Teen lesbians having a make up sex

Teen lesbians having a make up sex
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. My name is Peter; I'm single, I'm 6ft 1inch tall and weigh 210lbs. I live in a cul-de-sac, which suits me because I do not intend to go anywhere else. It used to be a sad street in a sad part of town, but the circle of life took another turn and suddenly the world was a much brighter place and life was really worth living. One side of the street used to consist of a wall, behind which lay a disused canal. The council have removed that wall; renovated the canal path, and erected a wrought iron fence between the street and the canal path.

Volunteers have cleaned out the canal so that it now connects to the canal network again. The four houses that form the residential side of the street have doors that lead directly onto the street. Each house has a small rear garden ending at the wall of a now dismantled factory, and the area redeveloped into an aquatics and gymnasium centre. The boundary is now a low wall and railings At the end of the street was another wall, this one forming part of the boundary of a disused lorry park.

All told, it really had been a sad place to live in. A low wall and a gate to a path through the new park and garden that the council provided have replaced the end wall. The consequence of all this is that the houses became 'hot property' but they will not be sold because my father had bought three of the Four houses after the war therefore they were now mine. I was born and raised in that street. My parents were already in their late 50's when they had me, so I had a rather dull and boring childhood as they were often ill and I had to be around to look after them therefore I had few friends.

The end house, number 6, used to be the home of a quiet woman and her daughter Eve. We never saw a man there so we decided that she was no longer married, or had never been married. Eventually she died; leaving Eve to carry on the tradition of what I assume was a monotonous existence.

Again, I never saw a man. We stopped to chat if we met in the street, but never about personal matters. Eve was about Twenty years older than I was. She became redundant about two years ago, so she was at home a great deal of the time.

Each day, morning and evening, rain or shine, she went for an hour-long walk. I live in number 5. After my parents died, I lived in much the same way as Eve. Donna and her daughter Linda occupy number 4. Donna looks to be about forty and I know that Linda is Eighteen years old.

Donna is a nurse at the hospital.

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If she is detained at work, needs to go out unexpectedly, or on the evening she goes to keep fit classes she asks me to look after Linda; otherwise we have little contact with each other. Linda is a studious, polite, pleasant, and very attractive girl.

I have no problem about looking after her. She will be starting University next month, reading physics. I admit that I have always longed to get my hands on Donna's body, ever since I was old enough to have sexual urges, even if I would have needed guidance on what came next.

I suppose I should also admit that just lately I have also been having lustful thoughts about Linda. Numbers 3 and 2 no longer exist. Mr Hitler paid for their demolition during the war. Number 1 has a dental surgery on the ground floor and a solicitor's office on the upper floor. It had been a small grey world into which I had fitted very well. I don't have fixed regular working hours because I own a pawnbroker and second hand shop and also the hardware store next door plus three others.

I also own the house I live in together with number 4 and number 6. My main businesses are a ten-minute stroll from my house and that meant that I rarely have to venture out of my comfort zone. Dad had started and run both places and taught me the ropes. Over time, as he prospered he had bought the other three and turned all of them into profit making operations. He had also chosen the people who actually do the daily work, and he merely turned up for an hour or so each day just to keep an eye on things.

That suited me so I followed his example. After I'd been through the sales ledgers and seen just how profitable the business was, I'd found it difficult to understand why we lived in such a dismal area. Dad pointed out that if we lived in a more desirable area we would incur far greater outgoings.

The travel time to and from work would eat into our leisure time, and as he and mum frequently went to the theatre or cinemas they would have to rush meals and allow for transport times, so they opted to live close to work and leisure. It made sense, and so I followed suite. My life changed one Sunday when a few rays of light from the sun began to shine on my little world as I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday.

I say 'celebrated', but I was merely having a few glasses of wine whilst watching a DVD on the TV. I had one nice surprise. It was a birthday card, from Eve of all people; she'd never done that before. What actually happened to change my view of the world is that Donna came to my door and asked me to watch out for Linda who'd gone out for a couple of hours.

A work colleague had just invited Donna to go to a theatre matinee performance as her husband had decided he didn't want to go and Linda hadn't taken her keys with her when she went out. I didn't have a computer so I had been watching a porn video when Donna knocked. I pressed the pause button and switched the TV to a live broadcast before I opened the front door.

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Certainly, I would look out for Linda. Of course, I forgot about the porn video and the DVD case with its erotic artwork picture lying on my sofa. Donna hadn't been gone ten minutes when Linda knocked as I was in the kitchen getting some biscuits.

I played at being the perfect host and offered to make Linda a drink, she asked for a coffee so off I went into the kitchen. On my return, I found that Linda had spotted the DVD case and immediately switched the TV to Video input and was now looking at a freeze frame of a young woman, not much older than she was, on her knees in front of a man seated on a sofa with half of his large penis in her mouth.

I put the cup down and tried to get to the remote, but Linda had it in her hand and immediately placed it down her T-shirt.

She may not be the most desirable girl in the town, but she is very definitely not a long way back in the queue and does possess a very noticeable pair of breasts, and a fabulously rounded rear end.

The remote nestled easily between her breasts and she knew I didn't dare try to get it from there. The bargaining began straight away. She wouldn't tell Donna about the porn if I allowed her to watch it. I knew I had to give in so I agreed. Linda retrieved the remote and jumped back to the start of the video.

She was pretty still and relaxed up until the moment that the girl took her blouse and 'bra off so that the male could fondle her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers.

I was watching Linda closely as the girl undid the man's belt then begin to unzip his trousers, she leaned against the sofa back and slid her hand down to her pubic mound and began to press a finger against her sex. The moment arrived where; when the girl took hold of the man's cock to masturbate him, I picked up enough courage to take Linda's other hand and place it on my own stiffening cock. Even though it was still encased in my track suit trousers she was able to feel its stiffness and glory be, she grasp it firmly and started to masturbate me through the material.

Her eyes were still firmly fixed on the screen as she pulled the hem of her skirt up so that she could press more easily against her labia. She was now sweating as her fingers rubbed against her clitoris. I decided to push my luck a little further and lifted my bottom so that I could slide my tracksuit trousers and boxer shorts to my knees. This attracted her attention and she gasped as she saw the whole of what she'd had hold of, but she still reached to grasp it again.

Her eyes returned to the screen so that she could watch the girl begin to suck the man's cock, she watched until all his cock was inside the girl, and then she pressed the pause button.

Moving to kneel in front of me, Linda now used both hands to massage my throbbing erection. She looked up at me and told me that when she went to school she'd held two or three cocks belonging to boys from school, but they'd never been as big or as stiff as the one she was holding now.

In view of the fact that I was a fully-grown man, I would have been surprised at any other comparison, but I was strangely pleased. Tentatively she placed her lips against my cock head and then parted them to allow my erection to enter her. Slowly, gently, and gradually, she sucked me into her. It wasn't long before her confidence grew to the point that she was taking most of my cock into her warm, wet, mouth and I realized that very soon I was going to cum.

I had had very little experience of any sort of sex and this was the first time I'd experienced oral sex. I managed to pull my cock out of her mouth and point it at a newspaper just as the molten lava in my balls erupted from it. "I'm glad I wasn't sucking you when that came out, I couldn't have swallowed all that. Did you like what I did? I tried to do it just like the girl in the video did to the man, but she never caused him do what you just did." "He's an experienced porn actor and must have had that done to him dozens of times, that was my first time and I loved it.

I'd be able to last a lot longer if I had more practical experience, and as you did that so well on your first time I would be really pleased if you agreed to make sure that I get that experience." "I don't mind doing that, but only if you let me watch some porn videos so I can see what else they do, it did make me wet and want to have sex." "You're on, but we must be careful to make sure your mum doesn't find out.

I'll get my clothes back on and then you can watch some more until your mum gets back." It was an education watching the changing expressions on Linda's face as the video presented a completely new world to her. She was riveted to the screen as the girl was led to a bedroom and spread out such that the camera could show every soft and moist fold of her labia and clitoral hood.

The man positioned himself between two smooth, soft thighs, and began to lick and suck the delicacy nestling there. By now, Linda was aroused to such an extent that she had pushed her legs forward and spread them wide so that she could more easily rub the damp fabric of her knickers and press against her clitoris.

I saw my chance and took it. I removed her hand, eased her knickers to one side to reveal her fluff covered vulva and I could use my hand to massage her slit and tease her labia apart, but before I could get a finger into the soft inner folds, she had thrust one of her own onto her clitoris. Her body was now as taught as a bowstring and rather than upset the mood I removed my hand from her sex and moved it to fondle a firm; rounded, and up thrusted breast and to roll my thumb over an erect nipple.

Sadly it was covered by the material of her 'bra and T-shirt, but it felt wonderful and from the way she pushed against my hand I was certain that it wouldn't be many days before I had her naked body to explore in slow time. The action on the video changed suddenly as the man stood up, with very little ceremony thrust his erection into a now wide-open vagina, and rapidly fucked the girl until she simulated a climax. Linda stopped her panting and moaning and slowly subsided into a soft bundle on the sofa.

I shut down the DVD player and switched the TV off then made us both a cup of coffee; Linda had never touched the first one. As we returned to a calmer state I asked Linda if she was still willing to repeat the activity if I let her watch porn videos. She said that I'd have a tough time trying to stop her wanting more.

When I asked her if she was going to let me fuck her, she paused for a moment and then said probably, but not straight away. On her return from the theatre, Donna came to collect Linda and to give me a bottle of wine as a thank you for making her outing possible. I told her that I wouldn't accept the wine for having Linda, but I would happily accept the gift as a birthday present. Once the birthday wishes were over She told me that If she'd known that I was having my birthday she'd have given me something really special as a present.

Linda interrupted and said: "Mom, if you want to give Peter another present you can always come back later in the evening after we've eaten, but can we go now because I'm hungry." I doubt that Linda realized how that could have been interpreted, but I can't be certain. I'm certain that Donna did, because she blushed slightly, then quickly turned away from us and headed for the door with the comment that I would probably have had quite enough company for one day.

"Once again I thank you for seeing to Linda and I really am sorry that I didn't know it was your birthday or I would have made sure I had something special for you. Goodnight." It was almost 10 o' clock when the doorbell rang. I quickly turned the TV off and put my pyjama trousers back on, and then opened the door. It was Donna with another bottle of wine. "I'm sorry Peter; I couldn't stand the idea of someone spending their birthday on their own so I thought I'd try to cheer you up with a little party spirit.

It never occurred to me that you'd be in bed." "Come in Donna, please. I wasn't in bed; I took a bath and decided that I may as well put my pyjamas and dressing gown on straight away.

