Group gay sex cut shot facial Trevor Romero the Bareback Romeo

Group gay sex cut shot facial Trevor Romero the Bareback Romeo
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Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary. I thought I would leave work early and come home to surprise my wife with my gift that I have been dying to give her which was two tickets for a romantic cruise to the Florida Keys. My black SUV pulled up at our house and I tried my hardest to be fairly quiet as I walked into the door.

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Usually she is the first thing I see when I come home but she was not in sight. The house was somewhat quiet though. I walked from room to room checking on her when I got to the closed door of our bedroom.

My heart skipped a beat as I was now listening to strange sounds. Sounds her and I usually make when we are behind closed doors together.

I paused before opening the door to listen, hoping against hope that she was merely in there alone masturbating or pleasuring herself with one of her few vibrators. It wasn't long before I heard another voice, a male voice at that. I thought my heart was going to pound right out of my chest as I was unsure what was going to happen in the preceding moments.

Call me a glutton for punishment, but I just had to see it with my own eyes to be sure. Slowly and quietly, I cracked the bedroom door and peeked in unnoticed. My wife was naked and on all fours on our bed. Her head cocked back and I saw her being fucked hard from behind by none other than our neighbor Don.

As hard as it was for me to witness it, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and opened it up to video mode to start filming the action for a few minutes. Not for pleasure but for divorce court if it led to it. I watched with clinched teeth and tight fist as Don pumped my wife fast and hard while occasionally slapping her across the ass in between thrusts.

I could see the bright red glow of her usual milky white ass cheeks as it stood out like the overhead light on a police car. He reached down and grabbed a hold of her hanging tits and fondled them much to her enjoyment.

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When I got what I wanted, I slipped into the room and stood at the foot of the bed. They must have been too engrossed in their action as Don had his back to me still pumping my wife and neither had heard me enter. As I got to Don, I clenched my fist tight, drew back and punched him in the right side of the head.

Don fell out of my wife, stiff dick and all and landed with a heavy thud on the floor. I couldn't resist a hard stomp of my foot to his dick just so he could experience the pain I was now feeling. My wife Tammy had no clue what had happened or why Don was no longer inside of her until she turned around and saw me instead of her lover.

All hell broke loose as she jumped off the bed and tried to run out of the room. Still running on adrenaline, I reached out and grabbed a handful of the back of her hair before she was able to run out the bedroom door. She offered no apology as she was running but couldn't say it enough as she was now in my grip. "I am so sorry" she pleaded. "I don't know what I was thinking." My mind was racing a million miles an hour as I prayed that I would not do something to send me entirely over the edge and fill me with a lifetime of irreversible regrets.

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I simply yanked back the hand full of her hair until my lips were now at her ear so she could hear my final words loud and clear. "Get your shit and get out. That goes for him too." It was still early yet and had been a couple hours since Tammy had grabbed a bunch of clothes in haste, obviously not wanting to stick around any longer than she had to.

I had already decided the last good deed I would ever do for her was helping to remove Don from my house and my bedroom.


I grabbed him by the ankles and dragged him through the house, out the front door and deposited him in the gutter in front of his own house bare assed naked. At that point, I didn't know if he was still out, playing dead or if I had actually killed him because he didn't move the entire time I was dragging him.

Tammy was crying with every move I made but I really didn't care. Any feelings I had concerning how she felt; left the house and was now laying in the gutter with Don.

Sitting in my recliner staring at walls was not really how I had planned to spend my anniversary but I damned sure wasn't going to stay like that for the rest of the night. "Fuck the bitch" I growled to myself while grabbing my cell phone from the table next to my chair. I dialed Tori's number.

Tori is my closest friend that I have known since we were kids. We had our first sexual experience with each other and have been occasional fuck buddies now and then through the years. We had never had sex during the entire time I was married to Tammy but we remained just as close as we always had. Tammy knew the history between Tori and I and never seemed to mind but now I sat wondering if maybe she did mind after all this time.

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I wondered if maybe she convinced herself that Tori and I still had something going on so Don was her payback. Again, I no longer gave a rat's ass. "Hi Tori" I said as she picked up the phone. "Hey Travis. How are things going? Shouldn't you be having a nice romantic dinner for two right now?" "Uh, not tonight Tori." Her voice was now one of concern. She knew me well enough to know that I would not interrupt my own anniversary to call my best friend if something was wrong.

"Is everything ok? She asked. "Yeah, yeah. Everything is fine" I lied."Hey listen, are you busy tonight? I feel like going down to the bar tonight for a few drinks.

