Negro se come a la novia

Negro se come a la novia
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Fucking Ron's Sister This story is based on true events Glenda and I laid in a big pile of leaves in the woods across from our houses, holding each other in heavenly bliss after wonderful sex.

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We giggled at each other, all covered with leaves and weeds in our hair. I thought how this all got started&hellip. She was my buddy Ron's sister.

We were 15 at the time and she was 13. She was a quiet girl, full head of curly natural blond hair. She was getting a nice ass, waist and tits&hellip.but she had a red rash on one cheek that make her look bad. She always kept her head down and never smiled or made eye contact. Ron treated her like shit, and his dad did too. She was ordered to do all the house work along with her mom. They both were very submissive to the men of the house.

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One Saturday evening I went to Ron's house as we were going to a school dance. Ron's mom asked him to take Glenda to the dance and drop her off. He had a shit fit, yelling mad that he didn't want anybody to see him with his ugly sister. He stomped out the door and left in his own car. I looked at Glenda's red face as she looked at the floor.


She had on a plain way outdated old pink prom dress. I saw a tear run down her cheek. Well, that did it. I got up and took her by the hand and said: "Come on Glenda, your going with me." She pulled her hand away like I was teasing her.

I said: "No really, I mean it. I'll take you to the dance and get you home again." Her mom smiled and said: "I think he means it Glenda." She stood up, wiped her eyes and gave me a tiny smile. Her mom smiled at me too, and she and I walked down to my house first. My mom knew Glenda and had taken her under her wing a little.

Glenda was shy, had a complex about her facial rash and my mom kinda help her along. I told my mom the deal about the dance and she went into action. "Come in here, Glenda." she said and took her in her bedroom and they shut the door.

I waited a while, anxious to get to the dance to find a hot babe to hook up with. I figured I'd get Glenda out of the car, take her in and each go our separate ways, but make sure she got home ok. A little pain in the ass, but what the hell. I waited more. Soon the bedroom door opened and Glenda came out smiling.

I about shit my pants. My mom got rid of the old time dress, and altered one of her ball gowns to fit Glenda…but she found the right make up for her face and blended it in perfect to hide 90% of her rash.

Glenda already had a good figure for a 13 yr old and my mom fitted that dress to show off her ass, waist and tits. She re-did Glenda's hair, and it looked hot. That was the first time I ever saw Glenda with a full smile.

My dick said:…("Welllll…hello there!"…) I smiled and took my 'Cinderella' girl on my arm, and off we went. At the dance a 15 yr old with a 13 yr old was usually not that cool&hellip.but now she got the guys stares, and they ask me little questions about who she was etc.

I just kept her on my arm at this point, as I enjoyed the envy.


I spotted Ron. He always had one or two hot girls he was around. We walked right by him as he looked at me puzzled…then the shock. He realized I was with his sister number one, but she was looking real good, number two. He smiled at us and went back to trying to hook up with some girl. Now he wasn't embarrassed by his sister. Later he got me off to the side and said, ("how in the fuck did you do that?") I said …"My mom".

He knew now because he always thought my mom was a MILF and did her make up, hair and dressed sexy to him. Of course I told him I would kill him 4 times in a row if he ever touched my mom&hellip.he laughed. Glenda took off to talk to her girlfriends and Ron and I went chasing girls.

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I hooked up with a hot girl from another school&hellip.damn she had a nice ass and long brown hair and real nice tits. Ron found a redhead, his weakness and they disappeared. I noticed Glenda had guys dancing with her all night. I wanted to dance with her at least once, but I had this hot chick on my arm and was making time with her. Ron and I talked later, he noticed all the girls around his sister and some were hot that he would like to fuck. The girl I was with had to leave with her parents, we exchanged ph.

Numbers and she left. Now to get Glenda home. I found her standing with a group of girls and I walked up. She noticed me and started whispering to some of them and then walked to me. Wow, what a smile on a sexy girl now.

