Texas is hot for cock

Texas is hot for cock
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The next morning I awoke in a daze. At first, I thought everything was a dream. Then I noticed I was naked and I normally sleep with boxers on, unless I've had sex.

I just don't like the feel of my cock dangling around and my scrotum getting stuck to my thighs! Don't get me wrong, I love being naked, but for comfort, I always wear boxers in bed. I sat up and thought about the night before.

I had showered with my little sister and she had washed my cock and my asshole and then I had washed her asshole, but stopped going any further. I had spewed my cum onto my sister's youthful body and she had loved it.

She had placed her mouth around the head of my cock and I had spurted the last few thick streams into her mouth and then insisted that she didn't swallow and that she kissed me.

I had always loved cum and it didn't matter whose it was. It was amazing. We had fallen asleep on the couch naked and when I awoke, I carried her to her bed and went to my own.

Then I remembered. We had basically agreed to have a relationship. I had agreed that I wanted my little sister to be my lover. I had always loved her, but now in a different way. There was so much lust involved now, as well, but also genuine feelings of affection that I had only ever felt with girlfriends. My younger sister was now my girlfriend. I freaked out and was hugely turned on at the same time.

I went through all of the thoughts and feelings I had had over the past couple of days and realised how wrong everything I had done was. I then remembered that my little sister had sucked my cock and tasted my spunk. We had showered together, I had perved and ogled her constantly. I felt seriously guilty. I then realised that it was too late. I was always going to doubt everything that had happened and, in a way, I knew it was wrong.

But I also agreed with what Sophie had said. If we both want it so much, then how can it be bad? At that stage, and after everything we had already done, I said 'fuck it' to myself. It was too late to turn back the clock. At that stage, I decided I needed a shower. I put some boxers on, left my bedroom and headed towards the bathroom but saw the door was closed and heard the water running.

Sophie was showering. I decided to do, more or less, the same thing that she had done when I was showering yesterday morning. I crept slowly up to the bathroom door and stood outside, listening. I heard nothing other than running water. I waited a few seconds and then heard something. It sounded like a whimper. I listened further. A few seconds later, I definitely heard a whimper.

I decided to listen a little longer, hoping to hear it again and if so, I would then burst into the room (presuming she had left the door unlocked). I heard another whimper, louder and more of a moan this time and then, went for it.

I opened the door very quickly and stepped into the bathroom. The shower, was indeed, running. Sophie, however, was sitting on the closed toilet lid, her legs spread and her right hand in between, playing with her clitoris. She immediately shrieked, jumped a little, pulled her knees together and leant forward, hiding all of her fun parts. I burst out laughing because of her reaction.

'Ahahahahaha. Brilliant. Revenge is sweet.' I said, through choking laughter. Sophie looked me in the eye and immediately relaxed, remembering the situation. 'Jeez bro. You frightened the crap out of me.' She said with a relieved grin. 'Ha. Now you know.' I replied with a cheeky smile. She completely relaxed then and leaned back against the wall, exposing her small breasts and spreading her legs provocatively. She gently rubbed the insides of her thighs as she did, up toward her bald pussy.

Her fingers immediately went back to teasing her clit. 'I've been playing with this' she said, as she withdrew her hand a tiny amount and used her index finger to touch her unhooded pleasure button. Her clit was actually very, very visible. It was much bigger than the average clit and protruded blatantly from its little hood. 'Holy fucking shit.' I said, before I realised I was talking, my mouth gaping.

Sophie curled up straight away, pulling her knees together and leaning forward again to hide her young, naked body. 'What's wrong?' she asked. 'I hadn't noticed your clit until now.' I answered. 'It's too big, isn't it? I knew it. It's not like the women I've seen online. It sticks out too much. I don't like it.' She said and her face became sad. She covered herself even more, clearly conscious of her body and thinking the wrong things.

