2 baby and old men

2 baby and old men
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Adventures of a Railfan Part 3 - Ann This is part 3 of my series. In this part, I take a look at my 3rd girlfriend, Ann.

Even though that is not her real name. In my series, I have changed everyone's middle name to their middle name, including myself, to protect our identities. Its the best way to protect everyone. I was glad to be done with Michelle. Her sweet and innocent ploy had worked on me, and I really thought I was happy. After about 3 months, everything started to go south. It was to the point that she was trying to control me and separate me from my friends and family, and it almost worked!

I was so happy when she decided to leave me. I couldn't wait for her to move all her stuff out of the house. I celebrated her departure by signing back into my account on Plenty of Fish. I know it may have been jumping the gun, but I was ready to move one after 6 months with Michelle, and I was very ready to move on with my life. I browsed the profiles on PoF for about a month.

I managed to talk to a few girls, and they seemed interested in me. After a couple of weeks, I started to get phone numbers and I called each one of them. Some of them seemed nice over the phone, others didn't really have anything to say, and one of them thought I became rich after Danielle died, and the fact that I was now an Owner/Operator at Capitol First, the Courier company that I work for.

Good thing I did not give her my address, because she would have stalked me for months if I did not! It was about a month after Michelle left me that I saw a profile for a girl who lived fairly close. I messaged her, and a few minutes later, I got a reply.

She seemed nice, but she was on her grandparents computer, and she told me to call her at 7. I agreed, and decided to kill some time editing my train pictures. I had been trying, without success, to get a picture approved by Railpictures.net, but even to this day, I have always been turned down, they have been very critical about photos and they only accept the best.

Any way, I started to edit my photos and I was having a hard time getting the composition and colors right on a shot of a CSX locomotive when the arranged time of 7 came around. I called her at 7pm Sharp, and she answered after the 2nd ring.

"Hello, is this Ann?" I asked "Yes it is" "Hi Ann, I am William, you gave me your number and wanted me to call you tonight, you know, the guy from PoF" I said, hoping she would remembr "Oh, Hi! How are you doing?" She seemed to be very pleased that I actually did call her. After about 5 minutes of talking, she got another call, from her so called sister, Beverly.

She came back after a minute. It seems like she wanted her sister to call her as an excuse to get off the phone with me if I seemed like I was a creep. However, she started to like me before she even called. I found out that she worked at McDonald's, and had been there for 7 years.

Her previous boyfriend had cheated on her, and he dumped his ass after catching him in bed fucking a girls ass in their own bed. She had been with him 8 years and had been single for the past 9 months. I explained to her about my job, that I owned a truck, a 2005 International 3500. She wondered why I did what I did and I told her it was the only thing I was good at and that it also pays good money. I didn't tell her how much I made per week, only that it was over $1,000. I didn't want her to fall for me just because of the money I made.

We ended up talking for about 2 hours before she had to go to bed. Since she lived with her grandparents, she had to follow their rules. She moved in with them after she dumped her cheating boyfriend, and since her dad had no space, she could not move in with him. He did however, have his wife, her step-mom, and 2 small children living with him anyway.

I was very happy. I was praying to myself that she would not be another Michelle, but everything she said, it seemed like it was straight from the heart. I ended up going to bed shortly after we hung up, because during the phone call, my dispatcher called me to dispatch me on a load from O'Fallon, Missouri to Shelbyville, Kentucky with a stop in Mt.

Vernon, IL and Paducah, KY on the way. The next day, I was rolling down the interstate, listening to my mix CD of 70's rock. I had just finished unloading 2 pallets of machinery at the Ameran Illinois Power facility in Mt. Vernon and had just got back on Interstate 65/57 that run together for about 5 miles.


It was about this time Ann called me. I knew she was at work but she called me when she went on break. When I answered, I asked her why she had called me during her break when I knew she would be eating. She informed me that she enjoyed talking to me last night and didn't want to have to wait to get off work to call me again.

This comment made me smile, and we talked for a few more minutes then she had to get back to work. It took longer then I expected to finish in Paducah. I had a delivery to VMV, a Locomotive rebuilder and grave yard.

It was not because I was photographing the numerous locomotives they had there, but it was because I could not find anyone in the Shipping and Receiving department.

