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Guys with sex change gay porn First timer straight boy Willy is a
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This story was not written by me it was written by Carnage Jackson Journal of an Agent: Chapter 2 Katie Holmes "Dean, call on line 3," buzzed in Julie. Her call had awoken me from my day dreaming. "Take a message.

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I'm…busy," I replied. "That's bullshit and you know it. It's pretty important, you should take it. It's Katie Holmes," she replied, hanging up the phone. Sometimes I swear the only reasons I keep Julie around is because she looks so good and that she knows what the hell she is doing when I don't. Today I had to restrain myself again from asking her out, for she looked absolutely stunning.

Julie is my personal assistant and all around go to girl with any questions I might have since I took over the agency a month ago. She is one of those women who can look great without even trying. Today she was wearing a pair of maroon leather pants that accentuated her ass and hips perfectly, and to conceal her wonderful breasts, a cashmere sweater top. God I was dying to get into her pants, but I just kept telling myself "One day…one day." But back to reality.

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The on hold button had beeped 2 or 3 times and I was impressed with Katie's persistence. One thing I had learned since I got here was that if someone didn't pick up the phone immediately, they didn't want to talk to you. Oh well, she is young and still learning. After inheriting the business from my estranged father, Katie was but one of the clients the firm held.

This was the first time I had talked to her however. Picking up the phone, I didn't even get two words out before she cut me off. "Dean, you have to help me!" said Katie, whispering into the phone. "Nice to finally talk to you Ms. Holmes. What's wrong?" I said, feigning interest.

Probably dented her car or something. "It's this guy I'm with. I met him last night at a club and got a ride back to his house. I fucked him, but then afterwards he started doing some strange shit that I wasn't into. When I told him I wanted to go home, he slammed me against a wall.

I finally got him calmed down by getting him drunk and he passed out on top of me as I was getting him to bed. It was only this morning that I could crawl out from under him and call you. I need you to come pick me up," she said, sounding as nervous and quiet as a scared mouse.

"Why can't you just hail a cab or take the bus since your car isn't there?" I said. "That's the problem. See, the guy is this really tough black guy and…well, he lives in South Central," she said. My nerves jumped to attention. Here was this rich, famous white girl stuck in the middle of South Central. Man dad, you sure picked the smartest talent didn't you? "I can get out of the apartment no problem but I can't stand on the street corner for too long," she went on.

"Alright, I'll come get you," I said, sighing apprehensively. "Give me the block your on and meet me there in 30 minutes. I'll get there as soon as possible. She gave me the address and hung up. Walking out of my office, I explained everything to Julie. She looked concerned but knew I had to do it. "Normally, you could probably send someone else. But she is too big a client and too famous. If word of this got out, we'd lose have our talent," she said. "I know.

I just wish I didn't have to roll through there in a BMW," I said as I walked out the front door. It was about 20 minutes later that I started getting nervous.

As I've said before, I am a pretty decently built guy. But even I wouldn't stand a chance against even two guys with guns or other weapons. Driving slow enough not to raise suspicions, I finally spotted Katie standing in a door way of a run down looking building. She was dressed in clubbing clothes: Purple baby doll t-shirt and a black micro skirt.

To top it off, she was wearing knee high leather boots. If a cop had driven by, she probably would have been picked up for prostitution. I slowed to a stop and rolled down the window.

Poking my head out me called her name. Looking my way, she picked up her purse from the step and ran over to my car. Jumping in and closing the passenger door, she leaned over a gave me a closed mouth kiss on the lips.

"Thanks so much. I don't know what the hell I was thinking," she said.


"Don't thank me, we aren't out of trouble yet," I said, driving off. Just as I had started down the street, a group of three or four guys wearing bandanas stepped out behind the car, no more than 5 feet away.

Reaching into his jacket, the one standing in the front pulled out a gun and aimed. Seeing all this in the rear view mirror, I floored it. "KATIE, GET DOWN!" I screamed, driving haphazardly down the street. Suddenly, a bullet shattered the back windshield, making a tremendous crashing noise, causing Katie to scream. I kept on driving and finally the gang was out of sight. Lifting her head up from her knees, Katie spoke. "The one who shot at us was the guy I fucked last night.

