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Jiz lee porno
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In my first story, I told about the first time I saw and touched a penis. It was my grandpa's. This story is about the time I saw my second penis, my cousin Jim's. I will call him CJ in the story. I had a crush on my cousin, Jim, since I was 13 and he was 15. We lived in different towns about 400 miles apart and our families would visit each other three or four times a year.

We would get together and CJ and I would play board games mostly with no sexual involvement. I wanted to but he didn't. I guess it was because I was younger and hadn't started developing until into my 14th year.

He put up with me and was nice to play games with me. But I wanted him to talk to me, to say sweet things to and about me and to hug and hold me.

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I would dream about dating him, being alone with him, kissing him, and touching each other. Anyway, the year I turned older, he and his family came to visit us on my dad's ranch. We were in the jeep driving around the pastures when, as we were going from one pasture to another, there was a cow near the cattle guard and a bull mounting her. We stopped and watched intently as the bull stuck his long penis into the cow's cunt and started pounding her.

It was so fantastic to watch. I looked over at CJ and he was entranced too. The bull seemed to fuck the cow forever, but I guess it was only a minute or two in reality. Watching it made me tingle between my legs and I turned and looked at CJ's lap and saw a bulge in his jeans.

I so wanted to reach over and touch him there and feel his penis and see it; I didn't know what to do. What if he yelled at me and never spoke to me again.

I couldn't stand that, so I just looked and wished. After the bull dismounted, CJ turned to me and said, "That was amazing, wasn't it." I said, "Yes, I have seen that several times before and I always enjoy watching.

I like to see him put his big penis in her cunt." I was hoping this would lead to more sex talk and then some actual touching and playing with each other, but it didn't.

See, CJ was a shy boy and I guess still afraid of girls or at least not interested in young little me. Because of that day's event, that night I, after I went to bed, I really played with myself.

Last year I had learned that I could get sexual pleasure by rubbing my pussy and touching my clit. With the picture of the bull fucking the cow in my mind, I played with myself till I made myself cum.

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I also pictured CJ in the pasture coming up to me by a tree and grabbing me and kissing me. We would run our hands over each other; him feeling my developing breasts and me touching his penis through his pants. And then CJ would unbutton my shirt, taking it off, removing my bra, and caressing my little bare breasts. I would unzip his pants, pull his penis out and encircle it with my hand and stroke him up and down its length. Then we would both get naked and I would get on my hands and knees and CJ would get behind me and fuck me like the bull did the cow.

These thoughts of course made me cum several more times. As I said, CJ and I would visit whenever our families met and several times CJ would take me to a movie and I would hold his hand sometimes and once he even put his arms around me. That put me in heaven. As the years passed, I got prettier, started wearing contacts instead of glasses, filled out (34/22/34) in body, had my hair restyled, and started wearing clothes to show off my body.

I still had a crush on CJ, but I had started dating boys in my school. I dated, but we didn't do anything but kiss and some very light petting on top of clothes. Anyway, my day finally came when my family happened to be in CJ's town at the same time CJ was graduating from high school and going to his graduation dance. His date had gotten sick the day before the dance and couldn't go with him. His folks told him he could call me and maybe take me.

He did and I accepted. It was my dream come true. My mom bought me a beautiful dress and shoes to match. CJ came and picked me up and gave me a corsage, which he pinned over my right breast. I thought I would melt when he reached his hand inside the top of my dress to pin on the corsage. I could feel his hand on the top of my breast and I know he must have felt me too.

Off we went to the dance and I had a wonderful time with CJ; him holding me close while we danced. I pressed into him on the slow dances and every now and then I could feel his hard penis. I did everything I could to rub against it as often as I could.

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I could tell that CJ was enjoying it too. He reciprocated by sliding his hand down over my ass several times and pulling me to him so that my breasts pressed against him. And he was telling me how much he was enjoying me as his date. After the dance he and his friends and their dates were going to meet at a diner and have breakfast before going home.

The dance was over about midnight and CJ walked me to his car and opened the door for me and then leaned down and kissed me. It was wonderful; it was breathtaking; it blew my mind!

His tongue slipped past my lips and onto my tongue. Our kiss must have lasted at least five minutes, my arms around his neck and his around my waist. He asked me if I would like to go parking instead of to the restaurant. Of course I said yes. We got into the car and he drove us to a street with just a few houses. He scooted over to my side (his car was an older one and had bench seats instead of bucket seats those are so much better for a date.

I wish we still had them.), put his arms around me and we kissed again and again and again. His hand started roaming over my body until it came to rest over my right breast. He began rubbing it and I moaned softly and pressed into him so he would know that I wanted him to continue. "Rub both of them", I said and he began kneading the other one as well, as we continued kissing.

Shortly, I began feeling him slipping his hand over the top of my dress and down inside but still over my bra. That felt even better and I wanted more so I took his hand and slipped it under my bra so he could feel my breast itself. It felt so wonderful to have him squeezing my breast and then he touched my nipple and I jumped.

He asked, "Is that alright, do you want me to stop?" "No, keep on touching me", I said, "it feels so good. I like it." CJ started rubbing my nipple again. I had never had a boy touch my nipple before but I sure wanted it now and lots more in the future. Then CJ pinched it and a sensual shock went throughout my body, down to my pussy and it started tingling.


"Touch the other one too", I said. "Oh, CJ, I've wanted you to touch me this way for so long…and now you are doing it. Don't stop." He didn't. He lowered my shoulder straps down my arms and lowered the front of my dress and he took off my bra so that my breasts were in full view now. He had stopped kissing me and was staring at my breasts.


I looked down and saw myself too. My nipples were so hard and sticking straight out. He leaned down and kissed first one and then the other.

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More sensations went throughout my body. He began licking one nipple and then sucking on it, pulling on it with his lips. I was shivering with emotion. This is what I had wanted for so long. I was slowly sliding down the car seat until I was laying flat on it and CJ was on top of me.

He was sucking on one nipple and pulling on the other with a his fingers. I had one leg next to the seat back and the other on the car floor and CJ was between them on top of me and we started dry humping slowly at first and then madly, wildly.

I could feel his hard penis pressing against my pussy mound. As he pressed down, I raised up against him.

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Oh, it felt so good to have him sliding over my pussy, feeling the hardness of his bulging penis. I wanted him to take it out and put it in my pussy, slide it in slowly till I could feel all of him inside me.

I wanted his penis in me like the bull had put his in the cow. Then it happened. As I was reaching to take his pants off, he must have reached his limit.

He started ejaculating in his pants. I could feel him jerking and moaning and then I could feel a wetness between my legs.

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His cum had soaked through his pants and my panties. He jumped up off me and began apologizing for cuming on me. He said he was so sorry, that he didn't mean to cum on me. I just kissed him and told him "It was ok. I just wished that he had cum in me." This must have really shocked him because he started reminding me that we were cousins and couldn't do anything like that and what if I got pregnant?

I reached over to touch the wet spot on his pants and feel his penis. I unzipped his pants and reached in. His underwear was totally wet with his cum and his penis had gone limp. I opened up his underwear slot and pulled his penis out. I could smell his cum ( I love the smell of cum).

I started to stroke his penis to get it hard again and I said, "I don't care. I love you and want to have sex with you." That was probably the worst thing I could have said. He pulled away from me and poked his penis back into his underwear, zipped his pants back up, and told me to pull my dress back up.

He then scooted back to the driver's side and started the car and took me home. We never dated again although we saw each other at family meetings. I did get over him after several months and dating boys in my school. I never wanted to have sex with any of them and didn't until I got to college. Then I found the love of my life.