Perfect big ass riding and anal finish

Perfect big ass riding and anal finish
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I stand in your doorway The room, dim Your back to me.


You are brushing your long mane of flowing auburn hair moonlight through the window, your silhouette, a halo, my angel. Surely, you must hear my approach Not my footsteps. My heartbeat.

But, no.

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I startle you. Yes, my sweet Anne, I startle you.


Your brush stops Motionless Sensing my presence Feeling my desire You tense, waiting. I step closer, Your presence now, Intoxicating Stillness Silence. Dizzy with enchantment Drawn to you To be close To smell your fragrance. The first touch. Timid, forbidden.

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A wisp of your hair on my face. I part your tresses exposing your neck Your nape, uncovered naked to my eyes. Finally, finally I close the final distance a light touch of my lips graces your neck.

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My mouth explores, Your back arches. Stillness no longer You turn to me Our eyes meet.

The long anticipated moment We savor the closeness, the distance between us slight as I drink in your eyes. To see your lips so close. and now your fingers Gently press My neck.

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Beckoning me to close the final distance. Our mouths meet. My hunger for you unleashed. I press, hard, male.

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I fight my animal instinct My impulse, my greed to take you. Gentle, gentle, I force myself back. Slow, tender and the savoring is sweeter yet.

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Now, we part, This time to play. To explore. Your eyes sparkle A flirtatious laugh Your darting, teasing tongue plays in my mouth.


Uncovering you, button by button, Your blouse flutters to the floor unhooking your bra Your breasts, my chest We lose ourselves in our contrasting sensuality clothes, flesh hardness, softness.

fingertips, lips.

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I caress you, as you do me. My passion unbridled Wanting you completely.

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And your willing surrender to me, As I possess you your hair your skin your mouth luxuriating smooth warm wet you.