I thank you for the thought and I would love a glass of wine. I confess I haven't opened the one you gave me earlier. I didn't fancy drinking on my own, I was going to knock on your door and offer you a glass, but then I thought that Linda would be awake so decided against it.

"That's why I've left it so late; I wanted to make sure that she was asleep so that she wouldn't worry about me going out. Just in case she wakes up, I've left a note saying where I am. I opened and poured the wine, we sat on the sofa, and for the first time in many years, we spent some time actually talking to each other. The bottle ran dry, I was about to open another when Donna stopped me.

"You've had enough wine and I'm sure I have because I've have this urge to give you a big birthday kiss; and as we've only just really met, I don't think that's appropriate even for a birthday. As she said this, she stood and held her hand out for me to shake. Maybe it was the wine and maybe it was the culmination of Fourteen years yearning but it all came to a head in that moment. I took her hand and gently pulled her to me; she didn't resist, she didn't make a sound, she may have thought that it was going to be kiss on her cheek, but when our lips met there was one 'time stood still' moment and then her lips parted and the passion began.

When the clock began to tick again she took her hand back then used her left hand to grasp my right wrist and pull my hand to her left breast. I needed no urging to fondle her magnificent breast, but before I could get her blouse undone, she withdrew her mouth from mine.

In an unsteady and breathless voice Donna told me that we didn't have time to waste in foreplay as it was already turned one 'o clock. Taking the hint, I led her upstairs and watched as she stripped her blouse and bra' from her wonderful rounded and full breasts. I only had pyjamas on so I didn't miss a movement of those swinging globes of delight. Her skirt and knickers were swiftly removed and then she stood erect and inhaled. My erection rose in salute.

She turned to get on the bed and I was treated to a fantastic view of her smoothly rounded bottom. There was no time for showers, we just got together on the bed and I ran my hands over her soft and smooth body, especially those wonderfully full breasts.

Donna manoeuvred me between her thighs and I was encouraged to enter her. I suppose I should admit that my cock was placed in the optimum position for smooth insertion by a woman who knew, far better than I, exactly where it needed to be to achieve this easily.

I was nervous, excited, and deliriously happy. I had spent years wishing that I could get a glimpse of her naked breasts, and now I was actually feeling them and the rest of her soft and sensuous body. I was grateful that she was demanding and we both got what we needed.

I revelled in those breasts; she was more than happy to allow me to tease her nipples as I probed the warmth of her inner being. What did surprise me was the way her vaginal walls clamped around my cock and removed a large deposit from the warmth of my inner being.

My first fuck and I wanted more; because no matter how good it was, I just knew that a slower approach would have been fantastic I spent Monday morning making certain that all was well at my shops, that all my staff were happy and had nothing that they felt I needed to be worried about. At lunchtime I left them to run things on their own and happily returned to my house.

I now find it a pleasure to enter my street and wander onto the canal towpath through the private and secure gate I had paid the council to install in the iron railing fence between the towpath and the street.

There was a hired canal boat moored on the stretch in front of our houses and this was supposed to be forbidden as it was allocated to the street's residents, but on enquiry I found out that the engine had broken down and the owners were coming with a spare part. The incident planted a seed in my brain which grew into a 'Maybe I could buy a small cruiser' tree. It would be handy having a small boat right outside my door.

I made a mental note to investigate that possibility later on. I decided that today I would have lunch at a fast food chain and so walked down the towpath towards town. Reaching the nearest exit from the towpath to my destination I stepped through the opening in the fence and the world fell on me. When I came round I found that I was in the A & E department of the local hospital.

I had stepped onto the footpath just as a van had reversed onto it. The driver did that in order not to block the carriageway whilst he made a delivery across the road, when he started to reverse there had been no one on the footpath. My left arm and left leg were broken, but thankfully neither break was complicated. My arm was now about to be plastered and my leg was being fitted with a plastic casing.

I was told that my leg would take about Twelve weeks to mend. The arm would take about Six weeks. I was told about the delivery van and that I had received a blow to my head, which accounted for the headache, and that I was staying in hospital for Twenty-four hours for observation.

It was turned 7pm before a bed became available in the orthopaedic ward, I was wheeled into a bed apace and I was asleep almost immediately afterwards. I awoke the next morning to find that a very shapely nurse was studying me.

She bent down to whisper: "Just because we had sex yesterday, does not mean that you can get me into any bed you choose, whenever you feel like it." Once I'd explained precisely how I'd ended up in one of her beds, so to speak, Donna spoke with the hospital social officer and explained my position, and that we were neighbours.

Because I appeared not to have suffered any ill-effects from the blow to my head I was being released at 2pm and arrangements had been made for a social services health visitor to be at my house when I was taken home. She had been tasked with ensuring that a temporary loan of a bed to be installed downstairs was provided; it appeared that this could be problematic as demand exceeded supply.

Eventually everything was sorted and I was back in my home. One surprise had arrived in the shape of Eve who had come to help after seeing me arrive in an ambulance.

Eve was a star. She still had the bed that her mother had used during her last year; although it was in a dismantled state she still had all the bits and pieces.

She also had a folding wheelchair so she and the social worker quickly had them installed in my house and a much-relieved social worker returned to her office to report that the job was done. I soon found that Eve viewed me as her charge and set about organizing everything that could be done to make my present situation bearable. I had become a focus for her need to be of use.

It wasn't long before I realized that my situation had certain benefits. The first indication came when Eve asked me for my house keys and advised me that she was off to my hardware store to have copies made for herself and for Donna.

She went next-door and asked Linda if she could sit with me until she returned, which she did. Eve returned and told me that the staff of both shops had been informed of the situation and they would make sure that I was kept informed of anything important. With a big smile on her face she then informed me that it was bath time!

I have to say that being stripped and placed on a waterproof sheet was not enjoyable. Being soaped and washed was. As Eve began her task she told me that for the past Five years; as she watched me grow to manhood, she had wondered what it would be like to have sex with me, but had never really expected to find out.

Now that such a perfect opportunity had arrived she was not going to chicken out. She spent a long time making certain that my cock was fully soaped, and then gently rubbed the resulting erection until I began to reach for her breasts with my one good hand. Backing away, she took the belt from my bathrobe, used it to tie my wrist to the metal frame of the bed, and then resumed her task of ensuring that I knew exactly what the next few weeks were going to be like.

I was rinsed and dried, thoroughly, and then body lotion was applied and gently rubbed into my skin. Eve played particular attention to my scrotum, making sure that no area of skin was missed. She also had a little difficulty around my anus, but slowly and surely she made certain that I received all the attention I could handle. Once everything had been cleared away I was treated to a strip tease which ensured that my erection remained as precisely that until she was ready to resume her tactile assault on the part of me that she was most interested in.

Her breasts were proud, small and peaked with large, erect nipples that obviously needed to be gently mauled and sucked and I was longing to ensure that they were. I noted that she had no pubic hair and it looked incredibly sexy. I told Eve that I was very willing for her to find out whatever she wanted, but I would appreciate some active participation in the proceedings.

This information got me absolutely nowhere, this was because Eve was determined that no matter whatever happened afterwards she was going to be in full control of the immediate proceedings. She stroked my cock until it hurt, and then she leant forward and very slowly sucked and licked my cock head whilst running her fingernails along the length of my shaft until my backside was lifting off the bed in my desire to get my cock inside her.

In her own good time she reached the moment I was begging for, her mouth engulfed my cock. This was no mean feat, I have a 9inch cock and it is a little over 5inches in circumference, so that is quite a lump of meat to swallow. She took her time and she stopped for rests but eventually she had it all. Eve gagged a few times as I entered her throat, but she kept at it until she was able to have the full length of my erection sliding in and out of her mouth.

It was heaven, but bloody tiring because my body was like a bow. I pleaded with her to undo my hand, but she wouldn't, what she did do was place one of her nipples against my mouth and allow me to use my tongue and lips on a fat, proudly erect, nipple. I'm certain that for a moment she almost let me go, but she recovered her composure and withdrew from me. Flushed and perspiring she may have been, but she was still in control.

I did manage to get one of my wishes granted when she climbed onto the bed and carefully straddled me. I guessed that she had reached the point at which she was about to impale herself on my cock and fuck me. I suggested that at this point I thought her pleasure would be increased if she moved up my body and allowed me the honour and pleasure of tasting her vaginal fluids and using my tongue to arouse her clitoris.

Eve thought about it and reasoned that, as I was tethered to the bed she was in no danger of losing control, so she allowed me to taste her and lick and nibble her clitoris until she could no longer wait for fulfilment. She moved back down my body and, taking my cock in hand, she guided me to her hot and dripping sex tunnel. She sank down my swollen shaft with a sound halfway between a sigh and a groan as her vagina was forced to encompass that which she had been longing to experience.

It was obvious that her vagina hadn't had much traffic of the male persuasion because she was such a tight fit, but she was wet and therefore my cock was sliding inside her reasonably easily and Eve did all the work, I was merely an instrument in her carnal satisfaction. She didn't last long, which was just as well because seconds after she'd finished climaxing I told her to get off me quickly, she just managed to get her vagina clear before a jet of semen boiled out of my cock and spurted over her stomach.

Eve took herself off to have a shower; but at least she untied me first, and on her return she washed my genitals, but without the erotic overtones this time. I had to tell Eve what she'd started. "I hope you realize that once I've got mobility you are going to find out exactly what it's like to be tied down and fucked." "You have to understand that I have had lots of sexual experiences and I know what I like, so believe me when I say I rather think I'll enjoy that.

I'll be happy to let you find out what it's like to be fully in control, but until then I'm afraid you'll have to be the one underneath. I could be persuaded to leave your hand free occasionally.

Would that help you to accept the situation?" "I've already accepted the situation, I merely wish you to be prepared for what follows. I have very little experience of sexual encounters, but I have watched a few porn videos and I have a good memory for the basics.

Now I want to find out if the real thing is as good as it appears to be, so far it does appear to be the case." Eve got me into a pair of boxer shorts and then dressed me in a pair of cargo shorts and a sweatshirt before making dinner. In view of the amount of time she'd spent in 'familiarising' herself with my capabilities there hadn't been much time to make a proper meal so it was steak and chips for today.

When Donna arrived home she and Eve had a chat and between them devised Donna and Linda came round a little later to see how things were and to discuss a plan of action, especially in the meals and cleanliness departments.

Donna was given a set of my door keys and Eve told her that she'd move a few things from her own house into my spare bedroom so that she'd be on hand should I need help during the night.

