Red sexy toy in her amazing snatch

Red sexy toy in her amazing snatch
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The past two weeks have been amazing, Henry and Jake graduated and Henry finally told her about him and Anna and why he hid there relationship for so long. It turns out they were only going out for almost three months. That first Monday, the last week of school, Jake and her held hands, everybody did a double take and the look on Elizabeth's face was priceless. Things were the same with her mother so Henry spent everyday telling her how to cook her own food and she learned pretty quickly.

Jake seemed ok most of the time, but as the day came closer to him leaving he seemed to sadden, he tried to hide it and make the best of there time but Riley noticed and despite her being sad she tried to cheer him up.

Now that it was summer vacation she spent the whole day with him. She was happy that she finally had him, all to her self. Though she was positive he whispered I love you that one night, he hasn't told her yet. Today she and Jake were celebrating their birthdays. He took her to Disneyland, she's never been there before, and so he took her. Henry and Anna came along as well, it was more like a double date but she had an amazing time.

Now they were finishing up eating cake. Of course her mother wasn't around, Riley was starting realize she was never going to be around, but that was ok because she had Jake and Henry and when they left she'd have Anna.

"We're going to leave, I'm taking her to the movies and won't be back till probably one." Henry said as he put his and Anna's plates in the trash.

Anna gave her one last hug, "Happy Birthday," she smiled. "Happy Birthday Jake," Anna yelled as he went up the stairs. "Thanks," he yelled. Where was he going? She watched Henry and Anna walk out the door. She went back into the kitchen and cleaned it up a little, putting the cake in the fridge. She heard Jake coming down the stairs and looked up when she heard him walk into the kitchen, he wore a shy smile.

"I&hellip.I have another Birthday present for you," he said nervously, his gaze shining as her looked into her blue ones.

"Another present?" she asked. Jeez how many more presents was he going to give her? He already took her to Disneyland and he bought her a beautiful silver necklace with a baby elephant on it. "Did you buy it?" she asked. "Uh, no." "Did you make it?" she asked. "No," he said nervously.

Why was he nervous? And what could he possibly give her if he didn't buy or make it? "Come up stairs, if you want it." he softly said as he held out his hand.

Want it? "It's up stairs?" she asked. He laughed, "Your cute, come on," She slowly walked up to him and put her hand into his, he gently tugged hers since she wasn't exactly moving her legs. "Close your eyes," he whispered. She did and he led her up stairs, she almost tripped going up but he caught her and steadied her. "What's my gift?" she asked nervously. Although she didn't know what waited up stairs, her heart was racing. "You'll see and if you don't want it then just tell me." He simply said.

She didn't know what it was, what could possibly be in her room? "Is it something I want?" "You've been begging for it." Begging? There was a lot of stuff she wanted. Begging, Begging? All of a sudden it was hard to breath. She heard a door open and immediately smelled vanilla in the air, he continued to tug on her hand, walking a few more feet he finally let go. "Keep your eyes closed." She heard him close the door and then felt him behind her, there was no mistaking the bulge in his jeans, she felt it in between their bodies as they stood there.

He eased his hands on to her waist down to her hips. He nuzzled her between her ear lope and jaw, feeling her racing pulse. "Slow your heart baby," he whispered into her ear. Slow her freaking heart? Fat chance, not when she knew what was about to happen. "Do you still want me to make love to you?" he whispered against the curve of her neck and shoulder, making her shiver.

"Yes," she breathed leaning back against him. "Then open your eyes." She slowly opened them, seeing her bedroom lit with dozen of candles. How romantic!

"You mean it?" she whispered with a hint of excitement. She's been trying to freaking have sex with him for the past two weeks only to have him deny her but being here now she was more nervous then she ever was. "Only if you still want it baby," he said as he caressed her shoulders. "I want to, but-," she hesitated "But you're nervous, I understand." He interrupted her.

