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As I said with my first story the events that took place here are true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I appreciate hearing your comments and for those of you that cast negative votes at least have either the guts or courtesy to say why you have done so.

You won't offend me for there is nothing you can say that will. - THX Full Circle Chapter Two Well there I was, a 63 year old widower, driving through Baltimore City, Maryland reliving the sins of my past.

I didn't have too many regrets in life for I had, up to this point, had a very good life all in all. I had stayed in the Corps for 32 years, retiring 13 years ago at the rank of Colonel. I was up for a "star" had I stayed in, but that was when we had the first hint that things weren't right with Carol so I got out to spend more time with her.

It was the right decision to make. I had made a lot of true friends in the fraternal brotherhood know as the Corps who I knew would always "have my back" regardless of the circumstances, but this was one instance where I knew they couldn't.

I had been married to a wonderful woman for over 30 years and had reared her son as my own and another that was ours alone and I had lots of wonderful memories, but in the end that is all they were. I had planned to make a final journey around the country seeing my children and grandchildren for perhaps the last time.

It was my intention, at the finish of my journey, to go back to the farm and sit there till I died, for, to be perfectly honest I didn't see any real reason to continue on. I felt bad about this decision as Carol, knowing me as well as she did, had insisted that I start dating again after a three month mourning period and I had reluctantly agreed to try, but my heart just wasn't in it.

The last time I had been successful in smooth-talking a woman into my bed was over thirty years ago and I didn't know if I would still be able to. The kids were taken care of. My daughter got a trust that doled out a specific amount of money to her and her alone (to keep her loser husbands hooks out of the principle) until the grandkids came of age and their trusts matured.

My stepson/son got the business as he is the one that had followed my footsteps into the Corps and later in his choice of education.

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He was already running it and paying me a nice dividend on my share. My youngest child got the farm that spread out over eight square miles on both sides of the Tennessee River and had over ¾ of a mile of riverfront on each side because that is what he really wanted from the first day I bought the place. The hunting was great, the fishing simply outstanding and the view from the main house up on the bluff on a tongue of land that jutted a couple hundred yards out into the Tennessee River was worth more money than anyone could ever possibly offer me.

My bags were packed and I had already checked out of my hotel room. I figured that I would drive by the last of the places I used to live, park, and stop in at the pharmacy for a quick bite and then, regretfully, make the 5 hour drive to my daughters place in New Jersey.

I had already made reservations at a nice four star hotel on the beach about forty miles from their place, because I sure as hell wasn't going to stay with her and those squalling, fawning grandchildren, and I sure as hell didn't want to listen to her loser husband whine about how life had been so unfair to them all night.

No, having the hotel room gave me an excuse to duck out and visit with a couple of service buddies who knew to call me if they received a "coded" text message thereby giving me an excuse to duck out.

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Like I said, the fraternal brotherhood is a wonderful thing. The old garden apartment was just as I had remembered it, a small haven of peace and tranquility in the center of the city and showing a bit of age, but then weren't we all. It looked like a nice young family was living there now and as I walked by I wished them all the happiness in the world and hoped that their memories of the place would be as fond as mine were.

Around the corner and there it was "Marshall's Pharmacy." I used to tease Susan about that even though she always said that it was no relation. Opening the door I stepped inside and looked around. The floor and ceiling both looked like they had had a facelift with new lighting fixtures, the floor tile had been changed, and the shelving upgraded. The soda fountain was still located in the front of the building on the left as you came in the angled corner door and the pharmacy was still in the rear, but there was a difference that I couldn't quite put my finger on at first and then I realized that the width of the room had been expanded to take up the old stairway and the soda fountain had moved into that additional space and it had grown a bit larger as well.

It now took up almost the entire width of the building with eighteen or so fixed stools along the counter and a full dozen four-top booths lining the large plate glass windows where there had only been a third that number before and the place was all decked out in a retro-50's motif.

I took off my coat and hung it up along with my hat and lowered myself on to one of the stools. I just sat there, lost in the memories, for I don't know how long before I heard "Excuse me, Mister" and for a moment I thought I had been magically transported back forty years.

Standing in front of me was this twenty one or twenty two year old, red haired, jade green eyed vision of beauty that immediately reminded me of Susan at that age. "Are you all right Mister" "You look like you have seen a ghost" this beautiful vision said. Damn even her voice sounded like Susan's voice did.

It took me a few seconds before I replied "Yes, I'm fine, you just remind me of a girl I knew here 40 years ago and in fact you look like her spitting image and it was just a bit of a shock that's all" "Oh can I get you something" she asked. Looking up at the menu board I ordered a hamburger and fries, and a coke and she asked me if I would like a bottle coke or soda fountain coke. I ordered the soda fountain coke and she took the holder, fit a paper cone to its base, filled it with crushed ice and filled it with that combination of syrup and soda water that you can hardly find any more and within moments it was in front of me.

Took a sip and it was just as good as I remember it. The girl then placed my order with the cook and walked back toward the pharmacy and I heard her say "Grandma there is a man out front that said I remind him of a girl that he knew here forty years ago." "What's he look like" I heard a that I would have recognized anywhere at anytime ask. "Oh!" she said "He's real nice looking for an older guy, except for this horrible scar down the right side of his face" I heard a gasp and footsteps and then "CT is that really you?" I turned on my stool toward that voice that I remembered so well and there she was.

That absolutely beautiful woman I had made such passionate love to more than four decades before. I sat there drinking in her beauty for the years had been exceedingly kind to her.

