Blonde shemale sucking on a cock and getting tit fucked

Blonde shemale sucking on a cock and getting tit fucked
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This is a true story which involves sexual situations involving a minor. So as not to cause any offence, if you find this distasteful, please leave and search for a story that is more to your taste. The story is about myself and started when I was a boy 8 years of age.

Family life for me was not the best, with a single parent alcoholic with no real time for me, so I took every opportunity to escape and by this I mean looking for affection wherever it was to be had. This meant that I would do errands for most of all the elderly people in my immediate area, shopping, collect their newspapers, walk dogs etc.

and even help prepare meals for them. I had no real friends and found it very difficult to make them, especially those of my age, so when an older boy began to take an interest in me I was so happy and flattered that he would treat me like a member of his peer group. My father would often park me with an other family in my block when he wished to go on a bender or go off with some woman and this is where I met the older boy.


There were three brothers, John 17, the other two were Iain 12 and Stewart 8. The two younger boys just looked at me as an intrusion in their lives but as already mentioned the eldest treated me as an equal and when I stayed there, shared his room. He was very well built and had a job as an apprentice bricklayer so to my young eyes was a replacement for my fly by night father and a role model to look up to.

At first I was shy when I had to share with him as he made attempt to hide himself when changing, either from his work clothes or getting ready for bed. He would just strip off right in front of me and his brothers, if they were in the room.

The first time this happened I didn't know where to look or what to do and fealt the burn of the blush on my face. It was the first time I had seen somebody totally naked and being so young with no idea of what could happen to a boys body, was a bit confused but at the same time a little excited.

He could see I was looking at him and a smile appeared on his face which somehow put me at ease. "What's up with you"? he said. "Nnnnnothing" I stammered. "Something must be wrong as your as red as beetroot"? "Wwwwell it's that I have never seen anyone naked before". " Don't worry about it, as it is quite normal in this house and you'll see more than just me naked".

He was right on that one as both his brothers did nothing to hide themselves when they'd change or have a bath and so on. That first night as I usually did at home, put on my pj's and was already in bed when in came John and proceeded to strip off. He just threw his clothes onto a chair by his bed including his underwear, then went into the little wash room, which was a converted cupboard in the corner of the room, and wash himself brush his teeth and did a wee, all of which I could see as he had never bothered to shut the door.

Coming back into the room I could not help but watch his willy as it wobbled about and wondered why there was hair around the top of it, once again he caught me looking. A large smile appeared on his face again and he walked straight over and sat on the edge of the bed I was in.

"You OK."? He asked. "Yyyyyes". "Your all red again, is it too hot"?

"Nnnnno". "Cause if it is I can open the window if you like"? "Nnnnno, it's OK". While he was sitting there I couldn't help but look at his willy with a large amount of questions whirling in my head. He noticed my interest. "What's wrong, you never seen a dick before"? "Wwwwwell, um, eh, no, not really, wwwwwell not one like that". "What do you mean"? He teased me. "It's so bbbbbig and why has it got hair"? "That's just the way it is and you too will have hair on yours someday, It'll grow as well to maybe be bigger than mine".


"Yyyyyeah"? "Yeah and by then you'know all the fun you can have with it too". "Ffffffun with your willy, hhhhhow can you have fun with your willy, It's just for weeing out of"? "No mate there's this thing called sex".

As he spoke his willy slowly began to grow and it had started to lift from his lap. "Sex"? "Yeah mate, it makes your dick feel really nice and white stuff called sperm will shoot out of the end of it (deep breath) and that's the stuff that makes babies".

His willy was now at full stretch and was pointing up towards his chest.

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My head was so full of questions it hurt. I was so confused with all the new information coming from John I didn't know what to ask or even to ask. "Wwwwwhat's happened to yyyyyour willy"? I blurted out. "Oh, eh, this is what you call a stiffy and it happens when you talk or think about sexy stuff". "Is iiiiit sore"? "No, it actually feels nice but if you have one for too long it can start to hurt then". "Hhhhhow does it go back dddddown again"? "Well (he looks away and then back with a big grin on his face) you can wank it".

"Waaaank, what's that"? "You know what"? "I really shouldn't be telling you all this". Then he looked at me still with the grin and a sort of strange look On cue I said.

"Ppppplease tell me, yyyyyou can't sttttop, I want to know whaaaat it is" "You Sure"? "Yyyyyes". "OK then. A wank is when you rub your dick up and down until you get a lovely tingly feeling and cum". "Cum"? "Yeah tha'ts what you call it when your white stuff, sperm, shoots out". By now all I could think about was wanting to see this happen and once again without thinking I asked, "Will you show me whhhhat it looks like"? "It'll be a lot quicker if you rub it for me".

He said with that grin and the look again. "Mmmmme, I don't know whhhhat to do". "It's OK I'll teach you what to do.

So you want to try it"? My mind flew here and there as I considered my answer.

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"O'O'O'O'OK"! "Right, put your hand on my dick". I reached out and tentatively put my hand on his dick, wrapping my fingers round it and was so surprised to feel how soft it was but yet hard and so warm. It twitched at my touch and I could see a little wet drop on the end of it. "OK slowly move you hand holding onto my dick down". I did this and was amazed when the skin that was at the end pulled back to show the inside bit of his willy and his wee hole".

"Now slowly move your hand back up, yeah that's it, now down and up and keep doing that". Moving in for a closer look I could feel the skin under my young hand go up and down and by now the skin on the end had stopped moving and the bit where his wee hole was, looked purple and a sort of blue colour.

"Yeah that's it your doing great and it's making me feel so good". I was so happy at being praised as this was what I liked to hear as it was what I craved, recognition. "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, that's it your going to make me cum. Don't stop, god yeah, keep rubbing, keep, I'm going to cum, yeah, yeah, yeah"! At that stuff started to shoot up and out of his wee hole, spurt, spurt, spurt and a bit hit me right on the lips and it must have been a reflex but I licked my lips and tasted the salty warm sticky liquid which didn't really disgust me but I was unsure whether I liked it or not.

He lay there moaning and mumbling as the last drop fell from the end into the hair down there "Whoa boy, you can stop now, it's all done and what a great job you did for me". In my hand now was a softening willy and when I looked straight at John who had the biggest smile of satisfaction on his face he reached and ruffled my hair and said "good one, did you like it"? "It was OK but when your stttttuff shot out I couldn't believe how far it went a bbbbbit got me on the lips too".

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"Did it? Did you taste it"? "Yeah". "What do you think of it"? "Dddddon't really know but it wasn't too bad" He just looked at me with the biggest smile. Think it's time we both got some shut eye, eh"? "OK then". With that he got up and went to the wash room and I could see him washing his willy and stomach where his white stuff mostly landed. It was also then that I realised that my little willy was rock hard.

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He came back into the room, looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up and said' "night mate". This was just a beginning for what was to come but that'll remain for the time being. This is my first attempt at telling this chapter of my life so you'll have to bear with me if it's to long winded but no doubt you'll let me know.

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