'Baby', I said, knowing that she loved being called that, 'I've told you how beautiful you are, you know I don't lie, and I'm telling you that you have a very, very beautiful clit. I mean, you're pretty much my girlfriend at this stage, so you don't need to be paranoid. I literally have never been more attracted to a woman, even including porn.' As I said it, I rubbed my hand against my crotch, feeling how hard I had become. I got lost in staring at her pussy again.

I just couldn't get enough of her hard clit, sticking out from underneath her sexy, little hood of flesh. I couldn't believe that it took me until now to notice it. I looked Sophie in the eye again and noticed she was staring at me. 'I'm pretty much your girlfriend?' she asked, very nervously. 'Sorry, I didn't mean… well, yeah, I did mean it. We had this conversation last night and I thought…' I said, blushing a little.

'No, no' she interrupted, 'That's awesome! It just shocked me to hear you say it. I wasn't expecting it, that's all.' She was grinning from ear to ear. 'So, do ya wanna see your girlfriend's clitoris up close?' she asked, raising her eyebrows.

'Fuck yeah' I replied. I immediately walked over towards her and, just before crouching down to get a good look, I decided my cock needed to be out. I paused, pulled my boxer shorts down, and my cock sprang up, hard as a rock. I kicked them off to the side and just stood in front of my little sister for a minute, staring at her dripping pussy and stroking my cock slowly.

'Oh god, that's hot. In fact, I wanna watch you wanking later on. Can I?' she asked. 'Of course baby. You don't even need to ask' I replied happily. 'If ever you want to do something or try something, that's fine with me.' 'Thanks bro.

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That's so cool. I love you.' 'I love you too sis. A little bit too much!' I said. I was still standing in front of Sophie, stroking my cock. I crouched down, releasing my dick to swing and bounce as it tried to swell further. I moved in between her legs and started to gently stroke the insides of her thighs, as she groaned and played.

Her middle finger was rubbing her clit up and down, while her other fingers kept her sweet, tight pussy lips spread apart. 'Fuck, you have such a beautiful pussy baby.' I told her. 'Thanks bro' she said, very quietly, in between gasps of pleasure.

She was leaning back now, against the toilet and breathing heavily. Her legs were spread as much as possible and her cute little butt was at the edge of the toilet seat.

I gazed up at her face, as she had her eyes closed. She was so beautiful. I leaned towards her and sucked her left nipple into my mouth, which caused a huge groan of pleasure and Sophie opened her eyes to watch me as I suckled her tiny tit.

My left hand reached up to fondle, squeeze and grope her other small mound of flesh. Her nipples were pin sharp and I started to flick my tongue over the erectness. Her areola almost disappeared completely when her dark, pink nipples hardened. They protruded quite a bit, which was so fucking hot.

I then used both hands and kneaded both breasts, which meant I could stare down as she played with herself.


Her fingers were moving more frantically now and her moaning was getting louder and louder. 'I'm gonna cum bro. Dave, I'm gonna cum. Mmmmm mmmmmm' her words trailed off, turning to a groan and her hips started to move slightly in circles.

'What do you want me to do baby girl?' I asked. 'Just keep squeezing my tits like that. Mmmm, yeah.' She replied, still with her eyes closed.


'Any… second… now' She started to thrash and buck on the toilet as her orgasm hit. She groaned so loudly and it was such a huge turn on. 'Nnnnngggg ooooohhh god.' She shouted as she thrashed about. She started to convulse, her legs wobbling and bucking, her fingers moving very quickly over her clit, her knees coming together and then spreading again.

I kept fondling her little titties but then released one so that I could stroke my throbbing penis. My uncut cock was dripping with precum; in fact it was dribbling from the tip of my cock in a sticky string. I noticed a small puddle of clear, gooey liquid on the floor between my legs. I had never been so turned on before. Sophie's orgasm subsided and she let out a huge sigh as she fell back against the toilet, her hands falling to her sides and her knees fully parting to give me a beautiful view of her hairless, tight snatch.