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It took me a good 30 to 40 minutes to find someone, and it turned out, they were at lunch, and since they were union, I had to wait. I had to wait even longer because of FedEx. I was just pulling out of VMV when Ann called me back. She had gotten off work early because it was slow For the rest of my trip to Shelbyville, we talked, and I even talked to her so called sister, who happened to be her best friend. We talked about anything and everything, and it seemed like the more we talked, the more we started to really like each other.

The only time I had to get off the phone was when I delivered the rest of my load, and then again when I checked into a hotel since I did not have enough hours to get back to St. Louis. Damn that 11 hour rule! For the rest of the evening, we talked, By this time I really liked her a-lot.

I did not expect to fall for someone that fast, considering of what happened with Danielle and Michelle, but I became crazy for Ann!

That evening, I asked her if she wanted to b my girlfriend, and from the tone of her voice, she shyly said yes.

The next day, I started to head back towards St.


Louis. Ann had the day off and she said she would talk with me the entire 4 hours it would take to get back. At one point, I had to stop to get fuel.

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When I told her I would call her back, I accidentally said "I love you" and she responded with "I love you too". It was not until after I got off the phone that I realized what I said. For some reason, I really had fallen in love with her.

I told her about this when I called her back, and she had said it with out realizing what she had said as well. We both got a laugh about it. I was surprised to learn that she, being 23, did not have a drivers license, and was taking driving lessons from a private driving school. She mentioned that she would be out learning how to drive around the time I would be getting back, and I asked if I could meet her for a few minutes.

She agreed, but then she had to go as I was approaching Pontoon Beach, IL. About 30 minutes later, I pulled into the McDonald's parking lot. Her instructor and her self had been waiting for me, and while I updated my drivers log book, I noticed a pretty girl walking up the cab of my truck.

She waited patiently as I finished updating my log and then i got out. I was amazed by how pretty she was. She was a red head with very pretty brown eyes, and when she smiled when I got out, I noticed her cute little dimples as well. When I got out, I gave her a hug right away, and that's when I noticed, she was actually a couple of inches taller then me!

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"I take it that you are Ann" I said when I let her from the hug. "Yes I am, You are much better looking than your photos" she said, blushing the entire time. "Thank you, and you are much prettier than the photos your sister sent me." "You want to have some lunch?" she asked, and I quickly agreed The entire time that I was munching on my Big Mac meal, I kept looking at her.

She was very pretty. She had 34DD breasts, and unlike Michelle, she was thinner, however, she did still have some weight to her, but she had an hourglass shape to her. We made small talk over the meal, and all too soon I had to go, I had a load to pick up for a delivery the next day to Springfield, Illinois.

A few minutes after I pulled out of the parking lot, her "sister" called me. "So, give me all the mushy details" she demanded, without even saying hello. "Why hello to you too, Beverly" I said. "We didn't do much, her driving instructor was around. We had lunch and all we did has hug." "Sounds like it was still a pretty good lunch" she said, "Hope everything works out for you two, I know she needs a good man in her life!" "I plan to be!

Hey, I gotta run now, my headpiece is going dead and I need to charge it, I will talk to you later Beverly" I said. She said bye and hung up. I picked up my load, and dropped the truck off at the office. I got another call from Ann, this time it was an invitation to meet her and her grandparents at IHOP. I was excited to see her again and I quickly agreed. We talked for another few minutes before I told her I wanted to shower before meeting them.

We hung up and I hoped into the shower. As I was shaving, I started to think, like I always do when I was shaving, thinking about how pretty she is and how fast I fell in love with her.

I normally don't fall in love with anyone this fast, and I was worried about how things would turn out by having a relationship with her. I drove to the IHOP and she was already there with her Grandparents. We hit it off right away and they loved the fact that I was an Owner/Operator truck driver. I offered to pay for Ann's meal as well as mine, but they would not hear of it, and they insisted that they pay for it.