Her hair was the same length as before, if not a bit longer without even the faintest hint of gray and her jade green eyes still had that same twinkle. Sure there were a few more lines crossing her face but she sure as hell didn't look like somebody's sixty-three year old grandmother. Her breasts looked a tad fuller and maybe it was the bra she was wearing, but there sure didn't seem to be any sag to them at all and from what I could see under her white pharmacy coat it didn't look like she had gained more than a couple of pounds since I saw her last.

I sat there like a bump on the proverbial log for this was absolutely the last thing, the last person I expected to see. Oh sure, I guess that somewhere deep in my subconscious I had hoped that I would see her again, but in reality I had come here to lay a ghost to rest and then it turns out that the ghost is alive and well. With that came a rush of emotion such as I hadn't experienced in a long, long time and I stood up reaching for my coat and hat. "This was a mistake" I said "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here and I'll take my leave." With that I put a ten dollar bill on the counter and turned toward the front door.

"CT wait" she said "I haven't seen you in forty years and you can't just up and leave at the sight of me." "We have lots we need to talk about." Now I was getting angry and I turned back and said "Why Susan? "So I can relive a terrible mistake I made all those years ago?" "So you can gloat over my discomfort as you did over what you did to that pseudo husband of yours long ago." "No thank you ma'am, I have had enough pain in my life recently and frankly I sure as hell don't need to add any more to it" and with that I turned back and headed for the door.

I hadn't taken two steps when I heard Susan say "Oh God, why do I have to pick the ones that are just so fucking dumb!" I felt a hand grab my shoulder and before I knew it she had spun me around and her arms went around my neck as she pulled my head down toward her gorgeous lips.

I sought to resist, but I should have known that resistance on my part was an exercise in futility. I opened my mouth slightly and her tongue snaked in, searching for and finally finding my own before twisting around it.

When we finally broke apart her granddaughter said " Wow grandma, that was really hot" and a giggle escaped from Susan's lips. Me, well I was standing there like a pole-axed steer not knowing north from south and I found that I really didn't care either.

Susan took me by the hand and led me back to what was obviously the staff break room / lounge and sat me down at the huge table in the center of the room and her granddaughter brought my hamburger and fries and a fresh soda fountain coke. I guess I was still looking a bit lost so Susan said "Eat" "You have to keep the body fueled and you need your strength." "Susan" I started to say when she reached over and placed her finger on my lips. "Don't say another word" "I have something to say and you are going to remain quiet until I have done so and if you don't like what I have said you can get up and leave and I won't stop you, but you are going to listen to me." She turned to the door and said to her granddaughter "Cynthia you have the front and tell Michael in the pharmacy that he will have to run things there until I get back." "Oh, and I don't want to be disturbed for any reason short of nuclear attack" and with that she closed the door on her astonished granddaughters face.

I took a bite of the burger and chewed slowly as Susan began to talk. "The first thing I would like to say is that I am truly sorry for the way I treated you that night forty years ago." "When you came over that night all I had in mind was a good meal and maybe a pleasant evening of sex with a friend and nothing more." "When you showed up and hit it off with Faith so well I started thinking a bit differently and when you got up to get the wine I followed you.

I watched you tiptoe over to Faith's door and check to see that she was alright before coming back to my bed I knew that you were a person I could live with forever and that scared me." "I had been taking of myself and Faith for so long without any real help I didn't know what to do." "I had my life all planned out you see." "I was going to get my college degree and then my degree in Pharmacy and stay in the military until I retired." "I didn't want anyone or anything getting in the way of my accomplishing those goals." "Oh, perhaps after I got settled I could look around for some companionship and maybe love, but right then, at that moment I didn't want any encumbrances and you, My Love, were a major encumbrance." "No, not in any negative way, please don't ever think that." "When we made love that second time and I was looking into your eyes as we came together I could see that you loved me and would never do anything to hurt either Faith or I." "I knew that you would never hold me back and that would allow me to reach my goals in life, but I was scared and when you said what you did I let that fear in me come to the fore." I raised my head and looked at her.

"No, no I know that you didn't mean what you said, that you meant something else entirely, but I saw this as my way out and I am ashamed to say that I took it." "When my roommates came home they found me sitting on the couch with Faith in my lap and an empty bottle of wine in my hand crying my eyes out and things just spiraled out of control." "They were the ones that told me to have nothing to do with you." "They only acted the way they did toward you when you called and they threw the flowers in the garbage because they honestly believed that you had hurt me and hurt me deeply." "I know that that hurt you because I saw you drive by and knew that you had seen the flowers laying in the can and I wanted to run out and say that I was so sorry, but I just couldn't." There were tears streaming down her cheeks and she looked at me and as she placed both of her hands over one of mine quietly asked "Can you ever forgive me?" I was still a bit hurt and asked "why did you disconnect your phone?" "I tried calling you when I got to OCS and was told that your phone had either been disconnected or was no longer in service and when I came by after I had graduated you had moved." "I even went by Towson State, but because I wasn't family they wouldn't tell me even where you had gone to." "But I didn't disconnect the phone" she said looking at me with hope in her eyes "Amy forgot to pay the bill and the phone company temporally shut the phone off and it was back on 3 days later." "When I got to school the next week" she continued "I found that my advisor had arranged for a small scholarship for me to the pre-med program at the U of Maryland provided I could transfer right away." "She had even found me a place to live with two other girls that had small children." Since our lease on the place was nearly up and Amy and Carol were both going to move in with their respective boyfriends I packed Faith and mine stuff up and two weeks later was living in College Park." I looked deeply into those wondrous jade green eyes and taking her hands in mine I leaned over and tenderly kissed her on her lips.