I could see she was drenched in pussy juice and that gave me an idea. I lifted her hands to my mouth and slowly, sensually started to lick her juices from her fingers, sucking each one into my mouth as I groaned. 'What are you doing? You naughty boy!' she exclaimed as she looked down at me with a very dirty look in her eyes. Her girl goo tasted sublime. I wanted more. After I finished 'cleaning' up her fingers, I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs and caressed her gently.

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Sophie groaned with pleasure. I then moved my head down and started to gently kiss her thighs, moving slowly up to her crotch. She clearly wasn't expecting me to lick her dripping slit. I could smell her womanliness and it was so sweet. I slowly licked from the bottom of her cunt slit, right to her still-swollen clitty. She screamed with delight 'Oh my god bro. That feels so fucking good, but I don't think I can take it after that last orgasm.' 'If you like, I'll go very slowly and gently so it doesn't get too intense?' I told her.

'Well, if you wait a little while, you can lick my girl parts all you like! But right now, I want to watch you masturbate. You just watched me cum, so now I wanna watch you. Is that ok bro?' she asked?

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'Absolutely' came my instant reply. 'Jesus, I'm still amazed by this. My big brother just watched me masturbate, helped me out by sucking my tits, cleaned my girly goo from my messy hands and then licked my slit. I never, ever thought I'd be able to say that hahaha.' She laughed. 'I'm guessing you haven't had second thoughts though?

Judging by your tone!' I asked her. 'Hell no, Dave. I'm getting more and more turned on and I'm thinking of all the things we can do. I even thought…' she trailed off and went silent. 'What? Go on, it's me. I just licked your cunt.' I told her. 'Yeah, I suppose. Well, it's still a little awkward.' She said very shyly. Her eyes were looking down at the floor, rather than at me. 'Come on sis, tell me. What were you gonna say?' I insisted.

'Well, uh…' she started 'I was wondering if, like, we could go on a holiday sometime, to somewhere no one knows us. That way, we could go out in public together and, well, ya know…' 'What? You mean, so we could hold hands as we walked around?' I asked 'Yes, exactly! So we can hold hands, or I can just stop you on the street and kiss you, ya know.' She was still l looking at the floor.

'Baby girl, that sounds like a great idea' I told her, excited by the idea. What a horny thought to be kissing my little sister in front of complete strangers who have no idea that we're siblings!

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'Really?' she looked up at me, eyebrows raised in a pleading gaze. 'Yeah, really. But we'll have to wait until the summer holidays or something. Can't interrupt your schooling, ya know?' 'Wow! Cool! I can't wait!' She was obviously so excited.

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'Actually, now that I've mentioned school, there's something I want to ask you too.' 'Ask away bro. I'm all ears' she said, curiously. 'Well, hehe, time for me to be embarrassed now' I told her 'I'd love you to wear your school uniform when we're doing naughty things.

It's so hot and, ya know, kinda inappropriate, which makes it so much more sexy. Also, you look fucking amazing in it.' I told her with me now acting shyly. 'You'd really find that a turn on?' she asked me.

'Oh fuck, yeah. Massive turn on.' I told her truthfully. 'Sure bro. Anything you want.' She said and she leaned towards me for a kiss. I took her face in my hands and pressed my lips to hers and, feeling her part them for me, moved my tongue inside her mouth to find hers. We kissed passionately for a few minutes before she stopped, pushed me back with two hands on my bare chest. 'Well, I wanna see you cum now bro.

Come on, get stroking' she demanded. 'Ok, sure. Here?' I asked. 'Here is fine with me, but it's up to you.' She replied. 'Well, it's easier to clean up a mess in the bathroom, so here is fine with me.' I told her as I stood up fully.

