Lovely girl blows penis in pov and gets wet twat screwed

Lovely girl blows penis in pov and gets wet twat screwed
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Intro: Sometimes temptation get's the best of us all, for some of us it just happens more often. Your not told how to make the right decisions your just thrown into a situation and told to do your best. And when you look back on what you did nothing can fix that little mistake.

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I felt like my world was crashing around me when those words fell out of his mouth " It really sucks I'm straight". He said it so casually, like it didn't matter that he lied. But technically he didn't lie, he never denied being straight.

Either way he deceived me by not telling me. I roll over and see him sitting up on the edge of the bed. He looks at me and smiles, as if nothing happened. A real piece of work. " My ex wife will be here soon so you might want to go" He said. What a cruel man. I didn't say a word and got my things to leave. As I was dressing he came up behind me and kissed the back of my neck.

" or you could play it off like we're friends and we can play when she leaves" He whispered. I couldn't believe I was lying to this women about being his new roommate.

The worst part is while your doing something wrong in your mind you're telling yourself to run away and stop doing it. But for some reason curiosity gets the best of us and we stay and see what happens. " Hello, I'm Kimani" she said introducing herself. " I'm Tashinaku" " nice to meet you" " you too" as I said that something in her eyes seemed suspicious. My acting can't be that bad, or maybe it's the smell of sex still in the air.

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She came to drop off some of his things from when they were married. When she left he dropped the box and ran over to me on the couch. His lips pressed hard against mine as he pushed my legs open and lowered himself on me. Don't do it! I kept telling my self to run, but I couldn't. His tongue slipped past my teeth and danced in my mouth.

This erotic kiss made me start to grow hard. I could also feel his hardening member press against the bulge in my pants. He pressed harder against it and began rolling his hips. I pulled his shirt over his head and broke the kiss to suck his nipple into my mouth. Nibbling a bit as he slid his hands over my ass and squeezed tight.

He sucked in a breath and continued grinding. Something in my mind clicked and suddenly I was pushing him off and I ran out of the apartment.


I imagined his startled look as I ran out of the building. I ran around the corner and stopped for a breath, for once I made the right decision. As I situate my clothing and walk down the street I think of what would have happened if I stayed. Nothing good, it would have been the two of us wrapped in his bed sheets slipping into another deadly situation. Sleeping with Lucifer: It's been about five months since that day. My new boyfriend is American and he treats me right, but I keep thinking of Mikashi.

I can't get him out of my head and how I ran out on him. I feel no sympathy though. He was wrong for what he did and I was wrong so we shouldn't see each other. But sometimes I find myself fantasizing about him, even though I hardly remember him.

I don't even remember what It felt like when we laid selfishly in each others arms. I do remember the panty fetish. How he pressed them against his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in all of my sent. The musky and salty smell left from the precum. Vivid images of his body roam my mind freely, invading my thoughts and dreams. Golden tan skin rushing over my body like smooth velvet as we embrace each other in madness.

Feeling him deep inside me, arching my back and pushing against him taking him in deeper. These things I remember, but I do not remember how he was. His voice or actions, or even his face. Just the physical attraction between two strangers. Mat and I have been touring china so I haven't been to Tokyo for a while.

I went through a long flight from China to Sapporo, then an exhausting train ride to Tokyo. Traveling isn't something I enjoy. After a week here in Tokyo we'll be going to Yokohama, Mat loves japan. This is my first real relationship so I have to make it work. Mat and I are about to enter a Gay bar when I notice someone familiar, Mikashi is standing at the bar talking to this guy.

He looks good. Tight black T shirt and jeans, something I like on men. He looks over at me and smiles that creepy smile. What a playboy. Through the night I notice him dancing with about ten different guys, and none of them seem to care.

Maybe It's just me that cares when a man is being a whore. Mat had to go home, he has to work early so I just sat at the bar taking a few shots. After Mat left I felt lonely. Mikashi sits next to me and repeats " Tashinaku". "What!" " Aww are you still mad?" " Are you still straight?" " No" " What?" " yeah I came out about a month ago" " congratulations" I said realizing I was smiling like and idiot.

