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Hubby watched his wife got into a very messy sex
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Tamara Johnson watched the sun setting on the distant horizon. The Novo Brazilian sky was alive with orange and pink hues, it was beautiful. She studied her reflection in the window of her room.

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A snub-nosed, freckled face stared back at her, green eyes, curly copper hair, chopped short at her nape. Not bad. She had been trying to get more sleep lately and it appeared to be paying off. She caressed her C-cup breasts, moving her fingers in circles around her perky nipples, so that they poked out from between the fabric of the black fishnet body-stocking that she habitually wore.

It wasn't going to be long until the big show and having just recalled her first encounter in the Cave of the Werewolves, she was definitely getting into the mood. Tamara smiled to herself, turning away from the view and back to her room. The mountain-top plane crash that had left her and Alice stranded in a cave had only been a year ago. And yet now, here she was, living back on the plateau of the Monte de Venus, in what was officially referred to as the Facility, (more informally known as the Valk-eyrie in honor of their fearless leader).

Tiny lay asleep on Tamara's bed, the young adult werewolf taking the opportunity to rest up in the warmth of the Facility's living quarters.

She snuggled up next to him and flicked on a monitor. There was a perimeter fence in place around the base, but the whole area was also wired for sound and pictures, both inside and out. Not that anyone else knew this, outside of herself and Alice. Her boss had charged Tamara with establishing the base and during the build she had merely added some 'optional extras' into the design.

Tamara had always felt somewhat of an outsider but she liked to be in the know. Also, given the nature of this place, it seemed wise to be keep an eye on nocturnal activities. After all, tracking the behaviors of the humans living here, was just as much a part of their research program as studying the animals.


She hadn't bothered to mention it to the rest of the party, as she wanted to study them naturally, with no play-acting for the cameras. Ah, who was she kidding?! The Aviatrix had grown increasingly fascinated by sex since arriving here and loved to study how the others engaged in it. She still wasn't sure as to why she had become such a voyeur. Maybe she enjoyed watching other couplings because she had always found it difficult to engage in committed relationships.

A confused lesbian in her teens, she'd switched to celibacy during her university years, possibly missing out on a fair bit of what life had to offer, it was true.

Following that, the Air Force had not been a great environment in which to figure oneself out despite some bisexual experimentation. Then came the Nordic job and her first meeting with Alice.

She had loved it, of course, but it had meant a great deal of travel and very little in the way of routine or stability. Not that Tamara had any regrets. Working for Alice had also allowed for some sexual release but with low emotional commitment. Think of it as a perk of the job.

Still, to think that even in her late twenties, she remained a virgin was a little depressing. Over the years she had found humans pretty disappointing in terms of loyalty and had never really felt that special spark. So whether for a man or a woman, she was still saving herself for that special someone. She gently stroked Tiny's flanks. He had been a very different monster when they had first met, but over the year or so that the Facility had been operating, they had grown closer and closer.

How had all this started? It seemed hard to believe that they'd come this far in little over a year. Rebecca had played her part, it was true. Tamara switched the monitor view to show Rebecca's room, but there was no sign of her currently. Rebecca Knight was Alice's spiritual instructor. Tamara understood that they had met through a yoga course some years ago and had really hit it off.

She was a plummy voiced Brit, who practiced Yoni Magick amongst other things, i.e. a self proclaimed sex witch. She also had a thing for the color purple and wearing thigh-high kinky boots, both of which clearly marked her out as a social deviant in Tamara's book.

The Aviatrix had long been convinced that Bec was a total fraud, but she was now wavering slightly on this position due to more recent events. Tamara cast her mind back as to how it had all come to this. **************** The morning after the crash, they had been air-lifted from the mountain top, the search and rescue helicopter had easily seen the spirals of smoke from their wrecked jet.

Once safely landed at Sao Petro, Alice and Tamara had undergone some quick medical checks before flying straight back to Joyport in the business section of a commercial flight. They sat in virtual silence, each processing what had exactly happened to them on that first, fateful night on the mysterious mountain. Tamara cupped her water glass between her palms, lost in her thoughts.

Nothing on Earth would have possessed her to behave in that way normally. Was it a drug? An hallucination? There had been that strange feeling, that writhing within her, somewhat out of body but also as if her most base desires were given free rein.

