Closeup college threeway with teenage cutie

Closeup college threeway with teenage cutie
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My Polish Neighbour I was just 13 and aware that I was having exciting preoccupations with women, and to a lesser extent, girls. Girls made me uncertain as I did not know how to approach them in a sexual way. If I did I usually made a complete mess of it, not knowing how to make advances showing that I was interested in them.

The only chance I ever had was with other boys who usually knew how to get away with saying something which got the interest of the girl. My first ever feel was at a little used park near home with an open hut.

The boys, Brian, Eric and Alex and the girl were a year of two older than me. The girl Mona, around 15, suggested I should be elsewhere but a friend of mine Alex said I wasn't a problem. The talk got horny and I could feel my cock getting hard. Mona had an open blouse that just revealed her growing breasts with a very slight cleavage, though Mona did not appear to be wearing a bra, they looked very firm and she probably didn't need one.

It was summer and warm for the evening. Alex, a forward guy, commented on her lovely tits. Mona told him to keep his naughty thoughts to himself but he just added that she had gorgeous legs, having a skirt that stopped well above her knees.

Despite herself Mona was flattered. Brian stroked her neck and she did not complain. Alex just felt and stroked her arm. Eric and I stood behind near Mona's back as she sat with Brian and Alex. Brazenly Brian undid the two uppermost buttons very deftly whilst stroking her knees. I was super impressed by his audacity. From my standing position I had a superb view of her breasts and the beginnings of her nipples.

I was so horny I had to adjust my trouser leg to accommodate my cock. Alex slipped his hand in her blouse and stroked her nipple on Brian's side. The situation was electric for me as I wondered what it was like for the others. Mona just smiled very benignly as she let Alex apparently harden her nipple. He looked up at me and gave me a signal by glancing back at her nipple. I took the signal and slipped my hand over her shoulder and down over the breast Alex was stroking.

Many years later I realised how deft I could physically manoeuvre in such situations. The first grasp of a breast was overwhelming. Alex, (bless him one of the few boys I knew who was not macho) moved his hand under her breast and I grasped her now hard nipple. I played rather crudely with it, not knowing how to be very subtle with stroking a girl's breast.

As I was engaged with this sheer joy Eric moved closer to me pushing me into Mona's back. My hardened cock had been standing up against my pants and trousers.


Holding her nipple and inadvertently touching her back had the effect of me going over the top and just shooting into my pants. It was delicious but deeply embarrassing. Brian and Eric just laughed and Mona realised the effect on me and smiled to Alex.

I withdrew my hand as I felt slightly deflated at coming. Brian who was intent, I thought, with more adventurous action commented that I was probably a bit of a kid to be there. I went home with a wet pair of underpants and a damp trouser leg feeling elated, thwarted and put down. At home I had to get past my parents who were watching TV but had been concerned were I had been.

They were very controlling and curious. I managed to calm them with assurances about playing around with Alex, Brian and Eric, but not of course Mona. I hung around for another hour or so, mainly because I was sitting opposite Mum who had not changed since work and was still in her work clothes. That meant a stiff blouse that was open at the neck and a loose skirt with her legs slightly open.

She was wearing stockings (having stated to Dad that she hated tights as they were unhygienic). My advantage as I found stockings so much more interesting. Though she was wearing slippers, very unglamorous, this was compensated by her sitting in her favourite chair with her legs open a little, showing me a glimpse of naked thigh and dark silky panties.

Instant hard on for me. I had become expert at being surreptitious with my glances and just relished the view given what I had been doing earlier. I really shouldn't fantasise about my mother as well! Good night I said and went to my bed and masturbated on the back of this evening's delights. I lay in my bed on my tummy and could easily wank onto the sheet.

Semen went all over the sheet, but then I did not think much of the consequences that came later with Mum so to speak. I depart from the headline story. The first really wonderful experience was again unexpected. We lived in a ground floor flat (apartment) in a block of low story flats in North London.

