Victoria Show Her Massive Boobs on Cam

Victoria Show Her Massive Boobs on Cam
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Mina slipped on the silk black robe, allowing it to settle against her warm silken skin. Tying the wide silk band around her waist. Brushing her freshly painted fingernails down the front of it.

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Stifling the soft moan as her fingertips brushed over her semi hard nipples. Feeling them hardening a bit more at her light whispery touch. Gliding her fingers lower till they reach the top of her creamy thighs.

Parting the folds of the robe and allowing her fingertips to graze down the front of her bare thighs. Stifling another soft moan as she rakes her fingernails back up her inner thighs. Her eyes fluttering closed as she recalls only a few mere minutes ago. Standing in the shower.

The hot water spraying down upon her curves and bare flesh. Her hands roam over her newly shaven body. Purposely avoiding the one area, which she so desperately wants to touch. Plunging her fingers into her tight wet hot pussy bringing her to a very needed orgasm.

Opening her eyes and sighing softly, she makes her way down the spiral staircase to my office. Her eyes getting a very wicked gleam to them as she glances at the clock. Smiling as she knows I will be home anytime.

Knowing I'm going to rush to my study because she had left me a very erotic message on my cell phone instructing me to go directly to my office. She had a very wonderful, naughty surprise for me, which would be on my desk, awaiting arrival. Quickly glancing at the clock once more out of the corner of her eye. Realizing she only had a minute or two before I strode into our home. She hops up onto the desk. Arranging the silk robe around her curvaceous figure. Making sure the top of it was slightly split open, exposing the rounded curves of her breasts, giving me a fantastic view of them as I walk in.

She crosses her shapely legs and leans back on her arms. Tossing her long locks over her shoulders and waited. She hears my key turn the lock and then hears the knob turn. She hears the slam of the door as I close it and then the thump of my briefcase as it hits the wooden floor. My footsteps get louder and louder as I make my way to my study.

My soft gasp of pleasant surprise falls upon her ears just before she notes the look of approval as she enters into my sight. She immediately notices my eyes glaze over in pure animal lust as I stand in the wooden framed doorway peering in her direction. My lips forming a smile to which she returns one of her own.

She hops off the desk and quickly walks over to me. Gets up on her tiptoes, encircling my neck with her arms, pulling my mouth down to hers as she hungrily kisses me. Murmuring a " Welcome home darling," against my lips.

She grips my tie within her fingertips and tugs me over to my desk while walking backwards towards my desk. She feels the edge of the desk cup her ass cheeks as she backs up against it. Swiftly undoing my tie and unbuttoning my shirt, she teasingly rakes her fingernails across my bare chest. She steals a quick glance upwards, watching my face slightly contort.

She notices the slight red marks on my skin from her nails, as she sheds my shirt from my upper torso. She nibbles on her bottom lip while her eyes meander across my now bared chest. She so admires and adores my very sexy chest. She feels her breath catch in her throat as she recalls all the times she's kissed and nibbled and licked me in that area. Dropping my shirt onto the floor, she peers up at me again, giving me a very playful but wicked look.

She hops back up onto my desk, places her hands upon my bare shoulders and gently applies pressure on them. The end result being I end up kneeling right in front of her.

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She unties the robe and parts it. Spreading her thighs. She lifts her right leg up and bends it. She rests her foot right on the edge of my desk. She barely hears my very soft groan. My eyes go directly to her freshly shaven bare cunt. I see it is glistening with her pussy juices. I rim my lips as my thoughts are confirmed. She reaches down and caresses my cheek with her index finger, moving it to my chin. She applies slight pressure with her fingertip as she lifts my lust filled gaze to her own.

No words need to be spoken between us as I know exactly what she wants and needs right now. I lower my gaze and move in closer to her pussy, trailing my fingertips along her silken slightly wet folds.

Hearing her soft gasp as my fingers make contact. I tantalizingly trace and slowly trail my index finger along her slit. I move it up to then brush it lightly across her clit. I feel her small nub swell and harden at my light touch. I peek up at her and notice her eyes darken. I lean in, the tip of my tongue slipping between my parted lips and begin to gently lap at her wet cunt.

I maintain eye contact with her, my eyes, verifying she is watching. I slowly drag my tongue up her slit, parting her folds of skin with it. I taste her nectar, which has begun to seep out. I make my way up to her hard now throbbing clit. It is peeking out from under her hood.


