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Glamour cutie in thigh high stockings and heels tube porn
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When Tasha agreed to become our new pet i knew we were both equals and both submissive to Mistress. After our jet left our ranch with her parents bound for home Tasha's training into the world of pain really started in earnest.

In the 17 years that she had been with her parents she was seldom spanked except when she was very bad. Here at the ranch she had been introduced to pain in the form of spankings and whippings as her parents watched. Tasha and i was always naked except for outfits Mistress had us wear when she wanted it. Mistress also decided to turn every room of the mansion into a mini dungeon so no matter where we were she had something to use on us to inflict pain and agony.

It was awesome and quite erotic hearing Tasha whimpering or screaming in pain and hearing the sounds of whips and canes striking her flesh time and time. Hearing her yelp or cry out when her large nipples were crushed in clamps. Watching countless needles penetrating her skin mostly her breasts and pussy and the area around her rectum always made her scream the loudest. Both of us always wore stripes and bruises all over our bodies.

We were proud of them. In the dungeon we were both put through our paces together. What was done to one was done to the other.

Each day took Tasha deeper into the world of pain and a submission far greater then she had ever had with her parents. Bedtime we all shared the same bed and Tasha continued to learn how to please Mistress.

Mistress used huge dildos in Tasha and myself forcing our bodies to accept the monsters. I do not know how Mistress had the energy to spend with both of us every day and night but she was unstoppable it seemed.

The more we hurt the more she gave and the more she expected from us.

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Tasha and i spent time making love to each other under the watchful eye of Mistress and her guidance. We both learned how to pleasure each other but we could not cum.

That was hell to get to the brink of ecstasy and not able to continue to orgasim. Time and time again we were held on the brink being forced to not cum until it drove us nuts.

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But to be honest only Tasha was allowed to cum from our play. I was never allowed to cum without permission which was seldom given. Every month our jet brought Tasha's parents Jim and Karen to spend a week with us at the ranch.

They could not believe the difference in their daughter each time they seen her. The 1st time they came back they were a little shocked to see the vivid stripes and bruises across her body. However they were ok when she said she was happy here with us and i also had matching marks like hers.

During the time they spent with us they seldom did more then spank Tasha even though she begged them to hurt her. Instead they tried their hands on me learning how to properly whip or cane me.

Karen loved to tease me by running her hands across my penis and squeezing my balls and Jim loved to force his huge cock down my throat as Karen fucked me with the huge strapon's Mistress had. It has been seven months now since Tasha came to stay with us.


Mistress has taken her to the depths of hell and back with every type of pain imaginable. Tasha has learned to enjoy pain and the pleasure it gives to her. Tomorrow Tasha turns 18 and Mistress has planned a party in her honor.

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Her parents will be here as well as 8 of our friends. It promises to be a very fun time for all.

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In bed tonight the play is extremely violent and our screams echo across the room time and time. Blood drips from our wounds of being bitten and scratched by Mistress. Both of us are fucked by huge dildos shoved deep into our bodies as we scream from their size. You need to understand something. Up to tonight we had both been abused in bed but this was different. More intense.

Almost animal. Today Tasha turned 18 and is now a woman and no longer considered to be a child. Her party is planned for tonight and the day is spent preparing for it.

Mistress gives her a long kiss while lightly running her hands across Tasha's body teasing her flesh. The day was spent like this. Neither of us was hurt and the day was spent just being normal. I had no idea of what today really meant and neither did Tasha. We had both long ago accepted that we were both Mistress's pets and equals to each other.

The guests started arriving and each gave Tasha a kiss and a hug while wishing her a Happy Birthday. This was not a normal greeting at all. Before tonight they would have forced her to her knees to suck them or bent her over and fucked her sweet pussy or asshole.

We were both puzzled over this but said nothing. The time came to start the party and we assembled in the dungeon. Both of us was shackled to the 2 large X's that faced each other. We had spent countless hours in these in the past 7 months watching each other being hurt or fucked. Mistress stood in front of Tasha and smiled at her.

It was not a evil smile but more of a knowing smile. Tasha was unsure of what this could mean though and prepared herself to be badly abused. Mistress then explained to us both what tonight meant to us. She explained that Tasha would be severely whipped by the 1st guest and each guest after would not be as bad. So each guest would hurt her less then the one before them. Mistress would be the last to use Tasha. Tasha screamed loudly as she was whipped by her first few guests then it was just whimpers or moans as the line became shorter until it was just Mistress in front of her.

Mistress ran her hands over the welts the whip had left on Tasha's breasts, back, butt, thighs smiling as she did so.


Mistress then said something to Tasha no one will ever forget. Tasha was told her training was now over and from this moment on she was no longer my equal. She would still be submissive to Mistress but Dominate over me. The months she had spent in agony was to prepare her for this time. She had to know what pain was and the pleasure that comes from it in order to inflict it onto me. Mistress then released Tasha from the cross and handed her the whip that had been used on her and was instructed to use it on me.

Tasha seemed unsure of this as she had never held a whip before but Mistress told her it was ok and to just have fun.


Tasha felt the whip in her hands and still so very unsure hit me across my back with no power behind it. She landed a few more blows the same way. It was like she did not want to hurt me. Mistress told her to hit harder and Tasha did.

This time the whip crashed against my back with a loud crack making me cry out. She did not give me a chance to do anything but started to whip me faster.harder. I cried out each time the whip connected. Tasha whipped my back for nearly 15 minutes before she stopped. She was breathing fast and deep. Tasha looked towards Mistress and our guests and they were all smiling. Mistress told Tasha she could play with me the rest of the night as she wished to. Tasha came to the front of me and looked me in the eyes and for the 1st time i seen the same fire in her eyes i had seen hundreds of times in Mistress's.