When we broke apart and still looking into her beautiful jade green eyes I said "There is nothing now or from the past that needs forgiving and with that I stood up and took her into my arms for another even longer kiss. I don't know how long we stood there.

It could have been minutes, hours, days, or even weeks it just didn't matter for a piece of me that had been missing in my life had been restored and I wasn't ever going to lose it again. Finally our lips parted and we looked into each others eyes. "Do you have any plans" Susan asked me "I mean do you have the time to go upstairs and talk." I thought for a moment and pulled out my phone and quickly scrolled through the icons.

Finding the one I needed I hit it once and then once again. The phone rang twice and was then answered " Grand ****** Resort Hotel how may I be of assistance." "Hello, this is CT M********** and I have a reservation for this evening I need to change." " Your last name is spelled how?" the person on the other end of the phone asked.

My last name is really simple to spell, but I spelled it for him anyway, nice and slowly. "I'm sorry sir, but I cannot seem to find your reservation" the clerk replied after a moment. I held my tongue and slowly and phonetically spelled it for him again and as Susan tried to stifle her giggling I could feel a flush rising up my neck.

"Well why didn't you say it ended in an "e" and not a "d" the first time." "I have it here and I am afraid that you will have to pay full charge for the room tonight since it's officially past cancellation time" said the clerk "Do you want me to leave it on your card?" Now the money didn't matter to me, but when I looked at my Rolex I saw it was only 5 minutes past the hour and most places I stayed usually cut me some slack if I was a few minutes late.

"Let me speak with your manager please" I asked nicely and I could hear him in the background as he switched the phone saying "Why do I always get the assholes" then the phone clicked over and I was speaking with the day manager who identified himself as Mr. John Simpson. Now I am not a person who usually tries to throw his weight around, but I was pissed.

I had initially intended to complain about being tagged for the room charges since I wouldn't have been late if the clerk had done his job right, but after hearing his last comment, especially since I had remained civil the entire time, I wanted his hide nailed to the barn wall!

"Hello, Mr. Simpson" I said in my best command voice "This is Col CT M********** and I have a couple of beefs with your establishment." "I am sorry to hear that Colonel" Mr. Simpson said and in the background I could hear him typing on his keyboard "What is the nature of your complaint and what can I do for you?" I explained that the amount of money in question was trivial as I often lost five times that or more on a turn of the cards at the hotels casino, but I would not tolerate having some young punk call me an asshole when I had gone out of my way to be polite and said that based upon this clerks actions I was seriously considering taking my business elsewhere.

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Mr. Simpson was quiet for a moment and then asked if he could look into a couple of things and call me back within the hour. "That won't be a problem sir and I will look forward to your return call." "After saying goodbye" I hung up.

Susan looked at me and said "Colonel?" "Hell the furthest I got was Major." "Well then Major you said something about retiring upstairs" I replied "Lead the way." When we opened the door and walked through holding hands with our fingers interlaced I really wished I had a camera to take a picture of Susan's granddaughter.


Her eyes were like saucers and her jaw was hanging wide open. "We are going upstairs Cynthia and don't want to be disturbed for any reason save those already given and that includes telephone calls" said Susan "Now close your mouth before a bug flies in and be sure that you close at the regular time." Susan led me over to where the old phone booth used to be and pushed a concealed button.

Immediately a door slid to the side and we stepped into a small elevator that would hold no more than four or five people at the most. Susan entered a code and pushed the top button. She then wrapped her arms around me and gave me another kiss that only stopped when the bell sounded and the elevator door opened. When Susan lived here forty-five and some years ago the fourth floor had been divided into three apartments, a large one on each end and a smaller one in the middle where the stairs came up.

She and her mom lived in the front apartment and I haven't a clue who lived in the others or the rest of the building for that matter. That was all gone and save for what appeared to be a row of six foot high bookshelves toward the back the entire floor was completely open. The original hardwood floors had been redone and the old horsehair plaster removed from the exterior walls leaving the bare brick showing. Taking my hand in hers Susan led me to the front of the enormous open room and sat me down on what can only be described as a truly gigantic couch and asked if I would like some wine.

I was impressed. Like her house and backyard at her old place there were plants of every size, shape, and description everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling at staggered heights. The room was about two steps short of a triple canopy jungle.

"Sure" I replied "some wine would be very nice." She got up and after giving me a light kiss walked to the back of the room while I continued to look around the room in amazement.

While the walls looked like the original brick I could see that the windows were set much deeper into the wall and the ceiling around the massive skylight looked deeper as well. Susan saw me looking when she came back as said "the exterior walls are false as it just gets too damned cold up here in the winter not to have insulation and the same applies to the ceiling." I turned around and I guess my jaw dropped in amazement for there was Susan standing in a very brief dark green silk robe with two glasses and a bottle of Champagne Doux in her hand.

She allowed me to do the honors of opening the bottle and after both glasses were filled Susan raised hers and said "Here's to us and may we never be apart again" and we both sipped.

She moved over to me and leaned back in my arms as she had that night long ago and we enjoyed a long, lingering, and passionate kiss. We talked of many things. She of her career in the Air Force and Mike the Doctor she finally fell in love with. She told me of how they had planned to marry upon his return from the "sandbox in Iraq" where he had gone to work on developing a better protocol for the early treatment of our soldiers suffering from TBI that might significantly increase their survival rate.

She told me what it was like to get the news that Mike had been killed by a suicide bomber who seems to have targeted him directly and then of being told that he had listed her as his only next of kin and I cried with her as the emotions welled up.

She said he had no other living relatives and he had left his entire estate to her. It was then that she had made the decision to retire from the military and she used part of the estate to purchase this building and another one and the pharmacy downstairs and then do a complete renovation of everything.

