Luxurious teen girlies get fucked well by one fortunate dude

Luxurious teen girlies get fucked well by one fortunate dude
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Anna came down from her orgasmic high after about thirty seconds. She came hard after sucking on her son's cock and playing with her own pussy, she had always found that giving head got her juices flowing and in this case it had made her soak the floor. Anna blushed knowing she had caused the carpet's soggy state and raised her eyes to her son. He was sat on the couch with his head back and eyes closed, apparently drained by the steamy events of the last few minutes.

Anna hurried to the bathroom to clean her son's cum from her face. When Anna returned downstairs she went straight to the kitchen to make dinner and to think about what had just happened, most of the tipsiness from the wine seemingly burnt off by the orgasm minutes before. Oh my god what must Jason think of me? He must think I'm a slut, she answered her own question. I am a slut, a long dormant part of her mind added. Anna tried to convince herself that what she did was the right thing to do, as it would help him focus in school, she wasn't sure she believed it but having started on this path she felt compelled to see it through.

Anna finished making dinner and carried it through to the dining room where Jason had already set up the table as he always did.


They served themselves and ate the first few bites in silence. Anna was the first to talk. "Jason, listen, I didn't lie when I said that getting a girlfriend is the best thing for you and your studies right now. You need to blow of some steam or you won't be able to concentrate.

Until then if you keep focused and work hard in all your classes, I will reward you every week." "How will you know if I have been focussed?" Jason asked. "I'm going to ask all of your teachers to call me, at the end of every week if they have any concerns." Jason groaned at that but if the 'reward' is anything near as good as what he got today it would be a small price to pay to make sure he studied harder.

"What kind of reward?" Jason asked curious about how far he could go with this.

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"I'm not going to have sex with you if that's what you mean, I'm still your mother after all. It will be similar to what we did today." She replied with the authority he recognised but also a hint of shyness he had seldom seen before.

Despite his disappointment Jason decided he would respect his mother's wishes and not push her to have sex… yet. "Okay but I have an entire weekend without school, by then I could have forgotten how good my reward is. I think I might need reminding a few times." Jason said with a grin. "I don't think so," Anna struggled to keep her composure, getting wet again at her son's apparent thirst for more so soon after. "If you work hard next week at school, then you'll get a blowjob.

That's the deal, take it or leave it" Jason was disheartened he would have to wait a whole week until he got the chance to have his hot, big-titted mom suck on his dick, but he said nothing more about it and agreed to work hard next week. *** The week passed slowly for Anna and in particular Jason, who had spent the whole week in a state of excitement which his friends hadn't failed to notice.

On Monday morning Jason walked to Tom's house where Tom would drive them both to school. Tom immediately noticed the change in his friend; he had a constant smile and was even more vacant than usual, but Tom couldn't put his finger on the reason for it. The reason was that Jason was in a near constant daydream in which he reminisced about the entire scenario with his mother. While at school it was even harder than usual to concentrate, but unlike before he forced himself to work hard and improve his classroom performances, despite the constant fantasies jumping, unwanted into his head.

At the end of the week Jason felt like a prisoner being released after serving a hefty sentence, he was excited but with an uneasy nervousness. Had he done enough to earn Miss Lee's approval? She'd not had to single him out for criticism this week but she could be really strict and was often moody, if she spoke to his mom while in one of her moods she'd ruin everything.

He decided he couldn't wait he'd have to talk to her at the end of class to see if he could sway her decision. The bell rang and Jason remained seated. "I know it's strange but you don't actually have detention today Jason." Miss Lee laughed at her own joke. "I know that Miss I wanted to speak with you if that's okay?" He asked. "Sure, but make it quick you kids aren't the only ones with plans Friday night you know." "Well I'd just like to apologise for how badly I've been doing in your class, and let you know that you shouldn't take it as a reflection of your teaching, if truth be told you're one of the best teachers in this school.

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My mom spoke to me about improving in all my classes but particularly yours and so hopefully you should see significant improvements when you next set an assignment." It was well executed, an apology, slight flattery, and a promise of further improvements. He also made sure to avoid the mention of her weekly report about his progress to avoid making her suspicious about his intentions.

If only there he was being graded on that speech, Jason thought, he'd have passed with flying colours. "Thank you Jason, I appreciate your honesty and look forward to seeing you reach your potential." She said before leaving him stood there only slightly less nervous than he was before.

Nevertheless he immediately followed her out of the class and passed her on his way to Tom's car in the parking lot. He was in a hurry to get home. Tom asked Jason if he wanted to come to his house to play Call of Duty as they usually did after school. Jason rejected the invitation without hesitation, giving him an excuse about having to work on his homework tonight as his mom's been on his case about improving his grades. Not a total lie, but he certainly couldn't tell Tom the real reason for wanting to get home.