The asked me how we met. Thank god Ann and I had talked about this earlier, her grandparents would have been pissed if they found out we met online. So I told them that I had met her at McDonald's and that I was attracted to her when she took my order, and that I gave her my phone number and then she called me later that day. "It seems like the two of you are pretty happy, and as long as Ann is happy, I won't mind if she dates you, she deserves a nice man like yourself" her grandfather said "I would do anything to make anyone happy, whether it be Ann, you or her grandmother or anyone else that I would have met instead of her" I replied.

This comment made her grandfather smile even more. "Grandpa, would you mind I went with William tonight to meet his mom? I promise to be home by 9" she said "I don't see why not, I mean it would be better for you to meet her now then later" he responded. "You do promise to have her home before 9 and you wont fool around with her, do you" he continued "Yes sir, we may have just met, but I still think its a bit to early to go into anything other than a small kiss" I said, hoping that he would approve "Well then, just be sure that she is safe" "I will sir, and thank you" "Thanks Grandpa!" She said, obviously happy that she could spend some quality time with her new boyfriend.

We finished our meal and spoke for a few more minutes. When I tried to leave the tip, they pushed the money back to me, insisting that I should keep my money. I tried to insist, but Ann told me to give it up and that they would not budge from their stance. I reluctantly put the money back in my wallet, and we walked out to the car.

It was a short 10 minute drive back to the house, but it seemed to fly by. I was able to hold her hand for the first time.

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When we got back to the house, I got out to open her door for her. She seemed please that I was such a gentleman. We got in the house and she met my mom for the first time. The two of them hit off right away. After about 20 minutes, we excused ourselves so we could watch a movie in my room. We ended up watching "Fan Boys", a favorite of mine. Nothing happened that night, we cuddled for a while, and few times, we had a heavy make out session.

We were both very happy with each other True to my word, I got her home 5 minutes before 9. I walked her to her door and I kissed her good night. On my way home, I was feeling very happy, I was thinking about how Danielle would be very happy that I found someone that could make me as happy as she did. I delivered my load at 8AM the next day and drove back to St. Louis. It was a 2 hour drive, and when I got back, I was informed that there were no further loads for the day and that I could go home.

I was home by noon.

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At 1 o'clock, I got a call from Ann. "Hey William!" She was happy that I answered the phone "Hey baby, shouldn't you be working?" I asked "I got off 2 hours early, I was wondering if you wanted to come up and get me so we could hang out for a while" She said. "I would love to!

I am off work now so I have plenty of time." I told her. "Great! I will see you when you get her, I love you" she said "I love you too, baby." I replied It took me 5 minutes longer than usual to get to her McDonald's.

I ended up getting stuck behind a person who was learning how to drive a Manual. Great, they always seem like the slowest drivers, but I do not blame them, Manuals can be tricky to drive. I got there, and I picked her up. She gave me a kiss as she got into the car, and I suggested that we go back to my place. She agreed, she wanted to relax and cuddle some more.

We got back to my place and while she used the restroom, I got us some soda's. I took both sodas and with Ann following me, we went up to my room.


Now it was not my intentions of doing anything other than kissing and cuddling, but I think she had other ideas in mind. We started kissing after I closed my bedroom door and things started to get hot and heavy really fast. She was a great kisser and I loved kissing her in return.

After a couple of minutes, I felt her hand go between us and undo the button on my pants. This quickly got my attention and I started to suck on her neck. This got her going really quickly. She pulled down the zipper on my pants and fished out my now hard cock. She started to stroke me with her soft hands, and it felt really good, no one had given me a hand job since that first night with Michelle.

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"Well, are you going to undo my pants as well, honey?" she asked "Hmmm, only if you want me to." I told her "Go ahead, I want you to" She said in a low, sexy voice. I started to undo her pants and in no time, they were on the floor. She was wearing pink panties and I could tell that she was getting really turned on. She continued to stroke my cock, only stopping when I took off her shirt. This was the first time I really noticed her tits, and I really liked what I saw.

I moved removed her sports bra and took a nipple into my mouth. She gave out a slight moan. I love sucking on nipples, and hers was no exception. I kept sucking on them when she let out a loader moan and her body stiffened. She had an orgasm just from me sucking on her nipples. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked "Oh yes, no one has ever done that to me before." She said At this point, I moved down, kissing my way down towards her womanhood.

