Cock sucking with sleazy japanese model aya eikura deep penetration and sexy lingerie

Cock sucking with sleazy japanese model aya eikura deep penetration and sexy lingerie
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OK so I'm still fairly new at posting on here so please bear with me. If you have anything to tell me that might make this better by all means let me know.

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All feedback is welcome. However if you are rude then keep in mind I'll most likely just ignore you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Date Smiling as she unlocks the door pushing it open the top of her head warm from the sun shinning overhead.

It had been a good day, she got everything her Master wrote on her list and then some surprises.

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Shutting the front door with her foot she moves into the kitchen putting her bags down, sighing she slings her purse onto the counter. Standing there a moment stretching her arms above her head groaning as her back cracks down the spine, last night being a marathon of loving, and in that position, laughing softly with a small blush tinting her cheeks remembering his hands and tongue and.shaking her head she starts putting her purchases up cleaning anything that looked out of place. Looking into the last bag she slips her slippers off and pads her bare feet across the kitchen tile, up the stairs and into their bedroom, picking up some clothes that had been missed this morning and from last night, into the bathroom straighten things up as she went along.

Thinking of what he had wanted her to cook for dinner she finally spots something laying across the bed.a note and her slinky backless dress, shoes and hair ribbons, all laid out. Grinning to herself she picks the note up and begins to read, only taking a second.

"Meet me at the spot." Letting the note drift back down to the bed she lifts the hem of her dress off the bed with two fingers, a smile curving her lips slowly, her tummy already clenched at the excitement that was starting to grow. 'The spot' was a place her Master liked to meet her, take her out on a fun date.

They hadn't done this in months. Giving a tiny squeal she laughs and runs into the bathroom to freshen up, stripping her clothes she jumps into the shower and washes quickly. Walking back to the bed nude, a cloud of steam, smelling like her favorite shampoo trailing after her. She takes her time dressing wanting to be pleasing for him. Running her hands up and down her waist, loving the sheer feeling hugging her body.

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Twirling on her tip toes she threads the ribbons in her hair, feeling almost like a fairy princess. Giving herself a thorough look in the full length mirror, nodding pleased she steps into her strappy stiletto heels, going up at least two inches.

Checking the time she grabs her purse and runs to the door, her car keys in hand, grinning as her heels click as she runs down the driveway. Arriving at the spot she steps from the car, locking her purse inside. Leaning up against the car she looks around, usually her Master being here first, shrugging mentally she looks around with curiosity, giving herself a small hug so lost in thought she never hears the man behind her and takes a second to realize he was RIGHT behind her and then another split second before his hand was covering her mouth, twisting and struggling instantly her heart nearly shattering she kicks her feet her heels getting throw off, the man grunts softly as one of her feet kicks him in the groin.

Getting dragged she fights the man, 'this could not be happening to her' running through her mind along a picture of her Master.

Please oh god please. Everything being in a blur she fights not giving in one second against her capture. "Don't move or scream and you will be alright." A gruff hoarse voice whispering along her jaw, her eyes widen as she kicks herself, scream! Parting her lips her lungs filling with air his hand is suddenly at her throat, his fingers wrapping around her larynx having her scream cut short before she even got a chance to shout it.

The man continues to drag her into an alley way, and only being in this place to be picked up by her Master and whisked away to their date she has no idea where she is. Getting more and more scared for her life by the minute she is slammed up against the brick wall, her kidnappers hand still grasped tightly on her throat.

"Ple.please.let me go.".she pleads in a cracked voice, her eyes tearing up in fear. The masked man just stares back through the slits. Shaking his head he steps closer pressing his body up on hers, making her whimper in fright.", don't" She stutters through trembling lips as he pins her to the wall.

"Don't scream or I will." One of his hands locks both of her wrists pinning them over her head against the wall, his other hand slowly easing off her throat, a look of warning in his shaded eyes.

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Swallowing deeply she waits to see what he would do, maybe just a random mugging or a thug out to scare a pretty lady, until his hand slips down to to prod between her thighs. Tilting her head to scream bloody murder it is again cut short as his fingers brush against her mound, her scream replaced by a loud gasp.

