Sexy cora und dirty beim Privaten fick

Sexy cora und dirty beim Privaten fick
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It had been less than a week; less than a week since I actively tried to cuckold my husband and I was already hooked. At nights, when I couldn't fall asleep, I would run through image after image of my son's cock, slamming into me while my husband had his head turned.

As a result, I woke up even hornier than usual in the mornings, having Chris fuck me longer than we both had time for. So instead of letting him catch the bus, I drove him to school four days straight, making him satisfy my urges completely before he left. Chris of course never complained, even offering to skip school one day so we could have the whole day to fool around. And as tempting as that sounded, I had to be a mother first, making sure he never lost focus on his education.

But wow, was it hard turning down a day full of cock! As I tediously vacuumed the living room floor on Friday morning, I couldn't help but notice the abrupt change of outlook on the weekend.

Before our vacation, I hated most weekends, hated how little alone time Chris and I had as compared to schooldays. But, now, like most other people, I couldn't wait for the weekend, only mine was for a completely different reason; I couldn't wait for the opportunity to cuckold my husband more.

It was still hours until Chris got home, normally causing me to be very restless. But, today I had other things to take care of, most noticeably getting a new pedicure. So once I ate lunch, I headed out to the mall, making the nail salon my first stop. Linda, one of the nail technicians there, had gotten familiar with me.


She serviced me every two weeks or so, as Chris liked to mix it up. I had gone through tons of different styles and colors, but it seemed the more simple pedicures were always his favorites. "If you don't mind me asking, your husband has quite the foot fetish doesn't he?" she said with a little laugh. "Why do you ask?" I smiled. "Because it's the middle of winter and you're still taking such care of your feet!" she laughed.

"He does" I giggled, thinking of Chris. I loved how whenever people asked about my husband, my mind instantly went to Chris, and not Charles. Even if we weren't married by name, my mind had already made the transfer. And if it weren't for Chris' obvious young age, I would love to flirt with him more in public, openly proclaiming us as a couple whenever we were out alone.

"Well, we have a few selections of massage oils available here in case your husband would ever like to… oh who are we kidding, he probably loves massaging your feet!" "I'll definitely check them out" I laughed.

"Thanks!" "Awesome! Ok, we're all done here! Just need to let them dry" she smiled. "Let me know if you need anything else Jen!" "Great! Thanks again!" I stared down at my toes, glad that Chris had picked a solid white color. It really did look great, and I loved the glossy shininess of it too! "Well, what do you think honey : )" I texted to Chris, knowing he was eating lunch.

"Yum! I can't wait to taste them!" "Hehe! What are you doing now?" "Not much. Waiting for the day to be over so I can get home ; ) Oh, can we go to the movies tonight?" "Something catch your eye?" "Yeah, there's a Sci-Fi film that I wanted to see. Could we go?" "Does mommy get to fool around during? : p" "I wouldn't have it any other way!" "Great then! Ok, I have to go now, honey. See you at home!" "Bye mom! Love you!" I had wanted to spend the night at home with Chris, especially since I had split my time the previous nights with my husband, but this was fine too.

We could fool around in the afternoon, flirt at dinner, and then go out for a date night! And the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I loved how young Chris made me feel! With my pedicure dry, I quickly got dressed and went to the checkout counter, looking over the variety of massage oils they had available. I was completely lost, looking over label after label, not entirely sure which one was best. "Get this one Jen" Linda smiled, seeing my confusion. "It's sweet almond oil based and it feels really nice on the skin.

It absorbs fairly quickly but not so fast that you have to keep adding more" she informed. "That sounds perfect!" I exclaimed, turning to the counter. "Oh. Is it safe to eat, you know, just in case" I smiled. "Very" she giggled. That was all I needed to hear. I quickly paid for everything and left, knowing there was still a busy day ahead.

Before leaving the mall, I stopped by Victoria Secret again, just re-filling up on lingerie, thongs, pantyhose/fishnets, and another a pair of heels. Any guilt I had about spending my husband's money went away whenever I pictured how his average day at the office would be.

If anything, it turned me on buying all these things, knowing he would never even see me in them. It was later than expected by the time I got home. And the small flurries of snow in the morning had picked up a bit, coating a thin layer on the front yard and driveway.

Even though I was short on time, I didn't want to miss my daily yoga session. So with that thought, I quickly got started, setting up my mat and changing into my yoga pants and large T-shirt. I did my best to focus on each movement, but inevitably, I found myself routinely checking the clock, counting down the seconds when Chris would run through that door and embrace me in a hug. By the time he finally did enter the house; my skin was covered in beads of sweat. "I'm upstairs honey!" "Coming!" he shouted, his footsteps scrambling towards my room.

"Ooh! Sexy, mom!" he smiled, seeing my attire. "I love the ponytail too!" "Yeah" I giggled, giving him a hug. "How was school?" "Same as usual I guess. We were hoping that the snow would've started earlier, so we could get a half day, but no such luck" he answered, turning me around to grind into my ass. "Mmmm. Fuck! You smell good mom" he moaned, sniffing my neck. Chris planted a sensual kiss on my head and then gently moved my hair aside, allowing him to do the same to the back of my neck.

Soon, the kissing turned to licking, as he loved the way I tasted after a workout. At the same time, his right hand was up my shirt, fondling my tits while his left hand was on the outside of my yoga pants, playing with my pussy.

