Ladywoman gives handjob chubby blowjob swallow art imitating life

Ladywoman gives handjob chubby blowjob swallow art imitating life
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Heather flew to Chicago from LA earlier in the day and checked into the hotel. She took a nap for a while, then got ready for the evening. She showered and got ready, planning on waiting for me in the cocktail lounge. She set out a new outfit she had bought earlier in the week, a gray silk tank top that had a kind of rattlesnake print to it and showed a little cleavage paired with a short black pleated skirt.

She wasn't going to wear any hose; She still had a nice suntan from the summer so my legs look good. She chose some low black heels that were comfortable. She chose a new black lace bra that she had bought to go with the to. It is thin lace because she wants to make sure I see her nipples all night, that drives me crazy. She decides to go without panties, so she shows me her bare pussy. Heather spent a whole day at the spa, getting her hair done, her nails, and she feels so sexy.

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Her shoulder length blonde hair hangs down her back and she is very happy as she looks at her naked body in the mirror. Her bare pussy is so sexy it even turns her on. Heather is looking forward to getting fucked rough and hard and couldn't wait to feel me inside her. Heather looks at her butt in the mirror.

It looks sexy too, sexy enough to give me all I can handle. She decided to get dressed and go downstairs early, she went downstairs about 6 and took a seat at the bar. She ordered a Manhattan and looked around the bar.

I arrived just after 6, we talked for quite a while, downing a couple more drinks in the process. Heather's eyes kept wandering down to my crotch, knowing I'm extremely well hung and will fuck her all night long. She thought that I might have caught her looking down a couple of times so she was trying to be a good girl and not look any more.

She wanted to flirt with me a little, but not be a total cock tease. I excused myself to use the restroom after a while. When I came back, I sat facing her on the barstool next to her, my left leg up on the rung of the stool.

Heather tried to be good, after a few minutes she glances down at my crotch again. Heather just about chokes on her drink when she sees my crotch this time. I had adjusted myself a little while I was in the men's room. The outline of my cock is clearly visible now, going halfway down my left leg. She stares at my cock, she realizes that not only has she been staring too long, her mouth was wide open.

Heather feels her nipples trying to poke holes in her top; everyone in the bar would be able to see that she was excited. She looks up to see me grinning, she was definitely caught now. She takes another gulp of her drink and tries to calm down as she blushes. Heather slides off the stool she lets her skirt ride up, flashing a little look at her bald pussy to me. She is in full cock tease mode now, we continue talking, flirting more and more.

I continue making sure Heather sees my big cock the whole time. I was getting harder and harder, and she is so horny looking at my monster cock. She feels herself getting wetter and wetter.

She takes another long look at the lump in my pants. I know her pretty well, there's nothing she loves more than the feeling of cum in her pussy. " I'm happy you came." I said, " I'm looking forward to spending time with you again." " So just how much better do you want to know me." She asked? Heather had decided it was time to stop flirting and go upstairs. " I think you understand pretty much how well I want to know you," I said.

I was smiling now, I knew I was going to be fucking her pussy soon. I lean over and kissing her, she put her arm around my neck and kisses me back, welcoming my tongue in her mouth. We finally broke our kiss and she swallowed the last sip of her drink. I paid the tab, then we held hands as we walked to the elevator. Once we were inside the elevator, I was all over her and her hands were all over my big cock.

We kiss and hug until the car got to the 6th floor, then walk hand in hand to room 637. Once inside, I excuse myself to use the restroom. I got us a couple of drinks, then we sat on the couch. We move closer and start kissing, and she starts working on getting my cock out. I lift my butt off the couch so she could get my slacks down. Once they were down, my cock popped into view. It was amazing to see that 9" long, uncircumcised and very thick cock again.

She thought staring at it. I wasn't even hard yet and covered in huge veins. It must take quite a blood supply to support an organ that size, She thought. " I love it John, but you know I have trouble handling it." " Don't worry baby," I said. I stood up and removed the rest of my clothes.

Heather runs her hands over my butt and kisses my big cock, taking the head into her mouth for a little taste.

Heather couldn't wait to see that butt flexing, driving my cock into her, to feel me take her. I sat back down next to her an we kissed some more while she fondles my cock. She knew it was going to split her in two, like the two previous times. Heather stood up and removed her clothes. She iss excited to be naked for me again.

She took off her top and bra, I complemented her on her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as bullets, sticking out to signal how ready she was for this.


When she took off her skirt, I whistled. " No panties," I said, " I love it." She turns around and shows me her tight ass as she said, " I was thinking earlier that I may try anal." " Yes." I said. Heather got on her knees in front of me, taking my cock into her mouth. She kisses and sucks my cock for a few minutes, then starts a steady bobbing up and down, caressing the shaft with her hands. I was moaning and squirming around enjoying her work. " Oh Heather, that feels so good," I said as she kisses and licks my heavy balls and every inch of my huge shaft.