'Where would you like me baby girl?' 'Is it ok if I stay sitting here and you stand in front of me?' 'Perfect' I answered, taking my still rock-hard cock in hand as it throbbed and bounced. My crotch was level with her eyes as she leant back against the toilet. I stood right between her thighs and started to pull my foreskin back and forth slowly, revealing a glistening purple head that was constantly spewing out precum.

As I continued to stroke, another string oozed from the slit and slowly made its way down further towards the floor, but still attached. 'Wow bro, that's a lot of goo.' Sophie said. 'That's evidence of how turned on I am Soph.' I told her. 'Oh really?' she enquired, innocently.

'Yep. It's like a lube, as you felt so the more turned on I get, the more dribbles out' 'Well you must be really turned on then' she said, excitedly. 'I can cum any time you want me to now, that's why I'm stroking my dick so slowly' I said as I looked up at her face. 'Cum for me now bro, I wanna see it shooting out of your cock' as she licked her lips. 'Where do you want it? Will I just go for it, or do you want me to spunk anywhere in particular?' I asked her, slowing my rhythm further, to prevent cumming before she answered.

'Just go for it bro. I want to see you make a mess' 'Ok baby, you're the boss'. Now I started to move my hand more definitely, pulling my foreskin fully back with every stroke.

My cock was throbbing so much that it ached and I really needed to shoot my load. I could feel the build up of my orgasm for the last few minutes and I was ready to burst. 'Her it comes baby. I'm gonna cum. Mmmmmm' I moaned. My knees were against my sister's thighs and I could feel how soft her young skin was, which was even more of a turn on. Sophie was staring straight at my cock, eyes wide with lust. She licked her lips every so often and made little cooing noises. 'Cum for me bro. Cum for your little sister.

I wanna see your dick explode with spunk' she said in a husky, lustful manner. 'Now' I said, as I looked down at my cock. The first spurt was small and just about made it from my cock head, but it oozed down the side a little. The second spurt was much harder. It shot out in a thick, gooey, white string and landed on her belly. Sophie then leaned forward and the end of the next string hit her chin first, then slowly oozed down to her chest, while the rest of it landed firmly on her tiny chest bumps.

Stream after stream of thick sperm spewed from my cock as I groaned and moaned. I was watching my little sister, as well as my cock the whole time, eyes darting up and down. By the time I was finished, she had cum all over her chin, chest, belly and thighs. I don't think I had ever cum so much. 'Oh god bro. That was so fucking hot. Jeez. I love watching your dick spasm as it spews out stream after stream.' She leaned in close and took my still-hard cock in her hands.

She slowly massaged it and slid my foreskin gently forward all the way. The head of my cock disappeared in the fleshy sock of my foreskin and she kept pulling it forward slowly. 'Does that hurt?' she asked. 'Not at all. You can stretch my foreskin out quite a bit and it won't hurt. It's when you go the other way too far, or too fast that it can hurt.' I answered. 'Oh really?

Cool.' She then kept tugging and my foreskin was now well beyond the tip of my purple head. She was stretching it right out. 'God, that's so hot.' She told me.

'I dunno why, but it is.' 'Well, knock yourself out. It's your toy now baby girl.' She giggled as she put one hand to her mouth. She then looked at her fingers and smiled as she sucked each one dry of the cum that she had spread around. She looked me in the eye as she did it. 'Fucking hell, you are a dirty girl Soph. There's loads to clean up, if ya fancy it' I said. With that she gave me a wicked smile, then looked down at her little buds.

She scooped the cum off her right breast first, then her left. Then she looked me in the eye as she cleaned her fingers off, sucking up every last drop. She repeated the same with the cum on her belly and thighs and then leaned forward to slowly, gently suck my cock into her mouth.

I was still hard and it started to throb again. She sucked it for the next few minutes, groaning with delight as she did. After a few minutes, she let it fall from her lips and she stood up. We kissed long and hard as I pulled her naked body to mine, feeling her little breasts push against my lower chest. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled her tightly into me. As tightly as I could. We stayed like that for the next few minutes.