I flick my tongue over it a few times before taking it into my mouth. I suck on it before gripping it between my teeth. I apply a bit of pressure with my teeth and gently bite down on it. I hear her gasp " uuh.ooh," which is followed by a moan of pure pleasure. " ooooh. ooooh.aaaah.aaaah." I sink my teeth on to her hardened nub and tug. I feel her thighs quivering and trembling. I watch her eyes fluttering closed. Her lips part and open as she breathes through them.

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Her breath becomes heavier and more labored. Her tongue rims her lips and wets them. I watch the small of her back arch; as she lets her head fall back. Her firm tits jut out. Her nipples are hard and pert. I continue to watch her as I gently insert two of my fingers into her very wet pussy.

I feel her inner walls gripping my fingers as I slowly push them in deeper. I notice her hips start to circle and grind on the desk as I wiggle them deeper inside of her hot cunt. I drop my gaze and focus on licking and sucking her clit and her pussy lips. I begin to fuck her cunt with three fingers. The wetness of her pussy coats them, making it easier for me to finger fuck her hard.

I love how tight her channel is. I marvel at how her pussy walls grip my invading fingers. How her muscles seem to suck them in as I pull them out. I slip my fingers out of her cunt and replace them with my tongue. I hear her initial whimper of protest as I remove my wet fingers.

It quickly turns into a loud groan of utter pleasure " OOOOOOHHHHH.AAAAAAHHHHH.AAAAAAHHHHHH.MMMMMMM," as I begin to fuck her with my stiffened tongue. Her hips are sliding faster back and forth upon my desk. I reach up to toy and tease her pert nipples. I make her groan and moan more. " OOOHHHH GOD.OOOOHHHH MY GOD.AAAAAHHHHH.AAAAAAHHHHHH." I'm aware of how much she loves to have her nipples pinched, pulled, twisted and tugged. I feel her inner pussy muscles clench each and every time I pinch one of her per erect nipples.

I begin to furiously fuck her cunt with my tongue, stabbing it in and out. Both of my hands are upon her breasts, squeezing them. My fingers occasionally pinching her now rock hard nipples.

I hear her constant moans and groans between pants of breath. " aaaaaaahhhhhh.aaaaaaahhhhhh.mmmmmmm.mmmmmmm.oooohhhh.ooooohhhh. mmmmmmmmm." I know she's so very close to that edge. I slip my tongue out of her sopping cunt and ram four of my thick fingers deep inside of her.

I move my lips and mouth back up to her clit. Flicking it with my tongue. A sporadic nibble or bite thrown in. She gasps loudly and sits up on my desk. She reaches down and grips the back of my hand with her left hand.

Entwining her fingers in my hair. She holds me tight against her cunt, grinding it against my mouth and lips. She moves her other hand to her breast. Her fingers cup and squeeze the full creamy orb. She flicks a nipple with her fingernail and then grips it between her fingers. She begins to pull on it. She pinches it; extending it from her body. I moan against her clit and cunt as I watch her play with her nipple and tit.

I increase the pace and thrust of my fingers. She starts to whimper. She huskily utters she's going to cum and cum hard.

She pleads and begs me to allow her that pleasure. " Oh.Please John.Make me cum.Please.Please." I can feel her inner walls spasm and ripple along my fingers as I plunge them in and out of her cunt.

I hear her begging and pleas increasing. Moving my mouth back to her opening, I look up at her and order her to cum. She cries out at hearing my words. " Oh God.Yes.Yes." She drops her hand from her tit to my head. She grips me tight. Her legs clamp to the sides of my head.

She bucks her hips wildly against my mouth as her cunt explodes. Her hot creamy juices flood and gush into my mouth. I suckle on her pussy draining her of any fluid she provides me as her orgasm is subsiding.


I feel her slump over, her head lying on top of mine. I feel her warm breaths against my bare skin. Her body continues to shake. " Now, take off your robe." I command. The sound of her small, short gasps ring against the walls as I lean closer, pressing my body against her. " Not a sound," I growl, placing my lips to her right ear. I pull back a little to look into her face, and she can feel my body heat as I slide my muscular legs between the bare skin of her thighs.

My hard eyes are penetrating and she can feel tears welling up in her eyes. Her vision blurs and as she blinks away the tears, she feels her lips begin to tremble.