She didn't know what it had been, but it disturbed her greatly. Alice looked across, reading her mind. "Don't worry about it," the older woman smiled, "Don't tell anyone else, and leave it with me to worry." Over the next hours and days, Tamara tried to behave as advised, but the images and sounds of the night kept creeping back into her head at the most inappropriate times. Driving into work one day, her mind had wandered back to recall the feel of One Ear's cock in her hand and she'd narrowly avoided crashing into the rear of a suddenly braking station wagon.

Passing by the lingerie shop in the underground mall every morning reminded her of Alice's red silken panties, shining in the firelight. Even seeing an ad for a dog shelter had made her wonder what Tiny was doing now, and if he missed her. Little more than a week later, Alice had called her into her office for a 'private meeting'. 'Not that private,' thought Tamara, seeing the big Russian woman, Kat, standing guard by Alice's office door, as she often did. Everything else always seemed smaller when Ekaterina Igonova was present.

She stood over 2 meters high, but didn't seem excessively tall due to her powerful form. She was an amazon in every sense of the word, an ex-Olympic wrestler and powerlifter. Her platinum blonde hair was closely cropped, giving her a boyish look, but her ample EE chest immediately removed any possible confusion as to her gender.

Somehow she managed to embody both male and female in one, hard and soft, a walking paradox.

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Tamara got on okay with her, although Kat tended not to engage in much small talk. Tamara was also sure that Alice and Kat had something going on, although she had never witnessed any improper behavior in her presence. Also present inside the office was the smiling Rebecca, wearing a typical fuchsia-colored dress and black thigh-highs.

Rebecca Knight was a tanned, slightly older woman, still attractive and very limber indeed but with a few lines around her blue eyes that betrayed her life experience. It hadn't all been easy. She came across as a bit of a 'nature child' and Tamara was convinced that Bec's C cup breasts had never even seen a bra.


Despite this image, she also possessed a cut-glass British accent that ran totally against type. Tamara had often speculated about her background, as Bec certainly sounded like she could be an integral part of the English upper crust. She typically wore her brown hair in a short bobbed style, with a baby lick curl.

Overall, she had a languid but confident looseness about her that never failed to irritate Tamara. In fact, many things about this new-age Brit did so.

For a start, Tamara was slightly jealous that Bec had a direct line to Alice's ear and that she was a friend / consultant rather than a direct employee. Also, the fact that Rebecca had asked everyone to call her 'Becka', rather than Rebecca, Bex or Bec, because, 'That's not who I am'.

Tamara had stuck to 'Bec' after that. The thing that annoyed her most though, being a rational and scientific sort, was the sort of psychobabble that Bec often spoke, which she was convinced Alice would have laughed out of the room, had it come from anyone else. "Did you get that?" Alice asked sharply, clicking a finger in Tamara's face. Tamara blushed, as truth be told, she'd zoned completely out of the conversation.

Bec had won again! "I'm relocating down there. We want you to come too," Alice offered. Rebecca was looking fixedly at the floor as Alice spoke. Tamara was immediately taken aback. Her first inclination was to ask Alice to repeat where, but then, she already knew.

She felt herself flushing deeper red. "You told her," it was more of a statement than a question. Alice nodded. "Everything?" Alice nodded again.

"Why?" Rebecca replied, "Miss Stallrang was somewhat shaken up by recent events and came to me for assistance to better understand them. I'm glad that she confided in me. I've followed up with some investigations and there have been an increasing number of other reports of, shall we say, non-standard behavior amongst the local peoples and fauna in the Magos Verdes region of Novo Brazilia. In the past week I visited the area, to run some checks on the ground and my results show that orgone levels have sky-rocketed across that entire region." Tamara vowed to Goggle 'orgone' later to find out what she was talking about.

"Just think of it, Tamara," replied Alice, "if we could discover whatever it was that caused us what we did. What an opportunity! What a possibility!" "It sounds like a massive risk to me," Tamara replied, "We lost our inhibitions. We lost ourselves. Do you really want to put yourself back into danger?" "I'm not sure that the two of you were ever in danger. Regardless, whether the cause is physical or psychological, Alice needs to find out," smiled Rebecca, "Plus, wouldn't we all be a bit happier if we could corroborate your stories?" By 'corroborate', did Bec mean to go through a similar experience?

Tamara idly wondered if Bec had any personal moral boundaries whatsoever. Oh Lord, she was so annoying! Plus the whole night was meant to have been a secret between Alice and herself!

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"What about Nordic Industries?" asked Tamara. Alice shrugged, "They can live without me, I'm due a sabbatical. I'm already putting plans in place to purchase that region, from the Novo Brazilian government to develop as an eco-reserve. Over two hundred square kilometers of unspoiled rain-forest and the plateau where we crashed, Monte de Venus, is right in the middle of it all. I'll need a pilot to get me there. And a Director of Operations for developing the research base once we arrive. You're a double threat, Tamara, you could easily do both.