She held my arm and introduced me around to several of them. All pretty plain girls she ran with, but I had been fooled before that 'ordinary' girls can be very hot. (and easy). I took Glenda to my house, so she could return the dress to my mom.

It was late and everyone was asleep. I quietly went in and got her old dress. She smiled and whispered: ("&hellip.can you unzip me please.") She was going to change her dress right in our living room! I sure didn't stop her. She smiled and slowly took the dress off. Wow, she had a hot figure under that dress. She ask me to un-hook her bra. I of course did.

She then turned around and I saw some beautiful yummy tits. She smiled real seductively and started taking off her panties. There I was in my dark living room with a naked girl. I pictured my mom having an explosion, if she came out of her bedroom for some reason. My brothers would have just smiled, but mom…not funny!

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Glenda put her arms around me to thank me. My boner stuck her right in her pussy. I felt her hand go down and feel it. I whispered: ("…Glenda!… put your old dress on, my mom will have a fit is she comes in here!") She giggled quietly. She whispered back: ( "didn't your mom tell you?

She said I could just spend the night here when we got back late." (She 'ok'ed it with Glenda's mom already.) "Now if you'll just pull out the couch bed for me, I sleep naked.") Ah ha…my mom was setting me up with Glenda I bet.

That sounded like something she would do. I was 15 and Glenda was 13!…my lusty mom was involved in this, I just knew it.

She had tried to set my older brothers up with girls she thought were hot. I think mom needed a boyfriend since my dad died years ago. I pulled out the bed and it was all made with sheets, (two) pillows… and a blanket.

Glenda started taking 'my' clothes off. WTF! My mom was either going to kill me or wanted me to fuck Glenda&hellip.…Fucking Glenda won out. We got quietly in bed together. Glenda whispered that she had never had sex with a boy, and wanted me to be the first. (a virgin!) I felt her 13 yr old body and it was so fine.

Smooth skin and brand new tits. I introduced her to having her pussy licked. She strained not to moan, and squirmed as I licked her pussy and clit.

Finally her trembling hands pulled me up to her and I taught her about French kissing. She shuddered and moaned in my mouth loud. Her tongue was now going crazy attacking mine. I felt her hand putting my dick in her. Oh &hellip. talk about nice and tight&hellip.her legs wrapped around me and she started fucking and moaning in my mouth. She squirmed and shuddered again. I couldn't last long and started fucking her as fast as I could, her right with me.

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I saw stars as my dick shot load after load in her. She pulled my butt cheeks into her tight and locked her body around mine and shook hard. We just&hellip.drifted off to sleep&hellip. I woke up in a panic! What time was it…I heard my mom in the kitchen! I jumped up and quick grabbed my clothes, and ran to my bedroom. Ahhh safe now. I waited. I was putting some clothes on when I heard a tap at my door. I heard mom say, "Breakfast is ready dear." Oh my, this could be embarrassing, but I'll just play it like nothing happened.

I went out and Glenda was in the bathroom and the bed was back in the couch. I sat at the kitchen table. Mom put the food on and stood behind me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear: ("& was the dance?.hmm?& must have had nice dreams last night,&hellip. I heard you moaning in your sleep.") Yep, mom had a hand in this and set this all up. Glenda came out in some cool clothes my mom gave her.

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Wow she looked hot. We ate and I walked Glenda down two houses to her house. She hugged me tight and said: "Your mom is the coolest mom in the world…she even gave some stuff not to have babies. I'm to young for that right now. We used the 'woods' as our play ground, we met there and fucked every chance we got. I would get her hot, take all her clothes off, and she would run naked from me, giggling and laughing.

I would chase her and fuck her on the spot. I fucked her in a tree, in the creek, and I think behind every bush there.

There was an old car, and we called it our 'bedroom' and it rocked and squeaked when fucked in it. It was funny, her mom and mine never asked any questions, they just smiled at us.

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Glenda came over to my house one evening late and said right in front of my mom!!…&hellip. "Want to meet me in the woods later?" ------------- Mom handed me the flashlight as I was sneaking out my bedroom window&hellip.