Straight sleeping boy handjob free gay out public guys Not fairly

Straight sleeping boy handjob free gay out public guys Not fairly
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I'd spent my life being Phoenix West, a good girl. Looking into the mirror, I noticed how pretty my body was. I wasn't ashamed of it. Years of dance had kept my stomach trim, hips curving in to my waist and my breasts, 34Ds, offering the lovely shape of my 5'8" figure. My skin was a beautiful olive colour I'd inherited from my mother, and surrounding my heart shaped face was a mass of dark, almost black hair.

I took pride in every inch of myself, making sure it was all plucked, waxed and pruned to perfection. My chocolate toned eyes were always made up beautifully and my pout barely covered with a layer of lipgloss. I was pretty, and in my opinion incredibly so. However, no guy had ever touched me. In earnest, my hymen had broken when I'd been practising the splits once.

But aside from that, I'd not even had someone of the opposite sex brush their lips against mine. I'd worried I was a lesbian, or that I saw something different to what everyone else saw. But if I was completely honest with myself, I supposed it was my own fault. Being such a well behaved person, no man had ever been allowed to lay a finger on me in my whole 19 years of living. Now I was in university, it was about time to let my hair down.

After what seemed like hours of carefully observing my reflection, I was torn away from my supposed doppleganger by a quick rap of knuckles at my door. My roommate, Simon, wanted me to go out with him tonight.


I cringed thinking about it. Alcohol had never touched my lips, which was rather pathetic. I whined in protest as he noticed the nervous expression on my face and grabbed my hand.

"You won't chicken out of this tonight!" he announced, grinning. I tried to smile, barely managing to curve my lips as he pulled me away, barely giving me time to grab my purse. I'd chosen a small black dress, one my mom had picked up for me.

It wasn't modest, at all, and I'd been hesitant to put it on.

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But even I had to admit I looked good as I walked into the house of whichever stranger resided at the house I was to be spending my night at. The atmosphere was better than expected. Music loud, a few bottles of God knows what being passed around. I swiftly made my way to my best friend, who was standing in the corner. Alessandra, a red headed beauty with a splattering of freckles over her flawless skin.

She was taller than me, standing at about 5'10", with a slim figure that barely held breasts or ass.

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She was destined to be a model, considering how beautiful she was. I licked my lips as I smiled, tapping her on the shoulder and singing, "Sandraaaaaa!" in her ear, trying to release my inhibitions. Hearing my voice, she squealed and hugged me, an elated exclamation of "Phee!" slipping from her Cupid's bow lips.

Without me even realising what was happening, the skinny bitch filled a shot glass with vodka and held it to my lips, forcing the liquid down my throat. "Happy first taste of alcohol," She said, tooth snagging on her lip.

"We're going to take all of these virginities, starting right here." The vodka didn't taste how I expected, and I winced slightly at the strength of the drink.

It reminded me of some kind of beauty product I'd tasted when I was little, and I noted that it wasn't the most pleasant drink. Nevertheless, I narrowed my eyes. "Hand me another, then. If we're doing this, we're doing it good." About 60 minutes and five shots later, I was dancing with strangers, my entire body swaying along with the music. There was a blur of people around me, all talking to each other.

Some comments were directed at me and I slurred replies back, not as apprehensive to be partying as I previously was. I felt my shoulder being grabbed and I gasped, pivoting around to see who it was. Sandra had a few fingers on my shoulder. I half smiled, the expression quickly melting into one of deep thought. "You know." I contemplated. "You're really damn pretty." My hand ran up to her face, which dropped under my touch and warmed up with the blood rushing to her cheeks.

Her blood was the colour of her hair before she murmured a slow, "Thanks." I shook my head, pulling her in. "Let's go girl on girl!" I said, wrapping my arms around her waist. I pulled her from side to side with me, eyebrow raising. "You know," I started, eyes dropping to the floor. "I used to think I was into girls. I don't think I am any more. But I'm into you.

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Is that weird?" My vision slowly dragged up to her face, eyes widening at her mouth, which had become a small, adorable 'o'. She went to say something, but I prevented her doing so by pressing my lips to hers.

She melted around me, and I around her. Within seconds her slender fingers were tangled in my hair and our tongues were wrestling. I pulled away from her hot mouth, breathless. "You wanna. take this somewhere else?" I suggested. There were several rooms upstairs, and within minutes we found a free one.

It seemed whoever had planned this party had gone to a lot of trouble, making sure every room had a stash of condoms, lube, a dildo. even a vibrator. I smirked. Perfect. Feeling Alessandra's hands on my body, I turned around and kissed her again, backing towards the bed. The backs of my calfs hit the mattress, making me collapse with a gentle thud.

I abruptly pulled Sandra's weight on top of me, again pressing my lips to hers as I pulled her dress off and fumbled with her bra for a second before slipping the hooks from their place and slipping the flimsy material off. Underneath lay a perfect set of small boobs.

Areolas a shade between white and pink, so pale they were barely visible.

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Her nipples were small, slightly darker yet still as beautiful. I reached to pull on one, rolling it between my fingers as my mouth went to her neck. I heard her moan, one hand migrating between my legs to rub at my pussy.


My teeth nibbled a neat path to her nipple, sucking on it gently and giving the occasional bite. Eventually I freed her breast, groaning as I felt Sandra's elegant fingers slip underneath my silk underwear and rub on my clit. I was wet, wet as they got. She tugged at my thong, getting it down within seconds so that she could get a finger into my pussy. I moaned, biting my lip at the slight pain it caused. I'd never even had my own fingers in my cunt, let alone ones as long as hers.

"Shit," I cursed, pressing down on her finger as she began pumping it in and out. Damn, it felt amazing. She withdrew her finger, making me whimper. I wanted her to carry on, and I wondered why she wasn't.

After a few seconds I heard a buzzing sound, and getting a hell of a lot wetter I realised why. I gasped at the vibrator she held, spreading my legs wide. I was wet enough that we didn't need lube, but it still hurt as she worked the long thing into my pussy, It made me squirm, but I was quickly overtaken by the pleasure. Amongst it all, I felt something wet on my clit.

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Looking down, I saw Sandra's mouth on me, sucking; "Yesssssssss,," I slurred, massaging my tits as she thrust the vibrator rapidly and sucked at the same time. I grabbed the bedsheets underneath me, back arching. "Ohhhhhhhh!" I shouted as I came, waves of pleasure radiating over my body as I rode the orgasm.

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When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Alessandra, looking stunned. Her face was wet. "You squirted!" she whispered, before quickly pressing back down on my and kissing me. It was my turn to have a go on her.


To be continued,,