"Uughh. That feels nice honey" I panted, enjoying his touch. But the more his hand played with my pussy, the more I had the urge to release my bladder. And knowing Chris had no problem with it, I felt no shame when I softly began peeing into my pants, soaking his hand in the process. "Oops!" I giggled. "Oh Fuck!" he exclaimed, his hand rubbing my crotch faster. "Yes!" His fingers were pleasuring my pussy and forcing me to pee even faster, my piss drenching down my legs.

Then in an instant, Chris spun me around again, diving down towards my pussy. In seconds his mouth was clamped around my crotch, loudly sucking the last of my golden nectar.

And even after I emptied it all, Chris stayed on his knees, licking up and down my legs for another taste. The loud sucking sound his mouth created on the spandex fabric was so hot!

"Honey! You're gonna make mommy fall!" I giggled, holding onto his shoulders as he pushed against my legs. Chris didn't have the time to answer, instead pulling my pants down far enough so he could lap up my bare pussy, licking up any leftover drops still there.

"You like being mommy's dirty little toilet?!" I teased, pulling his hair so he would look up to me. "Yes" he nodded, out of breath. "You always taste the best right after a workout" "I hope you mean it then!" I giggled, jamming his face back in my crotch. But I didn't let just his mouth enjoy me piss-soaked pussy, I rubbed his entire face on it, using it as a rag to clean myself. "Oh god!" he moaned, catching his breath when I finally let him go.

"Come on, let's hop in the shower honey! Mommy needs your hard cock!" "What about the mess?" he asked, pointing towards the puddle on the floor. "Oh" I answered, almost forgetting about it. I quickly walked over to our bed, grabbing one of my husband's indoor T-shirts and threw it on the floor, using it to wipe up the puddle of piss. When I finished cleaning most of the mess, I tossed it into my husband's laundry basket, with the rest of his clothe.

Despite the act being completely non-sexual, it was only turning me on more. "All done" I smiled. "Now come on, mommy's been waiting since morning!" We both quickly stripped ourselves down to our birthday suits and walked into the master bathroom.

The bathroom had a separate shower and bathtub. So while we let the water from the shower warm up, Chris sat me down on the ledge of the bathtub. I didn't even have to ask what he wanted, extending my foot out on my own. Chris got on the ground again, sucking on each one of my toes passionately. "I love the color. It looks even better than I thought it would" he said, marveling at my pedicure.

"Yeah, it is quite nice. Oh!

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I also got some massage oils!" I exclaimed. "Really?! Where?" he asked, scrambling onto his feet. "Not now honey!" I giggled. "Your sister's going to be home soon and we won't have time to enjoy it!" I answered, secretly already knowing when I wanted him to use it. "You're right" he smiled. "Besides, this is more than kinky enough" he said, taking another playful lick of my toes.

Most of the piss had naturally flowed down my leg, ensuring Chris was definitely getting a good taste of it now on my feet! The effect showed, as he was even more into it than normal. He had jammed my entire foot in his mouth, tickling between my toes as he face-fucked himself.

It was so hot seeing him worship my feet that I responded by pushing it deeper in his mouth on my own, causing him to gag. But each time he gagged, Chris moaned with it, telling me with his eyes to shove it in more. I of course obliged, laughing the entire time as I choked my son with my pee-soaked feet.

"Ok honey, I think they're clean now" I giggled. "Let's hop in the shower" The water was already plenty warm when we walked inside, feeling amazing on our skin. We began making out immediately, letting the water pour down above us, washing and relaxing us at the same time. "What should we do when-" "Let's not worry about that now honey" I moaned, cutting him off. "Just fuck mommy now!" I moved into position, pressing myself against the limestone tiles of the shower wall. Chris followed my lead, getting behind me and spreading my pussy open.

I doubt he could tell because of the running water, but my pussy was soaking wet, and not because of my bladder either! Understanding our time restrain, he quickly jammed his full length in me, causing me to scream out in primal pleasure. "Fuck!!!" I yelled. "Harder honey!" I instructed.

Chris' cock replied with the answer I wanted, pumping into me with purpose and speed. And to satisfy me even more, he pulled me away from the wall, pushing my back down so he could fuck me doggystyle. I had to extend my hands in front of me, pushing against the wall so I wouldn't fall over.

"Uuugghh! Yes! Honey! Fuck mommy just like that!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Ooohhh!" Chris panted behind me, slamming his cock mercilessly into me. The flowing water only served to amplify the sound of us fucking as the smacking sounds loudly echoed in the master bathroom. He was gripping onto my hips so tight that I couldn't even fuck him back, just being held completely still for his cock to thrust into me. I guess the combination of my workout clothes and new pedicure had done quite a number on Chris!

"Uughh! I love fucking you in the shower mom! Your skin is so damn sexy when it's wet" he moaned, pulling me up so my body was pressed against his chest. He ran his hands all across my front, feeling me up from my tight and toned stomach to my ample tits. All the while, his cock never lost any speed, continuing to thrust into my hungry pussy. Our moment alone was suddenly interrupted by my daughter's voice, barely audible over the shower and our moans. "Mom" she yelled again, her voice on the second floor hallway.

"What is it sweetie?" Chris had stopped, remaining completely still behind me. But while he was hesitant to move, I had no such feelings. I reluctantly took his cock out of me so I could turn around, planting my lips on his as I waited for my daughter's answer. "Mom? Where are you?" she asked, entering the bedroom.

"Mommy's taking a shower" I screamed, smiling at Chris as I did so. Even in my head I could see how much of a freak I was, but I couldn't stop it. My lips continued to move on their own, kissing and sucking on Chris' as I conversed with my daughter. Even my hand had a mind of his own, pumping Chris' cock furiously. "Could I play in the snow outside?" she exclaimed.

