Femdom dominas torment worthless subs

Femdom dominas torment worthless subs
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The Executive Ranch By Greg I am the director of marketing at a large fortune five hundred corporation with headquarters on the east coast. I have been steadily working my way up the corporate ladder for years and have made all the right connections along the way. Over time I have proven myself to be reliable, effective and committed. Upon reaching this level I now enjoy some of the perks of the job and I don't just mean the keys to the executive restroom.

Our business interests span the continental United States. I am frequently required to fly to our operation centers on the west coast. We have the luxury of a corporate jet. It is used only by the higher level executives within our company. The company holds quarterly meetings in addition to fiscal year end meetings. I am also required to meet with other fellow officers at our west coast offices during any large acquisitions or mergers. The jet is able to hold about fourteen persons including the flight crew, but it has a limited fuel range which requires making a couple stops during a cross country flight.

One of the refueling stops seems a little bit out of the way, but we almost always have a layover there. The jet refuels and there always seems to be some necessary service work scheduled to be done. This airfield seems a bit small for full sized commercial flights. Almost every time I have been there are just corporate jets or smaller private planes on the runways or in the hangers.

I have come to expect a stay from just a few hours to usually an overnighter if we arrive later in the afternoon. Just a short drive from this airport is an exclusive hunting ranch available to only a few select officers within our company. I can't give its exact location, but I can tell you this area is only a couple of hours drive from the southern United States /Mexican border. Limos from this airfield come and go to this ranch at all hours of the day and night.

The ranch is a sprawling complex of buildings. Although I am not a hunter myself, I have been told this ranch has some of the best elk and mule deer hunting areas found anywhere in the southwest.

It seems to have been here for a long time and to the casual observer it looks to be just a private hunting club. The only access to the ranch is from a securely guarded private road.

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Each time I have been there the limo will pass multiple security personnel in shaded spots parked alongside the road. Many of them seem to be rather intimidating type people. I know if you were not expected or supposed to be on this road they would react quickly and stop you immediately.

I have never inquired as to exactly who owns this place and I suppose I would rather not know. I have a suspicion that the actual owners might be associated with some kind of Mexican cartel, but again you learn not to ask too many questions. There is always a lot of activity going on at the ranch.

In the early morning jeeps can be seen heading out into the countryside carrying three or four men each.

Racks of most of them coming back later contain the trophies of their successful hunt. This is a very "macho" environment. This place is the ultimate man cave on steroids. Whistles and high-five are constantly exchanged as guys vie for bragging rights.

I know that anyone staying there is somehow a high level person of some major company. I recognize some familiar faces occasionally, but almost everyone there just goes by a first name only.

I've never had anyone tell me this outright, but it is just kind of understood that it would be rude to ask anyone else too many personal questions. The taking of pictures is strictly a no-no even to the returning hunting parties taking any trophy pictures near the lodge itself. I've seen a couple guys try, but someone will immediately come up and ask you to delete the pictures.

The ranch consists of a main lodge and many out-buildings surrounding it. The staff and security people stay in the other buildings. I've noticed rows of cabins out maybe a mile or so, but I have never been up to close to them and again no one volunteers much information about anything there. The amenities at the ranch all seem gratis.

No money is ever exchanged for anything. There doesn't seem to even be tipping of any kind allowed either.

Everything you want or need is simply made available to you. No questions asked and nothing is refused. During your stay there anything you need, all you do is ask one of the staff. You don't even sign-in at a registry desk or reserve a room. The staff just seems to be aware of your arrival and has a room available for you.


The evenings are the best part of a stay at the ranch because of the girls. I sort of suspect that the cabins out on the ranch are where they must come from, but no one has ever said. Around dinner they begin showing up. They just arrive by the van load and start milling around.

Male guests will start pairing off with them sometimes maybe even two or three girls at a time. The dining hall is near the center of the main lodge and clusters of tables are set about the dimly lit room. A male guest and his buddies will just claim a table and immediately a staff person will come and take your food or drink order.

The women follow the guys to the table and the party begins. Wine and hard liquor flows abundantly during the meal and afterwards.

Most groups move off to several large rooms just behind the main hall after dinner. There are four large rooms back there. All are complete with fireplaces and large leather couches and chairs scattered about the rooms. There seems to be a drink staff assigned to each room to bring whatever the guests in them want.

These rooms are where the action really gets going. The girls are usually very attractive. "Primo" is what the staff calls them. Very few of them speak fluent English. Then again it is not necessary. The girls are a little tipsy from the dinner drinks. I have come to notice the girls don't get as much food put on their plate as the men do, but the alcohol flows equally to both. Men begin pawing and kissing on the girl or girls they are with. The girls almost immediately start shedding their clothing.

