Older goes wicked in a sex game

Older goes wicked in a sex game
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It had been a few days since, Sherry, a 44 year old Woman i know well had FINALLY moved to Sierra Vista. With my help, Sherry had managed to get fully unpacked and settled into her new home. She thought I was a God send! Always helping her around the house when she needed me.

Sort of as a joke to ourselves, I would always go home and then call her for phone sex, even though we now lived close together. A couple of weeks go by and we still stay strong and only play on the phone or computer. One morning I wake up extremely hard and panting from the hot dream I've had of taking her sweet pussy all night long.

I decide not to relieve it cause I have a few things to do.

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But through the day I become more and more frustrated. So when Sherry calls to ask if I want to have dinner and watch a movie with her, I decide I've waited long enough to have her! I dress several hours later in a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt and head out the door. I spot my Skillet c.d.,on the way. and a light of awareness flashes in my eyes as I recall the perfect way to seduce her. I grab it and leave.


When I arrive, Sherry answers the door barefoot with nothing on, but a pair of shorts, bra and top. "Hey! Come on in." Sherry moves away as she heads to the kitchen. "Make yourself at home.I'll be in the kitchen for a bit." She calls back from the kitchen,"Why don't you pick the movie and then come to the table. Dinner should be ready by then." "Hey!" I call to her retreating back, but watching her ass as she goes.

"Perfect!" I say to myself. "Okay cool!" I holler into the kitchen. "Babe? Wanna listen to some music while we eat?" I wait for her answer. "Yah.sounds good! See if you like what's in the player now and if not my music case is right there on the bottom shelf!

See it?" "Yep! Got It!" But really I don't care what's in the player.I switch the music with my skillet c.d. and turn the radio on. I see your Twilight movies readily out and figure, "What the fudge! My brother won't know!" So I grab New Moon and set it on the player. Pleased with myself, I head into the dining room. I see the table nicely decorated and think. "She really made a nice dinner!" Sherry walks out and sets a plate of hot dogs and a bag of buns on the table.

I bust out laughing! She turns startled and grinning.

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"What?" I chuckle and say, "A woman after my own heart!" "I know what you like! And I got fresh pineapple too! " She walks back in the kitchen for the tray of pineapple rings. Under my breath I murmur, "I'll have some pineapple alright." We enjoy the hot dogs, chips and pineapple. Laughing and picking at each other through dinner. The conversation fun and easy. After about an hour I say, "Ready to watch a movie?" and get up to help her clear the dishes.

We walk in the living room and I sit on the love seat.

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She sees Twilight: New Moon sitting on top of the player and looks back with smile! "A man after my own heart!" She pops in the d.v.d. and goes to get comfortable in the recliner beside the love seat.

"Nooo!" "What? " "I want you to keep me warm." I pat the love seat beside me. She looks at me kind of suspiciously, but I look all innocent and cute, so she sits down.

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"Closer." The look in my eyes making her stomach full of butterflies. I scoot closer and slide my arm around her. We smiled at each other and I hit the play button. We watched the movie just simply snuggled up. And it was nice! When the movie was over, Sherry stretched out of my arms like she was tired and maybe it was time for me to go.

"How about some more music? If you're not tired, I'm not ready to go just yet." I wait for my answer, hoping she won't say it's late.


"That's fine with me. You need to talk about something babe?" She looks at me questioningly. "Sort of." I step over to the stereo and press the play button. I hold out my hand. "Come here baby. I wanna dance with you." "Awww.that's so sweet! " I take her hand, but pulling her in very close. That's when she hears the lyrics we've both grown to love so much! And then Sherry realizes what I'm doing! She pulls back and looks into my eyes. "Don't stop Sherry! Dance with me baby." I pull you back into my arms and I wrap yours around my neck.

"Despite the lies that your makin'.your love is mine for the takin'! My love is.just waitin'.to turn your tears to roses!" I am softly singing into her ear. I feel her tremble and here a small moan escape her lips. My hands start slowly moving down her waist and resting at the top of her ass. Sherry wraps her arms tighter around my neck.

We start to move together to the music. The song ends and I move to turn the music off. She knows for sure what I'm about to do.

"Dean.n-no." But she falters on the no. She wants me as much I want her! "Yes Sherry.tonight baby.no more waiting!" I slip my t-shirt over my head as she watches and drop it on the floor. She sees her mother's cross on my bare chest. "I haven't taken it off since the day I got it in the mail Sherry." I walk slowly over to her and raise her arms above her head.

I slide my hands down her sides sensually and then pull her shirt off and drop it on the floor too. I reach behind her and unhook her bra, freeing her breasts for my view. Nestled between her breasts is my cross. I lift it and look into her eyes. "I haven't taken it off since the day I got it in the mail Dean." I lean in and kiss her, making her knees weak and her heart skip a beat!

Our kiss deepens, lost in the moment. Our arms wrapped tightly around each other. It feels as if both our hearts have become one and time is standing still. We are tangled up in each others arms. The kiss neverending. The feel of our half naked bodies, skin touching skin, driving our kiss deeper and deeper. Drinking from each others souls.