There was another block behind ours which my bedroom looked out on. There were no windows facing mine in that block which was unfortunate for my dirty mind. The main entrance to the block behind was at the side and the path from the main road to that entrance passed my window. So I had a good view of all the comings and goings of that block. I did spend a lot of time in my bedroom as I was an only child and got home from school before my parents with my own key to the flat.

There were 6 flats in the block behind and I felt I knew all who lived in which flat over the years. One flat became empty and was rented to a single lady who turned out to be Polish and her name was Miss Komiski. After a while she noticed my looking out of the window and began to smile when she saw me looking at her. She was about 45 and to my mind in good shape with a slim figure and neat breasts and full hips which belied her slimness. I did begin to fantasise about her.

Between the flats and her block there was a green where neighbours hung out the washing on good days. One day I was out on the green with my school friend Phillip just passing the time when Miss K passed us and gave us her usual smile.

We did also and Phillip said, "What happened to your cat it looked like it was ready to have kittens?" "Oh she has just had two kittens. They are a bit tiny now but you are welcome to come round and see them sometime.

And by the way my name is Maria." "My name is Ian and this is Phillip. We would like to" "The weekend is best for me, do just call." After she went on her way to the main road, Phillip said he just loved cats.

I personally could not be bothered, but that was not uppermost in my mind. It was proximity to Maria and getting to see inside her flat that was on my mind, but I did not relay this to Phillip not being sure of him in that way- he had a strict Mother too.Phillip called on me on Saturday about 11.00 and we went round to Maria's flat. She welcomed us in and I was immediately taken by her dress. She was wearing a loose white silk blouse and tight skirt that ended at her knees.

The blouse was partially unbuttoned and she did not appear to have a bra on. "I've been expecting you. The kittens are in the back room as they are not really trained yet and they do suddenly let go you know."Maria led us in and the two kittens immediately ran to her, not being used to us. "They are lovely" responded Phillip. I agreed but I was thinking more about her breasts that seemed to flop about within her blouse making me feel really horny.

"Here take one each and hold them," as she thrust the two into each of our hands. We played with them awhile but I was still stealing glances at Maria's blouse and the soft white cleavage on show.

I think she realised I was hooked on her breasts rather than the kittens. "Here Maria you take it as you know it better and how to handle them." She took one into her hands from me and jostled it around her blouse at the opening. I was drooling at the view of the kitten fluffing around her soft silk and the beauty of her breasts.

Phillip was completely taken with the other kitten and ignoring the objects of my concentration. Maria then took both kittens in her hands and knelt down to put them in their basket. To do so she had to keep one leg above the other as she placed one knee near the floor. Nylons and suspender belt revealed. Instant hard. I looked into Maria's eyes as if I was going to comment on the kittens again, but she knew what I was really thinking, I was sure.

I blushed but she just looked down at the two little furs and smiled to herself. I had to get out of there it was too disturbing for me.

Thinking back to what happened in the park, I did not want a reoccurrence of what happened then with my spontaneous come. Fortunately I had carried a sweater with me with which I could just hide my erection. As we were leaving Phillip asked Maria if he could use her toilet. Whilst in there, Maria quietly commented, "Ian if you want to see them again your welcome to come round any time - feel free." "I would really love to - I feel I know them well already." Delicious ambiguity, but I was also aware she had just addressed her comment to me.

We made our departures and Phillip had to get back for his lunch with that strict Mum! I let myself indoors and went straight to the bathroom to release my load and it wasn't pee, but it was a welcome unloading just thinking of Maria's knowing smiles, gorgeous cleavage and secret welcome. I decided then that I would go back after getting something to eat.

Thanks for my parents both working on Saturdays! No unnecessary explanations! I tortured myself wondering how soon I dare go back, suddenly thinking I might appear a bit too keen.

I really couldn't wait. Knocking on Maria's door, it seemed an age, but the door opened to Maria's surprise at my speedy response to her invitation.