*** Anna had promised Jason a treat if he worked well in his classes although she wasn't sure who was being treated anymore, him or her. None of Jason's teachers had called her to report any disappointments in his performance as they promised they would, however, Anna forced herself to be a diligent mother before a slutty one and called Miss Lee to check he had improved in the class he was underperforming in.

Anna held her phone to her ear with butterflies in her stomach and a slight tingle in her pussy. She couldn't help but hope for good news from Miss Lee, and not just because she wanted her son to do well in school. She had been teased with that cock for a week. Every time she shut her eyes she saw it exactly as she remembered it, standing tall and proud, dripping with her saliva.

When she went to sleep she dreamt of being fucked hard by it in a variety of different positions.

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Even while awake Anna noticed her sons bulge a lot more than she would normally. Maybe she was looking for it now, she wondered. All she knew for sure was that hidden as it often was, straining against the fabric of his pants, it didn't do him justice and she longed to set it free. "Hello, Vanessa Lee." The voice answered. "Hi, Miss Lee, it's Anna Black, Jason's mom, we spoke last week." "Yeah, I remember" Miss Lee answered.

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"I'm sorry to bother you, I know school has finished, I just wanted to check Jason has improved his attitude this week." Anna held her breath in anticipation. "Actually he has, in fact he has promised me even more improvements in the future, don't worry Miss Black I'll be sure to contact you if he fails to deliver." YES! Anna was so excited she almost moaned with relief. "Thank you so much, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear that!" Anna responded with enthusiasm. "Thank your son, Miss Black.

Goodbye." The phone went dead. "Don't you worry about that, I'll be thanking him soon enough." Anna said with a mischievous grin then dropped the phone onto the passenger seat and started her drive home. She ran two red lights and was speeding just about all the way home in her excitement. She got home fifteen minutes later to discover Jason had beat her home and was sat in the living room, playing on his phone.

Jason was mindlessly flicking through Facebook, not really paying any attention to what he was looking at. It's true that time moves slowly just as you want it to go quick because the ten minutes he was awaiting his mom's arrival home were the longest of his life. As he saw his mom walk through the door he immediately dropped his phone and gave her a questioning look.

She didn't respond but bounced up the stairs with speed. He wasn't sure what that meant, he thought he saw a grin on her face but perhaps that was just his imagination. Anna went straight into her bedroom and stripped out of her office wear and discarded the boring, beige bra and pants set that she had sleepily put on that morning into something more appropriate for the occasion. Anna chose a lingerie set she had not worn in several years; they were a black fishnet style which did little to hide her erect nipples or moistening pussy.

She slipped them on and decided to complete the look with her fishnet stockings. She looked like a whore. Like a filthy slutty, whore, but a hot one so she smiled at her reflection before turning her attention to her make up.

Jason was going to wait for his mom to come back down, but after ten minutes he could wait no longer so headed to the stairs to find out where he stood. Reaching his moms room he found the door ajar. Last week's session giving him a new confidence around his mother, he pushed the door open without knocking.

*** Anna gasped as the door was opened from the other side. She had not quite finished applying the final touches to her lipstick. This time she'd had chance to prepare and so had chosen a bright slutty shade of bubble gum pink she hoped he'd like. She blushed as Jason looked at her with a confident grin that gave him the look of a predator sizing up his next meal.

He'd earned his prize and now he knew it so he stepped forward with a swagger, determined to make this last longer than last time. Anna held her breath as her son approached, she was transfixed by his imposing figure. He seemed to have grown taller by several inches in the last week, he looked more powerful than the boy she knew previous, he was becoming the alpha male she craved. She knew what was to come and her heart and pussy were both fluttering with nervous excitement.

Anna's excitement stalled when he stalked past her chair nonchalantly and lay on her bed. That was until she turned to see him staring at her with a deep hunger in his eyes.

Her confidence returned and she smiled at her son who responded by slowly and deliberately undoing the buttons of his jeans. When the last button was undone he pulled the jeans off completely before throwing them across the room, in seconds his shirt joined them in a heap at the foot of the bed.

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Jason casually put his hands behind his head and shut his eyes as though he was relaxing without a care in the world, while Anna stared shamelessly at the sizable lump in her son's shorts, her mouth watering. Neither moved nor spoke for several seconds, Anna was transfixed while Jason had resolved to test his mom by doing nothing to see if she would come to him like the cock hungry slut he hoped she was. Jason wasn't wrong. Anna soon snapped out of her haze and rose to join her son on her bed.

