Busty lady squirter enjoys fisting

Busty lady squirter enjoys fisting
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"Mom I'm home I shouted!" I had come home from college having graduated pre law. I couldn't wait to see my mother.

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She was a lawyer working for a major law firm. "Honey, you have to learn to stop being impatient", my mom said. I looked at my mom walking down the stairs. She was 42 and had a very lovely body. She had blonde hair, nice legs, firm tits and a sweet ass.

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When I was growing up I always imagined her as a young Madonna. I had a hard on immediately. Right then I wanted to turn my mother around and start to bang her ass.

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But I knew I had to wait. "I made you some breakfast" my mother said invitingly enough.

My mother walked into the kitchen wearing her short skirt she intended to wear to work. I felt so mad, what a damn slut! "Mark why don't you wait in the living room while I fix breakfast", my mom said. "Sure mom" I replied. I sat down on the couch watching tv waiting for my mom to tell me to come into the kitchen.

"Breakfasts ready!" my mom yelled.


I walked into the kitchen and couldn't believe what I saw. She had her shirt off showing her beautiful tits, and her skirt was off showing me her shaved pussy. She turned around showing me her ass which I wanted more than anything. "Well, what are you waiting for?" my mother said.

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I went to her and unzipped my pants and took out my cock and shoved it deep into her ass. I felt her moan and squirm as I pumped my cock deep into her ass.

"Mom I'm sorry but I'm gonna cum in your ass I shouted!" I kept on pumping releasing all my semen deep into her ass. I released my hold on to her as she fell to floor with a dazed look on her face.

Mommy's gonna do you a favor by licking all of your sperm up," my mother whispered. I couldn't believe what I was seeing; my mother grabbed my cock and started to suck on it.

I grabbed her face and forced her to deep throat my entire shaft. She looked up at me and when I saw her eyes I blew another wad deep down her throat. She started to gag but I kept her sucking my cock.

A huge load of my semen was being deposited deep down her throat.


I looked down and saw she had licked my entire cock clean. "It's time you did something for me" my mother inclined. "What mom?" "I want you to lick my pussy." I positioned my mom on the table and pushed her legs wide open. I saw her waiting pussy lips. I started eating her out as she started to orgasm. Her pussy juiced flowed right out completely all over. The flavor of my mother was like no other flavor I ever tasted.

I made sure not a drop of her cum was wasted. "Fuck me quick" me my mother urged. I shoved my cock deep into her pussy." I didn't care what she said I wanted her all to myself. "Honey, mommy can't take it too deep," my mom yelled.

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I released a new load right into my mothers pussy snatch. I pounded her and was having the time of my life until she yelled out.

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"OH SHIT MARK!" my mother yelled. "I forgot to take my pill this morning." My mom pushed me off her and ran upstairs. I couldn't believe the turn of the events. All I cared about was the sweet taste of my mother's pussy. Not the fact that I may have knocked her up.

I would be glad if I did. To ensure I made my mother the mother of my child, I ran upstairs after her. Before she could shut her door I swung it open and my mom got startled. "You startled me son" but I did not reply. "What's wrong?" she asked. I just looked at her. "Son I don't like the way you are looking at me!" With that I pounced on my mother and said to her "you started something it is time you finish it." With that i pushed her unto the bed and positioned myself between the hole I came from some 25 years ago and started to pump my mom hard.

My mom could not help but give herself to me. I shot load after load into her pussy and loved how she purred for me. "Fuck Son, you're 100% better than your father ever was." I just kept on pounding her slit without saying a word but made sure I could hear her moans.

As my prick started to go limp and I puled out my mother she barely let me recover when she switched position and sucked my cock back to life. After our second round mom looked me in the eye and said "this is our first time now there is no going back after this." I just looked at her and she leaned over and we shared the most amazing french kiss that I ever had.

That was the first day of my new life with my mother and the first round did not get her pregnant but i made sure she was off the pill and within the first two months of our vigorous relationship she became pregnant for me. Throughout the pregnancy i kept fucking her; until she was 8 months pregnant. After I stopped fucking her cunt I got the most amazing blowjobs from that bitch the last two months of pregnancy I loved banging that whore's mouth.


That bitch had no gag reflex which made the blow jobs even better. Nine months later she gave birth to our first son and after she came home a week later she was back to being my sex toy mother.

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