I almost wanted to tell her no just so she could stay around, just so I could have that extra rush, but I resisted. "Sure Sweetie" I answered, trying to hide my moans. "Yes! I'll be in the backyard!" she screamed, running off. "Ok, no more excuses honey" I smiled at Chris.

"Mommy needs to cum!" Chris nodded his head, pushing me against the wall, but this time facing me. He pulled my right leg up, propping my foot on the soap holder so that he could enter me from the front.

"Oh yes!" I moaned, rubbing my clit at the same time. It took a few thrusts, but Chris was soon back on pace, fucking me with the same intensity as before Jessie interrupted us. Now it was my back slapping against the wall, the suction of the water creating even more noise. I hope Jessie really did go outside, because if not, she was hearing some very naughty things now!

"Fuck mommy like you mean it!" I edged on, biting on my lower lip in an attempt to seduce him more. Chris answered by glaring at me with lust, his cock pumping even harder into me. It might not have been faster, but I felt the full force of each thrust, almost lifting my entire body up from the floor. This was exactly why I loved teasing him, challenging his sexual prowess! And he never disappointed. He had pushed away my hand as well, replacing it with his own as he crudely rubbed my clit.

"Fuccckkk!! YES!!" I screamed, digging my nails into his back. The sensation was too much, sending me over the edge as I climaxed.


Chris had to hold me still, hugging me tightly until my orgasm finished. I was afraid that it would ruin his own orgasm, but when he pulled out of me, his cock was no longer hard. And it was only when I recovered to my senses completely that I felt his hot cum in my pussy. "Fuck that was hot" he said, smiling at me. "You like fucking mommy with your sister listening?" I teased. "Well not Jessie in particular" he answered. "Just…just that someone was there" I gave him a beaming smile, happy that my fetish was finally rubbing off on him a little.

If he was willing to cooperate more now, who knows how far I could push it! I answered Chris with a big kiss, pushing him back until he was against the wall. And even then, I didn't let go, slithering my tongue into his mouth until he responded back. For the next few minutes, neither one of us spoke, just romantically making out as the shower washed away any physical evidence of our incestuous love making.

When we both felt satisfied enough, we turned the shower off and stepped out into the colder bathroom air, drying each other off. "Shit, I forgot to bring a change of clothe" he chuckled. "Well your sister's in the backyard, I'm sure you can make it to your room without much trouble" I giggled. "I guess" he answered, wrapping his towel around his waist and carefully walking back into the bedroom and leaving for his own room. When I walked into the bedroom as well, I was met with the site of his dirty clothes on the floor.

And just as I was about to run and tease him about finally catching his messy side, a very dirty thought came across my mind. Seeing his casual dress shirt on the floor reminded me of the times when I used to where my husbands after we fucked. Of course, that was years ago, before any of this happened. But the thought was enough for me to pick it up and try it on.

It fit wonderfully! The sleeves were a bit too long, and the bottom was long enough to cover most of my ass, but overall I liked it! I quickly grabbed a pair of panties and sweats and got dressed, leaving for Chris' room. "Have much homework over the weekend?" I asked nonchalantly, dumping the rest of his dirty clothe into his laundry basket. "Nah, not too bad. Which is fine since" he answered, cutting himself off when he turned around to see me. "Mom!" he chuckled. "What?" I giggled.

"How's it look on mommy?" I said, giving him a twirl. "A lot better than on me" he laughed. "You look. so different!" he exclaimed, groping my ass. "Is that a bad thing?" I teased. "No. Just…I'm getting mixed feelings because your feminine charms are all covered up" "Yeah?! Do I look like a tomboy in this?" I smiled.

"hmm. Now you do" he said, scrunching my hair up in a bun. "Would you like " "Mom!" Jessie yelled from in the kitchen. "What is it sweetie?" I answered, slightly frustrated. "Wanna make a snowman with me?! Please mom, it'll be fun!" she begged. I didn't answer her for a second, walking closer to Chris, my eyes staring at him lustfully. "You should go mom" he chuckled, pushing me lightly back. "You know Jess' isn't gonna stop until you do." "Fine! I guess you're right honey" I giggled.

"But you're coming as well!" "I'd love to help sweetie! And I'll bring you an extra helper too!" I shouted back, dragging Chris out of his room as we headed downstairs. "Okay, you better not mess it up Chris!" she said defiantly. "And what if I do?" he teased, rubbing the top of his sister's head. "Ow!" "That's what!" she exclaimed, kicking her brother in the shin again. Chris looked at me for help, but I was too busy laughing to stop the two of them, just happily enjoying the sight of my two kids clowning around.

"Mom, come on!" she said, grabbing my hand and heading for our backdoor. I barely had enough time to fight her off, stopping just so I could grab my winter jacket before she dragged me away. The snow was still coming down, not too light but not too heavy either, leaving more than enough on the ground for a snowman to be built. My daughter had already started, rolling up a pretty good-sized ball of snow before she came to me for help.

"Gotcha!" Jessie cackled. I turned around to see her laughing, with Chris standing a few feet away with a face full of snow. "Mom help!" she giggled, making another snowball. I didn't hesitate, joining my daughter as I made a snowball myself and hurled it towards Chris.

"Girls against boys!" Jessie proclaimed. "No fair!" Chris shot back, trying to block our attacks with one hand as he made his own ammunition with the other. Despite his words, I could tell he was enjoying it too, laughing along with us. Our snowball fight lasted for only about 10 minutes.