That is one crazy guy. You wouldn't believe what he wanted me to do to him," I was barely listening; my heart was thumping madly in my chest. We were out of South Central now and back on the L.A. freeway. I had calmed down a lot now, and began coming back to my senses. ".You," Katie said. "What? I didn't hear you," I replied.


"I said I don't know how I can ever repay you for helping me," she said. I tried to laugh it off, but failed miserably. "Oh you know, just doing my job," I said. "Yes, but that was going above and beyond the call of duty. I really owe you one," she said. "Well, you are important to the agency. We can't have your pretty face getting beat up or have you hurt," I said.

I turned my head to her as I said this, and her hazel eyes were looking deeply into mine. Her hair had been tied back in a ponytail, but now she let it free and fall to her shoulders. It was a rich brown colour, and framed her face so elegantly. Seeing her in person, her Midwestern roots and all American girl face was breathtaking.

Averting my eyes back to the road, I tried to play off my staring at her. "I uhh…haven't had a chance to look at your file yet. What projects have you signed on for?" "Well, I got done filming this movie The Gift with Keanu Reeves and Hilary Swank. It was a lot of fun but I was kind of nervous," she said.

"Why is that?" I asked. "Because it was my first topless scene. I don't think my breasts are that great compared to some girls," she said, sounding somewhat disheartened.

"I don't know. I've never seen them but…well, they look nice when you have your shirt on," I said, suddenly starting to feel the heat in the car rising a bit. Katie smiled slyly at my blushed response. "Well, how do they REALLY look, up close and personal?" she said, lifting her shirt up to her chin in one swift motion, revealing her ample sized breasts to me.

Her nipples were a dark cherry red and stood out very exactly in the middle of her breasts. Of course, this whole thing caught me by surprise and I had to force myself to stare back at the road. I was blushing even more now. It's not that I had never seen breasts before; it's just that the whole thing caught me off guard. "Well, what did you think?" she asked, that devilish smile returning to her cute face. "They were…well, they were very…" I was stammering and stuttering for words, torn between being a professional and just giving in to my desire.

"They were what?" she asked, moving her hand slowly up my leg. "MAGNIFICANT!" I blurted out. It caught Katie by surprise and made her jump a little, but she just smiled. "That's what every guy says. It's hard to be modest with such great reviews like that," she said, sighing to herself. "Now I think it's about time I repay you for picking me up and saving my life," Moving her hand further up my leg, she stopped on the zipper to my pants. Slowly she pulled down the zipper, revealing my boxer short enclosed cock at half mast, rising more every second.

Reaching in with her small hand, she pulled my prick free and wrapped her hand around it. Bending over the tip, she gave it a delicate little lick and began slowly jerking her hand up and down. By this time I had moved my ass down in the seat enough to let myself be free of the boxers, and now my pants and belt were around my ankles as I did 80 down the LA freeway.

Katie switched hands and used her left hand to pull the hair back from her face as she slowly deep throated my 9 inch cock down into her warm, wet mouth. She slid her tongue up and down the shaft as she went, pausing a few times to suck gently on it.

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I felt her gag a little as the head finally reached down her small throat, but she had no trouble maintaining. She slowly began pulling her mouth off of me, until she got to the head. Then she sucked on it much like a child sucks on a lollipop, and then she began swallowing me again.

I was in pure heaven, getting a blowjob from this hot young actress. With her free right hand, Katie began massaging my balls a bit, tickling all the way down to my ass. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, and when she started to pull her mouth off completely and lick from my nuts to the tip of my head, I felt my balls begin to get that oh so wonderful feeling in them.

Katie must have sensed I was close, because she put her mouth quickly back on my dick and began sucking it up and down much quicker now. I tried to warn her that I was about to cum, but all I could manage was a grunt.

I bucked my hips up off the seat and I felt myself explode in her mouth, shooting hot sticky jets of jism into the back of her mouth and straight down her throat.

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I must have shot 3 times into her mouth, and I saw in my pleasure induced daze that her cheeks were filling a little with my cum. When I had finally stopped cumming, she pulled her mouth off of my cock, making sure to lick the tip before she was done.

Opening her mouth to me, I saw that it was full of cum. Then, like a professional slut, she swallowed it all in one big gulp, not even leaving a drop behind.