He was nervous to, nervous because he wanted to make this special for Riley. "I know this is your first time, we'll take it slow baby and if you change your mind then its fine, I mean it." She had tons of butterflies in her tummy. She turned around and looked up at him, his hazel green eyes glowing.

She wanted this but she didn't know what to do. Jake saw her hesitation so he made the first move. He cupped her face and brushed his thumbs against her lips before bending down and kissing her. He sipped and nipped, teasing her like he usually did.

Riley felt the heat and need in her body, this was different from all the other times they kissed each other. She placed her hands on his hard chest, feeling him flex beneath her touch.

She opened her mouth to him again and felt his hot tongue slid in against her waiting one. It was a toe curling kiss, one she never had before and she wanted more. She moved her hand to his nape and pulled him more down towards her hungry mouth. She heard and felt his groan against her mouth. Was he as starved for this as she was?

She moaned as she felt his hands cup her bottom. She felt him lifting her, making her scandals fall from her feet; she quickly wrapped her legs around his lean hips, feeling his swollen sex against her wet aching pussy.

She felt it moving against her like it was trying to get out of his jeans. He muffled her laugh as he kissed her, he was glad that she was laughing, he wanted this to be fun for her as well as special. He walked over the bed and laid her down on it.

She unwrapped her legs as he scooted her up more and laid her head down against the pillows. Propping himself on his elbow he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. He eased his hand into her shirt, gently pushing it upward as he ran his hand against her tummy and the curve of her waist.

Her heart was pounding, her pussy was getting wetter and all he was doing was kissing her and touching her stomach, she was being so easy. Jake kissed her deeper, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, she met it eagerly. Their kiss was hot, more breathless, less teasing. Desire curled deep in her tummy, her shorts were becoming uncomfortable as her pussy swelled and her juices coated her folds. Her breasts and nipples ached for his touch. Riley pulled away panting to catch her breath but that didn't stop Jake, he continued to kiss her cheek making his way down to her ear lope where he nipped her, and Riley rewarded him with a low moan.

He grazed her neck with his teeth making her shudder. He nipped and sucked not giving a damn if he left a mark on her neck, she was his and he was going to make damn sure everybody knew it. Riley shuddered and moaned in anticipation as he kissed down to the hollow of her throat, easing her shirt higher was exposing the bottom curves of her breasts as he lowered his body.


She panted as she waited for him to put his mouth on her. Jake cupped her left breast and looked up at her, his stare boring into hers as he lowered his mouth to her aching nipple, she watched as he flicked his tongue over it. Feeling the sensation it gave her she immediately cupped his head and held him to her breast.

He loved that he could make her feel this way, her responses were more intense this time and he loved it. He pulled back; she already knew what was next, she slightly leaned upward as he gently pulled off her shirt and threw it to the ground. He settled him self between her thighs on his knees and hovered over her as he planted his hands on either side of her arms. He leaned down and kissed her gently before bringing her bottom lip between his teeth and pulling.

Her breathing was becoming faster as she waited to see what he was going to do next. She watched him lower him self onto his elbow and cup the breast he hasn't touched yet. He kneaded it as he looked up at her and gave her an open mouth kiss before nipping her, she was going to have bites all over her body if he kept this up, but she didn't give a damn.

She felt his hot breath on her nipple, watched him lash at it with his hot wet tongue and then his soft wet lips kiss it. She cupped his head again, forcing him to suck on her. Riley let out what sounded between a moan and a purr. He groaned and sucked her nipple as he kneaded and rubbed his thumb over her other breast making sure it was getting as much attention as the one he was working on.

What he was doing to her nipples was too much, pleasure was becoming unbearable but she loved it. He chuckled as she moved his hand away from her breast and began moving his head toward it. He kissed down her breast and up the other as she guided him; she let out a deep moan as he flicked his tongue over her puckered nipple.

Out of no where Jake felt her legs wrap around his waist nestling him in between hers, the heels of her feet boring into his back as she arched and cried out his name. She shuddered beneath him, her back meeting the mattress once again, her legs releasing him as she panted and let out low moans. He looked up at her in disbelief, "Damn, did you just…" "Yes," she panted, trying to catching her breath.