Since, unlike Jessie and me, Chris didn't have any gloves with him, making his hands too cold to continue. "Ok! Everybody help pile more snow on this ball! Our snowman's gonna be nice and fat!" Jessie exclaimed. While she so energetically got started, I walked over to Chris, making sure he was okay.

"How's your hands honey? Let mommy see" I said, flipping his palms over. "It's not that bad. Just cold" he said, bringing it to my face. "Ahhh!" I shrieked, laughing as I slapped his arm. "And to think I was worried about you!" After laughing from my reaction, Chris comforted me with a hug, pulling me in close and snuck a quick kiss in.

I could feel him about to pull away, but I held his hand on my hip, telling him not to. I wasn't even really watching out for Jessie either, knowing she wouldn't make that big of a deal of us kissing.

So instead of fretting about it, I openly made out with Chris, even going so far as to place his hand on my ass, forcing his fingers to massage it. "Are you two going to just kiss or help?!" she exclaimed. "Sorry sweetie" I giggled.

'We'll stop" I said, planting one last kiss on Chris' lips. While I had no shame, I could see that Chris was blushing a little, still not used to the fact his sister didn't care about us kissing.

Jessie was her usual bossy self, but for once, Chris and I both eagerly followed her lead. It was incredibly fun and relaxing to spend time together as a family, working on building a snowman that would make Frosty proud.

We had plenty of help from the weather as the snow that fell was dense and not fluffy, allowing us to easily pack it together without falling apart.

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"I'm gonna grab him some clothe!" Jessie exclaimed, rushing back towards the house. "Take off your boots! I don't want snow in the house!" I yelled immediately.

My daughter groaned as a response, resulting in a light chuckle out of Chris. "Having fun honey? I know it's probably not how you wanted to spend a Friday afternoon, but " "It was a lot of fun mom, especially with you" he smiled, giving me a kiss.

Any chilliness I was feeling from the weather was completely melted away from Chris' lips, replaced by an indescribable warm sensation that encompassed my entire body. It felt so romantic kissing him under the gentle snowfall, like something out of a cheesy movie. And unlike most of our kisses, there was no sexual intention behind it.

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No, this kiss was purely used to express our love for each other; a love that had slowly blossomed over the past few months. We both broke it off at the same time, just smiling as we stared into each other's eyes. "Mom, your ears are so red" he chuckled, touching them with his fingertips. "It's kind of cute" "You think it's cute that your mom's freezing her ass off?!" I teased back.

"I could always help warm you up" he joked, turning me around to embrace me with a bear hug. We were both wearing too much clothe for me to feel much, but that didn't stop me from trying! "You sure, honey? Mommy can't feel your willingness" I teased, not finding his cock even remotely hard. "Are you kidding mom? Like you said, it's freezing outside!

He's too cold to be excited" he chuckled. Chris' joke caused me to burst out laughing, disappearing into his arms as I hugged him tighter. Even after all this time, I still couldn't believe just how happy I was with him. It seriously did feel like a dream at times, especially in a setting like this.

But of course, like most good things, it came to an abrupt end when Jessie came running out of the house with a handful of clothes. "Are you going to dress him completely?" I teased. "No! Just a few things!" she answered defiantly, dumping them on the ground. "Help me put them on!" "Hey this is mine!" Chris exclaimed, examining the beanie that Jessie had in her hands.

"Well you weren't using it, so now he gets to have it!" she laughed. "Don't fight it honey. Let's just help your sister finish and we can go back inside, where it's warm" That seemed to calm Chris down, getting him to begrudgingly help his sister dress up her snowman. And I must say, when we finished, he actually looked quite good. We had given him a scarf, an old winter coat, and Chris' beanie.

Jessie had even found a few good sticks for arms and a few rocks to make the face more realistic. "Mom! You think it's going to stick around for a while?" "Well it's only mid-Januaryso I suppose he's got at least a few weeks until it gets too warm" I smiled.

"Yes!" "Alright sweetie, it's time to go inside before your nose freezes off!" I giggled. "Can we have hot chocolate?!" "That's a great idea!" I answered, already thinking about how soothing the warm beverage would be. While I began boiling up the water, Jessie and Chris had made themselves comfortable in the living room, watching TV as they waited. "Here you go honey" I smiled, handing him a mug. "Do you really need all that space sweetie?" I asked, placing another one down on the coffee table for Jessie.

"Hehehehe!" she giggled, lying down on the entire 3 person sofa. "Thanks mom" she smiled mischievously, taking a sip of her hot chocolate and returning her attention back to her phone. "Ok, I have to start dinner now. Behave" I said, looking mostly at my daughter.

Our little family time had interfered with my usual schedule, resulting in me finishing later than normal. Yet, unexpectedly, Charles wasn't home either when dinner was done. I only waited for a little longer before giving his cell a call, only getting his answer machine. "Sweetie it's time for dinner" I said, finding her still watching TV in the living room.

"Where's your brother?" Jessie hardly took her eyes off the screen, pointing to the other couch where Chris was fast asleep. "Why don't you go set the table, while I wake your brother. Just 3 people. Your dad's running late" "Uuuggh!" she groaned, getting out of her seat and leaving for the dining room. With Jessie gone, I gently walked over to Chris and planted a kiss on his forehead. When that didn't wake him, I moved lower, towards his lips. "time to wake up sleepyhead" I giggled.

"What time is it?" "It's almost 7, time for dinner. Come on" Dinner with just the three of us was fine, our energy picking up right where we left off in the afternoon. I got to mostly enjoy the banter between Chris and Jessie, not taking either ones side as they argued.

"Did dad say when he's getting back?" Chris asked. "No, why do you ask?" "Oh, just that I don't want to catch a very late start time for the movie" "You're going to the movies?!

