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Porno tube massage
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It starts with me stripping naked and You putting my collar around my neck and locking it on, so it can not be removed until You unlock it. Then You give me a hard spanking, making my ass, the backs of my thighs, my inner thighs and breasts red. You start with Your hand and then move to a paddle and then Your belt. With my body red and aching already, You concentrate on my breasts and nipples making them throb. Next You bind my breasts and clamp my nipples with clamps that are attached by a chain.

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You give the chain a tug or two to make sure the clamps are on there tightly. We are in the play room. You have me lay on my back on a bench; You put cuffs around my ankles and tie ropes to the D rings. The Bench is placed between two posts, You thread the rope through eye hooks in the posts, lifting my legs and spreading them wide, exposing my pussy and my ass. You lube my ass lightly and then fill it with an inflatable plug.

You pump it up till I whimper and then give it two more pumps. Using a light flogger and then the riding crop, You spank my pussy, making sure to hit the lips and clit.

When I'm begging You to stop, You pinch and roll my clit, before You clamp it. You push a large vibe into my pussy and strap it into place. You then untie my legs and stand me up.

You blindfold me, and cuff my hands behind my back. Using my leash You lead me forward to a padded sawhorse. Tugging on the leash You make me bend over, You attach the leash to a hook in the floor to keep me bent over. Using the rope and cuffs again You tie my ankles to the legs of the sawhorse making them spread wide. You clip some weights to the chain that is dangling down and the weights tug on my sore nipples. You turn the vibe on low. I'm desperate to cum. You give the plug in my ass a few more pumps and then walk around in front of me.

You grab my hair in two hands and push Your cock into my mouth. You fuck my mouth for a few moments. You walk around behind me and deflate the plug and remove it before slamming Your cock hard and fast into my ass. Every time I beg You to stop You slap my already sore ass with Your hand. You are fucking my ass for Your own pleasure. You push deep into my ass and grab my hair pulling my head back as far as You can.

You tell me to beg for Your cum. I start begging You to cum in my ass, to fill it up. You groan and cum in my ass filling it. You pull Your cock out and shove a rather large plug into my ass making me squeal. You shove Your cock back into my mouth as deep as You can and I suck on Your cock for a few minutes until You pull out.

You fill my mouth with a ball gag and buckle it in place.

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You reach between my legs and without releasing the pressure pull the clamp off my clit making me scream behind the gag. You put a little vibe on my clit and turn it on full, You turn the vibe in my pussy onto full too. I start to cum. You walk away leaving me cumming over and over. You leave me there like that for about 30 minutes. You come back and turn the vibes off.

You take the vibe off my clit and unstrap and pull the vibe out of my pussy. You take the gag out of my mouth and stand between my legs. You suddenly shove Your cock into my still spasaming sensitive pussy. You fuck me hard and fast, finally filling my pussy with cum.

You walk around and shove Your cummy cock into my mouth.

I suck it clean. While I suck Your cock Your reach down and pull the clamps off my nipples, making me scream around Your cock. You pull out of my mouth and watch the tears trickle down my cheeks.

You wipe Your cock off in my hair. You unhook my leash from the floor and uncuff me from the sawhorse. You let me stand up and You unbind my breasts.

You leave the plug in my ass and my hands cuffed behind me, and You leave the blindfold on. You take my leash and lead me into the living room You make me kneel and take Your cock into my mouth.

You keep hold of the leash to keep my head down on Your cock and You watch a porno, and all I can do is listen and suck Your cock and swallow Your cum. We sit like that for a few hours, You tugging the leash moving my head up and down Your cock at Your own pace.

My mouth and jaw aching by now, You pull my mouth off Your cock and finally let me close it and I whimper. You tell me to lift my ass in the air and keep my head on the floor, and with Your hands holding my hips You slam into my pussy. You fuck me hard but slow, making sure I feel every inch of Your cock filling my pussy. You cum in my pussy and I again clean Your cock. You take off the blindfold and uncuff me and we jump into the shower, Your hands gentle as You help me wash up.

Once we are clean and dry, You help me into bed and we cuddle, as You tell me what a good girl I've been. We fall asleep like that. The next night You and I get dressed nicely to go out to dinner, me in a dress, bra and panties and 4 inch strappy heels and a collar. You in a nice suit but no tie. In my handbag, there were several toys, a vibe, lube, and a butt plug, a pair of handcuffs, a set of nipple clamps, and a leash.

