Mom gets her hardest orgasm in pantyhose

Mom gets her hardest orgasm in pantyhose
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I can feel that your body is starting to relax. I am smiling so much, I love to do that more than anything. Bringing pleasure to a woman is so awesome. The muscles are easing, and you lay back deep into my arms. Still feeling that defining bulge against your back. We step out the tub, grab towels, and start to dry off.

Leading you to the bed, I lay you down and slide up against you. Your whole body is so warm. Is this because of the bath? The orgasm? Or both?

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I wonder. My hands touch and follow your soft skin. Finger tips tickling lightly across all of you. Tracing the underside of your tits, feeling their softness, the weight of them. Watching your flesh betwen my hands, feeling the warmth of you.

My lips suck one of your nipples inside, my tongue finds it.not as hard as earlier.but it will be,,,it will be.


My teeth pull your nipple, making it start to grow harder again. My other hand grasps for your other hardening nipple. Between my fingers, it grows so much harder. I taste this nipple now. Saliva drips from my mouth all over this soft breast. I want it as wet as the other.

My lips return to the first, taking it back deep in my mouth, licking, sucking, nibbling all over your nipple. My fingers, on your other nipple, match tease for tease.

It feels like there are two mouths on you. Sucking so deep into my mouth, You grab my head and fill my mouth even more. My tongue slowly slips down to your thighs. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can smell your womanly scent. SO SEXY! My tongue drags so slowly down yout leg, to the knee.then follows the other leg back up. Nibbles inside your legs, inching so close.wanting to taste you so much.feeling, knowing, that that is what you want too.

My fingers slide up and down the out side of your soft lips. Brushing across your bush. Rubbing the palm of my hand flat against your mound. I can feel the heat from your pussy.

I can feel the wettness also. Continuing to kiss and play with the soft flesh of your thighs, I watch you become more and more excited.

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Your lips are starting to swell, they are so engorged. They are quivering against my fingers. "I want to taste you.

Suck you. Please you." Telling you just how sexy I know you are. How long I've waited to do all of these things with, and to you. You are squirming all over.


I can't wait much longer, I want to feel your juices all over me. Tasting you. Your pussy lips open slightly. it's time.

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Your body has shown me that you are so ready. My fingers slightly, softly, spread your lips wider for me. My tongue slips down and takes its first taste of you.

I swear my cock just grew harder for you. It trails the soft folds of your sweet little slit. You can feel my tongue, so soft.yet so hard. Licking up and down you. Feeling your juices starting to flow from you. Have you ever been this excited I wonder. So slowly, softly, my tongue finds your hard little clit. Peeking out, wanting to be touched. My tongue lays flat against it. Not moving.

Feeling it grow harder. Feeling it pulsate against my soft wet tongue. A finger toys with the small opening of your pussy.and slips in.

Just a fingertip eases in. Feeling the warm, wet insides of you. So wet!

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A second finger finds your pussy, and the two fingers slide all they way inside. I stroke them in and out.slowly, waiting for your pussy to form to them.

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My tongue all the time, just laying against you. Not moving. I can feel the effect this is having on you. It's like a small damn has burst inside you. Juices are covering my fingers.more and more with each stroke.

You are so excited.

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I can see your hard. Standing so pert. I feel your hands grab me, pull my tongue tighter to you. I have you so excited, you can't contain yourself any longer. "Please, please.lick me. Suck me. Finger me. Do what you want to me. But don't tease me any longer," I hear come from you. And so I do. My lips suck your clit inside.a hot breath blows across it. That is followed by my tongue. It has a mind of its own. It wants to be everywhere. On your clit, sucking up your juices, slipping inside your pussy to feel your warmth, your tightness.

But right now, it only wants to dance on your button. Feeling it grow harder, longer. Sucking it. Licking it. Fingers spreading your lips more for me. A third finger slips so easily into your wet pussy, so easily that you hardly even notice.

You feel everything my tongue on your clit, the deep strokes of my fingers in your pussy, and your fingers pinching, squeezing, teasing your nipples. You are everywhere, juices flowing out of you.all over my fingers. I love your wetness so much. So sexy.

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Your breathing is getting deeper .faster.shorter. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm You are so close. My fingers start slipping and sliding faster and deeper into you. Twisting and reaching for that hard little spot so deep inside. It feels so good doesn't it? Have you ever felt this before?

I hope so. for your pleasure. But I also hope not, so that I can be the firstto make you cum this way.this deeply. "So close, don't stop," is what I hear. Sucking you deeper into my mouth, my tongue seems to wrap around your clit. It is so hard, my tongue pressing harder against you.

Your body tenses, your back arches. your juices let loose as my finger reaches deep inside and rubs that wonderful spot. MY fingers are being squeezed so tightly inside you. I can feel tremors coming from so deep in your pussy.

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I don't move them, but my tongue gives one last cum!