Big Boobs and Juicy Pussy Of My Desi Aunty

Big Boobs and Juicy Pussy Of My Desi Aunty
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In my pussy was a huge dildo, stretching me like a virgin. I was so wet it was a delight. There was going to be a mess underneath us. Her dark skin rumbled as she gyrated into me, her teeth sinking in as a took the long cock deeper into my pussy.

My stilettos wrapped around her waist. They were sharp and gave me 6 inches of height. Behind me, his little submissive moans trickled across my skin.

He scraped his teeth on my neck and shoved his cock in my ass. So thick, I didn't think I could take it, but I was so mad with lust, how could I deny my body any pleasure.

I wouldn't, and couldn't. I was a goddess, my body, and his, belonged to me. Her thumb shoved into my mouth and pushed my lips back and forth as she made me suck it.

"Do you know why I have to fuck her pussy? Because you're not man enough to do it right." She buried her cock into me and pulled my hair so she could bite my neck, leaving a bruise. Her cock dug deeply into me, she shoved it inside me as if she were testing me, but I took every inch until it slammed against my cervix. "Don't you stop fucking her ass, you worm of a man." She slammed her point home in my pussy.

He began to pick up the pace in my ass and I screamed around her thumb, feeling them both pound me as hard as they could. His groans in my ear tipped my orgasam, and her provoking shoved me down into bliss. After my orgasam she pushed him back on the bed dislodging his cock from my ass, and making me yelp.

She pulled a mile out of my pussy, and I could barely move. My body was shivering, my hips still rocking begging for more. Pulling out handcuffs, she looked wicked. Her hair was so dark, her skin pure gold, I smiled at her beauty.

Her eyes were black with lust. Her pupils dilating like a spinning coin.

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She pinned his hands and made sure he couldn't move. Watching her dominate him like I'd always wanted to do, made my pussy clench. "Get on his face, we're going to use him for what he's good for." Her voice was a command I couldn't ignore. I needed to do as she said.

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I needed his fucking tongue as deep in me as I could fucking get it. I straddled his face with my knees. "Don't move your hands unless you're going to stick them deep in her pussy, slave." her hands grabbed my ass and she shoved me down onto his face. Her hands on my hips, his tongue up my cunt was one of the most wonderful experiences.

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I came over and over on his face. His pussy-bitch face. His beard all up in my cunt was a symbol of power as we lorded it over him.

His tongue flicked over me like a snake and my body was losing all control. GIving it straight to her. SHe bent me forward, keeping my clit on his hungry mouth. My pussy felt some cold air making me need. I was so empty, and my pussy clenched.


The head of her dildo pushed, and couldn't fit with my clenching. She spanked me, making me spasm, and forced her way in. I screamed as my walls expanded for her huge cock. "Do you like it when Your woman cums?" She asked, spanking me again, ceaselessly fucking my pussy. "Then fucking suck her harder!" she said thrusting in me even deeper and I came all over his face, soaking his beard and neck.

"That's my good girl. You like to feel good don't you?" She slowly slid her dick around in me while stroking my back for a moment. She grabbed a fistful of my hair, and I was ready to do whatever she needed. She pulled me off his softly kissing mouth, and put me on my back, twisting my nipples and touching me softly between my breasts. "That's my pretty girl." "Put your face back in her pussy, slave." She said pushing and spanking him, hard. He muffled a moan against my pussy, and I ran my fingers through his hair.

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She disappeared for a moment while I let him lick me. Starbursts flashed behind my eyes eachtime he grazed my clit with his teeth.

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When I could see her again, her dildo was switched out for a small red one, and she was lubing it behind him. "I'm going to show you how to fuck an ass, you little bitch." She said pushing the dildo against his ass.

He was squealing into my pussy. "Shut the fuck up, and stick your tongue inside her." She said taking his hair and shoving his face deeper into my cunt. His moans and squeels were sweet vibrations against my empty pussy hole. He didn't make anymore sounds once she penetrated him. Her strokes were equivalent to his tongue coming in and out of me. "Fuck her! Make her cum!" She said spanking him brutally until he whimpered again.

"She likes seeing you get fucked by me. She knows I'm taking good care of you." she purred as she touched herself beneath the harness. She fucked him brutally until he made me cum again. Then she pushed him onto the floor and gagged him with panties she dipped in my cunt juice before muffling him. "Stroke yourself, I'm going to fuck my pretty girl, and you're going to watch." She was pulling his hair until he grabbed his shrinking dick. She laid on top of me, kissing each nipple and collar bone.

She gripped the hair at the nape of my neck and kissed my forehead, fiddling between her legs. She was shifting dildos again. "You're a good girl, you can take the big dick." She said, rubbing my soaking clit with it as I wriggled and moaned.

Girls could go and go. But boys were done once they came. That's why he was only allowed to cum on my tits when this was all over. She pushed it in me, making our bodies slide and telling me how good it felt to be inside me.

"I told you I would fuck the shit out of you." She said with a smile I'd never seen before. "You're such a good girl, do you want a spanking?" She said with a sweet cadence. I nodded vigorously with her strokes. She kissed my forehead again, pulling out and pulling me across her lap. She adjusted several times before she had the position right. She made my ass face my boyfriend as she spanked me. "You're ass is so red, now count." She said, spanking me, and making me count.

When it began to sting, she ran her cool nails on the sensitive flesh behind my thighs. I was quivering and dripping all over her lap. Then she stuck three thick fingers inside my pussy. "Don't fucking cum!" She yelled at my boyfriend, the spanked me hard as a warning to him.

I squeaked and she soothed me by covering the red palm on my ass with my pussy juice that cooled quickly in the air, sucking the heat from my ass. I couldn't see him, but I could hear the sound of him masturbating, slow. Pushing me, I ended up on all fours with her cock at the entrance of my pussy. Her fingers were playing first, getting really wet. The same moment, she slammed her huge cock into me, she put a finger in my ass. "I like dominating tall girls like you.

I can take any skinny little 5' 2" girl, but you're cumming for me willingly, aren't you." She said smacking my ass. She fucked me like that, forcing the orgasam out of me. Grabbing my tit with the other hand, molding it in her hand, pinching the nipple as she fucked me harder and harder.


"Stand up." She said, and I slightly towered over her, but she could still grab my hair, directing me to sit on her lap, and impaling me on her huge strap on. She used my hair as reins to guide me up and down. My weight forced it even deeper. I almost had it all inside me. "This is how you fuck such a pretty girl like this." I watched him stroke furiously, then slow as he watched us, sucking on my panties as she pulled my hair.

She put her legs between mine to spread them, my stilettos scraping the wood floor, and she flicked my slit with her thick finger. Well, what was left of it considering the monster in my pussy. "Don't fucking cum, until I tell you to." She said to my boyfriend as she smacked me right in the clit making me cry out and cum with tears in my eyes.

"Please." He begged, pumping his cock with his fist. "Why should I let you cum?" She asked fucking me harder, and I finally met the bottom of her enormous cock. "Because I'll suck her clit while I cum!" He begged. "Good answer." She forced me off her cock and I whimpered.

I laid on my back as instructed. He mounted my chest, forcing my tits together for his cock to slid between. He bent forward, and moaned when he found my clit.

She mounted me again, forcing her huge cock inside me and I came and came until I felt the warm explosion on my chest.

She rubbed it in my tits, while he still sucked my clit, until me and her both came.