Sexy ladyboy with a hard cock under her skirt

Sexy ladyboy with a hard cock under her skirt
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I froze, this wasn't going to end well. Thankfully Denise came to my rescue (kind of) "Ah, he's shy," She explained to the others, "just how many women have you been physically intimate with?" I clear my throat and blush furiously "4" I mumble and avoid eye contact with the three goddesses whilst remembering that my last physical intimate moment had being licking and cleaning the pink arse hole of a woman sat at my table not more than a couple of hours ago.

Sarah piped up at this point: "Arrrrrr, a real old fashioned gent by the sounds of it." "Well this has been most illuminating but I must get some rest for our conference tomorrow." Denise announced after a quiet couple of minutes in which everyone had been alone with their thoughts.

"Good night dear colleagues." she laughed softly and waved goodnight as she approached the foyer. I look back as she's about to turn the corner and she is standing beckoning me with her finger to follow her. I must obey though who knows what fresh horrors she has in store.

"I'm really tired too," I explain, "I better go to Bedfordshire myself." I chuckle at my own joke and Sandra and Sarah smile and say their good nights. I head toward the stairs and find Denise waiting for me. She beckons me to the lift and presses the button to my floor. She sashay's in front of me and waits for me to open my door.

I fumble with the key in my nervousness and open the door to my dark room and turn on the light that still has the faint scent of female sex in the air. "Strip" Denise commands.

I immediately start to remove my clothes though slowly as I am still getting used to being naked and vulnerable and not hiding my puny member from another's gaze. I pause momentarily at my trousers as in my underwear-less state they're my last barrier, and look into the deep brown eyes of Denise. She smirks and with her eyes motions me to remove my trousers. I pull them down and manage to resist the urge to cover my crotch.

"We are learning aren't we?" Denise praises me, then continues, "I can't help but feel pity for you you know. You're quite cute, fit and smart but lack in the most quintessential area. The area that symbolises your masculinity." She wiggles her pinky finger at me again. I blush and. start to become aroused. Oh my god I enjoy her teasing and demeaning of my small penis. She notices and looks down at my hardening dick and then back to my face and smiles a victorious smile.

"Now I realise that you didn't get the release that you had hoped to have this evening. And you will have release but it must be earned. And you have earned it in part by giving me head, licking under my arms and of course licking my arse hole.

But every one of your ejaculations must be earned from now on. That includes the one you do by yourself. So I better not get an inkling that you have masturbated or there will be punishments." Punishments? I wonder; I don't fancy finding out about them. And earning ejaculations sounds like a hard task.

"Can you still taste me in your mouth, on your tongue?" Denise interrupts my thoughts "No Miss." I respond quietly as I stand their completely naked and moderately aroused "Well that wont do for a beta sex servant now." She responds I stay silent and l keep looking down at my feet. Denise sits on my bed with a creak that makes me look up. "Kneel at my feet." She commands with a purr. I shuffle over to the bed and drop to my knees between her legs and look down at my crotch.

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"You missed out on your cleaning duties before Simon. You cleaned my sweaty armpits, and my urine soaked pussy, and my grimy arse hole (my dick twitches as she says this and I blush again), but we neglected my feet.

A woman's feet are essential in the worship service of the female by the beta." Denise says this as she peels off her leggings. Her skin in such a beautiful chocolate brown and is nice and smooth. She lifts up her left foot towards my face and I gaze worship-fully at the two-tone created by the pad and top of her foot.

This brings me to full erect status, which portrays my utter adoration of her female form. "Lick and clean my toes first servant" She coos, "Then the whole sole of the foot, and then briefly the top. Then move onto the other foot.

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I May pleasure myself with my hand as you do this." At least there will be a nice visual and hopefully some beautiful orgasmic noises from her. I've never licked another person's foot before and feel it is a humiliating thing to be ordered to do, though not as demeaning as French licking arse. I take her foot in both hands and begin to suck on her toes. They are salty and taste like nothing I've tasted before. I realise I'm swallowing and ingesting the sweat and oils of a hot day's work off her feet like it's manna (and to me it actually is).

I alternate sucking and licking and look up to Denise to see if I'm doing ok. She is smiling at me and her hand has just started to press through her dress to manipulate her button of pleasure as she revels in being worshiped by another human being. i carry on my obviously good work and make sure I clean in between her toes (a further degradation as here sweat has particularly collected and mixed with dirt).

I move to the sole of her foot and glance up again to see her with her head facing up toward the ceiling and I think her eyes closed as she becomes lost in the moment. All this time my poor un-serviced dick is as hard as it gets and is begging to be touched, though I do not dare.

I finish her left foot and repeat my worship of her right foot. As I reach the ankle of her right leg she softly tells me to stop. "Good boy." She encourages "You're a natural worshiper." I blush, which she enjoys. "I think this is the time for you to learn the giving of a full oral wash." She explains. I blink and stay quiet. "You have done the first part, the feet." She continues to explain, "next the armpits, then the lower back, then (she smiles mischievioulsy) the arse hole, and finally the thighs and vagina.