I shudder as I feel the cold fingers of his other hand being drawn down the side of my face; I can't help but turn away. I chuckle and she grimaces; the anticipation and fear settling deep and I know it. I'm close enough that she can feel the warmth of my breath on her face, my legs pressing against her. Her hands are shaking as she slowly draws them up to rub the sensitive skin of her throat, her eyes big and round, locked on my darkened face.

I place my index finger to my lips and raise my eyebrows in question. Mina slowly nods that she understands and I smile. my smile doesn't touch my eyes; they remain cold and penetrating.

" Good Mina," I whisper. " You are beautiful, as always even with tears." With my thumb I gently trace a tear down her cheek. She can't help the low moan " aaaah," that escaps her lips as she presses herself against the wall. She licks her lips, ready to ask me what I want of her tonight. The dark flash of fire in my eyes warns her and the question dies unspoken in her throat.

She closes her eyes, trying to gather her breath, and her thoughts, to find a way out. My hand slides across her chin and for a brief moment my touch is gone.

I'm still close, pressing leg to leg, forcing her into the wall. She raises her hand to feel my cheek, then freezes when I grab her wrist in a crushing grip. She is trembling from head to toe as I glare intently at her, silently menacing. I pull her hand down to her side and then gently reaches for her face. Mina wants to pull away, the look I give her stops her cold. She stands stonily still while I stroke her check, fire hot with lust. My touch is soothing and her mind tumbles at the conflict.

My hand moves lower and she tenses as I put the full weight of my hand on her beautiful neck She can breath, the threat of pressure is there. " Good Mina," I say again. " I know you understand." She swallows and slowly nods. She can't tear her gaze from my dark, hard eyes. I stare at her for a few moments longer then suddenly pull away. It is shocking to suddenly lose my body heat and she feels her knees go weak.

She leans forward slightly, and concentrates on a few deep breaths, Slowly, with each ragged breath, the roar of primal lust in her body begins to rise up. Standing back, I make a show of looking her over. As I stand leering at her, she catchs her breath. My tone, so menacing and primal, drives straight through her. " Do you like rough hard sex, Mina?

Do you want me to fuck you hard tonight? Do you want to feel my monster cock in your ass tonight?" Mina is startled at the questions and command in my voice and suddenly feels small and powerless.

Her breath catches in her throat and she hesitates. When I step toward her, she finds herself answering quickly. " Yes.Yes.Yes, John." I watch intently as she begins to tremble in earnest as the cold room air dances across her skin. My body shielded her from the bite of the cold. She feels the goose bumps raise across her skin and feels her nipples tighten and harden. She starts to fold her arms across her chest then stops immediately when I hiss my disapproval.

I lick my lips again, my mouth suddenly dry, and let my arms swing lifeless to my sides. I can't help but swallow hard as he again steps closer. His power and confidence is palpable as he steps directly in front of me. His movement is calculated, like a hunter stalking his prey. I shiver again, and not just from the cold.

" Turn around and face the wall", I command. A soft moan escapes her lips as she complys. " ooooh.aaaah." Slowly I wrap one of my hands into her mid back-length hair and pulls her head back. " You will do as I command, you will not question, and you will not hesitate." She tries to nod but can't as I pull her head back further. " Yes," She gasps. I release her hair and leaves her panting. She is trembling head to toe as she rests her forehead against the wall, trying to collect herself and control her horness.

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Abruptly I push my body hard against her and pressing her face-first into the wall. My hand on the back of her neck, I pin her face to the wall, " Stick your ass out," I command and she moves quickly. I kick her legs apart until she is spread-eagle and quietly breathing. " Not a sound, do you understand?" "Yes." She whispers. Her head is turned away from the window, and she is left to stare into the darkness of the room as she feels my warm fingers against her cold skin.

My touch is firm, and gentle. With my free hand I trace a pattern up the inside of one thigh and down the other, careful to avoid her clit and pussy. Her skin ripples under my touch as I sweep across her skin. Her body responding to my touch, the familiar sensation of pleasure starts to blossom and she sighs when my fingertip slowly slids up and her inner thigh then moves to her other thigh. Her breathing is ragged as my fingertips leave a trail of fire on her cold skin.

