Mature British lady has threesome in stockings

Mature British lady has threesome in stockings
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So here I was alone playing an on-line game waiting for the air conditioner man to came over and start hooking up my new air conditioner. It was 30 degrees C, and it's now been 3 weeks since I had sex last, I almost dread now that I quit my job as a prostitute in a legalized brothel.

At least when I was there, I got it regularly, now I had to find it. It made me horny and pleasured myself daily. Then there was a knock on the door. I was in a stupor, and didn't realize what I was wearing. I was wearing, a barely buttoned white shirt and knickers, as I was home and didn't expect anyone for at least 30-45 minutes time.

Or did time get away from me. I opened the door and it was the air conditioner man, I tried to cover up as best I could, and I could feel myself blush a little, and my heart race. I let him in, and lead him to the room that the AC was being put in. He was hot, because it was summer/spring weather he wore shorts and a tank top, as well as his work belt. Then I closed the door behind him.

I then watched him measure things on the wall, with my arms crossed against my breasts. I didn't know at the time, but my nipples could be seen clearly through my shirt. All I kept thinking, was how big his cock might be and if he was married. He every now and then glanced at me, and grinned.

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Eventually I turned away and went into my bedroom, but before I went inside I made one final glance back over my shoulder at him. Dam, I was getting horny now, it's been 3 weeks since I had sex and for me that's a long time. I lay there on my bed wondering, should I pop in to my old work, just to satisfy this hunger I was feeling.

I could hear him banging and screwing, as he assembled the air conditioner in the main room. I drifted off to sleep, as it was very hot. I dreamt, that he was working naked and sweat run down his spine. When I woke from my small slumber, I was covered in sweat, and I could tell I was wet as well. I looked around, and I caught a glimpse of him looking at me.

It made me shiver despite the heat. I then decided it was time to see if he wanted a break, as it was 40 degrees Celsius. Mark was his name. "Mark, would you like a drink?" I asked. "Sure." He said. "Come into the kitchen and have a break" I said. He went into the bathroom and rinsed himself off. I felt my knickers, and they were soaked, so as he washed, I removed them and put on a denim cut-off shorts, they were very skimpy but showed no wet patches, and I removed my soaked shirt and put on a tank top, that didn't covered my belly button.

I then returned to the kitchen and poured him a large glass of coke. Mark came in soon after, and sat down and took the coke.

I hardly breathed as I watched him down the coke, and was thinking of my next move. I just sip on mine, thinking. Then our eyes looked, as he set his glass down on the kitchen bench we were using as a table. He looked at me and told me to sit next to him.


"I don't think…" I tried to mumble. "Ok don't!" he said and stood up. He then grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me hard against him.

I gasped out loud. I felt his arms go around me, as my arms came up between us. I could feel the roughness of his hairy chest, on my forearms as I tried to back away. My nipples felt tingly and I wanted to fuck him, but also I felt some fear. Fear is what over whelmed me, as he grabbed the back of my head with his left hand and pulled me back. He just stared into my eyes, to see my reaction.

Fear left me as I grinned at him. He smiled and with his other hand reached under my tank top to feel my breasts. Mark then, with his body weight forced me towards the bench as his lips, started noaring at my throat like a vampire. Fear returned briefly, as here is this stranger really, mauling me.

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I again tried in vain to push him away. "No, we shouldn't." I attempted to say. Mark just put his hand over my mouth and continued to hungrily kiss me. I was tingling all over now, I wanted it, but was uncertain if I should. Mark the whispered to me. "I've been wanting you all day, ever since you opened the door and I could see through you shirt and see your nipples." He said, grinning.

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"No, please. Stop!" I half heartedly tried to say. He then stopped and looked me in the eyes. "Can you truly say to me that you don't want any of this?" He said. I looked naughtily into his eyes. "I am going to take you into your bedroom and give you, what you eyes have been begging for all day. Is that ok?" Mark whispered. I smiled. "Ok big boy I am yours and don't disappoint me." I said, as I was finally going to get what I wanted.


I had teased him enough. He carried me to my bedroom, our lips locked. As we were on my bed, I put both hands on either side of his face and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I heard him give a small moan, and then I realized I had re-gathered control of the situation. I pulled away from him and looked him in the face, with a cheeky smile. I then reached down the bottom of the hem of my tank top, and pulled it over my head. My breasts popped out, as Mark then looked hungrily at my breasts. He then embraced me again, and we continued to kiss.