"Come in Ian, lovely to see you so soon - the little things must have had an impact on you." "They did Maria, they did and I hope it is OK to come round." "Lets go into the front room, that's where they at the moment. They like playing with me on the armchair, crawling all over me and jumping everywhere. Maria wore the same outfit. She sat in the armchair and suggested I kneel in front of her to be near the kittens as well. I gladly sat opposite her knees. I had forgotten to mention that she was wearing high heeled shoes.

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They were not what she was wearing this morning. It dawned on me that she had seen me coming in the front entrance. That explained the slight delay to the door. I was speechless and tongue tied. We were both quiet for awhile. "I am so glad you came back to see them." Blushing I murmured that it was all my pleasure, a kind of adult remark I had heard my Mum use. Maria looked down at me and stroked my cheek, "You really are a lovely boy you know." "Thank you Maria, I.think you are lovely too.

Oh god I should not have said that. I'm sorry." "Not at all Ian, it's lovely to be flattered, I'm glad I invited you round again." We fell quiet. I began to feel comfortable yet excited in her presence. Maria scooped up the kittens, sat back in the chair and let them crawl over her chest, making sure they did not fall away from her and ensuring that they always landed on her bare skin between the opening in her blouse. I could not take my eyes off them and her.

Maria knew I was completely absorbed. "Ian do you need to be off soon?" "No Maria, I am free all afternoon till my Dad gets back for supper about 7." "Good, so could you get some milk from the fridge in the kitchen and put it in a saucer from the sideboard and bring it back for them please?" "Sure Maria" as I scampered off to the kitchen and got the milk.

On my return, the kittens were on the floor in anticipation of the milk. I got down on the floor with the saucer and they leapt to the milk. Looking up I noticed Maria had undone another button of her blouse and she was leaning forward to look at their drinking! I could not take my eyes off her and she gazed at me again smiling knowingly.

Her skin was pale white and I saw the slight fullness revealed more by the opened blouse. She surprised me then with a remark I would not have anticipated. "I think you like me Ian, your good to have round here. Do you think we could be friends?" "I hope so Maria, I hope so." Just then she sat back into the armchair, closed her eyes and crossed her legs at the same time as lifting her skirt slightly.

I had a view of the end of her stockings and where it met her flesh halfway up her thighs. What shall I do? I was paralysed in not quite getting a come on from Maria and not wanting to take anything for granted.

At the same time I was conscious of my growing erection and flustered face but totally absorbed by her and not the kittens! Slowly Maria moved forward toward me. I was then suddenly aware of the transparent quality of her white blouse. Her nipples were pressing against the material showing their dark colour and seemed hard against the soft white silk. The added opened button had revealed that part of her cleavage where her breasts started to show their slight flop probably because of her age.

I was in a state of excited terror not knowing what to do. She lifted her hand to my cheek and stroked it. Her other hand went across my forehead, then taking both my cheeks in her hands and cupping my face, "I know we are going to be very good friends Ian." I felt willingly and totally in her control.

"Let's put the kittens in the back room to get them off our backs for awhile." Maria leaned forward and scooped up the kittens, allowing me to view between her breasts almost to her naval as it was so bright in the room from the sun as she went off to put them away giving me a view of her ample hips and stockinged legs emphasised by her heels. I was in a daze when she returned. Maria went and reclined on her armchair, resting against some ample cushions.

I sat on the settee, opposite her and just a few feet from her. She was doused by the afternoon sun making her blouse almost transparent.

Heaven had already arrived for me. "I'm having a cup of tea would you like one Ian?" "Yes please. Shall I put on the kettle for you?" "Lovely, then I will make it." I came back to the settee and soon heard the kettle on the boil.

Maria rose to go to the kitchen. I felt a bit like a lap dog watching her movements with an intensity I tried to hide. Maria brought back a mug of tea for each of us having checked how I liked it. We chatted about the flats and the neighbours, those who had been nice to her and who had ignored her. That's when she said again how good it was that I was so friendly and how much she appreciated it. She suspected some were hostile to her simply because she came from Poland and there weren't many foreigners around the area then.