You want to join me, my treat. "Well, I just got off work so I didn't have much going on tonight, sure why not. Is Tammy going to be joining us?" I think she had already suspected the answer to that question but asked it only for the sake of trying to find out if I was being honest with her.

"Not tonight, no" "Hmm. Sorry to hear that. Our usual watering hole then. Say a half hour?" "Sounds good" I agreed."You want me to pick you up? "Sure, if you want" she replied. I arrived at Tori's house just shortly after our call. She greeted me at her door with a usual hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was dressed casual in jeans and sheer black blouse but she was just as stunning as ever.

She is about five feet nine, long dark hair, full figured and an amazing set of breasts that accent her frame perfectly. "Let me grab my purse and we can be on our way" she said to me with a smile. When we arrived at the bar, I ordered us a couple of drinks and we took a quiet booth in the back corner of the room where instead of sitting opposite each other, we sat side by side.

"Ok, let's have it" said Tori finally being the first to speak. "What's going on with you and Tammy? This is your anniversary. You should be home with your wife, not out at a bar with your best friend much less your female best friend." "Yeah, go figure" I agreed. "You know you and I have always been close but yeah, it wasn't exactly how I had planned to spend the evening.

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I got home this afternoon preparing to surprise Tammy, turns out the surprise was on me. I got inside the house to find our neighbor fucking her on our bed." Tori let out a shocked gasp. "Oh my God! What did you do?" "I did what any normal guy would do.


I beat the shit out of him and sent her packing" I said while taking a swig from my beer." I don't know how I could have been so stupid and gullible. How long had this been going on? Was it a first time thing?

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Were there others" I asked out loud knowing full well that Tori didn't have the answers but they were questions that still burned in my mind. Did I really want to know the answers to my questions I silently wondered? "I wish I could answer those for you" said Tori as she clutched her drink with one hand and held my hand with her other one.

Her eyes met mine with deep interest. "So what happens now?" I stared down into my glass of beer once again as I hadn't really thought much about the future, only dwelling bitterly on what actually happened and why. "I'm not sure actually. I think it's safe to say I am through with her. You know, I even went and made us reservations for a cruise. That was my anniversary gift to her. I'm not really in the mood to hang out in the home that ripped my heart out." I suddenly looked up from my beer and looked into her lovely dark eyes.

"Here's an idea. How about you join me on the cruise? No use letting the tickets go to waste. You got any vacation time left?" She was surprised at the offer but smiled as she visibly contemplated it in her mind." Come to think of it I do still have plenty of vacation time left. Sounds like fun. You're on." We sat and talked for a couple of more hours and drank our fill in the same time.

Both of us visibly intoxicated by now. "Tell you what, I will call us a taxi. You can leave your car here tonight and we will get it in the morning" said Tori. Once we got back to Tori's apartment, I hadn't planned the evening with the intentions of staying the night with her, it just turned out that way. We were both quite drunk but still well aware of what we were doing.

She fumbled with the keys in the door lock before finally getting it open. She then took my hand in hers and led me inside to the dimly lit interior. Both of us were plenty exhausted as it was well after midnight but instead of offering me her couch, she walked me back to her bedroom and closed the door behind us.

As I said, it was nothing new to us being former fuck buddies as well as best friends', sharing a bed was no big deal to either of us. I sat on the edge of her bed and proceeded to kick off my shoes.

She stood by the dresser and removed her blouse and shoes. I removed my shirt as I watched Tori strip down in front of me. Still in just my jeans now, I sat mesmerized as I watched Tori reach behind her and unclasped her bra causing her big full tits to fall slightly. It has been several years since I had seem them last but they were still just as gorgeous as I had remembered and there was still very little if any sag to them. All I can remember thinking was how Tammy was nowhere even close to my mind right now.

It was almost like she hadn't even existed. Tonight, it was only Tori. I stood up to undo my jeans but Tori finally came to the bed in front of me and proceeded to take charge by unbuttoning them herself.

Slowly and seductively she slid the zipper down while hooking her fingers around the waist of my pants and slid them to the floor, never taking her eyes off of mine. As I stood before her in my jockey shorts, I returned the favor by sweeping her into my arms with her back into my chest. My head nuzzled into her neck as I inhaled her sweet scent and kissed her.

My hands rose to caress both of her arms before massaging her luscious breasts. I could feel my cock start to harden into her ass and I am sure she was able to feel it too as she ground her ass back into me. My hands now slowly made their way down in front of her until they were directly onto her crotch, teasing her slightly, I ran my middle finger up and down her still clothed slit and I could feel her moist heat even through her jeans.

