Gay drink cum and piss movie Jerking off clearly comes next with

Gay drink cum and piss movie Jerking off clearly comes next  with
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Riding Trial Chapter Three Michelle began riding on Sunday morning early even though she was still so sore from Friday nights ordeal.

She rode very gingerly and took all the jumps as smooth as she could but she still smacked down now and then. This time when she hit it sent little shock waves up insde her. She worried that she was hurt internally. As she rode more it was apparent only her pussy was really sore. Her ass was not as bad as she expected.

She still got that funny ache way down deep whenever she landed hard though. She did three hours for about fifteen times through the circuits.

A few well wishers came by and watched. She rode Ziggy all the way to the barn since the last time she was aware and knew her riding pants were soaked. For the life of her she did not know why her pussy got so soaked when she rode. It had not happened before Jimmy had started doing such bad things to her.

She wondered if there was some correlation between the rough sex her body responding to the impacts and rubbing of riding. She let her mind wander and wondered if her body only responded to rough sex since she'd never climaxed to just simple sex yet when it was rough even mean her body betrayed her.

She wondered for a few minutes then shook off the thought and got cleaned up. The next couple days went fine with her early morning rides. Her soreness dissipated and she and Ziggy were working beautifully together. It was Thursday morning and she finished packing tack into the trailer after her morning workout. She washed down Ziggy and trimmed her mane and prepared new tail wraps for the weekends competition.

Her tack was perfect and loaded in the trailer. She figured she'd get up early on Friday morning and drive the four hours North to Seattle and get checked in by noon and have time to check out the course and get into her room then meet her folks for dinner since they'd be flying into Sea-Tac about dinner time.

She was beginning to feel real relief from the last couple weeks and the hell Jimmy had put her through. She still wrestled with the idea of telling Kim on Friday night. It could work to her advantage in more ways than one. Hmmmm. By early Thursday evening Michelle was feeling very nervous about her trip and the competition. She put the finishing touch on her riding pants, boots, Jacket and helmet and packed them up and put them in her pick-up.

She was ready and in no time it was time to get to sleep. All she could do was toss and turn. She finally gave up and went in to take a hot bath. She was lounging in her tub when she sensed something wrong. She pulled back the shower curtain a bit and saw Jimmy sitting there. She covered up and started cursing at him. He glared at her and growled shut the fuck up now! She sputtered But but but a few times. Jimmy looked at her in a truly scary manner and said "You thought you'd get away with a simple schedule change?" He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small can and a razor and set them on the edge of the tub.

He pointed at them and said "Shave that red pussy. All I want is a little red tuft up front. Get it shaved now!" Michelle started to object when Jimmy yelled "Shut the fuck up.

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Don't make me carry out my threat." He pulled out his phone and pushed in something then turned it to her. On the phone was a picture of Ziggy in his stall with someone in a stocking ski mask on holding her halter. Jimmy said "You owe me one more night of video. Tonight's the night. Get moving or your horse gets a Nancy Kerrigan knee." Michelle began to cry the said "OK just don't hurt Ziggy". Jimmy pointed at the razor and said "Get busy." She did and when she was done her pussy hair was just a small red strip up front and she finished up by doing her armpits and legs at Jimmy's direction.


When she rinsed and got out of the tub Jimmy handed her a towel when she was dry he had her spread her legs and he inspected her pussy. When He was satisfied he lead her to her bedroom. He had here sit on the bed and she knew he was ready to take her right there on her bed. Instead he reached in a bag on the floor and pulled out the red corselet, stockings, and heels. Her head reeled when she realized she had never noticed them after she left them on the floor of the bathroom where she'd thrown them after her last debauchery session.

Jimmy smilled and said "Get them on since they look so natural on you." When she was dressed Jimmy admired her then said hold your foot up here. She layed back a bit and held up one heel. Jimmy grasped the 4" heel and raised it. He pointed to her other foot and said "The other" She raised it and he grabbed the heel and raised her legs high. She had no choice but to end up laying on her back.