"Wanna come back to my place so we can talk" " no " " wow so forward, as always" " yep" " I love that about you" he said looking into my eyes. What does he want? I needed to talk to him anyways so I followed him back to his apartment. After we got there I realized it wasn't a good idea. Right when he opened the door memories flashed in my mind. I know that if I don't have him I may never be satisfied by Mat, but If I do this I may not want Mat after.

When he went to the kitchen to get some drinks I followed him.


I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. It felt so good to hold him again. He turned and kissed me.

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It felt like fire caressing my lips causing me to get lost in the passionate kiss. He stopped suddenly " If we do this, we're doing it right" he said. He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom, that oh so familiar bedroom. The smell of leather filled my nose again, but I soon forgot about the smell as he started kissing me again. He stripped me of my clothing and kissed down my chest. His teeth slightly gripped my nipple and I began moaning.

His velvet tongue running along my body kissing my intimate areas. When his lips touched the head of my cock I began to loose control. His tongue circled the tip and teased around the base. He was so good. I pushed him off and I straddled him and began grinding my ass against his crotch. Before I could do anything he pulled his pants down and stripped off his boxers and shirt. Slowly he slid his hard cock deep inside my ass. Causing me to gasp and curl my toes. He bit his lip feeling the tightness of my ass.

I began sliding up and down on his cock gripping against it making him squirm. Soon he flipped me over and pushed my face in the pillow. He pushed in completely filling me with his tool. Something in my mind was screaming " Run. Run .Run.He's the devil". But I layed there clutching the sheets and pushing against every thrust. Loosing myself further.

When he started to increase his pace I looked back and he had my panties pressed against his nose, what a fucking freak. I like it. Something inside me turned on and I began growling and shoving myself against his hard rod. Feeling Him stretch me with his girth as he hits all the right spots. He put the panties around my neck and pulled slightly. It made me feel dirty, but in a good way. I ran my tongue across my lips as he smashes my ass. Feeling the intense orgasm build inside me.

" Fuck me harder!.Shit!." I screamed. He grabbed both of my arms and pulled them behind me. He began plowing into me at full speed. " Is this what you want?.You fucking whore!.Take this dick!" He began saying. Fuck it was so hot I began rolling my hips making him go insane. One hard thrust in and he unleashed his fury into my tight ass.

I felt his cream run down my leg as I collapsed on the bed. This is my Hell and he is the devil. When I walked in the door of the hotel room Mat and I were staying in I felt bad, I cheated on him and he didn't decerve it. Mat looked at me and asked where I've been.

I couldn't be honest at 6am. He kissed me and told me he missed me. I was very glad I cleaned up before coming back or he would have known. His hands started roaming my body and caressing my ass. Surprisingly I started getting hard again. One thing I loved about Mat was his blue eyes, but at this moment they seemed like a curse.

He pushed me against the wall and rapped his hands around my throat. Before he didn't do this kind of stuff, but it was a nice change. He turned me around and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I reached back and rubbed my hands on his bulge as he slid his tongue in my ass.

slurping and tongue fucking my tiny fuck whole. He pushed in three fingers and twisted them around making my legs shake. He pulled out his fingers and undid his pants. I was so ready to feel him fuck my ass. He thrusted in the head and pushed in the length. The pressure was amazing. My nails scrape against the wall and I clench my jaw trying not to make too much noise. Am I a whore?

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I don't think so. Fuck his cock felt so good as he fucked my ass raw. He put his hands up my shirt and squeezed my nipples between his fingers.

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" Oh fuck.sssss.I'm gonna cum baby.sssss.harder!" I moaned as he practically ripped through me. I came all over the walls and on the floor as he flooded my ass with his hot sticky cum. He leaned against me and I felt his heavy breathing against my shoulder.

He had no idea a few hours earlier I was laying with Lucifer.