Sofia castillo martinez masturbandose para desconocido del whatsapp

Sofia castillo martinez masturbandose para desconocido del whatsapp
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Chapter 8 I sat stroking my dick as I anxiously clicked on the first picture in the group of five to find her a full body picture of her with her legs spread wide with a sharpie marker hanging from her sexy hole.

The next one was even better, a close up of her curling iron buried to the handle. I stared at the picture knowing she was slowly stretching out her virgin pussy with various objects as I clicked the next one, her on her knees with the same curling iron deep in her hole.

The next two showed different stages of her making her tv remote disappear between her wet lips. "Man those are awesome, are you sure you are a virgin?

I cant wait to see you stretch that pussy open, would love to see it after you get done shoving all those things in it." "Here are some more, the last two barely fit but they went back in easy after the first time. I hope I am still tight after all this!

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She had sent five more pictures, I didn't know if I could hold my load long enough to look at them. I loved the first picture, she had one of the big spoons from the kitchen with the handle in her leaving just the chrome spoon end out. The second one she was holding the handle of the spoon pushing the chrome end between her swollen lips. Wanting to see the next few pictures before I cum I released my cock and clicked on the next one to see a full body picture of the bottom of her hairspray bottle disappearing between her wet lips, I could tell by the look on her face she was in pain and pleasure both.

As I started to click the last picture she sent another email.

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"If you cum to my pictures I want to see your cum I really liked seeing daddys so I want to see yours. If you do I will take one more picture tonight of anything you want." I looked around for something to cum on but couldn't find anything except for my clothes but I knew she would recognize those so I decided to just cum on my stomach.

After grabbing my camera I clicked back to her pictues to finish my business.


I opened the last picture she sent to find her still laying spread on her bed, the same look on her face as she was pushing a slightly bigger shampoo bottle in her virgin hole. I could see her lips stretching around the bottle as she took it deep, the perfect picture to blow my load to "so I thought".

as I was stroking for my load another email came in.

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"I almost forgot, this was after the shampoo." She had sent one picture so I opened it to see a close up of her legs spread wideher pussy was slightly gaped open and sloppy wet. It only took a couple strokes looking at that until I blew a heavy load all over my stomach, with the cum still dripping from the head of my cock I grabbed my camera and took a close up of my cock and the pile of cum from it being careful not to include anything she would recognize.

Still covered in cum I uploaded the picture and sent her an email. "There you go, just like you wanted. I hope you like the nice load of cum you made for me. I would love to see you with something in all of your holes, pick three thing from the last pictures and fill all of your holes.

Cant wait to see that!" "OMG that is a lot of cum, your dick is about the same size as my daddys.


I wish I could help you clean up that mess you made. Here is the picture you wanted. I have never done that before but I think will have to do it again some time." I opened the picture, there she was laying on her side with her ass pointed at the camera with something in every hole.

She must have liked stretching her pussy she had the shampoo bottle shoved in her, her tight ass was stretched over the spoon handle and she was sucking on the hairspray bottle that was previously sunk in her pussy. I couldn't believe my little girl was stuffed full in the bedroom down the hall from me.


By now it was almost time for her to go to bed so I cleaned up my mess and slid on a clean pair of underwear. As I was leaving my room I heard her in the kitchen putting the spoon in the dishwasher so I stopped and waited on her to finish, I didn't want her to feel caught.

I stood as she went into her room. When I joined her in her room I found her still naked putting all the objects I had seen in the pictures in a drawer by her bed "Its time for bed honey." I said to her as I tried to catch a peek of her stretched out pussy.

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As she stood up and turned facing me the wet shine from between her legs was obvious. "Ok, now I can sleep naked and not worry about you seeing me and getting mad.

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I think im going to like this." she said as she pulled her cover back. With her ready for bed she put her arms around me and gave ma a kiss on the cheek "Good night daddy" and squeezed me tight, my semi swollen dick pushing against her naked body. After watching her ass as she crawled into bed my semi had became a full hardon and she noticed it.

Looking at my crotch and smiling "You can go take care of that now." I smiled and shook my head and told her good night as I turned off her light.