Jimmy held both heels with one hand and undid his pants with the other. He pulled out his hard cock and then grabbed her heels and spread her legs extremely wide.

He wasted no time and slammed his cock deep inside her. He fucked her furiously then slowed a bit. He laughed and said "I haven't decided what I want to see you do tonight. I thought about a biker gang bang even more fun a gang rape on video or I was thinking a definite dressage riding lesson." "I'll tell you what we'll let my cock decide, I'll pull it out when I'm ready to cum. When I blow my load we'll see how far up your belly it goes" Of course I shoot much farther when you get me really excited like.if you fuck me good and hard or scream how bad you want it.

If my cum stays on your belly button level it will be bikers. If I shoot high enough that one drop reaches one of your tits it will be dressage lessons. I guess you better get working and get me excited about fucking you." Michelle was a bit confused but Jimmy started fucking her in long deep strokes. She reached up and put her arms around him.

He pushed a bit harder and deeper. She grasped his ass with both hands and pulled him into her. He took the hint and started plowing into her she pulled harder.

He whispered "Come on slut turn me on. How do you want it. Scream it out. How do you want fucked?" Michelle said "harder" he said "I didn't hear you. You better get into this or the bikers will." Michelle screamed "God Jimmy Just fuck me hard" He calmly yawned and said "Gee how hard?" She was desperate and yelled "Fuck me til it hurts, I can't cum unbless your hurting me. Hurt me you bastard." Jimmy rammed home hard a few times and Michelle clawed at his ass as he did it and hissed "Yesssss fucking hard." Jimmy was happy and Michelle was getting close to an orgasm when Jimmy asked "You want some big cock tonight?

Do you want it big and deep?" as he did Michelle began her climax and cried "Oh god yes I do." He whispered to her "You want great big cocks hurting your poor little pussy don't you?" Michelle panted "Oh god yesssss just make me cum some moreeeee" Jimmy said "little horsey slut get ready for your pussy and ass to get stretched" as he pulled out his cock and stroked it a couple times.

By the third spurt Michelle had some drops of cum on her left tit. Jimmy whispered "20 bikers won't be raping you in a bar tonight." Jimmy lead Michelle to the door and handed her a long coat to put on over her corselet, stockings, and heels, She was lead to his Jaguar and they drove to the country club stables. Jimmy lead her to one of his stables in the back of the big barn.

Outside the stable he took her long coat and handed her a tux type riding coat and a riding helmet. She put on the jacket and helmet but was instructed to leave her long red hair extending out the back. She did as she was told. She waked into the stable on heels that she still was not used to. She was terrified as she looked around. In the center of the room was a kind of narrow massage table. It had padding on top but partway down the sides were a pair of straps with riding stirrups attached to them.

At the head of the table was a couple of TV monitors and around the room were several video cameras. There were a few chairs along one wall and three of them had large black men sitting in them. As she looked she realized each of these guys were huge and way over six feet tall as best she could estimate in their sitting position.

Each one wore nothing but boxer shorts and displayed huge muscular chests, armsand legs. Michelle looked around a bit more as apprehension really set in. The monitors had displays running. The smaller one on top showed Ziggy's stall with a couple people standing near her. The were dressed in black with black ski mask type hoods. One was obviously female and she was petting Ziggy.

The lower monitor was bigger and was playing video of last years National finals of dressage. It was a 13 gate (jumps) event and each competitor went through the course a total of three times in a day and get a total time and score for the day. Jimmy walked up alongside Michelle and whispered "Riding lessons.

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Hmmm. we're going to get a lesson on National level jump competition from you little horsey slut"" Let me describe how this is gonna work." Jimmy went on to describe what terrified Michelle. A large black man would lay on the table and a fluffer would come in and blow him til he was good and hard.

Michelle was to mount up using the stirrups and position herself on his cock. She was to watch the monitor displaying the jumping competition and ride the cock at the same pace as the rider on the tape.