Which you lick and suck until I tell you to stop. Is that understood my beta male?" I look up from my lowly position into her beautiful face with the round nose, deep brown eyes, big lips and pearly white teeth, framed with lovely curly black hair; and nod my head.

She stand and towers above my naked form before motioning me to stand. "Armpits." She commands I lick and taste fresh sweat and become intoxicated by her pheromones that must be unconsciously telling me that she is fertile and attractive.

My dick is still at full attention and is now leaking pre-cum as I clean under her arms and meet that rasp of stubble. I repeat my work on the other armpit and find my poor mouth has gone dry. "May I have a drink please Miss." My dry throat croaks out.

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"Indeed you may and I think this is a perfect opportunity to induct you further into the role." Denise explains "Go and lie in the bath with your head at the foot end and await me." "Yes Miss." I respond, mystified to what purpose I am doing this. Am I to drink from the bath tap?

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why? But if so, then why the end away from the taps?


I walk over and switch the bathroom light on, which starts the whirring fan on its way. I climb into the tum and lie down on my back as I've been instructed. It's cold and I start to shiver and my willy softens and retracts into my nude body as I wait. Some moments go by and Denise enters the bathroom. "You remember my telling you that everything a woman's body produces is worshipful to the male?" She asks raising her eyebrows.

"Yes Miss" I respond starting to dread what she might be up to. "You have already sampled my urine, my piss. Now you are to have a full drink." She finishes and smiles at me victoriously. "Drink your urine Miss!?" a mortal supplicant begging the goddess that towers above him. "I am going to urinate on your face and into your mouth and you are going to drink as much as you can. I f I think you are holding back there shall be dire consequences." I can only stare up at her in terror as I remember the video she has of me pathetically wanking my clearly under developed willy whilst watching porn and moaning our colleague's name.

I open my mouth to show my obedience. Denise smiles triumphantly and lifts her dress and pulls down her knickers. "Open wide as you can little man." She steps right up to the bath, lifts her dress to expose her shapely muscular legs and her pink moist pussy and engorged clitoris.

The stream of yellow piss lands on my nose at first until Denise adjusts her aim. It's body warm and gross. It's now going in my mouth, Oh GOD. I swallow desperately, my first mouth full of another human being's piss and open wide to receive more and more.

I'm drinking the piss of a woman. A woman is pissing on my face. With the last few drops I open my eyes to see a grinning Denise holding her phone videoing the most degrading act I've ever performed. "Say cheese my little piss drinker!" I swallow my last mouth full and close my eyes again.

There's now a video of me being pissed on and enthusiastically drinking that piss. Gasping to recover my breath, my penis starts getting hard again (the traitor that shows everything that turns me on without my control). The bitch had held in all the urine from the drinking session we had before. This is the first time I actually feel angry towards her.

But I cannot show it, the punishment would be too great. "Miss, I need to know that there are limits to what you will make me do." I'm amazed at my boldness as I lie prone beneath her gaze.

"Do you servant." she responds mildly lowering her phone, "What kind of limits did you have in mind? "Please don't make me eat shit. Or do anything homosexual. It would be too much." I look away from her, then back pleadingly. "Lucky for you little man I'm not into scat but you'll have to be specific what you mean about homosexual." She raises her eyebrows in a question. "Please don't make me be penetrated or penetrate or provide or receive oral sex from a man, please." I beg almost on the verge of tears.

"Ok SD, I'll respect these boundaries, but everything else is fair game." Denise responds smiling. "Yes Miss." "It takes a lot of erm. balls," Denise looks down at my shriveled maleness, "to bargain when you've just drunk your first load of piss and your puny penis is on full display." "Do you still want to have the orgasm you have waited hours for?" she continues. "Yes please!" I beg lying covered in her urine, naked.

"Have a quick rinse, leave the face and join me back in the bedroom in no less than one minute." Denise commands "Yes Miss." Denise turns to leave giving me an eye full of her gorgeous arse. I turn on the shower and do my best to rinse of her piss from my naked body. The shower wont warm up, it is cold right until I get out and my poor penis has shrunk to its smallest, where it actually almost completely reenters my body.

There are no towels (she must have removed them) so I enter the bedroom cold and dripping and resisting the urge to cover my genitals. "Good boy not to cover," Denise flashing her smile"when I know displaying your meager genitals at their most pathetic must be excruciating." I nod and look down at my feet that are squirming in acute embarrassment. My body that I have been embarrassed about all my life. And which I've tried to keep hidden as much as possible is open to a beautiful woman's gaze.

And she openly denigrates it and uses it against me. "Why don't you lie down on the bed SD." She 'asks'. I go to lie down on the bed as she stands and watches. I lie flat on my back and await her next commands. "Lie still and receive me." Denise still covered on top but naked below the waist approaches the bed and then climbs to straddle me just below my face.

"Oral service will be you main act of worship beta." "Yes Miss" I respond excitedly. Denise moves forward so her vagina lips press against my reddened overworked lips. I start to lick and remember that there are the last droplets of her piss she is offering to me. After a minute of licking she turns about, giving me a great view of her as I lie prone. and presents her arse to my face. I wondered how long it would be before she made me do what I had found the most humiliating (though being pissed on and drinking her piss at least equaled it).

