up. As she approached me, I grabbed her in full embrace and kissed her deeply. I then moved my hand towards her crotch. Her pussy hairs were crusted in cum as I brushed my hand over them.

She simultaneously reached for my crotch and looking at me direct asked "why is it shaved?". I knew that was coming but still did not have a good answer except for the truth and said "for a girl".

She replied "must of been recent, must have been special". I replied "last weekend". She replied "where is she now?". I replied "Bay Area". She said "she must have been kinky for you to do that". I replied "she was". She said "was?". I told her the story of last weekend and Jen and Nina and how it ended. She replied "do you miss her or them". I said "not anymore, she has Nina, her true love". She smiled and said "are you going to keep it shaved?".

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I replied "only if you want" stopping then saying "I really want to be with you but don't want to push it, so it will only be shaved if you shave it". The conversation had gotten awkward and I told her I had better leave.

She asked "do you want to see me again?". I said "of course". So I asked "so what about you, you know my recent history". She replied "how much time do you have?". I said "plenty but I do need to find a place to live". She explained that the father of her two kids was the son of a prominent businessman in town. She got pregnant and he basically dumped her for another but provided financial support.

He was now with his "hot wife" but she cannot have kids so they took custody of her babies. She received a financial settlement, a car, and the house we were in for a year. She said "I guess I sold my kids for ten grand, this place for a year, and a used car; well at least the car's mine, title and all".

She then told me she gets to see them Friday afternoons and every other Saturday which was where her and Roxy went yesterday afternoon.

We kissed deeply and she led me back to the couch where she pushed me down and climbed on top for a morning ride. She rode me hard until we came together. Her orgasm seemed tame to what I am used to seeing so I asked her if she wanted me to get her off orally.

She seemed a bit put off by that saying "like this?". I kissed her and replied "if you like". She said "no, I am really not that in to getting oral, I'm good". I got dressed and kissed her. She grabbed the sofa drape and covering herself walked me out to her porch. I said "I'll be around after looking at stuff and getting a room, care if I drop by later".

She said "sure but I thought I was going to show you around, besides you have nowhere to go, why don't you clean up here first". I kissed her again, went out and grabbed some clothes from the car, and went back in.

We cleaned up, got dressed, and she chauffeured me around. Room hunting was difficult especially since I needed to find something now. Back at her place, I said "well I guess that motel down the block will be it for a while".

She smiled and said "how about here?". She led me to her bedroom saying "we didn't make it this far last night, how about now and tomorrow, and maybe the next". I paused and she said "well, maybe it's moving too fast". I said "maybe not". She kissed me and we began undressing each other.

She led me to the bed saying "take me as your full time lover". She climbed in bed and spread wide. I assumed she wanted to be ate and, after jumping in bed and kissing her, I began kissing her downward. I started with her neck, then her boobs and, as I kissed past her navel, she said "no oral". I climbed on top of her and fucked her to the hilt. I came hard and rolled off her.

She smiled saying "do you like the bed?". I said "sure, but don't you want to get off". I said "I am good" and cuddled me tightly. I moved in with her and we had marital bliss without marriage. Our weeks together turned into months. While it was mostly unspectacular and quite vanilla sex, she made me very happy. Even though she didn't have custody for her kids, she still was pumping her breasts for them, and me.

It seemed to be our only fetish. As her kids got older, she stopped and I lost those milky tits I enjoyed so much. She kept herself moist for me but wasn't really into it anymore. She gave me great oral sex but did not want reciprocation at all. Despite that, she took care of me as my lover and housemate. I was truly happy despite the generally tame sex we were having. We had discussed my work contract ending after a year and her traveling with me. Her "free" year would be up at the house about then.

Then things began changing. Her ex's hot wife got pregnant. She had taken Becca's kids as her own but now they were offering Becca more time with them. First, it was all weekend instead of every other Saturday then several week nights as well.

This was all fine except Becca kept questioning our upcoming move for the next job. She wanted to stay here with her kids and expected me to stay, but stay and do what. There wasn't much technical in the town. Finally, it came to a boiling point and she gave me the ultimatum. I told her that I had no choice but to travel with the job. She stormed out and went, I assumed, to her mom's. I called there but no one answered.

Al said he saw her as he was moving out of the trailer. He was heading to the new job site a few hours away. Al told me I could stay with him again until I found something of my own. I told him it would be another month before I was scheduled to go. He said his wife would be there by then so deal off unless I came sooner. I continued to call Becca but got no answer or Roxy said she wasn't there. I asked my boss about my transfer schedule.

He asked "do you want to go now?". I paused and he said "if so, you can have my job, I'm tired of the travel and taking a desk job". I told him I would let him know tomorrow. Becca would still not talk to me so I accepted the promotion requiring me to be there the following Monday on site. I called Becca on Friday night and Roxy said she wasn't there.

I said "okay, I need to see either you or her here tomorrow at noon" and hung up. I was sure Becca was there but all I needed now was to give her the house keys. I was packed and had shipped most of my stuff already, leaving only a couple of light bags. Roxy arrived at noon dressed very conservatively. She had acted very straight around me over the time Becca and I were together and did not want to imply anything now, I guess.