She told me of Faith being accepted into medical school and how she had worked with a local health clinic for several years before opening her own private practice in the building right next door. She spoke of Faith becoming pregnant with Cynthia and her decision not to marry her child's father. She said that Cynthia, at twenty two years of age, was starting her second year of med school at the Univ.

of Maryland this fall and it was her intention to specialize in Pediatrics and then eventually join her mother's OB/GYN practice. Forty years is a long time to cover in a couple of hours. We finished the bottle of wine and Susan went and got another. Then she asked me of my life. I told her of my career in the Corps and the places I had been and the things I had seen. I told her of my first marriage to a woman named Joy who wasn't and the birth of my daughter Monica and our separation and divorce after I caught her with another man.

I said how difficult it was when Joy took my daughter away and severely limited any contact I might have had with her. I told her of gaining admittance, after my second attempt, to Marine Force Recon and how proud I was to eventually become a company commander in Recon and leading some of the finest men in the Corps.

I spoke of meeting Carol, the sister of one of my brother officers, at the graduation exercise and getting married a year later. I told her of our life together and her son, the birth of our son and how after seventeen years I was finally reunited with my daughter. I told her of the shock of discovering that my wife of eighteen years had breast cancer and my decision not to seek promotion to Brigadier and my decision to retire. I spoke of the agony of the rounds of chemo and the radical mastectomy that removed both of Carol's beautiful breasts and our joy at being told that the cancer was gone.

I told her how devastated we were to find four years later that the cancer had returned and spread from her ovaries through her lymph glands and of her passing six months ago.

Then I broke down and cried. Susan held me tightly to her and stroked the side of my face until I regained my composure and then said "Do you know what day this is." I couldn't think straight and told her that no I didn't know.

"Today is the fortieth anniversary of the first time we made love" she stated and pulling me to my feet she wrapped her arms around me and said "and I want you to make love to me today, right now." I started to answer her when my phone rang.

It was Mr. Simpson from the hotel and after apologizing for being so late calling me back told me that the employee in question had been dismissed, my credit card would not be charged, and the management had decided to comp me an entire week with meals, at a time of my choosing and no reservation required simply show up and I and any guests accompanying me would be taken care of.

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I said that I hoped the young man wasn't dismissed because of me and was assured that he had been digging his own grave for some time and that his last comment had been overheard by another guest who had reported him as well. I thanked him very much for what he had done on my behalf and after saying goodbye hung up. "Colonel" Susan said "I know that in the normal military scheme of things you outrank me, but this is my house so you don't." Now when I said no phone calls I meant no phone calls so turn your phone off and follow me.

"Yes Ma'am" I replied and did just that. As I walked toward the back of the house I couldn't help but admire the thought that had gone into the decoration and told Susan that I needed her to come down and decorate my home since she had such a fine eye.

I also told her that by the time the house was finally finished Carol was too sick to leave the hospital and it was so spartan that it looked like a Marine Barracks. "If you're propositioning me" she said "I accept. I felt more than a little hesitant going to bed with Susan as Carol had only passed away a relatively short time ago and because of her illness I hadn't made love to a woman in at least five years and told Susan that.

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around and said "I love you and you have said that you love me and as far as I am concerned if we do absolutely nothing more than lay side by side holding hands I am content and will always be content as long as we are together." "You have gone through some severe and long term emotional trauma over the past several years and you wouldn't be the person I believe you are if you weren't deeply impacted by what you have been going through." "Now get those clothes off and come to bed dammit!" With that Susan untied the sash to her robe and as she had that night so long ago she slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall into a puddle at her feet.

Then she scampered on to what had to be the biggest round bed I had ever seen. It had to be all of ten feet in diameter with and two foot high headboard that went around nearly a third of it and as I admired Susan's ass as she crawled across it I could see that it was a waterbed as well.

I didn't even bother unbuttoning my shirt and simply peeled both it and my t-shirt up over my head and onto the floor. I kicked off my loafers and quickly unbuckled my belt, popped the button on my pants, lowered my zipper and dropped my pants.

As I pulled each leg free I used my opposite foot to strip my socks off and climbed on to the bed with Susan.

I took her into my arms and as I gently squeezed her to me I gave her a deep passionate kiss. We both lay on our sides facing one another and between quick little kisses slowly began stroking one another and exploring each other's bodies. I couldn't get over how smooth and creamy her skin felt and how firm her breasts felt.

While I focused on her breasts Susan let her hand travel down over my washboard stomach and grabbed a hold of my semi-erect cock. "Well I see that you still have that monster" she said as she commenced to sliding her hand up and down along its length "and you still keep him clean shaven as well." "I always did like a well groomed man" she giggled. Susan then started giving my face and neck little butterfly kisses with an occasional nip of her sharp teeth.

She slowly moved southward, stopping at each of my nipples where she swirled her tongue around and around one before covering the entire nipple with her mouth and slowly sucking. Even with all the women I had dated and after being married for 30 some years I had never had a woman do that to me. My cock bounced. No I don't mean it twitched, the damned thing actually bounced like an electrical shock had gone through it. Feeling my reaction through her hand she kissed her way over to the other one and did the same damned thing and I'll be damned if my cock didn't react in the same damned way as before.

It bounced again. I have never felt anything even remotely as erotic as having my nipples sucked by this beautiful woman. Releasing my nipple with a faint pop Susan continued butterfly kissing her way toward my groin and I couldn't just lay there and take it anymore. Reaching down I grabbed her leg and swung it across my body so that Susan was straddling me with my cock in her face and her glorious pussy in mine.