When I was on my knees, I pulled down her panties, and when she kicked them off, I started kissing around it. I laid her down on the edge of the bed so I could start to enjoy the taste of her pussy. It was soaked. I had no troubles finding out what she really liked and I got her off 3 more times just from licking and sucking on her clit. "Oh god! Please, no more! I can't take much more of this!" She nearly screamed "I need you inside of me!" I needed her as well, and I moved her further up the bed and crawled between her legs.

"Give it to me, I need it, I really need it, its been so long so I have had a cock in me." She said, again using her sexy voice. I kissed her passionately as I slid my cock deep into her pussy. She was not virgin, but since she had not had sex in over 9 months, she was very tight.

"Oh, William, you feel so good" She sighed. I knew that she enjoyed having my cock buried deep in her, and I enjoyed being in her. I started thrusting into her at a slow, but steady pace. Her moans told me that she enjoyed her boyfriends cock. "Come on baby, go faster, I need it." She was almost begging me. I started to thrust harder and faster, her tightness was squeezing down onto my cock.

As I kept up my thrusts, she tensed up and arched her back in a massive orgasm, squirting all over my balls. I didn't think her pussy could get any tighter, but when she came, she almost pushed my cock out of her pussy. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm, going harder and faster, trying to make her cum more. I love it when I can make a girl cum, it lets me know that they are enjoying it as much as I enjoy being in them. "Ann, I am about to cum!" I nearly yelled "Go on William, cum inside me!" With one more massive thrust, I buried myself as deep as I could into her tight, underused pussy and unleashed my torrent of cum deep into her womb.

My orgasm was so strong that I started to see stars. I collapsed on top of her, both of us panting for breath after we both had a massive orgasm. I rolled off of her and cuddled her after our post-orgasmic bliss. I kissed her and told her how amazing she was and that I loved her.

She shared the same feelings. She then proceeded to tell me that of all the times she had sex with her ex, he never once got her off, that he always came within minutes of entering her. I kissed her again, and being a typical guy, I started to play with her nipple, expecting her to push me away. I was surprised when she didn't. "I can see you want some more" She said "I can always use some more" I replied "My pussy is sore from that fucking you just gave me, but I won't leave you high and dry" she told me.

"Oh, what did you have in mind, baby?" Without answering me, she moved down me and got between my legs. "I never did this with my ex, but I think you deserve a thank you for getting me off the way you did" She said, and then she took my cock into her mouth I rolled my eyes back when I felt her wrap her lips around my cock. My cock was still covered with my cum and her pussy juice, but she didn't mind.

She started to suck my cock hard, rolling her tongue around my cock like she was eating a sucker. "We taste good, sexy" She commented, and went back to sucking my cock She sucked my cock for about 15 minutes, playing with my balls as well when I felt another orgasm coming on. "Baby, I am going to cum soon if you keep doing that!" I told her, not sure if she wanted my cum in her mouth or not She pulled my cock out of her to tell me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

She went back to sucking, sucking my cock even harder than she had. I started to feel my cum race from balls up and up my shaft. I grabbed her by the hair and erupted inside her mouth. She managed to catch all of it and she swallowed every last bit of cum I had to give her.

"That was amazing" I said, as she crawled back up. "You taste really good!" She said as she pulled me in for a kiss. I could taste myself, but I didn't mind because that was actually the very first time I reached an orgasm while getting a blowjob. All too soon I had to take her back to McDonald's so her Grandparents would get suspicious.

We got there with 10 minutes to go, we said our goodbyes and she left to go wait for her grandpa. Ann and I spent the next year and a half together. At first, the sex was great, we had it every chance we got. She moved in after about 6 months, and then our sex life became almost non-existent. I was lucky if we had sex every other week. But I loved her and I respected her, and I did not want to push the subject. Near the end of our relationship, Beverly entered a relationship with John.

They were together for a few months before she broke it off with him. That break up is what caused Ann to leave me. She left me because she felt there was no more passion in our relationship (Gee, I wonder why!) and left me without warning.

3 days after she left me, she entered into a relationship with John, Beverly's ex. Talk about being stabbed in the back! Thanks again for reading! I really hope you enjoyed part 3 of my series. The final part is next, and I am hoping that you will enjoy that one as well!