And so much more." "I have already agreed to be Miss Stalldrang's Head of Research out there," piped up Bec. 'I bet you have', thought Tamara. "Don't feel like you have to give me an answer straight away. This is going to be a private enterprise, strictly off the record and you're welcome to stay on the pay roll here at Nordic.

Just know that personally, I have to get to the bottom of what happened to us out there. And I think you do too." Tamara paused in thought. What had happened had been becoming less and less real in her mind with every day that passed.

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She was starting to doubt herself, but this conversation had brought it all home once again. Deep inside she knew that she had to understand or go crazy trying. "I'm in." ************************* And so here they were. Early on, the British hippy had come up with a name for the organization; Orgone Research Group for Analyzing Sexual Mania or O.R.G.A.S.M. Clearly Rebecca had a love of Sixties spy capers.

She had also determined that the 'increased orgone was leading all creatures in the region to be increasing in virility at the same time as losing their sexual inhibitions'. Apparently, this phenomena was already reported as happening in several other disparate regions of the world and was continuing to spread. Tamara had initially dismissed the witch as totally crazy, but then her own sense of unreality had grown incredibly over their time here.

Away from the rest of the world it was easy to slip into new behaviors. Something was definitely going on in this place.

The cause was uncertain, whether natural or supernatural, but the epicenter seemed to be based directly around Monte de Venus, the extinct table-top volcano upon which they had established their research base. Rebecca and Alice had then determined that the nature of their research needed to be protected. Malevolent powers behind these events may be seeking to expose them or hurt Alice. Therefore they decreed that the research group should have code-names with which to reference each other, and protect their identities should their activities become public.

This seemed to have spurred them all on to adopt exaggerated personas, which would have led to a few public indecency charges had they dressed this way on the streets of Joyport. For example, Rebecca had promptly declared herself 'Lady Midnight', allowing her to dress up in a lilac hooded robe and dress, split right down the front to show off her cleavage, her purple panties and her black thigh-highs.

Alice became 'Valkyrie', presumably due to her Norse heritage and nickname. She had moved on from her previous corporate role and taken to dressing in simple blouse and skirt combos, with her curly, mid-shoulder length hair tied back. Usually she wore a splash of red, accessorized with leather jungle boots. She always remained impeccably stylish however, even in the humid heat of the rain-forest. Tamara had no idea how she did it. The giant guard, Kat, had given herself the moniker of 'Molniya', which apparently meant 'Lightning' in Russian.

Alice had problems wrapping her lips around the Russian term and so had rechristened Kat as 'Blue Lightning'. 'Blue' because, for her part, the big bodyguard had taken to frequently wearing a royal blue Lycra body-suit that more than did justice to her impressive muscles and curves.

As for herself, Tamara had become 'Aviatrix', due to her aerial exploits. Come to think of it, she had found herself wearing her skimpy flight uniform and body-stocking combo more and more often these days, even if she wasn't flying. It just made sense to dress light, given the climate. The others had followed suit, even if they had felt silly. 'Others', because beyond the founding group of Rebecca, Alice, Kat and Tamara, the make-up of team O.R.G.A.S.M had swiftly expanded over the course of their adventures in the past year or so.


Tamara flicked the TV monitor over now. There was some activity in Alice's room. Another girl was in there, a familiar one -the jungle girl from the cave. This was Guadalupe Arias, a native local. 'Lupe' was a chunky but graceful young girl, with coffee-colored skin and deep brown eyes that danced with life. She preferred to live wild, out in the forest but recently she had visited the base regularly to assist in their research. She had first turned up again in the early weeks of building work and had offered to assist the team with the Menagerie in return for some supplies.

She didn't even speak any English at this point, so communication had been difficult, but they had found a way to manage. Her O.R.G.A.S.M.

name was Toteni, after her local tribe, and she'd since become an integral part of the team. Lupe's local knowledge and skills with animals were unsurpassed. She simply seemed to have an innate ability to communicate with nature.

Toteni was typically lightly dressed, and was wearing a dappled orange and brown halter and loincloth combo today. She also always wore an intricate golden necklet, which acted as anchor for her halter top straps. Her noble presence was accentuated with finely crafted ear-rings, made from feathers and beads. Lupe perched on the edge of Alice's bed. Viewing from afar, Tamara admired the range of dildos that were racked behind along Alice's wall, like a trophy room.