Mina is startled as I change tactics, reaching around and roughly grabbing her right breast. My strong fingers roughly kneeding her breast. I torment her nipples, rolling and pinching her sensitive nubs until she cries out from the pain and pleasure. " OMG.OOW.AAAAH.AAAAH." She hears me hiss my disapproval at her noise and clamps her mouth shut, desperate for some relief from my rough touch.

With one hand still pressing her face to the wall, I begin to squeeze her breasts, building in intensity as I move from one to the other. She is shaking with the struggle to stay quiet and remain still. I merciless pinch and pull her nipples, crushing her sensitive globes in my strong hands. She is moaning loudly behind her pursed lips as she endures my rough touch. Just as the pain was beginning to morph into tender pleasure I suddenly stop, leaving her dizzy and panting, her breasts throbbing.

" Don't move," I command as I remove my hand from the back of her neck. Again, the command in my voice is paralyzing and it takes her a moment to collect her thoughts. Mina feels the cold air dancing across her pussy lips. She is in shock, from my gentleness to the rough fore play. Grabbing her hair again, I pull her away from the wall until her back is pressing up against my chest. She is off-balanced, confused, and scared for the first time. She smells my cologne and sweat and she close her eyes, trying to catch her breath.

" Open your mouth." Before she can fully comply I force her mouth open, shoving her panties into her mouth with rough fingers. Her mouth is packed full with the silky material and she starts to panic. Her eyes fly open in surprise as the adrenaline races through her body again. Mina frantically twists in my grasp, her struggle is useless and short-lived. Pulling her by her hair, her hands hang useless behind my back, I have her on tip-toes when I harshly command " Be still!" Mina immediately stops struggling.

I hold her there for a few moments longer, then slowly let her down. She can feel the tears welling up again as she looks up into my hard face. My steely eyes glisten and I smile wickedly at her. A predator with his catch. She shivers and tries to blink away the new tears. " Beautiful," I whisper and I kiss away the tear rolling down her cheek. I turn her again toward the wall, pressing her face to the surface.

" Ass out," I command again.

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" Spread your legs, Mina. Stand still, I don't want you to move." She shivers violently and complys, vision blurred by tears, her muffled breath loud in her ears. My fingers are merciless. I stroke and pinch, rubs and pulls her clit and pussy. She does not want that deep fire to rise, my touch is hot and sweet, rough and warm, and she feels her lustful desire building and spreading.

By the time I slip a finger into her hot pussy, she is so wet and ready. Oh God, she does not want me to stop. I chuckle darkly as I slipped two fingers in.

She hears her juices slurping as I massage her deep inside. Then I slip in the third finger, she moans and grinds her hips against my hand.

Her desire is a raging inferno and she badly needs to be fucked rough and hard. She needs to be filled with my monster cock. She cries out when I suddenly pull my sweet thick fingers away and slap her ass.

The pain is a surprise, and mixed with pleasure. I suddenly spin her away from the wall and roughly forces her onto her knees in front of me. I pull her head back by her hair and, lean down, pressing my face into hers. Spittle rains down on her face as I hiss " Mina, I told you not to move." She tries to cry out, muffled moans are all she could muster past the panties in her mouth.

Blinded with fresh tears, she gasps again when I release her hair. She hears the sound of my zipper and then my rough fingers are again in her hair. I yank the panties from her mouth and she gulps in a couple of sweet breaths. " Suck it," I demand, as I force my hard cock into her mouth. Guiding her head with my hand, I grind my crotch into her face, pushing my cock down her throat. She gags and I pull out quickly. She manages to suck in another breath before I plunge my cock down her throat again.

Again and again I stroke my cock down her throat until she is dizzy and swaying in my grasp. Tears are streaming down her face as I finally pull away to let her catch her breath. " Stand up", I hiss, pulling her upright. I frog march her a few steps back to the desk. Roughly, I bend her at the waist over the desk, and steps up behind her. I press her face into the desk, forcing her ass up in the air. Her ears ring with my deep grunts " Uuuh.Uuuh.Uuuh.Uuuh, as I slide my hot, hard cock up the inside of her thighs.

" Tell me you want it," I growl. Mina swallows and gasps, desperate to respond, but can only moan. " aaaah.aaaah." " Tell me!" I demand. " Please, John," She begs and I tighten my grip in her hair.