She crawled straight for his cock and started kissing, licking and even gently biting it through the skin-tight shorts before she rubbed her face across the length of it enjoying the feeling of it hardening. Jason couldn't help but open his eyes and grin at this. Jason's test had worked like a charm; he was one step further to proving, as he had been suspecting all week, that his mom enjoyed their time together as much as he did and that she craved more.

He saw her as he looked down, eyes shut, stroking her face across his semi-erect cock as a cat might rub its face against another cat in greeting, he got a rush of confidence seeing his mom greet his cock in such a deplorable way.

Anna blushed with shame when she opened her eyes to see her son looking down at her with a knowing grin. She stopped what she was doing immediately. "Don't be embarrassed mom, I like how you greet my cock.

But do I not deserve an equally warm welcome?" Jason asked with, a coolness that was beginning to come naturally. The doubts in Anna's head were drowning under the flood of primal instincts that were taking over. With little resistance Anna gave in and accepted her transformation into subservient sex kitten by turning and crawling seductively towards her son before kissing him passionately.

Jason felt his moms tongue enter his mouth for the first time and responded in kind so that their tongues were dancing sensually from one mouth to the other. That was until he felt his mom abandon their oral dual, wrap her whole mouth around his extended tongue and evocatively suck hard.

The flagpole in his shorts hit full mast at the erotic sensation, never before had he been kissed like that and it drove him wild. Jason withdrew his tongue, with effort and playfully bit his mom's lower lip before she started to retreat back down his body, kissing him on his collarbone and briefly licking each of his nipples on her way back.

Anna looked up at her son "Time for your reward" she purred, grabbing the waistband of his boxer shorts and tugging them off. She threw them over her shoulder hastily and began her cock feast.

Little did Jason know that his mom had been practicing her blowjob skills all week in hope she'd have the chance to redeem herself after barely managing five of his nine inches last week. Bananas and her toys had been the test subjects and Jason immediately felt the difference, not that he was disappointed last week. "Wow," he exclaimed, "you've been looking forward to this too, huh?" He asked perceptively. Anna freed her sons cock from her oral assault with a pop, just long enough to give a hurried, "Yes" before continuing with her mission.

"I thought so." He groaned back although not loud enough for her to hear. He was fairly confident now that his mom was just as sex-driven as he was and started contemplating the possibilities that come with this knowledge.

Soon, much sooner than he planned, Jason felt his nuts begin to tighten as they prepared to release their seed into his mom's ravenous mouth. Anna was excited as she felt her son's prick tense in her mouth, her depraved craving for cum that had been plaguing her all week would soon be satisfied and so she doubled her efforts, taking him as far down her throat as she could. Anna wanted to look into her son's eyes as he came and did nothing to stop the approaching hand which she assumed was to hold her in place while he pumped her full of his thick warm cream.

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She was shocked and frustrated however when the hand pulled her off his pulsating organ, but nevertheless she stuck out her tongue hoping to catch some of the cum as he decorated her face. After a brief moment though she knew this wasn't his intention as he pulled her away from his cock and started to get up.

Jason heard his mom groan with frustration at being denied her favourite salty snack. He smiled at her playfully as he picked her up and threw her onto her back where he had been. Without missing a beat he pushed both of his mom's legs back and began licking up the juices that were already leaking down her legs and ass. Anna gasped in shock. This wasn't part of the plan. His reward was a blowjob, that was supposed to be all. I can't allow him to just take whatever he wants, she thought, that's parenting 101.

Anna sat up in an attempt to stop him from going any further when she felt his tongue stop lapping up escaping juices and go straight for the source. He licked from near her asshole to her clit and back down again, which forced Anna to fall back with a soft "Oh." Her legs though remained on her sons shoulders, where she had lowered them to. "Hold your legs open for me slut!" Jason said sternly, almost forgetting that the salacious body on which he was feasting was his mothers.

Anna did exactly what she was told, not wanting to displease the man that was forcefully taking her body in a way that sent her wild with lust. Jason pulled back to admire the view, his mom wearing the fishnet lingerie so revealing that he was able to lick her pussy without any real hindrance and her nipples were on full show extending beyond the sexy 'bra'.

As she opened her eyes Jason's cock twitched at the wanton, desperate look of pleading he saw in them. Without hesitation, Jason answered the silent plea, ripped a large hole in the lingerie panties with little effort and returned to his task. He started by slowly licking up and down his mom's juicy slit.

He made his tongue as wide as possible to slurp up all of the flavour leaking from the delicious pussy. Anna loved the attention she was receiving, it had been too long since a man had done this for her, but her son's inexperience was showing as he was focusing all of his attention on her pussy lips and leaking hole and was neglecting her swollen clit that was peeking out of its hood.