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That was pretty close to the truth in fact, as each one had been individually molded from someone (or something) over the course of their various research trips. Lupe leaned in to say something to Alice and the Valkyrie wrapped her arms around the jungle girl, kissing her passionately on the lips. Tamara caught her breath and leaned in for a closer look. She wasn't jealous as such, Alice's appetites were more than she could handle, and her boss had surrounded herself with a growing harem of beauties after all.

But Tamara knew how that kiss felt and how warm Alice would be right now. She knew the tang of her tongue, she knew how her crinkled pussy would be juicing up and budding open like a flower. Tamara tugged aside her indigo rubber thong, exposing her sweaty, wet pussy to the air.

Beside her, Tiny's nose twitched but the he-wolf stayed fast asleep, as Tamara settled in for the show. ********************************************* As the two women kissed, Alice hugged Lupe closer, pressing the shorter girl's face between her breasts. Lupe craned her head to nibble at Alice's breasts through the thin material. The Norse girl's head arched back, her hands reaching down to untie Lupe's loincloth which dropped to the floor, revealing the girl's O.R.G.A.S.M.

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issued yellow thong underneath. The bright yellow stood in strong contrast to her caramel flesh. Lupe returned the favor on Alice's boob-tube, rolling it down to reveal her already crinkled nipples, straining with passion.

Lupe took the leftmost in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it, as she suckled hungrily. Alice gasped at the sensations, arching one hand around Lupe's neck and unhooking her halter top. Now it was the darker girl's turn to gasp as the cooler air hit her sensitive areolae. They were not only sensitive, they were immense, easily the biggest that Alice had seen and such a dark brown in color that they were almost black.

Alice's fingers brushed delicately over the dark-nubbed crown of Lupe's right breast, and as the jungle girl's nipple hardened, she witnessed the entire areola increasingly crinkle up, in line with her arousal. As Alice continued kneading gently at her lover's breast, her other hand reached down to squeeze at that rubbery, yellow thong. It bulged noticeably outwards into a rounded mound and Alice knew why.

This tribal girl was incredibly gifted downstairs. Alice slipped two fingers under the material, entering a place of heat and wetness. The key reason for wearing these thongs was that the material wasn't breathable, which kept in any potentially arousing scents, but also usually meant that each of the girls became a mini-furnace down there.

Therefore, regular activities to release any sexual pressure had become a practical part of their daily schedule. Without wasting time, Alice yanked the thong downwards, leaving Lupe's squished cunny-lips quivering before her.

These outer labia were something to behold. Two prominent, darkly crinkled lips now hung loosely downwards, slowly unfurling under their own weight. Rebecca had said something about their size being part of the local female tradition and related to tribal status. A piercing in her prominent, near black clit, studded with a fiery red gem, signified that she was the first daughter of the Toteni clan chief.

Above it, her pubic area was scraped clean of hair, the darker patch of skin around her pubis was clearly visible, with only a little stubble. Alice's throat was dry. She could never get enough of seeing this sight, as it never failed to make her incredibly horny. Come to think of it, she had the exact same feeling when seeing Tamara naked, or the others in her growing research group. Put it this way, she hadn't exactly regretted stepping down from her corporate position yet.

Alice reached over to a shelf that was recessed at the foot of her bed. She often entertained guests here and had a special shelf for each one.

This time for Lupe, she picked up a couple of lead weights, each hanging at the base of a fine silver chain and with an adjustable tightener at the top. She sat on the bed, with Lupe standing facing her, legs parted. It was all Alice could do not to dive in head-first, as she was both fascinated and aroused just by the sight of that dark beauty. She held one of Lupe's labia in her fingers, it was heavily wrinkled, warm and silky soft.

Alice gently turned the screw of the weight until it pinched into her dark skin, firmly attached. She gently lowered the weight until it hung suspended, tugging heavily downward on the straining lip flesh until it was stretched out fully, smooth and shiny. Lupe moaned, biting her lower lip at the mixture of pleasure and pain that wracked her. Having had several piercings and initiation scarrings already, this sensation was something that the young girl welcomed. Alice repeated the job on Lupe's other cunt-lip.

Both weights now hung side by side, Lupe's labia stretched out to be fully four inches long from base to tip. "Walk for me," Alice demanded, and Lupe took slow steps forward, each one setting the weights swinging in opposite directions like pendulums. The poor girl took another step and nearly stumbled at the sensations that assaulted her body. "Stop." Alice knelt to inspect Lupe.