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He crushed his lips against hers feeling the vibrations of her moan and continued to kiss his way down her chin, her throat and stopped when he got to the bottom curves of her breasts. He nipped each curve, leaving a red mark and continued to give her open mouth kisses to her navel where he nuzzled her. He sat up and looked down at her as he moved his fingers to unbutton her jean shorts, she lifted her bottom helping him ease off her shorts and panties at the same time.

She lifted her legs as he eased them up; he threw them to the floor as he held her ankles together in one hand. Riley watched him as he parted her feet and nuzzled her ankle, he kissed down her legs, switching sides and parting them as he went lower. He smoothed his hands over her thighs making them widen as he looked down between her legs. He was in awe as he looked at the glistening flesh, her wetness trailing down and disappearing between her cheeks. "Wait," she panted.

He immediately stopped what he was doing and looked up at her flushed face. "Did you change your mind?" he asked. "No, I want you naked now," she smiled shyly as she tried to control her breathing. "Oh," he nervously laughed and eased off the bed.

He looked at her as he slowly eased his shirt up and over his head and dropping it to the floor. She was defiantly taking in every inch of him, watching his hands, watching what was being uncovered. He unbuttoned his jeans and eased the zipper down, the only thing he could hear was her labored breathing as she stared at what was being uncovered.

Without Riley even realizing it she got up and crawled to the end of the bed, her eyes on what she wanted. She watched him slowly walk closer to her; she looked up at him with innocent eyes and looked back down, her mouth watering as she grasped him. She started at the base, giving licks and kisses while looking up at him. His eyes half closed as he looked down at her. She looked so innocent while she took him into her mouth; he immediately slid his fingers into her hair, cupping her head.

He watched her close her eyes as she took him deeper, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked, he let out at deep groan as she licked the underside. He watched her rear slowly rise up; he immediately knew what she wanted. He gave her ass a good slap making her moan as she sucked him, she loved the sting. "Spank me," she moaned He did, once, twice, in the same spot he did the last time. All this moaning on his dick was making him crazy. "Ri, enough," he groaned deeply as she released him from her mouth.

He watched her ease back on the bed and lay her head down on the pillow. He slowly crawled onto the bed and settled in between her legs. "I want you to be comfortable," he whispered. "Do you want to be on top or are you fine laying down?" he asked as he gazed down at her, her eyes glowing with excitement, though there was a hint of nervousness.

"Do you mind if I'm on top?" she whispered.


"No, baby of course not." he wrapped his arm around her waist and moved her on top as he laid down. She adjusted her legs and straddled him as she planted her hands on his chest. God was she nervous right now, nervous because she knew it was going to hurt, Anna told her it was. She let out a weary breath as she looked down at him "Come here." He slid his hand into her hair and pulled her down to kiss him.

She bent to meet his kiss and knew once their lips met she really wanted this; he eased the nerves she had. She moaned as he caressed her back and slid his hot tongue into her mouth. He pulled back, "Are you sure you want this?" "Yes," she whispered. "Ok," he breathed as he gently pushed her back, he reached for the condom on the nightstand, one she hadn't even known was there.

She watched him rip it open and move his hands around her hips, she felt his hands brushing against her bottom and knew he was putting it on.

"Come here," he whispered as he pulled her back down to him. "Hug me, baby." She did, she engulfed his shoulders and nuzzled his neck. She felt him run his hands all over her body trying to sooth her. "Ready?" he whispered against her shoulder before he kissed her there.

She couldn't speak so she just nodded. She felt a hand grip her hip, and knew the other one was guiding himself to her.

She felt her muscles contracting waiting in anticipation as she felt him about to penetrate her. "Baby, relax," he breathed.

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She shuddered as she felt his hot breath on her shoulder. She winced as she felt him move into her. He heard her sharp intake of breath and stopped and eased back a little.