We finished our tea and she took the mug from me, giving me that wonderful view again of her open cleavage. She must have been aware of the effect she had on me but said nothing. On her return she took up her armchair again and we were quiet. The atmosphere became tense for me as she sat there in the balm of the afternoon sun. I was carried away by her nipples, dark against her blouse and the pressure of the pointed heads pushing against the white material.

Maria returned my gaze but directly into my eyes realising her effect on me. "Do you mind my looking at you Ian you are such a handsome young man?" I was not used to such outspoken language and blushed from the compliment and stuttered a thank you in reply.

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"I like you looking at me Ian. Don't be afraid to look at me, I enjoy it. I noticed even when you first came here this morning with Phillip, though he appeared to be more interested in the cats. You like looking at my open blouse don't you. Would you like me to open another button?" I murmured yes. The blouse was not tucked into her skirt and there were three remaining buttons.

The proffered button was at the same level as her nipples maybe a little below.

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Maria undid it and opened her blouse as she did it. I involuntarily squeezed my thighs together and noticed my renewed tenting as my cock responded to her words and movements. Maria just languished in my embarrassment and obvious excitement. Nothing was being said now.


She then opened her legs slightly. The sun effect was such that her thighs were just exposed in their whiteness. The suspenders, which were not high up, were in danger of sending me over the top.

Maria must have sensed this as she got up from her armchair, saying, "Perhaps I should come and sit next to you Ian you look a bit flustered." Without waiting for a reply she came and sat down beside me.

It was then that I could smell her body. It wasn't perfume but there was a very slight aroma of sweat, my first indication of her body smell. She put her nearest arm over the back of the settee at the same time turning toward me giving me an ample view of her breasts. Then Maria rested her other hand above my knee on my thigh just below my erection.

I was helpless and in that moment just came and ejaculated into my underpants. I was completely overcome. At the same time as she sensed it was happening Maria brought her arm off the settee and held me close to her breasts as I slowly came down from my climax. "I'm so sorry Maria, I couldn't help it just happened." "No Ian it's beautiful to watch and be near you as came- don't apologise, I love the effect I had on you." Hugging each other I was able to feel her soft breasts hard against my chest.

Totally confused I had no idea what to do with my mess, in my trousers. Maria gave me a gentle kiss on my lips and then said, "Come on lets clean you up shall we? Get these things off and I'll clean you up with these tissues." Without my getting up she quickly unzipped me and pushed my trousers to my knees.


Maria then pulled my underpants down carefully revealing my cock which had still remained semi-stiff. There was a small speck of semen still on the end.

To my complete astonishment she wiped her finger across the tip and held it in front of my face. I did not know what to do, feeling still excited but a fool for doing it again like the other night.

I thought she would get rid of me just like my friends did. Instead she licked her finger on her tongue, smiled and swallowed it, then kissed me full on my mouth, pushing her tongue in between my lips and curling inside my mouth.

I got just a tiny taste of my own semen. "You haven't kissed like that before have you Ian?" "No Maria, nor anything like this before." "Well aren't we lucky then. Let me show you a few nice things we can enjoy together. But one thing. I don't think you should tell anyone about this as you are a little young for such pleasures but your definitely ready.

"Come here and rest your head in my lap Ian you look a little tired after that. Take off these trousers and pants too." I kicked off my shoes and socks and she helped with taking off the rest so that I was naked but for my shirt. The settee was wide so that I could lay down with my head on her lap and my legs flat along the settee whilst Maria had her feet on the floor. The effect of her heels was to lift her thighs slightly so that I was leaning against her tummy.

She slowly stroked my head with her hand as I looked up to her breasts which were gently sagging in her blouse free of a bra. I felt very exposed but very delighted as I felt in very safe hands! "Do you like me doing this to you Ian? You do look a little more relaxed now." "I couldn't wish for anything better right now," I replied. "Are you sure Ian?" "What do you mean Maria?" "You're making me very excited too Ian. Why don't I undo the remaining buttons so that you can play with my tits?