From the expression on Donna's face I gathered that she didn't believe that for a minute, but she merely smiled and said that she thought it was an excellent idea and she that she would be happy to come and give assistance occasionally, especially at weekends so that Eve could have a break. Eve said that she would have to leave me for an hour as she had to have her walk otherwise she'd start getting leg cramps.

Donna surprised me by asking Eve if she could accompany her. She said that she needed to get some fresh air after a day inside a hospital and that they could chat about the 'finer points' of caring for me as they walked. Linda was deputised as my minder and off they went. She waited until she saw them disappear into the park then delved into my bookcase and located the little pile of DVD's hidden therein.

Having started the video she'd chosen she sat beside me and ran her hand between my legs until she was happy with the bulge that resulted. Without removing her gaze from the TV screen she opened my flies and pulled my still thickening cock out of my shorts and commenced to gently masturbate me as she watched two middle aged ladies investigating the inner recesses of each other's sex. At the point where the 'husband' of one of the two women appeared on the scene, Linda released my cock and swiftly removed her knickers before standing beside my good arm.

She then took my hand and thrust it up her skirt. I'm a bright bloke; I guessed that she wanted me to feel her wet sex and clitoris, so I did. I also had a good feel of her bottom and, because I too had learned things from watching porn, I pressed my finger against her anus and felt her twitch. I didn't press hard and my reward was her sphincter opening slightly. I moved my finger round for a moment and then pressed my thumb against her clitoris. Linda climaxed almost immediately, rewarded me by kneeling down, and sucked me to my own release.

Because of my earlier activity the amount of my ejaculation was somewhat less than that which her first encounter had led her to expect. When Linda had recovered her composure, and put her knickers back on, she dropped a bombshell.

"I'm still a virgin. I don't want to be and I want you to be first. I want you to fuck me and I intend to make sure that you do. I'm damn sure you fucked my mother last night and it looks as if Eve is getting ready to go the same route, or is that why you smell so clean and fragrant. She's already had you and cleaned you up! Now I know why you didn't cum as much as yesterday. "You are a sitting duck and I rather think you're going to need all the bed rest you can get because I'm joining the queue.

Mum and Eve are probably working out a time table right now, but I'm going to throw my spanner in their works as soon as they return." "I'm all for having three women using my body, but why did you have to wait until I couldn't do anything myself?" "Because you have presented three lonely women, who know and like you, with the perfect opportunity to have some sexual pleasure.

One is probably sex starved; one has found that men in general can't be trusted and has been hurt too many times to trust a stranger again, and I've only just decided what it is that I'm missing and the temptation is far too strong to ignore.

"The DVD did it for me, I suppose the birthday present thing was all the excuse that mum needed and even Eve saw her chance to get fucked and now I'm sure she took it." "What's this 'get fucked'? She fucked me. I was tied down." "Okay, so she made damn sure you couldn't interfere and she wouldn't get hurt. I rather fancy doing a little bit of that. However you look at it you get have a lovely time ahead of you and it won't stop when the casing comes off.

I'm disappointed because I'll be away at the University when that happens." "I'm going to be having a hard-on every time I see or think of you. I can't wait to strip the covering off that body of yours. Do me a favour and leave the first time until I've got full mobility again, we'll enjoy it much more then." She tidied me up and went to make us both a drink so that when Donna and Eve returned they found the two of us watching a porn video.

This shocked Donna until Linda pointed out that she was a big girl and had been the one who wanted it on. While this was happening, Eve realized what was happening on the screen and sank down into an armchair to watch the activity of the three people engaged in pleasuring each other. I watched her closely and it was easy to see that it was arousing her, so I could use that knowledge when we were alone because it could easily be used as a switch to turn her on.

What I didn't see was that Donna had stopped talking to Linda and that now all three of them were watching the screen. When I did notice, my mind ran on the obvious track of: Well, now things are getting very interesting; they are not averse to threesomes and group sex.

They watched until the final scenes of the women sucking the 'husband' clean and then Donna helped Eve to transfer me into the bed. Eve went to her house and brought some stuff round and then I was left to sleep.

I was tired and rapidly fell asleep. I awoke to the sound of noises from the kitchen soon followed by the smell of frying bacon intermingled with the aroma of coffee. Eve came in and got me into a comfortable sitting position then brought a tray with a huge breakfast upon it. She sat and watched as I devoured it and once I had finished she removed the tray, returning some twenty minutes later having washed up.

The bedclothes were pulled back and I was divested of my pyjama trousers and then transferred to the wheelchair from which the cushion had been removed revealing a hole under which was a removable bowl. The next ten minutes need no description. Once I had been washed and dressed, during which time Eve amused herself by running her finger nails down my stiffening cock, but she didn't go any further much to my disappointment. Once I was settled Eve went for her morning walk and told me that Linda would be in shortly to 'baby sit' until she returned.

Ten minutes later Linda arrived, and without any preamble took a small package from her pocket and unwrapped a pair of foam-covered handcuffs that she'd just purchased from my second-hand shop. Linda snapped the 'cuffs on my wrist and then to the chair arm. Next she opened my flies and her cool hand wrapped around my now swollen cock and masturbated me for a few minutes before bending over and putting her lips to my cock head and slowly sucking me into her mouth.

She played with me; she teased me and eventually she would pay for it, when I was sufficiently fit enough to make the payback last a long time. It was a wonderful way to spend a morning. When Eve returned she made coffee for the three of us.

She then took Linda into the kitchen. I could hear their voices, but I was unable to make out what they were saying. When they returned it was to raid my store of porn vids. Having selected one, they pushed me to the sofa and transferred me from the wheelchair to the sofa, but then refastened me to the chair arm before settling down to watch a rerun of the one they'd watched yesterday.

Linda sat beside me with Eve sitting on her left. Eventually I found out what they'd planned. Eve pulled the hem of Linda's skirt up to her pubic mound and then sat watching the screen again, but with her hand tucked between Linda's thighs.

A finger must have been pressing inwards because it wasn't long before Linda sighed and parted her thighs to allow Eve's finger easier, and greater, access. Instead of continuing to press on Linda's clitoral hood she slid her hand upwards over the thin material of her knickers until she reached the top, her hand then travelled back down her belly, only this time it was inside her knickers, giving skin to skin contact and causing the knickers to begin their downward journey.

Linda lifted her bottom to make the removal of her knickers an easy task and once they were clear of her feet Eve was on her knees and forcing Linda's legs upwards and apart.

Linda slid a little lower on the sofa and Eve pressed her face hard against Linda's soft slit. From the noises that Linda started to make I think Eve's mouth and tongue must have been working overtime. Linda lowered her legs to Eve's waist and crossed her ankles. Taking hold of Eve's head she made certain that Eve stayed exactly where she wanted her to be until she came.

I was busy masturbating, but I'd not been forgotten. Linda's hand moved to my erection. It was gripped, squeezed, and stroked until she found a rhythm that suited her. It was galling to be unable to get my good hand on her body, but at least I was being cared for and as time passed Linda's excitement grew until her belly was rippling and her hips were beginning to jerk up and down.

I knew when exactly when the moment arrived that she reached fulfilment, her hand clamped tightly on my cock. Eve saved me from getting a permanent kink in my cock because she shuffled from between Linda's legs and her soaking vulva to kneel in front of me and take my erection into her hot, wet mouth and sucked me until she was happy with the amount of coating of Linda's cum juice that it now had.

She stood, removed her skirt and knickers and then carefully knelt on the sofa to straddle me and lower herself down my cock. She lifted herself up and this time Linda reached around her and found Eve's clitoris then Eve began pumping as Linda's other hand reached around her to lift her blouse up so that she could grasp Eve's unsupported breast.

I just managed to get the nipple of her other breast between my lips before she came followed almost immediately by my own release. After we'd had a rest, they washed and tidied themselves and then they did the same for me, but I couldn't fail to notice that my cock must have been considered extra dirty. Linda went to the supermarket after lunch, Eve did some house cleaning and I slept. She'd transferred me back into my bed and I went out light a light.

When I awoke I found Eve watching another porn DVD. The story line appeared to be three college girls with nothing to do but have sex with each other and any other female they could persuade to join them.

It soon became apparent that Eve was aroused by this theme in general and one scene in particular because she kept replaying that particular section. After a while she sighed and stopped the video, then switched the TV off. She turned and saw me watching her so I asked her if I could ask her something that had been intriguing me ever since my accident had started things going the way they had.

She said okay and finally we talked. I discovered that she was more into females than males; she wasn't averse to having a man but on her Eighteenth birthday she'd been seduced by her mother and one of her friends and had rather enjoyed it. One day she was introduced to the daughter of her mother's friend, she had just turned Eighteen and had duly been seduced by the two mothers so she was in the same situation, they were encouraged to have sex with each other and had found that they liked each other.

So now she had easy access to three sexual partners. She'd told her mum's friend that she'd been wondering what it would be like to be fucked. Thirty minutes later she found out because the woman had put a strap-on dildo on and led her through the business of losing her virginity and then being brought to a climax.

Eve said that once she'd got over the shock of being entered, she'd enjoyed the experience and so one evening she'd gone out with the express intention of getting herself impaled by a flesh and blood penis. She'd enjoyed the experience of being fucked, but not the person who did it for her and after two further one-night stands she decided to give it up and stay with her female lovers. Eventually her mother's friend died and her daughter moved away.

Then her own mother became seriously ill and bed-bound, which was the end of her social life and sexual activities, until I had my accident. Eve admitted that she immediately realized that a golden opportunity had presented itself. She had long been having thoughts about having me and all she had to do was be brave enough to grab the chance. She found that I was easy meat for seduction and could hardly hide her joy when she found that I was a very willing victim.

The discovery of the porn videos and that Donna and Linda were also willing to play was like having all her birthdays coming at once. She'd had a chat with Donna during their walk and knew that Donna would willingly have sex with her and with me but not when Linda was around, and she'd be a lot happier if she was alone with me if we had sex, but had no objection to me watching them indulging.

Donna had said that the porn had turned her on and that it had been a long time since she'd had sex; once she'd experienced my cock and realized that she'd really enjoyed it, and she knew she could trust me, the decision to have me on a regular basis was easy to make.

She was surprised at how aroused she had become at the sight of two women having sex with each other, and now she wanted to try it. Who better to try it with than her near neighbour who also appeared to be interested in the possibility of sexual activity for fun?

Donna had also said that she was a little uncomfortable about her daughter being involved, but as Linda was now old enough to make her own decisions she wasn't going to interfere in whatever decision Linda made. We'd talked enough; I was desperate to get my cock inside her so I dragged the bedclothes back and asked her to felate me.