"It's going to hurt, if you relax though it will be less painful. Understand?" "Yes," she whispered against the crook of his neck. Jake knew he needed to distract her, but how? "Riley, kiss me," he told her as he caressed her shoulder.

Keeping one arm around his shoulder, she slid her hand behind his head and cupped his nape and kissed him. It was gentle as they kissed each other, such passion, God she loved him. He felt her body relax more, he moved his hands down and up her back and then gripped her hip with one hand and with the other repositioned him self.

He slowly pushed into her, hearing her breathing pitch, he kissed her though, trying to taking her mind off what was happening down below her waist. He put both hands on he hips and plunged inside of her. He winced and she let out an agonizing cry against his mouth. She tried moving, it hurt so much. She buried her head in the crook of neck as she panted, don't cry, don't cry she told her self.

"Don't move baby, let your self adjust, the pain will ease." He smoothed his hands up and down her back and waist, trying to sooth her trembling body. He suddenly felt wetness against his neck, his chest tightened in realization, she was crying. "Baby, I'm so sorry." He whispered against her shoulder. He didn't want to hurt her, that was the last thing he wanted to do and he was doing it now as he felt her tears running down his shoulder.

She felt amazing though, she was so snug and tight against him. He held back his groan as he continued to sooth her. They laid there for a couple of minutes, till her breathing came back to normal. He was so huge inside her, she felt all of him, she started to get up as most of the pain eased away, she still hurt but not as much. She planted her hands on his chest and looked down at him She looked beautiful as she looked down at him, he could still see the tear marks on her cheeks but it didn't matter to him.

Her beautiful dark blue eyes glittered, her flushed lips parted as her breathing started to pick up again, she started moving up and then stopped. "Do you like it a certain way," she shyly asked. "Don't worry about me, just being inside that snug pussy is enough for me, move how slow or fast you want, I'll get as much pleasure." He whispered as he brushed her hair from her face.

He cupped her face and Riley closed her eyes and leaned her head into his touch and then kissed his palm. "Riley, I-," say it, tell her you love her, tell her that she's means everything to you. He saw her blue eyes flash open, "Riley, I love you. I love you Ri," he whispered as he stared at her. Riley knew he meant it, she didn't need to ask. The way he's treated her and the way he looked at her told her, he just finally said it and it was music to her ears.

"I love you to Jake, so much," her lips began to quiver, her eyes burned. "Awe, baby don't cry." His thumb brushed away the single tear that fell. "I'm sorry," she bent down and kissed him. She pulled back and asked, "Are you ready?" He chuckled, "Are you ready?" "Yes," she breathed. She slowly started moving her hips up and down, wincing at the slight pain she still had. "Take your time Riley," he breathed as he slid his hands up her legs and thighs, up her waist and cupped her breasts.

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He kneaded them and gently pulled her nipples how she liked it. The past two weeks he learned about what she liked. She was pretty damn easy to please. Riley picked up the pace as she felt the burning sensation taking her higher. Jake let her do what she wanted he wasn't even moving his hips, probably afraid he was going to hurt her. Hearing her moaning was music to his ears, she was going to be a screamer, he could tell. She repositioned herself, no longer needing her hands; she was getting the hang of this.

Jake watched amazed as she rode him, her head was thrown back, her eyes dazed in pleasure, her mouth parted as she moaned and cupped her breasts. He felt her hair tickling his thighs as she moved; it took everything not to move from just that touch. He groaned, god, she was a tease. She started picking up her pace and circling her hips, if she was that close then she would stop as soon as the spasms started. "Ri, let me take over." She leaned down and engulfed his shoulders again and snuggled her head to his neck.

She felt a bead of sweat on her temple, she was sweating? Jake moved her hair off her back and gently caressed her before gripping her hips. It was damn hard to concentrate with all the heavy breathing and kissing Riley was doing on his neck.

He gripped her hips and slowly started moving, her moans filling the air as he plunged into her. "Harder," she moaned.