At dinner.I excused myself. And went to the bathroom.using the vibe, by rubbing it against my panty covered pussy.I had to make my panties wet. Till the vibe glistened with my juices seeping through the panties then I had to stop.and lick it clean. I put it back into my handbag, and take off my panties.

And when back at the table I give You my soaking wet panties. After leaving the restaurant we head to a XXX theatre sitting near the back You start stroking my thighs, before telling me to strip, till all I'm wearing are the strappy heels and the collar. Opening my handbag, You take out the lube and tell me to stand and bend over, You slick up my ass before sliding the butt plug into it. You tell me to sit down on Your lap and You slide the buzzing vibe into my pussy, then You tell me to get on me knees and take Your cock out and suck on it like the good little cumkitten I am.

After I suck on Your cock for a little while You tell me to get on Your lap. You pull the vibe from my pussy and stick it into my mouth as You slam Your cock into me.

It doesn't last long.


You pull out, slide the vibe back into my pussy You pinch and tug on my nipples until they are hard and sensitive You then clamp then with the nipple clamps. You tug the chain a little, before making me stand up and bend over again.

You slowly pull the butt plug from my ass and slide Your cock in. Stroking in and out of my ass hard, rough, spanking my ass as You do making sure I feel every inch, every stroke.

You fill my ass with cum then push the butt plug back in to keep all Your cum in my ass. You have me suck Your cock clean and then You use my dress to dry Your cock. All this time the vibe has been buzzing away in my pussy, so now You help me slip my panties back on, leaving the vibe buzzing on low, making me crazy with the need to cum, but not letting me have that release.

You cuff my hands behind my back, and You tug the chain on the nipple clamps again, before attaching the leash. You put my dress and bra in my hand bag and make me hold it in my cuffed ands so it slaps against my ass and thighs.

And holding the leash You lead me out of the theatre to Your car.

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You settle me in the passenger seat, and when You get behind the wheel, You turn the vibe up a notch and have me lean over and take Your cock into my mouth, to just hold it there sucking softly on the drive home.

When we get home You help me inside, and un-cuff my hands from behind me and re-cuff them in front, where You attach them to my collar with a short chain. You turn the vibe down low, take the nipple clamps off and put me to bed, telling me to rest as You have a big day planned for us tomorrow. The next morning we are out, at a garden show with lots of stalls and displays and little alleys.

I'm wearing a pair of heels, a dress, and no underwear, my hair is up in a high pony tail We've been walking around for a little while, and You have enjoyed watching my braless breasts move under my dress so much so You've gotten hard. You find this little out of the way spot sort of like a blind alley, people could walk past and see us if they looked down it, but there isn't anything to look at in it, except us, but no one looks.

Once there You take my purse from me, I've been carrying it, but You gave it to me before we left, and I know You put something in it but I was told not to open it so I didn't.

You have me bend over, and you lift my dress up so it drapes around my waist. You free Your cock, not even bothering to pull down your pants and slip Your cock into my pussy pumping a few times before pulling out and sliding into my ass back and forth wrapping Your hand in my hair You pull me back so You can whisper in my ear whispering what a naughty girl I am for arousing You in a public place, and what a good girl I'm being by helping You relieve Yourself.

Telling me that I'm such a perfect, sexy little fuck doll. You can hear my whimpers and moans but You just nibble my ear and tell me, this isn't for me, but for Your pleasure alone and I should be proud to be serving You. I agree with You telling You I am grateful that You fuck me, and apologize for arousing You. And You bend me back over gripping my hips and fuck me harder as You start cumming and filling my ass with cum.

Then reaching into my purse You pull out a nice big plug and as You pull out You push it in seating it deeply, leaving my dress up and my ass and pussy exposed to anyone who walks by. You come around and I clean Your cock, before You put it away, and telling me to stand up straight and hold my dress up. You tell me to spread my legs wider You pull a clamp out with a chain on it. You put it on my clit and pull on it so my clit stretches out and I'm biting my lips and moaning.

Making sure it isn't going to hurt me too much, You tie the chain off to free up Your hands. You then pull out a long thick vibrator, that has a remote, and You push it deep into me and tell me to close my legs. You pull out a couple more clamps and holding my pussy lips together You clamp them closed before taking the clamp off my clit and replacing it with one with a bell. You put the clamp and chain back into my purse and take out the remote to the vibe and put it in Your pocket and tell me we still have lots to look at here today.