The catch was when the horse ands rider took a jump Michelle was to bottom out on this guys cock. If she failed to slap her ass on his balls she would incur a fault and that would be most brutal for each fault. She would have 13 jumps plus the 10 minute ride time through the course. This deal would be like the real deal and would she would have to make the three full rides (hence 3 black studs) and at the end of the event all faults would be assesed.

Michelle began shaking her head and whined "I can't do this, I have to ride in Nationals in two days, Please don't make me do this now." Jimmy keyed up his little radio and spoke to someone. I the upper monitor she saw one of the people in Ziggy's stall fill a syringe. Michelle began to cry and howled "No no no".

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Jimmy keyed the mike then looked at her and said "Your choice. Do you ride or does your horse go down just before Nationals. Oh so sad." Michelle cried and whined out "Ok ok just don't hurt her." Jimmy spoke into the radio and said "She's ready, Let's get started." Michelle saw the woman in the top monitor leave Ziggy's stall at the same time the first of the black men got up, dropped his boxers and climbed on the table.

Once he was laying naked on the table a woman with a great figure walked in wearing a black latex corselet, black stocking, high heel and a black latex hood with eye and mouth openings.

She walked right over and began giving a very ambitious blow job to the stud on the table. Michelle was amazed as the stud began to grow. He was big to begin with but was getting huge. As the stud got nearly hard Michelle was directed to get up into the stirrups and be ready.

She placed her feet in the stirrups and could feel the blondes hair rubbing against her little red pubic bush as she gave the stud the last of her blowjob. The last thing the blond did was rub some lube on his cock. Jimmy instructed Michelle to get his cock in her pussy. The blonde held the big cock in place and helped it into her. Michelle inhaled deeply as he began to penetrate her since he was bigger than she'd ever had.

Once he was inside her about two inches Jimmy grasped Michelles ankles and adjusted the stirrups so the highest Michelle could rise up would still leave the huge cock insde her by about two inches. The blonde began rubbing the stud up and down his chest and kissing him all over and said "Whoa big boy.

He's ready to ride." Jimmy reached over and pressed some keys on a keyboard and video began of Michelle and Ziggy riding in the gate into the arena.

Jimmy whispered "I thought you'd enjoy the irony. Better get riding horsey slut. You have alot of cock to work into you before the first jump.

Better get with it." Jimmy hissed" get your ass rocking and ride that cock. deeper. deeper. ride you slut" Michelle began moving her hips and rocking up and down and back and forth. Jimmy hissed "Get in rhythym with that slut on screen. hurry up". Michelle watched herself ride Ziggy on the screen and tried to keep paced as she saw her and Ziggy approach the first jump. The blonde put her hands on Michelles hips and said "jump coming.

bottom out, slam down now. now. now, further further you slut. Michelle pushed down hard but this guy was huge. She howled in pain and whimpered out "Hurts oh god it hurts." When the jump was over she raised up and with the blondes help began rocking to the rhythym of the ride. Soon enough the next jump came up. The blonde pushed down on Michelles hips and yelled "jump slut jump, take it all" Michelle struggled to get as far down on the massive cock as she could. It hurt so bad but she knew she was farther down on it.

As the jump was over she straightened her legs a bit and began riding to the rhythym. She was panting loadly and sweating due to the exertion and the pain. Each jump came with a painful downward thrust. On the fifth jump she felt a pair of balls wedge up against her ass. She'd done it.

taken it all. She was in pain and yet the ride, the pain, the jumps, kept coming up. Finally mercifully the last jump approached as she pushed down the stud grasped her hips and began fucking up into her and would not let her rise up.

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He fucked her hard the finally groaned as he filled her with cum. He kept coming til her ride on the video was over. Michelle was in pain and filled with cum as she was instructed to dismount. Jimmy and the blonde helped her off the stud and onto her feet. Michelles legs would barely support her. The blonde lead her to another tack room and helped her into a chair. Michelles head was spinning as she sat down. The blonde reclined her back and told her to relax.