She did just that and then, when asked she removed her skirt and knickers and mounted me. The feeling of my cock sliding into her hot vagina was pure bliss. Once it was all inside her I asked her to rotate her hips and as she did so she undid her blouse to give me unobstructed access to her breasts. I had my cock inside her vagina, an erect nipple in my mouth and another erect nipple between my finger and thumb when a voice said: "Oh lovely, can I join in?" I removed my mouth from Eve's nipple just long enough to tell Linda that I thought all bases were covered, but Linda had already applied a finger to Eve's anus and was busy inserting it a little deeper as she used her other hand to reach around Eve's spread thigh and rub her clitoris.

I couldn't see, but I could certainly feel, what that did to Eve. Her vagina clamped on my cock and her muscles sent ripples along its length as she climaxed.

My instinctive reaction was to try and ram my cock far enough upwards to rattle her teeth, but of course I was in no condition to rattle anything. Eve moaned and sobbed as her body drained all the sexual tension from her whilst Linda and I fought for control of her left breast.

Linda eventually gave up on the left breast and instead, used her right hand to reach around Eve to fondle her right breast. Eve asked to be allowed to get off me before I got hurt so Linda backed away until Eve was standing; she then moved in to hug Eve who said: "Thank you for that, now get upstairs because I'm going to make you scream, and believe me you'll like it." Linda looked very surprised, but she didn't dally.

I lay back and relaxed in a warm glow of satisfaction at the way my life had turned out, then I slept. I awoke because my brain was telling me that something was happening that I wouldn't want to miss.

It was correct. I opened my eyes to find two glorious breasts swinging above my face. They belonged to Donna. As my hand started to reach for one of the globes, she smiled and used her hand to hold my wrist and press it to the mattress, and then she lowered her breasts so that her nipples just brushed my lips before allowing one of them to remain there long enough to enable me to suck it.

She made herself comfortable before reaching to grasp my cock and directing it to the entrance of her moist love canal. When she was satisfied with the positioning she lowered herself down my erection, and then asked where Linda and Eve were. As if in answer to her question, a loud shriek came from above and then Linda began pleading with Eve to stop tormenting her. Eve didn't seem to be listening so the wailing continued until, with a scream of what sounded like pure bliss, she came.

So did Donna. Donna climbed off the bed and rapidly dressed then she kissed me, asked me not to say anything to the other two about her visit, and quickly went home. When they appeared downstairs they were freshly showered and I pointed out that a certain part of my body was still coated with the bodily juices of one of them.

They cleaned me up, but were a little puzzled by the fact that my cock was still damp. I played the unknowing innocent, which meant that they were handling my cock for longer than they would have done if I had owned up.

The next Three weeks went by in a similar fashion, which means we all had a lovely, sexually satisfying, life. I had to go for physiotherapy for my leg to practice walking a little each time I went. Linda went to University and life for me therefore became a little less tiring, but I did miss her involvement in our sexual activities.

Eve fucked me during the day, occasionally twice a day if I was lucky, and Donna indulged herself in the evenings occasionally, but because of her workload she was sometimes too tired for sex, with Eve or me. This meant that I was no longer permanently tired and Eve was always ready to fuck. The day came when the plaster was removed from my arm and things changed at 'Casa Nooky'.

I was also able to walk for short periods and I could stand for longer periods. Now I had full use of both arms and hands and Eve was about to find out that she was no longer in charge of any proceedings. Except that it had to wait until the following day because I was worn out, both from her attentions before we went to the hospital, and the whole business of the journeys and plaster cast removal.

I heard the shower pump kick in so I started to climb the stairs. It was 7am and I had been waiting at the foot of the stairs for just that sound.

It was tiring going up the stairs with my support casing, but as I wasn't expecting to be coming down again for some time I didn't mind. Eve had her back to me when I entered the bathroom.

She was in the shower cubical and didn't hear me begin washing myself. It was only after she'd turned the shower off that she realized that she had company. I dried her and she dried me. I kissed her and my erection was rewarded with an extra rub. I cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between the thumb and first finger of each hand just to see the look of bliss on her face. Taking her hand I led her to her/my bedroom and without a word being spoken she climbed onto the bed to lie on her back.

I joined her on the bed and knelt beside her so that I could lower my head to her breasts and suck her swollen nipples. Gradually I began kissing my way down her body and easing my hand between her thighs.

I pressed against them to indicate that she should open her thighs to allow me access to the area we were both acutely aware of. My mouth found her clitoral hood and I began sucking gently on the little sheath until the pink bud beneath swelled sufficiently to allow my tongue to flick on it.

The gap between her thighs widened and her legs lifted so that, by moving my body around, I could now insert my tongue into the ever-widening slit between her labial lips and insert it into the entrance of her vaginal passage.

As I licked and sucked inside her wet sex I ran the fingers of one hand over her belly whilst using the other hand to pinch the stiff nipple of a breast. Eve moaned and panted as her body responded to the stimuli that she had been hoping for. I couldn't deny myself any longer; I had been desperate to get Eve in this situation ever since she first took advantage of my unresisting body. I rapidly manoeuvred around until I was between her thighs and then she made sure that my cock had no trouble in entering her.

Although I had ploughed my way in on numerous occasions, this was the first time I had been the driving force and it was a wonderfully liberating experience.

Eve matched me thrust for thrust. She lifted her groin upwards as I pushed my cock into her so that I had unimpeded access to her. When I got my arms around her hips to get hold of her bum cheeks, she planted the soles of her feet on the mattress, clasped her hands behind my back and pulled me close against her.

It was only when my cock reached her cervix that she calmed down and allowed me to fuck her in a tempo that meant we both gained pleasure and the ultimate satisfaction from the event. We were both grunting and panting with the effort being expended in trying to prove who was really in charge of this coupling, and not surprisingly, we were drenched in sweat.

I have to admit that my stamina was just about drained when, thank the gods, she came. She came noisily and violently, she screeched in my ear and her vagina tried to flatten my cock, this brought me to a climax and my balls ejected a stream of juice into her clasping love tunnel. Then I collapsed in a heap on top of her as she shuddered her way to a more stable state.

Back downstairs after the second period of ablutions we ate breakfast and then Eve went for a walk while I tidied up. The postman arrived bearing the items I'd bought over the 'phone, with which I had learned that any long term sexual activity should have close to hand. After some thought I rolled the bed I'd been using so that it was immediately behind the sofa.

I wasn't going to be sleeping in it again, but in view of the activities in this house, I could see some advantages in keeping it for a while. We spent the remainder of the morning on housework; laundry, dusting, window cleaning, etc. Then we went out for lunch. On our return I waited until Eve had taken her coat off before standing close behind her and lifting her T-shirt up and then cupping her breasts as she took it completely off.

That done, she unfastened her jeans and kicked her shoes off so that I could get them down and off with the minimum of effort. Her knickers were easily discarded and then it was her turn to help me strip. My cock was rigid and she happily knelt to lick it before taking its length into her mouth. In order to reduce her effort I held her head still and pistoned my cock into her face instead until she gently squeezed my balls to get me to withdraw.

She stood and in a soft voice she said: "You're dangerous. For four years after mother became ill, I never thought about sex at all, but I had the occasional lustful thought when you started to grow into a man. I never would have done anything about it, but you had to have that accident and my self-control went.

"Now all I can think of is sex, those DVD's and the realisation that, because Donna and Linda were very interested in lesbian sex, then sex could be available all the time and that has made me into a sex junky." I said that until she had begun handling my cock I had had no sexual contact with her so I shouldn't be blamed for her sex urges, but I would be happy to help her with her predicament.

As we were speaking I had walked her around the sofa and now I asked her to kneel on it and to rest her arms on the back. She knew what was about to happen and so she complied and once in position she spread her thighs wide apart. I stood behind her and began running my hands over her body, slowly caressing her erogenous areas and more obvious attractions. Her nipples had risen and stiffened and of course I spent time enjoying her reactions as I pulled and teased them.

The positioning was such that as I leant over her in order to fondle her breasts. My erection was pressing against her anus and I felt her tense as she anticipated an attempt to enter her. I hadn't had any intention of doing that; at least not today, but now it was certainly on the cards for some time in the not so distant future. I did use my cock head to apply a little pressure against her sphincter as though that was my intended target, just to see how she would react.

She didn't protest; she would have allowed me inside her at that moment and that really turned me on, but I still had some self-control and realised that leaving that activity for later would enhance the pleasure immensely, and anyway I didn't have any lubricant with me and I knew I'd need some for any anal activity.

I took hold of my cock and moved it down to nestle in the moist entrance to my intended target. I was a complete beginner and had only ever seen what I was about to do on the TV screen, I was certain something would go wrong, it didn't. My cock slid down her love tube in one smooth movement until my groin was against her lovely soft and round bottom. Eve told me to grab her hips and for 'pity's sake' fuck her hard and fast.

The instruction were clear and simple, pull her onto me as I thrust forward then push her away from me as I withdrew; don't let my cock come out of her sheath and again, please do it fast, and hard.

I was sweating, she was grunting and moaning and I realised that she had a hand between her thighs and was rubbing her clitoris as I fucked her. I was fucking her as hard and as fast as I could manage, I must have caused her some pain during this activity because I had on occasions banged into her cervix.

Neither of us appeared to be getting anywhere near a climax and I was tiring so I pulled out of her, got her on her back on the sofa and paid tribute to all the missionaries who ever took this route to paradise.

Eve wrapped her arms and legs around me and didn't relax her grip until she'd had all she could take and I was a wet rag. I was glad that I'd draped a sheet over the seats because there was a huge wet patch from our combined juices on it.

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I washed myself at the washbasin as Eve showered, and when she'd finished with the water I entered the cubicle. I took Eve, with her back pressed up against one wall of the shower cubicle and the soles of her feet against the opposite wall.

I had the cheeks of her bottom in my hands so she'd had to guide me into her vagina. It wasn't a long coupling and there was no shattering climax, but it was enjoyable for what it was, pure hedonistic lust. When we'd tired ourselves we had a quick rinse and then dressed and went downstairs for coffee and cake. When Donna came home from work Eve went round to tell her that we were taking her out for a meal.

Surprisingly Eve returned almost immediately after having delivered the message. I had expected them to take longer than that to greet each other, but all was made clear to me during the evening. I would be sleeping alone. I had been expecting a busy night but they had other ideas. They'd been thinking about having sex with each other ever since Donna had viewed the DVD's and discovered that the thought of lesbian sex turned her on. She wanted to find out if she and Eve would be good for each other in bed.