I had a inspection checklist for the house to ensure I had not trashed it. We walked through together and she said "it looks good". I had her sign the checklist for Becca and said thanks. She asked "where are you going to move?". I said "not sure, somewhere at the new job". She said "you're leaving town?".

I said "yep". She said "but Ron this is so soon, what about Becca?". I told her "tell Becca I'm sorry, I wanted to say goodbye to her, but she won't talk to me".

I then drove off. Part 12 I drove the four hour plus trip and was again staying with Al. He warned me that between us gypsy workers being there, college starting, and some fair going on, lodging was scarce. He said "you can stay until Saturday when the wife arrives". While work went well and the promotion was rewarding, this place had no motels, no room shares, nothing. Al found a room in the paper so midweek I called and visited the place.

A college professor working on her PhD had it. She showed it but said "another guy has first dibs, I don't think he will take it as he is only here Monday night through Friday mornings". I said "I'll take it if he doesn't". I got back to the room and Al asked "well how was she?".

I said "huh?". He said 'well, every other gal I put you in touch with, you end up fucking her". I said nothing. He asked "what did she look like". I said "very tall, hair in a bun, and a dress that draped to her ankles". He asked "tall like Jen and cute?". I said "taller, she had a cute face but her dress hid her body". I had given her my number and later she called "hi this is Jo, the other guy took the room".

I asked "do you know of anything?". She replied "I'll rent you the sofa if nothing else is available".


I called her Friday night and accepted her offer. Saturday morning I packed and headed to Jo's. Jo was her nickname she told me. I arrived at her house and grabbed my gear bag and knocked at the door. She opened it and suddenly staring in my face were the biggest set of tits I had ever seen. I looked up to her smile and she said "glad you made it, got more stuff, it's going to rain". I said yes and she walked out to the car. I had clothes on hangers which she took.

I grabbed the dirty clothes and a carry on and followed her in. She had the hottest body I had ever seen on a tall woman. Not tall like Jen but taller. She was taller that my six foot by a couple inches. She had tight cutoffs showing legs that seemed to run for miles. Her top was skimpy for a girl that size and she showed more skin than most women show naked. Just then, it began pouring. We ran in the house and she laid my hanging clothes over the sofa to dry.

The sudden rain soaked her top and her nipples protruded through the cloth of her top. Her wet reddish hair clung to her bare neck and shoulders. I pulled off my wet shoes and she turned the fan on which was refreshing as it dried and cooled our dampened clothes and skin. We began our formal introductions which led to talk about basketball. She rode a full scholarship through college playing. She said she didn't really like it and she was mostly cursed due to her height.

As the sofa had my stuff on it, I was sitting beside her on the loveseat.

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She was drinking some sangria and offered me some. I think she had been drinking before I got there but continued drinking with me. She said "my height got me where I am but is still a curse".

I thought about what Jen said and nodded. She then said "a little about me, my last relationship just ended so it will just be me and you and Dick here". Dick was the other renter who beat me to the room.

She went on "my last was a girl". I replied "so was mine" and we had a laugh. She said "don't get me wrong, I like guys too". I again thought of Jen and nodded. She said "Abby and I both decided to pursue guys and now she's pregnant". I sipped my drink and listened "so I am going on the pill after my period". This was more than I needed to know so I sipped my drink and not really knowing what to say said "well the guys better be ready then".

After saying that, I wondered what she would think. Instead of saying anything, she began rubbing my crotch and kissing my neck. I was afraid it was the booze but played along. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I reached behind her and untied her top allowing those huge tits to drop.

I grabbed one in each hand and began squeezing them as she continued stroking my cock. I reached the button on her shorts and unsnapped it. I slid the zipper down and began rubbing her pubes until I reached her clit.

I pulled my shirt off and then pulled her shorts off. She pulled my jeans down and I kicked them off. She went to her knees and began sucking my cock. She had apparently been with women mostly or entirely and her cock sucking was amateur. Despite that, my balls were full as it had been a couple of weeks and I felt a load building. I said "I'm getting close" and she continued sucking until I shot into her mouth.

Cum ran from her mouth and onto her hands and my balls as she continued, sucking and licking me until I was clean. She then licked her hands clean and kissed my cock.

Her face looked hot with wet creamy lips. I watched her body as she kissed me up from my cock to my stomach and tits finally reaching my mouth. I french kissed her which caught her off guard saying "I thought straight guys didn't do that". I replied "what?, straight guys eat their own cum from a girl".

She bit her lip and smiled. I laid on the floor and had her crawl on top of me. I kissed her then told her to feed me her tits. After sucking them for a bit, I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and began pulling her forward until her drenched pussy reached my face. She sat up directing sitting on my face as I licked and tongued her clit and pussy.

I began sucking her clit and soon she squirted my face. I tongued her pussy as she came down and gave her ass a soft lick as she climbed off me. She laid back on the floor and said "fuck me good". I climbed on her and pounded away.