One or a pair of them will begin vigorously working on the guys cock right out in the open. This being an exclusive place for "alpha-dog" personalities the instinct to show off just seems to go with the territory. I know these other men like flaunting their prowess with the ladies. I've seen guys banging three and four babes all at the same time. Few if anyone ever takes anyone back to your private room.

This is all about showing off and strutting your stuff. The girls are most eager to please. They almost seem to fight for the attention of the men. I have never done it myself yet, but I have seen some of the women accompany the men when they leave the ranch. I tend to think most are illegals looking for movement from here to other cities across the United States.

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I assume some might become mistresses of the men and maybe others get taken to promised jobs within the companies the men run. There must be a big turnover with the girls. I assume as soon as a few leave more will come up from the south to replace them. So I guess this is how the migration works. It is not just Mexican girls either. Many Asian girls are among them along with black girls from Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.

All seem to have been culled out for their attractiveness. I can't imagine the life of the ugly donkey fuckers that don't rate this route. Even these girls have had to fuck their way this far, but certainly with a better class of men.

Anyway, the last time I was there I was sitting in the lounge area sipping on a scotch and soda when a pair of the cutest little honeys came up from behind me. I hadn't chosen them they chose me. Now typically I'm not really an orgy type guy.

A single attractive girl will satisfy me all day long, but these two little vixens were like a pair of matched bookends. I wasn't sure if they were twin sisters or just very close cousins because I couldn't tell them apart.

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The one girl just kind of slid into my lap and the other perched on the armrest of the chair I was sitting in. I hadn't a clue how I was going to handle these two but their eagerness was something that I would have had to be nuts to have turned them down.

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The one on my lap probably didn't weigh ninety pounds. Her cocoa colored skin tone suggested maybe Columbian or Ecuadorian. Her hair was coal black and she had the most beautiful wide smile. She wore a perfume which I guessed was some sort of native floral scent. I was trying to make some small talk with them when the one little gal on my lap just boldly took my drink from my hand and finished it off herself.

I watched intently as she extended her tongue into the empty glass trying to capture an ice cube. She was looking me dead in the eye and I couldn't help but watch her every move. Her tongue was like that of a serpent as it seductively explored the remaining contents of the glass. I wasn't sure at first if it was the glass distorting things or if her tongue was actually that long, Suddenly she caught a bit of ice and moved the glass away from her face.

"My God" was all I could think. That tongue extended maybe four inches from her mouth. In the middle of it rested a chunk of ice. It seemed to be melting as if on a hot stove. The droplets of water clung to the edges of her tongue. She leaned towards me wishing to pass it into my mouth. I opened my mouth as she brought our lips together depositing the slippery cube on my tongue. We shared the shred of ice until it melted. That was all it took. These two were to be mine for the rest of the evening.

I motioned to the dining room and both nodded quickly wishing to accompany me. I picked out a table situated in a dark corner along the wall. In a moment the server arrived and offered a refill of my drink. I politely indicated that the girls should also like to get something to drink. They made their choice in some Spanish and the server headed towards the kitchen.

The dinner was somewhat awkward due to the language barrier, but the two seemed inseparable. They would rattle on each seeming to finish the others sentence. Laugher and giggling continued throughout dinner. I probably broke the rules by allowing them to share parts of my dinner, but the small portion they had been given didn't seem enough to feed even someone as petite as they were.

I tried several times to communicate my interest in whether or not they were related. My only hope was with the waiter. Most of them were bilingual albeit only with partially understandable English.

I asked the waiter to ask if they were sisters and both girls finally nodded their heads in unison finally understanding what I had been trying to get at. We got the proper introductions out of the way.


Amalia and Mia were their names. I just stayed with Bob. The one girl Mia who had been on my lap earlier continued eye contact almost constantly with me. Just about any time she held her drink glass up to her mouth she would extend that tongue again and trace the edge of her glass by dragging that tongue seductively around the entire lip of the glass. Her intention was crystal clear.

She was letting me know just what she would be capable of doing. Her sister Amalia would just giggle and elbow her when she did this. We finished our meal we headed back to the lounge room. I found that many of the spots had already taken.

Maybe twenty men were all about the place sipping on drinks while girls either mostly naked or in some level of undress were sharing their chairs or were already outright fucking them. My pair pushed me to an unoccupied leather couch near a window. I was just getting settled and ordering another scotch when Mia without anything from me begins undressing. I was delighted at the tiny waist and slim figure.