Suddenly I felt something that I had felt far too infrequently in my entire life a woman's hot, wet mouth taking the head of my cock into it. Son of a Bitch that felt good and I slowly started moving my pelvis up and down as her tongue swirled around the very tip. I reached up and spread Susan's shaven lips apart and started licking from front to back rimming her beautiful brown rosebud as I did.

I tried to increase my tempo, but I couldn't focus because her mouth on my cockhead felt too damned good. She would lick for a little bit then swirl her tongue around the edge of my helmet then she would suck then she would suck while sawing her tongue around the underside of my head. I felt her hand stroke over my balls before taking them in her hand and massaging each one in turn. Then I felt her finger probing around my asshole, gently pushing and prodding, before slipping inside.

A shudder ran through my body, groin and balls as she slowly moved her finger in and out in sync with her sucking and each time she penetrated my ass all the way with her finger she would massage that little area almost directly behind my ball sack.

I don't know how long she did this as I had lost all sense of time, but all at once I could feel a stirring in my balls the likes of which I had never experienced before and I called out to Susan "I'm Gooooiiiinnnngggg toooooo Cuuuummmmmm" and I'll be damned if she didn't suck and saw even harder. I could feel my balls boil and my cum start rushing through my cock to explode within her mouth.

My hips lifted completely as stream after boiling hot stream jetted into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She even stayed latched on to make sure she got it all as I began to go soft while I lay there panting. She looked back at me with a twinkle in her eye and a look like that of a cat who had finally got the canary it had been chasing and said "I'm sure you know that old saying "Payback's a Bitch" don't you" and then climbed up my body.

"I've waited forty years to do that to you and from the look on your face right now it was worth every second I had to wait!" She then asked, in a very sweet voice, if I would like some more wine and I could only nod as I was still too afraid to trust my own voice. I lay there on my back staring at the massive skylight overhead with my body still trembling with small aftershocks from what that wonderful, wicked woman had done to me and realized that it was starting to get dark outside.

Susan climbed back into bed and after handing me a glass of wine said "We really need to start thinking about getting some dinner sometime soon." "What do you think?" I told her that this sounded like an excellent idea and what did she think of calling out for some Chinese take-out. My thinking was that we could have a nice quiet meal up here and then continue with our lovemaking. Boy was my thinking wrong. Susan thought that this was an excellent idea and jumped out of the bed and walked over to what I thought was an antique writing desk.

That thought lasted only as long as it took her to fold down the desktop and there was a very compact and very state of the art computer.

While she booted the computer up she picked up the phone next to it and hit the speed dial button.

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Once she connected she said "Faith I thought it would be nice if we had Chinese for dinner tonight" "Would you be a dear and call Mei Chang Lows and order some take out for all of us and order a lot because I am really, really hungry?" "Never you mind smarty-pants I'll tell you all about it when I come down for dinner" "I want my usual" she said and looking at me I whispered "Mongolian Beef extra hot and a couple of egg rolls and hot mustard" "and maybe some extra hot Mongolian beef and a couple or three egg rolls with hot mustard." "Yes dear I am feeling fine and just wanted a little bit of something different" "No, a pint of it with all the extra rice they always send should be more than enough" "No dear, I'm going to grab a shower because I feel all sticky and I'll be down in thirty minutes or so." "Thank you sweetie, I love you too, I'll see you then" She walked back to the bed and said that we had enough time to take a long hot shower and she would scrub my back if I would do hers.

I told her that that sounded like a plan and taking my hand in hers she walked over to a partly concealed door, opened it and led me through an enormous walk-in closet to her bathroom and what a bathroom it was. Aside from the usual commode and bidet and a double sink there was a small redwood dry sauna that would comfortably seat six and a sunken whirlpool tub/shower combination that looked large enough to swim laps in and of course more plants.

Walking down into the tub Susan pushed some buttons on a waterproof control panel and a small waterfall began falling down over some irregular rocks mounted on the wall at one end and multiple shower heads began gushing.

After adjusting the temperature she beckoned to me and when I had joined her handed me a scrubby and a bottle of body wash. After pouring a liberal amount of wash on the scrubby I began by starting at her feet and working upwards. First one foot then the other then each calf and each thigh making sure that I covered every square inch of her lower body.

When I reached her ass I slowly massaged each cheek before using both hands to spread them apart. I then took my tongue and gently licked around her little puckered star before hardening my tongue and briefly probed her asshole. Susan let out a low moan and her body gave a brief shiver.

I then worked my way around to the front carefully scrubbing each lip. I gently parted her nether lips and again used my tongue to lick her from her asshole to her clit before sucking her clit into my mouth and flicking the tip of my tongue over its passion engorged tip.

Susan let out an even louder moan and her body shook even harder as she had a bit stronger orgasm and would have sagged to the floor had I not supported her with my arms around her thighs.

Susan reached down and pressed my head hard against her smooth shaven pussy before gabbing my ears and pulling me upright. "Now that will be quite enough of that Mister" she said "We certainly don't have enough time to start something that we cannot finish." I expressed my agreement, but couldn't resist quickly slipping two fingers into her pussy and caressing her G-spot.

Susan moaned and shuddered again and grabbed my shoulders to keep from sliding to the bottom of the tub as her legs went weak. She looked me in the eye, kissed me and said "You bastard You'll pay for that." "Promises, promises" I replied as I washed her back and then started on her stomach. As I worked my way up to her breasts she covered both nipples with her hands and said "Don't even think of starting something there" "If you don't stop the food will be cold by the time we get downstairs and I am not only hungry, but I hate cold Chinese food - so stop dammit!" as she batted my rushing hands and roaming fingers.