I had a full erection now, 9 inches long and as thick as her wrist. I start squirming when she begins to bob up and down again, sucking as hard as she could. " Oh, that feels so good. I'm not going to last much longer baby." Heather backs off and said " I would love to swallow you, but what I really want is to feel you in my pussy." She got up,leading me to the bed.

she laid on her back and spread her legs wide, opening her pussy for me. " Come and get it baby, I need you inside me. Fuck me now." I got between her legs and rubs my huge cock head up and down her pussy lips.

I sat back on my heels, and pulled her ass up onto my legs. Heather sat up as much as she could, she enjoyed watching as I took her pussy. I laid my big cock across her stomach. It is so erotic, that big cock laying across her pussy and tummy.

I start rubbing the head of my cock along her pussy lips again, preparing to penetrate her. She is sopping wet, she is so turned on and ready to fuck. Heather coos as she watchs my head slip inside her, " Ooooohhhhh, oh god, that's so big John, so thick." " I want your big cock deep in me." She said.

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I smile at that and push in a little further, stretching her pussy as I went in. " Oh John, it feels sooo good. You are so big, It feels sooo good." " You're tight." I said, "So fucking tight. This is some fine pussy Heather." " How could anyone not be tight for you," She gasps. " You're so huge!" " Are you sure you're not a virgin," I ask. " I might as well be a virgin," She said, " You're further inside me than before." " Well you're in trouble." I said, " There's more on the way." I continue pushing, stroking in and out as I work the rest of my cock into her.

Heather laid there and enjoyed the feeling, trying to adjust to the full feeling. She feels every vein and ridge as I stretch my way into her, filling her pussy. Heather feels my balls rubbing against her ass, she explodes in her first orgasm of the night.

" Oh John, hold still for a minute. Please wait for a minute, I can't take any more." I lay down on top of her, my cock buried deep in her. She is in her favorite position now, the missionary position. I hold still long enough for her to recover. We kiss for a while, our tongues dancing together. " Oh God John, your cock feels so good in me." She reachs down between us and feels my cock, every single inch of it was in her.

She caresses my balls for a few minutes, wondering what they had in store for her as her pussy slowly relaxes, adjusting to my size. " I know my pussy is stretched, the whole thing is in me.


I love feeling your large thick cock in me." " So you like it," I ask. " I'm not hurting you?" " Oh John, I just love it. It's like your cock is touching every bit of the inside of my pussy.

I love the feel of it, and we haven't even started fucking yet." " Speaking of that, are you ready for more yet," I ask." " I'm more ready than I've ever been John." She said. " Fuck me now, fuck me hard please." She wraps her legs around me, resting her heels on my butt as I begin stroking in and out of her, slowly at first, and only a couple of inches.

I work my way up to full strokes of my cock, thrusting in and out of her, fucking her with rough hard deep strokes. She is babbling incoherently by this time, telling me how good my big cock feels in her, how much she loves fucking me, and how she never wants it to end.

" It's soooo gooooooood John. My pussy was made for your big cock baby, fuck me. Don't stop, please don't stop, oohh, yes, yes, I'm going to cum. Fuck me with that thick cock! Ohhh, I'm cumming again John, oooooohhh ooohh my god that feels good. Ooh, I just love your cock." She holds on tight, finishing her orgasm as I continue to slamming into her.

I fuck for several more minutes before she tells me, she is getting ready to cum. Heather wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me to her for a nice long kiss as I near my climax.

" Oh baby, here it comes," I said, where do you want it?" Heather tightens her grip on me with her legs and said " I want it inside me John. Put it as deep inside me as you can get it, please cum in my pussy John." I slam my cock all the way into her, moaning as she feels jet after jet of my hot cum shooting against her cervix.

She immediately has another orgasm, bucking and twisting as I spray her insides with my cum, marking her forever as my lover. We laid together for several minutes after I finished pumping my sperm into her womb, kissing while my cock ever slowly softens inside her. At least she thought it would soften.

" Oh my goodness John, I love your cock." She said, " that is the best, most thorough fucking I've had. I love feeling that full." My cock is still buried balls deep in her as we talk, and it feels so good she could barely stand it.

I wasn't fully erect, but it still feels just wonderful in her. " Well my cock loves your pussy too." I said. " You're a beautiful woman. I've love making love to you, and you have a tight pussy." " You truly are a beautiful woman and I wasn't joking about how tight your pussy is." " Maybe I had a tight pussy." She said, " but I don't any more.