No, I couldn't watch. The fact that I had slept alone meant that I was well rested the next day so I took the dog out for his morning constitutional and then prepared the breakfast items for the three of us and then went to Donna's house at 8 o'clock and rang the bell. The door was opened by a tousled and obviously sleepy woman in a very snug dressing gown and I doubted that there was anything underneath it.

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I stepped inside and closed the door before opening the dressing gown to find that I was correct, Donna was nude. She was still fuzzy from sleep so, before she could react, I had hold of her magnificent breasts. Donna didn't appear to have a problem in having her breasts fondled and actually took a deep breath and pushed them forward so that I could appreciate the full size and weight of them. As I cupped a breast with one hand and ran my other hand down over her smooth tummy and over her fuzzy pubic mound to feel for her slit.

I found the sensitive little button I was seeking and there was a short period of readjustment to her stance as she parted her thighs then we went through the heavy breathing phase and finally I had wet fingers.

Having accomplished my mission I told her that I'd prepared the breakfast things in my house so if Eve was awake would she please tell her to come when she was ready, dress optional. Donna said that Eve was still asleep so I asked her to leave a note for her and then I fastened her dressing gown, passed her shoes to her and hurried her out of the house and the few paces to my house.

We had breakfast and then I led an unprotesting woman up to my bedroom. Donna said that she wasn't averse to what I had in mind, but as she'd just spent several sweaty hours in bed with Eve, she was going to have a shower first. Therefore, I undressed and made sure all I would need was close to hand. When Donna came into my bedroom all pink and fragrant, she came to me and hugged me closely to her so that I received the full benefit of her willing body. I was like a child in a sweet shop; I just didn't know where to start.

Donna rescued me by getting on her knees and holding my cock in one hand and my balls in the other before lowering her head and sucking me into her mouth. When I placed my hands on her head to try and hold it steady enough for me to fuck her mouth, she withdrew and stood up.

"Get on the bed and lie on your back." I did as she requested and she knelt above me in the '69' position and lowered her vagina to my mouth as she lowered her mouth back around my cock. She tasted of honey and lemons and I ate as much of her as I could. I sucked and chewed her labia, I licked and flicked her clitoris and I pushed my tongue into her pink and wet love tube as far as I could manage, but I occasionally had to withdraw a little to get some air. At the same time that this was happening I had kept my hands busy feeling as much of her breasts as I could manage.

This was not easy because they were pressed against my body as she sucked and licked my swollen cock. Using my right hand to reach beneath the pillow, I managed to get hold of the slim tube of spray lubricant I had hidden there and then give her anus an introduction to forthcoming events. Donna tensed as this happened, but her mouth stayed firmly around my cock as my finger found the now slippery sphincter and I eased it slowly into the start of her anal canal.

Her bottom lifted, and then descended to press harder against my mouth. I eased my finger back for a moment and then pressed it a little deeper into her anus and began rotating it until the sphincter relaxed and I could get a second finger into her anus. Donna responded by speeding up her activity on my throbbing cock and that was now causing me to thrust my hips upwards as her lips came down the shaft.

I increased the speed of my finger action and also commenced to move them in and out and finger fuck Donna's anal canal. She stopped sucking me and lifted her head, she loved it! My cock was released so that she could concentrate on raising and lowering her backside to help me bring her to a frenzy of desire and release. I had never intended to do what I did next.

I pulled my finger from her body, rolled her off me, dragged her to the edge of the bed, and then told her to get on all fours, head down with her arse in the air. As she did as instructed, I sprayed my cock and her anus with lubricant. I got my erection into her vagina and began to fuck her. It was wonderful, but I had now become fixated on her anus and I was hoping that she was about to get her backside well and truly fucked.

As my cock ploughed her vagina, I had a thumb against her anus and because the sphincter was well lubricated it slid into her rectal canal with ease and then I could apply sideways pressure and her sphincter began to widen. Soon it was open sufficiently for me remove my thumb and insert Two fingers instead and so I was able to finger fuck her anus as I fucked her vagina and Donna settled herself for what she knew was about to happen.

Pulling my cock out of her vagina, I removed my fingers from her anus and then I placed my cock head against it and pushed, it was an incredibly tight fit and she yelped, but I now had three inches of my cock inside her. I stopped to rest for a moment and she said: "Do it Peter, push it in slowly, put some more spray on your cock and push it all the way in." I did what she wanted me to do and then, once her bottom was against my groin I pulled my cock all the way back to the entrance then slid it back into her waiting body.

"Do that again, come on Peter fuck my arse, do it until I say stop and then you can have anything you want." "What I want is to watch you and Eve have sex and then I want to fuck both of you in the same bed. I feel as though I've won the lottery, I've fucked two very sexy women whom I've known for years and never expected to feel, let alone to fuck them, and.

Hold still; stop moving for minute and then I'll slide it out again. "I get to do this just about whenever I want to. I don't pretend its love, but I'm sure that whatever you want to call it, it's keeping us happy and content." "Stop talking and concentrate on fucking me." I fucked her bottom slowly and as I did so I held her breasts tightly and pushed her forward.

She was now laying full length on the bed with me on top of her, sliding my erection into her until she yelled that she was Cumming. This had the effect of triggering me so that I erupted and jettisoned a stream of cum into her rear passage.

I lay on her until she stopped shaking and then I pulled my cock out of her and moved so that I could prise the cheeks of her backside apart and watch as her anus slowly contracted in diameter to something approaching its normal size and my sperm oozed out of her bottom.

We lay quietly on the bed for a while and then Donna had a shower and I had a good wash, which was all I could do until my leg healed. On getting downstairs we found that Eve had made it round from Donna's house and had just made coffee for us. She also had a question for Donna, which stiffened my cock a little.

"Was that as much fun as it sounded Donna? I've never had that done to me." "When you've had it done three or four times you'll either love it or hate it. If you love it, you'll be happy to have it at any time. It must be five years since I had it and even though the guy I was with was a jerk I let him do me three days running because he was careful and doing it 'for' me and not 'to' me." The rest of the day was spent shopping.

Saturday was the one day that Donna could have some 'retail therapy', Eve went with me to the supermarket, and made sure I could manage. The leg casing is a good idea but it does get tiring if one is on foot for any lengthy occasions.

The evening was tiring. We were in my house and I had made my position clear to both of them, I wanted them both and I really wasn't overly concerned about who I enjoyed first. Donna said she wanted to watch so I took Eve into the kitchen and opened a cupboard to get the thick blanket out which I'd stored there earlier.

Eve was helpful, she removed her clothes as I spread the blanket over the tabletop and then, as I undressed, she stepped onto a chair and then onto the table. She lay back and allowed me to open her legs and lift them up to reveal her already slightly open and damp sex slit.

I was erect and I was rampant; my cock slid into her without any hesitation and once I was fully inside her she lowered her legs and wrapped them around me. I fondled her breasts and teased her nipples as I slid in and out of her wet vagina. When Donna appeared, she was naked. She clambered onto the table to place her sex over Eve's mouth and took hold of my hands and guided them to her own breasts, she then began to play with Eve's clitoris.

So, as I fucked Eve she was eating Donna's vagina, and together with my manipulation of her fabulous breasts and nipples, we brought her to boiling point. I felt Donna stiffen and then she squealed because Eve had pushed two fingers into her anus and then nibbled her clitoris.

I pulled out of Eve, Donna immediately went down on her, and they spent the next Twenty minutes devouring each other. I fondled breast whenever I could get a hand on one, it mattered not to whom it belonged.

Eve made it clear that she wanted Donna to herself so I made some preparations for later and then I sat back to watch them bring each other to a state of satiated collapse. I was still rampant and Eve was about to do something about that, not that she knew it at that moment.

I asked Donna to get off Eve and helped her to get down from the table and then I helped Eve to get off the table. I led her to the bed I'd been using and put her on it. Before she had a chance to complain I put the handcuffs on her wrists, the other end of which I had previously attached to the bed frame. Eve had finally realized what was about to happen and wasn't so sure that she was going to enjoy it quite as much as she'd claimed would be the case.

Not after what she'd overheard while Donna had been upstairs with me, and her recent exertions. Using the soft straps, which I had also attached to the bedframe, I fed the straps between her thighs and pulled them tight which forced her knees apart and back towards her head.

I had a wonderfully unobstructed view of her body and I demonstrated to her that I had full access to all her parts. I spent time caressing and tweaking; I fondled, licked and sucked all the parts that would appreciate and react to the various treatments. After an hour of this I sat down at the end of the bed and concentrated on that beautiful slit between her thighs.

I placed my mouth against her labia and commenced to suck and lick my way into her inner sanctum. By the time my tongue finally contacted her clitoris she was begging me to fuck her.

She was still begging me to fuck her when I moved my attention lower down and licked her anus. That stopped her talking. She started talking again when I sprayed lubricant on her sphincter and then inserted a finger into her anal canal, but now she was asking me to be gentle with her. I spent time rotating and pushing my finger until her tight little hole had opened sufficiently for me to introduce a second finger into her.

With two fingers in her anus Eve stopped talking again. Now to try something I'd seen on one of my DVDs. I inserted my thumb into her vagina and pressed the fingers and the thumb together and gently rubbed the membrane separating the two canals.

Eve stiffened, grunted and called me a very naughty name as the muscles in the affected areas began to pulse and clamp on my digits as she climaxed. At this moment, Donna took a hand.

She stood behind me and reached around me to grasp my cock and massage it to get it fully erect. As soon as she was satisfied with its condition she told me to remove my fingers from Eve's anus. The moment my fingers left Eve's body, Donna pressed me forward and guided my cock straight into the vacated opening.

Donna sprayed my cock as I entered Eve and slid into a still expanded tunnel. It was a tight fit but not excessively so and so my cock slid past Eve's inner sphincter and penetrated into her rectum. I pushed as far into her as I could and then slowly withdrew and Donna reapplied the spray.

Removing my thumb from Eve's vagina, I grasped her hips and concentrated on my mission, which was to bring her to another climax and to hopefully cum inside her at the same time.

The amazing thing was that Eve was now begging me to do it faster and as this was her first time I was had been sure she would have wanted me to be slow and gentle, or not do it at all.

I did what she wanted and she did what I wanted; then I did what I wanted. Shower time was interesting, because I watched them shower together.

Then I was cleansed, which was less tiring than my doing it for myself. It was also a great deal more fun, even though I was worn out. We went out for lunch and then, by way of a change we amused ourselves by going to the cinema. We made a day of it by dining out and then I was taken to a jazz club and taught to dance. I enjoyed it far more than I expected to and we have happily made several return visits.