" Please let me have that hard cock." Before she can finish the sentence I slide my hard thick cock into her exposed pussy in one hard stroke. She groans hard " AAAH.AAAH," feeling the ripples starting from deep inside. She almost cums right then. I sense it, I pause, pulling her up off the desk. " You ask permission before you come, Mina.

Understand." " Yes, John," She sighs. Still holding her by the hair, suspended just above the desk, I begin to slowly slide my hard thick cock all the way into her hot pussy then pull out almost completely, leaving her to whimper each time.

Her sensitive nipples brush the desk top with my movement, adding to the fire building in her pussy. With each stroke she can feel herself blossoming and the hot, deep heat raging. She wants it so bad, she is shaking. Just a little more, a little more, and she can cum. Oh God, please! She thinks to herself. Slowly I begin to pick up the pace. With one hand in her hair, she feels my other hand squeezing her right breast as I slam into her.

Mina squirms with the pleasure and pain and my grip hardens. My grunts mixed with her soft moans, vibrating the air around us. She feels herself building toward a powerful climax and her gasps turn into sobs as she gets closer.

Pulling her head back hard I growl again, " Ask permission first!" " Please John," She gasps. I ignore her. She gulps empty air, desperate to draw a full breath. " Please. please, John!" She gasps again, feeling frantic, the passion building exponentially.

" Please, WHAT?", I demand. " Please, please, may I come, John?" She blurts. She is riding the edge now, ready to fly. So close, oh so close. " Are you my Asian slut?" I growl. " What?" She gasps, taken by surprise. " You're a Asian slut? You were scantly dressed and here you are all hot and wanting to come.

Are you a Asian slut?" " Yes, John," She whispers. " I want to hear you say it. Say you're a Asian slut!" She is dancing on that line between reality and release. She will say anything I want to hear if I will just let her cum; nothing else is in her mind, just that she needs to cum!

" I'm an Asian slut, John. I'm YOUR Asian slut, John. Please. please, may I come for you? Please let me come!" " Cum, Mina, cum hard," I shout. With that she is exploding. The spasms building from deep inside and cascading through her as she gasps and curls her toes. I continue to slam into her through her orgasm and she feels the dam break; She gushs wildly, a torrent of warmth running down her legs as she melts with a final, exhausted moan. I'm not far behind her.

I slam hard into her for a few more strokes and she hears me grunt. I pull out, letting her fall completely forward, and she feels the warmth of my cum as I shower her ass, emptying my load in spasm after spasm. She lay spent atop the desk, aftershocks coursing through her pussy, trying to catch her breath, as my grunts echo into the darkness.

" P-p-please, John. P-p-please I love rough sex," Mina whispers. I look at the breathless, naked woman standing before me helpless and pleading and immediately got an erection again.

Nothing like vulnerability and lust to get the hormones kicking in again, I chuckle to myself. I decided to toy with Mina and stepped up close to her, touching her face with my fingertips.

" You really like the rough sex?" Mina looked at me and nodded wide-eyed. My cock stiffened even further. She stared at me, as I pushed my large, naked body into hers again, grinding my cock into her unprotected pussy again. She stood there meekly, allowing the rough grinding aganist her pubic bones.

She had seen me this way many times before and knew how to react. She wanted to please me and would do anything I demaned, the raw, animal way in which I was attacking her again left her stunned.

" Look at me, Mina!" I demanded. Normally I tried to be a nice guy, but the way Mina was so docile before me in her nakedness tonight was bringing out the animal in me. " Get on your fucking knees and suck my cock!" Mina stared in surprise, then she silently slides to the floor, grabbing my hard thick cock, stroking the rock hard cock from base to tip with both of her hands.

I continued holding her gaze and she did not glance away. Suddenly, I grab her hair with my other hand and pull her head backwards.

" That's a very good hand job, Mina, but I ordered you to suck it." I took my large cock from her hands and rub it across both sides of her face. Mina flinched but didn't pull away. She willingly opened her lips and let me shove it into her hot, wet mouth, stroking the base of it back and forth with her tongue until it begins to twitch. " Oooooh, fuck yeah," I moan as I plung my cock deeper and deeper to the back of her throat. " Now close your mouth and suck it real hard Mina." Mina obediently closed her mouth firmly around my hard thick shaft and bobbing her head back and forth, letting me deep throat her.