I think you stretched me out with that big cock. You know what my favorite thing about tonight is, other than this cock in me?" " What's that," She asked. " Sorry about it only taking a half hour though, I told you your pussy was tight. And don't worry baby, you're still tight; I don't even know if I can get it out of you without cumming again." Why don't you want to cum in me again? Do I have to go now?" " No way baby," I said, " I'm not done if you're not. You got me all night if you want it.

I just thought maybe you wanted to get back to your room and I didn't want to make you feel like I wouldn't let you." " I'm not in a hurry." She said.

" What I really want is for you to fuck me again. Now that I've got you in my pussy I want to get to know you John." " I think we're going to know each other real well by the time we're done here baby." I said. Blood is rushing into my cock now, She feels it swelling inside her, stretching her pussy again. " It feels like you have some more for me," She said. " Can you please fuck me again?

Please fuck me John, please fuck me with that big cock." " You know I will baby." I said, as she feels my cock returning to full erection, and I start slowly pulling it out of her again.

" You're going to find out what sex is all about this time." I said, as I slammed back into her all the way. That got her attention! She didn't know what she was in for yet, she loves it. Every second and every inch of it.

She wraps her legs around me again and wrapped her arms around me digging her nails into my back, as I start to slam into her again, much harder than before. Heather bucking up aganist me with each stroke. I'm so big and slamming into her so hard that she just hung on and absorbing my powerful thrusts. Heather was watching as I work my ass driving that massive cock into her time after time, my groans are primal.

Heather needs me to come for her, to come in her and show her, she is mine. I slam into her with rough hard deep strokes like a piston, she is heaving and bucking wildly as waves of orgasms surge through her. Heather enjoys rough sex like this, hard long deep strokes of my cock thrusting into her pussy, making her mine. Why had she waited so long, She kept asking herself. It's just so fun and exciting!

" Oh John, I just can't believe how good this feels. I love being your slut, I don't want to stop." " I'm not stopping." I said, " I'm just getting started. I'm not done filling your cunt with my cum." " You fill me any time you want John." She said. " My pussy is yours any time you want it, but I just hate that "c" word. Please don't call my pussy that." " I'm sorry baby," I said, " I just get carried away sometimes. I will treat your pussy with total respect." " Thanks John.

Don't get me wrong, I like talking dirty, I just don't like that word. So fuck me with your big cock, it's the best thing I've felt in my life. Keep fucking me with it, please fuck my pussy." I did not slow down, fucking for her for half the night, my cock head battering her cervix time after time, I moan and shoot another load of cum deep inside her, sending her off the edge as another orgasm washs over her.

She feels jet after jet of my hot cum shooting inside her, filling her womb with my seed. I wasn't joking, I was breeding her. Heather is loving being bred. We kiss for a few minutes, recovering from our latest orgasms, then I pull out and lay beside her.

We kiss a little, and doze a little, recovering from incredible sex for the third time. Her pussy is on fire, she is still wet, both from her juices and mine, she knew she could handle it again, probably several times if I want her too. After a while, Heather got up and went to the window, she was looking out at the city.

Right then I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I fondled her breasts, as we stripped. Heather turned around facing me then she got down on her knees in front of me. She took my once again hard cock in her hands. She took my cock in her mouth and sucks me for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, Heather stood up and faces the window, bending over a little. I step behind her spreading her legs, she feels me bend down and slide my cock inside her. Then I lift up, my cock slides all the way inside her as her feet came off the floor! Her mouth is wide open in amazement as I impaled her with my cock. I start moving my hips in a circular motion, caused my cock to fuck in and out of her, not all the way. Heather told me we should move to the bed. I let her down off my cock and we got back into our new normal position, the missionary one.

I guided my cock back into her and made love to her.

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Unlike the last time, we went slow, taking our time and really enjoying ourselves. We had gotten that first, hungry fuck out of the way, then the hard one, now we took our time and made love. I kept locking my arms on top of her shoulders and slowly pushing my huge cock all the way into her, pushing at her cervix as hard as I could. I was ready to cum again, incressing my strokes to powerfull hard deep thrusts into her as we both reach another orgasm.

We laid together, still coupled until I had completely softened inside her then I rolled onto my side and rested. Heather laid there with a smile on her face, so completely, thoroughly fucked that she couldn't move. She was completely satisfied, and she loved every second of it.

My cum was dripping out of her, making a huge wet spot on the bed. Heather rolled over kissing and cleaning my cock, licking our juices from it and thanking me for sharing it with her. " You were right John, I will never forget this." She is delighted when she feels life coming back into my cock. She still might get some more, She thought.