That night we all slept in the same bed, eventually. We slept late the next morning and just took a very leisurely lunch and lounged around. The conversation turned to work and finances. I'd asked Donna if she enjoyed being an overworked and underpaid nurse and she told me that she was just happy to have a job, but her finances were stretched now because Linda was at University.

When asked, Eve told me that she'd been made redundant from her lob at an electronics company, but had received a very good severance package so she'd decided to invest a large part of it. As long as she was careful, she didn't need to work, but now missed having somewhere to go each day. In short she had been bored to tears until I had my accident.

It was time to tell them what was on my mind. "Ever since we began our sexual activities I have noticed that both of you have really begun to sparkle and you both even look younger.

I know I'm a very happy man now, even with a broken leg, but that is a small price to pay for what I got in return. "Be honest and tell me if you're happy and content with what we do now. My own life has brightened considerably. I now really look forward to what each day might bring, and since I'd never had sex until recently, I have a lot of catching up to do and I want to do it with you" Eve and Donna looked at each other and smiled then they assaulted me.

My trousers were removed and then they took turns in masturbating me to a full erection before straddling me and lowering themselves down the resultant shaft. At least I was allowed to open blouses and fondle the contents. Once they'd shown me what they thought about our situation I was released and as they tidied their clothing I told them what I intended to do. "As of tomorrow I'm reducing your rents to zero.

I don't need the money and you could both do with it so cancel your standing orders for the rent. There is a payback, hence my question.

I want sex with you both and I want you to want sex with me. I'm not saying that I love either of you, but I do love your bodies." Both Eve and Donna came to hug and kiss me and tell me that they didn't love me; but did love the sex, especially as it was because of me that they'd discovered each other's liking for girl fun.

Donna said that they weren't interested in love, it had caused too much misery in her life and Eve said she'd only ever been close to a girl so she wasn't even sure what love was.

So we were agreed, it was a life of hedonism for us. Donna asked me if I'd bedded Linda. I admitted that after Linda had seen the DVD's she's felated me and allowed me access to her sex for a feel, but nothing further. I decided that I should make the position clear.

"How do you feel about Linda being involved?" "She's old enough to do what she wants; I just hope that she doesn't do anything stupid. Why, are you planning on fucking her?" "I'm not planning it, she is. I won't say no and you know that. She wants me to take her virginity when my leg is fully healed, so it could happen any time soon." "So she's still a virgin? I'm pleased. Good for her and lucky you. I hope she enjoys it, I know I do and now I'll show you how much." It was fast, it was furious and it was on the carpet.

Her vagina was pink and moist and tasted of honey; her teeth were sharp on my erection because she found it difficult to get her mouth open sufficiently wide to get my cock in without them catching it. The safest thing to do was to put it where it was supposed to go.

She was tight, but well lubricated and it wasn't long before my cock head was nudging her cervix. Once I had it there I thrust myself against her and then held her tightly as I pumped in and out without withdrawing my cock more than half an inch. Ten minutes of this and her vaginal muscles clamped on my shaft and I could feel them rippling on it until finally she clamped her legs behind my back and climaxed with a huge sigh of contentment. Eve applauded and informed us that she'd opened a bottle of wine for a toast to life and all its pleasures.

I told the ladies that we were dining out again this evening, which caused some rapid activity because they needed to 'prepare' so they went to their respective homes and 'prepared'. An hour later, they returned in their 'little black frocks', which made me, wish we were staying in. I too had 'prepared' myself so we were fit to go anywhere without upsetting those of a sensitive nature.

Donna said that she thought I ought not to spend so much money by taking them out so often. I pointed out that this weekend was the first time I'd done any spending and it was by way of a thank you for all they'd done for me since my accident; even after all the fun they'd enabled me to have, I still owed them a debt of gratitude.

We had a lovely meal and came home reasonably early because Donna had to be up early for work in the morning. Eve and I said goodnight to her and then I took Eve into the bedroom and removed her knickers, but I insisted that the dress stayed on whilst I fucked her. She started off on her back, but I had no intention of Cumming until I'd turned her over to fondle her soft, round bottom and inserted my erection into her tight little anus.

I took her slowly and made it last for a long time as she reached for her clitoris, but eventually I could no long hold back and thrust hard before squirting my load into her rectum. She rewarded me by washing, drying and then sucking my cock before settling down to sleep spooned up against me with my hands firmly clasped around her breasts.

After breakfast I also had to go to the hospital to have my leg checked over and this time I would probably return home without the leg walker. This proved to be the case and after putting my shoe on I had an hour of physiotherapy before being allowed to go home.

Eve had been with me to the hospital, but when I climbed into the taxi to go home she said she had some shopping to do. So did I. The taxi took me to the store I wanted and was happy to wait until I returned with my purchase, and then I arrived home to an empty house, which had become a rare event.

Eve arrived from her shopping trip and we had lunch, then she showed e what she'd bought. One item was of real interest, it would certainly interest Donna and Linda because it was a strap-on dildo. I dropped my trousers to free my cock and Eve helped me to get a good erection, which I then held against the dildo. They were the same length, but mine was fatter.

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I was pleased at the result and Eve was pleased at the result because she got my half of the test equipment inserted into her vagina without even having to remove her knickers. We did it on the bed she'd brought when I had my accident.

After I'd finished she asked me to lean over the bed and I did as she asked. That was a big mistake, the handcuffs were still there and she had them on me before I could react. My trousers were already off so removing my boxer shorts was no problem for her. She stripped, she put the strap-on dildo on and then she tied my ankles to the bed frame.

I was not going to complain, not after what I'd done to her, but I was also not going to enjoy what was about to happen. Eve sprayed my anus and her dildo and then reached around me to grasp my cock. Unsurprisingly, it stiffened. She masturbated me until she was happy with the result and then she placed the end of the dildo against my anus and gently applied pressure.

"I think that you should find out what women experience when men decide that they want to have anal sex. I've found that I like the way you did it and Donna told me that you do it with more care than some men. This will show you that it doesn't have to hurt and can be a turn on." She kept the pressure on until my sphincter relaxed and opened sufficiently wide to allow the dildo to enter my anal canal. Once she knew it was inside me she rested and began masturbating again until I told her I was going to cum.

She stopped doing that and without warning thrust her hips forward and thrust some of the dildo into me. It hurt and I yelped but she kept it there until I'd got used to having the thing inside me.

Once I'd stopped muttering she withdrew most of the dildo and gave it a spray before pushing it even further in until I had it all inside me, then she fucked me. She fucked my backside steadily but firmly and I could do absolutely nothing about it. It was some time before I realized that my anus had relaxed and although I would never enjoy being anally fucked it no longer hurt.

I'm not sure how long she did it for, but when she stopped and pulled out of me I was worn out. Eve removed the strap-on and released me to lie on the bed. The moment I was on the bed she was on me and making sure that my erection was put to good use. She lowered herself down my throbbing cock and then rotated her hips and asked me to thrust it up her as hard as I could. I did, I rammed my groin against her labia as hard as I could until she groaned and collapsed on top of me.

I kept fucking her until I felt my hot cum begin its journey up my shaft, at which point I lifted Eve's body up to get my cock out of her vagina. I just got it out in time to squirt the jet of cum onto her stomach, then I too collapsed and went lay alongside her, we then fell asleep. I awoke because I thought Eve wanted to play. This was because of the tight grip on my cock, but when I opened my eyes I found Donna leaning over me.

She held the strap-on above me and asked: "What have you two been up to and who was the recipient of this? I ask because you don't need to wear one. Either you've had another woman in here for Eve, or both of you, to play with, or you've been keeping a secret." Eve saved me by stopping pretending that she was asleep. She told Donna that she had shown me how it was worn and that I'd dropped my trousers so that I could compare the size of my erection against that of the dildo.

She said she'd made the mistake of removing the strap-on before I'd put my trousers back on, and what happened next was inevitable and wonderful, but very tiring. Donna went to her house to shower and change then returned to dine with us. It had become the norm to use my house for our activities and certainly kept their household expenses down. During dinner we discussed our new activities and agreed that we were all much happier.

We were more relaxed and not at all ashamed of our leisure and pleasure activities. It was also agreed that we needed to make certain that all the necessary precautions against pregnancy were available and taken.

I had never felt the slightest need to be a father and I opted to have a vasectomy so that I couldn't have an accident with one of them. They tried to dissuade me from doing that, but I had given it a lot of thought and told them that my mind was made up.

Donna said that she knew a 'very friendly' Doctor who could arrange this privately. When I asked her how friendly that was she said he'd been trying to get into her knickers for months, it wasn't going to happen, but he needn't know that Donna asked me if I would be willing to try Viagra as a means of ensuring a good performance during lengthy sessions. She could get them without any problem. We cleared away and fed the dishwasher. Then I asked Donna if she minded being the centre of attention for the evening.

"I thought you'd never ask; I really need some stress relief after today's workload." She stood and allowed me to undress her, which didn't take long because all she was wearing was the dress.

I fondled her wonderfully round and pliant breasts until grasped a hand and pushed it down to her pubic mound. "Don't tease, I need fucking and I'm not in the mood for much in the way of foreplay, so get your clothes off and take me to bed." I was happy to oblige the lady and she was quickly taken to bed. I spread her legs in order to get my mouth to her labia, but she really was insistent that I entered her immediately.

I moved over her and she helpfully guided my cock to the entrance of her vagina then she wrapped her legs around me and used her heels to urge me to push my cock into her waiting body. As I did what she wanted she sighed and asked me to go slowly so that she could just relax and enjoy the sensations to.

I did my utmost to allow her to get the maximum amount of pleasure from the situation, but I have needs as well, so it wasn't long before my hands were busy. Donna asked if she could be on top and I couldn't see why not so we changed positions and she lowered herself onto me and then leant forward to allow a nipple to be nibbled as she slowly fucked me.

She didn't see Eve appear behind her, naked, except for the strap on. I wrapped my arm and legs around her and held her tightly as Eve sprayed Donna's anus with lubricant and then got into position and inserted the dildo into her.

Donna didn't struggle, she stayed still until Eve was all the way into her rectum and then she asked Eve to go slowly, but Eve took it out saying that she'd leave that pleasure for another time. She backed away and I rolled Donna over and showed her that I could manage to give her what she wanted without the need for artificial stimulants.

I was very relieved when she climaxed for the third, and last, time. If we'd gone on for much longer I doubt that I would have been able to stop myself from Cumming. Donna was about to get up when Eve mounted her, sans strap-on, in the '69' position and offered her sex for Donna's inspection and tasting whilst she licked and sucked her clitoris. Donna tried to protest, but Eve wasn't listening.