"Yes Ma'am" I replied and finished washing her upper chest and neck before pouring some shampoo in my hand and working it into her hair.

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After I had washed her hair twice I took the cream rinse and worked it into her tresses while she started scrubbing me. She followed the same pattern as I and when she got to my groin took her mouth and tenderly sucked one of my balls into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue before switching over and doing the same to my other ball.

She then took my nearly flaccid cock into her mouth and gave it a long hard suck. As my cock started to get hard she took a soapy finger and slid it into my ass and began massaging my prostate. The feeling was exquisite and as my cock rapid started becoming hard she pulled back until only the head of my cock remained in her mouth. Then with another couple of strokes to my prostate and a swirl of her tongue around the head of my now rock hard cock she popped her mouth off my cock, giving it one final lick and commenced washing my body.

"I am glad to see that it doesn't take long to recharge your batteries" she said with a smile on her face. "What am I supposed to do now" I replied looking down at my massive erection. "That's your problem" she said "You shouldn't have started something you knew you couldn't finish!" "You're a wicked and evil woman" I said "But I love you anyway." "Do you" she asked "Do you really love me?" "With my heart and soul" I replied and taking her into my arms lowered my head and gave her a deep, passionate kiss.

After making sure that all of the cream rinse was out of her hair Susan shut off the water, wrapped her hair in a towel, and picking up two large, fluffy towels tossed one to be saying "I'll dry your back if you will dry mine" so that is what we did.

Once completely dry we padded naked into her walk-in closet where she took down a large, dark blue silk robe and handed it to me. "I can't see us getting dressed when we are only going to get naked after we finish eating" she said "I bought this robe for Mike when he was in Iraq and he never wore it and I like to think that he would approve of you wearing it now." I didn't know what to say so I said nothing.

"Mike knew how deeply I loved you" Susan said quietly "and he knew that if you ever came back into my life I would go to you without any reservations whatsoever and he understood and accepted that fact." "That is one of the reasons I loved him so." Once again I didn't know what to say.

I simply reached for Susan and taking her into my arms simply held her close. "Mike must have been one hell of a guy" I said "and I would have been proud and honored to have known him and call him a friend." "Thank you" replied Susan "Now let's eat because I am starved!" The ride down the elevator was far too short as my cock had not returned to its flaccid state by the time we had reached the second floor and I did my best to conceal it when the elevator door finally opened.

Once again I wished I had a camera to capture the look on Cynthia's face then I remembered I did have one on my phone. I pulled my iPhone 4 out of my pocket and turned airplane mode off and I was ready.

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I think it shocked her and perhaps embarrassed her a bit when I took her picture looking all goggle-eyed as she looked at her grandmother and me standing there in silk robes and short silk robes at that. I think she found it a bit hard to comprehend or perhaps it was that she wasn't ready to accept that just a few short hours ago, when she had last seen us, we were properly dressed and now we were nearly naked.

Susan looked at Cynthia and asked "Has the food arrived yet sweetie?" "I worked up one hell of an appetite and I'm starving." "Yes grandma it got here a few minutes ago and momma is setting out the plates and chopsticks in the dining room" she responded then she looked at me and said "You can use chopsticks can't you" "I certainly can" I answered back and followed Susan toward the back of the building.

Susan went through the door and Faith, without looking up said "Mom, what is this Cynthia was telling me about some man coming into the store, getting into a brief fight with you, you making out with him in the middle of the store, you going into the break room with him and closing the door for a couple of hours, and then the two of you taking the elevator upstairs to your bedroom holding hands the entire time." "That's so not like you at all." Then she looked up and saw me standing there holding hands with her mother while we were both dressed in silk robes and I do believe, that just for a minute, the poor woman lost her ability to speak.

"You had better set another place sweetie" said Susan with a completely straight face "as you can see we have company for dinner." "Ah, ah, ah" she kept repeating and finally I said, teasing her a little bit "Now Faith you spoke better than that when you were seven years old" "What's happened to you since then?" Then I took a picture of her with her mouth hanging open.

You could almost see the glimmer of recognition wash over her face and she said "CT Oh my God, oh my god CT, it really is you isn't it" "In the flesh little girl" I answered - although she was at this point hardly a little girl any more. She was the spitting image of her mother from the top of her red haired head to the tips of her toes and if you saw the two of them walking in the distance you would swear they were identical twins. It took her all of maybe four seconds to round the table and jump into my arms with her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist and in the process nearly stripped my robe completely off me.

As I supported her nice firm bottom with both hands she gave a little wiggle and kissed me hard right on my lips and slipped her tongue in over my teeth. "Whoa girl" I said braking away "Take it easy I'm an old man and fragile and I need to be treated gently." "You're no older than my mom is and she's not old at all so you can't be old either" she said with impeccable logic as she leaned back and looked me in the eyes.

Then she took her hands and slid them inside my robe, feeling my chest and rubbing her palms across my nipples saying "and you sure don't feel all that fragile to me." She then took one of my nipples between her fingers and twisted it hard! "Ouch!" I cried out "What the hell was that for?" "You left and never even said or kissed me goodbye and that nearly traumatized me for the rest of my life, but I forgive you" and then she leaned in and kissed the nipple she had just brutally savaged and gave it a little suck followed by a light flick of her tongue.

My cock, that had almost returned to its completely flaccid state, started growing once again and I quickly dropped Faith to her feet and immediately began making a major production out of making sure that it was once again securely fastened around me all the while trying like hell to think cold shower thoughts and mentally reciting the multiplication tables backwards.