"Higher, Jason. Suck my clit." She managed to gasp out, hoping to teach her son how to please her like a pro. "Now, now, have patience mom." Jason replied in a condescending tone a parent might use when speaking to a child.

Jason had deliberately neglected his mom's clit, he wanted to take his time with this and savour every moment, hearing the need in her voice though, he decided that to deny her any longer would be cruel and so sucked it into his mouth with vigour. Anna squealed when she finally got her wish and her mind immediately started swimming with lust.

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He was good. How could he be so good at this she wondered and then decided she didn't care as long as he didn't stop. "That's it… Right there… Suck mommy's clit… oh wow!" She panted between breaths. "Please… Please don't stop… I'm so close…" Jason stopped what he was doing. "You wanna cum huh?" he asked, admiring her panicky look.

"Yes I want to cum, I'll do anything just don't stop" She begged. Jason gave her clit a slow sensual kiss to keep her on the edge before pulling back. "Anything?" He asked, sensing his opportunity. "I'll give you the best blowjob of your life just let me cum!" She nearly screamed "Tempting" He said pretending to ponder the offer.

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"I'll tell you what mom; I'll let you finish sucking my cock… after you cum on it!" And he moved back, giving her desperate pussy a soft slap. "Jason, we can't." She replied, almost in a whisper.

"That's the deal if you want to cum mom. Take it or leave it." Jason paid no attention to his mom's feeble protests as he rolled the panties down her legs. He pulled them over her feet and she opened her legs back up for him. Actions speak louder than words, Jason thought. He then lined his cock up and plunged into his mom's long neglected love canal. Jason was surprised to discover how tight his mom was, he thought that having had kids would have meant she'd have no problem with a cock, but he was wrong.

Anna's pussy was clenching onto her son's cock so tight that he was forced to go slow so as not to hurt her. "You like that?" Jason asked rhetorically at the grateful, yet pained look on his moms face. "Yeah, but…Ah… go slow…Ah… so big" She replied. Jason smirked at this as there were three inches of his cock that were still a virgin, his mom's pussy was so tight he had not yet dared to bottom out.

He set to work on going deeper, moving only the tiniest fraction deeper with each thrust. Before he had worked his way to the hilt however, Anna had started pushing back hard and fast clearly getting close to cumming. Anna was filled like never before by the nine inches of her son's meaty weapon and he was really doing a number on her long neglected pussy. In the back of her mind Anna knew the ferocity with which Jason was thrusting into her would leave her sore and most likely unable to walk for the rest of the day but she was delirious now and cared about nought but the waves of pleasure that were washing over her, one after the other.


Jason was finally living out one of his sexual fantasies and he had stopped thinking about making this last as his mind was overcome with an animalistic instinct to fuck hard and fast. He assertively put each of his mom's legs over his shoulders and gripped onto her thighs for leverage as he pounded his mom's delightful little fuckbox. Jason felt his mom cum on his cock so often he had trouble working out when one orgasm stopped and another began. He delighted in the sounds she was making.

the cute moans had long since turned into lustful squeals of delight between which she mumbled incoherently as she was overwhelmed by her own pleasure. He also enjoyed watching his mom's perfectly round, fake tits bouncing on her chest with each of his thrusts and lent forward to squeeze them as he fucked her.

After only a few minutes of this Jason felt his own climax approach, and with his instincts still firmly in control of his actions, he filled his mom with his cream before pulling his cock out and collapsing beside her.

The relaxing bliss of the orgasm and the energy he had exerted in the last ten minutes were enough that Jason collapsed into a comatose state, or would have if not for his mom's fast recovery. Anna was exhausted, she looked contentedly at her son lying beside her. Who knew the man she had needed to satisfy her, whom she could also love and respect, had been living with her all along? She sighed peacefully and would have slept there beside Jason who looked unlikely to recover anytime soon, had she not spotted his semi erect cock lying against his stomach covered in a mixture of their juices.

She couldn't' stop herself and in all honesty, didn't want to anymore. She slowly dragged her body around and took this rare opportunity to engulf the entirety of his cock in her mouth, as it was only about six inches long at this point. Anna revelled in the taste and the deplorability of that moment as she sucked both of their juices from his semi-erect member. Jason was startled to find his mom sucking the cum, from his cock. His cock sprang back to attention and his senses were on overdrive as the head of his cock was so sensitive.

It was pleasure to the extent that it was uncomfortable, almost painful even. He reached down, grabbed a fistful of his moms hair and pulled her off his cock. Anna was unperturbed at her son manhandling her from his cock as she had just about finished cleaning it of cum anyway. She did however notice that his heavy, shaved balls needed a clean-up and so dove for them, licking and sucking away all evidence of the steamy events of before.

Jason lay back with an exhausted sigh. He could really get used to this.