I got off the bed and watched for a while as they inspected, and teased each other and then I decided to give Donna an extra treat. I climbed back onto the bed and mounted Eve. Donna had a worm's eye view of my cock easing its way into Eve's vagina as she nibbled on her clitoris.

She got her hands to Eve's labia and pulled them wide apart as I began pumping my erection into her. I grasped Eve's hips and pulled her onto me as I slid into her and all too soon I came. I had to pull my cock out of her before I boiled over. I wasn't fast enough to get it clear of Donna as well, who therefore received a face full of cum. Donna pushed Eve off her and reached for the strap-on, she rapidly put it on. She told Eve to get on all fours and then inserted the head of the dildo into Eve's vagina and showed Eve how proficient she was at using it.

I was a spent force so I left them to satisfy each other's desires and had a shower. With the shower completed, bathrobe on and downstairs with a bottle of wine I mulled over the events of the past Three months and decided that there was little I could do to better the situation.

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We really did enjoy each other's company, it may well be heavily sex orientated but there was a large dose of friendship alongside that. I was on my second glass of wine when I heard the shower start up so I went into my wardrobe and retrieved the other two bathrobes, which I'd purchased earlier.

I know it was an excuse to enter the shower room, they knew at as well but after what we'd been doing to each other I felt that it was a mild transgression of etiquette. They were kissing when I entered; more accurately, one of the activities was kissing, but with all the steam I couldn't really be certain exactly what else they were doing.

I showed them the bathrobes; they had been described as virgin white, but no matter. I left and went back downstairs for a little self-manipulation until someone else could assist me.

Someone else did come and assist me and then handed over to another someone else to complete the event. It is very satisfying to be sitting on your sofa with a sexy and willing woman and having that woman voluntarily masturbating you without being asked.

I can heartily recommend it for aiding relaxation. Eve showed us the rest of her purchases. A large pack of condoms; some more soft cords in case anyone fancied bondage, one large Vibrator and one, more slender, version.

Several tubes of spray lubricant completed her shopping. I was fondling Donna's breasts as the shopping items were revealed, but once the show was over we agreed that we'd be wise to try for some proper sleeping and so the two ladies in my life returned to their own homes for the night. The next week passed in more 'normal' fashion. Donna was working and Eve had promised her that she would dust and air the house for her as well as doing the same for herself.

I had businesses to oversee so I paid them all a visit. As I was fully aware, they didn't need my involvement. To show them that I was appreciative of their work I formally informed them that they were getting a bonus payment at Christmas and each employee would have an extra week's holiday.

The relevant manager was to draw up a rota and submit it to me for approval. They were happy and so was I because my life had changed and I no longer needed to be wished to be a workaholic. On the following Friday, Donna announced that she'd submitted her resignation because she'd been offered a job at a private nursing home at a far higher salary with a superior benefits package and fewer hours. We celebrated by going into town for a meal and another incursion into the jazz scene.

We also celebrated on our return home, oh how those little black dresses turned me on. This reminded me to ask Donna if she could obtain the Viagra before she left the hospital.

On Saturday morning Eve and Donna came round and made the most wonderful aroma of bacon and eggs. I couldn't resist that so I showered and dressed, and then showed them just how hungry I was. I should have been suspicious, but hunger dulled my senses. Eve led the charge by asking me why I didn't have a mobile 'phone. I explained that I had never had the need for one because the only calls I made were done either at the shops or at home if I wanted to order something.

Donna followed up by asking why I hadn't joined this century and bought a computer so that I could see what I wanted to buy and find the best price. Then, sneakily, I could even get a very wide choice of porn videos if I found that I needed them again. I told her I very much doubted that I would and so was flummoxed when she said that she and Eve would rather like to see what sort of stuff was on offer.

They knew was that it was all out there and decided that maybe, if they talked me into joining together with them to buy a computer, it could be installed in my house and we could all use it for 'things'. Donna told me that they didn't want to pry, but could I afford to join in with them to get all the kit we'd need to 'go on-line. "You should stop worrying about my finances.

My father was an astute man. He built up a business and he invested the profits wisely. He bought these houses when no one else would contemplate buying in such a place. "We were wealthy, although you'd never have known it.

I was amazed at just how much we were worth and he left it all to me. I've followed his example and enjoyed doing it, but I have been lonely. "I hardly ever spent anything; the way I lived I had no need of a car or holidays. What would I have done on my own? Now I can really enjoy spending some of the money. "We can have a computer and whatever else we need." Eve spoke up.

"In that case you can afford a mobile 'phone, so get ready because were going shopping." It was mid-afternoon before we returned. The Packages were still on the floor two hours later when we came back downstairs. I'd had the privilege of having both of them on the bed at the same time being encouraged to fuck them both. I was also able to see that Donna had all her pubic hair removed. Those bald labia with the pink slit between were a delight to see and taste.

I had no difficulty in raising and maintaining an erection when faced with such erotic views, and they knew it. We had coffee and cake and sorted out all our purchases.

We had four laptops and a Wi-Fi router and a computer technician had promised to come round this evening after work to set it all up and get us started, for a price. He did come; everything went smoothly and once he was sure we could operate the laptops he left, with a nice bonus.

We'd made sure he'd set the fourth laptop up because that was for Linda to take back to Uni with her. She was due to be here in a week's time for the half term break and I for one was really looking forward to that because I was on a promise to take her virginity and I wanted that honour. Linda 'phoned the next day to tell us when she expected to be here, but she also caused a bit of a stir because she wanted to bring a 'good friend' with her.

It turned out that Linda had befriended a girl from the Scottish Western Isles. Her name was Helen; she was a pure maths undergraduate and had never been away from home for so long. She was homesick and lonely and Linda had taken her under her wing, so to speak.

She also took her into her bed during one particularly bad bout of homesickness, one thing led to another and they didn't get any sleep. They were a 'couple' and she soon discovered that Helen had never been near a boy because there were few of them on the isle and if a boy did manage to get lucky with a girl it was common knowledge amongst the youngsters by midday the next day.

She had a sister; she'd also had her sister. Her sister was a year younger than her and obviously had the same urges and concerns so they'd ended up comforting each other and liked it. Linda had returned the compliment and told Helen how come she knew so much about Sapphic sex.

The punch line was that Helen couldn't afford the cost of the journey home for the break, in terms of money or time and had wanted Linda to stay on campus with her. Linda had come clean about the reason she really wanted to be here and then went a step too far and told her about the additional benefits involved.

Helen was a down to earth, intelligent girl and told Linda that she had no objection to being fucked and used if that's what it took to have somewhere else to go instead of home. She said she found the thought exciting and she would love to be allowed to visit. Linda said that Helen was submissive when it came to sex, and they really did go well together. Donna said that although she was upset that Linda had told anyone about us, she did understand why and she found it a turn-on.

Eve said she had no problem with the prospect of another sex partner. I was concerned about our anonymity and security so Linda had better make sure that Helen understands that this is not going to be a one-time thing. If she were to tell anyone else then I would be visiting her home island. Profuse thanks from Helen and then a husky Scottish accented voice came on the line and said that we really had no idea just how dull and boring her and her sister's life had become.

She really was looking forward to joining our 'family' and she promised that she would keep the secret. I had an erection before she'd finished speaking and Eve's eyes had widened at the sound of that voice. After the call ended we discussed the arrangements that needed to be made.

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There weren't many. We each had double beds and mine was about to become a king size because I was expecting delivery on the coming Monday. I was going to be keeping Linda busy for a couple of days so they could entertain Helen as they saw fit. I would take a break for a day and then indulge myself with my second virgin, and they could refresh their memories of Linda's likes and preferences. The rest of the evening was spent in getting to know the new mobiles, especially in my case because I had no idea how to get it to do anything.

Eventually I'd grasped the basics and called it a day. I slept deeply and alone. Eve and Donna slept together in Donna's bed and I have no doubt it was some time before they settled down.

They really did enjoy having sex with each other. After my shower the next morning, I sent a text To Donna asking if they were coming round for breakfast. My first ever text received a reply; I was to go to them so I did. Donna was nude and on her kitchen table having her labia nibbled. Eve moved from between her thighs and told me that my breakfast awaited and that it was nicely hot and steaming. I put my mouth where it would be most appreciated and licked deeply into the waiting pink slit.

I had intended to fondle her magnificent breasts, but Eve had unzipped and lowered my trousers before I'd even started, so my erection was out and ready in very quick time. I stood between Donna's thighs, inserted my cock into her vagina and began to fuck her; slowly, steadily and with feeling.

I fucked her gently and as I did so I told her that I hope she wasn't going to be upset about my intention to fuck her daughter when she was ready for me to take her virginity.

That caused a reaction; Donna climaxed. Her backside came off the table and she wrapped her legs around me and yelled: "Fuck me, come on Peter, fuck me. Harder, harder. I'm Cumming, OOHH YYYYESSSSS. Do it again, bang me hard, don't you dare stop. Faster Peter; faster. Fuck me; I'm Cumming again, fuck me harder, faster bang me, come on. OOHHH fucking YYEESSSSSS, OH FUCK. Nnghhh." I had to pull out because my semen had begun to boil and I just managed to extract my cock out of her as it spurted high and over her body.

Her breasts were coated with it. Donna went for a shower as Eve and I made a real breakfast. After we'd cleared away we sat in Donna's living room and Eve showed us what she'd been doing while Donna and I had been occupied. She'd taken some pictures with her new 'phone.

This included some short video clips. I was watching myself fucking Donna and it was an instant turn-on, I had to change position because my cock was in an unsuitable place to accommodate an erection. Eve decided to help me by unzipping my trousers and fishing my cock out into the open. She took pity on me and spent some time giving me a lovely blowjob until I came.

Not much ejaculation but I felt better. When I stood up, I saw that Donna had done exactly the same as Eve had done and taken some photos of me having my cock swallowed.

These camera 'phones are dangerous things. I asked Donna if she intended to keep them, but she said that as soon as she'd shown them to Eve she'd delete them and Eve would delete hers. Good sense prevails, but wow, what a sex aid. We took a bus to the next town because I wanted to visit the canal boat sales and Repair Company, which I had been told, hired day boats.

I had been told correctly and so we had soon found ourselves heading cautiously along the main canal until we came to, and turned into, the small arm that led past our homes. It was easy to steer the boat and so we had time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding countryside. Soon we were gliding through our own town and then past our homes to see how far the renovation of the canal had progressed.