Michelle did as she was told then realized the blonde had placed stirrups on the chair. It was a medical exam chair and her legs were lifted into the stirrups and secured. Michelle was confused but soon felt someone licking her pussy. When she raised her head she realized the blonde was intently licking her pussy. After a short while the blonde was fingering her pussy and licking her.

Michelle began rocking her hips in rhythym and her pussy began a hot work up to climax. As Michelle cllimaxed the blonde licked furiously then said " I love warm cum from a freshly fucked pussy." Michelle closed her eyes as tears formed.

She couldn't believe she had just cum from a woman licking and fingering her pussy. She was ashamed and embarrassed.

The blonde whispered "We better clean you up and get you ready for your next ride." She wiped Michelles pussy clean and wiped sweat from all over her. Her final act was to rub lube all over her fingers and rub it into Michelles pussy. She told Michelle to relax for a few and walked out. Michelle relaxed and tried to get her emotions under control but in no time at all she was lead back into the room with the table.

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The blonde was just finishing up sucking the next stud on the table. He was large and thick as well.


Michelle was instructed to mount up and did as she was told. Jimmy keyed in the next ride into the video, adjusted her stirrups, and got her started oon her next ride. Michelle knew immediately this stud was thicker in diameter as she began too ride. The first three jumps she failed to bottom out on him. She knew it and was frustrated. After that she was successful on the next ten jumps. Again on the last jump the stud grabbed her hips and fucked up into her til he came deep inside her.

Michelle was helped to dismount and lead back to the exam chair. The blonde repaeated her minustrations on Michelles pussy and Michelle was appualed that she came again with a woman. Finally she was lead back to the table as the blonde finished blowing the third stud. He was very big as well. Michelle mounted up and rode for the first jump. She slammed down hard and just couldn't get anymore inside her.

She tried hard for four jumps before she could finally got all the way down on him. The pain was incredible as she bottomed on his cock. She had to try so hard each jump. Mercifully as the last jump came up he began fucking a hot load into her ravaged pussy.

Michelle finally dismounted and was helped to the medical chair. The blonde licked her pussy clean but did not bring her to climax. The blonde helped her remove her riding jacket and helmet and left her with her corselet, stockings, and heels.

Jimmy came in and told her to follow him. They walked into the tack room they started in the very first time he took her. The single bed was still there as were all the hooks on the wall pluss several video screens. Jimmy had Michelle sit in a chair in the middle of the room.

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He began to explain to Michelle that several judges had watched her ride and would each give their results. He turned on each video monitor with a remote and spoke out load into a microphone.

A voice answered from each sreen. The faces were obscured but a person and voice conversed on each screen. Jimmy said " San Fransisco what is your score?" San fransisco responded " I find the ride as a solid 8.5 out of ten but she did have 9 faults." The next was Portland with 8.0 with 10 faults.

Seattle had 7.5 with 10 faults. Denver had 8.0 and 9 faults. Salt Lake city had 8.5 with 9 faults. Los Angelos was last with 8.0 and 10 faults. Jimmy walked over to Michelle and says you ended up with an overall score of 8.5 and a concensous of 10 faults.

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The judges have each bid good money on which of them will select your punishment the form in which you will pay for your faults. Los Angelos. You are awarded the honors. Your orders are being followed out as we speak. LA acknowledged and invited everyone to enjoy the show. Michelle was confused but was lead to a stall.

As she entered she found a large wooden X placed about three feet off the floor. She was laid on the X and her arms legs and waist wer strapped down. Her legs were spread at a very wide angle. She was then fitted with a o shaped gag that held her mouth open.

She could not hold her head up for long whille looking up at the cieling and she finally ended up letting her head hang down anf her hair brushed the floor. The door swung open and Jimmy lead in a group of ten nasty looking bikers. Jimmy looked about and said "This slut is all yours. She wants to get knocked up so use her pussy, her ass, her mouth. She likes it rough." Then he left the room.