I want to go too!" Jessie exclaimed. "Sorry sweetie, but your too young to go see this one" I smiled with compassion. "No fair! I'm always too young!" she pouted. "You say that now, but in a few years you'll wish " 'that I was younger!

Yeah, I've heard it a million times mom" she exclaimed, still upset from being left out. It wasn't until after our dinner wrapped that I got a text from Charles, just saying that he was in a "business meeting." I didn't mind the fact that he was late, or even that he didn't tell me, but it pissed me off that it was affecting my night out.

So because of it, I decided to leave all our dirty dishes in the sink for him to wash on his own later. "Chris, honey. What time's the movie start?" "I think if we leave now we can catch the 7:45 one, but otherwise, it'll be the 8:30 showing" he answered.

"Hmm. Let's catch the later one. Mommy has a job for you in the meantime" I smiled, waving him to follow me. I led him into my bedroom, where I carefully took out the newly purchase massage oil. "Care to give it a try?" I giggled, holding up the bottle "Now?" "Why not? Mommy's feet are really tired after such a busy afternoon" I teased, slipping my foot out of my slippers. I gently got on the bed, lying comfortably on my pillow.

"Well?" I said, wiggling my toes to entice him. I could see him getting hypnotized already, his will to reject my offer weakening. "Okay! Maybe for a bit" he chuckled, taking a seat by the foot of the bed. He took a few seconds to read the label, getting an ideal of how to apply it before popping the bottle open.

"Ohhhh! It's cold!" I giggled, feeling the oil touch the top of my foot. Chris added a few more drops before his hands got busy, liberally spreading it all over my foot. "it's so slippery!" he exclaimed. "And it makes your skin feel so sexy, mom!" I knew exactly what he meant as his hands felt even better than normal on my feet. Instead of rubbing against my skin, it was now gliding across it.

For a few minutes, both of us just enjoyed the sensation as Chris did his best to give me a real foot massage. He caressed my soles tenderly, soothing my muscles in the process.

"Ooh that's nice honey! But I think mommy likes your other way of massaging more" I smiled, pointing my left foot towards his mouth. Chris smiled widely at me, sticking his tongue out for a light lick of my big toe. "Mmm" he moaned softly, slipping the entire toe in his mouth. The feeling was incredibly erotic with the addition of the massage oil! I couldn't believe we had waited all the way until now to try.

"Don't leave all the other piggies alone, honey! They'll get jealous" I teased, spreading my toes so he could give each one the attention they deserved. "I would never" he smiled, moving down the line. He made sure to suck each one gently, twirling his tongue around it. The way his face looked worshipping my feet was such a turn on! He looked so passionate, so lost in what he was doing.

And while his mouth stayed busy, my other foot was rubbing the front of his jeans, feeling his hard cock. Recognizing what I wanted, Chris clamped his mouth around my right foot, freeing both his hands so he could unbuckle his jeans, releasing his cock. "Do you want mommy to give you a footjob?" I teased, rubbing up and down the shaft with my sole. "Yes!" he nodded, grabbing the bottle. He aimed it right at his cock, giving it a few good squeezes until his crotch was covered in the oil.

"So much!" I giggled. "You're hardly gonna feel mommy!" I eagerly placed both my soles around his cock and tried to start pumping, but Chris had used so much oil that it was very hard for me to get a good grip. Seeing my struggle, he quickly grabbed my ankles, moving my feet on his own. "Sorry mom" he chuckled. "I think I got a little overexcited!" "That's okay, honey!

We'll just know how much to use for next time" I teased. He started off slow, just enjoying the feeling of my slick feet sliding up and down his cock.

And every once a while he would stop, moving one of my feet up to his mouth so he could lick my sole again. Each time he did, I made sure that his cock was never left unattended, teasing his shaft with my toes. When he finally seemed completely satisfied with tasting my feet, he brought them both back down. The massage oil was a doing a wondrous job of allowing him to use my feet as his own personal toy, fucking them as fast as he wanted. "Mom could you suck me off at the same time?" he begged.

"Please!" "You want both mommy's mouth and feet around your cock?! What a nasty boy!" I teased. "Yes! Mom, please!" I teased him for a more seconds, refusing to budge until the look in his eyes was too much. Using my flexibility, I leaned forward and clamped my lips around the head of his cock, all the while my feet were still pleasuring his shaft.

"Ohhh! God!! I love that you can do that mom!" I was just about to respond when there was a loud thud from the front door. "Sorry I'm late dear" my husband shouted from the foyer. I didn't respond, knowing we had probably another minute at best before he would come upstairs to look for us. So not wasting anytime, I began sucking harder, bobbing up and down the head. "Mom, sto- Auuggh!!!" The slow acceptance of his moan made me giggle as I removed my mouth from his cock.

And as soon as I did, Chris moved my soles right on top of his cock, blasting it with his jizz. "Augghh Fuck!" he panted. "Dear? Where are you?" "Get your pants on honey!" I exclaimed moving my feet so he could get up.

"Upstairs dear" I yelled. Chris looked at me in both shock and terror, not believing what had just come out of my mouth. "Hurry!" I edged on, snapping him out of it. "Sit down by mommy and continue giving me a massage!" I exclaimed. He had a few seconds to spread the cum on my soles all across my feet, right before Charles walked in, his eyes immediately looking at what Chris was doing.

"Late day at the office?" I asked, ignoring where my husband was looking. "Oooh! That's feels so good honey!" I moaned, making sure I sounded sexual. "Dear?" I asked again, focusing his attention back on me.