" So did you mean it." I ask, " that this sweet tight pussy is mine any time I want it?" " Yes, I meant it." Heather said, holding onto my cock. " I want this cock any time I can get it. I just love having your big cock in me." " I was just thinking." I said, " Dallas is my home. I will have my private jet available for you. I want you to accompany me on my business trips when your schedule allows it." " Yes." She said.

" Maybe my pussy will be back to it's normal size again by then and you can stretch it again." " Did I earn my drinks." She asked? " It's a start." I joked, " but you've still got more work to do." Heather got up to go to the bathroom. She stood in the bathroom door, so I could see her naked. I was watching her, my cock just about fully erect again. " I've still got some time." She said to me as she climbs on the bed and nuzzles up to my hard cock.

" I need to get back to LA, but do you want me to help you out with this before I go? Do you want to cum in me again?" " I think I would like some help." I said, " and I'd love to cum in your pussy again." " This pussy is all yours now John." She said. " You can cum in it any time you want." " Watching you standing there naked, there was no way I wasn't going to get hard again," he told me, " I think you knew that.

I think you just wanted more cock, and more cum too." " I don't ever want to stop getting your cock." She said, " I think you've ruined me. And I love having your cum in me." " You are beautiful," I told her, " and completely uninhibited. I just love it when a woman is comfortable with her body, with being nude." " Thank you," She said, " I do a lot of work keeping my body where it is comfortable for me.

It only seems natural to let someone see it, kind of makes all that time at the gym worth it. I love being naked for you anyhow, and I love being yours. I'm so glad we did this again, I just love this big cock John, your big cock." Heather kisses and loves on my cock and balls for a while before straddling me, sitting on top of me. My cock stood up almost to her breasts, she couldn't believe all that could fit in her. She rose up, guiding my head to the entrance to her well used pussy.

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She slowly lowers herself, impaling her pussy on my cock. My cock head spreading her lips as it enters her pussy, with her riding up and down on my long thick monster. It took her a couple of minutes to work my cock all the way inside her, she thinks it went further in with her on top.


After I was all the way in she starts fucking me. Long, slow strokes, all the way out, then taking all 9" back in.

Time after time she feels my head stretching her pussy lips apart, then feels it push against her cervix. When I was all the way in her, she grinds her pelvis against me, stimulating her clit. She is starting to like fucking with a bare pussy too. She is as bald as she could be, and no hair around her clit is more stimulating. Heather continues fucking like this until she collapses on top of me, in the throes of yet another orgasm.

She had always enjoyed sex, but before this she hadn't experienced multi-orgasms. A couple in one night was her previous record. " I thought you were helping me out with my problem," I joked.

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" Sorry," She said, " I just couldn't help myself." After a few minutes of kissing and recovery time, she got off me and got on her hand and knees, her head on the pillow and her ass in the air. I didn't need any hints, I knew she was in the breeding position and it was my turn to cum now. I got behind her and resumed my attack on pussy. I went even deeper from this angle, so deep it hurt. I held her tight by the hips as I slammed into her, making sure she couldn't get away as I drive my thick cock all the way into her.

Slamming the head aganist her cervix relentlessly. Heather gave herself to me completely, squeezing her pussy tight around my cock like a vise. I fucked her doggy style, slamming her relentlessly as I seek my next orgasm, breeding her again.

It wasn't too long before she feels the familiar feeling, my thrusts becoming rougher and harder, grinding deeper inside her. My balls battering her, wap.wap.wap. Suddenly I collapse on her back, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her again.

" Oh Heather, fuck yes." I said, " Take it all baby, take my load again. Oooohhhh that feels good. I love filling you full Heather. " This feels like my biggest orgasm of the night. I finish my orgasm, holding her in place with my hands on her shoulders for several minutes until my balls had finished emptying themselves into her and my cock had softened. Heather loved feeling my big cock slowly subside in her, knowing that she had brought me so much pleasure, that she was now my slut and had taken my seed mant times tonight.

Finally, I pull out and we laid together on the bed, kissing and hugging. We kissed for several more minutes before she said s needed to get back to her room. " Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cock with me," Heather said, " I know I'll never be the same.

I really do love a big cock now, your big cock." " I can't wait to share it with you again," I said. I sure hope we can get together next time in Dallas." Heather promised me that I could use her pussy whenever I wanted.

She was getting ready to leave. " Thanks again John," She said after kissing me goodnight, " it was wonderful." " After one more long french kiss, she wore the bathrobe from my hotel suite down the hall, carrying her clothes. Heather didn't want the cum that was running out of her to get all over her outfit.

Thankfully, she didn't run into anyone in the hallway. When she opened the door and went into her room, it was exactly 3AM.