After clearing the outskirts of the town, it ended in a wide circle, which was obviously to enable boats to turn round. Our day boat was much shorter than a normal canal narrow boat so we were able to turn around with no problem. There was a canal-boat moored at this point and the day got interesting when we saw that it was occupied. The interesting part was that a couple were having sex at the rear of the boat. They were naked and the object of my interest was aged about fifty.

She was around 5ft 6in in height with large breasts a slightly overweight, but curvy and tanned body and definitely no body hair. The male was roughly the same age and height as his companion but without the curves or breasts.

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He looked fit and His cock looked to be longer than mine, but not as fat. She had just been pleasured, 'doggy style' as we arrived so all was on display. I was able to observe all this because they didn't seem to be overly bothered about our presence and as we drifted past he asked if we'd seen enough. He laughed when Eve said no she'd appreciate a closer look, he said something to the women then asked if we'd like to come aboard for a drink.

He was looking at me when he said it, and put his thumb up when I said that it would be a pleasure and asked if we should undress for the occasion.

The woman spoke and said that it might be better if they dressed and then we could see how we got on. They did: once we'd moored and boarded their boat, they gave us a beer and I apologised for interrupting their exercise routine, but had been unable to avoid the situation. His name was Alf and his companion's name was Edith. She was his wife. They lived on the boat as they preferred the floating lifestyle and although they hadn't wanted to be observed, there hadn't been much point in trying to hide.

The fact that all three of us had seemed interested in the incident had made it less embarrassing, and Eve's response to Alf's challenge had intrigued them. They'd come up this canal arm for the same reason we had, to see where it led, and once here they'd decided that it was a nice peaceful spot and as he was always 'in the mood' he made sure the seclusion was put to good use. Edith asked Eve how closely she'd wanted to look at Alf's 'equipment' and Eve didn't even blush, she merely told Edith that it was her 'equipment' that she'd wanted to inspect.

Edith did blush and said that she was perfectly happy with Alf. Alf said that he thought that 'as well as' not 'instead of' was what was on the cards and he still remembered that after last Christmas's little party and the two following get-togethers, she'd told him that she wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman.

He told Edith that now was the perfect chance to find out. You've just been told that the chance is there, so take it. Then he asked me if I had any objection. "I've no objection, Eve's shown she's interested, we are good friends, I don't own her and she's old enough to do what she wants.

Edith was blushing bright red and so Eve took her hand and told her that if she was really interested in the experience then she should lead the way to the bedroom. They went forward and Alf looked at Donna's empty glass and asked her if she would like anything else to drink. He got a surprise when she asked him if there was a second bedroom, when he said yes; she asked him if he'd care to show it to her.

He looked at me and I grinned and told him to enjoy himself, but that when he had a moment I would be very interested to hear about the Christmas party. It was difficult to avoid hearing the sounds of sexual activity and the pleasure it was providing so I went to the forward observation area and kept an eye out for any approaching boats or walkers.

I heard the shower operating and then Alf appeared. He looked a little weary and informed me that because he had so recently been satisfying Edith, his stamina had been unable to keep up with Donna's lustful expectations. That meant Donna was now with Eve and Edith and we wouldn't be seeing them for some time. I got Alf to tell me about the Christmas party: "We were heading for a canal marina to lay over for the festivities there.

We were passing a moored boat when a woman shouted that their engine had a fault and could we give them a lift to the marina. "I'm good with engines and I also carry a fair number of spares so I had a look and saw that I could fix the problem. I had the tools and the time, but I would have to drain the oil and spare oil was something I didn't have. Edith took Mary to our boat for a cuppa then Frank and I set to and fixed the problem.

"After I'd cleaned up we convinced them that the best thing to do was come with us to the marina to get the oil. It would be dark before we could return so we'd stay overnight and return early the next day. "They agreed, we transferred what they needed into our spare bedroom, secured their boat and set off. The marina was packed so we had to go a little further down the canal to moor and walk back.

We got the oil and got back to the boat just before dark. "We showered and dressed for an evening out then walked back to the marina.

We ate and then we went to the bar and partied. We got back to the boat at two in the morning, very drunk and disorderly just about describes us. I do mean very drunk. "None of us remember much about the rest of the night, but we woke up with each other's spouses. Mary woke me up and said that we must have spent the night together because Frank and Edith were fucking in the other bedroom and Edith was asking Frank to go slowly. "She was looking really worried, until I showed her my erection, and then she smiled and said that knowing what Frank was doing to my wife she may as well enjoy the situation as well.

All four of us enjoyed the situation so much that we didn't get dressed at all that day. We spent the time having sex, or getting ready to have sex. "Both women were intent on getting fucked as often as they could and in the end it was only exhaustion that stopped us. We had lunch in the nude and we decided on a light dinner so that we could stay on board and fuck some more. I know a lot of positions for sex now, but Edith will only do them when we meet Frank and Mary.

"We've met them twice since then and we've fucked the night away on both occasions, but we've not bothered with the booze part of the scene.

We know why we were there and we're not shy of performing in front of each other. It's a real turn on knowing what we're going to be doing with either woman. The odd thing that we've never done anything like it before or even talked about it and Edith loves it." It was obvious that Alf was intrigued by us.

He asked what our situation was so I gave him a quick explanation. I told him that this was the first time that we'd indulged in any form of sexual activity with anyone else, and although I hadn't actually taken an active part I would really like to get Edith on a bed if they were agreeable. Three sexually satiated, showered and dressed females appeared and demanded sustenance. I told them that we were not far from our homes and if they cared to follow us they could moor in our reserved mooring and then come with us to return our hired boat.

After that I would love to take them for a meal and then back to our homes. Alf took Edith to one side and had a quiet word with her, she glanced at me and said something to Alf and then she came to me and told me that she'd been thinking that I wasn't interested in her. She was happy to find that she was wrong and so yes, she would love me to take her to bed. As soon as we were inside the house Edith told me she'd asked Eve what size my cock was and now she wanted to see it for herself.

I was invited to show it to her and could I do it sooner rather than any other time. I could. We went upstairs and then I removed my clothing and any doubts that she'd about whether I was interested or not. Her clothing came off and it remained off throughout the next day. Having got her undressed I felt my way around her body starting at her neck.

By the time I'd moved down to the swell of her breasts she was trembling, and when I finally touched her nipples she moaned and pressed my hands against her breasts. Pushing her hands away I continued my tactile inspection of her body. I moved behind her and felt her bottom cheeks and then pushed a finger into the cleft until I felt her anus at which point I stopped moving my finger, and pressed.

She jerked, but then relaxed and parted her legs to allow my hand a little more room to investigate her. Not wishing to go too quickly I removed my finger and reached around her to stroke her stomach and then gradually lowered my hand down to her vulva. At which point she felt behind her, grasped my erection and then said: "Please Peter, stop teasing me and fuck me." I asked her to get on the bed and spread her legs wide apart which she rapidly did and then I pushed a pillow under her bottom so that I could get my mouth around her sex more easily.

I spent time licking and sucking her labia and clitoris with the occasional insertion of a finger, but one hand was always roving over her stomach and soft breasts. I was now desperate to give her what she wanted and so I moved up between her thighs and over her body.

As I inserted the head of my cock inside the opening to her vagina I asked her if she'd enjoyed the attentions of Eve and Donna. All she said was: "Please; fuck me." "I will, but I want to know what you thought about having sex with another woman. If you enjoyed the experience, then we have a future as a group because it's all of us or nothing and were not interested in one-off fixtures.

"YES, I enjoyed it; YES I want to do it again, NOW WILL YOU PLEASE FUCK ME?" I did. We settled down to get some sleep around 4am. At 9:30 my alarm sounded and at 9:50 I entered her again. I had her knees up against her breasts with her legs trapped by my arms because my hands were on either side of her head.

I was vigorously pounding into her so that my groin was smacking against her labia. She climaxed, loudly. Pulling out of her, I turned her onto her stomach. She was very quiet as my finger explored the crevice between the cheeks of her soft buttocks and touched her rear entrance.

I reached for the lube spray and applied a burst to her anus and my finger causing her to tense a little. She tensed a little more when my finger returned to her anus and pressed against the sphincter. I slowly applied a rotation to the pressure and was rewarded with a sigh as her sphincter opened and my finger was allowed to enter her. Slowly and gently I moved my finger in a circular motion as I finger fucked her anus, getting ever deeper inside her until at last I reached the inner sphincter.

"Please, I've never had this done to me. It feels strange and I'm not sure about letting you do it." "I'll be slow and careful and the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

Tell me if anything I do hurts you and you could also tell me if you like any particular part of what I do." I withdrew my finger, applied more lube to her open anal passage and then inserted two fingers into her.

She sighed and moaned as I formed a hook with my fingers and pressed hard onto the membrane separating her anal canal and vagina. I removed my fingers from her bottom and waited until she'd recovered her composure and then I asked her to suck me until I came.

As she sucked my cock into her mouth I told her that on the next occasion we had sex I wanted to put my cock where my fingers had just been so that I could enter her rectum.

I asked her if she would allow that if I did it very slowly and used plenty of lubrication. She nodded and I came, she swallowed the lot without any fuss. Life was going to be very tiring from now on. We showered and went downstairs for food and rest.

Eva and Donna were making Brunch and told us that Alf was fast asleep in bed. Donna said that he fell asleep the moment he finished fucking her and she hadn't had the heart to wake him.

It was Eve who told us that he had done all right. He'd had both of them twice and not just quickies either. Edith said she should feel jealous because he never manages more than three times with her and that didn't occur often anyway.

She asked them if I'd ever done anything to their bottoms and Donna laughed and said that she'd be disappointed if I didn't. She looked at me in a questioning way so I said that I'd only used my finger.

Donna then told Edith that if she'd felt happy with that then she'd enjoy the real thing. After we'd eaten, Edith asked if we'd mind if she also went for a little nap. Of course we didn't mind and off she went to find her husband. We discussed the events of the past couple of days and agreed that we'd enjoyed having our guests. They were good company without the sex, but we all agreed that Edith's sex drive was a real bonus and we should discuss the situation with them this evening. During that evenings discussion Alf said that he'd also given the matter some thought and had come up with a plan we may like.

He said that as they lived on their boat full time they could come and visit us twice a year and we could visit them on their boat twice a year. It would suit them best if they came to us during the winter parts of the year and we'd enjoy the summer weather on the boat much better than the cold damp periods.

He was correct and we went for that. We exchanged mobile numbers and then went out for a meal. On our return, Alf asked if we'd be upset if we didn't have sex because they were worn out and needed to get some proper sleep before they set off tomorrow to meet up with Frank and Mary next week. No problem there but I did get my hands to Edith's soft buttocks to let her know what awaited her on our next meeting.

The End