His tongue was rough, it made me weak at the knees, as I felt myself lean against him and run my hands through his hair. I could now for the first time feel his hardness through his shorts. I moaned, as he reached to relieve me of my shorts. As his other hand, guided me to his shorts and his growing cock. As we struggled to completely undress each other, without breaking from kissing each other. It was useless, so we briefly stopped kissing to fully undress. Then I grabbed my clothes and turned my back to him as I tossed them into a corner, I have a habit of getting my clothes to close to the action, so I made sure they wouldn't be.

He went quiet, but then I heard him moving behind me as I was about to turn around. I felt his arm touch me as he pulled me back into him, and I could feel his cock touching my thighs, which made me know he was totally naked. His hands reach over and caressed my stomach and then onto my breasts, while kissing the back of my neck.

His cock tickled my ass while he did this. I wanted this so much that my legs started to feel like jelly, so I leaned into him. Mark, at that same moment used one of his hands to test my wetness of my pussy and it went inside. He stopped then. "Please…" I begged him not to stop. He laughed and avoided my clitoris, which annoyed me, and coated his fingers with my soaking pussy juices.

I began moving my hips slightly, trying to make him finger me or more. Mark didn't, he just continued to kiss the back of my neck and teasing my wet pussy, while caressing my breasts. If he wasn't going to make a play then I will, I thought to myself. I then quickly moved away from, before he knew what was happening.

I then dropped to my knees. I wanted to see, feel and taste his cock, which had been rubbing against my thighs. I looked at Mark and smiled, as I wrapped one hand around his shaft and took its head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it. I heard him take a deep breath as he leaned against the wall.

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I began caressing and playing with his ball, while I concentrated on the job at hand. I began taking more of him inside my mouth, while he began motioning his hips towards my face. I even took him in so far that I almost gagged, on his cock. I pulled back and slowly swirled and teased his cock, with my tongue. He was moaning now. I now decided to get serious and grabbed hold of his ass with both my hands.

I took him then deep as I could and held him there, before pulling all the way out. I coughed as I lost air and drool poured out of my mouth and dribbled down my tits. Mark checked if I was ok, I looked at him and smile, before clamping my lips on his cock again. Then I swallowed his length and then released it. He began to thrust into my mouth now with his hips. So I now sucked while he thrust into me.

My eyes had been shut while we did this, I then looked up at him and he had his eyes shut tight. I continued to suck deep and his thrusts became more vigorous, I sensed he was about to cum soon. I then stopped. I heard him moan a no, as my lips left his cock. I stood up then lay on top of my bed with my legs spread.

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He then joined me, eagerly with a grin. He lay on top of me and kissed me, while burying fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. I was beginning to get aroused, and I thought I'd die from ecstasy. He then went down my body kissing my lips, breasts, until he nibbled on my clit.

I felt my legs spread as he worked his mouth over my clit. I writhed in ecstasy. He must have sensed my ecstatic mood, because he moved on top of my sweat slickened body and forced my knees wider apart. I felt the tip of his cock, teasingly touching my wet pussy entrance. I strangled his hips with my ankles and pulled him into me. As I made my body stretch for him, I could sense a stirring in my stomach, which means I am going to cum soon.

He must have sensed it too, as he just stopped dead with his cock still inside me. He looked at me and lick one of my nipples with his tongue, then looked me in the eye. "No need to rush, I can say I took an extended lunch break." He whispered. Was it the fact I haven't had any action for 3 week or something, but it felt great.

Here was a man on top of me, with his cock inside my horny wet pussy, his lips on one of my breasts with my heels wrapped around his ass, and me on the verge of orgasm. I wriggled underneath him, which made him almost withdrawn his cock from me. Then he slammed it deep back inside me. I groaned.

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Then he repeated this action, all the while looking into my eyes. What pleasure I was receiving, as I arched my hips to meet every thrust.

Then all of sudden he rolled over grabbing as he did so. I was now sitting on top of his cock facing him, while he lay on his back. Mark reached over and started caressing my breasts, I felt alive again. I now started rocking on his cock deep inside me. His public hairs were tickling my clit, if I wanted to stop my orgasm I couldn't.

It came in waves, as I screamed out loud in sheer pleasure. Mark hadn't finished yet, he continued where I had left off by raising his hips and thrusting inside me. He grabbed hold of my hips as he thrust in and out of me. Then he let out an almighty shout, as I felt his cock swell inside me and spasm. Then I collapsed on top of him, with my breasts resting on his chest and my head near his shoulder. I was content, by puzzled had I really been that out of practice in only 3 weeks.

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Mark, then grabbed me by the hair and started kissing me. "No regrets?" He said. "None." I replied. With that he rolled off and slapped my ass, and got changed.

He gave me his work card. "If you need any more work done, don't hesitate." Mark said, and left to go back to work.