Mother spies on son and daughter

Mother spies on son and daughter
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This story took place many years ago, when I was 12 years old. Although I am writing it with a middle aged man's experience and knowledge, I have tried to retain a boy's innocence. It is my first effort at story writing, so any constructive comments are welcome. I lived with my Mum, Dad and 2 sisters Diane, 16 and Mary 11.

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The time is the long summer holidays and in my memory the sun shone for the whole 6 weeks. As our house was situated on the edge of a small village, surrounded by open countryside and some woodland I spent most of my time outside. There were no other boys my age in the village and we were miles from the nearest town where most of my school friends lived, I spent most of my time playing alone. I didn't mind as I liked my own company and could always find something to keep me occupied.

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I also had a new found freedom; my parents reckoned that at 13 I did not need Diane to look after me. On this particular day I was trying out my new camera, taking pictures of wildlife using its telephoto lens. I had recently become very interested in photography and my Mum and Dad had not only bought me the camera and lenses, but set up a dark room in the cellar, so I could develop my own pictures.

I had shot off one roll of film in a small copse, but had not seen anything really interesting. So I decided to switch location to the largest area of woodland about a mile from the house. I entered the wood and headed for a hide I had built near its centre.

The hide was a good one on the edge of a small clearing and it rendered me virtually invisible. I settled in to the hide and waited quietly. I had been there about 15 minutes when I saw my elder sister walk into the clearing, hand in hand with Tom, a local lad who was a couple of years older than her.

At first I was annoyed that they would scare off all the birds that I wanted to photograph, but then I thought it might be fun to stay and watch. How right I was!

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Tom spread a blanket on the ground about 15 yards away from my hidden position. They both lay down on the blanket, with their feet towards me and within 30 seconds began French kissing, by looking trough the camera's telephoto lens I could clearly see their tongues exploring each other's mouths.

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Both Tom and Diane were wearing T shirts and shorts and it wasn't long before Tom's hand was inside my sister's shirt, obviously caressing her breasts. This was getting interesting and I could feel my prick start to harden. Tom broke of kissing Diane, they both sat up and he took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Diane raised her arms to allow Tom to completely remove the shirt and I was treated to my first view of my sister's tits. They were not as big as the one's I'd seen in Dad's girly mags, but they looked really nice, with very proud nipples.

I didn't really like Diane, she was too bossy, but I had to admit she was beautiful young woman. It was a perfect picture, so I pressed the shutter release. Tom and Diane lay down again and resumed kissing; Tom's hand went back to Diane's right breast and began stroking the nipple, making it even more erect.

I now had a raging hard on and had to undo my shorts to give my cock more room. Tom moved his mouth down to Diane's left breast and began sucking and licking. My sister was clearly enjoying this; her head was thrown back, her eyes closed and her hand on the back of Tom's head. At this point Tom moved his hand down to Diane's crotch and began rubbing her over her shorts; she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Obviously encouraged by this Tom undid and unzipped Diane's short's and slid his hand inside. I took another photo, hoping I was holding the camera still enough. The movement of Tom's hand caused Diane's shorts to be pushed down over her hips, revealing her white panties.


Tom's hand was inside the panties, his fingers playing with her pussy. After a few moments, during which Diane's moan's got louder, Tom knelt up and undid his own shorts and slid them down his thighs, his cock was rock hard and pointing straight up. It was much larger than mine, a good 7 inches and I felt envious.

I pulled my shorts down, to allow me access to my throbbing dick.

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As I started to touch it, Diane mirrored my actions by stroking Tom's cock. Tom eased Diane's shorts and panties down her legs and off her feet. I then had a clear view of him pushing his middle finger into my sister's lightly haired pussy. Diane increased the speed of her stroking, sliding her hand up and down the length of Tom's cock, pulling his foreskin down exposing the head at every stroke. I copied her, wanking my 41/2 inches, hard.

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Tom lay down again next to Diane and resumed kissing and sucking her breasts. His finger was now in my sister's pussy right up to the knuckle, moving in and out gently at first, but as Diane began humping her hips up and down, more roughly.

I stopped wanking for a second, steadied myself and took a photo.

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Diane's moans had now turned into a shout. "Faster Tom, I'm cumming!! AAGGGHHHHH!!!!!" Diane's hips bucked wildly and her free hand grabbed Tom's and pushed his finger deeper into her cunt, through my telephoto lens I could see it was sopping wet.

Diane flopped back, exhausted. After giving her a moment to recover, Tom whispered something in her ear. Diane smiled and nodded. She adjusted her position so she straddled Tom, her face over his cock, her pussy over his face. Taking his prick in her hand my sister guided it between her open lips, taking about half of it into her mouth. I couldn't see what was happening at the other end, but I later worked it out as Tom raised his head off the ground. This was definitely worth a picture, click!

Diane began moving her head up and down, sliding her lips up and down Tom's shaft; at each stroke, when it was almost out of her mouth she swirled her tongue round the tip. I could see that Tom's cock was becoming coated in my sister's saliva as it glistened in the sunlight. Diane used one hand to cradle Tom's balls, massaging them gently and the other on the ground to maintain her balance. I was now wanking hard, more turned on than I had ever been in my young life.

Tom was obviously feeling the same; he moved one hand to the back of Diane's head and thrust up with his hips, burying almost all of his cock in her mouth. I could see my sister gag and she drooled over Tom's balls.


I thought Tom was giving her some respite when he lowered his hips, but I was wrong, he thrust upwards again and again, fucking my sister's pretty little mouth. Just when I thought she could take no more without being sick Tom's thrusts changed to short, quick jerks and I saw white spunk dribble out of the corners of Diane's mouth.

She lifted her head and swallowed deeply, using a finger to scrape the escaping cum into her mouth.

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This was too much for me and I came harder and longer than ever before, great wads of spunk flying all over the hide. I bit the back of my free hand to stop myself crying out. As I refocused my attention I saw Diane dip her head and lick Tom's prick clean. When she had finished this job she knelt up, allowing me to see that Tom was frantically licking Diane's pussy.

Diane ground her cunt onto Tom's face as he alternated between licking her clit and pushing his tongue inside her. Diane was fondling her own tits, tweaking the nipples, her head thrown back in ecstasy. I took another picture, trying not to get sticky cum on the lens. It didn't take long for her to cum again, crying out Tom's name before collapsing beside him on the blanket.

I was desperate to get back home to develop my pictures, but was afraid I'd be heard, so I had to sit tight. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long, Tom and my sister decided to go for a swim in the river to cool off and clean up. I headed home, hoping the photos turned out OK, a plan was forming in my mind and it was going to be fun!