Wiping her finger on my still hard cock, she collected the streak of cum still on it and licked her finger clean. Putting my cock back into my boxers, she reached down and pulled my pants back up, zipped me up and leaned back in her seat like she HADN'T just given me one of the best blow jobs of my life. "Thanks again. For helping me out," she said. I could only look at her and smile and nod, as I was still in a total daze from what had just happened.

Getting my bearings back about two minutes later, I realized we had missed the exit back to my office. "Shit! We missed the exit! Lemme just get off at this exit and we can get turned back around," I said to Katie. As I turned off the exit, we drove past a trashy looking motel called the Sleep & Go. Katie reached over to my lap and started rubbing my cock again. "Hey…are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked sultrily. Looking in my rear view, I could tell without even stopping that the hotel was the kind of place the hookers took their johns.

Even so, I did have a gorgeous woman next to me begging for sex. "Pretty sure I am," I said, winking at her. I turned the car around and we pulled into the motel. Katie got out of the car and went to the front desk. Being in the middle of the day, I knew that MOST of the hookers would be gone. Katie returned five minutes later, swinging a room key in her hand. "The manager gave us a room in the back side of the hotel, totally out of view.

its right around this side," she said, pointing to the right of the building. She got back in the car and I drove back behind it.

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We were the only car back on this side, which was reassuring. I found the room and opened the door, turning on a weak and dim overhead fan light. There was simply a king size bed in the centre and a night stand and that was all I could see. Of course, I didn't get much chance; Katie shoved me on to the bed and jumped on with me, straddling my crotch. Her spread legs revealed to me that she was not wearing any panties, and that her snatch was shaved with the exception of a little tuft of light brown hair right above her mound.

Without a moment's hesitation, Katie was naked except for her big black boots. She began grinding her pussy onto my hard cock through the material of my pants. I reached my hands up and played with her breasts some. She leaned down and we kissed madly, tongues fighting with each other over which was more passionate.

I broke the kiss as I began sliding down my pants and undoing my belt with one hand and using the other to slip two fingers into Katie's cunt. She wasn't as tight as I thought she would be, but she was definitely loose enough to allow my fingers to give her great pleasure. When I had my pants off, I pulled my hand out of her and lifted her up above my cock, slowly guiding her onto it. When the head entered into her silken channel, she gasped a little, as her small pussy tried to accommodate my size.

Finally I was fully in her and her pelvic bone ground against my crotch. She rocked gently back and forth on my cock, and I used my hand to take her clit between my index finger and thumb and tease it some. She gasped again at this, leaning down to kiss me again as I pleasured her.

Katie finally began lifting herself up and down on my, creating a very fast tempo. I was matching her thrust for thrust, shoving my hips up at her as much as possible. All the while I diddled her clit faster and faster, until she cried out in orgasm loudly. I felt her juices flood into my lap, creating a slopping sound when our two pubic areas would meet. I could smell her musk even from where I was a strong but sweet smell. The smell of innocence and yet also womanly passion.

I began focusing on getting myself off, and I grabbed onto her hips and began pulling her harder onto my cock as she rode me up and down. Her C cup breasts bouncing up and down with her rhythm, she was crying out in muted pleasure. I shifted positions and laid her onto the bed and began pistoning myself in and out of her. Lifting her legs up onto my shoulders so that I could have better access, I tweaked and teased her breasts as I fucked her hard.

Again I tried to warn her I was coming, but even if I had been able to get out anything besides "AHHH!" I don't think it would have mattered. I thrust into her two more times and then shot a massive load directly into her cum thirsty cunt.

Spurt after spurt filled her until I saw a warm trickle coming out of her pussy. Pulling out of her with a sloppy sploosh sound, I collapsed next to her on the bed, both of us exhausted.

We laid together and slept for about an hour before I got up to take a shower. Katie wound up joining me in the shower where we continued our little tryst. But that is a story for another day. I managed to get Katie home before 7:00, and return to the office just to see Julie locking up the front door and getting into her car.

"Everything with Katie alright? I got worried when you didn't call," she asked, looking a little upset. "Oh yea, everything is fine. We just had to stop and discuss some things. You know how that goes," I said. "Well, maybe sometime soon you and I can have a discussion like that," she said with a knowing smile as she rolled up the window on her Porsche 911 and drove off.

"Hopefully sooner than later," I thought to myself. "Hopefully very soon."