Her tits were swaying with each stroke and her tummy bounced slightly. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper. We fucked for several minutes when she grabbed her tits and fondled them. The excitement caused my balls to fill and I shot my second load deep inside her. Despite her fondling, she didn't make it so I pulled out and dived into her well fucked hole, licking and sucking her clit until she came.

I went to her face and began kissing her. My hardening cock found her freshly fucked and eaten hole and slid into her wetness. As we kissed, I began gently fucking her until we were in full rhythm together. Our fucking was soft and smooth as were our kisses. I felt a third load build and began banging her hard until I came again.

She smiled and kissed me saying "thank you, but I hope I am not late". I replied "when's it due?" and rolled off beside her. She said "tonight or tomorrow". We laid there a bit and both fell to sleep. I woke first and just laid there thinking about what happened. Would she regret it, was it the booze, what if she is late after this?, my mind raced in thought.

About then, she woke up and smiled saying "hi lover". I smiled saying "hi". She said "if all of the guys do me like you did, I'm going straight". She got up and headed to the bathroom.

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I heard the shower running and a few minutes later she returned in her bathrobe and a towel for her hair. She offered me the shower which I accepted. I came out drying with a towel and, before I sat down, she lead me back to the bedroom asking "would you like it in here better?".


I paused and said "sure, if you are good with it". She asked "all the time you are here?". I kissed her and said "yes and thanks". She also said "it must have been all the fucking, it's starting I think, I have that feeling". I pulled up her robe not seeing panties or a tampon string and said "our time is short".

She said "short for what?". I threw my towel down in the middle of the bed and removed her robe. I kissed her and walked her back to the bed. I pushed her gently onto the bed and towel and dived into her pussy.

She tasted a little different which I expected was the beginning of her flow. Unlike Jen's heavy flow, this was a light occasional tang mixed with her juices. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit occasionally working back to her taint and ass until she came hard. I immediately mounted her hammering her pussy like a jackhammer. Then, I felt a warmth against my cock that I knew was her heavier flow.

It felt so good as my cock penetrated her. I pulled out completely and pushed back in balls deep. I repeated this until my load began to build. I then pumped in and out harder and harder until I shot a load deep inside. I kissed her and she said "I hope it comes today after all this". I replied "it's here now". She said "what, how do you know?". I said "I tasted it and I pretty sure my cock is red now. I felt a warmth that usually is your red flow".

I rolled off her and onto my side. We both looked at my red cock and said "yep". She asked "that doesn't bother you?". I said "it's actually hot, one of the best feelings with that warm flow against my cock". She replied "wow, us girls play during that time but I didn't think a guy would". I asked "do you want some more?".

She asked "more what?". I said "anything". She began rubbing my cock and said put it back in. I entered her wet cherry flow with slow strokes. I was willing to eat her pie but preferred to get her off with my dick.

We moved together slow and in harmony. I felt the heat from her against my cock and balls. I continued slowly working my boner in and and out fucking her clit on each stroke.

We went on this way for nearly 30 minutes until she started bucking against my cock. I fingered her clit until she came and then pumped her until I emptied my load into her hot cherry pie.

I rolled off her and snuggled against her. We laid there for a bit and she asked "do you do that very often?". I replied "no, not a lot". She asked "so you were willing to do oral?". I said "if you want and will reciprocate". She said "you mean clean your cock". I replied "my cherry popsickle". She giggled saying "us girls get down and dirty like that but I always heard guys shun away".

I replied "it is the same as guys eating their load not being gay, many guys love it". She said "as long as a girl's hole is involved". I replied "exactly". She said "I'm tired now but will take a rain check on oral". She got up and took my hand leading me into the shower.

We cleaned up and dressed. I came into the living room and noticed my stuff was removed from the sofa. She smiled "the dirties are in the washer and the hangers are in the closet".

She led me back and showed me my half of the closet and where my suitcase and gear bag were. She said "you travel light". I said "there's more, I had it shipped to work until I found a place". I asked "what about rent?". She said "I cannot charge a lover rent, that makes me a whore". I said "well there are expenses so here".

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She took the money and said "let's go". We got in her car and she showed me around town similar to what Becca did last year. We stopped at a bar and restaurant. She ordered dinner and drinks for us and paid with my cash. We got back late. She said she was beat so we crashed.

I laid there a bit when she asked "do you need to get off before we go to sleep?". She was reaching for my crotch and my cock sprang into action. She replied "looks like". I said "since its late, let's 69". I moved into a 69 with her sucking my cock while I licked her clit. I gently flicked her clit with my tongue then sucked it in deep.

She mimicked my actions licking and sucking my cock. We continued this in oral harmony. She was learning cock sucking by example. Her clit was no mini-cock but it was swollen, making sucking it easy.

We continued matching each other's oral actions until I felt my balls tingle. I increased my oral actions hoping to quickly build her orgasm. Soon, we both came together and, after coming down a bit, I crawled up and kissed her goodnight.