Out of the corner of her eye Michelle saw bikers and video cameras then her gang bang commenced. She was fucked roughly by each biker. Some fucked her mouth and throat til she vomitted. They fucked her pussy leaving load after load in it. Some even jammed their cocks in her ass. She was in agony and cried for all she's worth. They fucked her for nearly two hours during which she passed out twice. After her last unconsious laps she found herself in a new room completely naked and in the examination chair.

Her feet in stirrups elevaated and strapped in. Her arms were secured at her sides. Jimmy and the blonde were standing between her legs. The blonde leaned down and licked Michelles pussy for a bit.

She began talking to Michelle in a quiet voice. First she exclaimed that Michelle should definitely be pregnant since she was fertile for this whole session and the last one too.

Odds were she was good and knocked up. She still loved licking cum from her poor abused cunt. She ran fingers in and out of Michelles pussy squeezing cum between her fingers and making squishing noises.

The blonde held up her dripping gooey fingers in display to Michelle. Michelle groaned out loud. The blonde began talking as she worked alot of fingers and finally her entire fist into Michelle. Her explanation was about National Equestrian competition and high dollar sponsors as well as high dollar judges who love perversion and money. The blonde explained and said"I know this very well since my sponsor pays for me to compete and supplies my penchant for abusing other helpless sluts." With that Jimmy unzipped her hood and removed it.

Kim shook her blonde hair loose and smiled at Michelle. It had been Kim licking her pussy. It was Kim who had her fist in her now. Kim was bent over and began licking Michelles pussy as Jimmy began fucking her from behind. Kim purred as Jimmy fucked her. Kim passed on the pleasure by licking and fucking Michelle with her fist. Michelle was confused yet she felt a climax building rapidly.

She came like never before. When she was done Kim removed her fist then elaned over and laid on top of Michelle as Jimmy fucked her from behind. Kim whispered in Michelles ear how much she loved to be fucked while she debauches young helpless women with her lesbian tendencies. Kim licked one of Michelles nipples. When she was done she looked at Michelle and purred "You love big cocks, you love pain, you also like a woman fucking and sucking you. Some of our sponsors will really love you and pay top dollar to support you in your dressage ambitions." Hmmmm.

You'll go far since the judges really love you, your long red hair, your hungry pussy, the way you cum while being fucked hard. Yes you've got it made." Kim went on to describe the bidding process of the sponsors. The high bidder would pay her full cost for National Level dressage competition (Horses, trailer, tack, transportation, board, keep) the riders would do promotional appearances just like a sports athelete.

Only her appearances would be on video and involved her having some form of sex. All tapes remained the property of the sponsor and would not be released to the public unless the rider broke some rules and failed to honor her contract. Her contract would be for a three year period. All expenses paid. She would be expected to perform sexually on three days each week, would be provided birth control, clothing, food, lodging, and all the amenities for a National level competitor. If she chose not to accept this sponsorship she would be lead from this room and be found naked at t truck stop somewhere, video of all her fucking would hit the internet.

She would be pregnant, dissgraced, probably banned from dressage competition after the governing body saw her riding display (which they would personally provided a copy). Michelle knew she had no choice. Kim went on to explain some of the sponsors tastes.

Some like BDSM, some like lesbian stuff, a couple liked bondage/rape, a couple loved the damsel in distress themes, a couple loved interracial stuff, and one loved biker gangs. Within the hour the didding would be finished and Michelle would have to accept her contract and sign.

In the meanwhile. Kim began licking and fingering her more intently. She purred and said I hope James wins He loves lesbian betrayal and rape. The bidding is intense and everyone wants to see some amazing things done to this beautiful 18 yr old long haired redhead with a great figure. Tick tock tick tock. It's coming down to the wire and the three top bidders are biker gangs, interracial gangs, BDSM sponsors.

Oh who will win.?. Poor little Michelle.