"Uhh…yeah. Just a meeting ran late" he answered, trying his best to not look. "Uhm…what's…" he said, pointing at Chris. "Oh I went to nail salon and got a pedicure. And while I was there they offered a free bottle of massage oil to try out" I lied. "Chris' been doing a fantastic job" I smiled, playfully tapping his nose with my foot.

Chris had no idea how to react, just keeping his head down and letting me do all the talking. The confused look on Charles' face was exactly what I wanted to see when I asked for Chris to give me a foot massage in the first place. The only difference was I had intended on actually using the massage oil and not Chris' own cum for lubrication!

"Is it a problem, dear?" I asked, almost challenging him with the tone of my voice. "No…it's just…" he paused, looking at the position of my feet. While Chris held one delicately in one hand, the other foot was on his lap, inches away from his cock. But even with Charles' little hint, I feigned ignorance, choosing to not acknowledge his statement. "just what?" I asked, moving my foot even closer. My mind was telling me that I had overstepped a boundary, that I had gone too far.

And in reality, I probably did. But I was so angry at him for being late and jeopardizing my night out with Chris that I didn't care. " that Chris' shirt?" "Oh" I smiled, actually forgetting myself. "I just grabbed one after my workout. I was a little warm and it felt comfortable so…" "Oh, could you squirt some more, honey? It's drying up!" I giggled, acting completely shameless in front of Charles. "Great!" I smiled, sliding my feint in Chris' palms. I kept my eyes on my husband's face, making sure the he was watching it all.

The more he stared, the bolder I got. While Chris' massaged the front of my feet, I placed my heels on cock, ever so slightly rubbing it. I don't know if Charles picked up on that or not, but it was there for him to see. "Dinner's downstairs, but it might be a little cold.

Anything else?" " I " "GoodYou can change later. After Chris and I are done here" I said, faking him a smile. Charles was left speechless, just casually nodding his head and walking back out the door. I both enjoyed and hated how scared my husband was around me. I enjoyed toying with him like this, but hated how beta he was. For most of our marriage, I never argued with him much, and therefore never saw how weak he actually was in situations like this.

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I don't know how I would've felt if I saw it years earlier, but seeing it now was a huge turn off. How could it not be, watching him so willingly allow another man to pleasure his wife's feet right in front of him, and his own son nonetheless! "Mom-" "Go grab a towel honey so we can clean up!

I don't want to miss our movie!" I smiled. "Yeah!" he answered, his smile returning. "Make sure it's your fathers'" I winked.

After using my husband's towel to clean Chris' cum off my feet, I quickly got changed. My baby blue sweater and dark blue jeans weren't too revealing, but the rest of my outfit subtly suggested that Chris and I were not going off to enjoy a movie as mother and son.

I put on some light makeup, doing my mascara as well as some lipstick. And instead of going with my usual sneakers, I got out a pair of winter high heel boots. "Alright let's go downstairs!" My husband was eating in the dining room alone when Chris and I got to kitchen, ready to leave through the garage.

"Dear, we're going out to see a movie." "Oh, you didn't tell me" he said, leaving his seat. I don't know if it was because the oil masked it before, but as Charles walked closer towards us, I could distinctly smell the scent of perfume on him.

"Is it… just you the two of you?" he asked, his tone suggesting another question. "Yeah. What? Is there a problem with someone my age enjoying the company of the younger generation?" I answered, staring right back at him, daring him to say something else.

I could see the gears turning in his head, wondering if he should say anything or not. But when he remained silent, I turned around to put my boots on, essentially ending his chance.

"What time will you be back?" "Oh I dunno, probably late. We were going to leave earlier but you had a meeting that ran late" "uhh yeah. That was my fault. Ok, enjoy then" he smiled, opening the door for us. The panicked look on his face told me he wanted us to leave as much as we did ourselves, maybe even more.

How pathetic. The movie theatre was completely packed when we got there, even parking was difficult. We ended up finding a spot on the third floor of the parking garage.

I guess we shouldn't have expected anything less, with it being Friday and all. But fortunately, the lines moved rather fast and it in no time, we had our tickets and began heading into the theatre areas. The theatre was about half full when we entered.

But being a less marketed sci-fi film, most of the audiences were groups of guys, with very few couples. In fact, as we made our way up the aisles towards the top seats, we got plenty of stares.

About half of them were looking at both of us, wondering about our relationship, while the other half were checking me out. As flattered as I was, it was also a little unsettling having that many people staring. And because of it, I ultimately decided to take seats away from most of the other customers, near the back of the theatre. "Anything planned for the weekend?" "Not really." "Good!" I exclaimed.

"Mommy's going to teach you how to drive tomorrow!" "Yeah? Are you sure you're the right person to teach me?" he joked. "Yeah, yeah Asian women are bad drivers" I answered, rolling my eyes in feign frustration. "I'm sure you won't be complaining when we get to all the other activities you can do in a car" I teased. "Sorry mom, I was just joking" he chuckled. "And I'd love to learn how to drive from you, even if I can't use it for at least another year." "I know time passes by slow to you now, but at my age, it zips by.

Just look at you, my little boy's already turning into a man. Soon you'll be off to college and " "Mom" he groaned. "That's almost 4 years away. Besides, I'd never leave you" he answered, squeezing my hand.

"you promise mommy?" "I promise" he chuckled. "Well it's not like you could even if you wanted to" I smirked, moving my hand onto his lap. "Since even if your head said it was okay, I don't think he would cooperate" I giggled, feeling his hard on. "Mom! People will see us!" he exclaimed with a smile. "Oh shush! The lights are already dimming! Besides, what did you think was going to keep mommy's attention?