The tribal girl's labia were shiny with her secretions, fully demonstrating the heights of her rising lust. Alice took a sniff. Lupe always smelt so different to the other girls, earthy and untamed. The dark-haired Valkyrie spread her tribal treasures apart, nuzzling her nostrils into the welcoming wetness until the bridge of her nose bumped against Lupe's clitty-gem.

Lupe trembled, sitting on the bed as Alice roughly spread her further, spearing her hungrily with her tongue whilst quickly pulling down her own red latex panties, leaving her clad only in a crimson mini-skirt. Lupe clutched the back of Alice's head with one hand, grinding her pussy in time with her lover's movements. Without breaking from Alice, Lupe arched back and selected one of the generous range of canine dildos that hung from the back wall.

She inspected it briefly, hefting it in her palm. It was mid-sized as far as the selection went. Colored purple and red, it was realistically contoured, almost as if it had been modelled directly from a real canine.

Which it had. If she remembered correctly, this selection was 'One-Ear'. She handed the firm rubber cock to Alice. Still with her head buried between coffee-colored thighs, the Swede pulled a leather harness from under the bed, fixing it around her waist without coming up for air. A plain black dildo pointed inwards and she shifted her weight slightly to slide it gradually into her greedily waiting cooze.

That done, the doggy dildo clicked nicely into place onto the opposite side of the harness, so that both herself and whoever was on the receiving end could be equally satisfied. Alice raised her head from Lupe's thighs, her eyes gleaming and her mouth shining wet. She assisted Lupe back to her feet and readily lifted her into the air, which would have been surprising if one wasn't aware of the Valkyrie's innate strength.

Without breaking gaze with Lupe, she dropped the local girl downwards, plunging One-Ear's replica cock deep into her cunny in one quick movement. Lupe howled, animal-like in her pleasure, the weights now hanging down the curves of her thighs and swaying from side to side as Alice quickly set a steady fucking rhythm. Lupe took the shaft without too much trouble, at least as far down as the fat knot, which pushed up impatiently against her slippery opening.

Alice/Valkyrie had Lupe/Toteni right where she wanted her. With both hands cupping the girl's brown ass, Alice thrust and pulled back and forth, wiggling her hips to force that generous bulge past the noble girl's threshold.

Lupe howled upwards, firmly plugged and not resisting the canine assault. With a sudden plop, the last 3 inches of the canine cock was sucked inside Toteni's depths.

Even her pussy seemed shocked by the intrusion, her dark inner entrance stretched into a startled 'O' around the bulky cock-base. The tribal princess thrashed wildly as the tapered tip of the rubber shaft thrust inwards towards her cervix. She was never happier than when riding one of her extended wild family and this strange foreign lady had introduced her to the next best thing. Lupe had experienced such magic and adventure since that fateful day when Alice had literally crashed into her world.

The caramel princess abandoned herself. Normally she was the one dominating her wolf pack, undisputed head of the local pecking order.

However, although Lupe had a level of dominance over the animal kingdom, Alice seemed to be able to control her entire world. Lupe was in awe of the facilities here, she had found magick hiding in every corner.

Moving picture screens, flying houses, mechanical animals, mysterious sources of heat and light. And so Lupe, the Princess of the Toteni, knowingly submitted to the toned Valkyrie in recognition that Alice was the Queen of this world of magick. Alice loved this feeling too, taking the local princess roughly and putting her in her place, even using a familiar wolf prick from her own pack. Lupe's ass was generous indeed, allowing Alice a firm grip with which to plunder her bounty.

The muscular Norse warrior and ex-CEO was now back to conquering new and exotic frontiers. Lupe's eyes were closed, the girl was focused on the sensations spiraling out from her pleasure center. She could barely move, impaled as she was on the firm canine cock. Alice fell forwards with Lupe onto the bed, landing on the girl and merely increasing her rhythmic thrusts as Lupe moaned and thrashed, helpless to resist.

Alice began moving a little from side to side also, setting the weights jumping against Lupe's thighs. Her drooping labia were now shiny with her secretions, sensitive and as sore as a woken bear. She couldn't take much more of this. The door opened almost silently and Rebecca slipped inside. 'Lady Midnight' as she now was, was dressed in her usual way that left little to the imagination.

She wore dark boots, purple elbow gloves and her dress, slit generously down the front to expose her midriff and cleavage, also exposed her glossy purple latex panties underneath.