I finally found the button to her jeans, not that I was looking real hard for it. With a quick motion of my fingers, her pants were undone and I brought her zipper slowly down as she did mine. I wasted no time helping her pants in joining mine in the pile on the floor. Tori now turned around in my arms and kissed me passionately while snaking a hand in between us and into the front of my underwear.

Her hand found my now fully erect cock as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, stroking me gently. I had to admit, this was way better than sitting at home drinking myself stupid and staring at the walls all night.

I brought my hands down her back and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands as she released her hold on my shaft long enough to push back on my shoulders until I fell backwards on her bed in a sitting position once again. Tori then dropped to her knees in front of me and removed my underwear completely now, freeing at last my hard aching dick while tossing them playfully halfway across the room.

"It has been way too long since I have had your dick" she said as her warm wet tongue ran a trail from the base of my shaft, upwards to the head before she took it completely into her mouth.

Throwing my head back, I allowed myself to enjoy the best blowjob I have had in a very long time. Tammy was good at it but she never put any effort or enthusiasm into it so it always gave me the impression that it was more of a chore to her.

Something she did because she felt she had to, not because she really wanted to.

Holding her head in my hand, I ran my fingers through her silky soft hair while her mouth sucked me for all it was worth.

I knew I was going to be unable to hold out much longer if she kept at it the way she was. After a few minutes of her amazing talents, I raised her up and laid her down on the bed. Kneeling between her legs, I removed her panties while she raised bother of her legs straight in the air for easy removal. As I looked down at her dripping pussy, I flashed back to the last time I had seen it in all its glory.

She had it neatly trimmed before but now it was completely shaved bald which is exactly how I like it. "Wow! When did you go bald" I asked while running my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top to lap up as much of her juice as I could before inserting my tongue into her hole.

"Several months ago" she moaned. "I decided to try something different. You like?" Her breathing now growing more labored as I tongue fucked her while thumbing her clit. "You know I like." It wasn't long before she started arching her back and gripping my head with her knees while she came hard into my face.

My tongue busied itself trying to gather as much of her cum as I possibly could. Our bodies were both hungry for each other once again as we couldn't seem to get enough. She quickly got onto her knees on all fours on the bed in front of me and I wasted no time in holding her by the waist with one hand while taking hold of my hard cock with my other hand and guiding it into her tight snatch.

Her pussy was still soaked between her own juices and my saliva so my cock drove into her with the greatest of ease until I was in balls deep as far as I could go. I would tease her by pulling all the way out until just the head of my dick was inserted for a moment before plunging back in to the hilt.

Her pussy gripped me in a warm wet and tight embrace every time I pulled out. As I looked down, my eyes feasted on her magnificent asshole looking back at me with each thrust.

Bringing my hand to the top of her ass, I massaged her puckered hole with my thumb before gently inserting it to the first knuckle. I thought she was going to go insane from the sensation but I gripped her around the waist with my arm and held her tighter to me as I continued to fuck her.

I was soon feeling my balls tighten as I made one last plunge as far as I could go and filled her pussy with my hot cum until she collapsed face down on the bed still on her knees with my dick still inside of her. Both of us were completely spent by this time as I lay down next to her with my heart still pounding away. She reached over and shut off the lamp on the table next to her while rolling over next to me and laying her head on my shoulder as we fell fast asleep.

Luckily today happened to have been a Saturday since neither Tori or myself was obligated to get up early and go to work. I must have slept like a rock last night for when I finally stirred awake, I opened my eyes to see a still naked Tori sitting on top of me with my morning hard on deep inside of her, rocking leisurely back and forth on it while squeezing me tight.

"Good morning big boy" she said looking down at me with a smile. Her tits swayed gently back and forth with the motion of her ride.


"Good morning" I responded back while holding onto her waist and join in on the fun by thrusting upward to enjoy the ride and the view. "It has been a while since I have had a great fuck" she said. "Last night just wasn't enough for me." The only sound in the room was from our own moaning and heavy breathing. I honestly don't know how long she had been riding me before I woke up but my groin was soaked with her juices so I am assuming she had been on top of me for a little while.

Our pace started to quicken and the fucking got more intense as I made a few more hard thrusts into her before filling her tight pussy once more with a heavy load of cum. My orgasm automatically triggered hers as she started to convulse on top of me with her own orgasm. Her hands clutched both of her tits hard as I still held her waist steady and enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman in the throes of her orgasm.