Bisexual otter takes a cock in his asshole

Bisexual otter takes a cock in his asshole
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Brothers Computer By Blueheatt Glenda…… ___My computer locked up on me so I was stuck until I could get it figured out.

I just needed to reply to a message from my boyfriend. I was home alone, so I figured I would just go to my brothers computer and send it. I went in his bedroom and he had gone outside quick to talk to some friends.

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The monitor was off, but when I turned it on……omg…there was his cell phone picture file starring me in the face. Oh I knew he was sneaky like guys are, but I never expected this. Guys like to look at girls, up a short skirt, coming out of a shower and any other 'sneak peek' they can get.

We girls know this and it makes us feel good that they want to see our bodies. We do temp them with our clothes, short skirts, low cut tops, not wearing a bra to show our nipples&hellip.but having our picture taken without our knowledge is going a little far… sometimes. Of course it depends on who's taking the pictures.

Brothers are kind of 'iffy' in a way, but we even just 'act' like we don't like it when they take a picture of us half naked. Some girls yell: "Mom, Dad, he's trying to take pictures of me half naked." In my family my mom and dad would only laugh at me& I never bothered ratting him out&hellip.but now, this was different&hellip.

This was no cell phone camera, it was a spy camera. My brother was a pervert voyeur!…not that I wasn't 'a little' myself. The picture I was looking at was taken from the top of our stairs. There was a mirror in our living room and you could see two people in a dark corner.

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It was series of pictures. He zoomed in and you could see it was our mom and my uncle Ted. Next picture he zoomed in closer. Oh my&hellip.uncle Ted had his hand in mom's panties. I sat stunned. I never dreamed something like this was going on between them. Slowly, picture by picture I watch him fingering my mom.

Next, her hand had him unzipped and out came his boner. She was jacking him picture by picture. Next I see her face and her mouth went over the end of it. Jack by jack until the next picture showed…cum coming out of the sides of her mouth&hellip. I felt the wetness in my pussy. Those pictures made me very hot.


I had seen lot's of porn, but this was my mom and uncle&hellip.the real thing. I moved on to another file, one marked 'Glenda'. I gulped and clicked it open. How the hell he got these was amazing.

It showed me naked in the shower, me in my bedroom sleeping naked, me fingering myself in my room! Picture after picture of my tits, legs and ass. I put everything back the way it was, and turned off his monitor. I quick left the room.

I liked my brother and was flattered he wanted these pictures of me, but to actually see them…it was a real turn on knowing his eyes had seen me live this way. His fake 'always talking on his cell phone' ploy was up with me now.

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I didn't want those pictures of me found. I had to figure a way to get them erased. He liked my body, so I figured a way to use it to get those pictures out.

I put on just a towel only. Lots of cleavage showing. I waited until he came back in his room. I went in. He click off the screen quick and asked what I wanted. "Let's talk, Randy." I said. He looked at my tits and slowly took out his fake cell phone camera.

We smiled at each other as I sat next to him. He said: "Sure, start talking, I just have to make a quick phone call, but go ahead." I said: "Randy, I need to be held, my boyfriend just dumped me." As I leaned over I let my towel go loose. Now my bare tits were against his chest as I sniffed a fake sob. I lay my head in his lap and looked up.

His fingers were busy pushing buttons on that fake phone. He was getting a shot of my naked tits in his lap. I felt a growing lump at the back of my head. He was getting a boner fast in his pants. I wiped a fake tear from my eye and said: "Randy, do you think I'm pretty?" My towel was now part way open showing my pubic hair. Now It felt like the back of my head was laying on a big rock. His face was a little blushed, as his fingers kept pushing button on the fake phone. "Yes Glenda, I think your one beautiful girl…and…a&hellip.very sexy too!" he said.

I said: "Oh thank you Randy, I needed to hear that." I reached up and started kissing his face. My towel dropped to the floor. He panicked. Now he faked a : "I'll call you back." but didn't put that fake phone down. "Oh Randy&hellip.your so sweet…you know I've always had a crush on you…I have feelings for you…kiss me Randy…" He was completely flustered and now I grabbed his fake phone. I stood up naked as he wanted that fake phone back. Now I had him. "Why this isn't a cell phone, it's a camera&hellip.oh Randy, what have you been doing?&hellip.taking pictures of me????…we better talk about this Randy, right now." Poor Randy was shook.

I felt sorry for him. He was so busted and his world was at risk of being blown apart. He was…my brother and I did have deep feelings for him. He stammered to try and explain his actions and I just kissed him. I felt him relax and his arms go around me. It's hard to explain brother and sister love. We are flesh and blood to each other and that is very binding&hellip.

for life. We just held that kiss and let it happen. I said: "Randy, relax. Things are going to change, and I think for the better for both of us. First of all, I know about the pictures you have in your computer. I am very flattered that you like my body…and me. I've got some 'voyeur' in me too. The pictures that I did see…they gave me a sexual rush. Your secrets are safe with me." I felt him give out a big sigh and he kissed me like a lover&hellip.I got that rush again only way stronger.