Rebecca threw back her hood, her eyes widening at the scene that met her. She reached back to unclip the back of her dress, which readily slid to the floor. Now clad only in boots, gloves and panties, she looked ready for action, her perky pink nipples poking out like coat-hooks. It was now obvious that Rebecca's panties were more fully formed than the skimpy standard-issue thongs that most of the others wore.

This was due to a number of reasons. First off was that Rebecca refused to shave herself, believing that hairiness, being a natural state, helped her in any sexual magick. The second was that Rebecca was incredibly naturally hairy, both 'down there' and under her arms. Rebecca stood by Lupe and tugging out the waist of her panties, wiggled them down her trim legs. Beneath, Rebecca sported a thick thatch of brown pubic hair, tangled and wild. The third and final reason for her wearing them was about to become apparent.

Alice had paused to watch, smiling. Lupe wriggled even more, shaking her head from side to side, "No," she gasped, "I can't take it." "Oh, but you will my dear," replied Lady Midnight in her cut glass tones. She swung one leg over and sat over Lupe's face, positioning her hairy cunny right over the jungle girl's face and pinning her arms to the bed.

Lupe snorted as the strong scent assailed her, but there was no escape. Rebecca slowly lowered herself. Her ripe pussy was already dripping on to Lupe's cheek. "Lick me," she ordered and Lupe began to tongue lash the English witch. Despite gagging at the bitter taste, she was clearly getting into it, burying her head deeper into Rebecca's lust-hole. Satisfied that everything was going according to plan, Alice resumed her short thrusts, leaning forward to French kiss the grinning Rebecca as she did so.

Pinned like a butterfly between the two others, Lupe was writhing. She'd already been close to climax before Lady Midnight's unexpected arrival and this unexpected pussy worship now had her whole body humming. She bucked up and down on One-Ear's cloned shaft, working it deeper.

The pointed tip grazing her soft inner walls, grazing until, BAM! Lupe came long and loud, wailing and lost in her animal passion. Her juicy inner walls spasmed around the firm rubber prick inside her, until she thought she would pass out.

Rebecca and Alice were still groping each others breasts as they kissed. Alice, the slightly shorter of the two, was plucking at Rebecca's visibly erect, pencil eraser nipples, whilst in response, Rebecca had taken hold of Alice's breasts and was kneading them softly. Alice kept jiggling up and down, grinding the dildo inside of herself. She was close now and getting closer. Rebecca broke their passionate kiss and moved down to attend to her partner's breasts, knowing how sensitive they were.

Her tongue teasingly circled the nipple, feeling it tense and harden in her mouth. She suckled the whole teat into her mouth, twisting and teasing it. Alice gasped in pleasure, her breathing becoming more ragged. On to the other nipple Rebecca went, leaving her silk-gloved fingers tugging on Valkyrie's freshly sucked breast.

It took only a minute of this before Alice's eyes widened as she tensed and shook, biting her lip as her pleasure burst forth. She was the opposite of Lupe, no writhing and screaming for her, but a silent shudder and a low moan of satisfaction. Rebecca slowly released Alice's nipple as her breathing returned to normal. The purple-clad witch rolled herself off of Lupe's face, exposing the tribal girl's juice smeared visage.

Alice steadied herself against Lupe's thighs, unclipping the wolf dildo from her tool-belt but leaving it inside her partner.

The two women were separated once again. Alice then quickly unclipped the labia weights from Lupe, freeing her nether lips from the constant tugging. Lupe gasped, reaching down to massage her pained mound. "Not so soon," Rebecca demanded, "clean isn't my natural state, so maybe you can mess me back up. I'm sure that the Princess of Beasts could handle just one more cock?" Toteni didn't look so sure, but Rebecca wasn't taking no for an answer. "First off, I'll be needing this!" She grasped the end of the doggy dildo still impaling Lupe and waggled it firmly back and forth.

Lupe writhed and groaned once more, still sensitive. The witch tugged the cock firmly outward, watching Lupe's pussy-mound bulge, with the knot resisting any backward movement. "Wow, I bet that is sore," Rebecca teased, only to pull at it more firmly. Lupe squealed as the fat knot slowly strained apart her aching hole, lewdly stretching it out into a perfectly widening circle, as the bulk of the knot relentlessly slipped past her slick gates.

With a plop, the wobbling dildo popped out of her stubbled cunny, leaving it quivering and gaping, exposed to the view of the other two (and to Tamara, still watching remotely, unknown to all). END OF PART 1 Author available for commissions. **********