Naughty BBW gets her wet pussy slammed

Naughty BBW gets her wet pussy slammed
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I stood there shocked as I watched Jamal deep throat my dad's dick easily. He took my dad's dick out to suck on the head and stroke his spit into the shaft. I looked at James and he just shrugged his shoulders while he palmed his hardening dick. I started to feel tired and walked over to sit on the other end of the couch.

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I watched my brother gag himself on my dad's dick and I started getting turned on despite my fatigue. As I started to finger my pussy, James came to sit between my self and our very content dad. "Ohhh FUCK son.

I'm gone cum all down your fucking throat boy." Jamal reached up to play with my dad's balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with another.

My dad grabbed Jamal's head as he started to cum into my brother's throat. I was turned on again. My dad picked my brother up off the floor until he was standing in front of him. My dad stroked my brother's now hard dick for a minute before taking it fully into his mouth.

James turned to me to start eating my pussy.

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I would have thrown my head back because it felt soooo damn good but I also wanted to watch my dad give my brother a blowjob. I couldn't believe this. My dad took Jamal's dick out of his mouth long enough to suck one of his son's heavy balls into his mouth.

"Oh yea dad," Jamal said. "Right there." My dad got Jamal's balls wet with spit and began to play with them as he once again took Jamal's dick into his mouth.


I couldn't breathe. James was eating my pussy so good that I thought the room started spinning. I was close to cumming when he climbed on top of me to fuck me. "I've wanted to do this for a long time Jazz," he said as he lined his dick up with my pussy.

He looked me in my eyes as he thrust into me to the hilt.

"Oh fuck yess. FUCK ME BABY," I yelled. James fucked me hard enough to shake the couch. Then I heard my dad.

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"Ahh yea son, fuck her good." My brother Jamal walked over to my face and shoved his hard dick into my mouth. I moaned because I had been waiting to taste his meat. As I reached my hand y. I wasout to stroke his balls I felt a tongue already there. I opened my eyes to find James sucking our brother's heavy balls into his greedy mouth as he continued to fuck my pussy. I came again thinking about how good Jamal felt to have so many tongues on his body. I pulled Jamal's dick out of my mouth as his dick started to jerk in my mouth.

I aimed his dick at my tits and as he started to shoot his load. He shot four thick white streams of cum onto my breasts as James fucked me hard. After Jamal came all over me, he bent to help James clean up the mess. Just as I thought James would never cum, I saw my dad spread James' ass cheeks and lick his son's asshole. "Ohh FUCK dad. Lick my ass good." James came and shuddered constantly as he pumped his seed into my pussy. I was totally wiped out. James pulled out of my pussy and Jamal sucked his wet dick into his mouth as dad kept licking and sucking his ass.

James leaned over my body to steady himself as another wave of pleasure took over. "Ohhh yeaaa. Yes. Yess. I'm cumming!!!" James yelled as his brother and dad brought him to another orgasm. My dad stood and stroked his dick against James's asshole. "Dad no," James said as he came down from his sexually high.

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"I've never been fucked in the ass before." "That means your ass is real tight for your dad's big ass dick," dad said. He started to thrust into James and I saw the look of fear and alarm wash over his face. "Dad please! " James begged.

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His pleas fell on deaf ears because my dad suddenly forced his entire length into my brother's ass. Jamal had moved to stand over my brother to hold James's ass open. James fell on top of me as dad pulled his dick out and thrust it back in. "FUCK YES!" My dad yelled. "This ass is tighter than any pussy." Jamal spit down directly into James's ass to help lubricate his hole as dad picked up speed.

I could tell when James started to feel the pleasure.

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He started to moan loudly and thrust back to meet my dad's dick. Jamal leaned down to lick his brother's hole around their dad's dick. Suddenly I saw my dad pull out his dick and ram it into Jamal's open mouth.

"Suck my dick good boy. Ohhh yea that's it," my dad said. He pulled his dick out of Jamal's mouth and pushed it back into James's ass.


"I'm about to cum all in your ass boy," my dad grunted. James continued to moan and started to suck my tits. Dad yelled his climax and finally pulled his dick out as it began to soften. Jamal bent down to suck all the cum out of James's ass. Dad rubbed Jamal's head encouraging him.

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As Jamal alternated between licking and sucking on his ass, James came all over the couch and my stomach. When Jamal was sure there was no more cum left, he finally pulled his mouth away. James got up and suggested we all go to dad's California king bed to rest before our next fuck session. I stood on shaky legs as we all walked down the hall to my parent's bedroom. As I climbed into the plush bed, I couldn't help but think of how my mom would take the news of her husband having sex with their children.

As I snuggled close to my dad, Jamal pressed his front to my back while James stretched out on the other side of my dad. I drifted off to sleep wondering if my little brother's dick was as big as his dad and older brothers.

Since he and my mom were away for the rest of the weekend, I would just have to wait to find out.