My, your cock is rising again Ian." Maria slipped her hand to my cock and began to stroke it from my balls to the tip. I took my hand to her breasts and stroked her nipple. "Lick my tits and suck my nipples Ian, you are making me so horny." Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

We both froze and stopped what we were doing. "Be quiet Ian, I'm not going to the door. A knock again. This time we heard retreating footsteps. Maria peeped out the window it was Phillip. "I wonder what he wants. Not the same surely" she laughed. "We had better be careful Ian. I had quite a fright I imagined it was your parents." "They don't know I'm here." "Thank God for that." Slowly we got back to caressing each other and she leaned down to kiss me again with our tongues now in each others' mouths.

"Ian I have an idea. You stay in the settee and I will go to the armchair. Sit up and just watch me and I'll watch you." Maria stood in front of me and took off her blouse letting her tits free and sagging slightly.

I still found them beautiful.

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She played with her nipples making the tips harder under her fingers. "Ian please feel free to play with yourself whilst I play with myself." I had already started wanking my now hardened cock as Maria slowly pushed her skirt down her thighs, revealing a pair of silk panties, which were stained at the front and wet, her suspender belt, stockings and high heels.

Slowly turning she showed me her arse and pulled the panties tight into her crotch and into her bum crease. I was now rubbing myself furiously. "Ian you are going to come very soon if you carry on like that. Wait a minute whilst I get something for you." She disappeared to her bedroom and came back with a tube.

I had not seen such a thing before but it was a lubricant which she proceeded to pour over my cock as well as ensuring with her hand that it covered me completely including my balls. It was wonderful. I could stroke myself more lightly but still be high from the enhanced sensitivity. Sitting down opposite me she started to play with herself. I had never seen a cunt before and I was totally preoccupied with her stroking her nipples as well as her cunt outside her panties.

We were both getting off brilliantly on each other. I had not known what to expect with my second visit (at most another glimpse of her breasts perhaps). I had no real understanding whatever and was just putty to her, but willing putty. Without my asking she slowly pushed her panties down her thighs but kept on her stockings knowing how much they excited me. My cock was standing high again and nearly ready.

I tried to wait even though she knew I was close. "Hold on Ian. Wait for me darling." I really had little idea what she meant. Maria lifted her legs over the arms of the chair and started pushing her fingers in her cunt very fast and vigorously.

She then pulled out and called out, "Watch my fingers on my clit, I just love this and so will you, you lovely naughty boy." I realised she was now wanking just like me and it was fantastic, the best thing that ever happened to me, watching her, watching me, both getting off on each other.

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Her whole cunt area was soaking and she made squelchy sounds as she rubbed herself. Suddenly Maria purred, "Stand over me Ian I'm ready.

Go, go, Ian let it come cos I am right there now. Oh yes, yes, yes yes." "Oh Maria me to, yes oh god, I'm coming" and I got up and masturbated all over her with my spunk oozing down her face, tits and cunt hair. I collapsed on the floor beside her leaning my face on her stocking thighs feeling guilty for spunking over her. Maria lifted my head, smiling at me and then proceeded to pick up all the spunk from her face, tits and cunt hair and licked her fingers.

The last drop she put to my lips and I sucked her wet finger. We hugged hard together. "Did you like that Ian? Do you want to see me again?" "It was fantastic Maria. I hoped you would ask me, but I thought you may think me too young" "Not at all but I think you had better get going now" Maria lay there still stroking her wet cunt as I dressed. "I am going to have a little reminisce when you're gone dear Ian. No you had better not stay for more!" As I left she tantalised me by holding her thighs wide and high over the chair with a wet finger pressing against the dark hole of her arse.

I was naturally hesitating again. Maria leapt up to me and gave me a tight hug. "Another day Ian. Bye"