As I firmly and rapidly fuck her face, I imagined doing the same with her tight ass. I was bound and determined to ram my cock firmly up her tight ass tonight. I pull my cock back from her face and saw the string of saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth. " Ready for a little Anal, Mina?" I whisper menacingly into her ear - chuckling to myself. I pull her up off her knees, grabbing her by the waist and bending her over my desk, knocking the breath out of her. Mina sees me grab a bottle out of my desk and feels something cool and wet dribble over her puckered ass.

She moans " ooooh.aaaah " as I slid one of my coarse, thick fingers in her ass and wiggles it around. Unconsciously she begins wiggling her ass against my finger.

" Oooh, you like that Mina? You like having things shoved in your ass?" Mina whimpers in embarrassment, unaware that her body was responding to the invasion. I grab her butt cheeks with both of my rough hands and rubbing my giant purple head against her asshole. " You don't have to speak.

Pretty soon, you are going to have all the cock you can handle shoved into that sweet tight asshole of yours." With that, I plant my feet firmly and begin to slowly forcefully shove more and more of my cock into her tight ass. Mina grips the desk and cries out " OMG.JOHN.PLEASE," but that didn't stop my slow, relentless voyage into the depths of her tight tunnel.

She feels her walls slowly being forced open by the thick pulsating invader and stinging with pain. Just when she thought she couldn't take it anymore, I slowly pull out, aiming the tip of my head back at her hole and pushes my cock back into her ass. A sharp, piercing scream rips out of Mina's lungs as she pounds on the desk, willing me to stop.

" Please, JOHN. Please, stop!" she begs. " Oh, fuck no, Mina. This ass feels so good, I'm going to fuck it all night," I moan between deep, forceful thrusts. " I'm going to fuck this tight asshole of yours so good, you won't be able to sit down for days." I grip her hips lifting her ass up higher and slowly begin to pick up speed, shoving my cock further down her asshole. " Ohhhhh!" Mina screams. " Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh God, OOOOOOOHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!!! Mina begins screaming at the top of her lungs to know avail.

I was like a wild animal, grunting and pawing her hips as I relentlessly hammer away at her ass. She sees stars as her thighs were slammed repeatedly against the wooden desk.

Slowly, the pain lessens and an emotion she didn't recognize takes over her body. She continues her screams, getting excited at the way I was totally dominating her, forcing her into submission by my hard thick, pulsing rod. Her legs begin to tingle and her fingers find her clitoris and she begins stroking it vigorously, bringing even more waves of pleasure to her body.

" Oh, yeah! Take all of this cock!" I scream through clenched teeth as I increase speed and begin nailing her ass with full force.

I dig my nails into her hips and begin howling at the moon. Mina moans a low, guttural groan, spreading her legs wider and submitting to the forceful assault willingly. She tries to buck her ass back up against me but the sheer force of my pounding makes it impossible for Mina to do anything but open up her asshole wider and take it all in.

For the first time in her life, Mina knows what it means to be fucked into submission. Her screams taper off into low, continuous whimpers as she parts her ass cheeks and opens her ass up to my relentless assault. " Awww, FUCK!

AWWWW. FUCK!!!" I bellow as her actions let the remaining inches of my rock hard cock bottom out in her ass. I reward her complete obedience by reaching around and pinching her erect nipples, plunging my cock deep into her ass and my balls slapping her thighs relentlessly.

WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. " What a fucking submissive anal fuck you are," I growl approvingly. Mina glows with my approval and spreads her ass cheeks open even wider, the moans and whimpers becoming louder and more incessant as I spear her with my massive, powerful cock. " THAT'S RIGHT, OPEN UP AND TAKE ALL OF THIS COCK DEEP IN YOUR ASSHOLE! AHHH." I growl again as I slam even harder, full force into her ass. " FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!


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TAKE THIS THICK COCK, WHO'S YOUR FUCKING DADDY NOW, MINA!!!!" Mina moans and whimpers continuously now as she reachs her blinding climax. A loud scream rips through her lungs as she explodes.

Feeling her ass quiver, I let out a blood curling growl as I blow my load deep into her ass. I shiver and shake as reams of cum pump from deep within my balls.

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I collapse and fall on top of Mina as the last squirt emptied, leaving me weak and drained. Catching my breath, I grin to myself in the knowledge that I will use my money and power to destroy Mina for her betrayal.

Now that I had fucked her royally.