You know I hate most sci-fi movies" I giggled. We continued flirting until the previews started, taking both of our attention onto the center screen. There was actually quite a few that spiked both of interest, and served as possible movies that we could see later on in the future. I had never been a huge movie fan, but Chris was. And seeing him so happy watching one, always led to the same warm feeling for me as well. For the first half of the movie, I did my best to stay focused.

The plot was rather straightforward and things were still easy to follow. But once the time travel element of the film came into play, I started getting confused.

I tried following the story, but after a while, it just became boring to me. So instead of fighting it, I went back to fooling around with Chris. "Just enjoy the movie honey. Don't mind mommy" I whispered. Chris nodded his head, keeping his focus on the screen ahead as I slowly unzipped his pants.

I only had to give it a few pumps before it was hard enough for my liking, or I should say, my mouth's liking. With everyone else so in captivated by the movie as well, I felt completely fine removing the armrest between us and dropping my head down.

I made sure to be slow, taking my time and not alarming Chris. The last thing I needed was a sudden moan out of him that drew everyone's eyes on us! I started by just kissing his head, licking off the pre-cum that oozed out. When that was done, I moved down the shaft, licking the entire length like a popsicle. Chris was doing his best to ignore my actions but after a few minutes, I felt his palm on the back of my head, gently guiding me.

He wasn't really using any force, just letting me know he enjoyed it. I had been trying to keep the blowjob noises to a minimum, but it was so hard to do so. Every slurp and popping noise from my mouth, only cheered me on, telling me to be even louder! And as I continued to tease Chris with more tongue, he began moaning too, gently pushing down my head. The slow and sensual licking gradually turned into sucking, which in turn became me bobbing up and down Chris' cock. It was still much gentler than the usual throat-fucking, but every time the head of his cock hit my throat, Chris responded by moaning even louder.

Just as I felt he was close, Chris brought me back up, kissing me hard on the mouth. His forwardness definitely caught me a little off guard but who was I to argue! It felt only hotter knowing that anyone could see us kissing!

"What happened to the movie?" I teased. "You did" he chuckled, trying to catch his breath. I slammed my mouth back on his lips before he could say anything else, almost afraid that he would suggest stopping. But it was just in my head, as I felt Chris rotating in his seat so that he could face me more, his hand feeling up my thigh. "I wish you weren't wearing jeans mom" he chuckled.

"Sorry, honey!" I pouted. "Here, let mommy make it up!" I pushed him back against his seat and dove back down, this time engulfing his entire cock in my mouth. Chris was ready for it, biting down on his winter jacket to prevent himself from screaming.

I, on the other hand, began deepthroating, completely disregarding the fact that we were in public. And unlike the first time I blew Chris in a movie theatre, he had little care this time around for the presence of others as well. He kept one hand on my head, pushing me deeper on his cock while the other one was digging down the back of my jeans.

His hands felt even more frustrated than before, unable to reach my asshole through the clinginess of my skinny jeans. "Fuck!" he exclaimed, pulling me up. "Let's go, mom. I need to fuck you!" He panted, laughing at his own statement. "You sure honey? You seemed awfully excited to see this movie" I teased. "I can watch it again any other time!" "And since when could you not have mommy whenever you wanted?" I smiled.

"What? I dunno! Mom, let's just go! Please! I want you so bad right now!" he pleaded, raising his voice slightly. It was the first time in quite a while that I had to actually lower Chris' voice, telling him to shush! He looked quite cute begging his mommy like that! "Where will we go then?" I asked innocently. "I don't care, mom. Let's just go back to the car" he said, buckling his pants back on. I wanted to tease him a little more, but seeing the desperation on his face told me otherwise.

We left very quickly, with Chris nearly pushing me out the aisles. As soon as the car door was unlocked, both of climbed into the backseat. Chris began tearing at my clothes, getting my jeans off in record time. Next, he went for my sweater, pulling it over my head to reveal my sexy lace bra.

"Fuck!" he moaned in relief, pushing one cup aside to suck on my nipple. With Chris finally relaxing, I took the opportunity to get his own jeans off too. But as I attempted to straddle him, he pushed me away, lying my back down across two of the seats. He then lifted my ass up and shoved my panties aside, revealing what he's been dying for.

His tongue instantly found my puckered asshole, licking wildly across the rim before pressing the tip inside me. "AUugghh! YES! Lick mommy's asshole like a good boy!" I moaned, spreading my cheeks for him. With my hole loosened for him, Chris was easily able to slide his tongue in and out, lubing it up for what was to come next. He jammed his cock roughly inside, getting nearly balls deep on the first thrust.

"Fuck!!" I screamed, from both pain and agony. For a second he held it there, letting my asshole get used to his cock. But the rest was short lived as Chris began pumping immediately. "Yes! Faster! Fuck mommy faster!" I edged on, grabbing anything I could get a hold of.

Chris' hands abandoned my breasts and went to my hips, gripping them tightly so he could comply with my request. "Yes! Oh Fucck!" I moaned in ecstasy. I kept my eyes busy, looking around to make sure no one was watching us in the parking garage.

But from my angle the only things I saw were the small stickers my daughter had put on our side window. They suddenly reminded me that this was a family SUV.

A car bought to drive kids to school or go grocery shopping for the family, not to use as a place to fuck my own son! The thought of how wrong it was to be doing this, was exhilarating! I instantly went to share the newfound energy with Chris, pulling him down with my legs to kiss. "Fuck this feels amazing!" he moaned, his eyes twitching from the sensation.