Almost paralyzed her head rolling along the wall. "You can't. please, I have money, what do you want?" "You." Her world careens out of control at the one word, starting to struggle again, turning into a wild animal, she kicks and punches, crying in frustration as they just seem to glance off the man, he waits for her to tire out before his fingers dip into her panties, his thick knuckle brushing her tender folds, making her freeze again.

The sky suddenly goes dark, as dust falls over them, having it dark in their little part of the alley, this was almost black, her eyes trying to search out anything, anyone to help her from this situation. Her wrists are abruptly let go as the man shifts a whisper of cloth is heard, getting scared even more she goes to scream, the sound just leaving her lips before his mouth slams down on hers, not caring she screams with all her might.

screaming in frustration as it's muffled, his tongue thrusts inside almost choking her. Bringing her hands to his head hitting, pushing, attacking. she whimpers again as he again forces them both to the wall. Standing outside herself she watches the man reach again into her panties, his fingers searching as he holds her there.

Arching her back trying anything, wanting to get away. Her body going stiff as one digit presses in past her lips, lighting touching her clit. Moaning as his mouth rapes her, her body betraying her, twisting again not wanting to give in to this man, shame filling her as her body turns against her. One of the mans knees shuffles up spreading her thighs wider, making her practically spread eagle to the wall, still kissing her to muffle any of her screams for help and moans of forbidden pleasure he slips his middle finger past her lips and inside her warm slit, making her back arch into it.

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Jerking her mouth away as hard as she can, his teeth cutting into her bottom lip. "Let's me go please. I'll do anything." Her frightened and breathless voice gasps out. "Shhh." The mans finger pokes and prods finding her clit already starting to throb, circling his thumb around it he pushes his index finger inside as well, her heat coating them against her will.

Scissors his fingers opening her, stretching her lips and walls. Her heart pumps so fast almost making her faint as he jerks away without warning, surprised she starts to fall forward her anchor gone, only to find herself turned around, her breasts pressed up against the wall, her back covered by the man, pressing her palms to the wall she pushes out only to having him move between her thighs, her ass hiked up making her eyes go wide as something hard nudges her heat.

Her panties are ripped away, the thin material easily torn, her skirt pulled up to hang from her waist. Remembering her need to fight she pushes with all her might another scream starting to build in her throat the man again reads her thoughts somehow and grabs it, his other hand working behind her, unzipping his pants.

Whimpering tears falling freely now she bites down the inside of her cheek as his cock brushes her pussy lips. Her strength gone, she can only stand there as he has his way, pressing her cheek against the brick her throat held in one of his hands his cock starting to ease in then with his full length as he shoves himself inside her with one hard thrust, screaming anyway her tiny frame not being able to hold it in his hand grows tighter as he start to fuck her from behind.

Choking her breath being cut short with every slam of his body, she fears she will die here in this ally. Opening her eyes as fresh air comes rushing into her throat, his hand had pulled away and now tangled into her hair, the ribbons so carefully laid out by her master fall to the ground between them.

Jerking her head back the faceless man breaths into her ear, unwanted shivers run down her arms, her body a traitor. Her hips are pulled up making her open even wider for the man, turning her head resting her cheek along the wall she closes her eyes as he fucks her, listing as his breath starts to turn harsh, mixed with a soft groan.

Her own body not being immune, her soft moans joining his.


"Please." Curling her nails into the mortar on the brick wall her back curving an orgasm start to rise up in her belly, mewling, moaning she pushes the wall again, but not to get away, to have him fuck her faster and harder. He keep thrusting, harder, his hips turning into a piston, pulling out until the head is right at her opening then back in, her walls hugging, milking him tightly. The man suddenly growls loudly cumming inside her, the shot hitting her cervix a domino effect making her own release rush forward, throwing her head back she screams out in pleasure instead of fear, his hand not returning to her throat to silence it.


The mans body shudders against her, emptying his seed deep inside before feeling him step away, withdrawing, her dress falls, difting back down covering her ass as she straightens up also, her heart beating so fast you could see the pulse in her neck jumping. Turning around slowly she pulls her now wildly tangled hair from her shoulders her eyes lifting up to the mans, a small smile playing across her lips.

".That was different my Master."