I was sitting on his lap, turned and laying my tits on his chest&hellip. still naked and that boner of his was under my pussy. "OK, tonight, I will come to your room and we'll look at those pictures…together. You can give me all the stories that go with them.ok?" He nodded his head as we stood up.

He smiled as I let him look at me all completely naked for the first time. I turned slowly completely around to let him see me 360o. I saw his big boner sticking straight out, tenting his shorts. We said nothing as our hands started feeling us both. I had to stop myself and leave this event and wait for tonight.

I had to remove those pictures of me from his computer and teach him how to really hide pictures from mom and dad to keep them from ever finding them. It took my breath away just thinking about what I was about to see&hellip. Randy…&hellip. My heart was still beating so fast. Busted with my pictures, but thanks to sis, my secret was safe from others.

So much happen in such a few minutes but now my feelings for Glenda were out there for her to know. I had lusted for her for a long time but the bro. sis., thing just put my urges for her on hold forever&hellip. I thought.

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Now it's out in the open and I want to get us alone and let our desires run wild. She had such a hot body and cute all over. I couldn't count all the times I've wanked real good thinking about her while looking at her hot body pictures. I'll show her some pictures tonight and get her so hot watching them, she'll attack me, she'll get so turned on. I wish mom and dad were gone for the night somewhere. I want to get with Glenda so bad…… Glenda…&hellip.

I couldn't stop thinking about Randy and tonight. He could tell me the details about mom and uncle Ted, how he got the pictures of me and a lot more. My ego was flying with the thought of him being so hot for me.

Now I could release my feelings for him I had hidden away in the taboo file in my mind. He doesn't know my voyeur desires looked it him many times too. I could only take mental pictures of him to finger myself with though.


I wanted to get my hands on the rock hard boner he got looking at me. I'm sitting here on my bed getting all wet. I want to finger myself but maybe he'll do the fingering of my pussy tonight. Yes…that's it. He can finger me while I wank him&hellip.I'm getting myself all turned on thinking about tonight&hellip. I thought about uncle Ted and mom. I would love to know how long this has been going on with him and mom.

Maybe Randy can fill me in. That night mom and dad went next door to visit the neighbors. That was good, because they all would drink and come home late. I watched them leave out my upstairs bedroom window. I put on just my robe and headed for Randy's room. His lights were out except for the computer screen.

I locked the door behind me. He was standing against the wall waiting for me in his robe. His hand came out and then mine. He pulled me to him with a hot kiss and a tight hug. It was like lighting a fire. We were free to be together for a while. I had to get him over to the computer to hide that file&hellip.but his hand found my pussy and mine found his boner.

I got dizzy as his kisses took my air away. I slowly moved us over to the computer. We sat in the two chairs close. My hand on his boner and his finger rubbing my wet slit. We stopped so he could the show pictures.

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He put them on auto-show, then back our hands went to feel between our legs. It started off with pictures of me. I stopped him. I pulled out of my robe pocket a blank disc.

"Here, put all the pictures on this disk, then we can hide it in a safe place. While he did that we watched the computer fill the disc. He checked the disk, all was there. He erased the computer pictures. We now watched the disk. I ask him about mom and uncle Ted. He smiled and clicked on their file. He said is was fate that he got pictures of them. He was just trying out his camera when he caught them having oral sex. We watch them together this time.

His finger in my wet pussy and my hand jacking him. The sheer risk of doing this was such a turn on. Our hearing was on high in case mom and dad came home early. Our true feelings for each other were coming out and I wanted to get naked with him and let ourselves go with it. Now the pictures of me he took. He explained how his camera could slip through a door barely open.

Under a door, around a corner and in low light. Picture after picture of me almost naked or completely naked turned him on. They intern turned me on. We were getting hotter and hotter watch them. It built up and he stopped the disk. He turned to me and we kissed and slowly drifted to the floor.

He got on top of me and with our robes open our bodies meshed together with bare skin touching. I was in a new dream world of lust for my own brother. My legs came up and around him. His boner rubbed my pussy and my clit came alive with feelings from it.

We just went for it. I felt the head of his boner slip in my waiting pussy. I trembled as the real thing was happening. He felt so good in me as we began slow fucking. His warm body on me was so heavenly as we fucked faster and faster. Our tummy's started slapping together as we built up to a brother sister cum. So taboo and exciting. I pulled on him in a heated sexual rush to get what I wanted. We held on tight as a burst of joy hit us.

He shot cum in me so strong it made me climax instantly. Our bodies meshed together in the ecstasy of it all. Pulling our joy in tight together. We tried to be quiet, but the sounds just came out. I loved the feeling of my legs pulling on his legs and driving him deep in my pussy.

He kept shooting cum with hard bursts in me. I moaned and jerked with every shot…&hellip. I was in another world with him. ----- &hellip.I tried to wake up. I was in my bed naked.


My legs spread wide apart. My pussy was soaking wet. My small night stand light was on. Standing over me was Randy on my bed strattling me naked. He was smiling big with his camera in hand. He whispered: ("…ooooo I got some killer shots of you sis, you'll like them…") I managed a spent smile. I pulled him down to me and kissed him passionately&hellip.I wrapped my legs around him to which his dick slowly slipped in my pussy&hellip. again……