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"Are you sure baby?" he asked breathing hard. "Yes," she whimpered. His thrusts increased as well as his pleasure as he took her. She was so tight and hot. God, he so close, she was close as well he could feel it, the way her muscles tightened and released around him.

Their moans filled the air along with the scent of sex; flesh hitting flesh, sweat coated their bodies. She was so close just a few more thrusts. "Jake, harder." He deepened and thrust faster, Jesus, his dick was about to explode.

"Oh, God, Jake!" she screamed, her nails digging into his shoulders, her teeth sinking into his neck as her body tensed up, the burning unbearable. His hips picked up pace, feeling her tremble on top of him, he buried him self to the hilt and exploded; he let out a deep groan as pleasure swept through him.

His neck throbbed with pain, his shoulders hurt but he ignored it as he felt her heavy panting, her legs still twitching, her soft kisses where she bite him. He kissed her sweat covered shoulder, rubbed his hands down her back and up her waist. He gave her ass a light slap and felt her laugh and moan into his neck. "I love you Riley," he whispered against her shoulder. "I love you to Jake," she whispered back.

They laid there for a couple of more minutes before he turned her onto her back. He slowly withdrew trying not to hurt her and smiled when she let out a low moan. Unhappy that his sheathed covered dick was covered in blood he got up and went into the bathroom discarding the condom into the small trash bin.

He washed his hands and grabbed two folded rags from the cabinet below the sink, he wet one and made sure it was warm and then ringed the water out and returned to the bedroom.

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"Open your legs baby." Riley opened her legs, though she didn't know how, she was already half asleep, she felt a soft warm wet cloth wipe her and then a dry one pat her, and then her legs closed once again. Riley closed her eyes as she laid there exhausted, happy and content but exhausted and a bit sore in places she never been sore in. She felt the bed dip and knew Jake had returned, she opened her eyes and saw him pulling the blankets over them.

She felt his warm body heat next to her and she automatically cuddled up next to him, she laid her head down on his chest and sighed because she was so damn happy. She ran her hand up and down the ridges of his physique abs.

"Are you ok?" he whispered as he lightly feathered his fingers up and down her arm. "Better then ok, I can't explain it, thank you." "For," he asked. "For making love to me, it was wonderful and was better then what I thought it was going to be." "How did you think it was going to be?" "I thought it was going to be awkward because I didn't know what to do, I thought I was going to be in agonizing pain the whole time and I didn't expect to come like that." That orgasm was out of this world, the burning, the toe curling sensation, the pleasure he gave her was amazing, and she knew there were going to be better ones once they truly started having sex, once they truly knew what the other liked.

"But it wasn't any of those things, you were patient with me, you let me be in control, well those first few minutes," she softly giggled. "I'm glad you enjoyed your self," he sighed. "Get some sleep now." "Ok." "Good night Jake, I love you," she whispered. He pulled the comforter higher on her and settled him self to sleep.

"I love you to Ri." Jake leaned against the bathroom door frame and rubbed his hair dry with the towel he was using. He was watching Riley sleep; she was cuddled up in a ball as she laid on her side.

A couple of hours ago they woke up and make love and then fell right back to sleep. Now he was getting ready to leave, he was going to miss her; he was already missing her, just thinking about not seeing her for weeks did it.

"I know exactly how you feel." He turned his head to see Henry getting ready as well.


His door was opened and Jake could see Anna sprawled out on his bed sleeping. "They'll get through it though, in a few weeks they'll start school and will be so busy with homework and cheer and who knows they might end up having jobs, the weeks will fly by and we'll graduate and come home." Jake turned his attention back to Riley, he was right. They would be busy, they would be occupied the whole time, and they wouldn't have time to miss them. "Is Anna coming to Family day?" "No, she doesn't want to and I know Riley's not going either.

I think they both agreed on that." "Yeah, Riley said to surprise her when I come home." He murmured. "Is Anna driving the SUV back?" Jake asked. "Yeah, they'll drop us and then head back." Jake sighed, "We should get them up." Though music filled the air in the car, no one said anything. Riley was practically sitting in Jakes lap, which didn't bother him at all, he just held her tight.