Tasha grabbed my head in both hands and forced me to kiss her as she bit my tongue and lips. As i responded to her kiss she brought her knee up hard into my bare and unprotected groin smashing into it and i screamed into her mouth. Tasha abused me for hours that night and each torment was worse then the one before. I wondered how she had gotten so creative all the sudden. Tasha abused me for several hours eliciting scream after scream from me before she seemed sated and released me from the cross.

I fell to my knees as my legs did not want to support me and she grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my face into her gushing pussy and commanded me to lick her hard.

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She rode my face while smashing her dripping pussy onto my face driving herself to a shattering orgasim and another minutes later. When she pulled her pussy from me my face was wet with her juices.

Leaning down she licked my face savoring her taste and kissed me again this time gentle and passionate. I thought perhaps that was all she had in her tonight but i was to soon find out that was not the case. She secured my arms behind my back and locked a collar around my neck then pulled my bound arms up to a clip on the collar and secured them there out of the way. She then put a ball stretcher on me. This is a 4 inch wide steel device that looked like a sleeve.

When it is on me it just touches the bottom of my cock and extends downward 4 inches and makes my balls stand out tight in my sack. The inside of the sleeve has sharp points all around it that pokes into the sack that is trapped in it.

When it is firmly in place Tasha gives my balls a tight squeeze making me cry out and the guests laugh at me calling me sissy and such. Going to the wall where the various strapon's are hanging she carefully looks at each until she finds exactly the one she wants and gets a harness for it also.

I have no idea what she has chosen yet but i know she is standing behind me and i can hear her putting the harness in place. The guests of course can see it and are making jokes about me and i can feel my face turning red. You would think i would be used to strapon play by now and i am but normally we do not have people watching us like tonight.

When Tasha is satisfied the harness is in place to her liking she steps in front of me with a huge cock jutting from her groin. The cock is 11 inches long and nearly as wide as my forearm with huge veins running up and down it. I just know there is no way this monster will fit inside of me. She presses her cock against my lips and i know to lick and suck it. I can barely get the monster into my mouth more then 3 inches and want to beg her not to use it on me but my mouth is filled with it.

When she pulls her cock from my mouth just the end is wet from my saliva and she knows this is going to hurt me. Tasha is not quite ready though and has me crawl on my knees to the 1st guest and i have to ask the guest if pet could suck their cock or eat their pussy while being fucked.

The 1st guest had a cock about half the size as the cock Tasha is wearing and as i was licking and sucking it Tasha placed her cock against my hole and started to shove the monster into me. I tried to move away but i was held in place by the man in front of me and the cock in my mouth and Tasha was gripping my hips from behind.

I wanted to cry out as it hurt so badly but instead i was fed more cock to suck.

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I really thought my rectum was going to rip and tear as the monster invaded me. I have had huge dildos in me before but nothing this size. I was in agony and could do nothing to stop it. Slowly inch by inch Tasha forced her cock into me until i felt her body press against mine and i knew the huge cock was fully inside of me. Once fully inside of me she begins to slide the monster back out and i can feel my tunnel gripping her cock and it feels like it is being pulled inside out as the monster slowly pulls out.

I had thought she would stop with the cock still inside and then fuck me but instead she pulled her cock all the way out with a pop and again everyone laughed and then shoved it back inside of me forcing it as deep as she could in one thrust. I screamed in pain but the sound barely escaped my mouth as the cock in it was shoved down my throat. My mouth was fucked until i felt the scalding hot jism enter my mouth and throat and i sucked and licked trying not to let any spill.

I felt his cock going limp inside of my mouth and then it was no longer in me and i was told by Tasha to crawl to the next guest and repeat what i had said before. This was a woman who stood up in front of me and then turned her back and leaned over on the chair she had been sitting on and told me to lick her ass and shove my tongue deep into her.

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Tasha continued to fuck me and when i stopped whimpering in pain from it she would grab my balls and squeeze and pull on them or reach around and pinch my nipples with her fingernails. I was forced to orally serve each guest in the manner they commanded me to while Tasha continued to abuse me with her cock, fingers, and teeth.

The last in line was Mistress and i hurt so badly all over from the mistreatment from Tasha and her guests and i feared Mistress would not show any mercy either. But i was wrong. Mistress was gentle with me. Barely touching the welts from my whipping she traced her fingers across my body.toying with my sensitive nipples.cupping my hard stretched balls.pulling on my cock as she mastrabated me.

I wanted so badly to cum and the monster still inside of me rubbing my prostrate each time it traveled over it. Mistress looked me in the eyes and smiled and then looked up to Tasha and smiled at her then she told me to cum for them. I thrust my hips wildly as i felt Mistress's hand stroking my shaft and Tasha's huge cock in my abused ass and suddenly i cried out i was cumming and it poured from me like a small river.

I did not squirt like the guests did when i sucked them it just oozed out pouring onto Mistress's hand and then dripping onto the floor. It seemed like it would never stop. I felt the huge cock slip out of my ass and seen Tasha come and kneel down beside us and she took her hand and scooped up some of the cum on Mistress's hand and brought it to my lips and told me to suck them clean and as i did she again scooped my cum up and brought it to her mouth and sucked her fingers clean.

It was early morning when the last of our guests finally said their goodbyes and we were once again alone. I was still in the same bondage as i was earlier and still on my knees pleasuring Mistress and Tasha as they were fondling each other and kissing. Mistress asked Tasha if she had enjoyed her birthday and Tasha eagerly answered yes Mistress but i have a question.

Mistress told her to ask it and Tasha said will you still hurt me if i ask you too? Mistress held her hand under Tasha's chin directing her to look at her and replied yes i will.

Thus began a new journey for the 3 of us and a story i will have to tell you another time as i am being called to the dungeon again by both of my Mistress's.