Anything to take my mind off the reaction that little minx stirred up in me. It was then that I realized that my phone had been beeping almost steadily since I had turned off the airplane mode. Looking down I saw that I had missed nearly twenty calls, the majority being from my daughter Monica, two from my former XO, and one from my former Regimental Sergeant Major.

"Oh shit!" I said as I looked at my watch "I was supposed to call my daughter two hours ago and she is going to give me hell." "Surely a big bad Marine Corps Colonel isn't afraid of some little girl is he" asked Susan "You don't understand I said." "My daughter has a tongue on her that is so sharp she could give lessons to the Drill Instructors at PI and have them blushing and at 220 pounds she weighs forty pounds more than me." "Yes I am not ashamed to admit that I am a bit afraid of her any sane man would be!" "Well there's no putting it off, I have to call her" If you will excuse me ladies and I turned and headed toward the front room as I pushed the bar on my phone that would dial her number.

Of course all three of them followed me and when I sat in one of the comfortable overstuffed chairs in what was obviously another living room with my phone to my ear they sat directly across from me on the couch whispering and giggling to each other.

My daughter answered the phone on the fifth ring and she immediately started off before I could even say a word with "Where the hell are you, why the hell didn't you call, and when the hell are you getting here" in a voice that would put a state of the art loudspeaker system to shame. Even holding the phone six inches away from my ear she was still too loud. "Now Monica" I said "Something unexpected came up" at that point Susan sniggered and then batted her eyes at me "and there was absolutely no way I could avoid taking care of it." Damned right you couldn't I heard Susan mumble "or even calling you until right now." "Well where the hell are you now and who are you with" "that sounded like a woman in the background" she bellowed and even the girls jumped she was so loud.

"I'm still in Baltimore and I don't know for sure when I will be able to come up" I told her as my extremely slow to light fuse lit and started spitting sparks "and who I am with is of absolutely no business or concern of yours so butt out!" My somewhat harsh words didn't even seem to faze her for she continued "Well I just want you to know that Cecil and I had planned on and wanted you to watch the kids for a couple of days while you were here so he and I could get away together and now those plans are ruined." "I hope you are happy." Suddenly my slow fuse hit the powder keg faster that I thought and perhaps the wine I had consumed loosened my tongue a bit for I exploded and said "You know Monica it is damned rude and damned stupid for you to make plans for something before asking the person central to those plans if he either can or even wants to participate in them." "I have tried over the years to be real accommodating when it comes to you and your needs even going out of my way on occasion and watching those spoiled little monsters you call your children when I had far better things to do with my time, energy, and money yet all the thanks I have ever gotten is another rant about how things are so bad for you and that loser husband of yours Cecil!" "When I started up my business thirteen years ago and he was crying the blues about getting laid off yet again I asked him to be my East Coast sales manager and set it up so all he had to do was go by my main customers once every two weeks, show them the new products and pick up any new orders and he couldn't even be troubled to do that." "It took me months to repair the damage he caused and rebuild my client base over eight States." There was dead silence on the phone and the girls were sitting across from me being absolutely quiet.

"But Daddy" Monica said. "Don't but daddy me girl!" " I should have said this to you a long time ago and didn't." "You're thirty-eight years old and refuse to drive a car because you had a minor fender bender twenty years ago, you refuse to send your precious children to public school because they might have to associate with Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics and instead send them to that private christian school where all they have learned to do is hate, you weigh forty goddamned pounds more than I do and refuse to do anything to lose them because that would require you to exert yourself, and to top it all off you're a hypochondriac who has had the symptoms of every disease known to man except beri-beri and the black death." "When you get your act together" "If you get your act together" "Drop me a post card you have the address and maybe I'll call you." And with that I hung up the phone.

I looked across the room at the three red haired women and was once again struck, not just by their individual beauty for that was considerable, but by how remarkably identical the three of them looked sitting there together.

I pulled my somewhat tattered emotions together and said "I really must apologize for my recent actions" "It wasn't my intention for you to hear me ranting at my daughter, but she finally succeeded in really pissing me off and I have no regrets about anything I said." Susan looked at her daughter and granddaughter before looking at me and saying "Well, it's not my place to say anything, but it sounds to me that what you said has needed saying for a long, long time." "Now let's go eat before the food gets cold." The four of us got up and as we headed toward the dining room I couldn't help but admire the synchronized sway of three pairs of hips.

Dinner was a real blast and more than a few bottles of rice wine were consumed. As Susan and I had earlier, the four of us talked about everyone and anything and no subject was really taboo. Finally Susan looked at me and then at her daughter and granddaughter and said in a serious tone of voice "You'll have to excuse us, but CT and I have some unfinished business to attend to upstairs" then giggled as the other two sniggered. "Before we go up my love I really need to call my XO and Sergeant Major and give them the word and I promise to make both calls very quick" I said.

"You had better Mister if you know what's good for you" and burst out laughing with the other two. I pulled out my phone and called my former XO first putting him on the speakerphone. "'Lo Plug, How they hanging" Marty said when he answered his phone.

"Tell me you're at the hotel with a couple of hot ones and I'll be right over." Now when he called me Plug I thought Susan was going to lose it all together as she started laughing out loud and Faith and Cynthia just sat there with confused looks on their faces.