"You like that honey? You like fucking mommy's tight little asshole?!" "Uh-huh" he nodded, panting for air. "Are you gonna give mommy your hot sticky cum?!" I asked, licking my lips seductively. "God, mom you're too much!" he exclaimed, giving me a few last pumps before I felt the familiar sensation of his jizz, buried deep in my ass.

"Fuck, I can't believe I just did that here" he said, looking around. "Did?" I questioned. "That sounds like past tense honey? And I know I didn't raise my son to be so selfish" I teased, pushing him out of me. "You better clean mommy up too. We wouldn't want anyone to find these love stains on the backseat, would we?" I smiled, pulling my knees towards me to expose my ass.

Chris nodded his head in agreement, diving forward to lick up his own cum. 'Make sure you get far inside, honey! You left quite a mess in mommy!" "Yes mom" he answered obediently, snaking his tongue in my asshole. He slurped loudly, each trip getting deeper and deeper until I felt he had completed his task.

"Now is that cock nice and Ohit is!" I smiled, seeing it pointing straight ahead again. "Sit down, honey. Mommy's gonna ride you!" I smiled. I carefully got on top of him, lining up his cock with my dripping wet pussy. The second he entered me was pure bliss and I didn't move, just letting the feeling sink in. While Chris was desperate to get his fix, I wanted to go slower, reliving the place where I gave him his first handjob.

This was, after all, the first time I saw his cock, the cock I gave birth to. The cock that I now could use whenever I wanted! "I think you made the right decision to leave early honey!" I giggled, rocking on his cock. "So do I" he smiled. "Should we go home right after?" "That's up to mhmm! Uuugh that's up to you" "Let's just go home. We can always come back tomorrow when you teach me driving" 'That's sounds good honey" I moaned, bouncing more heavily now.

"Run your hands through mommy's hair" I instructed, wanting my husband to see me after I've been freshly fucked. "Just like that honey" I encouraged. My instructions seemed to be turning Chris on too, as I felt his cock thrusting back into my pussy, meeting me every time I came down.

Slowly the pace quickened, our bodies working in unison until the entire car was shaking. I could see from the back window people getting in and out of their cars, coming and going. Chris and I ignored it all, concentrating only on the thrill of the moment. Even when the frequency of the cars driving around increased, I didn't care. "Don't stop honey!" I exclaimed, moving his face back towards me. "Mommy's so close!" "Ok" he answered sheepishly, burying his mouth into my neck as his cock gave me all I wanted.

I came seconds later, my mind running through just how ridiculous our date night had ended up. I honestly was looking forward to a romantic night out, with the occasional sexy touching or kissing. But here we were, in the middle of a packed parking garage, fucking like we were high schoolers.

Well, I guess for at least one us, that was true! "Do you want me to " "No! This creampie is all mommy's!" I smiled, digging my hands into my pussy and bringing Chris' cum back to my mouth. "Come on, let's go before someone sees us!" I giggled. As different as the night had gone, I couldn't really complain. My husband coming home late had opened the opportunity for Chris to give me a foot massage in front of him; an act that he was going to get quite used to from now.

And I had fulfilled another first, the first time I got fucked in the back seat of a car. And I was especially happy that it was with Chris! "How does mommy look?" I asked, pulling up to the driveway. "Uh " "Is my makeup all messed up?" "Not completely, but… it's not the best either" he chuckled. "Good!" I smiled, taking one more assuring look in the mirror.

"Well, let's go home!" The upstairs lights were still on, indicating that at least someone was awake. My thoughts were confirmed when Charles called for us. "You're home a little early? How was it?" he greeted, from the second floor.

I pretended not to hear him, just taking my shoes off. "Thanks for the evening out honey! It was a lot of fun!" I exclaimed, giving Chris a quick kiss.

But because he wasn't expecting it, I got mostly his chin, and not his lip. "Oops! I missed! There!" I giggled, making sure the second one connected. I made sure the kiss was slow, lingering just long enough that it wouldn't be considered a motherly kiss.

"No problem mom. I'm…I'm gonna go up to my room now" he stammered, walking up the stairs and greeting his dad before disappearing. "Oh I didn't hear you dear" I smiled. As I made my way upstairs as well, Charles' eyes went directly to my face, immediately taking notice of my messed up hair, slightly smeared mascara and lipstick.

I just smiled back at him, waiting to see if he would say anything. "The movie was so-so but I had a good time anyways" I answered, moving past him into our bedroom. "Was it windy outside or something, your hairs all messed up" he asked, laughing a little to keep the tone light.

"is it? I didn't notice" "And isn't Chris a little old to for you to see a movie with him?

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I'm sure if his friends saw they would tease him" he chuckled. "Are you saying I embarrass him?" I asked, glaring at him. "No! That's what not I meant! I meant " "It was just a movie. Our son's growing up and I just wanted to spend some time with him" I answered. "Anyways I'm a little tired from today.

I think I'll just wash up and get ready for bed" I said, walking into the bathroom. I know his conversation was supposed to scare me. To give me a hint that even he wasn't that clueless; that I should put the brakes on. But the only feeling I got was excitement! Excitement for how I could use it to push the limits further.

I couldn't even hide my smile, staring almost maniacally at myself in the mirror. That ordinary housewife who kept her own desires hidden was gone, slowly replaced by a completely new and confident woman that wasn't afraid to demand what she wanted. Author's Note: Like I said, this chapter helps set up certain scenes and scenarios that wouldn't make sense if I just jumped right into it.

As for Lily, she will be introduced back towards the end of the series.