Her tits were small but when she leaned in to kiss me she sort of pushed her arms together forming a nice little cleavage in which I buried my face. She gently hugged my head holding me there. I tried to locate a nipple to kiss but she held on tightly. Finally she released me and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips. He tongue slid into my mouth and darted around searching for my tongue.

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I could feel her sister going for my belt. These two were something. This was going to be a night to remember. These girls worked me as a team. Each finished what the other started. If one would be slobbering all over my cock the other would work her head below and be pulling my balls into her mouth. They tag teamed me sharing my mouth, my nipples and passed my cock back and forth like a dime store lollypop.

They even got face to face as I pumped my rod through their lips. If one was sucking me the other was licking me somewhere else. Amalia must have figured I was ready to fuck so she gets up and begins a sexy dance. She held her hair above her head and wiggled a sultry little shake and thrust dance right in front of me.

She went on for a couple minutes undulating her hips and upper torso. She reached a crescendo when she turned sideways and starting slowly began to shudder. Her tempo increased until her ass was just a blur.

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Maybe she was just stretching things out, but it was sure sexy as hell watching her do this. Finally she turned away and backs up and straddles me. Her sister Mia got around in front of her and goes to licking away on my dick. This kept me rock hard and wet. I grabbed Amalia by the waist and began steering her downward. I always worry a little bit about who was previously with the girls I fuck, but these two seemed so young and clean. Sometimes you know you gotta say fuck it and "just roll the dice and hope for the best." These two babes were not something any guy in his right mind would turn down.

The heat from Amalia's little cunt was truly awesome. She began riding me like a champ. All the while Mia kept at my shaft with her tongue. After some serious riding Amalia gets off me. I laid back on the armrest of the couch and she gets right up in my face and starts planting kisses and pulling at my lips with her mouth. Without missing a beat Mia grabs hold of my cock and goes to town on it solo.

With the Amalia right up in my face I could only feel it at first then I had to almost push her away to actually see it but Mia was swallowing me completely. Her mouth mashed out flat at the base of my shaft.

I am not hung like a horse or anything but I am not like small either. This girl was deepthroating me without even an effort. I could even feel her constricting her throat to milk my cock. Her mouth was open and she was able to extend that tongue out and reach under my ball sack and work my ball all at the same time. The dual feeling of having my cock in her warm throat and my nut sack massaged at the same time was absolutely amazing.

Amalia gave me time to enjoy the sensations all the while smiling sweetly at me. "You like?" she said in broken English. "I like" "Damn that girl had talent." They both did. I had never ejaculated directly into a girl's throat before and I figured I might not ever get a chance like this again. I kind of moved Amalia out of in front of me sat up and cradled Mia's small head. I as best I could I let them know this is how I wanted to cum. Amalia got up off the couch and climbed directly behind Mia and held her at the waist.

She looked like she was doggy style fucking her own sister. Mia seemed to catch on to what I wanted to do and stayed attached to my cock.

That magic tongue continued pushing my balls in all directions. Mia pulled off my cock and gasped for air. She looked up at me with those innocent looking eyes. She seemed to indicate that she was ready to handle my cumshot. She didn't have to wait long. Just a couple strokes later my balls began to unload. Jolt after jolt sent cum rocketing into her gut as I groaned in ecstasy. I think I might have been even a little rough on her, but I couldn't help from banging her mouth against the base of my cock.

The girl never even gaged once. The whole time I was grunting she was constricting her throat on my shaft. It was the most intense cum I had ever had. I spent almost an hour with them before I could muster enough energy to fuck little Amalia in the pussy. I didn't want her to feel left out. Her warm little pussy enveloped my cock completing one of the most enjoyable fucks I had had in years.

The next morning I awoke early hoping to get into San Diego as soon as possible. I was in luck for I was told the jet had been readied overnight. As I stepped into the lobby area I noticed a limo parked out in front. Mia and Amalia were out in front of the lodge with another group of men. They were all piling into a limo headed back to the airport. Each sister carried a small piece of luggage. It was probably everything they owned.

In my mind I knew I would never see them again and I was a little sorry for that. I silently wished them well. The jet was sitting on the runway warming up already before I arrived. I couldn't help but notice some serious looking men standing nearby. They seemed to be keeping an eye on it until we were off the runway. Look, I am not clueless as to what is going on. It's just that I don't ask too many questions and I probably really don't want to know the answers. It's none of my business.

I am just a passenger. Again, I just enjoy the perks and keep my mouth shut.