We never move an inch the entire time we are kissing. What may have been only a couple of minutes, seemed like half an hour! Time slowly begins to return to us and we break the kiss. Staring into each others eyes. The flames I see burning in her eyes tells me she is mine! I step back from her and delibrately, slowly start to unbuckle my jeans.

Sherry watches with a desire so strong, that if it was possible, made my cock grow even harder. With no boxers on, my throbbing cock flops out of my jeans as I slide them off and drop them on the floor beside our shirts. I walk over to Sherry and place my hands on her waist.

I let my hands slide around to cup her ass and then up to the waistband. I already know she's not wearing any panties. Her shorts hit the floor with the rest of our clothes.

Our bodies tingling and craving for all we've waited sooo long for! We wrap our arms around each other and our lips meet again. If it's possible to feel a kiss even stronger and deeper than the one before. Our love pouring from one to another. Sherry feels my hands caress her body as I slide them down to squeeze her ass firmly.

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Then I surprise her and lift her into my arms with her legs wrapped around my waist! There's a thud as she feels me pin her against the wall. I break the kiss and secure her against the wall with one arm. I reach back with my free hand and pull my ponytail free for Sherry.

She sighes as my hair falls free and I shake my head side to side. I can feel her lost in me at that moment. My hand cups her ass again and my lips seek hers. The passion and hunger in our kissing just building and growing! My breath is what she breathes! Her breath is what I breathe! Sherry slides her arms under mine and wraps them around my back, scratching my back and showing me she loves what is happening as much as I do.

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We can wait no longer! I pull back from the kiss and reach down to push my cock straight out towards her sweet pussy lips. I let the head of my cock kiss her pussy lips as I find her lips and we kiss again. I can feel her wetness drawing me to her. Urging me to take her! I slip just the head inside her throbbing pussy and a moan escapes her lips through our kiss and into my mouth.

Slowly inch by inch.I slide deeper and deeper still. Sherry's moan louder and stronger in my mouth, till finally she breaks the kiss only to scream my name as I push fully inside of her!

" Ooooo Dean!" She looks at me and presses her sweet lips back to mine. I pull my cock slowly almost out and then force her against the wall I thrust deep into her hungery little pussy. I keep repeating this with every thrust as she screams into my mouth. Sharing our love and passion. We could not stand holding back anymore! Sherry closes her eyes as we kiss, feeling every force of my cock claiming her. Her pleasure building with every thrust. There's no way to stop the flood of pleasure and emotions carrying her.

It builds and she claws deep into my back! Her whole body pulling me deeper, closer, tigher ready to cum all over my cock. I just keep slowly pulling out and frocefully thrusting as deep as I can get, hitting her womb.

Her pussy trying to keep me inside it. She tries to tell me she can't hold it anymore, but it comes out as mumbles in my mouth. I watch her as I slam in hard.is there just one more before she loses it! Sherry grabs my hair as I pull slowly back, one last time, our lips slam together as I push one final slam hard into her pussy!

She screams in to my mouth! Her body giving over to the waves of pleasure surgeing through her entire body.shaking us both. Her cum painting my cock buried deep inside her as her pussy squeezes it, milking me.

The wave is the most intense I've ever seen in her. The scream erupts from her sweet lips again as she rides the wave of pleasure consuming her! Slowly as she starts to come down, I begin moving again slowly in and out of her. I gaze into her eyes still glazed over from my loving. I lean in to her ear. "I Love You Sherry!" She stabs me in the heart with look of such love it over powers me! "Dean.cum inside me baby." I feel the force of our love slam me and I just start thrusting hard and fast.

I can feel Sherry climbing with me yet again! "Let me have it baby! Cum inside me Dean!" Her sweet words make me lose all thought! I'm going to blow inside her! "Ooooo Sherry, Sherry, SHERRY" "Please let my pussy have." I interrupt your last word. "I AM CUMMING!" I slam into her one final time and release my load of cum inside her! Without warning my cum splashes against her g-spot and she erupts!

Her squeals filling the room over and over. Both of us shaking sooo badly, not sure how we're still standing! And I feel what she has described so many times to me. Her pussy does this one final grab and sucks my cock deep inside her and WON'T let go, forcing another load to shoot into her body! Trembling and trying to hold us both up, I try and pull out, but her pussy won't let me go. "Really?" Sherry smiles smuggly. "I warned you! Now that she's got you, she going to hold onto to you!" I laugh warmly and hold her to me, feeling the after math of our love wash over us as we relax in each others arms.

We softly begin to kiss again. Finally after a few minutes. "Okay, I think she'll let go now." I start to pull free and I can FEEL IT grinding out as she makes one last attempt to keep me and then reluctantly releases me.

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The bedroom is only around the corner. With the last bit of strength I have I carry her to the bed. I lay her on the bed and fall down beside her. We just stare at each other not saying anything. Our bodies still excited and trembling and soaked in our cum. We just let it stay there as we hold each other slowly dosing off. Just after Sherry passes out I whisper in her ear. "Night Night sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! If they do beatem' with my shoe and KNOW I LOVE YOU!" And even though I know she's asleep, I see a tiny smile cross her lips as if she heard me.

We both fall into Sweet Dreams then.reliving the night from the start! Co-written by Dean & Sherry