"Now you know damned good and well that Mary would put your ass in a sling if she ever caught you chasing another skirt and is liable to damage me for letting you do it." "Look, I am sorry to disappoint but I have been delayed in Baltimore by three absolutely ravishing looking red heads and it might be a few days before I can get up there." "Now you know better than to try and shit an old shitbird like me" "I might have believed one red head because I know of your weakness for them, but not three of them" "Tell me another one Plug" he said, "I'm not telling tales Marty these are three of the most beautiful women it has even been my pleasure come across much less to know" then Susan chimed in with "He's not Marty" followed by Faith's "Sure isn't" and Cynthia's "You can bet he isn't." "I still don't believe you" Marty said.

"Alright Marty hold one" and I took my phone away from my ear and switched it over to camera function. "Susan" I asked "Would you be a real sweetheart and move over and stand between Faith and Cynthia?" "Sure thing lover" she said and I snapped a picture and then a couple more with each being framed a bit differently.

"Still there Marty" I asked. "Sure am Plug!" "Ok here come the pictures" I said as I sent them to his phone. There was a long stretch of silence then Marty said "Please Skipper and Fearless Leader who is an inspiration to all of us lowly and humble Marines" "Please, please tell me you are willing to share" All three of the girls started laughing out loud then for Marty's voice took on the exact timbre of a small plaintive child seeking comfort and security.

"Sorry Marty, but you are a married man and it wouldn't be my decision anyway" "Look I'll call you in a couple of days and let you know what my plans are and would you call SgtMaj Christian and give him a heads up for me" "Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

" "You're a cold, callous, and heartless bastard Plug perhaps that's why I like you so much" "Have fun and we'll talk in a few" then he hung up. I looked over at Susan and said "You mentioned something about unfinished business I believe" and she came back around the table, took my arm in hers and headed to the elevator. Susan didn't waste any time.

The elevator door had barely closed when she reached into my robe and started to fondle me and I reciprocated by sliding one hand under the hem of her robe and cupped her sex. I slid one finger in to her already dripping pussy, and finding that magic g-spot briefly caressed it. She let out a long, low moan and placed her hand over the engorged head of my cock giving it a firm squeeze. She began rubbing my pre-cum all around the sensitive head with the palm of her hand before bring it up to her mouth and licking it.

"Ummmmmmmm" she moaned "Now that's the type of dessert I really like." By the time the elevator hit the top floor we were both as horny as a pair of oversexed teenagers and we made a beeline for her bed shedding our robes as we went.

We crawled to the center of that huge bed, our arms wrapped around one another and our lips and tongues met in a firestorm of passion. "I want you inside of me" breathed Susan "I want you deep inside of me and for you to fill my red hot pussy with your cum!" She rolled me onto my back and straddled my hips.

Using one hand for balance she took her other one and grabbed a hold of my rigid cock centering it directly below her hot, moist tunnel. Then she slowly lowered herself down until the head of my cock slipped between the lips of her labia. She was tight at first, very, very tight and then, as if by magic, she loosened up and my cock slid into her dripping pussy like a hand into a really comfortable glove. Not too tight, as it had been that night forty years ago, and by no stretch of the imagination too loose.

Just right. I don't know what arcane arts she used but no sooner had she bottomed out than the walls of her pussy molded themselves around every square centimeter of my cock. She sat there for a moment with a look of pure lust and deep satisfaction on her face and she began rolling the muscles of her vagina inward like she was trying to suck my cock even deeper.

My hands went to her beautiful breasts and as I began slowly kneading them and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger she began to move slowly upward her pussy sucking my cock in the entire way. When she reached the apex of her ascent she paused for a second with just my bulbous cockhead inside her and then dropped straight down until our pubic bones met once again.

Then she would do a soft, slow grind mashing her clit against me and begin the whole slow process all over again. A dozen, two dozen times she did this picking up a tiny bit of speed each time and her moaning changed to an uugh, uugh, uugh every time she bottomed out. I could feel the tension building within her and she started having a series of mini orgasms. Her head began snapping from side to side and as it did her shining red hair would lash across my chest with increasing force.

"fuck me CT" "fuck me CT" "fuck me CT" she said "FUCK ME I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I twisted both nipples simultaneously. She slammed down to the bottom, impaled on my cock, and her legs shot straight back as her pussy convulsed around me deep in the throes of a massive orgasm. She collapsed on my chest and I caressed her back with my hands as wave after shuddering wave passed through her body.

As her tremors slowed she raised her head and said "I love you." I wrapped my arms around her wanting nothing more than to be able to pull her inside me merging our two bodies. I rolled her on to her back and slowly withdrew my enflamed member until the tip of my cock was just barely inside her then I gently pushed it back inside her only to withdraw it again.

Over and over I repeated that maneuver slowly and gently increasing my pace. Her legs came up and wrapped themselves around my ass cheeks and her arms clasped my back and she began a slow stroking from my shoulders to the top of my ass and then back up with her fingers lightly tracing intricate designs. When she found a scar, and there were several of them, she would gently caress each one before continuing on her journey. As I thrust into her, her pelvis would rise to meet mine and we settled into a nice easy rhythm.

Not too fast or hard and not to slow just a nice caring pace between two lovers enjoying one another and the pleasure each had to give. Who knows how long we lay there slowly making love to each other and looking into each other's eyes as we merged our souls.

Slowly, ever so slowly we increased our movement and I felt that familiar rising within my ball sack. I looked at Susan and said "I'm going to come." There was no rush and after a few moments I could feel my cock swell within her pussy and as I came I could feel her begin shaking in response as another orgasm overtook her.

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I could feel her juices mingling with mine as we shared our love with each other. It wasn't the most intense orgasm, but it was the most satisfying one I had ever had and as I finished I lay on her chest for a minute and then rolled to my side with my arms around her and my cock still inside her.


We kissed once again, pulled a sheet over us and fell asleep just as we were.