"More arse worship for you little man." And my poor cock twitches. Denise lowers her curvy arse and spreads her cheeks, so I start to lick and probe with my tongue. Denise moans and shifts about, rubbing her bum all over my helpless face. mouth and tongue. I orally worship her bum for what feels like 5 or so minutes before she raises herself off me. I am breathing deeply trying to get more air. "That got me all wet SD." She praises, "Another orgasm for me and you get your release." She now turns back around and lowers her pink and engorged lips and clit onto my mouth.

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God she's gorgeous. This time after I have sucked her clit like its a dick for a minute or two she aggressively fucks my face and covers me in her juices. She is fucking my face and my poor neglected dick points toward her in a salute to her, as her moans become deeper and louder (can the people in the neighbouring rooms hear this). She orgasms and cums, really cums.

Denise is a squirter and absolutely drenches me and the pillows in her female cum. I drink in as much as I can both enjoying it and instinctively knowing that that is what I'm supposed to do. Denise slumped over me in post-orgasmic relief.

Squashing me down and covering my head in soft, pungent female flesh. "I suppose you've earned your release now little man." she eventually said.

Denise gets up off me and the fresh air cools my juice glistened face. I sit up thankful to have her weight off me and thanking my lucky stars that I get to be sexual with a woman after all this time. Denise is grinning at me. "Ooooo but first I want a measurement of you in all your hee hem, glory." I open my mouth in shock as Denise unrolls a cloth tape measure her bra. "On your knees beta and lets see exactly what you are packing." Denise holds the tape the the base of my erection at the top and lines it up.

"3 inches!" "Ha ha ha ha ha, how adorably pathetic." She continues to laugh in my beetroot red face.


"It's a bit more than 3." I say defensively looking down Denise bursts out laughing anew, "You need to sat a bit more for a pathetic scrap of pride." "Do you like Star Wars SD?" She says suddenly her eyes bright with pleasure. "Yes miss." I answer thinking is this a princess Leia question.

continuing she says, "I have new nickname for you: SD3i" "Yes, Small dick, 3 inches." And she bursts into laughter once more. "Everytime I call you that I will be reminding you and hopefully for you unknown to others, broadcasting your pathetic measurement and size." "Now for some photos SD3I" I'm still erect and actually reacting to her taunting by twitching now and again. She gets her trusty phone from the bed where its been resting and motions me to hold the measuring tape in place.

She takes the picture and giggles, then decides to take another picture with her little finger alongside my dick. Oh no, it is actually the same length and not much thinner than my boyness. And my dick twitches again as her hand is achingly close to my genitals. "You know a couple of your previous 'partners' gave you a pity handjob after they discovered that you would be unable to satisfy them during intercourse?" she asks still smiling. "Yes Miss." I answer as my erection twitches in pleasure (I'm being turned on by her verbal humiliation now) "Well, in keeping with their approach whilst respecting that all sexual activity you engage in should be worshipful to females.

I am going to give you your first footjob." She grins. At first I thought she had said blowjob and my surprise must have registered on my moistened face.

"No honey." A female doesn't orally worship unless its a magnificent specimen of a member." She continued. "A footjob miss?" I ask nervously. "Yes like a handjob but with my feet. And instead of me doing the work you shall thrust your pinky," Denise wiggles her little finger at me again, "pecker in between my feet and around my toes until you cum." A great grin flashes across her pretty face again. She sits on the bed with her legs in front of her and feet almost together and awaits me.

This is so humiliating but I need to cum (I have serious blue balls at this point) and need to obey the woman who can expose my little secret and make me a laughing stock. So I shuffle forward upon my knees, the soft duvet crunching beneath me.

And use my left hand to place my erect penis in between her feet. "No more hands now SD, just thrusts and movements with your hips."She croons. I realise this will make me feel even less in control and make me look ridiculous.

I nod and start to gently thrust my dick into and around her feet, "Peel back your foreskin." Denise commands. I obey and continue to thrust as Denise occasionally curls her toes to squeese my very sensitive cock head. This feels both amazing and sensitive to the point where I want to pull away, but I daren't. Every now and again I look into her eyes and she is grinning and I think trying not to laugh at the pathetic spectacle I must be making. It's not long until I reach the point of no return.

"Stop thrusting but keep your peenie on my feet." Denise suddenly commands. I immediately obey her powerful commanding voice. I cannot stop myself cumming but some of the satisfaction is lost as I have no pressure on me as it dribbles out onto her beautiful toes.

"Only a dribbler too," She pulls a mock sad face, "which makes you that bit inferior to other small penis losers who can at least shoot." My face burns with the added humiliating taunt as my semen dribbles uselessly onto her feet. "Now eat your meager offering and clean your Mistress's feet." She demands. I lower my face to her feet and start licking away my semen.

It has a strange salty taste with a smooth almost oil like texture. It coats my tired tongue and the inside of my mouth and creates a slight tingling in my mouth. My sperm that though is upon a female is not inside her and is another wasted load, like all the others I've ever dribbled into the world.