Rebeca Linares and Anita Blue are fine without boys

Rebeca Linares and Anita Blue are fine without boys
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Exhibitionistic confessions I believe that we all are a little exhibitionistic, although I regard myself to be it a little more than average. Judge yourself after reading these short glimpses from my own experiences: 1.

Hotel rooms. Whenever I am staying in a hotel room I get horny and as soon as I am inside the door I undress totally and get a wonderfully exciting feeling in my groin and my penis starts to be half to fully erect. I then open all curtains and put on all lights imagining that I have a lot of onlookers from windows opposite the street or yard.

I move around exposing myself as much as possible to the outside.


I pretend to just having come out of the shower and drying my body with a towel, doing gymnastics or, if the bed is well visible from the window, laying down and reading a sex magazine and stroking my cock slowly. The excitement is fantastic and the cock is throbbing by itself when I think about all possible watchers. Sometimes I buy some silky women's underwear and take them on and off slowly in front of the window. Bending down with my ass so it can be seen clearly as I also, when possible, put available lamps like spotlights for my show.

Normally I have knickers, garter belts, black stockings and perhaps loose tops. Thinking about people seeing me and believing that I am a woman gets me extra horny.

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I also like to have high heels on to give me a sexier look when I move around. Normally I don't shoot during these seances but sleep naked in the bed with nothing covering me and with the full lights on. When I wake up I just start to fuck the bed and move around on the bed as if I had a wet dream.

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I also always leave the door unlocked giving me the sensation of fearing that someone will walk into my room anytime. In the morning I order breakfast and wait in the bathroom until the maid is knocking the door and finally opening it to put the tray on the table. That is the moment that I "happen" to walk into the room with my stiff cock swaying in front of me. The reaction can be everything from a shocked face and a quick rush out through the door or an appreciating look and, happened once, a step towards me and two naughty hands caressing the balls and the shaft before lifting her skirt showing that she has nothing under and then disappearing out.

2. Parking lots.

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I like to park in big parking lots in a dark corner. I undress completely in the car and with the cock automatically stiff like a rock opening the door and feeling the cold air teasing my cock and my ass. I then get out and move around my own and some other cars. The feeling of having the risk of someone seeing me is getting me even more excited.

When another car with lights on is approaching I jump into my car and hide on the floor as a dog, naked and with the penis stiff and wet. Once a young couple parked just besides me and started a fucking session that I could well hear but not dared to watch. It was a quite chilly evening and I even started to loose my hard on when it took them nearly one hour to get their three orgasms.

A special sensation is rainy nights when you step out naked and barefoot on the wet tar and feel the rain on your skin. I get very horny by lying down on the wet and cold ground and roll around from the back to the front and feel the penis squeezed between the stomach and the ground.

Often, at the periphery of the parking lot, there is a lawn with wet, wonderful grass to roll around in.

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If there are some bushes there I love to creep in under them on all four and be standing there for a long time in the doggy style and seeing people coming and going. The only problem can be curious dogs coming up to sniff my ass and balls and taking a lick on my stiff cock until their owners call them back. 3.


Cleaning lady. One morning when I stayed home from work because of a light cold, I heard the cleaning lady opening the front door with her own key and coming in for her weekly housecleaning. She is a quite attractive middle age woman and as I had not been coming for a long time my cock raised immediately and my exhibitionistic instinct woke up.

When I heard that she had started the work downstairs I took off my pyjama and went down to the kitchen with a very stiff cock. Passing her in the living room I just said good morning and she responded with a surprised sound. I returned from the kitchen and passed her again and walked slowly upstairs giving her all the possibility to see my cock and my back. On my own side I felt enormously horny by feeling her looking at the most private parts of my body.

She went on with her cleaning and I took some sexy magazines with me and sat or lay down in room after room where she cleaned for the moment.

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She said nothing but I could see by her foot movements under the magazine that she took good time to watch me with my legs far apart caressing my balls and stroking my cock and how I took the precum on my finger and sucked it off. So it went on the whole morning which gave me the longest and most naked exhibitionistic experience ever.

When she had finished her work she just left without us having had any conversation at all. After seeing what time she took to watch me I imagined that she went home to finger herself and having a good and long orgasm thinking about me. Actually this making myself so horny that I blew the biggest load of cum all over my chest and stomach. 4. Teasing prisoners. When I was quite young I lived in a place close to a women prison.

Summertime they were working on some fields on the other side of a narrow canal close to where I lived. I loved to go down there to watch them because hot days they dressed down to nearly nothing so I could enjoy the view from behind the bushes. When their warden went away we had a game where I stripped naked and walked around with my stiff cock for these horny women to see. They got wild and came down to the canal on their side and while I was standing there stroking my cock some of them took off what little clothe they had and stroke their breasts or fingered their pussies.

Some of them also started to play with each other. What I liked the most was when they sucked and licked each other to orgasm with me just slowly stroking my wet and very hard cock. This could goo on for about half an hour before the warden came back from his coffee break. Normally, when we heard his car coming, all the women stared at me and it was time for the grand final. This meant that I stood with my legs far apart and bending backwards pumping my dick as hard as I could until.

there came my big shooting to the applause of these sex starved women. Dear readers, please write to me and tell about your own exhibition experiences. Perhaps I can put them together to a story for everyone to read on XNXX ?!