Anna held Henry's free hand as he drove. Both of us were sad but were trying to keep it together. "I left you two things on your bed, a box and an envelope. When you're in the mood open the box and see what I got you. And open the envelope two weeks from now, the envelope is very important, understand?" She couldn't form words so she just nodded.

"Riley I'm not going to except a nod, promise me you will open the envelope." "I promise," she whispered. Riley felt the car slow, and didn't want to look up because she knew they were already at the hotel they were dropping them off at. As soon as the car stopped Henry and Anna got out, they hugged each other as they talked. She stayed in the car with Jake. God, don't cry, don't cry. Jake buried his head in her hair as he held her tight to his chest.

"I'm going to miss you, so much." He whispered in to her neck. "I'm going to miss you too." she slowly breathed out, keep it together Riley, she told her self.

She felt soft kisses on her neck and then her cheek, she looked up at him and met his eyes, and she kissed him like it was going to be the last. "Come on," it was barely a whispered. They got out of the SUV and went around it; Jake opened the passenger's side door for her, and then they held each other tight one last time. Her lips quivered as she looked up at him, her eyes burning as she tried keeping it together. "God, Riley don't, please. It's bad enough that I have to leave you; wait till I'm gone, then you cry all you want, just please don't let me see it." He was on the verge of losing it, he didn't want to leave her but he had no choice now.

It was a done deal. The next time he saw her he was going to be a United States Marine. "I love you and I'll see you in thirteen weeks," he whispered, it was so hard to keep it together, the way she was looking at him, he was hurting her.

"I love you to," she crushed her lips against his, one last time. Her lips trembled as they moved against his soft ones. The first tear fell and she immediately stopped kissing him and hugged him, leaning her head against his chest.

"Get in the car Riley," he sadly said. They're no words to describe how she felt right now, she didn't want to let go. She felt Jake trying to pry her arms off him. He turned her around and pushed her towards the passenger's seat after he got her arms off him. She tried turning around but he wouldn't let her. "Please, don't turn around, just get in the car and leave." He whispered, though he could hear his own pain in his voice.

He avoided her gaze as she got in and he closed the door, whispering 'I love you' right before it closed completely. She was glad that the SUV had tinted windows, she was glad because Jake couldn't see her sobbing as she watched him walk away with her brother.

Anna was crying as well, though keeping it together a lot better then she was right now. The two weeks they were gone was horrible, she did nothing but think of Jake and Henry. At times she cried but she had Anna to ease some of the pain.

Riley waited two weeks as she promised Jake to open the envelope. The whole time she keep it right next to her on her night stand counting the days down till she could open it. She was also bummed because the Katy Perry concert was in fours days and she wasn't going. When the tickets went on sale she was in school and they were sold out within three hours, leaving her with no tickets.

She sat on her bed, looking at the light purple envelope that had her name on it and then she looked at the white envelope that laid right next to her. It was a letter from Jake, their first letter, she didn't know which one to open first, well they were both from him, so I guess it didn't matter right? She picked up the white envelope and opened it; pulling out the lined paper she slowly opened it and began reading. Dear Riley, If I timed this correctly today is the day you get to open the purple envelope I left for you.

What's inside is a late birthday present so I hope you enjoy it. When you open it I hope you're as happy as I know your going to be. Anyways, It's been tough over here but I'm hanging in there, everyday I think about you, every second I miss you and I'm counting down the days I get to see you again. I'll try and write to you as much as I can, I only get an hour of free time to write or catch up on other things so wait for my letters.

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I love you and miss you so much, take care. Love, Jake Riley quickly wiped her eyes and folded the paper back up and put it back in the envelope, she'd write Jack back after she opened the purple one, she thought as she set aside the white one and picked up the purple one. What could possible be in here?

She slowly opened it and couldn't believe what she saw. Two tickets, third row seats to the Katy Perry concert at the Staples Center.