We leave that little alley and You turn the vibe on low, making my pussy wet, and the juices start wetting my thighs, trickling down my legs. You just smile at me when I ask to go to the bathroom to clean up, and shake Your head, telling me that You want my thighs to bet wet and sticky with my juices, that You want anyone getting close to me to smell my arousal. I blush and You pat my ass, saying that I'm being a good cumkitten and I should just relax and obey.

After several hours in which You have flicked the vibe up to high and then down again a few times bringing me to the edge of orgasm again and again, my legs wet with my juices almost to my knees, You decide it's time to go. I'm leaning on You as we walk as I'm a little unsteady. We reach the car, it is not quite dark yet, the sun is setting and the streetlights haven't come on yet. You kiss me deeply and buckle a collar around my neck. You reach under my dress to play with my nipples, before telling me to get into the car.

In the car You have me take my dress off to the waist, and using a hand pump, You vacuum my nipples making them stretch and become sensitive, while they are long and hard You clip rings around the base of the nipples, keeping them hard and long, then You have me pull my dress back up and, my nipples are easily visible through the material. You have me lean over and suck Your cock while You drive.

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I can't see where we are going. When the car stops You tell me to close my eyes and sit up and wait. I hear You get out of the car and then my door is opened and You help me out, telling me to keep my eyes closed. You lead me away from the car. We stop and You push me against bars, and tell me to open my eyes, I do and see we are in a children's playground, and You have pressed me against the jungle gym. You smile at me and I shiver, Your hands reach out and pull my dress down and off me leaving me standing there naked except for a collar and heels.

You drop my dress and lift my hands over my head and using jumper cables restrain them there so I can't move or cover myself. Your turn the vibe on high and pinch my nipples hard before You start walking away, I start to get worried but You have moved just out of my live of sight and are sitting on a park bench watching me squirm and my hips buck, sensing that I'm close to cumming You turn the vibe down and You smile as You hear my groan of frustration, as I have been on the edge of cumm for almost 24 hours now and I'm so desperate to cum.

My fear subsides now that I know You are still near. Your turn the vibe up again, when it is clear I have calmed down again. And again You watch as my hips buck and You listen as I start to beg You to let me cum, loving the desperate sound of my voice as I plead with You, almost screaming "Master" as You allow me to get closer to orgasm than I have all day, and all of the night before.

You turn the vibe down again. I sob in frustration my pussy juice dripping wetting the ground under me and streaking my thighs. Again You wait until I've calmed down and then You walk back over to me and turn the vibe on, driving me towards orgasm again. You look at me and call me a dirty little slut, as I beg You to let me cum, You tell me only dirty sluts want to cum in public and on display like I am.

You turn the vibe off again and I sob. I beg You to let me cum, I tell You I'll do anything if only You'd let me cum. You smile at me and ask if I want Your cock, if I want to be fucked hard.


I answer yes and beg You to fuck me. You un-strap and pull the vibe from my pussy and shove it into my mouth, making me suck it. You lift me legs and slam Your cock into my soaking wet pussy.

You fuck me hard and fast, wanting to cum before I do. I moan around the silent still vibe, my pussy clenching around Your cock, so close to cumming. You pull Your cock from my pussy, and I moan.

You drop my legs and stand in front of my stroking Your cock, and You cum aiming at my breasts, and stomach. You step back and watch it roll slowly down my skin. You undo the jumper cables and I fall to my knees. You tell me to rub Your cum into my skin and suck on Your cock, You pull the vibe from my mouth and drop it into my dress.

I suck Your cock into my mouth as I rub Your cum into my skin. I lick and suck on Your cock for a few minutes, and then You pull it out and use my hair to dry it, before tucking it back into Your pants. You tell me to suck my fingers and then to sit back and spread my legs. I do this and You hand me the vibe and tell me to fuck myself. I start slowly but You look down at me and tell me to go faster.

I go faster and Your turn it on high and I start to moan and my hips buck up and down.

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You grin at me and ask me if I'm a filthy little cum whore and I moan that "yes I am Master". You reach down and slap one of my breasts and then the other.

Then You say "Go on then you filthy cum whore…cum there in the dirt…cum for Your Master." I scream thank you as I cum hard all over the vibe. I'm breathing hard as I pull it out with a wet slurp from my pussy, and suck on it again. You help me to my feet and pick up the cables and my dress, and help me back to the car, You wrap me in a blanket and lay me down on the backseat.

I fall asleep as I'm exhausted from the sexual edge I'd been riding for the last 24 hours.